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U.F.O. - Larry Norman - Come As A Child (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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So, to complement the Chapel Lane live album that introduced us to 'Put Your Life In Jesus' Nail Scarred Hands' comes this very welcome release of in-concert material recorded by a Dutch radio station in With an even mix of solo performances and songs where Larry is supported by his good friends in Britain's Alwyn Wall Band, this is a superb collection that showcases the godfather of Christian rock music at his very best.

As these groundbreaking songs were recorded not long after the original studio versions, as 'live' tracks they show Larry in excellent form. Not only does Larry sing well and the band rock to a man, but his crazy, and yet perceptive, introductions show him on top form. Those who weren't around at the time need to remember that before Larry Christian music was totally devoid of rock, awfully earnest and awfully performed. Without him CCM and this website would never have seen the light of day.

The Lifters, Lifesavers, The Chosen Ones, Crumbacher and host of other great young bands were expressing, what was for many, a new and young faith with all the passion that they could muster. Things were simple. Black and white. Right and wrong. Right and left.

The Christian music scene in Southern California was littered with the bands that everyone who lived anywhere else wanted to see and hear. So, I did. I was managing the music department at least the cool stuff of a bookstore called The Pink Lady. Everyone in Orange County knew the Pink Lady. But the store also catered to a very uppity clientele of Church choir directors and was the largest retailer of chorale music in the area. My first order of business was to have the single greatest Grand Opening event ever.

The main part of the sweet shop had booths that i decided to convert into autograph signing booths for a collection of artist i would invite to the event. The real winner was Undercover because their new album was going to release a week or so later and I worked out a deal in which we would be able to sell the album at the event before anyone else would ever receive it.

The album arrived the day before the event and I took a copy home to listen. Immediately I noticed the cover sported a tatoo. Seriously, a tatoo? What did I get my store into? But it was my ears that were hit the hardest. An ominous, darker tone? That was how I was introduced to one of the truly great albums in the history of christian rock and alternative music.

It is celebrating 25 years in and it is just as powerful, poignant and perfect 25 years later. I had heard that Walden had left, but had no idea what to expect when I first listened to Branded. At the same time Taylor was going through marital, spiritual and personal struggles.

These early birth pangs of doubt and discovery impacted and fueled the musical and lyrical change the band would explore on Branded. More influenced by the Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Lamentations that John , the album is filled with some of the most challenging content available at that time.

It should be noted here that the lyrical shift brought with it a musical change as well. More intense and powerful, both in its range and passion, the musical landscape shifted as a result. Guitars became heavier and darker and the boppy keyboards and bass lines become more explosive and dynamic. They are also just flat-out became a better and more cohesive band. They were always heavier and louder live than the first three albums ever revealed. This time they were in a real rock and roll studio and working with real rock and roll producers.

We can all be thankful that undercover met Elefante. Heavy without being overly fast. It is punk rock without being punk. The themes of fear, doubt and the realization that the formerly accepted easy answers were no longer enough are introduced here and remain throughout.

One must wonder if the song was influenced by the troubling question of just how much could Taylor share without fear of rejection and accusing fingers. Big, overly dramatic and all too earnest, the song does reveal the inner struggle to fight for the faith one has against all odds. Here that faith is in another person, a close relationship that is falling and failing. The emotion is real and the dramatic presentation can be forgiven once it is properly placed in history and set against the personal context.

Like the Psalmist, the answer is that life does not exist apart from God. Here Taylor expresses the same emotion as the Disciple when asked if he too was going to dessert Jesus.

His response: Where can I go? Musically one of the two or three best songs on the album, it also features a more edgy sounding vocal from Wilson. The first three undercover album all experimented with punk rock. Often the results were fun live, but somewhat corny in retrospect. But the songs still fell flat, most often because of poor studio production.

They were great live, but they band or producers could never duplicate the raw emotion in the studio. One of the great punk songs in CCM history. But here the internal conflict is brought to the front. The Christian is challenged with their own part in the death of Christ. There is no passing the buck to the Jews, Pilate or the Roman government. But even more, Pilate realizes that Christ was not guilty and good man, but his own fear and doubt drove him to bow to the wishes of the mob.

