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Wolverine Blues - Al Hirt - Our Man In New Orleans (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. The novelty was fading and it became the mainstream of the underground. By death metal was already 'old'. So a lot of bands either started to panic or tried to put more of their own identity in their sound. Or just made up an identity For instance Pestilence decided to mimmick Cynic all of a sudden, Gorefest decided to make a mechanised groove album.

Therion were having a constant identity crisis, Pungent Stench were focussing more and more on groove and Morbid Angel simplified their approach, knowing they couldn't pull off another Altars or Blessed. Some were succesful, others weren't. So by the end of , just like Dutch band Gorefest, Entombed had released three albums in a row with a totally different vibe. Entombed's number three was 'Wolverine Blues'.

An album with a dumb title and terrible artwork. How was it? Nice pace, catchy chorus. The first chorus to be followed by what could be considered a typical Dismember riff. Yup, much fun. However, apart from one other song, that is where the fun already ends. I only have this one on tape. Thanks for warning me Entombed. It's all the meandering 'tired rock guy' songs on this album which makes it to difficult for me to get through it. Truckdriver rock I call it.

You know the type, trucker cap and a beard, often a beer belly and some tattoos. Not the most interesting types to hang out with there are afew exceptions, granted and have interesting discussions about art, philosophy, history or sociology. Although sometimes discussing breweries can be interesting, I'll give them that.

Is it that I dislike rock? Not at all. That's not the issue. It is the kind of rock presented which does or doesn't do it. Rock isn't a simple genre as some folks claim it to be, it needs a lot to make it work.

The songs, riffs, the hooks, the solos, a strong chorus, the lyrics, the looks of a band even. Robert Plant in his young age was a sexy rockgod with dito divine voice, David Lee Roth had flair.

Rush gave anyone a run for their money musically. He also can't sing. At all. Then - to make matters worse - there are even slower songs. But Entombed just don't have the X-factor on slow stuff. The titletrack is complete boredom. Some rejected Cathedral riffs and very unimpressive vocal lines. Did you remember me mentioning one other song which was okay? Indeed, closing song 'Out of Hand ' is actually the only song apart from opener 'Eyemaster' wich works for me. Pace is a bit higher, a better balance between rock and metal.

Not great but decently entertaining. It's not death metal, it's not real hardrock. It's meandering metal. I suggested that maybe at the end Al and I could come out and jam with the Preservation Hall guys, but Al said, "They pay us to play, they're going to have to pay us more to play together.

The last time Al sat in with me was just a few months before he died. I still miss him more than I can say, and I just can't give him enough credit for everything he did for me. To this day, whether I'm making music or catching fish, it just doesn't seem the same without Jumbo. With the exception of two years when he served as featured soloist on The Lawrence Welk Show, he has resided in New Orleans his entire life, where he continues to operate and serve as the primary attraction at Pete Fountain's French Quarter Inn at the New Orleans Hilton.

He has recorded nearly albums, including many national best-sellers. On track 6: Add Fountain tenor saxophone. On track 7: Fountain tenor saxophone replaces clarinet. Post a Comment. Peter Dewey Fountain, Jr. He was a skinny kid who spent too much time hanging around the front stoop of the Top Hat Dance Hall near his home.

But, oh the sounds! This was music straight from the soul. Sounds that would never be written in stone, that would always be brand new because they were purely personal. Pete heard all the greats in New Orleans and he knew he wanted to play Jazz. After endless hours of practicing and listening to the recordings of Benny Goodman and Irving Fazola, the personal sound of Pete Fountain began to emerge and it was "Fat.

Through these formative years of his musical training, Pete performed with several sensational bands. One such band was the Junior Dixieland Band which performed in the famous Parisian Room-often performing for legendary jazz men. It was a heady time of life and Pete Fountain was savoring every moment. They were playing the El Morocco on the street.

It was there he met Beverly. She had decided very young to marry a musician and Pete had decided very young to be a musician.

Until Jazz, in its own birthplace New Orleans, was definitely asleep. He gave up music. He had no choice. With a wife and three small children to support, music was a luxury he could not afford. The white haired clone Bellonna shoots Laura before she has a chance to talk. When she awakens Laura realizes that somehow the Allchemax soldiers have also tracked them down.

The sisters are out for revenge but Laura insists on no killing, and subdues all the soldiers non-lethally. Out of nowhere the sisters are all shot, and The Taskmaster appears. She is surprised to find the sisters are not dead, thanks to the body armor they were wearing. Bellona wants to kill Taskmaster so he cannot follow them but Laura argues against killing, but Zelda shoots him in the kneecaps instead.

They escape but again the Allchemax soldiers attack in an explosive car chase, and Laura realizes she has been implanted with a tracker and cuts it out. Laura battles the soldiers giving the sisters time to escape.

Laura eventually finds the sisters again, but Zelda is dying because something Allchemax has done is slowly killing them. In need of help but unable to contact her friends because Allchemax is watching Laura turns to Doctor Strange for help. Bellona accidentally unleashes a mystical monster they must fight. Zelda's condition worsens so Strange transports them to Pym Laboratories. The series holds an average rating of 7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Comic book series. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

All-New Wolverine is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics that debuted in as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel relaunch. The series is the first to star Logan's clone daughter Laura Kinney (formerly X) in the role as the Wolverine. The plot introduces Laura's clone sisters, the youngest of which, Gabby, end up becoming her companion during their adventures.


Monét (Instrumental)

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Sunday, July 5, Get help. Home America Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande. This is Download Ariana Grande Boyfriend acapella mp3 for free below. Download his Instrumental removed and vocals only of this latest Get it on Bandcamp.

He blends a soft soulful bassline, lush guitars, and bright keys to make something that is very reflective and heartwarming. Get it on Deezer , Apple Music. Get it on Deezer , Apple Music , and Soundcloud. Get it on Deezer. He goes for a throbbing bass and weird sound designs to cement the job.

Surrounded by multiple genres of music by both parents — her mother a doo-wop singer and her father a manager of jazz and Latin artists. A little known fact is that she was accepted to the prestigious Cornell University at the tender age of 14 on scholarship due to her advanced musical proficiency in classical flute. Monet also plays guitar, oboe , piccolo and piano. The RBI keeps changing these rate at its discretion. The Repo Rate increases the money supply while the Reverse Repo Rate decreases the money supply in the economy.

Home / Artists / Monét Monét russell T+ LIFESIZE MIRROR, the title of Monet’s, upcoming project scheduled for release by the Purpose Music Group in spring makes a bold revealing statement about how profoundly life’s journey has touched her.


Vicino A Te... La Nostra Morte

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Forse tu fra plebei tumuli guardi vagolando, ove dorma il sacro capo del tuo Parini? Indarno sul tuo poeta, o Dea, preghi rugiade dalla squallida notte. Ma ove dorme il furor d'inclite gesta e sien ministri al vivere civile l'opulenza e il tremore, inutil pompa e inaugurate immagini dell'Orco sorgon cippi e marmorei monumenti. A egregie cose il forte animo accendono l'urne de' forti, o Pindemonte; e bella e santa fanno al peregrin la terra che le ricetta.

Che ove speme di gloria agli animosi intelletti rifulga ed all'Italia, quindi trarrem gli auspici. E a questi marmi venne spesso Vittorio ad ispirarsi. Con questi grandi abita eterno: e l'ossa fremono amor di patria. Felice te che il regno ampio de' venti, Ippolito, a' tuoi verdi anni correvi!

E me che i tempi ed il desio d'onore fan per diversa gente ir fuggitivo, me ad evocar gli eroi chiamin le Muse del mortale pensiero animatrici.

E ne gemea l'Olimpio: e l'immortal capo accennando piovea dai crini ambrosia su la Ninfa, e fe' sacro quel corpo e la sua tomba. Le mura, opra di Febo, sotto le lor reliquie fumeranno. Proteggete i miei padri. Sento gli avversi numi, e le secrete cure che al viver tuo furon tempesta, e prego anch'io nel tuo porto quiete.

Questo di tanta speme oggi mi resta! Straniere genti, almen le ossa rendete allora al petto della madre mesta. Tu non altro che il canto avrai del figlio, o materna mia terra; a noi prescrisse il fato illacrimata sepoltura. E quando ti corteggian liete le nubi estive e i zeffiri sereni, e quando dal nevoso aere inquiete tenebre e lunghe all'universo meni sempre scendi invocata, e le secrete vie del mio cor soavemente tieni. Vagar mi fai co' miei pensier su l'orme che vanno al nulla eterno; e intanto fugge questo reo tempo, e van con lui le torme delle cure onde meco egli si strugge; e mentre io guardo la tua pace, dorme quello spirto guerrier ch'entro mi rugge.

E noi. E ancora. Quando della morte. Tutti abbiamo sempre dato credito. Eppure anche gli altri due. Nel mio giardino reso malinconico. Dal fumo nero che esce da discariche. Fatica di mio padre e di mio nonno. Solo una foto ormai sbiadita e inutile. Negli occhi sento scendere una lacrima. Non vedere. La vita mi passa dentro. Guardo la mia mano,. Incurante della pioggia. Spetta solo a noi decidere. Ne sento il gusto amaro di fiele e morbido veleno. Caronte, sono io traghettatore di morti e anime disperse.

Solo ora, facendone dovuta attenzione, mi rendo conto. Aceto e fiele dove muore il viso. Tutto ricopre il corpo ormai il liquame. Mi fu levata ogni devozione,. Scendean dalle scale le mie cugine. Ed ora dopo che il tempo tante orme ha cancellato,.

Lumicini ardono, crisantemi ornano le tombe,. Una bimba inginocchiata su una tomba,. Un angelo sceso dal cielo. Io, smarrito, da solo,. Con la mente nel buio.

Qui dentro tutti mi somigliano. Io solo nella vita,. Tomba abbandonata in un angolo oscuro,. Anima mia stanca, ricordi che non avuto mai,. Questo son io, altre parole non servono.

Eppure la voglia di gridare,. Eppure sono figlio della luce, brillo sotto il sole,. No, il buio, no! Tutto fugge e va via veloce. Ed io sto male. Secondo lo spiritismo siamo fatti di spirito, perispirito corpo astrale e corpo materiale. Senti ke pace? Io non rispondevo, sentivo un ad pace intorno a me , ma soprattutto dentro me. Mi succede spesso. Opinione totalmente personale. Non sono un religioso,ma ho fede. Sono innati in noi. Da come ci saremo comportati in questa vita,avremo il premio,la ricompensa dopo morti.

