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One More Chance - Various - Hot Chills & Cold Thrills (Vinyl, LP)

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Deep House. DJ Equipment. UK Garage. DJ equipment. Vinyl DJ accessories. Digital DJ accessories. DJ lighting. DJ spare parts. Computer accessories. Studio equipment. Drum machines. Studio headphones. Digital recorders. Guitar accessories. Studio accessories. These are the unheard tapes of Crotty and Connors communing with the spirits of Delta and County Blues through their own revisions of standards and tingle-inducing improvisations.

These also some of the Connors' earliest available recordings showing the development of his iconoclast guitar style and vocal moan. Crotty was a New Haven lifer and linchpin of the region's blues scene yet, he never achieved much recognition outside local bars and house parties - until now.

The album features never before heard recordings, unseen photos, li ner notes by Connors and Crotty's brother plus a bonus CD: the first-time reissue of Crotty's ultra rare sole LP "Robert Crotty Blues" and 7-inch -- both released on Connors' private St.

Joan imprint in the late s. Remastering done by Ed Brooks Mastodon, Minus the Bear, Fleet Foxes, Pearl Jam and reproduction of the artwork by Grammy winning graphic designer Zack Nipper, this is a lovingly reissued album sure to please Cursive fans new and old as well attract new listeners.

Limited edition, gram LP pressed on Blue with White Starburst colored vinyl and includes a download card. LP Version contains 8 page booklet with liner notes by John Ballon with rare studio and stage photographs. The pair's mutual disregard for musical categorization results in a genre-bending ride on the nine-track LP, which portrays their diverse backgrounds while maintaining a sense of accessibility, continuity, and purpose.

The sound of this LP harkens back to a time not too long ago, in the early - mid 90's, with groups like Air, Cornelius, Stereolab, Tortoise, and Cibo Matto. With the return of frontman Shane, DDC is back as a full force, easily delivering their best work to date! Of course the magnificent songs, the full-blown sing-along choruses and catchy guitarwork do their part as well, making DDC that ultra-melodic powerhouse fans of bands such as Legion '76 and The Hardknocks will love!

Concurrent with making his mark in popular music with his four ecstatic electronic-pop studio albums, he's provided soundtracks for film and stage giants ranging from Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt to Justin Peck's "The Times Are Racing" featured recently at the NYC Ballet, and scored projects for innovative video artists.

Philharmonic, and So Percussion at the Barbican Centre. Rat Film offers the first recorded document of this parallel career-and both as a self-contained album and a companion piece to an equally potent film, it astounds. Politically charged, this electrifying new release is a call to arms for those willing to speak out against the destruction of democracy clutched in the hands of clowns posing as elected officials.

Unrelenting, uncompromising and unwilling to turn a blind eye, they push forward with their spirit of chaotic hardcore in an effort to educate the masses to stand up and be heard. They honor his life and music with this release. This show from showcases the band on their "Enthrone Darkness Triumphant" touring cycle, their first album to chart in Europe. Their set featured the classic "Stormblast" as well as songs that were unreleased at the time.

The band has gone on to sell millions worldwide and is currently working on their 9th studio album for Gord Downie's sophomore solo album, 'Battle Of The Nudes', "ranges from some sublime spoken word pieces to straightforward rock songs. Featuring a backing band credited as "Country of Miracles"" including Julie Doiron, Josh Finlayson and members of experimental blues-rock band The Dinner Is Ruined, the album leaned closer to more traditional rock than its predecessor, but no less filled with Downie's singular poetry.

Produced and co-written by Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew, Introduce Yerself is a collection of twenty three new songs about the people in his life that came together swiftly over two sessions in and Serving the same purpose as the recent Return Of The Crocodile set did for African Head Charge, this LP illuminates the early development of one of the flagship acts on the label, allowing some truly magnificent versions to be heard for the first time. Mostly stripped-back raw takes, they highlight the rock solid rhythm foundation laid down by such incredible players as Style Scott and Charlie Eskimo Fox, as well as three vital soul-in-the-echo-chamber interjections from the late, great Bim Sherman.

Essential earlys dub damage. Mastered from the original tapes. Dreader than dread roots rhythms sit alongside delay-baked post-punk instrumentals such as "Drilling Equipment" and "Synchroniser". First ever international vinyl edition, re-cut as a double LP at 45rpm for improved frequency response, includes bonus track "Blood Shed Dub" from the classic disco plate series, download card, and gatefold sleeeve with sleevenotes by Michael "Dub" Shore and Steve "On The Wire" Barker.

This features various members of Creation Rebel and African Head Charge turning out a wild dub set, with hard-hitting rhythms and FX-mutated melodies phasing in and out of the mix. Recorded quickly with track titles cheekily poking fun at the contemporary series by The Scientist which pitted him against various b-movie foes. The tunes themselves however are deadly serious, with version excursions on some classic On-U vocal cuts such as Bedward The Flying Preacher and Across The Red Sea, and a continuing commitment by producer Adrian Sherwood to take his love of reggae and filter it through his exploratory and uniquely English approach.