We are no different. Life is fleeting and it soon passes. Despite the darkness closing in, the voice of Jesus is never fully eliminated. Ultimately it is because Jesus too suffered, sweat blood and faced His own darkest hour.

There is nothing he went through that was not common to man, for He was man. He came in the flesh. He can relate.

The album closes with two of the greatest songs, not only in the bands illustrious career, but in the history of the genre. But it is the album closer that ultimately takes an amazing album and turns it into the true classic that it is. Part anthem and part punk rock. The five-minute epic would often become much longer live starts slow and ominous with just keyboard and vocals for roughly the first minute until it becomes a relentless, powerful and unforgettable rock anthem.

So much emotion packed into 5 minutes. Both joyful and ominous, the warning mixed with jubilation is a rewarding musical exercise. I will admit that the album was one that I was not an immediate fan of. My youth group bravado was still crying out to renounce the world, and i was not quite fully ready for the challenges that album delivered. But I never gave up on it.

It not only eventually won me over, it became a staple for now some 25 years. Their musical legacy dates back decades for all of them and no artist in Christian alternative music would experience the acceptance and success they achieve without these four men and their ground breaking accomplishments. Here is one time when the total is equal to the parts. It was meant to be a fun, one time experience as each had been friends for a very long time and the thought of working together on a single project appeared gratifying.

Gene has been replaced by fellow The Choir member, Steve Hindalong on drums. Each of the dogs are spectacular musicians in their own right and are easily the top songwriters within their genre.

That is a great deal of quality experience and it shows on every release. But it was the debut release with 17 wonderful tunes that makes the countdown here. Fans of early Daniel Amos are reminded of some of the more creative offerings from Shotgun Angel and the self titles debut.

Each member takes turns on the lead vocals or occasionally there are multiple lead vocals. But in all songs the four harmonize with perfection and deliver a most memorable project.

On a sie note the drums were provided by Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia fame. Vocals are handled by Derri and here Taylor shows his incredible wit,wisdom and undeniable poetic expertise. Paint the common things with mystery and renovate our history when we take the scenic routes the cloud enfolded Trinity unpacks the ancient tapestry when we take the scenic routes.

But what is even more wonderful is to hear Eugene take the second verse from the point of view of the longing old man that is the subject of the song. He bought her a gun for protection She kept it on a closet shelf Their little child found it one fateful day No, he never meant to kill himself. You feel the pain in every strained note. Ethereal, swirling, floating electric guitar accompanies a bright and simple acoustic melody.

Roe shows why is may be the most underrated guitar player in Christian alternative music. This is simply a beautiful and captivating tune. The reworking of the Dylan tune is both original and respectful of the original. Beautiful and haunting, Taylor can twist a phrase and use it to his advantage like few others can.

It is also another song where all four take turns on the lead and that is always a real treat on Dog projects. Quirky, odd and pure fun. The guitar work is spot on perfect and the arrangement is engrossing and palpable. You feel the song as much as hear it. One can feel the sun, dust and beat up gravel road. The song makes you thirsty. The arrangement is nothing short of perfect.

The album continues back and forth between ballads and rockers with not a real miss among the 17 tunes. But nothing quite touches the majesty of the concluding song that has gone on to be the definitive Lost Dogs song. The song is call to the fact that everyone needs the Gospel no matter where they reside and no matter their condition. The chorus is beyond memorable and stays etched in the mind long after the song ends.

In fact, it really is one of those songs that once it is done you want to click replay. Politicians, morticians, Philistines, homophobes Skinheads, Dead heads, tax evaders, street kids Alcoholics, workaholics, wise guys, dim wits Blue collars, white collars, war mongers, peace nicks. G ays and lesbians, demagogues and thesbians The disabled, preachers, doctors and teachers Meat eaters, wife beaters, judges and jurys Long hair, no hair, everybody everywhere!

Home About. It is brilliant. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries. List of albums released. Legion of the Damned. The Kentucky Headhunters. Stoney Creek. Source , kakao M. Hip hop , Afrobeat. Ain't Nothin' to It.

