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Psychopathy Red - Slayer - Messe Painted Blood (CDr)

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But it's not a very good thrash album Tom Araya still sounds quite fierce, but the guitars have a different, crunchy sound to them. This isn't to say they sound bad, but there is a sterile feeling to the album which often scored a few yawns while I was listening.

The album does have a few blistering tracks, like "Unit " and "Hate Worldwide", which are certainly as explosive as anything else the band has produced in nearly 20 years. But I found most of the other tracks to be rather ho-hum for Slayer, pleasant enough to listen through but creating no compulsion to replay. To tell the truth, I'm not a whit disappointed by the album, because I have expected little to nothing from this band for years.

Musically, the band shows they still have the chops to set themselves on fire. The sporadic leads are still in place, the lyrics are dark, the tone of the album vaguely summons forth nostalgia for Seasons in the Abyss.

Of the 11 tracks and 40 minutes, there are about minutes where I was clenching my fists and admiring the threat this band can generate. The rest? I doubt many of these tracks will be making their setlist in the years to come. Then in early , they released their first single Psychopathy Red, a fairly praiseworthy and satisfactory effort I must say. Death Magnetic? Ah, leave it. While it might be hard to actually compose great songs, being a guitarist myself, I believe I can confidently say that making a few good riffs is really no big deal.

But Slayer is far from that. They fail to conquer even the easiest of grounds. Almost all songs start with a variation of that one single riff, gain some pace, maybe slightly alter the tempo, and then suddenly break into a little soloing.

Soloing as you might know has always been their weakest territory. Needless to say, here they give further proof to that, using the whammy more than they ever have.

This is incoherent music without a start or an end, filled with painfully monotonous tunes and the exact same resentful vocal lines that will pretty soon result in an unbearable headache. As most of you might already know, Slayer has now nearly 10 albums under their belt. It's almost as if there's no stopping for these dudes. Or should they stop? Seriously, to be a little rational of things here, there's a saying "If you eat the same recipe, you're sure to get bored of it".

World Painted Blood is showing us that. I mean, come on. Same riffs, same messages, is hard for me to devour something with the same formula without adding newer treatment. B creates a sea full familiar oldies, that seems to be extremely saturated. I must say the first 2 tracks were amazing. Never heard of anything like this from Slayer for quite a while. With lyrics that shows they still have fire in them.

But right after these two tracks, boy was I wrong. Each of the track reminded me everything about Christ Illusion. Similar riffs connected with the same themes in lyrical content, that has been told countless of time with the only difference in period.

Even there are some newly written contents on the album, what really made me felt discourage of this whole album is the overtly long lyrical content. You got to be kidding me? Was Araya trying to write this for some lame death-rap music? Even if people didn't mine about this, the lyrics didn't have flow. Therefore, it could sound corny as hell.

Writer's block I guess. Let's jump into the music. As I said before, the riffs, the structure and the content of W. B is almost as similar to Christ Illusion.

Repetitive riffing and reused materials from previous albums, these I would not call a good sign. Including the annoying high pitch solos from Kerry King and Hanneman. It just shows how noob these guys have went. Christ Illusion was a very pale version of what Slayer did in their early days.

As we enter the new age of metal with crappy metalcore bands dominating the world, I expect more from old school metal bands like Slayer or Megadeth, hoping they could rid the world of bad modern metal bands such as "Bring Me the Horizon" which is the most despicable band in the universe.

Instead, what Slayer presented is something that is lacking some juiciness in it. It is good to keep playing the same trademark sound even after 20 or 30 years later because it works for the musician and fans alike. But honestly, do you think it can stand on its own for long? Sometimes a band needs to mix newer things from the outside with the older ones just to see what one gets.

Here we have a band basically using pretty much the same blue prints that has been used for nearly 30 years untouched. So what else is Slayer gonna do next?

I think we've all agreed long ago that reviewing bands like Slayer and Metallica these days based purely on the merits of their newest material is an impossible task, but I will give it my best shot. When bands reach such a size cutting through the hype, the over-exposure and the fanboy idiots is as big a task as listening to the album objectively in itself. Given how long ago Metallica left the realms of 'metal' it has been down to Slayer for a considerable period of time now to manage the space that was vacated by their once thrash-brothers, which given this fact makes it all the more incredible how loved they still are.