Includes download card with bonus track. Anticipating the later work of labels such as Def Jux, Wordsound and Anticon, this album paired crack Jamaican session musicians such as the Roots Radics' drummer Style Scott by this point the instrumental leader of Dub Syndicate and The Congos' Ashanti Roy with Public Image Limited's Jah Wobble and Keith Levene, not to mention the restless mixing desk boundary-pushing of producer and de facto member Adrian Sherwood.

A more reggaefied take on the industrial funk Sherwood was making with Tackhead during the same period, lovers of digidub, outernational sounds and even the wilder reaches of 80s hip-hop will find much to get lost in here. Vini had already composed pieces for Tony to listen to while he was ill in the hospital and it was from here that the project developed.

The bonus disc first appeared in via Wilson's project F4, the fourth version of Factory Records. Limited edition of 3, copies. Limited edition of 3, Though it was Freewheelin'the following year that would make him an international star and the voice of a generation, this debut is a crucial piece of folk music history and a stunning example of his early song-craft. Back in print with a beautifully redesigned cover on Wax Love. The original LP featured 20 songs, all but four of which last less than two minutes.

Now available as a single LP on standard weight vinyl in celebration of Capitol Records' 75th anniversary. Originally released on Island Records in , Another Green World is the perfect bridge between Brian Eno's s pop life and his early experiments with Ambient music. On November 17, Astralwerks Records will release a single LP vinyl reissue of this classic album. On November 11, Astralwerks Records will release a single LP vinyl reissue of this landmark debut album. On November 11, Astralwerks will release a single LP vinyl reissue the original album.

It's introverted glitter, violence against the state, obsessive desire; it stomps on convention, shreds constitutions, clobbers pre-conceived notions of what a record can be. Yes, that's right: a single-person performance by I F Svenonius-recognized by Performer Magazine as the "greatest performer on the planet" - Introduction to Escapeism is a bite into a one-banana bunch.

Includes download code. After all, it is a well-worn banality that white boys can only ever hope to mimic the blues, isn't it? The band has always understood that the Blues isn't a formula, but a way of looking at the world; their blues is a dirty, sensual thing. Over the past decade, Five Horse Johnson has honed out a niche all their own, combining their love and respect for the Blues, Classic Rock and other, less dog-eared influences of their youth to become one of the most loved and respected bands in the Stoner Rock community.

Cargo Records is now rereleasing their classic 'Fat Black Pussycat' album on heavyweight gram vinyl. Beginning as a gospel singer Franklin spent the early 60s recording in a variety of styles to varying success. While her other releases were overproduced and poppy, these very early recordings with the Ray Bryant group are beautiful jazz vocal stylings in the manner of Sarah Vaughan or Ella Fitzgerald.

Beautifully recorded with no overdubs this is fantastic early 60s jazz and her voice is as perfect a fit for this material as it is for the soul she's famous for. Funkadelic was the most influential group to emerge from Detroit in the s.

Their early albums have cast a long shadow over everything that came afterwards in the city. It was music that understood the past but was firmly aiming towards the future and mixed soul, funk and rock into an almost unimaginable stew. This album is a tribute from some of the most important recording artists currently working in the city to these most influential of forefathers.

The very finest talent now active in Detroit appear on the record, being given free rein to work on the multi-track tapes, to rework in any way they see fit.

We have full-on remixes, futuristic creations using the original track as an inspiration, discofied re-edits and skeletal dubs. Spearheaded by Brendan Gillen of Interdimensional Transmissions, the set features names working across the musical spectrum. There is an appearance by those most mysterious of techno pioneers Underground Resistance, and by Kenny Dixon Jr and his alter-ego Moodymann.

Limited edition Opaque Red vinyl. Limited to vinyl copies with free CD featuring an exclusive extra track! Includes download card.

I had been busted by the Feds for growing marijuana on my farm. Johnny Cash called me and asked me if I wanted to come live at his place on the lake till the heat blew over, which I did I had been experimenting with multiple guitar tunings and had given myself up lyrically to what a free form jazz sax player experiences when they play their spontaneous solos.

I was burned out on the traditional pop lyric art form - thus, the songs on this record, At the House of Cash. When I finished it, John and June listened to it one night. A few days later he sidled up to me and said in his iconic Johnny Cash voice, "Chris, June and I listened to your record last night and I don't think even the drug people are gonna understand it. To me that was a compliment. I had transcended the culture that had been driving the world for the last 12 years.

I had succeeded. Stan Getz was an American jazz saxophonist. Getz performed in bebop and cool jazz groups. It's smooth and swinging without losing any of his patented power. Produced by Quincy Jones, and featuring piano and arrangements from Argentinian master Lalo Schifrin, Gillespie shines here alongside underrated reed man Leo Wright. A great early 60s Dizzy group absolutely slaying live to a receptive audience. On returning back to their home town of Korpilombolo, Goat painstakingly went through all the recordings and picked out six tracks to be released on a limited live album presented here, Fuzzed In Europe.