Con una nuova vita poi. Related Posts. Tu Sei Luce 7 Febbraio Hai nelle giostre, o Talbo? Pour me rapprocher de Marie. Parla, figlio Una vergine, un'angel di Dio. Si, che un solo accento. Spirto gentil". L'amo, ah!

Perdona, o mia diletta Prendi: l'anel ti dono. A te, o cara. Vieni, vieni fra questa braccia. Come rugiada al cespite". Oh, dolore. Ah, la paterna mano". M'ardon le vene. Scena ed Aria. Libiamo ne'lieti calici. De' miei bollenti spiriti". Parigi, o cara, noi lasceremo. Mauro Parrini. Qualsiasi cosa meno che piazzarmi in un maledetto cimitero. Gente che arriva e ti mette un mazzo di fiori sul tuo stomaco alla domenica e tutta quella porcheria.

Michel de Montaigne. Ogni sera, quando vado a dormire, muoio. E la mattina dopo, quando mi sveglio, sono rinato. Ed ora che mia suocera qui giace, lei non lo so, ma io riposo in pace. Iscrizione funeraria a Tarquinia. Maurice Maeterlinck. Ne ho visti morire tanti, e se nessuno torna vuol dire che non ci si trovano male. Dopo lo si sottovaluta, lo si trova scadente, troppo corto, si sarebbe quasi pronto a gettarlo. Infine, ci si rende conto che non era un regalo, ma solo un prestito.

Marco Anneo Lucano. Francesco Bacone. Lucio Anneo Seneca. Vladimir Nabokov. Sono ben consapevole di quanto fossi vicino alla morte. Il s'agit probablement d'un don testamentaire ou proche de la mort de la donatrice car le tableau ne figure pas dans l'inventaire de C'est dangereux pour quelqu'un proche de la mort.

In meno di due ore, uno di questi tre D'accordo, lascia solo che ti ricordi che sei settimane fa eri in ospedale vicino alla morte , okay?

Giochiamo sensibile circa la nostra età mentre otteniamo più vecchi, mentre otteniamo più lontano dalla nascita e più vicino alla morte. Nous jouons sensible au sujet de notre âge pendant que nous vieillissons, pendant que nous obtenons plus loin de la naissance et plus près de la mort.


Blondie - The Hardest Part (Vinyl)

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FAIR F. Record is cracked, badly warped, or won't play through without skipping or repeating. POOR P. Record is cracked, badly warped. Skip to main content. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab.

Watch this item. People who viewed this item also viewed. S 11 Remix Bmg Cd Promo Picture Information Free postage. Mouse over to zoom - Click to enlarge. Have one to sell? Sell it yourself. Get the item you ordered or your money back. Learn more - eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in new window or tab. Seller information dayday-uk Contact seller. See other items More See all. Item information Condition:. Sign in for checkout Check out as guest. The item you've selected wasn't added to your basket.

Make offer. Resume making your offer if the page doesn't update immediately. Watch this item Watching. Watch list is full. Long-time member. All News Daily Roundup. Album Reviews Song Reviews. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Add Comment. Get the embed code Blondie - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics 1. Angels Of The Balcony 4. Atomic Remix 5. Backfired Remix 6. Call Me 9. Call Me Live Call Me Remix Danceaway Denis Dancin' Danny D Remix Detroit All music.

Retrieved July 11, Rovi Corporation. Retrieved June 28, Library and Archives Canada. Retrieved January 22, It was later digitally remastered and reissued by EMI-Capitol in , with four bonus tracks and candid sleeve notes by Mike Chapman:.

They wanted to try anything. And I was right there with them. We also had a title for the album at a very early point, so we had a concept of sorts: Eat to the Beat. I tried to have Debbie explain exactly what it meant to her, but in her normal fashion she simply confused me and I was forced to give it my own interpretation.

The more drugs, the more fights. It was becoming a real mess. The music was good but the group was showing signs of wear and tear. The meetings, the drugs, the partying and the arguments had beaten us all up, and it was hard to have a positive attitude when the project was finally finished. Was this the record that the public was waiting for, or was it just the waste of seven sick minds? I had never experienced this kind of emotional rollercoaster before, and I have never forgotten the sounds, smells and tastes that came with it.

I guess that was what they meant: Eat to the Beat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from The Hardest Part Blondie single. One of the singles released from the album, and a No. Retrieved September 7, Entertainment Weekly. New York: September 21, London : October

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Terre Haute Pressing Vinyl release of The Hardest Part on Discogs. Label: Chrysalis - CHS • Format: Vinyl 7 Blondie - The Hardest Part (, Terre Haute Pressing, Vinyl) | Discogs.


Noah! - Kay Starr - Noah! (Shellac)

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In his dying thought, Jackson phrophesied that Noah would be a good leader. The staples of the show were the puppets, cartoons and songs. Carter and Pat Merbreier jointly decided to retire and end the show in The set of the show has been preserved at the Philadelphia 's Please Touch Museum 's new home at Memorial Hall in Fairmount Park , [1] which opened on October 18, The reruns generally consist of the last few seasons the show aired or Patricia Merbreier died at age 86 on June 23, in Philadelphia.

Carter Merbrier died at age 90 on August 9, , following a short illness. We believe in doing things our own way, with conviction, according to principles we determine ourselves.

We invite you to join us, both in our flagship store and online, and tell us how you do it. Privacy Policy. Noah All Star: Noah. Family time, youtube, video games and art. Since then, we have expanded Noah's Festival of Life into a fundraising effort that includes a silent auction and raffle aimed to help heart families with some financial assistance and to provide comfort in this of hardship. The funds raised went towards covering the costs insurance could not such as, hotel accommodation, airline tickets, food, parking fees, bills, etc.

Between festivals, Noah raised money through her lemonade stands. In , Noah made it her goal to try and make a larger impact on the CHD community. She joined with advocates across the country and spoke to legislators on Capitol Hill about CHD and how crucial it is to get their support for research and prevention. The combined outreach by all the advocates helped secure the budget for the Center for Disease Control and National Institute of Health, in support of surveillance and public health research to build upon current activities and to better understand the public health impact of congenital heart disease across the lifespan.

She made a very special announcement and shared with everyone the news we were expecting our second child, a baby brother, in the spring. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now.

View Noah Kay’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Noah has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Noah’s connections Title: Merrill Lynch Wealth Management.


Candystore Girl - Various - Closer Than You: Florida Ska Vol. 2 (CD)

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When Maximo Park frontman Paul Smith told his bandmates that he was going to release an album of his own compositions, alarm bells must have started ringing in their heads. Should they see this as the beginning of the end and start applying for jobs in the local supermarkets?

Not according to Smith. The Poor have said, when asked about reforming, that they have stayed true to their roots and evolved little as a band. Too often, the songs sit in the dull middle ground between being interestingly pared-back and jauntily upbeat. Rob Townsend. Round 2 includes both old and new material. The strongest track is probably Trouble, an up-tempo low-life romp with delightful gang vocals that punctuate a simple chorus certain to get punters nodding as they sip their beer.

The Poor know who they are, what they do, and how to do it. Brent Balinski. I Just Wanna Love U? Jake Cleland. EJ Cartledge. Audiophilia is epidemic. Sure, these flawless gems sound startlingly different — older, pricklier, eerier, better — in singlechannel sound.

A strange omission? In London? Any jokes are gonna be ruined, haha. You could easily lose a day on their YouTube channel. How did the band and extras know when to dodge the ball? People are gonna love this! It probably started as a rhythm idea, or something I had that I was working on, and then it just kind of expanded. I think I probably just wanted to make a weird dance track. However, playing in Europe she usually uses a variety of unusual instruments, such as toys, backed by a six-piece band.

Despite this she makes a conscious effort to keep arrangements stripped back and as sparse as possible, relying on space to allow for expression and experimentation. But what kind of mind does it take to consider combining two such wildly differing genres? Capaldi has a decidedly postmodern take on the matter. I love trying strange ways of creating sounds.

For example, one of my favourite techniques is to play a guitar note with a knife, let it drone and then use a toy piano high in the mix to add melody over the top. This gave me a chance to sing without having to worry about everything else. Whilst in Australia, Ray will mainly be playing solo, making up for the lack of backing band with a different. Is it ever hard work doing everything that needs to be done to get an artist seen around the world by the right people in the right places?

Described as Tom Waits in a torn tutu singing Edith Piaf songs through a megaphone, Rapskallion have just returned from a recent trip to Europe and are ready to once again delight and confound local audiences on their When The Wine Kicks In tour.

We played a big festival in the north of Germany on an old army base. We got to play in these old aircraft hangers, decked out as a cabaret at the end of the world, so that was good. We travelled to the UK, Scotland, the south of France. It was amazing. Australia has got a really good name as far as music goes, especially Melbourne. I think Melbourne is definitely up there on a level with anything else in the world.

People in Europe do know about it, so we had that going for us. It just kind of came about with the music we write. People are doing all sorts of things combining music and performance and theatre and costume, all sorts of different instrumentation.

We live in very interesting musical times I think. But Capaldi actually denies that they are costumes — he swears that this is the kind of people he and his band mates really are. We love it when people dress up to come to our shows. Availability is limited. For complete tour information, visit www. Opening night. Studio 1, ACMI, 7pm. Opening day. ACMI until 26 April Fortyfivedownstairs until 5 December.

ACMI, 9. Merlyn Theatre, Malthouse until 2 December. Last day. Fortyfivedownstairs, until 4pm. Merlyn Theatre, Malthouse, 2. Pantomime — performance from period instrument trio Latitude 37 from the salons of Paris. Fortyfivedownstairs, 7. Stunning looking stuff. Fortyfivedownstairs until 4 December. My Name Is Rachel Corrie is a one-woman show about the young American activist whose death at the age of 23 in the Gaza Strip caused an ongoing international outcry.

The play is essentially a resurrection of sorts of an amazing young woman, who, fortunately for the world, was a gifted writer and wise beyond her years. The only quibble with the show, which is a tiny flaw in direction, is that her pace and tone in the early stages are at moments too even; the delivery can become almost predictable.

It is no surprise to learn that her parents are resolutely continuing her work in Gaza. Everyone should see this play; without engaging in polemic or taking sides, it works to create a deep understanding, impossible to ignore, of what life for Palestinians in Gaza is really like.

Season finished. Joshua Fox is a year-old director from New York who has spent a lifetime involved in theatre. But his former life has recently been obliterated thanks to his documentary film, GasLand, and the burdens that have come with. It is difficult to debate an opponent that is willing to constantly lie, and that has a huge PR machine behind them enforcing those lies.

