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Bright Lines (Continuous Mix) - Airwave - Parallel Lines (File, Album)

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Years past mingled with the unknowns of tomorrow on these evening walks home. He had lived atrocity during the war in Bangladesh, questioned the Supreme for allowing it. Thirty-two years later and still the ugliness of the war stayed with him, a dull ache, for the most part. The life he managed to have unnerved him: Hashi, Charu, his home; and of course, his elder daughter, Ella, who could not be called beautiful, but was on the inside.

He pictured the perfect end to his day: a cold shower, then sitting in his studio, penning the memoir he never could start, about a pair of vagabonds during the war. As he left-turned onto Cambridge Place, a maze of dominoes collapsed, each tick synchronized with the blinking eyes of the hustlers who ruled this corner. They nodded at him and he nodded back. There was nothing like this, the brownstone streets of his neighborhood.

Children ran through an unleashed? The aroma of grilled burgers brought tears to his eyes; he missed red meat. As Anwar walked up to his brownstone on the corner of Cambridge Place and Gates Avenue, a hibiscus blossom landed by his feet. He had believed the tree would induce restful sleep in Ella, who struggled with insomnia.

Within a year, it was already? Ella had slept peacefully, he believed, ever since. It's good to be high , he thought, running his tongue on his teeth for remnants of the majoun. He saw a solitary light in the kitchen. His wife's beauty salon, the eponymous Hashi's, was closed for the day.

His third-? He mouthed her name, Ra-mo-na Es-pin-al. She worked the night shift today. No glimpses until morning. Anwar cleared his throat as if to give a speech, but decided to watch the scene in the kitchen window. His wife, Hashi, cast a? She dipped a spoon into another pot and had a taste. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then yelled, "Charu!

Hashi turned to look at her. Anwar tiptoed into the house, hoping to surprise them. He paused for a moment, in the darkness. Do not enter , he thought, suppressing the urge to giggle. From this angle, Hashi's back was turned.

Staccato chopping of carrots? The pot of onions and turmeric hissed in canola oil, splattering grease onto the wall.

Charu sat at the table, staring at an array of objects arranged like a daisy on the plaid tablecloth: a pile of empty cigarette packets, some rather compromising photos of Charu at the beach, and the prize, in the center: a condom wrapper, empty of its goods. Charu protested, "Ma, I told you! I was at the beach—that's what people wear to the beach! Those are my cigarettes from a long time ago —I quit!

The condom was from sex ed—I just wanted to see what it looked like! He swiped a carrot from the cutting board. A second later and Hashi would've severed a? She turned to look at Anwar. She set down the knife and crossed her arms, as if waiting for his response. Anwar stared at Hashi, and then at their child, back and forth. Hashi's hair was pulled back in a severe bun, her cheeks?

She was yellow-skinned, slender, eyes sharp as a hawk's; he still glimpsed traces of that haughty girl he'd been incensed with back when he knew her as his comrade Rezwan's little sister.

And Charu, skin tanned by these secret beach excursions, womanish curves she'd inherited from neither him nor Hashi. He imagined Charu's visage as his own mother's. He couldn't remember; she'd died before he'd known her breast. The sole photograph of his mother had been eaten by the elements, marring her face. Charu's enormous eyes were dead cold.

It was a look that often corrupted his daughter's sweet face. Long gone were the days when they rode the subway all the way to Queens for singing lessons. You're not eighteen yet. You don't even have a summer job. That would keep you in line.

Anwar thought better than to dab it away. Charu inhaled—Anwar knew this was the momentary calm be- fore the storm. If he remembered correctly, Hashi had promised her leftover dresses and textiles from wedding parties. Charu shoved the dining table. She ran into her father, and let go a wretched banshee shrill when he didn't move out of her way.

She forced her way past, stomped to her bedroom, and slammed the door. A minute later, the sound of objects being thrown against a wall—a stiletto, a dumbbell, any thing within her reach. Then, a furious clanging of a Tibetan meditation bell, found at a German exchange student's schnickschnacks sale. Fathering a teenage girl, rough stuff , thought Anwar, as he picked up a photo that had landed by his foot.