I mean, that's nearly one whole "Chinese Democracy"! And so while Slayer's early back-catalogue is quite simply a hallowed and untouchable spectrum of work, the band have struggled to remain a force to be reckoned with since and it is through this length of time that unavoidable questions have arisen over the band's worth nearly 30 years after they formed.

In this respect "World Painted Blood" closes as many questions as it leaves open as on occasion Slayer pull out a riff, or a tempo, that shows some life in the old dog yet but invariably they feel like the dad on a wedding party dance floor, trying to resurrect their moves from their 'prime' while of course being wholly incapable of doing so.

The production of "World Painted Blood" feels as much to do with Slayer's negatives on album number 11 as it does the album positives. On the plus side it accentuates the feel of old-school, as occurred too on "Christ Illusion" that I feel is absolutely essential to the making of any great Slayer record, yet in repeated listens I can't help comparing it to the production of "Reign In Blood" and safe to say the comparison is not favourable.

Before you start screaming "you can't compare everything to the greatest metal record of all time!! And it is with this comparison I realise in the 23 intervening years Slayer have lost much of their bite and edge that made them veritable gods of their time, as that realisation is frankly unacceptable if you come here looking for a modern day classic.

With Tom Araya's vocals you can always be sure of just whom you are listening to and for that we can be truly thankful. In the riffs too of "Public Display Of Dismemberment", "Psychopathy Red" and "Unit " you would accuse the band on your stereo of ripping off Slayer if it weren't for the fact it was Slayer themselves, and that's no bad thing.

But to hear a number of tracks fall short of this standard only confirms what we originally knew: that Slayer are a long, long way past their best. This is not to mention on top the number of songs that sit squarely in the middle territory of 'dull', thus making finding anything to say about them difficult - "Beauty Through Order", "Human Strain" and "World Painted Blood". I'm sure you'll get many claiming a change of underwear was in order after their first listen to "World Painted Blood" but ignore them and listen to me instead: there are moments worth shouting about here but if you want to experience these legends at their best do yourself a favour and travel back two decades plus.

Originally written for Rockfreaks. It is here, past the struggles of adolescence but not yet at the point of complete maturity, where he develops experience without yet abandoning his instinctual methodology, often creating his most beloved works in the process.

But while age comes with decreased ability, physical weakness, blurry vision, obsolescence, and a host of other debilitations, the benefits of maturity can be just as far-reaching. This one managed to sneak up on me quite unlike their last album, Christ Illusion, whose development I followed fervently from first announcement to opening day purchase.

But patience is a virtue, as they say, and the virtuous will find that what Slayer has done here is not merely recapture the furiously controlled chaos and vintage riffs of their better days, but the subtlety and unnerving atmosphere of those days as well, all without the throwback vibe that so frequently soils new thrash albums, from young bands and old alike.

The first intimation of Slayer doing things how they used to is also the most obvious. Not every song has the raging thrash hard-on that these songs have, but most of the rest have abundant fast passages of varying degrees of importance in their respective structures. Here slow passages are handled like they used to be handled, as fucking devastating contrast to the main riffage. There also a nonlinear feel to the songs that recalls the old days. These sorts of things happen frequently and the moral seems to be that the band is just doing things the way they should be, the way they used to.

Need more proof? And on World Painted Blood, sometimes what they want is to play a little slower. As such, there were bound to be a few tracks on here that would prove controversial due to the latent numskullery of a certain portion of their fanbase.

Getting into the meat of the album, the listener will find Slayer willing to go slower still. The actual result is a reemergence of the atmospheric emphasis that they introduced on South of Heaven, developed on Seasons in the Abyss, and refined on Divine Intervention. It is three of the last four tracks on the album that somehow prove most controversial and, aside from the overall lyrical weakness, are the only detrimental bits on World Painted Blood.

As a final aside, those interested in picking up the album will notice that there are two different versions floating around: the regular and the special edition. The difference? After about three minutes in, you know exactly how the other 17 minutes are going to go. Anyone needing proof can find the video on Youtube anyway. Neither are those wanting a return to South of Heaven or Christ Illusion or any other one of their albums.