The smear campaign against the film is unbelievable; in terms of how deliberately — almost comically — misleading it is. As a person who yelled at Karl Rove when he was on the TV for eight years, to then be able to counter point by point the things he was saying on one of the major national news programs in the United States last week, that was an amazing thing. How crazy is that? This has to be resisted. Entries close Friday 15 January. Head to indianfilmfestival. A portion of sales will go to Room To Read, an organisation that helps establish schools, libraries, and other educational facilities.

A3 opens tonight, 17 November, and runs until 10 December. More info at misslibertine. In event organisers have tried to steer a path towards the more adventurous. Having sifted through scripts, interviewed a bunch of potential directors and auditioned a cattle cart of actors, Baring and her team have assembled a selection that offers audiences something more than simple reality.

In other words; vying to get into the 5 December Gala Final. God, this sounds spiteful and humourless, but I mean the opposite, truly. This in itself would be reason enough to remain inside, to dodge the lingering of the sun and the rooms and rooms of art in this town. A man in shorts was making graffiti on a wall under a bridge in the city: I. I took a photo of it.

Things have happened that deserve to be written about, but, here I am, very much indoors and filling up magazine space that could have been used to advertise something. A question — utterly childish and savagely, stupidly adult. What the fuck are we doing? I mean, really. Really, really, actually, honestly.

At least the pissing in the sink was sincerely motivated. Makes sense though. So what do Labor think will get them over the line with artists? It will also expand the Victoria Rocks program that is credited with launching The Temper Trap into the stratosphere. Now while the current government is playing to the live music scene, the Liberals are betting on another type of musical to entice voters — the Victorian high school rock eisteddfod.

The main question is who do eisteddfods appeal to? High school students with jazz fingers who are too young to vote? It is polished and surprising throughout.

Not to mention Wayne The Racist and his eight racist children. On the nicer side of town you have a mayor who will stop at nothing to keep his parks clean and tidy for the middle class.

Actually, there. Fine entertainment is the driving force with this collection of talent and theatre company take such glee in their creation of sad, doomed characters and wonderful animation. With the performers appearing in windows and on stage interacting with the film, and original live music, it is extraordinary.

Physical performance and animation are cleverly combined with a very wry black-as-night sense of humour and stunning illustration to make something otherworldly but also oddly familiar. If you enjoy the music of the Kransky Sisters, the animation of Jasper Morrell, the songs of Camille, the writing style of Anne Enwright, you will adore this. You will adore it, anyway.

Until 28 November. History, so there was everything from dinosaurs to impressionist paintings. I just remember feeling that this turn-of-the-century building, full of all these artefacts, was this very sacred place.

Proving that dreams, indeed, do come true. Dreams Come True just happens to be the title of a collection of archival. Disney animation ephemera that is arriving at ACMI en masse. The exhibition was conceived as a fundraising benefit for the city of New Orleans, where it opened in November , and showed for six months. Melbourne marks its second port-of-call, with pieces of art being shipped over. Smith has a different kind of maternal feeling for Dreams Come. Max Tropscore recognises this and, for the third year now, celebrating the best in motion picture scoring.

The winner will go on to perform their score at Tropfest and have their song included on the Tropfest DVD, as well as scoring cash.

You have until Thursday 13 January to get your entries in. Head to maxtv. See paradisehills. The charge? In the first degree! He forges medical records! He shoots drug dealers! He eludes cops! And, at night, he tucks his boy into bed! GasLand is a magnificent example of the personal as the political: a diary-ish documentary travelogue that transforms into a grand social crusade. Its narrative has the pull of a detective story: Josh Fox gets a godfather offer to lease a part of his rural Pennsylvanian land for natural gas drilling.

Curious, he starts investigating the recent rush towards natural gas extraction, and follows the trail down a rabbit hole of toxic waste, environmental degradation, ruined lives, corporate malfeasance, and dying democracy.

As he ventures around, his personal story intersects with others: terrified families sickened by residual chemicals, prisoners on their own suddenly-devalued land. Sarks remembers it differently.

Our task was to collaborate on its genesis; finding that common ground. To put something aside and start again, she says, means finding the balance between vulnerability and security. You are constantly losing the forest for the trees.

For Mence, his particular writing process brings about surprises. I like imagining worlds then populating them. In describing her latest disciplinespanning work, Jude Walton makes considered reference to the writings of physicists and philosophers, illustrating what she describes as the impossibility of what by hand and eye attempts: to represent the moving body. Having constructed this exposition of uncommon bedfellows — the printed word meeting the state of dance — Walton explains its origins.

They are alluring in their stubborn opposition to the persistence of time: words on a page are a lunge for immortality. In its transience, dance seems an observance, a revelling in disappearing. And then through a process of documentation has been re-invented, brought back from the dead. Officially Dead by Quentin Reynolds was a found book that I read, photographed, buried, and have now exhumed five times.

Each time it was dug up its deterioration and decay was documented by still photography. A teacher of performance in the School of Communication and the Arts, at Victoria University; the depth of her intrigue into the workings of art and how it intersects with breathing, living people is striking. She describes what an audience will be faced with in by hand and eye. I hope the show elicits many responses — delight, intrigue, a slight unsettling. Then [we met] one recruiter, a real sergeant, [who] was.

And what was interesting for us as filmmakers was we had total cooperation, his superiors totally permitted him being in the film. He took that risk and, in the end, we did find him very soulful because he seemed to have a lot of understanding of her situation economically, and it was just clear to me he was no newcomer to young people seeking military service and employment out of dire financial circumstances.

Up against her own community, she has to find him no matter what the cost. The only other option is to lose everything. She was very aware of [what] it was costing her family and the damage it was doing, and she was kinda calling that out as much as a teenage kid can do.

But more than that, this international film festival favourite was made ultimately through a joint collaboration between Granik and her crew and locals from the area. The dancers of the Sydney Dance Company and artistic director Rafael Bonachela developed this work together, producing a ballet that is simultaneously huge and intimate; Bonachela has met the scale of the task with a work that is agonisingly exquisite and truthful, intense, joyous, supremely expressive and perfectly executed; a journey of change, of life, death and the human body; it is about the water of life and the dancers embody all of this yet reach out to each other in human gestures of tenderness, despair and yearning for connection.

Small moments are counterpoised against the vastness of the music and the video backdrop of stars or water and the monolith of a human form, in one segment emerging, then gently. The traditional concept of the infinitesimal nature of human life seen in relation to the cosmos is. Yet none of this occurs on a purely cerebral level. It is a magnificent thing to be carried far, deep, and wide by this profound work. Sometimes I really labour on these things to see what I can do with a song.

With costumes, pyrotechnics, props and flesh, they bring the party. But with the fruits of lavish performances comes pressure to be forever upping the ante. You get the flame projector up there and suddenly things are a lot more exciting. He really captures the vibe. It was kind of like going to the next level and seeing how the professionals do it. It was a really fantastic learning experience. This is mostly upbeat, unremittingly positive music, and — in a post-Radiohead world — it takes some serious adjustment to get used to.

But there is always a place for fun and uplifting songs not concerned with depression or what an arsehole your ex is and how miserable he or she is making you. It is here that this record stands out as one of the surprise pleasures of the year so far. I suppose there was a little bit of a deliberate ploy there, but nothing too major. I think that almost anybody can relate to that.

We probably play a couple of songs a bit faster maybe. We might do extra verses or extended bridges or whatever. It seems there will be all sorts of people and objects sharing the stage with him. We deck out the stage with flowers and plants and lamps and all kinds of things. In fact, you can get involved with an offer on their website by which you can pre-purchase a Viking helmet and axe to wield in the audience.

The show borders on sexual ambiguity. Miles comes out looking like more of a homosexual gimp than a Barbarian at times. In an attempt to lure him into a ye-olde mudslinging bout, I hit him with some Norse stylings of my own. So I persist. The East Brunswick show will definitely have pyro. It will be up there with our biggest pyro display ever. It tickles to discover that it was an aversion to hipsterism that spawned this mighty outfit.

He was sick of going out to see bands that were all about haircuts and what you wear, where everyone just goes along and stands there because they wanna be cool. He just said he wanted to make the most offensively outrageous band possible. He eventually convinced us to do it. So Gruntbucket was born and admittedly pretty much remained a band in name only for quite some time; probably about a year, I think, before we played our first note.

For a while. Attention-seeking fools or musical geniuses? We really just wanted to dust off some cobwebs and break out of some of the shackles for ourselves and the good of our fair city. Garcia goes on to explain the power the band has over its members. A lot of the guys have enlisted help from their girlfriends. My mum does a lot of my costumes. With the bond formed and solidified with plenty of local gigs now under their collective belt the time was right to record a full-length longplayer.

Andrew is basically serving up the kind of music he likes to hear. You know, just let loose… anything you want, and I think it shows. Live, they throw things at each other, stab each other with jack leads and create all manner of stupidity and weirdness. In Bum Creek, nothing is off limits. In fact, at times it feels like this is just part of the plan. But is there a plan? He got back the day before.

He was still a bit jetlagged. I mean no one tunes their instruments. I think we do that in conversation as well as musically. Every show is different. Sometimes we can be two against one.

Sometimes those opposing forces can change throughout the show. The music is playful and carefree. Like his father before him, Kuti has been the target of government repression as a consequence of his unswerving commitment to speak out against the injustices he sees. Firstly, how did the band end up with two albums?

One person who picked up on their potential is Grammy-winning super-producer Mark Ronson, who personally picked Djanimals out of over a hundred entrants into a Tooheys Extra Dry competition.

The awesome resulting track, Fox, is unlike anything else Djanimals have written or will write. Djanimals began with just Danilewitz alone in his bedroom mucking around on his laptop. We surprise Danilewitz in his home studio the surprise being he forgot he had an interview scheduled. Hello, second album Tokoloshe — say what? Danilewitz explains why he chose Nightshift In Blue as the first single. So for artists like Femi Kuti, just as much as for his father Fela — who essentially created the musical form Afrobeat that his son continues — the fight for freedom continues undiminished.

It addresses everything he does and it is all over his latest album, Africa For Africa. Africans need to understand that African countries are colonial structures [created] by the colonial slave dealers. Africans must understand what more than years of colonial rule and 50 years of independence by corrupt African governments have caused us, so we need to go back to the drawing board and think and love and care for Africa. We need to understand that fighting will only bring more unhappiness and hunger — Africa must love Africa.

But uh… sorry, I just got sidetracked from the original question. What was it again? They have earned their fans and reputation based on tight shows and a clear understanding of their direction. Even a sleep-deprived Griffiths can clearly articulate the impact of their recent exposure, which is largely due to Triple J. And there are still only twelve notes and thousands of people who do music, so the older you get, the more challenging it becomes, so you have to work harder.