Goat picked these six tracks in particular because they are different versions to what is found on their releases. Goat's live reputation is second to none -- since their first public shows in , they have stunned audiences across the globe. The eye popping beautiful artwork for Fuzzed In Europe was created by the great poster artist Adam Pobiak who has worked with everyone from Soundgarden to Justice and Swans to the Flaming Lips.

Limited edition of 2, Both Sides of Midnight marks Gordon's peak live recorded document, and a can't-miss opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to get closer to the man and his music. The album was mastered from original analog tapes by Bernie Grundman and pressed on gram audiophile-grade vinyl at Pallas in Germany. The playlist includes 20 hits spanning the band's prolific 31 years as a band, plus a brand new song called "Back In The USA" and a new duet with award-winning Country Music superstar Miranda Lambert on "Ordinary World.

Their fifth LP ranks as their most brutally beautiful statement yet. Drawing from mythologies both classical and postmodern, Out of Range builds a world in which Brueghel the Elder, St. Augustine, and the ancient goddess Cybele ride with John Ford, Samuel Beckett, and Wallace Stevens on a Orphic-Gnostic suicide drive towards the hallucinatory vanishing points of the Southwestern desert, debating the denouement of the decaying American dream.

Michel began making music in a the age of 17 in Grenoble, France. In s he released a series of 12" singles and an album of cold, calculating and relentless techno. In he teamed up with Caroline Herve aka Miss Kittin and to release landmark singles and albums that effortlessly channeled the carefree spirit of 80s electro pop of which we released an EP of lost demos back in Sometimes you just glom onto a sound that stimulates your cochlea in such a manner that its origin becomes as meaningless as rock'n'roll itself.

Iro f: bass guitar and Stelios m: drums bleed gross distortion over grinding sex beats with precision, alternating vox on tributes to unlikely American folk gods Dave van Ronk and Lester Bangs, while channeling the traditional, Minoan minimal music of Crete to complete their primitive manifesto: The Kritikal Beatdown. LP is limited to a one-and-done press of copies. TIE HAIR This new vinyl reissue, complete with replica old-school style tip-on jacket, features audio remastered from the original analog tapes by leading engineer Dave Cooley and pressed on gram vinyl.

Its legacy transcends time as not only one of the most lasting and most successful Blaxploitation albums of all time. This new vinyl reissue, complete with replica old-school style tip-on gatefold jacket, features audio remastered from the original analog tapes by leading engineer Dave Cooley and pressed on gram vinyl.

Mitch Hedberg's singular style and absurd observations about everyday life turned him into a comedy legend. Billie Holiday was an American jazz musician and singer-songwriter with a career spanning nearly thirty years.

Nicknamed "Lady Day" by her friend and music partner Lester Young, Holiday had a seminal influence on jazz music and pop singing. Deluxe tip-on jacket on thick cardboard stock from Stoughton Printing. The audio for this reissue has been sourced from the original masters. The album comes housed in an embossed LP sleeve and includes a download card.

Originally founded to craft music inspired by the American Zeitgeist, Election Year finds Howard Hello returning to familiar themes: The dichotomies of reality and illusion; organic and synthetic; sincerity and irony; faith and fact. These themes, however familiar, are perhaps no more confusing and confounding than right now in present-day United States hence the album's title.

Musically Anderson and Thibideau use music as an analogy, fusing abstract and traditional instrumental textures with angelic, distorted layers of vocal accompaniment. Their collaborative connection is extraordinary and rare, symbiotic craftsmen of profound meditations that are as fascinatingly weird as they are irrefutably wonderful. Fully remastered on beautiful colored gram vinyl.

With a career spanning five decades, Wanda Jackson sounds better than ever on vinyl. Tribute To 2 will be released on December 8th. Pressed on Clear vinyl, two live tracks recorded with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra have also been added. A man whose poorly documented life and death at 27 have given rise to much legend in the last 30 years, Johnson had little or none public recognition for his work in his lifetime.

Rumored to have sold his soul at the crossroads to achieve success, Robert Johnson lived his whole life playing at street corners and Saturday night dances, writing the soundtrack for half a century of rock culture to come.

A true testament to the life and career of Daptone's fearless leader and one of the world's greatest performers. In the year prior to her death from pancreatic cancer in , Sharon Jones toured and performed tirelessly, and was also the subject of Miss Sharon Jones! Yet somehow, the beloved and heroic soul singer found time to complete a studio album.

Limited, one-time pressing! The album features all of the band's classic tracks, plus two studio tracks released only on this format 'Shot At The Night', 'Just Another Girl' , and one extra bonus track never before released on vinyl 'Be Still'. Now available on gram vinyl for the first time!

The album features the singles 'Shadowplay' and 'Tranquilize feat. Lou Reed '. The duo's debut full length - and their most realized work to date - Backwater celebrates the ephemeral and the enduring changes in emotion, the downfalls and the dissolves. It's an album that parts course with its flow, and flourishes in a lowland.

The inimitable Erykah Badu personally selected the seven albums featured in this fourth box set, which have been remastered from their original vinyl pressings. The artwork for each album has been meticulously recreated from original album artwork, alongside vintage vinyl label artwork.