Slayer has been around a long time; that much is unquestionable. Slayer - South of Heaven CD. Slayer - South of Heaven Vinyl. Toggle navigation Raru. Edit Cart Checkout Close. Recipient Name. Recipient Email. Psychopathy Red. World Painted Blood. Beauty Through Order.

Unit Playing With Dolls. Public Display Of Dismemberment. Hate Worldwide. The Human Strain. Not Of This God. Psychopathy Red Explicit live version.

Human Strain. Not of This God. Altmer 2. BassDemon 3. Following the sa Album Rating: 4. EDIT: Damn you, nosferatwo. Album Rating: 2. Maybe do a quick check? I will get this during the weekend now. EDIT: caught and fixed the ones I found.

Album Rating: 3. Jesuslaves Fortunately, just about every red flag ended up a false alarm either ended up being , or ended up as. There are a few awkward sentences though, I can bring them out if you'd like. That was actually deliberate, I'm pretty sure that's legit as constructed.

Please do, I wrote this really quickly. In the year plus since we first got wind of World Painted Blood or 'untitled 10th studio album', before the summertime , plenty of clues had leaked that could have hinted at this being a poor album. I admit that atm I am a little tired, but at least to me, the first part of this sentence reads very awkward. By the modern incarnation of the band. This is classic Slayer and would have been right at home on either late's album. Americon 2.

Beauty Through Order 3. Hate Worldwide 4. Human Strain 5. Not Of This God 6. Playing With Dolls 7. Psychopathy Red 8. Psychopathy Red Explicit live version 9. Public Display Of Dismemberment

World Painted Blood, an Album by Slayer. Released 3 November on American (catalog no. ; CD). Genres: Thrash Metal.

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  1. Gazahn says:
    Jan 12,  · Questions regarding bonus tracks of World Painted Blood and B-Sides of its singles. Spirit Of Metal mentions that Atrocity Vendor is a bonus track on a limited edition of the full length album. Metal Archives lists the B-Sides to the Psychopathy Red single as B1-untitled. B2-untitled in reverse/5().
  2. Mikazil says:
    CD1: Live at Arena Moscow, Moscow, Russia (JUN 20, ) CD2: Live at at Graspop Metal Meeting (JUN 22, ) First 2 Songs from Disc two belong to the Concert from Disc one.
  3. Dorr says:
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CDr release of Messe Painted Blood on Discogs.
  4. Kajilar says:
    Slayer - World Painted Blood Album Lyrics; 1. Psychopathy Red Lyrics: 2. Psychopathy Red (Explicit live version) Lyrics: 3. Not Of This God Lyrics: 4. The Human Strain Lyrics: 5. Hate Worldwide Lyrics: 6. Snuff Lyrics: 7. Americon Lyrics: 8. Public Display Of Dismemberment Lyrics: 9. Playing With Dolls Lyrics: Unit Lyrics: Beauty.
  5. Mezikazahn says:
    The classic final release featuring the band’s original lineup. Track listing: "World Painted Blood" "Unit " "Snuff" Beauty Through Order" "Hate Worldwide" "Public Display of Dismemberment" "Human Strain" "Americon" "Psychopathy Red" "Playing with Dolls" "Not of Thi.
  6. Vimuro says:
    Well, on World Painted Blood most Slayer riffs are Slayer riffs, it’s their signature sound. Just listen to ‘Psychopathy Red’. This can’t be anything but Slayer.
  7. Zulull says:
    Featuring the songs "Psychopathy Red," "Hate Worldwide," and "World Painted Blood," this was the last studio album to feature SLAYER’s founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman. Originally released in , it’s now fully re-mastered from the original analog flat master tapes and pressed on the highest quality, gram audiophile vinyl/5().
  8. Vozragore says:
    Sep 20,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Slayer-Psychopathy Red(NEW SONG ) YouTube SLAYER - World Painted Blood (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - Duration: Slayer 4,, views.
  9. Juhn says:
    Unit , Hate Worldwide, Public Display of Dismemberment, and Psychopathy Red are all sub 3 minute speedsters in the Reign In Blood mold. It's not like they're rip-offs either; all of these tracks deliver a thrash hurricane of old-school riffs, solos, shouts, and beats.

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