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Why Cant You Behave? - Various - Cole Porter: An All-Star Tribute (DVD)

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Retrieved July 8, November 9, Retrieved November 9, Ring of Honor. Archived from the original on September 22, Retrieved September 16, One of the founding fathers of Ring of Honor, Bryan Danielson fought to earn his reputation as one of the best wrestlers in the world from day one and helped put ROH on the wrestling map. KENTA in main event match of year contender".

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Retrieved September 5, Archived from the original on May 5, August 27, Danielson paid the price for the hard-hitting contest. He suffered a small orbital fracture and there is something wrong with his retina. Retrieved June 20, Retrieved December 29, Retrieved April 10, Retrieved February 17, Retrieved February 24, Retrieved April 3, Retrieved May 15, Retrieved May 19, Retrieved June 1, World Wrestling Entertainment. June 11, Retrieved June 12, Archived from the original on July 20, Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved June 27, Retrieved June 28, Westside Xtreme Wrestling.

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November 29, Retrieved December 12, Retrieved February 25, Retrieved January 8, Retrieved January 10, In the video, Bryan plays up his new over-confident, success-has-gone-to-his-head persona interacting with Kingston outside of the venue in Corpus Christi, Texas. Retrieved March 24, Show vs. Big Show for the World Title". Retrieved January 14, Retrieved January 22, Retrieved January 30, Retrieved February 19, Retrieved April 2, Alberto Del Rio". Retrieved May 1, Daniel Bryan — 2-out-of-3 Falls Match".

Retrieved April 11, Retrieved May 27, Brodus teased main event, Punk-Bryan, no Cena". Archived from the original on June 10, Punk vs. Kane for the WWE Title". Show, potential "firings," who will A. Retrieved June 23, Jericho, MITB hype".

Bryan, Sheamus vs. Retrieved July 29, Retrieved August 4, Retrieved August 19, Triple H, Punk vs. Cena vs. Retrieved August 20, Inside Compliance Read the top news for risk, governance and compliance professionals in 5 minutes or less. Inside Meditation Relax and subscribe for the latest meditation tips right in your inbox! Interested in sponsoring a newsletter? Tell a friend. Inside Sports The latest news, scores and controversies in professional and collegiate sports thrown right into your inbox.

Inside Ethereum Tracking trends, news, and analysis around Ethereum. After intermission, things get hurried as well as more lurid, but the New Rep staging hangs tough.

Ken Baltin gives a robust performance as Baba, adamantine even when dying. Fahim Hamid captures the surliness, ebullience, and remorse of young Amir. And the makeshift kites, when they appear, held aloft on poles, supply both color and grace.

He believes his two art-savvy friends will be impressed by the piece, but instead his acquisition triggers a huge fight between the three over what constitutes art. Eve Summer directs. Miller directs this tragicomedy about a father, a son, and the Rapture, written by Samuel D. Their innocent lunch date spirals out of control as secrets, transgressions, and betrayals come to light.

Elena Araoz directs. Joe Antoun directs. The show, which interweaves stories of three families one upper-class and white, one black, and one Jewish and just off the boat , has a book by Terrence McNally and a score by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens.

Meg Fofonoff directs, with musical direction by Matthew Stern. The piece blends theater, dance, and acrobatics to tell stories of humanity, courage, and physical limitations.

Kate Whoriskey directs the Huntington Theatre production. When one of the men accidentally receives a mail- order bride, the group dynamic suddenly changes. Plus, it turns out one of the five men has been a cross-dressing woman all along. Caitlin Lowans directs, and Kelli Edwards choreographs.

Marie Antoinette is a mash-up of satire and sympathy, techno and classical, splendor and ash, at the center of which is the famously ice-cream-coiffed proponent of cake feistily rendered by Brooke Bloom. Adjmi, was compiled from interviews and live recordings during the Occupation of Dewey Square in Fall This world premiere of the production features Brooklyn-based theater company The Civilians. The cast of the operetta with one exception, and he was ailing at the opening performance is in glorious voice, especially Erica Spyres as a yummy Yum-Yum, Davron S.