This marks the first time the album has ever been on vinyl and continues Don Giovanni Records series of vinyl issues of Jeffrey's early albums after previously issuing his debut.

Limited edition 2LP picture disc. Howard exposed the intensity and most extreme sound as well as their perfect harmony and fraternity. Limited edition of Apart from wife Linda's vocal contributions, McCartney performed the entire album by himself, playing every instrument. Including the monumental track "Maybe I'm Amazed", the album held the number one position for three weeks on the US Billboard chart and peaked at number 2 in Britain.

Now reissued on gram vinyl with included download card to complete your collection. It was released in , a year before the band's dissolution and while their future lay in limbo. The album is a significant departure for McCartney, as much of it relies heavily on synthesizers and studio experimentation. It was McCartney's first album released after the dissolution of Wings in April, and McCartney's first album after the murder of former songwriting partner John Lennon.

The album was produced by former Beatles producer George Martin and was a number 1 hit in numerous countries. Its commercial performance was aided by two hit singles - "Jet" and "Band on the Run" - such that it became the topselling studio album of in the United Kingdom and Australia. Released in as the follow-up to the successful Band on the Run. Wings is now being reissued worldwide on LP on 17th November. It is called "Deux," and if you were expecting anything other than the heaping pile of distorted real rock'n'roll mess that you've come to know and love from Andy "California" Macbain and crew, then you've got another thing comin' pal o' mine.

You get NOTHING new here but a fresh batch of tunes that somehow hasn't been pulled out of the pop swamp song book ass until now, delivered with the violent abandon of a dirty rat front man and the two bruising blonde foxes that are his driving force.

It's never not a good time to slap a record like this on, and it's always a good time when you slap a record like this on. MY WAR.

Tabiat is Mooner's first full length and it's a monster, 12 tracks of heavy psych with strong influences of Indian Raga and Middle Eastern touches thrown into a stoner rock stew. Pressed on a beautiful ivory colored vinyl, Tabiat is an extremely limited release, with just a few hundred copies being made available outside of Indonesia.

Don't miss out on your chance to own this LP! Remastered audio on gram vinyl with remastered artwork and more. Remastered from the original sources.

Contains instrumentals, alternate versions and over an hour of never before heard material from the original FRAGILE recording sessions. A completely new experience for fans of the original masterpiece. One time pressing, when it's gone it's gone. Great songwriting from a then young band. This record, full of singles and rarities from , was released in as a double-CD, and now it finally sees the light as remastered deluxe triple-LP edition. Here you'll find their own tracks as well as amazing covers from such a wide range of artists.

A brutal exposure of the various and extreme sound of this legendary and seminal band. Don't miss it, you have been warned. Original and classic compositions round out this sci-fi noir masterpiece. Over a backdrop of cyber-infused soul production, it delivers a hypnotic and haunting performance. Pressed onto vinyl for the very first time, this package features a 6-panel digi-gatefold as well as a fold out movie poster. The soundtrack charged No.

Blue vinyl edition limited to copies. Starring Kirsten Dunst as a woman in the wake of profound loss, the film follows her as she is torn between her devastated emotional state and the reality-altering effects of a potent drug. Dreamlike and surreal, the film is a unique exploration of grief and despair. Peter Raeburn composed the haunting, delicate score to Woodshock. The soundtrack is equally epic, featuring hours of jazzy, poppy, energetic musical magic that you'll find yourself unconsciously whistling throughout the day.

From upbeat vocally-driven songs many featuring the incomparable throaty gusto of Japanese soul singer, Lyn Inaizumi to more contemplative, instrumental riffs - it's an impressive ensemble of tunes. Quite simply, Persona 5 is one of our favorite videogame soundtracks to date. Two Hit Game Soundtracks! Ships Q1 This 2xLP isn't just a singular soundtrack; it's a glorious 2fer! As always, Mancini's command of orchestral color is masterful, and while none of the melodies here are quite as scenestealing as, say, his work on Days of Wine and Roses among his darker-themed movies, he does save quite a punch for last with the penultimate "No More Pain" track.

Limited edition of in very, very clean White vinyl! The 2LP is pressed on gram vinyl. Mac Quayle's hypnotic score to Mr. Robot is a gift that keeps on giving.

Echoing the show's trippy twists and turns, this music relies on dark synths and sparse, transparent rhythms for a sense of glitchy dread. Often, however, it's the music's more ambient moments that distill the cleanest moments of tension. Mirroring the film's haunted and intimate nature, Selway's score is grounded in strings and piano, plus guitar, electronics, musical saw, glockenspiel and bowed vibraphone, and the occasional use of bass and drums, creating a paradoxical sense of beauty and unease.

Music by acclaimed composer Ramin Djawadi. Memory Of A Cut Off Head was co-written with longtime collaborator and vocal counterpoint Brigid Dawson, recorded in total in Dwyer's own Stu Stu Studio, and it's lush, sumptuous in texture, but satisfyingly retains the gentle grace of the early stuff.