Strength in Numbrs. Flotsam and Jetsam. Look Alive. Alternative rock , indie rock. Polydor , Republic. Heard It in a Past Life. Pop , folk , dance. Debay, Capitol , Universal. Who Do You Trust? Hard rock , rap rock , alternative rock , pop rock , electronic rock. Eleven Seven Music. Indie rock , folk rock. The Unseen In Between.

Native Tongue. Alternative rock , pop rock. Synth-pop , futurepop , alternative dance. Inner Monologue Part 1. Pop rock , synth-pop. Atlantic , Crush. Contemporary worship music , Christian country. Better Oblivion Community Center. Everything's for Sale. Hip hop , jazz rap. Shady , Interscope. Pop rock , electronic rock , electropop , alternative rock.

Sony Music , RCA. New Breed. Pop punk , pop-rap. A Good Friend Is Nice. Island , Universal. Radiant Records, Metal Blade. Blues rock , hard rock. Low Country Sound , Atlantic. Toast to Our Differences. Asylum , Atlantic , Warner Bros. At the Edge of Light. Unfortunately, Terror Jr. Reimagines the Eighties. Symphonic power metal. Don't Feed the Pop Monster. My Wildest Dreams. What Chaos Is Imaginary. Indie rock , progressive rock.

Latin pop , reggaeton. Universal Music Latino. Ska , disco , alternative rock. Post-punk , dark wave , new wave , gothic rock. Vertigo , Spinefarm. Electric Lady Sessions.

Dance-punk , new wave , synth-pop , alternative dance. DFA , Columbia. Head Above Water. Rock , pop rock. Greatest Hits. Pop , synth-pop. Can't Say I Ain't Country. Big Machine. What It Is. Ambient , psychedelic pop. Fantasy , Concord. Alternative rock , emo , hard rock. This Land. Hip hop , trap. YSL , Entertainment. Universal Music Australia. Hard rock , heavy metal. Contemporary worship music. Motown , Quality Control. Nappy Boy , Cinematic.

Rap or Go to the League. Shine a Light. Metalcore , alternative metal. Soul , blues. Rubyworks , Island. Melodic death metal , alternative metal , groove metal. Eleven Seven , Nuclear Blast. Dream pop , synth-pop. Psychedelic pop , neo-psychedelia. The Verdict. Heavy metal , progressive metal. When I Get Home. What a Time to Be Alive. Weezer Black Album. Pop rock , power pop , electropop. So What? Metalcore , alternative metal , nu metal , punk rock.

There Will Be No Intermission. Indie rock , dance-rock. Warner Bros. You're Stronger Than You Know. Columbia Nashville. Sucker Punch. Pop , electropop , synth-pop. Crazy But It's True. Futurepop , Synth-pop. The Cinematic Orchestra. Electronic , downtempo , nu jazz , modern classical.

Ninja Tune , Domino. Singing to Strangers. Originally released in , This Nation's Saving Grace is one of The Fall's most loved releases and is often hailed as one of the greatest albums of the s.

Following the success of last year's Hard Believer album-which saw the trio known as Fink melding Fin Greenall's ruggedly lush vocals with a slow-burning and steady-thumping array of string lucking Guy Whittaker and cymbal smashing Tim Thornton -- they ring in with Horizontalism.

Inspired by Greenall's new home in Berlin and his resurgent interest in electronic production, his series of mixes may stand in stark contrast of the bands musical output of the past years but the listener finds themselves at the same intersection of impassioned storytelling, manifest emotion and darkly beautiful ambience.

Vinyl version due June Made for singing along and head-banging. While B-Side "California Cold" slowly builds and deconstructs over an eight-and-a-half minute stretch.

Organically shifting from jangly melodic-punk anthem into a fuzzed out psychedelic jam session. Lady In Satin is the penultimate album completed by the singer and last released in her lifetime.

The original album was produced by Irving Townsend, and engineered by Fred Plaut. The song material for Lady In Satin derived from the usual sources for Holiday in her three-decade career, that of the Great American Songbook of classic pop. Fragments of slowcore, noise, drone and ambient music throughout. Next up is "Lil Ass Gee," the story of a year-old wanna-be gangster.