David R. Gammons directs. Fired from his job as a photographer in a genteel department store, Quell stumbles onto a yacht char- tered by the Cause, a cult led by Lancaster Dodd Philip Seymour Hoffman , the epitome of culture gone cracked.

Dodd squeez- es the dotty rich for funds and enlists the dispossessed for muscle, journeying, Mormon- like, from New York City across the country. Phoenix is crazy-itchy mad, a simian in a suit. And Hoffman exudes the bonhomie of a cultured Svengali with a cause. Anderson has achieved his mid-century epic, and in its pure 65mm sumptuousness, the great American movie. Representing Liberia, the Anglo interloper struts about the Central African Republic in colonialist fashion, dragging on cigarettes through an elongated holder, his Danish eyes hidden behind aviator glasses as the sun beats down on his bald pate, sweat pooling in his tight ginger beard.

Illicitly purchasing his ambassadorship, and capturing his attempts to get into the blood-diamond business on hidden cameras, he has neither the playful flamboyance of Sacha Baron Cohen nor Hunter S.

But, fun as that film was, it failed to find the beauty in blood spreading across the screen. Their scenes together are the heart of the film, and Kim elicits a similarly naturalis- tic performance out of the non-professional actress, just as she did with the juvenile protagonists of her superior previous picture, Treeless Mountain. Both encountered enough setbacks in their careers to make their stories worth our while. And neither discovered immediate success with that pitch, either, meaning they withstood years of humbling journeyman plodding.

Its inclusion, along with a couple of other instances of melodrama, proves unnecessary in a pair of stories that hold up just fine by their own accord. Donning her trademark black fetish-wear, zombie-fighter Alice spends the first few minutes bringing audiences up to speed on the events of the previous four pictures.

We never see the restaurant when patrons are eating, an odd omission. The excitement is in the privileged times when we watch Bras fils obsessively piecing together an alchemic nou- velle cuisine dish: delicate, minimalist, extraor- dinarily imaginative. Is there anything here for the amateur chef? Sprinkle lime peelings onto milk-white ingredients: a verdant feast for the eye.

Still, as professional baseball scout Gus, Clint reminds us why we cared about his opinions in the first place. He elevates surliness to an art form, and as his lawyer daughter, Amy Adams does an admirable job keeping up. The star power helps the charm outweigh the schmaltz. Chicken with Plums is a feast for the eyes, not the soul. The Box, though masterfully illustrated, fails to think outside one.

Together, they team up with former boxing champion Qi Moxiang to battle the weight of potential failure that arrives tenfold when living in a country like China. Yung Chang directs. For his efforts, Panizza was tried for obscenity. The trial is dramatized here by Schroeter, spliced between scenes of the play.

With Antonio Salines as Panizza. You know exactly how this one ends; yet getting there is such an enjoyable delight. And its star, Barbra Streisand, was poised on the cusp of the old and the new Hollywood. Streisand plays every note from lowdown clownishness to Park Avenue heartbreak, all in perfect pitch. Funny Girl is a reminder why so many people grew up loving musicals. Two siblings born at the end of the war choose radically different paths in life: the brother joining the Communist Party, while his sister remains beholden to the church.

For this screening, Robert Humphreville will provide live piano accompaniment. Keanu Reeves is hot-shot FBI rookie Johnny Utah, who goes undercover as a surfer to capture a gang of surfing bank robbers; Patrick Swayze is the hippie beach boy who heads up the troop of surfers Johnny befriends.

