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Transcendence - Havayoth - His Creation Reversed (CD, Album)

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Online Now 9. Reservation Under Turing Get off the Grid We Had Crossed the Line Building Brightwood Two Years Later Healing the Sick Why Are You so Afraid of This? NEGATIVE - A lot of the battles especially the ones without the dragon Agradeleous lending his aid, where kind of forgettable and consist of mostly hit and run tactics. The problem was the names, so many people and places sound alike and it was easy to get them confused. Dec 30, Chip Hunter rated it really liked it.

Many new characters, an entirely new land, and a seemingly unconnected plot distance this book from the rest of the DemonWars books. While the story is entertaining, and up to the excellent work of other Salvatore pieces, I found myself missing the original story arc and This second volume in the Second DemonWars Saga takes place over the same time period as Ascendance.

While the story is entertaining, and up to the excellent work of other Salvatore pieces, I found myself missing the original story arc and never became convinced that this tale was as important as the events happening in the northern kingdom. In my opinion, Salvatore would have been better served to combine this book and Ascendance into two books, each with dual story lines.

While this book does make an effort to remind the reader of the events happening concurrently, it wasn't enough to keep the stories connected. Just my impression, and I'm sure Salvatore had good reasons to do it the way he did it. In any case, the stories have caught up to each other now and the conclusion promises to be a treat.

Look forward to reading it. Oct 06, Seth Kenlon rated it it was amazing Shelves: sf. Very very good entry into the series. Better than the previous book, I feel, but that's partly down to Aydrian Wyndon being mostly an annoying character. This book, somewhat alarmingly, doesn't even make mention of any of the previous book's events to the point that I was convinced I'd somehow skipped a book accidentally and went so far as to look up on Wikipedia why the Ayrian storyline had been dropped , and focuses on Brynn instead There are a few big and important events and reveals in this book, which I'll not spoil.

Suffice it to say that if you're enjoying this series, this book will not disappoint. Highly recommended. Salvatore jumps right in with the adventures of Brynn and Juraviel's, which where seen a bit on the first book, while they are trying to figure out how to free the people of To-Gai-Ru from slavery from the Yatols and their religion. The book although it's not bad and with the story going a bit on basic standards for Salvatore, it lacks from an interesting protagonist or at least as m 7.

The book although it's not bad and with the story going a bit on basic standards for Salvatore, it lacks from an interesting protagonist or at least as much as I wanted and some big suspense for the story compared to the first one in my opinion. What saves the book, I think, is the last part which has the war with the Yatols. Closing, I would say that it is an Ok book but not as powerful as the first one.

Dec 09, Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. My sixth Demon Wars book and by far my favorite so far! At first I was a little thrown because this book the 2nd in this particular series has almost nothing to do with the last book which ended with a certain degree of a cliff hanger but I trust Salvatore and just dug in and enjoyed the story.

We find Brynn Dharielle on a quest to lead her people to freedom. Along the way she recruits a dragon and many allies, some from earlier books and some brand new. Battles, deceptions, cover-ups, more ba My sixth Demon Wars book and by far my favorite so far! Battles, deceptions, cover-ups, more battles and heroics. Salvatore at his storytelling peak.

Really good stuff here. May 23, Jeff Miller rated it really liked it. An interesting second book in a trilogy that leaves the cliffhanger at the end of the first book and follows another story of a character introduced in the first book, but with not much time spent upon.

Tells the story of the elf trained Ranger Brynn as she returns to her homeland to avenge the murder of her parents and to overcome the occupation of her homeland. Lots of interesting characters as common in Salvatores' books and this story track stands on it's own.

Though the convergence of the s An interesting second book in a trilogy that leaves the cliffhanger at the end of the first book and follows another story of a character introduced in the first book, but with not much time spent upon. Though the convergence of the story lines of Brynn and the fallen ranger Aydrian will no doubt make for a good story in the final book of this series made up of two trilogies with one book between the two.

Jun 22, Sean Watson rated it it was amazing. Can anybody say Dragon!!!! I forgot just how much Agradeleous played a rule in this book. This second book in the second Demon Wars series was all about Brynn and the events in her homeland that will end up coming together with Pony and her son's story in the north of Honce-the-Bear.