Just a few years ago he was playing with G. Joe dolls, and now he's playing with real guns and making real babies. On both numbers, the rapper's rich, resonant baritone bleeds into the synth strings with a sense of fatefulness that's chilling to hear.

Ice Cube is a mesmerizing storyteller, a seductive vocalist, and a brilliantly inventive producer of aural collages. He wrote, performed, recorded and sang almost everything on the record himself with a few guest vocals by Suad Khalifa and Sonja Immonen.

Laurice — Best Of Laurice Vol. Known to collectors for a handful of some of the most aberrantly catchy yet lyrically un-commercial 45s of all-time sample titles: "Flying Saucers Have Landed," "I'm Gonna Smash Your Face In," Laurice's signature style and approach anticipated both punk thrash and post-punk disco trash.

And, unlike Bowie and Bolan, Laurice wasn't just pouting and putting on make-up for the camera. All Possible Futures is the second album from the Australian electronic quartet. After relocating to Los Angeles for inspiration and influence, the band has found their own sound on their new studio album, littered with introspective songs and post-disco party jams inspired by the quirk of Talking Heads, New Order and INXS, through to the pop influence of Michael Jackson, Paul Simon and the dreamy aesthetic of Fleetwood Mac and Tame Impala.

Faster and louder, drunker and angrier than ever before, ripping through 12 songs in a tidy 16 minutes. Producing music that is sampled-based tropical pop, Monster Rally began with the goal of assembling a bunch of old records into a completely different beast. Feighan began crafting tracks from his collection of records, combining his interests in hip-hop, exotica, tropicalia, and soul.

Monster Rally creates tracks that manage to maintain a surprisingly organic sound, as if they were recorded by a full band on analog tape. There is something inherently nostalgic about the sound. This 7" EP collects their early demo recordings. During their prolific first decade, the Tucson-based gloom metal trio North released four acclaimed EPs and two well-received full-lengths in addition to playing nearly shows across America with the likes of Deafheaven, Red Fang, Neurosis, Pelican and Intronaut.

This release combines their EP Metanoia with a reissue of their debut album from , Siberia. Paper Dollhouse — Aeonflower LP Night School An exploration of warped, dream-like atmosphere and taught, noise-ingrained electronics, Paper Dollhouse has evolved from the solo work of Astrud Steehouder into an expansive, cinematic project now involving visual artist Nina Bosnic. Recorded with a stronger focus on electronic processes and with a deeper, light-starved aesthetic, Aeonflower 's emboldened use of crushed-noise dynamics takes the London-based group's debut A Box Painted Black frame into darker, murkier and more thrilling territory.

Passenger — jxpg 7" Kingfisher Bluez New single from Vancouver's leading voice in synth and drone, drawing from ambient, drone, acid house, and IDM influences. Broken Barricades was the band's fifth album, and is reissued here on vinyl alongside several other lesser-known LPs including two latter period releases that are pressed on wax for the first time. Public Access T.

The Radio Dept. Jimmie Rodgers — Blue Yodel No. The songs were based on the bar blues format and featured Rodgers' trademark yodel refrains. The term "blue yodel" is also sometimes used to differentiate the earlier Austrian yodeling from the American form of yodeling introduced by Rodgers.

The effort marked a transition from the band's long, conceptual pieces into a more accessible, radio-friendly style on such rock airplay hits as "The Spirit Of Radio" and "Freewill," with the album going platinum. Scientist is a dub pioneer and living legend.

This release features the best songs from the International Heroes Dub album. It has been around 20 years since the original vinyl release. Most songs revolve around driving EBM style beats, intricate industrial noise manipulation and synth melodies. Originally a female impersonator, Jackie Shane, born and raised in Nashville Tenn. With Euphoria , Chris Stamey returns to the guitar-driven rock band dynamic to deliver ten stellar songs rooted in his trademark sound: Strong hooks, expansive production, solid musicianship, wonderful harmonies and unexpected twists.

Where his last album, Lovesick Blues , was rooted in slower tempo acoustic chamber pop, Euphoria , hums with upbeat songs, centered on the electric guitar. Released in , The Stone Roses was a fusion of rock music and the nascent rave scene in the group's native Manchester. Turns Into Stone collects early singles and B-sides that didn't appear on the band's self-titled debut.