Bigelow and cinematographer Donald Peterman convey the immensity and the power of the waves, and the skydiving sequences are breathtaking, but Bigelow keeps falling back into brutality — the last 30 minutes dive head-first into the macho nonsense her film appeared to be sending up. Last year, she stopped spelling it out for everyone. This has flipped around the creative process. Hardcore punk dudes the tin thistlEs say goodbye this Sunday at the Middle East, dropping the See You at the Bar 7-inch on their way out the door, and soFt pYramids are back in action with more guitar-pop goodness.

Then something weird happens: the sleepiness erupts into psychedelic blaxploitation soul, with huge wallops of wah-wah cascading over ominous synths and drunken drum-kit stumbles. On the more visceral Shields, Grizzly Bear get a little weirder, a little synthier, a little grizzlier.

Throughout the record, he vividly dramatizes his own past by ensconcing it within the folds of a bygone folk romanticism think Dylan and Kerouac, with a battered Midwestern sincerity and, in doing so, renders it worthy of re- membering. Fictitious or not, though, it is a beautiful creature to behold. Maloney R. Looking back, this is truly a best-of-both-worlds record, the little-band-that-could growing into its new clothes. Reissued in a new two-disc set, Document sounds larger than ever, and includes a live show from in Utrecht, Holland — one of the first of many stadium- sized conquests the band would make over the next two-plus decades.

CheCk out more reCent releases at thePhoenix. EAST or mideastclub. MSEX or middlesexlounge. Boston thrashers RazoRmaze get it started. EAST or mid- eastclub. Throwing one of our last blowouts under the STUFF banner before the launch of the magazine you hold in your hands, we kept the party going at Boylston Street spot Forum, where guests sipped Svedka cocktails and talked style.

More parties! At thePhoenix. At thePho enix. The free series continues each Wednesday night at least through October On the agenda: a collab between Yes. Find out more at futureboston. SoulFly FEAt. Ponte has named Rod Bouffard the acting warden at Warren.

He transformed it from one of the harshest juvenile lockups in the coun- try to a treatment-oriented model studied all over the country for its success in reducing recidivism, the return to criminal behavior after inmates are released. Bouffard said treating prisoners with respect begets better-behaved prisoners.

Getting answers Why the prison warden got fired Scene from a pipeline protest The glue-in f It takes less than two minutes for the squad to fully lock into formation in the TransCanada office in Westborough, Massachusetts. As added insurance, each of them twists open a tube of super glue, slathers the adhesive on their palms, and joins hands with their arms across their chests.

A TransCanada employee stares perplexedly at the protesters, tells them that he called the cops, and politely asks everyone to unlock. A few minutes pass, and a second officer arrives, followed by the Westborough chief of police and, minutes later, a fire truck. Prisoner-rights advocates have com- plained for years that this officer bullied inmates. He reportedly has been suspended or fired.

Bouffard, the new Maine State Prison boss, has a mental-health-treatment back- ground, having run the Augusta Mental Health Institute now Riverview Psychiatric Center and the now-closed Pineland Center for the developmentally disabled. His boss, Ponte, has become nationally known for dramatically reducing solitary confinement, in which many mentally ill prisoners had been placed.

Ponte has ac- complished other reforms, including reduc- ing the frequency that probation violations send people back to prison, thereby helping stabilize what had been an ever-growing and ever-more-expensive prison population. In the meantime, since one cop failed to separate the protesters with sheer force — by attempting to pry their hands apart — the medics move to unseal the glue in a more delicate manner.

Once the protestors are unglued, about an hour and a half into the fray, addi- tional help arrives. Like the cops who called him, the locksmith appears anything but thrilled to be there; he puts his tools down anyway, and begins to drill the ankle lock on UNH senior Ben Trolio.

Faced with that challenge, the lock- smith gives up and takes off. Ponte and the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition have long pushed for exactly that. Prohibition, which Maine adopted long before the rest of the country, proved lucrative for criminals, but ineffective in most other ways.

Term limits on legisla- tors were supposed to open up seats so more ordinary citizens could serve. Instead, that law allowed a few mas- terful tacticians to preside over an idiocracy. Public funding of elections was said to be the way to thwart the power of rich people and corpora- tions.