Africans — lawyers, doctors — will love the album. Apparently not, says Griffiths, and nor should it. In what could be considered a risky decision, Mission have asked American pop punkers Valencia to support their gigs. Unconsecrated with it, so I just starting throwing ideas around, and I kind of added a few things from my personal life into it, and it ended up being this story about this entity being created out of a repulsion of mankind, and what it has actually become.

It just sort of descends upon the planet, and pretty much destroys everything so that the world can rebirth itself — start again. It was pretty cool. Kids were really stoked on the new stuff, and kids were pretty stoked on the old stuff, so we actually had a pretty negative-free feedback time over there, for a change. I think the entire band is sort of okay with it.

We just really wanted to get away from that whole deathcore… stuff. The Red Shore plan to reconvene in the new year to begin writing the next round of material.

I hope this gives variety and depth to the music. Electra has many long, slow songs and textures in the guitar. The music flows through and almost jumps out of the songs. It is both rich and raw. It can be gentle. It can be heavy and chaotic, too. I think overall it has a melancholy feel. The songs are shorter, more up-tempo, lighter in feel. So I suppose the challenge was the inspiration. I also played in Tokyo with some brilliant Japanese musicians, White Shadows.

I have bands here in Australia with Deniz Tek on guitar, amongst others. I have been collaborating with musicians all around the world. I wanted to include as many of their individual sounds as possible.

I love their playing on my album. It breathes life into the songs. Having lived in 17 different rural areas between Iowa and Alabama by the time she was 18, Brown has rambled more than enough to earn the right to a career as a folk troubadour. The sound of the American country blues and artists like John Lee Hooker, who I got deep into when I was a teenager, and Led Zeppelin were a part of all of that for me, too. Exceptionally grounded, she shrugs off the hype with ease.

And by that I mean a gift to me — it has been such an open and healing influence in my life. I try to sidestep it as much as possible.

I still believe that the ultimate goal of live performance is to connect through the music, not banter and talk. The best nights for me are the ones where the songs take off… and connect. Certainly the Dire Straits frontman lived up to her youthful adoration.

The tour was many things, but above all it was inspiring on a lot of levels. And they work hard! Over the past year live music and liquor licensing laws have become a key issue, with some inner-city seats likely to be the most hotly contested.

Tonight, a bunch of familiar names will assemble at the Palace to push the case of Serge Thomann, running as an independent in the seat of Albert Park. A number of Greens candidates will be in attendance, with Labor and Liberal preferences a likely hot topic of discussion. With hips that defy all laws of country meeting Latino, Gentle Ben hits the stage with a bang and his arms wheeling, carrying him around like a giant hamster wheel.

With his enigmatic thrusts, the spit fl ies and the sweat falls from the moment sound reaches disco ball Jesus hanging from the roof.

A sourness that pushes that face stubble in to a wild zoo of face pubes. A sourness that wafts from the scotch Ben Corbett waves around the room, clasped in the hand held out in front of a worn leather jacket.

With the. The western sounds of The Dogs Of Valparaiso, dedicated to his own dog of steel, creates a grimy, gyrating love fest with everyone thrusting and shaking under the dim red lights as waves of sweat and spit pour over them from Mr Corbett himself. With a scotch in hand, the bullfighter takes his position in the centre of the ring for a fi nal dance with the crowd.

Leonie Richman. Her live shows will blow your mind with her sexy harmonies, crazy beautiful voice and heartfelt loving that always bring the crowd up on stage to clap, clap, clap for her closing tune, Carousel.

Get ready to party up and dance with a smile on your face because her incredible shows are not to be missed. Catia Toniolo. So if your support act manage all of the above then you know you have something to worry about. By just halfway through his blinding set, the crowd-surfing had begun, meaning there was little left to be achieved by the quintet. Ben Mount AKA The Verse burst onto stage promising Pendulum would give as good as the fans were willing to give back, which proved to be a promise that they would not renege upon.

With the bass set to full blast, devoted fans were delivered a roaring treat from the stonking song-craftsmen. The blistering energy was more than matched by a stunning light show and scintillating graphic backdrops.

There was little more that could be asked for. Yet for this British indie-loving boy, the true moments of musical genius came when The Verse handed the mic over to vocalist Rob Swire. His brooding, Matt Bellamy-esque vocals changed the tone for brief moments of pure indie rock heaven. My love for the melancholic was in the minority, with the crowd appreciating these brief diversions from the oscillating onslaught but demanding the thumping bass to return.

The set came to a close just as quickly as it had begun, but Pendulum had easily beaten the high bar set for them. As Pendulum retired from the stage the crowd rushed out the door, elated by the stunning musical masters they had just witnessed.

Her crazy mix of influences has managed to produce a wonderfully eclectic blend of genre and style. With a dark stage covered in fairy lights and cobwebs, Miltiadou came out like a banging little angel in her glowing white dress and seriously got the crowd ready for some action with On Our Way, a track from her upcoming debut album.

While her music is an assorted crossbreed of genres, above all, what came out of the show was a super happy vibe that could make anyone smile and feel like getting up to dance and be merry. Her beautiful voice ranged from a gorgeous mellow base to an intense heart-pounding cry that took you along with it, feeling every bit of love, happiness, and pain that she sang about.

It is this power she has to take things on and make them her own, to create amazing musical vibes out of funky mixes of beats, genres, instruments, sounds and styles, that enables her to come up with a truly wonderful array of tunes that would appeal to anyone. Her songs portray an honest lyrical story of. Not bad. Went to a party. Got stabbed in the neck. It was pretty weird. After a very quick changeover, Buried Horses took to the stage.

Despite initially having a very unassuming stage presence, they soon lit up the rapidly filling the East with their energetic, countrytinged rock, reminiscent of The Drones. They powered through their set, barely pausing to breathe they were possibly concerned about their late start. The upside to this was that they had enough time to throw in a fantastic cover of Ghost Riders In The Sky, finishing their set with even more energy and reckless abandon than they had started with.

Any remaining gaps of space on the floor were quickly filled while the crowd waited for The Vasco Era. Eventually the curtains opened to rapturous applause and as soon as they started playing, it was easy to see why. They tore through a set composed of the best parts of both their albums, with the songs from each working perfectly, despite coming from concept albums. They deserve every bit of praise that is heaped on them, especially concerning their live show.

Josh Ramselaar. Replacement drummer Brad from local grinders Super Fun Happy Slide provided a restrained wash of cymbals while the patient, snarling breath of the two guitars grew steadily into massive swirls of searing tone.

Not long after a small team of hurried soundies adorned the back of the amps, the operatic squeal of feedback rang true, a marker of the utter devastation to follow. Guttural, hip-shaking chords would ring to their end a long time, mind you, as per the endless sustain of the masterful Travis Beam aluminium guitar , perfectly crossfading into their illegally low feedback counterparts; the ebb and flow continued on, blissfully.

He plays a new song, written in a motel in Parkville. Surely no-one in the enormous queue for autographs, hugs and merch at the end of the show was there to complain. He leads the crowd to a sing-along of the chorus that blows the roof off, the absolute apex of the gig.

During the encore, he jumps off stage and prowls through the crowd that he has thoroughly seduced. After half an hour of raw energy they collapsed literally in this case with all six of them falling on top of each other. After they untangled themselves they set about dismantling their instruments, with the drummer repeatedly stabbing the spare tom drum, before putting it on his head and walking off with the others.

Magic Silver White have a more understated charm. The girls bring the epic synth sounds and the boys bring the very funky, driving rhythm section. Certainly the love god Twitty would have been familiar. Her hubby Neil is an effortless pianist and a pleasure to watch. No one knows, do they? Something So Strong follows and the communal atmosphere feels like a family stacks-on. Mean To Me is definitely a crowd pleaser and a few scattered butts rise from seats for a boogie.

Closer Better Be Home Soon could be tapping into the minds of many babysitters, minding the rugrats of concertgoers and impatiently checking their watches. Dreamboat took over on the drums and contributed the occasional animal noise for the rest of the set, which went through all the best of their debut, Hope Is For The Hopers and a couple of new songs. After an all too quick hour-long set, the Philly Jays put down their instruments, crowd surfed to the back of the room then back to the stage, and left every member of the audience begging for more.

Henry Wagons may have shrunk a little — the result, he says, of swapping beer for hard spirits — but in every other way there is more Henry Wagons onstage tonight than ever. Three relentless fanatics stand front and centre against the stage, dancing their arses off, and the remainder of the crowd remain seated for most of the evening.

Illuminated, novelty-shaped lamps goose, toadstool, Bambi, goose take the place of footlights and. First up are local schizo-pop kids The Parking Lot Experiments.

This, coupled with on-stage banter that seems to be directed at nobody in particular but the band members themselves, all adds to the definite charm of the band.

The first time this reviewer saw Psuche play in the band were a large ensemble group with everything on stage but the kitchen sink. Both vocal ranges are very impressive, consistently in perfect harmony with the subtleties in both voices complementing each other gorgeously.

Every breath on stage is audible as the crowd watch on in a trance-like state, their delicately constructed sound is instantly obliterated with the inclusion of their minimal but hugely effective drum set-up, consisting merely of a single floor tom and kick drum played by both members seamlessly.

Berkhout and Dennison play like a unit, the two of them sharing some kind of undeniably special and rare musical connection with each other. We used the name for some of our housier productions and for '90 Degrees' we drafted in fellow Glaswegian nutter DJ Q, who delivered this great, tripped out interpretation. It still sounds fresh when played out and remains firmly in the box. Roger got involved early on with the remix and a US licence on R-Senal.

This track is a wigged out technofunk sound excursion. Percy X: Maintain "This is a very funky, tough, percussive techno track from Percy X, which has been remixed by Steve Bicknell on the recent 1 2-inch release. He has played loads for us in Glasgow, usually headlining the house room at Pressure and he has been on the Soma label since Slam Present Freelance Science: I Karumba This is the second instalment of our not-so-secret secret project named after one of our nights in Glasgow, We were creating special loops and cut- ups for the Freelance Science night and when we played them the crowd went crazy, so we decided to press them up anonymously on vinyl.

This particular track is a massive carnival techno extravaganza - our own remix will feature on the new Slam album at the end of May. The resulting track is a true collaboration, which falls into no musical category, having elements of both of our sounds and individual styles. The single includes the original, an Unkle remix and our own remix, which is featured here.

They remind me of us around the time of 'Foxbase Alpha' in the way they put their tracks together. It makes you think of the sun.

