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Goodbye... - Finally Happy - S.D (CDr)

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No civilian will ever under stand the life we led aboard Her nor do we want them to Very proud to have served aboard her.

Injury substained on another ship set me up for a medical discharge prior to leaving for the med. James H. Haven't signed the guestbook lately so here goes. Man does this site take a guy back to a time he will never forget. Most people can't even imagine or believe what goes on everyday in relation to going to sea on an aircraft carrier! Visiting excotic ports of call and just plain becoming a man in the United States Navy!

There are so many friends made and relationships developed from all places and walks of life. Working during a yard period, going to sea for weeks at a time, hitting the beach in Subic Bay, P. This time in our lives will never really be understood by friends and family back home. Maybe that's the way it was meant to be? So be It! Oh well, I recently attended the Annual reunion in Portsmouth, Va.

The only thing missing was more shipmates from my time period. Check out WWW. Attended the one in Rockford, Illinois in ! God bless our forces around the world!!! Dockery Jr. Transfered to the Nimitz in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I remember the first trip out to sea and the old salts hanging a wrench from the ceiling with a string and eating sardines. Not in the bad bay I collect any information i can get and this site sure helped me a lot! Thank you a thousant times! I was stationed on Coral Sea from July to June On both ships,I worked in after evaporators.

I made som e good friends in both B and M divisions. Thanks again Mike for the call. Stiyer, JR. This was the best time of my life. I retired from the Navy in Richard D. I remember walking 32 knee knockers to find a working head. What a ship! I'm looking for my mentor Alan R. Where are you? Mine were lost after movint to North Louisiana. Or any info on how to obtain them?

Thanks for your help. I just love this site. What a great site. Memories will last forever. God Bless All. C; 27 Sep It was a fitting tribute to a proud ship. I served onboard her CR Div. Thanks for such a great site, it has allowed my wife and kids a glimpse into the life of a great ship and the pride that is ours who served upon her. Any old shipmates out there? Would like to hear from you. Anyone know anything about Johnnie Hays? Tocacco Chewer, just to name a few.

Miss those Smokin Thunder Hogs.. Phantoms Coral Sea had a Great crew. Contact me if you served in V-3 from We worked hard and played harder in those days.

I am proud to have worked with good men on a great ship. If a boot was sent to your division to retrieve 'of flight line, a can of jet wash, or keys to the division doors. It was us that sent him. Good day shipmates. Did a former crewmember really hang himself in the Shaft Alley?

Has father time taken his toll? I was stationed on the Coral Sea from until June of I left the ship in Subic after our visit to Sydney, never being able to obtain a cruise book for that year. Another item I would dearly love to have ia a copy of the articles concerning our visit to Australia. I originally was in V-3 division, but was transferred to V This is a great site, a place where all of the old salts can remenice sic and wish they could do it all over again.

Ah, youth! It is truely wasted on the young. I appreciate hearing and reading about the Coral Sea, I have very good memories during my tours. As a 20 year old young man I did a lot growing up during that trip. The work on the flight deck was hard, but I enjoyed the experience.

Thanks for this site. Not all good, but a lot of great people and memories. Would love to hear from any former shipmates and especially those in Eng Dept. Wesley A. It's only as we grow considerably older than we were back in our Coral Sea days than we are able to fully realize that they were some of the best we've ever known, and not likely to see again.

Even though at the time, some of those days seemed like they might not ever end, I'm sure I speak for everone when I say we now look back to those far away places and long watches with warm fondness.

Bob, we all thank you for your hard work in developing this site and allowing us all to journey back to places and people that had been long been forgotten.

I know I have. As far as the "Association" is concerned, your wife's posting should startle us all. If I'm correct, this is probably a c 3 non-profit organization, with a Board of Directors. Such actions amongst organizations like this are not uncommon. They do as they wish, believing their actions "are in the best interest of the membership", including actions such as the ones Mrs.

Dorais has described. To the Association, and the President: Please address the concerns which have been posted in regards to this site.

If not, you surely shall NOT ever see me as one of your members. This allegation is inexcusable, and you owe it to all of us to explain it. I was hoping that the site was not damaged in any way.

I immediately checked some features of the site and found that all seemed to be working from my end. If this is the case, it is wrong. But for all that is wrong with this unacceptable action, no one can copy or take away our appreciation for all the unselfish hard work, research, and creativity that Bob has put into creating this website.

We who explore this website to relive all our memories, share our stories and pictures, honor our fallen shipmates and a great ship will always thank Bob for all that he has done for us. Molly had all the right words in her posting…. God Bless..!! The dishonest and underhanded way of obtaining these is wrong. Pure and simple. This site and the pictures my husband has up are for you, the sailors, and your families and friends.

So many of you have sent him pictures he always acknowledges submissions and he has bought countless cruise books to scan and has done countless hours of research. He has spent hundreds of hours cropping and cleaning up the pictures so they are near perfect. His blood, sweat and tears are poured into this site, the site that honors his country, the ship that he loves and the amazing men that served aboard her.

He has never asked for, nor taken money for any of this. All he wanted in return for his efforts was a site where people could relive memories or could learn to appreciate this magnificent ship and the men that served upon her. Politics play no role in what he was trying to accomplish. Apologies to the innocent who are in my line of fire. Shame on the rest of you. Any you snipes on board at this time please contact me. If so, drop me a line. Trace A. So sad to look at the scrapping pictures I was in N Div.