There's beautifully executed strings throughout, courtesy of Heather Lockie's fine arrangements, horn arrangements courtesy of Mikal Cronin, and they even brought back the old saw-Patrick Mullins, that is-on saw and electronics.

A return and a refinement of old forms, a few solemn meditations on life lived at high velocity, perhaps a respite from it Hits At All Vol. Bands that I like and bands that like my singing voice enough to have asked me to 'guest vocal' on a song for their records. Some of these have been released and some have not until now. Nick Oliveri on N. Both "How Many Disasters" and "Sans" are first-time listens: home-recorded demos that have never been released, leaning heavily on Olsen's arresting croon and lonesome guitar.

That was it. It was largely crap, and I for one felt slightly disappointed that there were not body parts or oodles of cash down there. One of the most written-about musicians ever to emerge from Scotland. It is fair to say that he is a niche or even an acquired taste. A full and detailed bio that has been lifted from all music.

Named after the Greek god of mockery, Momus is the alias of Nick Currie , an erudite and esoteric Scottish-born singer, songwriter, author, and provocateur whose genre-defying music careens from acoustic ballads and electro-pop to easy listening and post-punk and back again. Born in , Currie spent time living in Greece and Canada before returning to Scotland to attend university.

In , he dropped out of school to form the Happy Family, a band additionally comprising three prior members of Josef K. After returning to and graduating from university, Currie moved to London in He cut a deal with el Records and released Circus Maximus in , the first offering issued under the Momus name chosen in honor of a Greek god banished from Mount Olympus for daring to criticize the wisdom of Zeus.

The suit was subsequently settled out of court, and all remaining copies of the album were destroyed. Undeterred, Momus returned in with a pair of new records, The Ultraconformist and the ambient-styled Voyager , inspired by the work of Yukio Mishima. After writing the album Shyness for Japanese performer nOrikO who adopted her stage name Poison Girlfriend in tribute to Momus and releasing Timelord his final work for Creation , Currie made tabloid headlines for his marriage to year-old Shazna Nessa , the daughter of a Bangladesh-born restauranteur.

Slender Sherbet , a collection of re-recordings of material from the Tender Pervert era, followed later in the year as Momus suddenly found success in Japan writing and producing for pop songstress Kahimi Karie , with whom he notched a string of five consecutive Top Five hits. Folktronic followed in early , and two years later, Momus debuted on his own American Patchwork label with Oskar Tennis Champion. Analog put out the two-disc Forbidden Software Timemachine: Best of the Creation Years, compilation in , followed by the chanson-forward Otto Spooky and Ocky Milk in and Thunderclown , a collaboration with J ohn Henriksson , arrived in , followed by the British horror film-inspired Bibliotek in He returned in with Pantaloon , a topical cabaret LP that coincided with his move to Berlin.

The following year, Momus purchased an accordion in a junk shop and was inspired to compose an album featuring the instrument; titled Akkordion mixing the German and English spellings , the LP was issued by Creation Records in October I deliberately left off the 23rd and last of them — the one that appeared at 75 and dropped out the following week. His debut album, Candleland , released in September caught a few folk out as it was, in many places, far removed from the sound of the band with which he had made his name.

There was even a song that was the biggest New Order rip-off since Robert Smith and his buddies had written and recorded Inbetween Days The album was reasonably well received by the critics and sold enough copies to reach the Top 20 here in the UK, but it was one of those that came and went quickly, largely as a result of not really having any obvious singles.

Someone came up with the genius idea of inviting Gil Norton to sprinkle some fairy dust on the song. The result was quite splendid The mistake was to release it in an already very crowded market and no matter how hard the pluggers would have worked and pushed it, it was going to struggle to get airplay.

It really deserved a much better fate. The first of them has a feel that would be reproduced on the Evergreen comeback album, while the opening notes of the second song reminds me of Noctural Me from the Ocean Rain album.

Mac was, and still is, a huge football fan and he must have looked on with a bit of envy to see New Order hitting the heights with the England World Cup squad. Eight years later, he got his chance when he was asked to write and record the official song for the team in advance of France Especially the promo The thing is, I stopped a week early last month, mistakingly putting in 7, 14, 21 and 28 April as the date of entry when in fact that was the last date of the chart week.

The piece has subsequently been corrected to ensure with dates of 1, 8, 15 and 22 April now been applied, but this means that the chart announced on 29 April has had to carry over to this piece. April ended with Madonna still sitting on top of the pile for a fourth successive week with Vogue.

It would go on to spend 60 weeks in the album charts in the UK. The year had ended with a number of personnel changes among the collective, particularly on the vocal side of things, but Jazzie B was adamant that the replacements would be every bit as stylish, classy and popular.

The parent album, Vol II: — A New Decade while far from a flop, had less than one-third of the sales of the debut. Soon — My Bloody Valentine. Now, THAT would have certainly become a legendary and much-repeated clip. The single spent two more weeks in the Top before dropping out.

