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On And On - The Michael Schenker Group - MSG (CD, Album)

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Hard rock heavy metal. Chrysalis Capitol Impact Shrapnel In-akustik.

Main article: Michael Schenker Group discography. Guinness Publishing. Music Legends. Retrieved 6 May But I did, and persevered through a second listen. But nothing changed. Big ballsy thought out riffs with lots of attitude. Everything comes together on that song and showcases, for me, what makes the album - the drumming.

There are lots of great grooves and clever ideas that all feel quite relevant to the songs and not just thrown in for the sake of it. So many other groups did the same thing but with a lot more imagination. Carl Black: I can exclusively reveal the contract that Michael had drawn up regarding this album.

Clause 1: There must be at least two guitar solos in every song. Clause 2: Verse, chorus, verse chorus, middle eights, solo, verse, chorus, solo, end For each song. Clause 3: The guitar solo must start within the first two minutes of every song. All the members of the band, management and record label all signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours and so thus the album was produced to those letters of the law.

Not quite classic rock, not glam, not heavy metal. It's not quite anything, which is not a bad thing, but it does struggle with identifying with any kind of audience.

But in large, its a case of hard rock But this is really good and Schenker isn't just another guitarist; he is simply the best. Other guitarists just play notes; Michael creates astonishing music with his solos. Solid hard rock which not surprisingly puts Schenker's six-string prowess to the fore. Nothing groundbreaking here, although Lost Horizons is a bonafide classic. Caught a couple of the gigs on MSG's first tour and they really were superb.

Of course it could just be my bias however I like what I like; no apologies. Gary Barden is a solid rock vocalist and he really shines on Lost Horizons. The rhythm section of Mo Foster and Simon Phillips are always spot on; Simon Phillips is my all-time favourite drummer, bar none. IMO, the first four MSG albums are a 10 for me; as I have said a million times: everything in life including music is subjective. Thank you for including this gem in your lineup, because I truly believe it is a Classic Rock Album!

Roland Bearne: This is just brilliant. Schenker is the the "Meister" of tone and phrasing. I remember seeing the video to this single on Headbanger's Ball back in the 80's. As was the tradition in the 80's, there are two typical 80's style power ballads as well, "Follow The Night" and "Time".

The McAuley-Schenker Group lasted for three records. Of the three recorded with Robin McAuley, most fans seem to agree that this one to be the best. I tend to agree, though I think all three are a good listen. With McAuley-Schenker he was merely falling in line with what was going on at the time.

Basically, Schenker lost his identity. However, I still find much to like about this album. Michael's guitar work is still outstanding as usual and Robin McAuley has a strained, slightly gritty voice that I find quite appealing. There is no doubt that "Gimme Your Love" is an extremely memorable song. Both did quite well for him and both featured pretty much the same line-up.

Surprisingly "Save Yourself" is not as bad as the mullet laden band photos would lead you to believe. The opening title track is a surprisingly good, upbeat, heavy metal romp that starts the CD off with a roar. The short, melodic instrumental "There Has to Be Another Way" is another standout cut on this album and features some of Schenker's signature, charismatic soloing. However, the real standout in the bunch is "Anytime". This is a power ballad, but it's not forced, radio-ready cheese.

The song is well written and catchy, the guitar solo is amazing and McAuley's raspy voice works well for this song. There are some negatives to this album, like the cheesy lyrics to songs like "I Am Your Radio".

However, no one ever said that MSG was a beacen of thoughtful lyrics. It is rock 'n roll after all. The overall vibe of "Save Yourself is quite good and should please any fan of melodic 80's hard rock, although I am not sure I would be willing to say that this album touches on the greatness of Michael's work with UFO or those early 80's MSG platters. Impact As such, many Schekner fans were disappointed with these albums. I must confess, I was one of them when they first came out, but over time I have come to realize that these McAuley albums aren't so band.

This CD begins and ends with two excellent tracks that should have dominated hard rock radio in the early 90's, but I don't recall hearing either one of them.

The first tune, Eve, is one of the best songs on the disc and features some catchy melodies and blistering guitar work. The last track, "Never Ending Nightmare" is a melodic ballad with a hook that could catch a killer whale. Perhaps M. EMI Message for the Japanese Fans This is an odd little EP created that was released in Japan only.

The first six tracks are acoustic tracks and are actually very well done. The last track is a short message from Robin and Micheal. Robin talks a bit about the songs on this CD, while Micheal discusses how guitar playing shouldn't be a competition and that music should come from the heart.

Michael Schenker - Anthology Griffin A spectacular package that does a decent job of outlining the career of one of the biggest egos in the business. Michael Schenker, who is also known for his early work with the Scorpions , is a great guitarist, but I could never bring myself to fork over the bucks for his cds that are more common as pricey imports than as anything domestic.

This particular collection features two discs, one of his work with UFO , and the other a disc of some of the man's best solo work, mostly from the Micheal Schenker Group but also a few from the McAuley Schenker Group.

That is exactly what is delivered on "Written in the Sand". The album is produced by Ron Nevison, who is known for ultra-slick productions. His work with Heart in the 80's pushed them into the charts with the slick pop-rock sound.