I'd like hearing from former shipmates. The "Best in the West" may be gone, but we'll always fondly remember her. Drop me a line. Great crew, and a great ship. Alan R. Each time it's a treat to see. There is always sometime new to see. I have his book, but there are no pictures of him in it. I believe the year was 55 or Each time I've signed the guest book I have asked for anyone who may remember him to email me. Ray passed away six years ago. He loved the Navy and the Marine Corps. He served with the 1st Marines in VietNaum in , He was always proud of his service to his country.

Keep up the good work on the site. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me fondly. All others can just remember me.

Flying Squad, repair 1 forward. We had a very good group of men to work with. I enjoyed the sites we had the opportunity to visit. I was stationed in Cubi Point, P. I received a letter of commendation from Captain Farris of the Coral Sea for taking the beach detachment at Cubi. Was great to get back to Alameda and see the sites of San Francisco. I returned to civilian life in August of Was a rewarding time for the four years I served in the Navy.

Was in Fox division, fire control technician 3rd class FT3. Left the "56" Med cruise in Oct. Would love to hear from anyone who served during that time. I have the Med cruise book. If you have it I'm the one sitting in the front of the radar detector in the fire control section.

Anyone heard from Vinny Cirillo the only optical man onthe ship? I enjoyed this part of my life more than any other time.

It is too bad that I did not know this then. I have never had friends as close since then. I served aboard the Coral Sea From Feb. I was just looking at the 56 year book and it brought back alot of good memories. How many remember the 56 cruise when we signed the schrol, the lenth of the flight deck, to benefit the Hungarian refugees. We donated the money from the cruise book to their relief fund.

There's a picture in the year book of it. I'm the one in front,with the watch cap on signing. My only claim to fame That picture i was told ,was in all the major publications in the country. I remember making the trip to New York and waitng for hours , because of the currents, to be able to dock at pier When we finally came in that evening we took part of the pier down.

It bent one of our gun sponsor decks. I lived in NY at that time and i was in a hurray to get off the ship and head home. I remember walking through Times Square at that night with a buddy of mine, Chickie Henn, who was from Ohio and was in awe at the sights. Just let me know what div you were in and i'll look it up for you. Smooth sailing to you all. He died in They were all ships which looked like ships, not the boxes they came in! I still have a large ashtray in the shape of the ship, made of stainless steel, with the sandpit hollowed out in the center of the flight deck.

Fascinating site. Smooth sailing to all. Paul D. VA Boomers. A1 Skyraders I understand it was the longest cruise ever It sure felt like it. I remember the filght deck I remember saying to myself late one night, standing behind the island in the pitch blackness with nine chains on my back waiting to recover aircraft, "I hope someone appreciates this shit". Mostly I remember the guys, I love them all, even the ass holes. What a bunch of guys we were and what memories we have.

O yeah I had the nickname "Buck" and I worked in 1 Baker Fireroom. My brother Burt was on there at the same time. I have a lot of memories from there.

I sure would like to hear from some of my old shipmates. First cruise I worked in the VF readyroom ran movies, typed up flight schedules and filled out logbooks and ran the ship's officer's store Smitty's By the Sea while TAD to ship's company. I remained on board between cruises in Alameda and during the 73 cruise I was VF's data analyst.

Thomas I. I'm seeing more and more people trying to plug products like viagra here. Had alot of good times and met alot of good friends. Kind of sad to see the old girl scrapped. Wish she would have been made into a museum. Had a great time and met allot of great guys.

Hi to all. I would love to find some guys who served with him. Thanks so much! Was in V-2 div. Lots of great memories. I worked in the ships 3M office, X Division. Made 2 Westpac cruises during that time; 2 Refresher Trainings; 2 Carrier Qualifications; and a lot of ports in between. Some of the memories are rather hazy now. Come to think of it some of the memories were rather hazy right after I had them. So I need help in bringing them to the surface; therefore anyone in CR division during this time period, let's start making some contacts to meet at a future reunion.

Check in to this guestbook, or the Coral Sea Association guestbook, or contact me. Let's get together and relive some 'good' times; everyone can bring 30 days worth of dirty laundry with them.

We'll make sure the rooms are small, have no air conditioning during our stay, and are right next to the airport! We'll all feel right at home! I deployed with VF and VF Enjoyed most of the experiences. I made one Westpac in and spent in Bremerton, WA. I was in "R" division from '67 to ' Does anyone remember me? First deployment South China Sea Retired from the Navy 1 December Gerald W.

I stay in touch with Dosta, Rosa, and Kuroski during a blue moon. I can't deny I made some great friends on board Really do miss my times on the Coral Maru. Web Sites Sure do Help this Veteran. I hope that I meet someone from this time soon. Hoppy,Jeffries, Moose, Engelhardt? Somebody remembers I thought I crossed path's with Rabbit in Louisville, Ky. Late 80's Let's Keep our Cruise's in Memory. Just wanted to say hi to all the guys I worked with over those wonderful years.