Where is she now? Probably living in a council flat in Dalston! I got to meet her recently and she was brilliant - quite feisty with a real attitude on stage. Well, she was part of that Riot Grrrl thing. And she looks great on the sleeve! Nathan works at Reckless Records in Islington and actually featured in between tracks on our last album because he's got such a great speaking voice!

I cannot stop playing or singing this song! They look like a proper girl group as well. Hall And Oates were always a girl thing. That or the smug, god- fearing arse that comes with it! Plus there's a strong element of humour on there, which is always a good thing.

I played it at a club in Spain as an end of nighter and they went bonkers! A place so depraved it would give Ozzy Osbourne a heart attack. Where gold-painted midgets eat fire, naked women do interesting things with their tongues and DJs sprinkle musical fairy dust on dancefloors packed with the weirdest set of mutants this side of The X-Men.

In short, the land of hope, glory and boshing house. Except in winter that is. Take away the rampaging hordes of clubbers and the incessant thump of house music and Ibiza Town in January more closely resembles a slightly sunnier Margate. Time stands still. All of which suits Smokin' Jo just fine. The former London resident - and DJ of particularly fine and funky garage grooves - has relocated to the White Isle for good.

This seclusion suits her down to the ground. Far from it. She still commutes weekly to London for her residencies at Lifted at Home and Defected at the Ministry of Sound as well as gigging all over the rest of the UK. She got her big break at seminal gay sweatdown Trade back in , converting the crowd musically with her smooth garage blend and gaining a three- year residency. It was bit gay and campy and really uplifting as opposed to the Americans who tended to play very melodic and plodding.

Actually, to be honest I think people were a bit scared of me - 1 had a skinhead look back then and they always took a step back when they first met me.

Now, with 10 years of turntabling under her belt, Jo has the luxury of perspective on this thing we call dance music. Nowadays they just seem to want to hear something they already know, all that trance, the big tunes. It's a bit sheep-like really. They don't bother to see the other side of the island. You get a nicer British clientele in Ibiza Town, definitely. Coupled with her London residencies, all this activity means that Jo has been commuting to the capital on a weekly basis.

The more time I spend away from London, the more I realise how bad it is. I love the pace of life, the peace and quiet. In many ways, I get to see the real Ibiza every day. They take you as you come. A lot of the food is homegrown and organic. You eat well here. And that opens so many more doors for you.

He plays deeper and slower than me but we complement each other well. He has a real laid back style. But where did it start? Soon, both were also DJing and attracting their own crowd. Here also began the trend of toasting simple boasts over his records that would later develop into the art of MCing.

Flash's crew included Grandwizard Theodore, who discovered scratching by holding the record still with his headphones on when his Mum came to tick him off for a teen misdemeanour. The explosion of hip hop in the Bronx was quickly noted outside it, not least by Sylvia Robinson, who ran a label called Sugar Hill Records. It made the label one of the major players and enabled them to sign, among others, Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five.

The first act to capture that sound successfully were Run- DMC. From Queens rather than the Bronx, their pedigree was nevertheless impeccable. It was the first release on Def Jam records. Jazzy Jay also introduced Rubin to Simmons, the two decided to pool resources. Rubin also expended a huge amount of energy persuading a young man from Long Island who had tried recording as Chuckie D to give rapping another go. Hello, Public Enemy. Over the next six years, Clan members would dominate with a slew of albums.

Meanwhile an intern at Uptown Records had noticed a demo by a certain Biggie Smalls which he used to launch his own label.

Goodie Mob would follow, the Organized Noize axis set to make their presence felt for the rest of the decade. But by the end of the Nineties, the mainstream and the underground had come back together, sometime Rawkus guest artist Eminem who was apparently desperate for the independent to sign him hooking up with Dre to become the biggest artist of the end of the decade. Ironically, the whole idea of hip hop just being a New York thing was about to crumble.

Ice T was one of the first to emerge from Radio, mixing up the blippy music with content inspired by the works of pimp-tumed-writer, Iceberg Slim. Meanwhile, back in New York, a new era of conscious rap was taking hold. But commercially, the West dominated. Cypress Hill emerged although two of their three members had originated from New York. While groups like Main Source and Leaders Of The New School whose main-man, Busta Rhymes, would see greater success later in the decade debuted with great records out East, it was Dre who ruled commercially, launching Snoop Doggy Dogg onto an unsuspecting world.

Virtual dealers? What will it hold? Polysexual androgynous cyberpunks in silver costumes and blue Mad Max hairstyles taking pills scientifically engineered to make them happy? Technology moves with the blurring speed of a lightstick in the hands of a chemically enhanced clubber.

But technologies like Third Generation 3G mobile phones, fast internet access and new music software file formats really are poised to change the whole clubbing experience. Think robotic DJs, identifying tunes on dancefloors with your phone and chatting up clubbers from the comfort of your home.

Clicking on that will launch a personalised message from one of the great ones, plus their track of the day and top five tracks for that week. For 3G phones will also be MP3 Walkmans.

Pillow talk with Fonty 2. Future muso adds authentic old skool flourish to track with antique instrument or Fatboys of the future might be putting the finishing touches to a rough cut of a new track across town. Then, the next day, they'll e-mail whoever made the track with a report on whether it rocked or bombed. This, in fact, is all stuff you can do now - worldpop. Registrations were confirmed by SMS messages, raising the amusing spectacle of ravers waving their mobiles at door whores before sailing majestically into clubs.

There are some very exciting projects going on involving MZK experiencing already for a year or two without knowing it. People are making music, burning it onto a CD-R or cutting it onto a slate and shooting it around 1 0 of their mates to play and review. It used to be a case of make a track, take the track to the cutting room, cut an acetate and if you can afford to cut two, great, if you can afford to cut 1 0, even better.

But now, Steve Lawler or someone can make a track, press a button on his computer, his 1 0 selected mates can have it the same day and they can all burn CD-Rs. This ability to check things out and move music around at an alarming pace is all happening now. Thanks to high-speed internet access, you'll be able to pick out the bits of radio stations' playlists that actually appeal, then sit back while they pump themselves down to your PC or, for that matter, 3G phone. The Ministry Of Sound, forward- looking as ever, is itching to introduce a smart card system, according to operations director Nodd McDonagh.

We have a system that could potentially recognise a person from a smart card, which holds a photo of them on file. They could even help avoid cloakroom nightmares - even if you lose 4. Your mobile enters a cyber-raffle and wins an elderly bottle of Advocaat 6.

Leer at girls in clubs without ever suffering the humiliation of rejection This sort of thing is about to happen via your television, courtesy, in particular, of Rapture TV. Our first experiment will be going live from Gatecrasher for a whole night. There will be information on-screen about tracks as they're played, and, in future, we hope to have people in different clubs communicating with each other. As a result, an e-mail has reached your 3G phone offering you half-price tickets for that club instead.

May I take your coat? The VIP bar is that way. No need to scrum down in front of surly barmaids: you grab a an online video games machine built in. You peruse the menu and order a round of legal liquid MDMA cocktails.

A robot barman - as found in Yol Sushis across the country and various other bars - brings them over without spilling a drop. Feeling a bit shy, you decide to send a message to a gorgeous member of the opposite sex who has caught your eye, which includes your mobile number and a description of what you look like.

It might also allow things like personalised radio stations, where you can put together your own playlist, upload it to a radio station and the music will stream back to you properly mixed. We're trying to get computers to pick up bits of melody that are compatible and, say, drop the hook line from one song in repeatedly.

But the whole point of listening to music and trawling through record shops to get a tune is the fact that you like the record. Why fuck around with it? So it's all charge, charge, charge. And no changing batteries. Fear not: all you need to do is remove your phone from your pocket, dial a tour-digit number and play a computer 30 seconds of the current track.

So you take over the controls of the nearest next- generation Spaced pod. Or even, say, see what dancefloor mayhem your mate in Ibiza is causing at that very moment. But nevertheless, a company called Shazam claims to be putting the finishing touches to just such a set-up. The Ministry's Nodd McDonagh says: "We've looked at developing a seat that contains its own sound system, complete with sub-bass, and we thought we could possibly add a massage facility to that.

And we've been looking at giving people individual headsets that feed sound out, so you could listen to your favourite DJ wherever you are in the club. The likes of Chad Jackson have used it. At the moment, the problem for most DJs is ripping their music into MP3 files. Please check phone manual if unsure. Compatible nokia model no'S: Please ask bill payer for permission. Av call length is 2mins 30 secs. You must be over 16 to use this service. Box , London. Everybody else, having witnessed the DJ's final encore, has the same idea.

An SMS message tells you when your chariot has arrived. And they would, of course, come complete with artist and track names. You and your mates stagger out of the car and indoors, shades on. Not, ahem, exactly ready for bed yet, you manage to cobble together some strong alcohol - but nobody has any Class As. Thank the Lord, then, for that dodgy pirate WAP site address and password that some shady geezer gave you. Pie in the sky? Well, our spies tell us that WAP sites like that are already operational in Amsterdam.

But for all the myriad joys the future holds, at the end of it all, it will still be all about the irreplaceable pleasure of hitting a dancefloor and getting spangled with your mates - just with extra bells and whistles.

Usually hooked together by a computer so ancient that you have to feed it coal. But that could be about to change. But it points the way forward. No more wires to trip over or boxes for the cleaner to dust. Joey Beltram Energy Flash 2 G.

Pure Energy 3. Quadrophonia Quadrophonia 4. Set Up System Fairy Dust 5. Sonic Solution Beat Time Remix 6. Motte Der Klang Der Familie 8. Joe Inferno Tribal Church Dye Witness Observing The Earth 1 1. Pump Panel Ego Acid 1 2. Jaydee Plastic Dreams 2. Exit EEE Epidemic 7. Mega'Lo Mania Moonsign 8.

Marmion Schbneberg Remix 1 0. Cygnus XThe Orange Theme 4. Quench Dreams 5. Mrs Wood The Awakening 6. Luxor Big Bang 7. Elevator For Your Love 8. Wicked Wipe Rock Da House 9. De Donatis The Sound lO. Or severe spinal injuries. For now, Ladytron have made the best album of its kind since The Human League's 'Dare' and the first great electro pop record of the new millennium.

Sadly, from arch wankers Add N To X and their leaden analogue manoeuvring to the sheer horror that isZoot Woman, the results haven't been very edifying. This is the sound of the future, as predicted 20 years ago. It's that combination of electronic pop with bright but blank-eyed vocals. And the key to it is that for all the wonderful, singalong choons a few of them nicked from Kraftwerk, admittedly and clanking electro rhythms, this is a serious album, not a kitsch-fest.

