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Lost My Shepherd - Robotov-Millentrop - Nothing Almost Happened (File, Album)

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Artist: Coheed and Cambria. Help us, help us Now wallow with sick and disease To measure out the man I know I can't be Go learn your turn and swallow a shepherd if they follow Please grieve them as they grave goodbye Here is my blood cause you will use up no other I've hallowed this heart to hide you within I can't stand much I'm so sick of these things I do We're so I blame you Help us, help us, someone.

Help us, help us Now wallow with sick and disease To measure out the man I know I can't be Go learn your turn and swallow a shepherd if they follow Please grieve them as they grave goodbye You didn't, you could but there's nothing left oh no more after all Shame you, you know that the secrets kept would one day kill us all.

I wallow through sick and disease To measure out the man I know I can't be Go learn your turn and swallow a shepherd if they follow Please grieve them as they graze goodbye Now wallow with sick and disease To measure out the man I know I can't be Go learn your turn and swallow a shepherd if they follow Please grieve them as they grave goodbye. Coheed and Cambria Lyrics provided by SongLyrics. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles CSS.

This is just a preview! Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. He was 12, fit, quirky, handsome. He pranced with the unretrieved stick for me to chase him for it. He failed guard dog school because he would not attack the man with padded arm. He would not sit for me unless there was food involved, or I yelled "sit" for 3 minutes.

But I did not care because he was the most honourable friend I have ever had. The day he died from a tumor that burst and flooded his beautiful heart was a complete surprise! The night before he died, he appeared weak. The next afternoon I saw him even weaker. I brought him inside the house and let him lie down. I went out the back yard to get his pillow for the trip to the vet.

The courier arrived to the front door, and Captain ran to him and barked from behind the screen door, then threw up. I grabbed my package after being told I had a vicious dog, picked up Captain and told him to sit, which he did the first and last time.

He collapsed, took 3 deep breaths, and died in front of me. He pleased me even in his last few minutes alive by guarding and sitting for me. Sad Loss by: kelvin My dog Ozzy started having seizures at about 12 years old then stopped.

After the vet drained the fluid and took x rays showing tumors, we had to make the decision to put him down. He was the third german shepherd I have owned and we are totally stricken with grief. My heart goes out to everyone else who has lost their best friend. I will remember all the good times and bad that we went through! I hope you're in a better place!

Your brother and sisters, mom and I will miss you dearly! You are always gonna be in my heart and soul! Love you, boy, since the first day I saw you. I hope I provided a good home for you! Max by: Amy We put our German Shepherd, Max, down last night and I woke up this morning feeling like I was waking up from a terrible nightmare. Our vet saved him from death of a ruptured tumor of his spleen hemongiosarcoma on June We had hoped for months, but instead we had 33 wonderful days with him.

Others have shared the same feelings I have right now. A heart so heavy I can hardly breathe, sobbing and a feeling of loneliness and despair.

I love you, Max. Stay with me in spirit every day. My 2 German Shepherds by: Anonymous I woke up one morning and found my German shepherd laying on the floor crying. I went to get my mom. By the time she got in there, it was too late. She had died on the floor in my room. Every time I go in there, I see here laying there dead Re Chewi by Aaron by: kim I'm sorry for your loss as well. I looked him up on the Youtube link.

He was a lovely dog. It was such a shock for me, losing Casper at only 2 years old. He was loved so much in his short life. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

Rest in peace, Chewi and Casper. My Best Friend Casper by: kim My best friend Casper, my 2 year old lovely white german shepherd, had to be put to sleep on 29th Nov 11 with kidney problems. I held him in my arms while the vet did the injection. I have his ashes at home with me. Always in my heart until we meet up again and always in my thoughts. Love, mum xx. My Chewi by: Aaron I'm so sorry for your loss.

I just lost Chewi, my shepherd. He was 10 years old. He passed May 14 , yesterday. It was the hardest day of my life. We were k-9 security partners for 3 and a half years together.

We spent 16 hours a day. He was my life, my best friend. A New Year by: Anonymous I am so sorry for your loss. She had a bleeding tumor on her spleen, hemangiosarcoma. It was the toughest decision I ever made. I held her so tight when they gave her the last shot. I have her ashes and every day since then I touch her box and say I miss you to death. I think it's the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my family and of all days, New Years Eve. I'm still struggling with the decision even though it has been over 5 months.

We too lost our beautiful german shepherd Molly, December 20th , in her 8th year. We miss and love her soo much. Thinking of her, and reading this, allows me to be filled with memories of her.