I was in S-7 Div, Computer Ops. Remember the collision with the Napo? I would love to hear from anyone from S7 or a few of the guys from S1. Mar, he used to be a Radio Operator. Possibly from If you have any information on him, please let me know. Many thanks in advance for your assistance!! Or Chief Hopkins? I was in the 4th Div and was a gunnersmate on the 3" 50's. Made 2 Med cruises in 55 and What a thrill it was seeing him perform for the Crew. He brought a touch of home to all of us.

He was open with everyone. I remember at the time thinking how he had performed for my father during W. II, and I was seeing now. He was a true entertainer, and a friend to everyone in the military, I thought it was the greatest show I ever saw, and under the circumstances it was. May he rest in peace. I served 3 years 7 months aboard the Coral Sea. If anyone has a cruise book from that era , I'd be most happy to purchase it from you. Just checkin' in. True, Coral Sea was not nuke powered but she certainly didn't burn diesel fuel either, like all conventionally powered carriers, she burned "NSFO" navy special fuel oil also known as Bunker "C", commercially, it is 6 fuel oil.

As for your telling Jordan 65 and up -Nuke. Sorry to bust your chops but if your going to get on some ones case you should at least know what you talking about. We were off the Calif. With only 10 boilers on line, 2 were out of commission with blown tubes, we turned 4 screw at rpm full power for the out board screws was rpm, inboard screws were full power at rpm on a rpm bell actual speed was 37 knots, which is faster than 36 knots and I don't have the foggiest idea if that's as fast as she'd ever gone or was capable of going.

In case you don't know why the outboard screws turned slower then the "The Bell" and inboard screws turned faster, it's because the outboard screws were pitched 19ft 3in. Hope you learned some thing today and may you have someone care enough about you to put forth the effort that Jordan Ruth is to find out about his grandfather C.

Best wishes to all Carlos A. Why don't you answer anybody Bennie,,,everybody liked you. I admit the water did not taste good and the ship was OLD.. While in the navy I Learned alot of Bad Habits.. BUT it was a Experience for me Looking for V1 Div. I remember those troughs very well. Especially the times when the wiseguys would set fire to a lil raft and it floated to the end and all those hearty lubbers, engrossed in their SeaBreeze, jumpin up as it went on by.

It changes how black children look at themselves. It also changes how white children look at black children. And I wouldn't underestimate the force of that. The media understandably, if tediously, focus on how Obama's presidency is a death blow to the legacy of official discrimination and racism. True enough. But the fact that a black man can become president of the United States may well also be transgressive to all sorts of more relevant racial orthodoxies on the left and in the black community.

Obama's personal example is only part of the equation. He has voiced an admirable disdain for the notion that academic excellence is nothing more than "acting white. This puts Obama behind the two most important ingredients for black success, at least according to most conservatives: a rededication to the importance of education at an individual level, and the restoration of the black nuclear family.

At a more political level, a black president surely undermines the argument that American racism is so endemic that a system of racial quotas must remain a permanent fixture of the political and legal landscape. Now, let's get that idea into the CNO's nogg'n. Labels: Diversity. Wednesday, January 28, VDH spanks the baby Victor Davis Hanson calls out his own. I, of course, have to quote in full just to get AW1's blood pressure up a bit - it is cold in Bath you know. If anyone wished to know what the baby-boomer generation would do when, in its full maturity, it hit its first self-created, big-time recession, I think we are seeing the hysterical results.

After two decades of unprecedented economic growth, rampant consumer spending, and unimaginable borrowing to satisfy our insatiable appetites, we are suddenly going into even larger debt and printing trillions of dollars in paper money to ensure that someone else after we are gone pays the debt.

As if the permanent solution to a financial panic and years of spending wealth we didn't create were a government take-over of the economy in the manner we currently witness in Spain, Italy, and Greece—or the high-tax, high-spend ethos of a bankrupt California. The reaction to the economic panic was sort of analogous to the call to 'charge it! Ike's fights about the surtax to pay for Korea , or to the Iraq upsurge in violence, when suddenly our leaders declared the war lost, blamed the nebulous "they" for tricking them into voting for the war, and calling for immediate withdrawals and retreats.

Ditto the Stalag-Gulag Guantanamo that, by January 19, had ruined the Constitution, shredded the Bill of Rights, and forever tarnished our reputation. Yet, on the 20th, it was suddenly complex and problematic, and required a "task force" to do a year-long inquiry into the bad and worse choices confronting us.

At some point in all this serial hysteria, we are beginning to see the problem is not in the stars of the economy or of the war, but in ourselves—a weird generation that, when it finally came of age, proved to be just about what we could expect of it from what we saw in its youth. Labels: Boomers , Economics. Before anyone feels a need to call me names or otherwise emote; I ask them to think a bit after they read the section about PTSD in Stolen Valor and note that my position has been consistent since before No question, PTSD is real, but it isn't everywhere or everything.

Like ADD, it is over diagnosed and over used in a therapy soaked nothing personal T1 culture that in many areas is only comfortable with those in uniform when the servicemember is seen as a victim. Tyler E. I felt that in a way they subverted the obvious intent of the Purple Heart — honoring soldiers who have been seriously hurt. But where to draw the line? Perhaps it should be awarded only to those who required admittance into a combat support hospital. So they get the medal.

We need to be careful to avoid being both stingy to the deserving and "everyone gets a trophy. In that light, here is the bad idea.