The cryptic synthesizer of the instrumental title track soon gives way to the band's brutal buzzsaw guitars and vocalist Hellslaughter's Johan Edlund's gruff screaming and unintelligible lyrics. Total Negation — Zeitzeuge LP Temple Of Torturous "If you are not yet familiar with Total Negation's bizarre and fascinating brand of experimental black metal, please take this opportunity to rectify the situation.

Going for clean and bright where a lot of bands go for dark and dirty, the German trio has found a path less traveled into this oldest of metal genre. It is rich and varied with new alternative and experimental bands appearing and collaborating often. Breaking through the crowds is Osaka-based "brutal orchestra" Vampillia.

The fourth side is a unique collection Medical Records' new contemporary artists performing specially selected cover versions of tracks featured on our past reissues. Various Artists — What It Is! What It Is! Twenty-five slabs of serious funk from the vaults of Atlantic, Atco, Warner Bros.

They often conjure up what it might have sounded like had John Cale and Stereolab formed a band in , the year this album was originally released. This band is based entirely around his latest monster analog weather synthesizer also called "Weather Warlock". In November , they set off for their first European tour as part of Norman Granz's Jazz At The Philharmonic; the Adderley quintet was assigned the task of opening the shows.

Five months later, they took the stage as headliners during this performance. All People — Learn, Forget, Repeat! LP Asian Man All People is a four-piece band out of New Orleans, Louisiana who create organ driven post punk that invokes some of the aggressive sounds of the early '90s-taking influence from Fugazi and late-era Jawbreaker. Rooming with he-who-would-become Joe Strummer, Alvaro was a founding member of the squat's pub-rock band, The ers.

After the Pistols opened for The ers at the Nashville Rooms, Strummer felt like he was destined to become a punk, and founded The Clash. Alvaro took his own trio into the studio along with singer Cathy Williams, then in Red Balune with her boyfriend, Geoff Leigh and used his savings to record Drinkin' My Own Sperm , which he then had pressed up on his own Squeaky Shoes label.

Mixing elements of '60s blues-fused acid rock, jangly boogie, garage punk scuzz, and doo-wop sweetness, the Banditos recall many, but sound like no one but themselves. Nature and environmental themes are the inspiration behind tracks touched by the spirit of Coltrane but also of Flower Power. Come witness the invocation of death, a war for peace that black America must fight, Malcolm X's violent passing, brains already in the grave, God's damning of us all, and a glib parody of "The Star Spangled Banner," all delivered by a crawling funk fusion as eager to blast us awake with harsh words as with insistent horns.

Brontosaurus — Our Animal Ways LP People Of Paper On the second album from the Chicago group, the rhythm-gambling, tom-heavy rumblings of indie-rock elite such as Don Caballero or Dianogah rub elbows with the slightly mad-scientist guitar pop leanings of the New Pornographers, as well as intricate folk storytelling. New album of dark, groovy, and loud occult hard rock. Dog Party — Vol. Still in their teens, this is their fourth full-length which for any band is quite an accomplishment.

By Takoma was doing well enough financially to justify the recording of John Fahey's first and second albums for the burgeoning stereo market. Thus Vol. For the new version Fahey recorded all but one song on the album. Death Chants represents a much more fully realized syncretism of the modernist and primitive poles between which Fahey wobbled. It is also the first album he deigned to release entirely under his own name and the one with which he truly began to cast a shadow across the blandly-lit landscape of the world's subconscious.

After numerous local shows and one demo, in September of the band recorded Mindless Violence with Kurt Ballou of Converge in his original 8-Track home studio. The duo of Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber accomplished on these ten tracks nothing short of a masterpiece.

Live Wired was recorded in Mainz, Germany on October 24th, , and is available on vinyl for the first time. The UK hardcore band continues their journey into weirder, esoteric territory that stretches the genre's boundaries and yet retains mammoth rock power. Sharing an interest in progressive music, The Great Discord founders; vocalist Fia Kempe and drummer Aksel Holmgren, began their collaboration in , counting Genesis, King Crimson and contemporary acts Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape Plan among those who have, and would inspired them.