Her bark when she wanted out. That's what we loved about her. Goodness, even trying to write about her brings tears to my eyes. So, I know how you feel. There is always a place inside your heart where she belongs. Missing Jordan by: Jacquetta So sorry to hear about your loss. She was suffering from quite a few things, including a tumor on her mouth.

We adopted her at 5 years old and the last 7 years have been nothing but fun. She will be missed and forever in our hearts. She was still very alert and she just kept looking at me as if to ask me why I was letting them put her to sleep forever. She was shaking and all I could do was tell her how sorry I was and that I loved her forever. What a horrible, terrible disease DM is.

I pray for anybody who has a dog with this disease that something else will take them before you have to make the decision I did. He had a ruptured cancer of the spleen. I am in a daze. Cannot function. Body is aching to hold him again as I did an hour ago when he passed gently away in my arms. He trusted me so, taking him on what I didn't actually know would be his last trip to the Vets.

It is so moving. Dear Kaffy, Mummy's 'Wolfie,' may the Lord grant you a heavenly new existence We love you so much.

Thank you for being the dearest dog and our sweet friend. I cried every day for him. I see him everywhere too. Don't know what to do. I just only want to see him again in the rainbow bridge. Hopefully very soon. My Heart Hurts by: sue I am so sorry for all of you and know the feeling all too well. We woke up Wednesday morning to find our 5 year old Millie had died peacefully in her sleep.

She had never been ill a day in her short life. She filled me with love and wonder every day. I will always be grateful for the love she taught me. Atlas by: Matt Today I lost one of my best friends, Atlas, to a stroke. While it's uncommon for dogs to be stricken down by them, it happened this morning.

The upsetting thing is not having been able to say goodbye. I live in a different location than my parents, so I just received the call. He was a white german shepherd, very loving, kind, and compassionate. I had him since I was 11 and he was always there, happy to see me. God bless you and yours. Maybe one day we'll see our loved companions again. I'm Sorry by: Anonymous Victoria, I am very sorry for your loss of the lovely woman's best friend. I was moved by your statement. I can feel your life without the love you need.

Her name was Molly. She was 9 as well. Molly taught me what unconditional love is. I got her at 8 weeks old and she cured me and many others of the fear of big dogs. She was so special. She was a therapy dog and she helped so many people in her short life. She had hip dysplasia her whole life but we had to put her down because she got myelopathy of the spine.

I love her so. God bless you. I will say a prayer for you. Remember, you will see her again when she crosses over the rainbow bridge to greet you. I am so sorry for your loss. We had to have our german shepherd Jet put down on 21st September as she had osteosarcoma in her back leg. We found out back in July She was just 9 years old when we lost her.

I struggle day by day missing her so much. Your dog was beautiful. I'm sure they are all playing together up in heaven. P Molly and R. P Jet xx. Run free with no more pain, Sweetie girl. Mommy loves you. Rocky the Rescue Dog by: Anna Reading all the comments has filled my heart with warmth but brought out the tears again. I rescued Rocky 5 weeks ago from a miserable life.

He was happy to be with us even though my 2 year old GSD made his life a tad difficult at times! He was a placid loving boy who had been neglected for the 6 years he was alive.

We took him home, gave him love and affection. He died on Christmas night after having a twisted intestine and spleen. He would not have survived the operation and reluctantly I made the decision to give him the dignity he deserved.

Rocky, I just wish that I had you with me for longer. You deserved so much more. I have been blessed to have had you in my life for 5 weeks. Even Alfred, the young GSD, misses and looks for you. A beautiful tribute to Molly and to all the other GSDs.

Lady by: Lynda I am so happy I found this website. I just knew there would be others out there writing about the loss of their German Shepherd. Our beautiful Lady had to be put to sleep on July 7th. We learned, unexpectedly, that she had osteosarcoma a tumour on her pelvis. It was the worst day of our lives. We, and vets, had suspected her symptoms were related to hip dysplasia.

We were hopeful that she would be a candidate for a hip replacement and were shocked when a mass was found in her abdomen. She was a beautiful, vibrant, sweet and tough girl.

She was definitely my protector and best friend. I shed a tear every day for her. It has been 6 months, yet it sometimes feels like yesterday when we were lying on the ground beside her while she was being put to sleep.