The last thing we need is another medal. But there may be another solution — perhaps a new decoration, a new medal, could be established specifically for those suffering from post-traumatic stress. It would be awarded to those whose minds and souls have been sundered by war. I urge General Eric Shinseki, the new head of Veterans Affairs and former Army Chief of Staff, to work hand in hand with the Defense Department to bring about some form of official recognition for these wounded veterans.

The currentstigma of post-traumatic stres s would likely prevent many soldiers from wearing the medal initially, but its mere existence would help crystallize in the American — and the American military — consciousness one of the more obscure human costs of war. I suggest we call this medal the Black Heart.

Certainly the hearts of these soldiers are black, with the terrible things they saw and did on the battlefield. Certainly the country should see these Black Hearts pinned on their chests.

No, no, no, no. Labels: Long War , Stolen Valor. Anti-swarm defense Watch the below and then think. Now think about the challenge of defeating small boat swarm tactics. Problem; will a few adjustments meet a possible solution? Just a little out-of-the-box thinking - the kind that got us the C-RAM - perhaps. Labels: ASUW. Tuesday, January 27, Thank goodness Just trying to get in tune with the zeitgeist and all Which type of Lesbian are you?

Butch Congratulations! Labels: Humor , Me. The robotic future? He is an important head to try to get inside of - as he is inside the head of the CINC. This is well worth the 38 minutes to listen to - and the book may go on my list. One of the more interesting parts he discusses are the disconnect between those fighting the war on the ground and those comfortably fighting the war in CONUS.

That and the growing view of autonomous operation should give you plenty to chew on. Yes, I'm thinking about Terminator too. Labels: Books. Gen Y goes to war. Full story here. Labels: Guns. Navy milblogg'n: a VADM's constructive criticism Though it leaves him a bit cold, VADM Harvey has decided to take a dip in the pool with the Navy milblogg'n unwashed masses, and does a d mn fine job. One of the first things a blog should be about is starting a conversation. Like the CDI article I brought up on Monday, you don't have to fully agree with something to find a nugget or two worth chewing on.

As someone that fully believes that you can only improve things by looking at the merits of outside criticism, that is what I would like to focus on.

Galrahn has some thoughts worth reading, as does Lex and Jules. Too many seem to be interested in scoring cheap, and anonymous, hits vice engaging in meaningful and professional exchanges. There is also a general lack of reverence for facts and an excess of emotion that, for me, really reduces the value of the blog.

My best example of a truly worthwhile blog, worthy of our time and intellectual engagement, is the Small Wars Journal. The tone is always professional, the subject matter is compelling and the benefit from participating is significant. All that said, here I am - I recognize the reality of the blogosphere and the potential that exists for worthwhile exchanges that enhance our professional knowledge and overall awareness. My intent is to continue to participate when I can and where I see I can make a contribution to a professional exchange, but my view today is that the bloggers generally see their activity as far more meaningful than I do right now.

I do, however, remain hopeful. Is that criticism, or observation from someone trying to figure it all out? I read it as the later. I'll take the hit for being anon - but my reasons are well known to regular readers and parallel those that Lex brings up at the link above and CAPT Toti brought out in his excellent DEC08 Proceedings article. As for blogs - there are different ones out there that fill different niches in the blogg'n ecosystem. In a response a few comments after his, I tried to outline it this way, What blogs have filled is a gap that exists in our professional conversation.

Anyway, drop by and give the whole thread a read. Interesting stuff. Monday, January 26, Pat calls out the Dutch Stand for your culture, or it will fall. Hat tip Howie at Jawa. Labels: Dutch , Islam. A strange alignment During the Cold War, I could not stand the Center for Defense Information because it had degree lockoff on, well, everything.

They are still mostly wrong from my POV - but on balance those who work there are fine patriots who just have a different opinion, and that is fine. As a result, I find myself looking in the mirror for indications of stroke because - brace yourselves - I am about to recommend something from them.

You can download for free all pages of their new book America's Defense Meltdown here , or read it as embedded below. The Navy specific portion was written by William S. Lind , for those who know his work. There are a few of his recommendations that I think are wrong - but you know me - I don't look for perfect agreement but for creative friction.

Anyway, I don't want to focus on those areas I think are fuzzy-headed, I'm not even going to ping on them. He does hit on one thing that I am in perfect alignment with him and have been since the first month of this blog back in '04 ; it is that which I am going to focus on: the sourcing and education of our officers. The principal personnel problem of the U.

Navy is that its officer corps is dominated by technicians. All skippers of U. Navy submarines, our capital ships, must be nuclear engineers. The other influential community in the U. The reason this is problematical is that the technical-engineering way of thinking and the military-tactical-strategic way of thinking are opposites. War is not an engineering problem. The opponent is men, not machines, and as Colonel Boyd said, they use their minds. If they are clever, their minds lead them away from a direct trial of strength, which may be roughly calculable, to asymmetric strategies and tactics, which put a premium on indirectness, imagination, creativity and surprise.

Most engineers, which is to say most U. Navy officers, cannot deal well with challenges of a type they do not expect and that do not lend themselves to quantitative calculation. While those officers usually do a superb job of navigating and operating their ships under peacetime conditions, fighting them effectively may require qualities few engineers possess. The domination of the U. Like the other U. One out of four non-technical, is that balance? Another data point. Outstanding performance and a life-changing reward for all your hard work.