His single note lines had the power of a saxophonist, he displayed his own brand of soul, and he was so versatile that he was a perfect fit with soulful organ combos, post-bop groups and all-star straight ahead bands, even recording Latin music, spirituals and a Western themed album.

A collection of dense and intricate pop music influenced by krautrock and psychedelia. On Hey Love , Hayden's eighth full-length record, the Toronto musician and songwriter writes the most intimate passage yet in his decades-deep story. The title track, a languid anthem exposed by chiming pedal steel, introduces this dialogue — about loves both comfortable and disconnected, exhilarating and naive — with Hayden's woozy pre-dawn falsetto propped up by a watchful chorus. In contrast to the current fashion of minimalism in sound system music, they pursue a full, thick, and enveloping sound that totally represents their point of view.

Attacking corporate greed and American imperialism, and touting numerous progressive causes in his lyrics, Technique can come off as much like an issue of the Nation magazine as he can a contemporary rapper. A triple-platinum hit, All Music calls it "defiant, in-your-face funk. This was not only [Rick James'] best-selling album ever, it was also his best, period, and certainly the most exciting album released in James simply follows what's in his gut and lets it rip.

Katrina Stoneheart — Katrina Stoneheart LP Fire Talk Blends gorgeous, oozy melancholic pop melody and bursts of harsh noise into the most emotive soundscapes. Orridge, Philth, Mark Spybey and others. This is the first-ever vinyl edition and it features updated, new photos in an exquisite double-LP gatefold sleeve. While de Pedro is no stranger to ambient music, Bored Of Excitement is his first release to owe a significant debt to the Berlin School. The album consists of seven truly pastoral, piano-based compositions shrugging off any trace of his glitch signature.

Four tracks of signature Dutch black metal.

This new LP edition marks Rated R‘s first U.S. vinyl pressing, and is the first vinyl edition worldwide to feature the album’s original blue artwork. This LP also augments the original album with the international bonus track “Ode To Clarissa,” as well as a unique 12″ x 24″ insert.

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  1. Ganos says:
    To best understand Larry Norman, you should realize that the man is a dichotomy, in the grandest sense of the world. While other rock stars existed to follow the prepackaged template to a tee—even if that meant punishing another seemingly innocent hotel room—Norman existed on an entirely different plain.
  2. Moramar says:
    View all records by Larry Norman for sale on CDandLP in LP, CD, 12inch, 7inch format.
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    About VinylKnut's Loft: All vinyl records listed here are carefully inspected, graded and individually pictured. Order with confidence from the publisher of one of Norway's longest running music e-zines, Luna Kafé.Check my % positive feedback history on Discogs, and accordingly on the Norwegian auction site faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo placing an order, please read the FAQ.
  4. Tugis says:
    Oct 20,  · Larry Norman “In Another Land” is the best selling Larry Norman album. It was also the first of Norman’s albums to released by a “Christian” record company. But it would was not the first, not would it be the last album in Norman’s career that faced censorship, delays, album cover controversies and bookstore blacklisting.
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    Artist Release Name faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo Label Format Year Country; Larry Norman: Larry Norman And His "Friends On Tour" SRX Solid Rock Records: Album, LP,,
  6. JoJoramar says:
    This 34 song, 2 CD set has been re-mastered from available source recordings to sound better than any previously released CD faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo includes bonus tracks not on the original LP including a rare live version of "Sweet Song of Salvation" previously only available on a long out-of-print compilation record called Jesus Sound Explo ' About the album: In early One Way Records released.
  7. Tygok says:
    Apart from one track on a pretty awful gospel compilation album, this was my introduction to the music of Larry Norman and my first exposure to 'christian ' Music that wasn't a hymn, anthem or chant! That was back in and of course a lot has changed since then. Larry has come and, sadly, gone/5(5).
  8. Votaxe says:
    Larry Norman (People) ‎"Bootleg" US Private Christian Political Folk Rock,Freak Folk 2 x LP`s full myzcloud https://myzcloud.
  9. Kazijin says:
    Dec 21,  · This is the extended version of the LP. The video comes from the short version. So I had to make a DIY ;-) Video: unknown director. "Runaway Child, Running Wild" (shown as "Run Away Child.

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