I never would have thought the pain would be this deep. Our new GSD is a real sweetheart. She won't replace Lady, but brings us smiles every day. God Bless all of you. My Tara by: Sharon Yesterday I held my girl as she drifted off after 13 years and 3 weeks being by my side. Tara - my best friend, loyal beyond belief, eyes so trusting, so gentle that I know deep down I owed her her dignity.

That is what I am holding onto very tightly. I watched her for 3 days and she kept giving me that look that said "You know, I'm quite tired now, but you will do what's best for me to make things right - I know you will.

Today I feel vulnerable. My girl is not physically by my side, laying on my feet, nudging me for her treats, keeping me warm and giving me back the cuddles and so much love that we shared. From 8 weeks old until yesterday, she's been my life. I stayed with her and held her until the end. She came home the same day - her ashes by my side now. To have a German Shepherd in you life is a privilege. My girl Tara, "bear-cub," gave me everything.

I woke this morning, the first one without her. I am lost. All my love and thanks to Tara for giving me the pleasures and fun we had. I will miss you forever, goodnight sweetheart, your heartbroken mum. Loss of Molly by: Anonymous So sorry to hear of your loss. I really do know how you feel. We have just lost our beautiful german shepherd Bonny. We too had to make that horrible heart-rending decision to have her put to sleep.

She was my best friend, and I feel so lonely without her. She was the most loyal dog I have had. She was so loving, and felt every emotion I felt. I hope time does heal. I hope you find peace one day, knowing you gave her all your love. She will be with you always. Just close your eyes and she will be there. Stay strong. She was called Honey, and as so many of you have said, it's one of the worst days of my life.

She was always first to say good morning and hello when I came home at night. She filled the house with affection and love. Now my day is empty without her by my side. She would follow me around everywhere. I'd go to the toilet, she would wait outside, have a bath, she'd be waiting outside. She loved playing with our three children, who all grew up with her, and are feeling an emptiness. I am finding Honey hair all over the place. Each one I find makes me sad. I think I am in a state of shock, because I cannot leave the house without a tear in my eye, and I do not want to come home when the house is empty.

I know it's early days at the moment, and time is a healer, but I don't think there will anything that can heal the love I have lost. Thank you all for sharing your loss.

I am hoping it will help by writing it down in words. It helps us put the pain somewhere other than our broken hearts. We miss Rileyboy so much, not a day goes by that we don't talk to him in heaven. Frankly, I don't know how we've made it so far without him. I have been sick this year, and thought I may not make it, but kept thinking I'll get to see Riley again, so it won't be so bad.

He still protects me, comforts me, even a year after he left. The pain is just as deep, just as real, just as hard. Our love will never ebb, and the missing will always flow. No, we are all not crazy. The German Shepherd is the fiercest protector, the gentlest family member, the sweetest most pure heart to grace the earth.

God bless you all who are as blessed and cursed like us, we walk with you. Someday, I'll hold you again, my Rileyboy. Moncho, My Best Friend by: katia I feel for all of you. Just last Tuesday I had to let my dear Moncho go. He had a swollen heart and one of his lungs was flooded. It was heart-breaking to see the weight he lost in only 15 days.

He was just a shadow of his former self. It was the hardest decision I had to make and I stayed with him to the end. Now I see and feel him everywhere. I miss you so much, my dearest and most loyal GS dog. You helped me through my hardest years with your love and loyalty. I will always have you in my heart, dear friend. You were so special. My Rowdy by: Minnie Thank you all for your comments. He was the most beautiful german shepherd with the most loving personality any dog can have.

My heart is torn apart and I don't know how this will ever feel better. He died at home, which I thought may be easier but it isn't. I am a complete mess.

Thank you all for your kind words and making me realize I am certainly not alone. I read your story and felt such great sadness. I, too, lost my GS dog, Tiger, this week. He had to be put to sleep as he got very ill and could not walk and was in a whole lot of pain.

Luckily, he made it to 9 years. The worst thing is having to see your sweetheart being put to sleep. I am living in pain every day and night, not having my Tiger at my side. He slept at the foot of my bed every night and I'd sing him a nighttime lullaby since the time he was a pup.

He brought so much love and joy to our family. I know how you are feeling about the loss of Molly. It really hurts a lot. Get another GS in memory of Molly but first allow yourself to grieve a while. That is very important. Keep strong, remember Molly for who she was and one day, you'll find the strength to go forward with another dog. My Xena girl by: Vicstar I am so sorry for your loss! I had to put my Xena 13yr GSD to sleep this week and am totally heartbroken!