In the photo, Charu's lips kissed a dreadlocked boy's ear: Malik. He felt a strange pang seeing the picture, jealousy tinged with admiration.

He had suspected his younger daughter was dating Malik. The boy was his intern at the apothecary, and did seem to be around the house often these past few months. The kids had grown up together in the neighborhood. Both were seniors at Brooklyn Tech; graduation was in two weeks.

Anwar wondered if this meant they would continue their relations; it was pretty convenient. Malik was a soft-spoken, handsome Black boy. A solid, sensitive young man, better than what any stern, absentminded father could ask for. The largest declines were for the following principles:. At lower left, we have another principle — say, deference to authority — that is rated as less important but on which U. Would leading political leaders act against their immediate partisan interests to protect a higher ideal?

A full report on that survey is here. The client is really excited and already wants to work with me more. Hi, Great post. I can relate to that. I record in my rented studio at a industrial park but all my mixes I do at home. I moved house recently and installed my new mixing room and made some acoustic adjustments.

I mixed the album fairly open and transparent but with mastering, which I do myself, I reduced the high end 16K and above significantly to get a more authentic 70s sound. It worked well and I tried the mix at my home stereo, in the car and my iphone MP3 to check. Sounded good and vintage! After referencing I thought it was a bit too dull although my customer was more than happy.

Thinking about this I reduced the level on my AdamA7 my reference next to Dynaudio A15 tweeters so next mix will be more balanced and clear. The next project was more satisfying for me! From what I can tell, my monitors have stopped lying to me.

Been there many times. And i think that if the mix is well balanced within itself, you can easily change the overall brightness with eq on groups or master bus.

Sometimes hi-hats would get to sharp, but that is easily adjustable too. I hear a lot of the same comments about not trusting the room one is mixing in. Standing waves on boundaries and treble reflections are causing comb filtering in what you are listening. Got it. I have a pair of headphones that I use for tracking and occaisional mixing. They are great cans, but they roll off the highs a bit.

When speaking about referencing a mix, we are comparing a mix in our own environment. One that we are very familiar with. I know how my mixes will translate on most speakers because I listen to all my music through these headphones.

After that, consider that your mix will also be making a trip through a mastering studio. There your mix will get the final sheen and bottom end push it needs to compete with other professional recordings.

Mastering is not, however, where to fix inherent problems in your mix, but you are referencing mixes that have been mastered. Trust the mastering engineer who will be finishing off your record. Chances are, they are better engineers than you are. Or sometimes I might use a harmonic exciter on the highs to make it feel brighter. Its weird but my clients love it. Love this Site The information here is Pricely!!! I think it is unfair to compare a home studio mix to a professional, commercial reference track, because they have been professionally mastered too.

The idea is for your track to sound as close to the professional mastered track as possible. This was the pro track can tell you more about your room than your speakers can and it results in less work in the mastering phaze. If you manage to get a perfect and only need to boost volume when mastering you have a roaring success. They have a scooped sound with very hyped highs. My mix from last week just about split my head down the middle with the harshness. Yea, totally agree with you…when I was mixing in my badroom without some acoustics I had the same issue, everytime my mix was not bright enough and so a just put some EQ on my 2 bus pushing the high end and then it was better, going back in the mix was worst because every move I make was changing my balance so was like better to start from scratch and do a new mix with that problem in my mind.

Im so damn frustrated. Im doing some shit in my studio, everythings nice. Im a logic pro user. It sucks. No, but srsly. Have you, or anyone had the same problem? I will try it today. I hope this solves the problem. If you you know more, just tell me, I really need to fix that issue. Had it for over a years, Im about to give up! I absolutely agree with Graham here. In addition to using my ears, I send all of my tracks in my mix to a mix bus, which then feeds to the master bus.

My reference track feeds directly to the master bus. The high frequencies above, say, 4K 2. The mid frequencies in the 1 to 2K range 3. Frequencies in the low-mids, to Hz.