Here are seven reasons why: 1. Lush melodic chorus with world-weary lyrics, sung by female vocalist Ming Xia, battling it out with gruffer male Spooks. Image - the public and media love a story and Spooks are happy to oblige, refusing to reveal where they come from or how they met. They also base their name and attitude on an intense interest in espionage and covert activities.

Last German bastion of proper Detroit techno or rest home for clapped out Motor City ex-legends? But these moments are few and far between. Too often, Blake sets out to be Dirk D aglerand ends up sound.

Stupendously so, on the evidence of this a bum. It's impossible to mag ne these guys doing anything so mundane as using a hoover. And, of course, it's all put together with that supreme and supremely irritating French flair.

Say it through clenched teeth, but this is lounge music from Heaven. Yeah, baby. Over the last eight years they've putoutasteady stream of increasinglydeeD, h ghly emotive productions and this little gem is probably their best effort yet.

A real winter warmer. Here - at least on the seven track sampler BBE have blessed reviewers with - there are a few voices, but the music is definitely to the fore. And Jay Dee shows just how much breadth there is to his ab Ities. Ee warned, though - ths is nota hip hop album. Drawing on jazz, soul, Latin, techno and even the odd house moment, Jay Dee seems determined to prove lhat he can paint wilh the broadest brush and lliat he will not be limited.

Some of Ihe few pieces of rap are still weak, but that aside, this is victory fa Motor City. Which may not sound like much of a recommendation , but try thinking about it like this: to continue the music-as-food analogy, most CDs provide all the sustenance of a McDonald's Happy Meal, some are fine salads, pleasant on a summer afternoon, others luxurious lobster on the beach. Panacea, then, isagigantic, bloody steak which will sit in the biological system for a least a week, but boy, was it a pleasure vv-olfing it down.

The snippets of live waffle between tunes are a tad dull, but the meat of the production is all any electronic heavy- head could desire, every channel packed with belligerent venomous rhythmically rocking NOISE! This retrospective picks out nine classic vocal performances and puts them together for the first time on one CD.

Features tracks from Car! Struck down with the disease and unable to cope with daily life in the capital, he relocated to the suburban backwaters of Worthing in order to get his head together. Consumed by the sheer frustration of this imposed inactivity, using his trusty sampler, Berridge set out to exorcise his demons by soundtracking the music running though his head. And what a soundtrack! Happily, the whole process has had a recuperative effect on Berridge and gradually the cloud of ME has retreated.

Simply stunning. Gorgeous melodies, lush orchestration and vice- tight beats ooze from every orifice. You really ought to own everything on here.

Matching beautifully simple melodies with stark arrangements of strings and oboe, 'Frequently 60 MZK Asked Questions' so called after Tram's attempt to get to grips with their new digital studio doesn't have the slit-your-wrists intensity of their US counterparts , more a very British wistfulness, a bit like Nick Drake on one of his more upbeat days. A delicate lo-fi delight best savoured post midnight after far too much imbibing. Just choose a new ring tone or graphic from the selection below, or for more see the website.

Calls cost Ct. You only have to look at the guests he's attracted to see the respect Xzibit commands. Alongside the bitch-based bragging and saggy-trousered weed and gun talk that characterises the West Coast gangster style, Xzibit also provides mic-melting displays of humour and rhyme skill all the way through this, histhird album. House veteran and all round production don Phil Asher chips in with much of the writing, while Marcus Begg lends his soulful vocal touch to recent single 'Surprising' and Kaidi Tatham gets busy on the keys.

It 's still an enjoyable listen for all of that - it's just not the genre-bending masterpiece that you sense he really wants to make. However, we are treated to a highly unpalatable concoction of harmonicas, xylophones, bizarre lyrics and voice distortions. With weak guitars and weaker vocals high on the agenda, we can say that beyond reasonable doubt this is a most effective treatment for anyone suffering from insomnia. Truly, truly awful.

K7 Is Manchester refusing to rise again? Surely not. It can happen to the best of them - Portishead, Roni Size and Leftfield are just three of the ice-cool acts who've suffered from this problem, a condition that tends to affect any artist who's ever graced a Hoxton coffee table. In between, though, the energy dissipates dramatically and even two Pharcyde collaborations fail to spark.

Check out wimu. But while you can't fault the exquisite production, this is just too long for its own good, Like Sven Vath's bamet of late. Go ng Mobile' is in need of a snip. And while the entire vibe screams insanity, for some reason the project works incredibly well.

In shat. Alison Moyet and Grover Wash ngton Jr, as he re-interprets the music of his Eighties childhood heroes. Using the format of a radio station. Wish 1 Caught between the past and the present. King Britt preaches a mixed message of the good, the bad and. Box London. Appropriately, they have coupled a selection of music that best represents their style and personalities.

Enough bang rg - music to have the local fuzz kicking you docnn, should you choose to play this loud. What's It all about? Steve and Well done lads. A set from that well-known boy-about-town DJ Dixon??? Roof that vsnen they're not sea r ng scalps with techno the German capital's well tp for laid back etedrorica. Any cop then? Mixed by the Good Morning People'' Fsh, th s ambient edged dreamscape delivers an afterbo jrs antidote for frazzled minds. Just when you brought it was sate to s ide nto sofa sleep, Sasse takes you right back up aga n with the deightfdiy demonic Deep'.

It's a subdued sliowcase of Euro ta'ent feeling its way forwards in a dance-friend y flotation tanx. Worth a few s eepiess nights - set your alamo and sit tght for sunrise.

Lyrical Lounge DJ Pogc drops a third corrpialion of obscurities which have since been sanp'ed some to death for their breaks. First ard fererrost, The Winstons' Amen Brother' which susta red the burgeon r. Little Royal, etc. And Jeff Beck and Gong. Sure y. Fun for breaxspotters. Ms there anybody cut there? A real rare groove readjustment perfectly executed by an unknown select on of slaves to kitsch. Awesomely atmospheric, definitely an adult educat on although not quite X- rated! Someth, ngtc sit back and enjoy before guiltily hiding it back underneath your bed.

Hybrid 's technique of grafting on super- slinky yet titanium-tough beats ard cranking up the atmospherics is irresistible. The pioneering csychede'ic trance label de rvers its second doucle CD compilation of fluorc tracks from back in 'the day'. Infracom head honcho Michael Rutlen handpeks 1 2 'efffield jazzual bombs foryour delectation.

It would be worth getting for 4 Hero alone, but the consistently high quality ensures that this is one sweet I tile doozy of a comp. Circulation mould aselection of fascinatingly obscure deep house, tech-house and electro into a whole which is indeed funky yet abstract. What's on it? Circulation rise gloriously to the occasion. After starting all glacial arc wistful, proceedings toughen up before dropping out to funky electro.

Accessble yet cerebral, which is some achievement. Taken from Cocoon club Amnesia, Ibiza. This resulting in a funky down tempo, easy listening experience titled "Re- Freaked". From Laboratoire Plump the boys are now ready to unleash their collection of Plumptastic monsters on one amazing compilation. The album features five of their best remixes and five new tracks. Exploring the sound with deep pioneers, including Kevin Saunderson, Orlando Voom, Steve Rachmad, Presence, Housey Doingz, Calisto to name but a few , Dave Mothersole delves into his trusty record box to bring back these 'classic' tracks, giving us his definition of classic tech house.

As you will hear when reminiscing with his selection of grandeur cuts, this is a worthy lesson in Tech House, and if you don't know what Tech House sounds like, buy this to find outl Hardy has gained a superb reputation as both a producer and a DJ, propelling him to the forefront of the DJs coming out of Germany. With this mix, Hardy is more than ready to face the future! The Happy Mondays frontman luinea Cnns Evars-enCoised ceiebnty gives us a peak mta his record collection.

Wnatdoyou thnk? Ryder 's partied harder than anyone else lor oyer 20 years. Wnump whump! Zzzzuml Whump!

Not the usual crap you get on these things. Or rather you have, but only in the sense that nard bouse tends towands a certan uniformity. Bangin', nee one. Fd owing up last year's well received first vo ume, Mister Dexterity.

DJ Hype takes you on another adrena'ine-filled charge through the True Playaz catalogue. Dope Ski Lr. Local Motion and the ever excellent Gama Kru, Any cop then? And net a pony mix ,n sight.

Indian films, despite having heroes with mullets aixf berg hours long do have one saving grace - the muse. Outcaste have noticed this, and here provide some cut- ups of said music, settoa pounding disco beat. Some of th sis so cheesy you expect a crackly voiceover lo come in at any.

Someth ng of a missed opportunity overall. Swedish mid-Nineties handbag producer turns his attention lodeeper asoects of his sound. Whch turns out to have the fathomage of a paddling pool. A load of disco- house that doesn t so m. Inoffensive enough. Like the grafti ng of someone sat behind you on the bus. But with occasional dva vocals.

When not codging NAT 0 bomos or attempting to exterminate their neighbours, the citizens of Belgrade I ke nothing betterthan enjoy ng some underground dance music mashing up Afro, 'riddle eastern, house and jazz influences. The music here is not totally out there, out rather subtly but impressively different. It's jazzy, but it ain't trad, Vlad. Where to start? Mastercuts belie their usual immaculate poise by slinging together 12 of the most blindingly obvious, over-sampled, ever-compiled breaks known to man.

Why, fergawdsakes? Get thep dure? A bizarre col ection of beats you know like Ihe oack of you: hard already. A second helping of sweet and sunctit-ud soul sistas feting certain lessei beings men just how it is. Forget lame-assed giripower - these are women who know just where the pain cuts the deepest and the soul sings the sweetest.

With the exception of catwalk models, secret death squads and the odd tub ot coffee beans, Brazil ans hare another forte: passionate music.

Mr Bongo aims to broadcast the deli ghts of the samba and batucada to a percussion hungry world. A selection of uplifting Brazi'ian dance music. Urless you are very clued up on Scuth American artists what fclows is rre'evantaata: Djavan. Mandrake and Wanda all feature.

Witn n a few tracks this waiter had stripped dawn to his shorts, borrowed the neighbour's maracas ana formed acne-man conga ine in the street. An excellent selection of music. The east will nse again! Just fee. Can you bardie il? With Red Jerry mixing a huge selection of specially commissioned tracks, you can lie back, relax and think of beaches at sunset.

Pcssibythefnest selection to date of real chi lage. Breeder and Sasha are just a handful of the high quality artists. Fans of rough- edged, slightly brutal, British urban rudery on a junalist tip will be enthral ed by the way an American hip hopster reinterprets their sounds. Many of the tunes that appear on the comp have been given the special Vasquez touch.