It turned out that was uncon- stitutional, and now those entities dominate campaign spending. It requires term limits on drinking booze paid for with public money. Oops, sorry. That idea is still in development. The effort to have the governor elected by this complicated and expensive method is being sponsored by Democratic state Representative Janice Cooper and independent state Senator Richard Woodbury, both of Yarmouth some- body should check the water supply in that town.

Speaking of Portland, it already has ranked-choice voting. It was used for the first time in to pick a mayor from among 15 candidates.

Voters rated each contender from their first choice to their last. When the ballots were counted the person with the lowest number of first-place votes was eliminated, and his or her support was distributed to whoever was ranked second. This process continued until somebody got a ma- jority. It produces a winner backed by over 50 percent of the electorate.

And it does that in the same way that Prohibition reduced immorality, term limits increased accountability and Clean Election funding did away with corruption. You, being weary of the non-solutions offered by the major parties, fill out your ranked-choice ballot which requires an advanced degree in mechanical en- gineering to understand thusly: Your first choice is the under- funded independent. This is the great thing about ranked-choice. It allows you to support a candidate with no chance of winning without wasting your vote.

Again, you get to vote your conscience without worrying about being shut out of the final decision. Your third selection is the rich independent. After several days of state workers uploading ballots to a computer sys- tem capable of sorting them out and hand-counting the ballots on which there are ambiguities, the results are announced: One of the major-party contenders prevailed. For all intents, you might as well have stayed home on election day. Then, re-form them.

Only after that should you email them to me at aldiamon herniahill. With the dust still settling from the fiscal cliff fiasco, foot soldiers on both sides of the aisle are sharpening their knives for yet another clash, this time over some- thing called the debt ceiling. But what exactly is it?

Gouge a big hole into entitlement programs and thereby shrink the government bureaucracies that administer welfare. BruIns v. Islanders 7Pm hockey's Back! Voted 1 Wings in Portland!

He seeds his book, The Alchemy of Teach- ing forthcoming in March from Sentient Publications , with stories of classroom encounters between students and ideas that remind us of an important, but oft-neglect- ed, truth about education: It is no good if it merely teaches the young facts and tasks to be accomplished in the workforce. Rather, education must deeply and fully engage both students and teachers in the quest for under- standing and connection.

He inquires thoroughly into what the story might mean see excerpt in sidebar Conway gently, calmly, and un- relentingly shreds the data-driven mantras of the modern industrial-style education system. His heartfelt tales of students young and very old transforming themselves — and their teacher — get to the heart of a distinctly European, even Renaissance tradition of edu- cation: that its aim is not to indoctrinate nor to cause memorization, but rather to excite, to enthrall, and, above all, to spark the hu- man potential within each of us.

In constructing his subtle argument — for this is among the least argumentative ex- amples of a persuasive essay — Conway mar- shals some unexpected forces. Among those making significant, and sympathetic, ap- pearances here are a religious fundamental- ist, a smartypants overachiever, a reclusive- silent type, and an elderly woman. But there is more. Further, the story concerns the powers and limits of technical knowledge.

Whether exemplified in labyrinths or towers of Babel, the impulses to design and make are deeply ingrained in our human make-up and deserving of celebration. We, and all students of any age or era, should be so lucky as to in herit not only the scientific determinism of the alchemists, but also their mystic faith in the ultimate possibility: that all leaden pupils might, with care, attention, and not a little bit of liberty, transform themselves — and, perhaps, their equally lucky teachers — into golden pioneers simultaneously finding and creating new worlds.

But their tools seem observant of na- ture, working with its rhythms. Grow compassion. Used by permission. Shocking, I know. No meat, no cheese, no dairy products. And, perhaps most remarkably, no cravings. While the philosophy of veganism — avoiding the consumption of animal products — has been around for centuries, the term itself was coined in and the American Vegan Society was founded in Interest in the United States has gained steadily since then; surveys report that between 0.