Leverage it. Feel free to joke that you get what you pay for for the book from CDI - but there is a lot here to ponder from ground, air, sea and acquisition with their tome.

Ponder - and let me know what you think Indications and Warnings. Remember, in economics - the reaction is delayed. That is why there are economic crisis.

Greed and fear work on a different time scale than economics. What you are looking at is the nation's "adjusted monetary base," a measure of the money supply, from the end of the First World War to the present from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. This will come back to haunt us. Ever wanted to live in Argentina? Well, you may very well get their economy. Remember, the core of this started when the Diversity Bullies went after the mortgage market. To keep in context, this isn't happening in a vacuum.

As discussed here and here by fellow moneterists Peter Robinson, the Fed is responding to an equally unprecidented fall in velocity. Payback is a b1tch - nobody rides for free. The Financial Ninja tells it better than I can - read it all.

Hat tip Powerline. Labels: Economics. Why the WaPo pi55e5 me off Just check out the pic they put with the article about clingers. Labels: Media. Sunday, January 25, Sunday Funnies.

What brought down that A into the Hudson? Labels: Aircraft , Humor. Saturday, January 24, The power of the food trough. See the rules above before you post. They don't all have to be funny or humorous. Upvote it! Comment on it.

However, don't attempt to pass it off as your own. The author sharing his or her stories is not permission for you to print them elsewhere whether for free or for payment. We're building a list of common jargon, slang, and acronyms that may be used in the stories here on our wiki page. Hopefully these may clear things up a bit. You can also ask the author! They are happy to help you understand. The Library of Congress Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.

The 6ft Penguin self. Hey everyone, figured I'd post another tale from my decade plus of service in the U. My second tale about the jumping cadet didn't get much love, but it is what it is. Now, before I start my tale, that many of you probably won't believe heck, I lived it and still have a hard time believing parts of it , I swear on everything that is dear to me in this world and the next that this entire tale is true as crazy as it is.

Believe me or don't, I know the truth. On with my tale This tale takes place one night during my second deployment to Iraq to These things are about the biggest wheeled vehicles the military has on the road, Google it if you wanna see how big they are.

The mission this craziness happens on was supposed to be 12 hours drive down, rest, load and return the next day. And like every other combat mission goes, the plan went to crap barely 20 minutes out the gate.

Pvt Murphy was in rare form that day. IEDs, small arms fire, armor attacking a village, flat tires, break downs, A10's lighting stuff up; if it could delay, us it happened. So, we are about 36 hours into our 12 hour drive, and yet another flat had just finished getting changed in the middle of BFE. I'm talking nothing but bare desert for miles in every direction BFE. When our LT great guy, he was enlisted before becoming an officer , calls over the radio and lets everyone know that if we don't have anymore delays, we should be about 2 to 3 hours out from our destination.

Hot chow and sleep, and maybe, just maybe some nookie if I can find an interested female no comment about that last one happening or not, G. Right after the LT's announcement, we start rolling. One thing about the HET system is that they top out at 40 to 45 mph on flat ground, empty with a tail wind. Our convoy had 10 HETs with 2 people each and 5 gun trucks with 3 people each, this is important for later. We had been driving for about an hour when I notice something running on the side of the road next to my truck.

It is pitch black out there and I shouldn't be able to see a damn thing. Z: Dragon , we thing there is something running along the left of your trailer on the side of the road, over. LT over the radio: Guys, I'm tired too.

Command has already confirmed that we are to rest for 24 hours before we load. We'll be there soon. I swear until the day I die that crossing the road in front of us at that moment, and as plain to me as the nose on my face, was a 6ft tall penguin.

For about 20 minutes we watched this 6ft penguin run next to, and pass the truck ahead of us before crossing in front of it and moving along the next truck up. Back and forth in front of each vehicle until it was out of sight. The remainder of the convoy, J and I past in silence.

Both of us trying to process what we had seen, but saying nothing. Well, my tale doesn't end yet. We also know a fair amount of people who ski here, so there's usually someone to bum around with although many are significantly better than I am. And of course, the conditions are spectacular. In most years, I can handle about half the double blacks on the mountain Hanging Valley Glades is my favorite.

I went on one double-black Powderhorn today. I got down it fine, but much slower than normal for me and with a lot more effort. The other issue with Aspen is that it feels like and is a playground for the hyper-rich. Now, we're reasonably well off ourselves, but a I really prefer mixed-income arenas like college and b the folks who go to Aspen are, by and large, a few steps above us as well. With people casually talking about private jets and how James Brown sung at their birthday not to mention some of the houses!

So all is well. Sunday, December 24, The Kos and I. Often times, after writing a post describing some instance of right-wing lunacy , I get a comment offering up Daily Kos as a counterexample. I figure now is as good a time as any to tell where I stand on that titan of the left-wing blogosphere. I resisted putting Kos on my blogroll for quite some time. I didn't want to be associated with "that wing" of the blogosphere--partisan, shrill, and utterly predictable.

But even when it wasn't on my blogroll, I still read it fairly frequently--just to keep my finger on the pulse, I said. However, I only read the front pages never the diarists , so whatever lurks in that morass is pretty much a mystery to me.