The story in this book adds so much more to the World of Cornoa. It expands and adds even more depth to this amazing fantasy world. Salvatore sucks you in with fast paced action and intrigue that keeps you at th Can anybody say Dragon!!!!

Salvatore sucks you in with fast paced action and intrigue that keeps you at the edge of your seat, and leaves you wanting more. May 12, Mark added it. Can i get stars back for reading an awful book? Dreadful book, plodding, predictable story, about characters I'm completely uninterested in. After reading 5 other books in the series, the author tries to throw a curve ball by writing an entire book about a character he introduced in the last book and who left the story in the first half of the book.

This third concept has to do with the possibilities of knowledge. He said that we become transcendental in the moment we know things and objects even before we experience them.

In his theory, Kant thought that normal ordinary knowledge is that of the objects, while transcendental knowledge is the human possibility to experience those objects and categorize them as being objects. He explained how there is a strong connection between the ability to have self-transcendence consciousness and the ability to experience the world of objects. In phenomenology, the transcendence definition describes that which transcends our own consciousness.

It still has something to do with the spiritual part of the existence, sometimes even with mystical experiences. In these experiments, the sense of a separate self is abandoned. In other words, transcendence is the act of rising above something to a superior state. There can be many transcendental experiences, from meditation to achieve a high-feeling state at a rock concert.

This concept is usually used to describe a religious or spiritual state, but it is also used in the case of moving beyond physical needs and material realities.

The concept of transcendence does not apply only to cultural, and moral elements of our existence but also to social categories and well-represented roles like that of a minister, a man, a woman, even humans in general, etc. Every individual has a meaning that goes beyond his material form. So, transcendental means above, higher than something else, and even independent from all the others.

We can even talk about an athlete whose abilities transcend all others. In relation to God, transcendent is the idea that He exists above and independently from all creation. In other words, there is no other form of existence that can match the power of the Creator. God is seen as transcendent in terms of the power He has in the world, because of the fact that He created all living creatures and all objects of the world, and last, but not least, He is sinless. Transcendence as the form of God also means that He is eternal.

No other living thing can possess this ability. However, the transcendent definition also includes earthlier meaning such as elusive, or beyond perception.

Transcendental Meditation is a specific form of mantra meditation called the Transcendental Meditation technique. It clicked and we fell in love with her voice! Of course, we had to practice with her to make sure she would fit. It really didn't take her long to adapt and she immediately started composing her own melodies and vocal lines. I am happy to say that everyone in the band is more than satisfied to have her amazing talent on our side.

She became a primordial element for the sound of Transcendence and there is no looking back now! Is there another vocalist that still performs with Transcendence? Who is she and what is her role in the band? Christian: Yes, there is another vocalist now performing with Transcendence, though she's not a full time member. Her name is also Isabel. We actually brought her in quite recently to do session and live work with us. This came as a result to have a better sound live, instead of having backing tracks like Nightwish has.

This way, all of Isabel's harmonies can be done live, with the other Isabel doing backing vocals. As you must have witnessed, the results are great and we plan on continuing this way in the future. Please tell us a little bit about your background prior to Transcendence. How did you come to Transcendence and did you listen to the others' music before? Isabel: I have always been surrounded by acoustic instruments; I played piano and sang my own French songs at contests and special occasions.

I also was a vocalist for two years in a tribute band to a well-known folkloric group in Quebec during the 70's, which helped me develop confidence on stage. I have always liked music that breathes, with vocal harmonies and acoustic instruments such as violin, flute and saxophone. Even though I enjoyed creating my own music, I was looking for something else when I met Philippe Coupal from Transcendence in August A common friend introduced us at a party, knowing that Philippe was looking for a singer.

Phil gave me Transcendence's first album to listen, and I gave him my demo. When we met later, I was impressed by his passion for his project and all the conceptual history behind his trilogy-to-be. I liked a few parts of Eternal Stream, but what convinced me was the music of Labyrinth, which will be the second album. I liked where the group was going musically, and I appreciated that Philippe gave me the liberty of composing the vocal melodies of the songs.

It was a great opportunity to combine our different influences, and it clicked right away. Eternal Stream. Female lead vocals and ethereal voice are by Sabrina Lipari and lead male vocals and guitars and bass are by Philippe Coupal.