It is the hardest thing to go through, to say goodbye to a best friend! She was the best girl I have ever met! Loyal, loving and proud, and so very protective of her family. I understand your pain!! It hurts soooo bad! That was over 21 months ago. I had lost my beautiful twelve year old German Shepherd boy Dawson. I posted my feelings, thankful for this site. Words cannot describe how much Dawson and I loved and trusted each other. Assuming he was wearing a nightshirt in bed, why would he change into trousers and suspenders just to go out in the yard?

It's almost as if Landon wanted to show off his body on purpose! Tim McD. Co-Starring: Eileen Ryan Mrs. Town opinion becomes sharply divided when Mrs. Oleson offers to buy a bell for the church on the condition that she is permitted to put up a plaque crediting herself. Hurt by the disagreement, which he feels he caused, Reverend Alden resigns.

The situation is saved when a local tinker steps in and forges a bell helped by the local children who even donate some of their toys to ensure there is enough metal. Ah, Tinker Jones, who Rev. Alden says "never misses a Sunday" at church. Except for every single Sunday before and after this episode. Nice idea, but bells need to be made of particular alloys in order to give a good ringing sound. Just chucking any metal into a pot — including a lot of lead, which featured in kids' toys a lot back then — would give the bell more of a thud than a ring.

Also, I love the way the bell comes straight out of the mold with a shiny finish. Edwards 4. Only appears in long-shot, possibly a double. While studying for a test — for which the prize is a deluxe dictionary — Mary accidentally knocks over an oil lamp in the barn and starts a fire.

Caroline, livid with her, punishes Mary by forbidding her from taking the test. Caroline eventually realizes she has over-reacted and mother and daughter are reconciled. I just watched The Award. I really disliked the ending. Prisspot [Mary] lied so much about so many things in that episode, and Ma apologizes to HER at the end? If Laura had burnt down the barn, and then lied, her butt would have been black and blue.

Ma is the one who is made to feel guilty. And Mary manages to look like she is being wrongfully punished. And even manages to make Ma feel bad for punishing her. Unfortunately, this is the first of MANY episodes where Mary screws up and everybody else is made to feel bad for daring to be mad at her. Foster 2 , Larry Moran Boy 3. Laura is jealous of the attention Charles shows his newborn son. When the baby becomes gravely ill and dies, Laura feels guilty about her attitude and runs away high into the mountains to pray for a miracle to bring the boy back.

There she meets an angel-like figure, Jonathan, who looks after her. After a frantic search, Charles finds the girl safe and sound, but Jonathan has now mysteriously vanished into thin air I always thought the bottle-feeding was weird, too. Even if baby Ingalls had a breast milk allergy highly doubtful , Ma wouldn't know that for weeks.

She was bottle-feeding him from day one. I think it was just representative of the modern day mores when the show was filmed ; it wasn't proper to show or even imply breast-feeding then. I live in Iowa, and have driven through more of Southern Minnesota than I ever care too.

It's actually kind of a bleak area — few towns, some rolling hills, not many trees. Remember the episode when Laura goes up to the "mountains" to be near God when her brother dies? I laughed my ass off!

I wonder if Minnesotans were ever kind of offended that there were so few attempts to maintain continuity. Yeah, you can only do so much when working with a natural landscape, but they could have been less blatant about it.

But love the ending with Pa carrying Laura back down the mountain — hey, Pa — she climbed up the friggin' mountain, she can sure as hell walk down. Whipple , Ruth Foster Mrs. It's Christmas and Laura wants to buy something expensive for her mother but has to come up with a way to get enough money.

The girl settles on a new stove on sale in the mercantile but, to pay for it, she has to sell her pony, Bunny, to the Olesons. However, Charles has his eye on the exact same present! Meanwhile, Mary makes her father a new shirt in secret. Even little Carrie uses her only penny to buy a special decoration to crown the Christmas tree. Bunny the horse varies between a "him" and "her" over this episode. Compare the opening scene versus when Nels takes the horse near the end. Melissa Sue Anderson's "And I sewed her how I could show" fluff was apparently unintentional, but all the players continued with the scene, so it stayed in.

I love how all the other character who can speak English have to act as interpreter to Carrie's lines in this Christmas episode. First Carrie says, "Wwhhhahhh greos-mas," which, oddly enough, meant, "What's Christmas? By the way I liked Pa's version of this Christmas story much better than his bizarre self-righteous recitation from the New Testament next Christmas. Anyway then her next line I can't even attempt to try to tell you what she said but Pa said, "Yes Carrie, it IS cold," so I assume she must have made some comment on the weather.