In my mind, there are three different types of Kos posts. The first are posts on issues of policy. In terms of equivalent craziness, this is the analogue to the "women shouldn't be allowed to vote" column I just blogged about. But I don't think they write those very often Iraq, mostly , and I rarely read them when they do. I don't recall any policy post ever reaching the lunacy of women not voting, though. Indeed, the kind of "go to post" for Kos extremism was his "screw 'em" post after some American mercenaries were lit on fire in Iraq.

That, of course, was a hideous sentiment, and I condemn it utterly. That being said, it isn't a policy position which doesn't make it better, or worse, but different. Also, not to excuse what he said, but Markos was a refugee from El Salvador--a country literal torn apart by a merc-fueled civil war.

If I recall correctly, Kos apologized for his post and explained that something in the story had triggered his reflexive animosity towards mercenaries--an animosity I can entirely understand. But I digress.

The next category is posts on political strategy. These, I think, are hit or miss--and I read them as hits or misses. I don't think Kos stands out as either particular savvy or poor in providing strategic political advice for the Democratic Party. It probably wouldn't be enough to read the blog by itself though. The third category, however, is where Kos really shines.

This is on political coverage. It most certainly is not non-partisan. However, in terms of always having the latest polls and data on the horse races, as well as alerting me to races that are not getting media attention but deserve to have an eye kept on them many of those this year , Kos does a truly magnificent job. It is that service that kept me returning to the site, and that service that eventually compelled to put it on the blogroll.

So, to conclude. There is plenty about Kos I don't like. They are certainly too partisan for my tastes, and they have a tendancy to hold grudges and cheer the literary deaths of even people who could be their friends i. But they are an unmatched resource for keeping up with the latest polls and inside campaign information. And I've yet to read anything that would be the left-wing equivalent of saying that women shouldn't vote, or that soy makes you gay.

Saturday, December 23, To Aspen. I'm leaving for Aspen tomorrow. I may or may not blog while I'm there. I get back on the 29th, then leave for Carleton on the 1st of January. Blogging probably won't resume a full schedule until then. All predictions assume I don't get maimed on the slopes. Wish me luck! And to all my readers, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Bear with me where Huey and Caesar are trying to figure out whether a Black radio commentator I forget who was conservative enough to be a potential date for Condi Rice don't ask.

The punchline comes when said radio commentator ends his show with: "So, should we bring back slavery to give Black youth some discipline? Ultimately, I say But it's a sign of our crumbling civilization that a bunch of girls of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds, sitting around all dressed up for a coffee klatch, some of them with cleavage spilling out of Victoria's Secret Infinity Edge Push-Up bras, spout off opinions borrowed from disturbed teenagers and Michael Moore, and call it a talk show.

This was the danger of giving women the vote. The danger to conservatives and the survival of this country is the voting bloc of single women, i. I'm really not sure when the last time a women's right to vote was seriously questioned. I suppose it had to be a women who did it--not that this makes it better, just that people all too willing to cannibalize their own exist on gender issues as well as racial ones.

Meanwhile, the column was published on Townhall, which looks to join World Net "Soy Makes You Gay" Daily as completely off the deep end of rational discourse. There are plenty of smart conservative voices out there. But why is it that the aggregators, their "alternative media" because the real media is so liberal , are so comfortable with being so off-base?

Happy Fan. Me: I got to go to the Devils game last night. Friend: That's great. How was it? Me: Good. They won. And my parents say that the Christmas Party was just crab dip and sliced ham anyway.

Friend: So you didn't miss anything. It's good to be Jewish. So, the Devils won decisively last night , My seats were good, the game was exciting for the most part, before the Devils pulled away at the end fine by me. And Brodeur stoned Alexander Ovechkin check the video highlights at the link in one of the finest saves I've ever seen live.

After the game, I got to try the Nintendo Wii for the first time. It was loads of fun, even though I was atrocious at it except at Monkeyball Bowling, which I dominated.

I have to wonder, though, how much of the appeal is in the novelty of it--swinging the little Wii stick like a bat or jabbing out a punch or whatever.

I mean, I can see it going both ways--I can see it really having staying power, or I can see it getting tiresome quick. It's definitely a paradigm shift, and gaming hasn't had a real revolution in controllers adding those little mini-joysticks is the closest thing since I've started playing consoles i. I give Nintendo full credit for thinking outside the box, and wish them luck.

Finally, on a sadder note, conservative blog Southern Appeal is closing down. I haven't agreed with the SAers on, well, pretty much anything except Darfur, for which lead blogger Feddie was a strong and consistent voice , but they were always fun and respectful debate partners.

I wish all the members of the site all the luck in the world. Labels: Hockey , Personal , sports. Friday, December 22, Genocide Division. Here's an intriguing idea. Michael O'Hanlon , a leading liberal foreign policy thinker and Brookings Institute scholar, calls for the creation of a dedicated anti-genocide division of the US Army, numbering around 20, troops.

The argument is that we should never be restrained from fighting genocide simply because our troops are otherwise occupied in, say, Iraq : A genocide-prevention division within the U. Army would circumvent this problem. Since its only mission would be to stop genocides, deploying the force would never require us to ask more of soldiers who already have their hands full with other conflicts. Moreover, those volunteering for the new force would know exactly what they were getting into and enlist specifically because they embraced the mission.