Christian Bertrand provides further vocals and keyboard while Michael Kosow plays guitars and bass. Further guest musicians contribute to the project.

Material for the album was written by various combinations of the group members. The first album of a trilogy-- Eternal Stream --is meant to be a gathering of all the major art disciplines poetry, music, painting, drawing and literature blended with a variation on the theme of humanity, set within a fictional story which contains important events surrounding the main character.

Dolric is a reflection of humanity. What happens to his life is symbolically significant to what has happened to humanity. Simply stated, he is envisioned as humanity's guardian. Eternal Stream introduces the concept and focuses on the origin. The front and back cover painting as well as the drawings of the mythical characters within the album's booklet are stunning examples of the group's artistry.

Running over eight minutes in length, this metal-edged progressive track features dynamic solo guitar work, dramatic variations in the instrumental arrangements, and combinations of male and female vocal parts. We especially liked Sabrina's soaring vocalise at the conclusion of the track. The band's symphonic splendour is immediately evident in the brief introduction to the second movement. With a melody driven by heavy guitars, the epic "Beyond Soaring Winds" includes a melodic chorus featuring Sabrina's soaring vocal work contrasted by backing parts sung by the male singers.

An album of temendous variation--from light acoustic folk "Dernier Souper" to the heaviest of metal sounds "Ageless" complete with grunts--Transcendence actually finds its stride in symphonic progressive music including flute and violin contributed by guests Dave Orenbach and Arie Itman from Quo Vadis respectively. The album is as varied vocally as it is in its arrangements with sounds ranging from grunting to melodic male vocals to the ethereal contributions of Sabrina Lipari whose lovely parts gently drift in and out but never actually dominate the tracks.

Accompanied by flute, "The Pool Of Skies" continues to develop the musical theme, with heavier solo guitars and Sabrina's evocative vocals rising above a male choir singing a melody similar to that in "Beyond The Soaring Winds.

The final movement opens with "Dernier Souper," a lovely track where effects join atmospheric keyboards, gentle acoustic guitar and vocalise. It is full of contrasts, perhaps most evident by comparing the flute part and Sabrina's gentle vocal with agressive guitar parts, dynamic percussion and traditional heavy metal grunts.

The album is an excellent introduction to Transcendence. Who else do you find yourself listening to all the time? Christian: Naming names is quite futile as I listen to so many artists.

Show Description (e.g. Baron Davis, retired two-time NBA All-Star takes loveable social media phenom BDot, (Brandon Armstrong) under his wing in an unorthodox mentorship. Playing eccentric, foul.

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    Transcendence is the act of rising above something to a superior state. If you were at a concert where the rock star jumped into the audience, the concert (and audience) may have achieved a state of transcendence.
  2. Mikashura says:
    Mar 03,  · Category People & Blogs; Song Transcendence; Artist Thievery Corporation; Album Dubbed Out in DC; Writers Rob Garza, Eric Hilton; Licensed to YouTube by.
  3. Shakaramar says:
    Artist: Havayoth Title Of Album: His Creation Reversed Location: Sweden Label: Hammerheart (HHR ) Genre: Melodic Metal Quality: FLAC (image. cue. log. full scans) Length: 44m 42s Tracks: 9 Total Size: Mb WebSite: metal-archives, Tracklist: 1. Transcendence 2'28 .
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    Explore releases from the Transcending Records label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Transcending Records releases.
  5. Dusar says:
    Jul 07,  · "His Creation Reversed" is chock full of melody, with not a loser in the bunch, and in fact "Teloah" is a downright classic. "Teloah" runs on the longest of the nine tracks, but in the old days of vinyl and cassette the artistic move was to relegate the middle of the album to transitionary songs, a sort of musical intermission, and that's /5(3).
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Transcendencies - Various Artists on AllMusic -
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of on Discogs.
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    The japanese release contains 1 bonus track: 9. Ag Olpint () Identifiers: Barcode"
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    Feb 10,  · The album His Creation Reversed is a good example of why I listen to mostly metal music these days. I feel metal musicians are the most talented musicians of the 's and His Creation Reversed certainly demonstrates this even though it was released over 9 years ago in the year I can feel the skepticism about my opinion, especially since His Creation Reversed is really a gothic /5(8).

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