No surprises commg from Jun or Vasquez on this double comp. The Shoreditch boys are back ard offering us even more funk and groove with a slight leftfield element to it. It's one of those aloums that gees out to ach eve b g th ngs but then returns an hour later having achieved nothing.

Sort of like a Mel B album. Double CD soundoack to a new German ri m chronicf ng an existentia 1 odyssey through the post-industrial landscape of east Berlin, with ple.

And music to match. Peaches and Gonzales, plus the label 's customary art-rock select on and names new to the roster. The original score on disc two is a feat of angular Teutonic melancholy that's handy for contemplating the void aftera particularly heavy night cut.

Middleton provides three mixes with varying degrees of stylishness. A so id package. It is, as you would expect from resident Gonzalez, a four- pronged attack which froths entertaningly and stays v.

John Selway and Christian Smith tech matters up and Sander Kleinenberg does a rather perfunctory version of his thang.

Very firm and fruity. Badness we I ke. Really minimal, tracky and great stabs, though. Just enough pop catchiness and sass to make a sweet dancefloor concoction. Avoid the nasty trance and house workouts by Electric Boutique and G-Club. Theskittery beat of two-step is the ravers' response - fucking funky and well-programmed. This may well be the best in the series. The popular DJ's choice this time is 'Funky' wheh. This is great -the right amount of everything.

Definitely different - good deep house. This sound is so tried it should go back to bed for a year or two. The other side is acid with a great submarine 'plink'.

Mission Theater Owner Jon A. Cinema 21 experimental, collectible local pressings, and Where one-off art-punk bands and obscure Mississippi Records NW 21st St. And yes doubletee. Swedish Evangelical mission has ornate this makes it the raddest venue for frequent Herzog, Polanski, and Breillat are some of the balconies and table-and-chair set-ups from electronic section.

Lodubs dubstep. Cash only! Crossroads Music SW 2nd Ave. This store deals in arty housewear and apparel SE Belmont St. Since , this large alternative oliounited. Acres of bins of clothes, housewares, and more SW Taylor St. Mexican restaurant food served til 11 p.

Timbuktunes World Music piped-in parrot and water sounds. Burnside Skate Park glowinggreens. Salsa, rai, roots, calypso, and more await at this 2nd Ave. If you know you Bearbrick from your Dunny, cool clothes. Run by the owner of Reading Frenzy bookshop, charms. Just Be Complex Rad Summer burnsideproject. Williams Ave. Zoobombers Bulk scrap everything from pom poms to Food Fight! Treasures or junk, depending on wearing a crazy costume is your idea of fun, the Vegan haggis and caviar, curry-braised gluten, idezign4u.

Zoobombers meet Sunday night at p. Grouper A Nor-C al loner dr ags her haunting, ethereal hymns to Oregon. Sounds concept in the form of a in Japan. Presenting exclusive work by working alongside the beguiling Loreto Music, with assistance from MC Short fantastic, barrier-breaking DJ mix, and artists of the highest Cocooncaliber, this Otero, launches the next phase of his Stories aka Michael McGuire.

Whereas an exclusive additional CD showcasing release also celebrates the aesthetic musical career with Los Updates, a project Queue For Love broadened the some of his greatest productions to partnership between world-renowned that connects the dots between mind- abstract-electronic foundations of his German photographer and artist Andreas date.

Tiefschwarz, and more. Luciano, and Tobias. Photo David Bevan. Tracks Vol. A minimalist Dragging an house music. With The Transitory State, a vision of new music. Recorded in Exception. Deep for and percussionist Andreas end have nothing to do with music like this. A skullcrusher! W hen Liz Harris, the lone lady behind Grouper, was a kid, she spent most of her days running through the forests of her Northern California home.

I think I was trying to offload that same place, and memory. Whether murky or haunting, nearly every second of Dragging a Dead Dear Up a Hill feels like an exorcism of sounds. Her friend asked thing in the songs. I remember only for her friend to lose interest once it arrived. Great emphasis comfortable with getting attention for things, but but serves as a snapshot of her insides as well. Stars Of Zoo is a hybrid remembers Harris. I Tank U is the end result of a musical the best elements of deep house, minimal Scott Hewicker.

Her gauzy hymns are milky watercolors of time, history, and songwriting, jammed in a instrumentation. Luke, and Mathias Kaden. These titles available at fine independent record stores or online at www.

La Calaca comelona. Really classic breaks. B NW 5th Ave. A beat fanatic who can name the lot of stuff imported from Japan. That means Kez, Dundiggy, and Ronin Roc. You we want, from funk and soul to hip- buy sneakers. There are a couple other boutiques As for new stuff, I really like Blu from C.

I later learned could come here every day and there hop and classics. Also, Shawn Jackson and Newman difference between good tattoo artists about Dia de Los Muertos, but I still would be something different, because popping off.

We caught up with him for a tour of crazy for those. David Bevan tracks, both as WAV files and as has received since unleashing their a mix, sutured together by L.

Featuring the in order. Both Toody and. Touring is. T he American West Coast seems to have really taken to U. Which begs the question: How Vivian Host. Angeles have developed devoted audiences for the Boxcutter have some of those elements as well.

And helping U. Shit, another 10 A. I want to hear some Favorite simply a lone force Portland artist: name that Jon owns, and which specializes in limited- Loosen Yr Grip album. Getting little credit in the local in metal.. With self-taught metal, noise, and dubstep. And when you increase the air and that A. And Mr. Cole, still. Viva Voce makes poppy indie rock 10th anniversary this year, was founded others record for Brooklyn-born, in the vein of The Shins.

The band is by painter Chad Crouch. Swords, formerly known as Swords Hunting. Liza Rietz plays violin and electronic pop songs for free via podcast accordion in the group. The Places is a former member more accessible than their post-rock Western, and more. As records over the last 10 years, including and Jackie-O Motherfucker. He is also an engineer at Type collaborators Corrina Repp and Joe their political lyrics, straight-forward melds electronic bleeps and quiet strums Foundry studios.

The band has an indie-meets- performances. Post-riot grrl outfit All Girl Summer combines vintage sounds from the s Fun Band purveys happy candy pop on Craig Thompson frequently does with modern synths to create a music- Ape Shape is a punk-funk-meets-reggae K Records. Kathy Foster of The Thermals artwork for Menomena, and was box feel. Toussaint Perrault used to play trumpet. Grammy for the cover of their They have since broken up, and Perrault album, Friend and Foe.

The Decemberists make lush, cartoonist best known for his page Records band that makes chamber folk literate indie-folk ballads. They autobiographical graphic novel, Blankets. They make rhythmically also played with Modest Mouse and other instruments. He also designs show charged math rock that veers between Illustrator Carson Ellis designed the Earlimart. His latest album of guitar- posters and is currenty pursuing a solo frenetic and atmospheric.

She is Metronome. Grandaddy broke up in Tucker Martine at his Flora Studios in M. Ward is the stage name of creaky- beats manipulated by joysticks, and Portland. He also contributed a song to the timeless guitar folk has made him one of with programmed beats and a viola.

Old-school jungle, 2-step, and dub thrown in for good measure! LFO, events to attend, like Fridays at Rotture. Wherever my wife and baby girl are. ERS 1. Bang-a-Rang at Tube, D. Style: Techno, electro, Italo-disco, house, Style: Electro-house, indie dance, nu- Style: Hip-hop, soul, beats, party joints. Savior record: Optimo or Ricardo Villalobos. Dream tag-team: Master Shake. Favorite place in Portland: The Savoy. Favorite Portland artist: Yellow Swans.

Forest Park for relaxing. Favorite Portland artist: Sonic Ric R. Rude Dudes, The Fix. Chervona is our favorite band. Local Flavor 6. Adidas Originals Herringbone bag 4. Studio Acorn turntable pendant 7. Crap Hound 7 zine 5. Red Bat Press 10 Bridges of the 8. Lloyd Winter Owlz hoodie 9. Favorite Portland artist: Adam Cornelius : Rabbits. They are just circus-heavy, down- and-dirty, bellyache and grimace-inducing moonshine metal at its finest. Plus, instead of singing about misogyny or the devil, they sing about animals, planets, and emerging from the primordial ooze.

Friends of All the DIY-punk dance-. Friends of Friends starters you need to know. B oy Gor i. Dykeritz in Salem. Ghosties shows, so too bad for you. BJ "Bitter" Bastard gets depressed just thinking about it…. Here are a few of our favorites. Derek Grey. Willamette Week, festival, or TBA. No sirs, Portland most poopy in the Northwest.

Techno shows gig, girlfriend, or idea for that super-crazy the local alt-weekly, quickly picked contemporary art scene, TBA features events. Wordstock is centered around to host the occasional out-of-town guest help.

If you move here, you will up the slack, partnering with local everything from dance presentations, a sprawling four-day reading series as well. Now eight years old, the fest has grown art installations, to film screenings, special events throughout the year. The Now! Local radio probably because the cost of things in playing Justice tracks.

Who's there: Mogwai, Fuck Buttons, Orchestra. Ward, Deerhunter, The Grouper. Latin communities are so far out on eight years old? Well, Portland is the pica. Is it any wonder that Gus Van Sant made explains the pathetic, collegiate honky yarn, and a hot-glue gun. Kleenex over Portland. Sometimes you.

Soon Enough Spin Cycle 88BoaDrum at L. Check up at night. Practically perfect. Original Hamster vs. Nego Mocambique, Pfadfinderei, Great track, dudes.

Signal, Shout! And hit up mutek. So call the cops if a Quebecois in Portland in July. According to to-some Holy Fuck. Perpetually Demon Days party in September at Cielo. The Arcade Fire next week. Tar Pits. Got a sneak peek of this on my most Brooklyn club Studio B was shut down in Records.

The big draw? Alexander Robotnick, and more are recent visit to the Northwest. Dance Event at the end of the month. Goth done good. I cry every other time I hear this tune. What can I say? Brendan Canning Something for All of Us The more on offer here. Best known as a free, all-ages, non-profit out for its lovely sparseness.

Yes, the comp weights in its artists. Hold This Ghost includes contributions space for other genres. Hurricane others. The result is a layered, delicate take on folk, meticulously Katrina evacuee Devin Phillips, now a Portlander, shows off the sax arranged with an ear for atmosphere and texture, with surprises playing that made him the poster boy literally for the Portland Jazz unfolding every moment.

Folk Horse Feathers, Heather Broderick with the memory underlying these songs, even if pinning those memories Portland Cello Project and global lounge retro-chic Pink Martini down through the gauzy ebbs and tides is impossible.