Ron is also the man behind Kiss ' "Crazy Nights", which is so slick and poppy it robbed the band of any edge they might have had. On this album, the sound is definitely slick, but not so slick that it ruins the album. T racks like the melodic "I Believe" and the hard rocking "Back to Life" are certainly some of Schenker's finer moments.

Also, " Essenz " is another fine Schenker instrumental, sounding much like the shredders that were so popular in the 80's. Apparently Bonnet had collapsed on stage at a show only days before this recording and Barden was brought back to save the day. Schenker even makes a snide remark between songs that Bonnet was not there and Barden was. Apparently this information was a surprise to those in attendance at the show, hence his "Surprise, surprise! Not surprisingly, Barden does save the day, despite being a bit hoarse at times.

Of course Schenker is at his best. His solo in "Lost Horizons" should satisfy even the most casual fan of guitar shred. BBC might not be up to the standards of "One Night At Budakon", which was given some studio sheen, but it is a awesome look inside of the band and an especially interesting listen if you know the circumstances surrounding the concert.

Michael Schenker Group-Unforgiven Shrapnel Surprisingly good hard rock album with tons of hooks, smooth vocals and, of course, great axe work. For some reason I was expecting this disc to be terrible, but it is not.

Armed and Ready 2. Only You Can Rock Me 3. Natural Thing 4. Pushed To the Limit 5. Written in the Sand 6. Captain Nemo [ instrumental ] 7. Into the Arena [ instrumental ] 8. Essenz 9. Pilot of Your Soul Fat City N. On and On Assault Attack Another Piece of Meat Love To Love Too Hot To Handle Lights Out Rock Bottom It was an unforgettable show. Both Uli and Schenker were outstanding and tore the roof off the place. This live show from the Unforgiven World Tour is Michael sounding as good as he ever has, and just reminds me of what a great live performer Michael can be.

I was somewhat surprised to hear the Scorpions "Another Piece of Meat". The expanded instrumental features a very cool bass solo, as well as some of Schenker's own guitar wizardry. The track blends right into yet another instrumental titled "Essence". Windsong International. Written In The Sand Album 8 versions. Positive Energy Records. Michael Schenker Records.

The Unforgiven Album 6 versions. Shrapnel Records. Be Aware Of Scorpions Album 5 versions. MSG Reactivate Live 2 versions. Zoom Club Records. Back To Attack Live Album 2 versions. Arachnophobiac Album 6 versions.

The second solo album from Michael Schenker Group is from start to finish a non-stop machine full of thick guitar sounds and thunderous beats from late great Cozy Powell. There is not a weak track on this record and it sounds as fresh today as it did when it was released. I maybe younger than the record, but my ears tell me all I need to know/5(31).

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  1. Sham says:
    The Michael Schenker Group recorded and released their self titled debut in The album is a good debut, with some solid material and musicianship. The music is definitely different from Michael Schenker's work with UFO, incorporating hard rocking guitar /5.
  2. Meztikinos says:
    Feb 23,  · McAuley Schenker Group - M.S.G. (Full Album) Released: Label: EMI Track Listing Eve Paradise When I'm Gone This Broken Heart We Believe In Love
  3. Galrajas says:
    In the Recording Studio with Michael Schenker – The Making of the New MSG CD Unforgiven. Released: ; Label: Michael Schenker Records; Type: VHS — The Michael Schenker Story Live. Released: April ; Label: Michael Schenker Records; Type: VHS — Michael Schenker Live in Japan The Unforgiven World Tour Released: Compilation albums: 9.
  4. Daibei says:
    May 04,  · MSG, the follow-up to the excellent debut solo disc from nomadic guitarist Michael Schenker is another stellar effort. The master of the Gibson Flying V displays his fretboard prowess throughout the tight recording. Schenker revamped the group's personnel for the MSG album, adding hard hitting drummer Cozy Powell, bassist Chris Glen and former UFO cohort Paul "Kipper" /5(26).
  5. Nijar says:
    UK five CD box set containing a quintet of original albums packaged in mini LP sleeves and housed in a slipcase. This set from the German Hard Rock guitarist and his band includes the albums Michael Schenker Group, Built to Destroy, MSG, Assault Attack and Be Aware of Scorpions. Warner/5(74).
  6. Arakora says:
    Jul 30,  · The first Michael Schenker Group line-up had all the big names you could ask for: future Mr Big bassist Billy Sheehan, session supremo drummer Simon Phillips and legendary bassist Mo Foster plus current Deep Purple keyboardist Don faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo album was produced by Rainbow’s Roger Glover, although it could have been very different. Peter Mensch offered &#x;Mutt 4/5.
  7. Kazik says:
    Michael Schenker Group Msg records, LPs and CDs.
  8. Kigashura says:
    Oct 17,  · MSG, an Album by McAuley Schenker Group. Released in on Electrola (catalog no. 2 / EUSCD 3; CD). Genres: Hard Rock. Featured peformers: Robin McAuley (vocals), Michael Schenker (guitar), Jesse Harms (keyboards), Jeff Pilson (bass), James Kottak (drums), Rocky Newton (backing vocals), Kevin Beamish (producer, engineer, backing vocals), Mick Guzauski /5(13).

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