These soldiers could be recruited from the ranks of idealistic college and high school students across the nation who have done so much to keep Darfur in the public eye. I think O'Hanlon is a little over-optimistic about how the division would play out in real life, but I think there is some merit to the idea. Matt Yglesias , by contrast, is not as enthusiastic: Color me skeptical. Different kinds of soldiers get different kinds of training, but they're all at least semi-fungible.

If we had a spare genocide-prevention division lying around, it would be getting sent to Iraq as part of the "surge" not to Africa. The President would simply argue that escalation of the Iraq War is a genocide-prevention mission because of the sectarian violence. Then on the flipside, I'm not sure there's a discrete military task called "genocide prevention.

Alternatively, as part of a war to overthrow the Taliban you might wind up policing the streets of Kabul and taking responsibility for the safety of the city's residents. So you want some military forces who specialize in bombing, and others who specialize in policing, but you don't have some troops who specialize in genocide prevention and others who specialize in attacking hostile governments.

I disagree that "genocide prevention" or perhaps, intervention , is not necessarily a discrete task from other military activities. I seem to recall, in the wake of the Iraq fiasco, several calls for the US to develop dedicated "peacekeeping forces", under the theory that the training required to "shock and awe" a defending army is not the same as is required for counter-insurgency, peacekeeping, and reconstruction.

I believe that stopping a genocide--which is less about crushing an opposing army than it is about securing civilians--probably requires a different skill set and mentality building trust with the locals, negotiation to end the conflict, strengthening long term institutions than the regular army has.

This isn't to say that a genocide division would never need to be supplimented by regular forces such as air support , but I do think it would serve a unique role. And of course, just having a division with anti-genocide work as its specific role makes it more likely we will actually engage in such interventions.

As to Yglesias' worry that such a division would never be able to be completely separated from regular army work, he's probably right that this is a risk, but I'm not sure I see it as controlling.

If we're going to send 20, troops as a "surge" in Iraq anyway, it doesn't really matter where in the army we get them from. Compared to the increase however marginal in likelihood that we will effectively intervene to stop genocide, I think that it's worth the chance.

Posted by David Schraub at PM 6 comments:. Iowa Numbers. Real Clear Politics has the latest numbers coming out of Iowa. Things look good for the Democrats. But not for Hillary, who comes in fourth place among Democrats.

Hillary also loses head to head match-ups with every major Republican but Mitt Romney. Obama and Edwards, by contrast, win every single head to head--surprisingly, to my eyes, besting both Giuliani and McCain by comfortable albeit narrow margins. Both candidates must be pleased by these numbers, but they are especially good for Obama, who still isn't known by a third of the country and probably has more "upside" potential than Edwards, Giuliani, and McCain Giuliani, especially, has nowhere to go but down.

Via The Plank. Good Riddance. The Jerusalem Post reports that Jewish terrorist Asher Weisgan, convicted of killing four Palestinians in cold blood to try and stop the Gaza pullout, has committed suicide in prison. Weisgan was an insult to the Jewish community and a despicable human being. I'd rather that he be alive right now, so that he could continue to rot in jail during the four life terms he was sentenced to.

But I can't say I'm cut up that he's dead. Devil of a Time. I've been a Devils fan since I was 8 specifically, the Conference Finals between the Devils and the Rangers--or to put it another way, for virtually all of Martin Brodeur's career , but I've only seen them play once or twice before. The perils of rooting for a non-hometown team. So I'm excited. The Devils enter the game second in the Atlantic Division one point behind the Rangers and 5th overall in the Eastern Conference.

The Caps are in a three way tie for 7th in the Conference and 3rd in the Southeast Division. However, they've been on a tear lately, going in their last ten. I'll be rooting for the Devils, of course, but I will also be keeping a fan's eye on the Cap's Alexander Ovechkin.

Ovechkin is a once-in-a-generation type of player--truly magical on the ice. Check out this goal : It's nicknamed "the impossible goal," and if you see it you'll know why. Hockey is desparately in need of a new superstar, and Ovechkin is just the type to fit the bill perhaps even more that Sid "the Kid" Crosby. Thursday, December 21, The Chanukah Roundup. In honor of possibly the most blatant example of a holiday receiving a battle-field promotion, I give you a Jewish news roundup!

Joel Stein decries the "war on Chanukah", and announces that Jews are going to fight back: Until Hanukkah gets its proper respect, we're pulling our singers from Christmas albums. You'll quickly find you don't have many entertainers of your own when you're at Banana Republic listening to that one Kristin Chenoweth album over and over.

So forget Al Franken. Once we find the alley that Pauly Shore is sleeping in, he'll be singing the dreidel song outside your house. We'll force storeowners to greet you with a "Happy Hanukkah" -- and not the secular version but the one with the "Ch" in front and all the accompanying spittle. Alan Dershowitz comments on Jimmy Carter's aforementioned refusal to debate him along with Carter's amazingly hypocritical whine that nobody will debate him. The Mormons were going to baptize Simon Wiesenthal after his death.