Electronic lo cal s ound is show up as well. The album is saturated with sound, with whiffs of Starbuckses. The narrative attention in to win them the coveted title of Best New Band threading all these songs together feels a little musical theater-ish, from alt-weekly Willamette Week; their debut album was a sunny, sometimes bordering on overwrought, sometimes endearing, but happy affair.

Much like Portland itself. Luciana Lopez. Dirty South dyke club rap, what? The stylistic gumbo, while with the string samples and all the carefully executed details weaving in and out of odd to say the least, is probably more endearing than 14 different versions of their the downtempo drums.

Jesse Serwer Photo by Eric coleman also allowing room for growth. Max Herman photo by Tim Saccenti. Zoneil Maharaj its accompanying ugliness. At your service, Mr. Cameron Macdonald and often conflicting, ethnic groups. The adventurously quirky the ethereal and hypnotizing effects of the repetitive techno mix. This album, the third in the Congotronics a Red Army parade pace.

More ambient tracks are needed saxophone. Temper is a softer-delineated affair, with more fluidly than a pair of pastel-colored legwarmers.

Many of the tracks in this set will be music. Derek Beres Hailing from DC but aesthetically linked to Baltimore, shifting mood suggestions than discrete genre exercises.

A gifted roots and lovers-rock stylist, he heavily on humor and guest appearances to hide a Blitzen Trapper caffeinated beats. A handful of winning Furr coated long-player—where do they find the time for both serious and celebratory music. Most of the all- timeless lament about neighborhood snitches. Lead member Eric Earley proudly waves his duo further explores those elements across 10 beat-heavy tracks.

Tomas Palermo the howling of wolves by moon- or firelight. Rachel Shimp focused than previous recordings, the album retains a natural, upbeat spontaneity Eric K. Shelved by MCA in , what would have been Shawn Jackson delivers on his first commercial hip-hop album. Musically, Livez vs. He manhandles the balance of sounds on his debut First of All…. Zoneil Maharaj in nostalgia. Two is such an eventful, interactive age. An independence milestone, two is definitely good for reminiscing.

And such is the role of this compilation, on which Death From Abroad presents Berlin-based label Supersoul Recordings. Nearing or exceeding seven minutes, tracks detune and condense. The third installment context. Machete Vox, a new San Francisco- Dance conspiracy soul and calypso crossover cuts from the Caribbean is based label, might just change that.

L through his recovery. Heads are sure to turn west after hearing to dancefloor cuts to traditional, guitar-driven songs. Yet here we are, more than 15 years later, and this previously re- and de-contextualizing shit without even knowing what it meant, the techno end of things, and John Maus delivers a Digitalism: Kitsune Tabloid marginalized scene of white labels, Hoovers, and pill-munching has making all the self-aware intellectualism surrounding someone like synth-driven, vaguely Cure-sounding track.

As Girl Talk today seem completely silly. Musics in the Margin unabashedly commercial tracks, which veer seamlessly than sound like a disparate singles collection, A collection from commercial rock to tech-house. Culled from impromptu recording the label went from bug-eyed rave tracks to, say, Vampire Weekend stricken vocals and a twisted mentasm riff.

Chapters still hold their own, not just as pieces of history, but as find on any rack. Sampling was a particularly from.

Brandon Ivers. Toni Lionni Sub Ensemble. We Young. The original is a bright and brassy it and, besides a few stabs by Faze Action, cast his deep, heady spell. Been a minute since I shouted out Mr. Levon Vincent, known for his stellar Electronic and Versatile. The Ovum, has launched his own imprint at the his Deep Space night, but if you are Right! Lots of subtle woodwinds full of sleazy, swirled guitars.

This package That Jazz Chronicles record is one I can comes from something of a bruk super- emphasizes the groove, dubs the vocal, and comes with a slew of top-tier remixers imagine re-edit king Mark E. It goes fart-bass. Nice a host of remixes and edits by Webster affair—the most subtle of the bunch.

But the Bottoms. Blome Growing. Extraperlo tonka DJ Bone. Mike Jones, anyone? ZZK also put late, in particular the Droid crew, builds and at the same time the pauses folks. Thurston Moore, who just earned a gold Latin-American rhythms cumbia, sonidero and more recently, their releases.

Kind of weird, but melodies think Orange Juice and African the best indie-pop band to come out of and Zahn himself.

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Midnight - DJ Nonsdrome - Symphonic Trance - A Dream House Compilation (CD)

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Joining Samboy are Andrea, the radio station's programming director; Trixie, the owner and station manager of LXFM; Samantha, the sweet yet spunky researcher; and Bodjie, the team's cowardly radio technician. After one season, when Samantha leaves for the States, she is replaced by Samboy's childhood friend, Chicklet.

Together, the team forges on to bridge the living and the dead, taking on unresolved deaths, ghosts and ghouls as they bring life to the stories that haunt the night. It is a sign that you can be Summer Dream Interpretation and Meaning : Dreaming of the summer is symbolized the personal achievement, the wisdom, and the evolution, as well as the happiness for the clarity and warm of the sun Sweatshirt Dream Interpretation and Meaning : Dreaming of a sweatshirt is represented the good results of your work present for the years of experience and quality demonstrated.

Also, it could reflect a It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress.

Want more? The only problem with including all of this gorgeous music on the soundtrack is that it hopelessly overshadows Simon Boswell 's original score. Boswell's contribution is actually quite innovative and effective, drawing from sources as diverse as Mozart, Ravel, and the popular traditions of India, Bulgaria and Syria in an attempt to capture the ethereal and whimsical qualities of the fairy kingdom.

But placed alongside these immortal classics, his work seems unavoidably lightweight. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Theseus, Duke of Athens — Mark F. If you are not in the USA, please verify the copyright status of these works in your own country before downloading, otherwise you may be violating copyright laws.

Production details Running Time: Zip file size: Download cover art Download CD case insert. Play House Party Store Page. Global Achievements. Is there anyone who could update "the dream night" to a newer version? Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments.

Information. The current position of MIDNIGHT DREAM is at Indonesia (coordinates S / E) reported 8 hours ago by AIS. The vessel is en route to the port of Mizushima, sailing at a speed of knots and expected to arrive there on Jun 25, The vessel MIDNIGHT DREAM (IMO: , MMSI ) is a Bulk Carrier built in (8 years old) and currently sailing .


True As Steel - Warlock (2) - True As Steel (CD, Album)

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Metal Archives loading Username Password Login. Frank Rittel track 1. Henry Staroste tracks 1—4, 6—8, 10— Peter Szigeti German guitarist tracks 3, 6, 8, 10— Rainer Assmann tracks 2—4, 6—8, 10— Doro Pesch tracks 2—4, 6—8, 10— Ralf-Rene Maue tracks 1—4, 6—8, Doro Pesch still tours as a solo act, and performs several tunes from Warlock library.

You can find more information on Doro at Doro Pesch. True as Steel is one of the better Metal albums of It is definitely worth picking up if you can find a copy of it.

Rating: Out of Talk about great memories. Eat The Heat. Eat the Heat is the eighth studio album by German heavy metal band Accept, released in Although Jim Stacey is presented as rhythm guitar player in the album line-up, the album credits also state that all guitar work on the album was played by Wolf Hoffmann.

Jim Stacey did perform second guitar live with the band. Until 's Blood of the Nations, this was Accept's only album without Udo Dirkschneider as lead vocalist.

Animal House Anniversary Edition. Animal House is the first album by U. Released in , it charted at 41 in Sweden. Heavy metal. Hellbound True as Steel Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May Friday 8 May Saturday 9 May Sunday 10 May Monday 11 May Tuesday 12 May Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 May Friday 15 May Saturday 16 May Sunday 17 May Monday 18 May Tuesday 19 May Wednesday 20 May Thursday 21 May Friday 22 May Saturday 23 May Sunday 24 May Monday 25 May

Album. True as Steel Warlock. Released True as Steel Tracklist. 1. Mr. Gold Lyrics. 2. Fight For Rock Lyrics. 3. Love In The Danger Zone Lyrics. 4. Speed Of Sound.


Stil In Mij - Various - Het Beste Van 5 Jaar Radio 100 % NL (CD)

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Hans Idzerda bleef tussen en honderden middengolfuitzendingen maken -onder de naam PCCG- via zijn zelf ontworpen zendapparatuur. Dat waren live uitvoeringen van klassieke stukken, en het laatste jaar ook jazz. Zijn succes reikte tot ver buiten de grenzen en daarmee kreeg hij vrij eenvoudig de nodige investeerders over de brug. In Huizen had Philips toen al twee zendmasten gebouwd. Vogt zou enkele jaren later mede-oprichter en de eerste directeur van de AVRO worden. In ging Idzerda -ondanks zijn succes- failliet.

Haal een kaart. Iedereen is welkom, uit en thuis! Dit jaar is het vijftig jaar geleden dat de Nederlandse hippie-cultuur echt tot leven kwam. Beluister zijn nieuwste podcast.

Vera Lynn is overleden op jarige leeftijd. De Dame laat ons veel moois na. Het was het eerste meerdaagse festival op het Europese vasteland! Hiep hiep! Sir Paul viert op 18 juni zijn 78e verjaardag. Speel 't spel en test jouw geheugen met McCartney Memory! Dolly Parton's klassieker heeft een rijke geschiedenis. Op 5 juni werd bekend dat de bassist van The Sweet is overleden. Steve Priest werd 72 jaar. Als je alles hebt gedaan krijg je zelfs een radiodiploma! Altijd op de hoogte blijven van nieuwtjes die voor kinderen interessant zijn?

Zoekveld Zoeken. Wist je dit al over jaar radio? Wat vind jij? Alain Clark - Fell In Love 4. Hansen Tomas - en 1 Gedachten 6. Wolter Kroes - Groener Gras Glennis - Als Je Slaapt Syb - Oogverblindend Elize - Can't You Feel It Monique Smit - Stel Je Voor Doe Maar - Is Dit Alles? Radiowijs is een gratis lespakket voor scholen. Het bezoek aan de expo is er een onderdeel van. Je maakt als groep een echt radioprogramma en je leert de media kritisch inschatten.

Heb je met je school of met je organisatie interesse?

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A Secret Power - Ned Rorem - A Quaker Reader (Vinyl, LP)

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Six Selections From "A Quaker Reader" Composed By – Ned Rorem () D1: 1. First-Day Thoughts: D2: 2. Mary Dyer Did Hang As A Flag: D3: 3. Evidence Of Things Not Seen: D4: 4. "There Is A Spirit That Delights To Do No Evil " D5: 7. A Secret Power: D6: 5. The World Of Silence.

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