Proponents claim that eating a plant- based diet improves overall health and well-being, resilience to disease, skin problems, and energy levels. Plus, going vegan can reduce your grocery bill, especially if you start to buy ingredients from the bulk aisle. She began offering personal chef services and private cook- ing lessons, and got positive responses to both.

On the docket in Febru- ary: courses covering winter soups, cook- ing for weight-loss, greens, and dinner- party fare. When people dive into a plant- based diet thinking they can survive on salads alone, McClay cringes.

With a Modern Vegan education, there are no restrictions, no portion control. Her number one tip for healthier cooking? An equally important tactic, much to my dismay, is to eliminate cheese, which McClay notes has addictive properties researchers have claimed that cheese pro- duces opiate effects in consumers — not to mention its high levels of cholesterol and fat. Now that I have her nut-sauce recipe in hand, I may be able to get closer to a cheese-less existence.

Registration is required; call More information about Modern Vegan cooking classes can be found at modern-vegan. Get started now! Visit www. Your group will be their last hope, and there might be des- peration in their eyes. These are the ones you want. After all, the boy who mourns and honors the dead is transcend- ing carnality. The ones proferred in Supernatural Strategies, over a brisk pages, analyze seemingly every facet of the industry as we know it, yet still might not get you any closer to the ultimate, unimpeachable goal of rock stardom.

While this sce- nario might appear as a blessing for those looking to land a nice, comfortable career in music — or a zesty Pandora playlist, for that matter — some augur a certain danger in whittling rock and roll to a series of clean, flat stones placed over a bog one traverses en route to artistic fame or financial success.

Like a smoke bomb in a SXSW show- case, the ambitious project of Supernatural Strategies is to inject a spume of confusion into the staid, success-driven rock nar- rative of today, while serving as a quasi- mystical handbook for that rare musician still willing to take the long route.

Writ- ten in a language couched in satire and anchored by years of experience, it is both a rigorous study of an elusive and endur- ing cultural art and a sobering critique of its many tortured machinations. And as the contemporary music landscape has been re-stratified by new technologies and contracted economies, it might even be particularly topical. As Svenonius told the Portland Phoenix in a tele- phone call, the book is a response to what he perceives as a shifting ethos in the music world.

After some glib and crisply written chapters of historical repositioning, the reader emerges with a rather grimly conspiratorial view of rock and roll as an American-manufactured cultural weapon thE lIvInG AnD thE DEAD Ian Svenonius digs into what might have happened while trying to chart a course to the future. Premium cigars, hookah tobacco, pipes, tobacco accessories and much more.

Some especially daring ones ask that question in real time — again and again and again. Dubstep, particularly its more populist and unsubtle Western iterations, is a tireless and beguiling foe.

Its devotees — who beget disorient- ing colors and aromas, rehearse their gesticulations in oversized uniforms, and seemingly only strike at night — appear legion, and have proven to be alarmingly adept at reproducing their thun- derous, unifying hymns in clever, almost imperceptible variations.

Two boy-girl mu- sical projects of considerable ardor, the New York acoustic folk duo two tree and the immaculately restrained outland meditations of arborea, make an attractive pair- ing at Local Sprouts Cooperative. The avant-jazz document represented her first forays into vocalizations — both linguistic and otherwise — and gave birth to many harrowing, poetic, and dizzyingly emotional images of the history of black life in America.

Brown: Bid em in COIN COIN is a contemporary masterpiece of sorts, and the Chicago-born Roberts, still coming into her own as a performer her resume includes more formal solo records amid collaborations with Godspeed You!

Might be the most time capsule-able show in recent memory. Avant-folk group sNaex Chriss Sutherland and Christopher Teret play with songwriters matt rock and Na- thaN salsburg, the latter known for his revenant early-folk record- ings and curatorship of the Alan Lomax Archive.