It would take until the following year for MBV to hit the higher echelons of the singles chart for the one and only time To Here Knows When — 29, Feb Stepping Stone — The Farm. The Farm , from Liverpool, had been recording and touring since , although their output till this point in time had been four singles on four different and small independent labels. Nobody really took them too seriously, but then they began to be lumped in with the baggy sound that was coming out of nearby Manchester and their t-shirts became fashionable, out of which, they began to sell music in increasing quantities as will be shown in a future posting within this series.

Hippychick — Soho. Formed in , nobody had paid too much attention to the release of any of their material, even this, their fifth single, a dance-infused number that sampled one of the best and most popular tunes recorded by The Smiths. It sold only enough copies to reach And so, at last, we reach May The month that saw me settle into a daily commute between Glasgow and Edinburgh with the routine involving lots of cassette tapes and a Sony Walkman.

It was over these pieces of plastic that myself and J acques the Kipper truly formed a friendship that remains just as strong today. The first chart of May , announced on Sunday 6 May, is not the finest.

Adamski took over at the top from Madonna and Killer would hold that position for the entire month. Somehow or other, this managed to be a new entry at Circlesquare — The Wonder Stuff. The Stuffies were another who had burst through in , enjoying three Top 40 hits, two of which had been lifted from Top 5 album, Hup. Circlesquare was the third single lifted from the album…. Maybe a little dated some 30 years on, but it was a welcome burst of energy back then.

Other indie bands, such as Soup Dragons , were also paying attention…. How Was It For You? James , in , was another band more famous for t-shirts than chart hits. It would be when their world turned upside down although a couple more minor hits will feature before this ongoing look at comes to an end.

Keep On — Cabaret Voltaire. As with The Cramps a few months ago, I had to rub my eyes in disbelief that Cabaret Voltaire had seen a 45 graze the middle section of the singles chart, with this coming in at It was their highest ever success, albeit a later single in did reach There were 23 new entries into the singles chart in the first week of May , an indication that record labels of all shapes and sizes had that time of the year marked down as one to pay particular attention to.

The rest of the month was a bit quieter. This proved to be a big hit for Talk Talk at the third time of asking. It would go on to enjoy a nine-week stay, peaking at 13, just one of four occasions that Talk Talk would make the Top The Desperate Hours — Marc Almond. His previous effort, A Lover Spurned had managed to make the Top 30 — this flamenco style follow-up came in at 49 climbed three places and then disappeared from view.

The first chart solo sighting of the year old Alison Clarkson , aka Betty Boo. The record label did it the right way…no huge hype and instead justlet the pop music speak for itself. In at 58, from where it climbed all the way to 7, and the week it finally dropped out of the charts some three months later, the follow-up was released along similar lines, meaning a total of 22 successive weeks in the Top 75 and constant radio play. Boomania indeed…. Express Yourself — N. One from Pistola Kicks that has been featured in an Umbro tv ad.

And the other a classic from yesteryear and a fave of mine. Sunday, August 9, Show tracks for Sat. We open the show with a couple tracks from Ferris Bueller's Day Off soundtrack in memory of John Hughes passing away this pass week. Could have done a whole show on the great music he had in his movies. I better stop because I could go on and you also get the idea Monday, August 3, Show tracks for Sat. The last in the special shows for our anniversary year. Hope you enjoyed the selection of tracks.

I knew I was going to run out of time to include everything and I did. So I'll include the few things that I ran out of time for in next weeks show. That cd will mailed out tomorrow. Stay tuned this weekend for another free giveaway. This festival features a ton of bands including Art Brut, Deastro, Adult and so much more. Sunday, August 2, Monthly Indiessential chart for July Slow Club Moshi Moshi Monday, July 27, Show tracks for Sat.

This Saturday is the last in the series of special shows for our 20th Anniversary year. Monday, July 20, Show tracks for Sat. The last in the series of special shows for our 20th Anniversary year will be during the Canadian holiday weekend in August. Sunday, July 12, Show tracks for Sat. Well, we're back to the normal format after last weeks special show.

Lots of positive feedback on the special show which was great. It was a blast doing it and it brought back lots of great memories of doing the Brit night at the Loop many moons ago. Stay tuned for the news on the next special show in August. We often make the joke "Is anyone listening?

With Festival Epicure, Phog Fest and Kiss at the Casino last night, that was probably more a true statement than a joke Bands canceling left and right.

That left Detroit with 3 bands instead of the scheduled 5. Don't get me started. I was really disappointed the way it turned out and will certainly think twice about next year. But ABC were great so we open up with them. Sunday, July 5, Show tracks for Sat. Friday, July 3, Monthly Indiessential chart for June Sunday, June 28, Show tracks for Sat. Next Saturday will be another special show in the series for our 20 Anniversary year! So tune in this Sat. Monday, June 22, Show tracks for Sat.

I felt I needed to bang my head a little. I hoped you banged your head as well Monday, June 15, Show tracks for Sat. Monday, June 8, Show tracks for Sat. Wow, this show felt like an 8 hour shift at work. Technical problems galore will frustrate the bejesus out of you Her self-released EP Hold On To Nothing and deeply moving live performances have already begun to cause a stir in the music press.