After his representatives said "thanks, but not thanks," they agreed to withhold it via Bitch, Ph. When a Jewish lesbian marries a Muslim girl with a Catholic mother, wild craziness ensues! All the Conservative Teshuvot those that passed and those that did not are now available online. In particular, Rabbi Tucker's opinion is available here , and it is beautiful.

Did you know that Ulysses S. Grant wrote an order expelling all the Jews from his "military department" an area that included Tennessee and parts of Mississippi and Kentucky? UNC Law Professor Eric Muller wrote about the sad event, which occurred years ago amazingly, when Ed Cone first raised the issue, the first thing one of his commenters did was try and defend the action! Here is a taste from Muller: Thus, all Jews in the Department of the Tennessee had twenty-four hours to clear out or be arrested.

Grant's order applied indiscriminately to all Jews -- men, women, and children; traders and nontraders; recent arrivals and established members of the community. On its face, it applied even to Jewish soldiers in the Union army. Such a military order would not be seen again until General [John] DeWitt evicted [Japanese Americans] from the west coast eighty years later.

Like the west coast Japanese-Americans, the Jews of the Tennessee complied with the military order. Twenty-five hundred Jews desperately began looking for scarce transport up the Mississippi river and out of the reach of Grant's order.

Their departure was rushed and traumatic. One surviving account tells of "a baby almost left behind in the haste and confusion and tossed bodily into the boat" and of "two dying women permitted to remain behind in neighbors' care. When one of them asked the reason for their detention, he was told, "Because you are Jews, and are neither a benefit to the Union or Confederacy.

Women First. Townsfolk on the Ipswich serial murder case : Residents of Ipswich, once they express their initial shock about the killings, display an undercurrent of resentment. Not just over the serial killer label that now looks to forever be associated with their town, but also the media defining the victims by their profession: as prostitutes. Many in Ipswich are quick to note that the victims were women first.

They were also daughters, sisters, mothers and friends to others within this community. Important to keep in mind. Wednesday, December 20, More On Goode. Pun intended. The Virginia Representative who expressed great fear at the impending hordes of Muslims who will be democratically elected to Congress if we don't stop Catholic Mexicans from immigrating has refused to apologize for his faux pas.

Scott Moss asks: "What are other recent [since ] examples of public officeholders expressly advocating discrimination against other groups in terms of fitness for public office?

Perhaps my readers can jog the memory? Or is Goode really on his own in xenophobic lunacy? Posted by David Schraub at PM 4 comments:. Hi Julia! This post goes out to the one and only Julia--the baddest thing ever to come out of Oakland Maine. For those of you who don't know, Julia is a sophomore Carleton student, majoring in Astronauts. She looks Jewish, and likes making wishes on Hershey's Kisses.

She hates regifters, and has a propensity to turn people into Eunuchs when she gets mad. People say that Julia is White. She is a close associate with the lethal assassin known only as "The New Market Ninja. So, let's hear a round of applause for Julia! Or she'll chop off your Love ya, Julia! Here's a letter he wrote to a constituent of his: Thank you for your recent communication. I do not subscribe to using the Koran in any way. The Muslim Representative from Minnesota was elected by the voters of that district and if American citizens don't wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely be many more Muslims elected to office and demanding the use of the Koran.

We need to stop illegal immigration totally and reduce legal immigration and end the diversity visas policy pushed hard by President Clinton and allowing many persons from the Middle East to come to this country.

I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt the strict immigration policies that I believe are necessary to preserve the values and beliefs traditional to the United States of America and to prevent our resources from being swamped.

A Muslim student came by the office and asked why I did not have anything on my wall about the Koran. My response was clear, "As long as I have the honor of representing the citizens of the 5th District of Virginia in the United States House of Representatives, The Koran is not going to be on the wall of my office. The emphasis is my own. The xenophobia is Rep. Goode's rhymes with "food" own. Aside from weirdly linking Keith Ellison with illegal immigrants He was born in Detroit.

And I'd wager money that most illegal immigrants are Roman Catholic , this whole rhetoric of "fear" behind their being Muslims in America along with their scaaary Koran is just frightening.

I'd also note that, while I don't think Rep. Goode has any obligation to have a Koran on his wall, the stern, "over-my-dead-body" language he used in addressing the Muslim student is rather disconcerting in its own right. It's a good thing nobody mistakes the War on Terror for a War on Islam.

Because that would make our job a whole lot tougher. Posted by David Schraub at PM 7 comments:. Menachem Begin on Sleep Deprivation. The KGB used it on him while imprisoned in Russia.

So, is it torture? His spirit is wearied to death, his legs are unsteady, and he has one sole desire: to sleep Anyone who has experienced this desire knows that not even hunger and thirst are comparable with it.

He promised them - if they signed - uninterrupted sleep! And, having signed, there was nothing in the world that could move them to risk again such nights and such days. Yes, it is.

One last word, from Texas Law Professor Sanford Levinson : It is foolish to assume that "torture" need involve the rack and the screw or even waterboarding, which the U. It is enough to keep people up for almost literally inhuman lengths of time. Or would anyone seriously argue that the sleep-deprivation apparently visited on Begin "really" wasn't "torture"?

Coal industry groups say that new regulations that will be forthcoming from the EPA over the next 18 months will "cost utilities up to $ billion and force them to retire one-fifth of coal capacity.

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