Local, national, whatever: the fun- ny business is a male-dominated sport. Tonight, the Maine writer, blogger, and comic erIN doNovaN brings us a welcome break from the standard. Tickets available at the State Theatre Box Office on night of show one hour before doors. Educate your palate on over beers from both near and far. This happens despite findings that climate- change coverage has declined in national media outlets since Call Earn college credit!

The paintings are terrific and the big, first-floor gallery at the Portland Mu- seum of Art has never looked better. There are more than 50 paintings that span 60 years. Ma- ny are large, the quality is uniformly high, and her method, while it has evolved over the years, has remained steady and consis- tent. Early in her career she found a way to work that suited her own needs and ful- filled her understanding of what art was about, and has followed it ever since with remarkable focus and clarity.

It would be no surprise to see a steady stream of visitors from New York and far- ther coming to Portland for this show. Dodd began her showing career in the early s, right around the high-water mark of New York School abstraction.

At the time, modernist ideas had coalesced into something of an imperative toward abstraction, but there were a number of artists who felt that the sense of place and implicit narrative of representation still had powerful valence. But a number of artists felt there was power in the relationship of the artist not so much to the subject, but to the subjective nature of the moment in its presence, and to the act of seeing it.

Every day, even in the same spot, is different. Many of them came to Maine from New York for part of the year, and in, say, the s, one could easily walk into a 57th Street gallery and spot a recognizable scene from Lincolnville. Dodd picks out subjects that will make a painting that reso- nates with her own interests. The rest is up to the viewer, who will take away their own, possibly rather different, experience, not of the place but of the painting.

There is only one reason for such an unlikely framing arrangement: Dodd spotted it, liked it, and worked up the shape and size because she thought it would be interest- ing. It is. The back- ground is in mostly greens, representing the foliage and stems of the plants. The blossoms, which course up through the painting moving slightly to the left, are brightly and unquestionably red, comple- mentary in a way that makes the image visually unstable. This one vibrates and grabs you from a distance — a trick of the color, so to speak.

She discovers, or uncov- ers, the poetic resonance of her subject. We know it exists because she can see it and has the skills to make it available to others. We like these paintings because of what they are, rather than for what they show us. The ideas are in the things, and they are good ideas.

They are thought out as pictures in the moment of their execution, not as demonstrations of a pre-conceived thesis. The kinds of things she thinks about could only be done as what they are. The modernist reality of the awareness of the artificiality of any work of art coupled with the emotional and subjective aware- ness of place and circumstance result in a deep philosophical verity. These paintings are very real and very personal.

The modernist idea was born in Europe but grew up in the US. Now in her mids, Dodd has quietly worked her way through a long and productive career without the fanfare and argument that have been characteristic of many of her peers. She is still at the top of her game, and this exhibition shows she has been there for many years.

Limit one per person, new students only, expires Feb. Making the world a better place, pose by pose. In an immediately post-Saddam Baghdad, vi- olence and chaos are daily tangibles, and the dead are never truly gone. Between the deeds of a tyrant, two soldiers, a translator, and a tiger, playwright Rajiv Joseph weaves together potent and discomfiting threads in his Pulitzer Prize-nominated drama, produced by Mad Horse Theatre Company under the direction of Nathan Speckman.

The agonies here are thick and myriad. Finally, the Tiger Tootie Van Reenen — only recently shipped to Baghdad and pretty pissed off about it, and shot by Kev in the very first scene — philosophizes remorse- fully on his life as a killer and the God that made it so. Do you have info to share with HuffPost reporters? Save online with coupons and promo codes from these featured retailers. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

Newsletters Coupons. Follow Us. Part of HuffPost News. All rights reserved. Huffington Post. This Could Be The Answer. A lack of data and options is trapping people in flood-prone homes and driving inequality. Noah Michelson.

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