NME declared that "Broken Twin is the most arrestingly beautiful songwriter we've heard in aeons," while Pitchfork selected her for Best New Tracks and stated that "there's something about the unaffected clarity of Broken Twin that rings true straight away.

Showcases her immense talent for fusing spiritual free jazz and new age with classical, Eastern, post-bop and gospel. Since he'd first emerged with a series of ultra rare 12" releases in on various drum and bass oriented labels the Wellington, New Zealand based producer had quietly been tipped on the underground as one to watch.

The praise heaped upon Preparation s definitely seemed to justify the hype that had quietly been building behind the man otherwise known as Oliver Peryman.

Reaching back to the influences that got them into dance music in the first place, beach parties, warehouse raves in their native Brighton, early Warp Records and Carl Craig, the group wrote at an unchartered prolificacy, revelling in digging out their old samplers and synths and sizing them up against the digital technology they continue to explore the limits of.

Just love them. Fuzzed-out heavy psych rock. There was a feeling of disappointment in communication with the people that I'm calling out to connect with through my performances and travels in the last year, a feeling of loneliness.

They draw from experimentalism to promote new potentials for pop and electronic music in an age where many of our sci-fi fantasies have become mundane occurrences. Experimental music doesn't have to be dark, difficult or joyless. They try to make something playful, abd maybe a little absurd. Yellow vinyl.

Cut from the cloth of early Soft Machine and Kevin Ayersisms, garagearray is a lofty, loopy flight in a candy-flossclouded sky, with an ever-present darkness just below the surface. Three of the greatest masterpieces of gospel music. Well-known artists playing their signature songs plus more obscure musicians. Both are given the sludgy, pummeling treatment that the band has become known for. This is the gatefold deluxe HQgm vinyl reissue of their album. Limited copies pressed on silver vinyl.

This new song album has elements of all things 7Seconds: fast, melodic, earnest and smart. In addition to great solo albums over the years, she has been seen on American Idol as well as joining Aerosmith on their recent US tours. Informed by a distinctly Southern hoodoo, it is a masterclass in authentic Gulf Coast choogle from members of Dexateens. Includes two bonus discs of rare live material and studio improvisations.

Music fans from all quarters are already familiar with the eclectic career of one of music's true "inside men". As an arranger, composer and musician, he has also created classic music for film, television and radio. Deluxe adds three bonus tracks. Drawing inspiration from sources as varied as the Beat Generation, medieval Eastern European and Asian music modes and the rich depths of Kabbalistic mysticism, Ty has fashioned an intense and colorful program of modernist music that blends klezmer, nigunim, jazz, rock, classical and more.

Brilliant improvisations, poignant melodies and driving rhythms all come together in this exciting program of New Jewish music at its best. Also available for the first time on vinyl. Their vicious assault of myriad enveloping riffs and an earth-crushing rhythm section invokes the total decimation of all that is pure and sacred. Entirely assembled and financed by the band, the self-titled long player features eleven new tracks.

Ten songs of fuzzed-out punk rock that will shock and awe you into submission. Bobby's guitar adds a surrealistic fuzz feel to the power of these punk rippers that will drag you in and hypnotizes you.

Gorgeous orchestration and shimmering guitars soar at one moment giving way to fervent vocals and intricate, crashing instrumentation the next. Vinyl version due July 1. The album has its moments of darkness, tracks born from pain and heartbreak, but for a craftsman like Fullbright, there are few greater joys than carving emotion into music, taking a stab at that lofty goal of immortality through song.

It makes him and his fans "happy," and there's nothing bad about that. It's about letting go, leaving behind; it means gaining simplicity and innocence.

I've been observing a metamorphosis in myself, it started in Greenland and went on to far-off lands of Tibet, in the shadow of Mount Everest, the Mother Goddess of the Universe. Includes both mono and stereo versions. It is not the melding of two bands; it is a true collaboration. Features the original line-up of the band performing tracks from their early singles as well as their debut studio LP Heavy.

That's something that a lot of music right now tends to lose…" Available on CD and on vinyl. Vinyl version includes three bonus tracks. Sierra Leone In s USA is an album of rock-infused, "Afro" music from a group that traveled the world throughout the mid s. Fusing elements of electric Congolese and Nigerian music with fast, syncopated, uptempo modernized arrangements of traditional music, Muyei Power produced a series of unique single-only releases that have been unavailable for 35 years.

At its core, Incursio is an instrumental beats record. What the album isn't though is an egg hunt -- no break record samples, no dust, no crates. The album is full of love songs more specifically, songs about liminal states and our loved ones locked in battle with them. Eschewing the squalling guitars that propelled their debut album Antipodes for clear-headed production and lush choruses, Popstrangers hit their stride on Fortuna, crystallizing their influences into a succinct record of indie psych that never lingers too long.

This suite of eleven carefully crafted songs evokes the full spectrum of the group's uplifting folk and gripping soul, with depth and seamlessness that bely their youth.

Working again in Nashville with producer Brad Jones, they deliver their musical thoughts over 10 outstanding tracks, from formidable originals to well-honed covers including a "knockout" version of the Tom T.