Then Mr. Olsen mercifully guides Carrie through the purchase of the star which would have been a complete disaster otherwise: Carrie: Caaahhh! Nels: Oh, Carrie you have a penny! Carrie: Baa! Nels: And you want that star! Ok let me get it for you. Then there was something about Saanna Cwasu come dooo chenmmm-ee. Thankfully Pa was there to explain to us that Carrie was worried Santa would get burned up in the fire if he came down the chimney. A valid concern which actually shows more foresight than we've ever seen from this child before or will since.

Finally we get the classic "Happy biwthday baby Jesus" which I'm sure took about takes to get it intelligible enough so that someone in the family didn't have to repeat it and lessen the impact. When Pa goes to the mercantile on Christmas Eve to sell the wheels and buy the stove, why oh why didn't Mr. Oleson tell him that he and Laura had made a deal, and she was getting Ma the stove? Laura had asked him to keep this a secret, which he did, but at this point I do not believe he would have been betraying her trust by telling Pa the plan.

Mary is given this terrifying fox stole, that looks like she just has the whole fox around her shoulders. Even as an adult, that thing gives me the chills. Of course, we never see Mary wearing that stole again, not that I don't blame her.

What was wrong with him getting two shirts exactly the same? It's not like they had tons of money to waste on new shirts. I love Christmas At Plum Creek.

Even though it was obviously filmed during summer, at least the characters are dressed for the biting Minnesota cold and there's no voice over from Laura at the beginning saying, "If I had a remembrance book, I would write about my first Christmas at Plum Creek and how unseasonably warm it was. Oh, and I traded my pony for a stove for Ma. Mary got an ugly coat we all pretended to like. Carrie thinks God's son is someone called Baby Cheezit. I just wonder what happened to the second stove Pa ordered.

Did Nels give him back the cash so that he could put it on a barrel so that he and his family wouldn't have to be wearing barrels? I always notice the silver star that Carrie wants to buy, because it is so obvious that it is covered with modern-day aluminum foil think Reynolds Wrap.

I don't think that type of foil was in use until the early s it was first used mainly for wrapping candies and such. Google to the rescue! The foil that they would be using during Laura's time would still be very thin sheets of tin. Which reminds me: has anyone ever made a complete list of anachronisms in the show other than the obvious 70s-style 'dos, that is?

Guest Stars: Richard Bull Mr. Oleson , Katherine MacGregor 3 Mrs. Featuring: Ruth Foster Mrs. Wikipedia; a re-run of Mile Walk was shown. The Olesons quarrel — Nels walks out on Harriet and goes to live in a hotel. Please try again. Photo from. You're now in slide show mode. Forgot password? Keep me signed in.

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General Information. Using this skill summons a Shepherd Dog cosmetic pet to your side.. Default name: Ayla Training. In order to learn this skill you need to read Tome of the Shepherd Dog. Gallery.

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  1. Murr says:
    I lost the cure, the plague, the start Oh, my lover I ache (I can't stand much) I've done all of these things for you Stain my soul to bleed with you (Help us, help us, someone. Help us, help us) Now wallow with sick and disease To measure out the man I know I can't be Go learn your turn and swallow a shepherd .
  2. Fera says:
    Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost was the 3rd incredible installation of the Shpongle epic released in on Twisted Records. Now remastered for It proved to be yet another masterclass in the psychedelic fusion of the worlds between musical genre and sonic geometry.
  3. Arataxe says:
    "Beneath my feet I can't allow The grass to grow," he said; And toiled so tirelessly that now It grows above his head. His honour scrolls shall feed the flame, They mean no more to me; His ashes I with bitter blame Will take to Sicily. And there I'll weep with heart bereft, By groves and sunny rills, And wish my laughing boy I'd left A shepherd.
  4. Shazuru says:
    Nothing Lost who have I become, standing here alone the child has gone never found a home I’ve been dancing to a song no one else can hear I’ve been running from monsters no one else fears I’ve been dreaming six feet under my sheets silent screaming hiding.
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    Shepherd Lost and Found Pets. likes · 8 talking about this. To help find and return lost pets in the Shepherd community.
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    DL (S) - Thanks A Lot - Ernest Tubb And His Texas Troubadours [] Thanks A Lot/The Way That You're Living/Green Light/Your Side Of The Story/There She Goes/That's All She Wrote/Steppin' Out/Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before/I Almost Lost My Mind/Big Fool Of The Year/Take A Letter, Miss Gray/Lonesome.

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