The high frequencies are easily attenuated by equipment, air, and other factors, although sampling and recording equipment has gotten so good nowadays that this can almost be considered not a problem anymore. Still, a slight boost in this frequency range can help under certain circumstances. The midrange is a band that can often be overemphasized in a mix, simply because it is the easiest for equipment to reproduce, and the easiest for us to hear. Graham pointed out a simple technique in one of his classes that applies a small, across-the-board cut in this frequency range to eliminate overall mud, but you can get more specific by understanding your instruments and your microphones respond to specific situations, especially close proximity to microphones with cardioid pickup patterns.

This kind of muddiness can be readily explained, and the cure is scientifically valid. I am still learning how to use it, but the VRM seems pretty cool, except it uses a lot of the computer resources. Great topic. I began using reference mastered material about 3 years ago in my own mixes. It was eye opening how duller my mix was initially, but trusting the reference track works! I wish I had learned that 7 years ago.

Then I listen on Sony reference headphones for fine detail. In one song recently I went through eleven subtle changes before I nailed it. Of course, when I went to master it, and did a frequency spectrum analysis, it revealed even more.

Meaning if you listen to a track that sonically is too dull, your ears will adjust after a while making the dull track eventually sound better, making the pro track sound way too bright when you reference it. Great post Graham, and very good advice about referencing. It is indeed one if the most vital ways to keep on the right track when mixing.

For getting your high end sounding great in various ways, there is this post by Rotterdam Mastering showing. Hello everybody, great subject indeed Graham! Then, when mixing, the first thing you have to do is getting that air missing in the raw tracks.

Between April 9 and 22, we surveyed an expert sample of political science faculty at American universities and a nationally representative sample of 2, adults. At the same time, we conducted an identical public survey — our second — with a nationally representative sample of Americans. This approach allows us to assess… Wave 3 Public and Expert Survey Report October Given widespread concern about the possible erosion of democracy in the United States, Bright Line Watch has conducted expert surveys since early asking thousands of professional political scientists to identify the dimensions of democracy they see as most important and to rate how well the U.

NPR coverage of Bright Lines by Tanwi Nandini Islam. News, author interviews, critics' picks and more.

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    Brightlines Paper Ellen Kinsinger N. Woodland Drive Robins, IA FAX: You may print and fill out our order form and fax it to: PHONE: You may call BrightLines Paper at: () Please have credit card information handy.
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    Telecommunication. Radio wave, particularly artificial waves generated for human communication; Airwave (communications network), a mobile communications network dedicated for use by emergency services in Great Britain AirWave Wireless, a Wi-Fi hotspot provider, acquired by Aruba Networks in ; Characters. Airwave (G.I. Joe), a character in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero universe.
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    Bright lines is a series of lines which if a user crosses, will result in sanctions. Lines. Any user will be sanctioned if, after an appropriate warning, they repeatedly and deliberately edit an .
  4. Zujin says:
    Review: The trance fraternity was pleased to welcome back Airwave this year, a true pioneer of the genre who found a great new home in JOOF and deliver two brilliant LP's. To wrap up the 12 months they bring 'Dark Lines' and 'Bright Lights' together for a special bundle addition and what's more there are two exclusive bonus tracks, a remaster of 'Save Me' and an Unplugged mix of 'When.
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    Bright Line Watch surveys on the state of America’s democracy, April From April 9–22, , Bright Line Watch conducted its fifth survey on the state of democracy in the United States. We conducted previous surveys in February (Wave 1), May (Wave 2), and September (Wave 3) of , and in January of (Wave 4).
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    Dec 12,  · One of the most gifted artists of our time and with a passion still very strong. Laurent’s works under many of his guises of which Airwave is his most known one. Parallel Lines is the bundle version of Dark Lines and Bright Lines, both parts of this final concept album, with .
  7. Shazuru says:
    Nov 10,  · Well Im an electronic music producer Ive been five years trying to get my mixes and sound better and i know Im almost there just one step away to achieve it, let me tell you since those masterclass ive started new projects to apply all i got from you, Im in a 4x2x3 M room with a KRK RP5 G3 the Room have a carpet in the floor, some acoustic.
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    Dark Lines (JOOF Recordings) is Airwave's 5th artist album and marks his return journey to his roots. Few people know the man's early influences, and Dark Lines just reminds them how good music used t.

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