Sabaton — Heroes CD Nuclear Blast Sabaton's latest album is a concept record based on different historical 20th century wars and battles, telling fascinating stories about heroic men and women on their dangerous missions. I love small records. Each of these albums is simple. They're direct. Making The Saint is a small record too. I didn't belabor it.

The recording and mixing came quickly. I followed my instincts. This album is also a spiritual retreat for me; a healthy and necessary separation after so many strong collaborations. Their self-titled debut was a boldly grim statement of unforgiving misanthropy that referenced both the filthy riffs of Autopsy and the stoney doom of Sleep. Influenced by legends like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Michael Jackson, the soulful singer made a name for himself early on, performing to sold-out crowds at the world famous Apollo Theater when he was only Legendary hip-hop producer Alchemist contributes two filthy beats that Trash Talk drag through the gutter, knuckles up.

It sounds like bone shards swirling in a hurricane. Are We There is a self-produced album of exceptional intimacy, sublime generosity, and immense breadth. Morris and Mickey Freeze. The Sunroom features 13 Avery originals overflowing with her unmatched warmth and exuberance. This is death metal from the guts, played with relentless and nuanced savagery. Hypnotic phin and khaen riffs, pulsing, electrified country rhythms and heartfelt vocals punctuate another journey into the lesser-known reaches of s Thai music.

Limited quantities pressed on mixed color vinyl.

Vinyl Records, CDs, and More from thatfunkykid For Sale at Discogs Marketplace Explore Never Gonna Leave You / Hot Chills Cold Thrills & Fever (7", Single) Label: Dash Cat#: Sticker label across label name on one side, but due to this being the same record both sides its not to much of a problem, label minor storage ring wear %().

9 thought on “One More Chance - Various - Hot Chills & Cold Thrills (Vinyl, LP)”

  1. Shakaktilar says:
    A one-man German operation from the mids – but one with a punchy approach that rivals some of the better electro pop from the Euro scene at the time! Body 11 only ever issued a 7" EP back in the day, plus a handful of cuts on cassette – but the sound here really recalls those read more LP, Vinyl .
  2. Kazramuro says:
    Cinema Paradiso is proud to present the Ghost World soundtrack, released on vinyl for the very first time, as a double gatefold LP. A film adaptation of the popular Daniel Clowes comic of the same name, Ghost World starred Scarlett Johannson, Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi, becoming a critically acclaimed cult favourite immediately upon its release in As he did with Crumb, director Terry.
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    Heaven in the afternoon, Ian Vinyl swimming in Philly As the club scene established itself, punters soon demanded tapes of the sounds they were hearing at the 6Ts events, after an initial first issue on Cassette, it was onto vinyl, Ted Carol (Ace Records) having secured the rights to access the back catalogue of The Kent Modern record labels in the States asked Ady to put together a soul.
  4. Nijas says:
    Kent - Various Artists - Hot Chills And Cold Thrills - Tracks: Something Goods Gotta Hold On Me - Jeanette Williams / What You're Puttin' Me Through - Dianne Newby / And The Band Played On - The Spindles / If That Ain't Loving You - Lee Charles / Angel Baby - Garland Green / How To Succeed In Love - Martha Jean Love / It's The Little.
  5. Mezile says:
    It: Chapter Two—now a major motion picture! Stephen King’s terrifying, classic #1 New York Times bestseller, “a landmark in American literature” (Chicago Sun-Times)—about seven adults who return to their hometown to confront a nightmare they had first stumbled on as teenagers an evil without a name: It. Welcome to Derry, Maine. It’s a small city, a place as hauntingly familiar as.
  6. Mazshura says:
    Through all the various releases and re-pressings of the original and re-recorded versions of Ceremony, it turns out that two different mixes of the 12” In A Lonely Place were used, one with a loud thunderclap at and one without (there are probably other differences as well, but I’ll leave that to someone with more time and better ears).
  7. Gushakar says:
    Satan's Hallow by Satan's Hallow, released 01 April 1. Reaching For The Night 2. Choir Of The Cursed 3. Hot Passion 4. Black Angel 5. Satan's Hallow 6. The Horror 7. Moving On 8. Still Alive 9. Beyond The Bells Order the CD, LP, and other Satan's Hallow merch at Hoove Child Records: faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo Vinyl and CD to be released April 28, by Underground Power .
  8. Dolrajas says:
    4. ONE MORE CHANCE.. Bloc Party (Polydor) 5. THAT GOLDEN RULE Biffy Clyro (14th Floor Recordings) 6. FRENCH KISS IN THE CHAOS (LP) Reverend & The Makers (Wall Of Sound) 7. THIS MOMENTARY Delphic (Kitsune) 8. I BECAME A PROSTITUTE The Twilight Sad (Fat Cat) 9. CHEAT ON ME The Cribs (Wichita)
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    Record Store Day was conceived in at a gathering of independent record store owners and employees as a way to celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding nearly independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally. The first Record Store Day took place on April 19, Today there are Record Store Day participating.

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