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What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For? - Billy And The Londoners - Favourite Pub Songs Vol. 2 (CD)

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Album: Ocean Eyes. I've been watching you For some time Can't stop staring At those oceans eyes Burning cities And napalm skies Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes Yours ocean eyes No fair You really know how to make me cry When you gimme those ocean eyes I'm scared I've never fallen from quite this high Falling into your ocean eyes Those ocean eyes I've been walking through A world gone blind Can't stop thinking of your diamond mind Careful creature Made friends with time He left her lonely with a diamond mind And those ocean eyes No fair You really know how to make me cry When you gimme those ocean eyes I'm scared I've never fallen from quite this high Falling into your ocean eyes Those ocean eyes No fair You really know how to make me cry When you gimme those ocean eyes I'm scared I've never fallen from quite this high Falling into your ocean eyes Those ocean eyes.

Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node. Selena did a remake of a Donna Summers song in the 90's. It's called 'On the Radio'. Hope that helps. I guess Im so impetitious, I want things right away.

As I first set eyes on you , I wish that I could stay. Trending News. Possible agenda behind Kanye's presidential bid. The best and worst states for retirement in Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. May 10, [1]. June 16, January 20—21, February 23—March 5, March 12, [1]. He died a few years ago. That's my little story about 'Ooh What We Do. What they didn't take out is a line "both of us slowly stalking each other for so long," which seemed so innocent in But what the song does uncover is the idea that Mathis could have gotten away with putting a few more top-flight songs on his albums in the '70s.

Still, the artist got more coverage when he hit number one again with "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" two years after this, 21 years after "Chances Are" first accomplished that feat.

The Las Vegas-style arrangement of the hit "I Only Have Eyes for You" survives because of Mathis ' voice and style, but it is the new song he discovered here that brings magic to this collection. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy.

Energetic Happy Hypnotic.

Love I get so lost, sometimes Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart When I want to run away I drive off in my car But whichever way I go I come back to the place you are All my instincts, they return And the grand facade, so soon will burn Without a noise, without my pride I reach out from the inside In your eyes The light the heat In your eyes I am complete In your eyes I see the.


The Witch (Radio Version) - Various - Super Maxi - 14 Internationale Top Hits (CD)

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Most of the time a Heart is found to be in the form of living being, as it is for Earth, Meridian, and Aridia. Various planets play an important role in the W. Earth is the home of the Guardians of the Veil, later the Infinite Dimensions while Meridian, Kandrakar and Zamballa are mystical planets that are introduced as the story progresses and the evil forces get stronger. Nerissa briefly visited a place called Aridia, a desert realm in an attempt to steal their Heart an unnamed male rock giant.

But her attempt failed when the Seal of Nerissa signalled that the other members of C. Zamballa was first introduced in the season 2 episode " P is for Protectors ".

Zamballa is a purple world with a jungle stretching out as far as the eye can see. At the centre is a Pyramid, the palace where Kadma lives while the Veil is still in effect. The Zamballans themselves look like walking purple trees. The Guardians learned of Zamballa from Yan Lin, who told them the story of when she was a Guardian and had to protect the world of Zamballa from an attack of Phobos. Kadma led the attack against him. After, the Zamballans were so grateful that they offered her the Heart of Zamballa itself and made her Queen.

However, the Veil was raised and cut off Kadma her Guardian friends and other worlds and she had to live there without hope of leaving. But with the Veil lifted and Nerissa out to control the Ex-Guardians, they agree Kadma must be warned, but Nerissa and her Knights are already there and are glamoured as W. The opening song sounds like My Bloody Valentine. You may well be enthused by…. Versese are good. Choruses sometimes, often, can be even better. There have been a couple of ways to make yourself feel old this week.

I beg to differ, at least for the reasons given. I like witches. My name is Everett True. I am a music critic. This is what I do. I criticise music. Old Nancy's years old today. A sacrifice for a god in old Hawaii. The fem The recording might be fr A young British archeologist becomes tra Home thriller the witchs tale.

Spoiler : the witches tale is cool especaily at bed time when you wake up forgetting you have the show on and that laugh freaks you out. Spoiler : All of the existing programs of this series featuring "Old Nancy, the witch of Salem," who cackled her way through the horror tales penned by Alonzo Deen Cole. Old Nancy was played by first by Adelaide Fitz-Allen, then following her death due to pneumonia at age 79 in , thirteen year old Miriam Wolfe became Nancy she died in Nancy, and her black cat Satan opened a show like this Now draw up to the fire an' gaze into the embers Then the drums came up, the witch faded and the story begins!

In , a mobster tells the F. What happened? Crime Junkie. Crime Junkie is a weekly podcast dedicated to giving you a true crime fix. The storytelling is straightforward and free of rabbit holes so the cases stay suspenseful and are easy to follow. If you can never get enough true crime You know what's long, tedious and boring?

The Super Witch ® has been an underground construction phenomenon since it first amazed spectators in Through the years, it’s gotten bigger, better, tougher, and meaner—all leading up to this: Super Witch VII. This tricked-out, souped-up Ditch Witch RT95 packs the punch of a cubic-inch (cubic-centimeter), horsepower (kW) Chevy engine under its sleek new hood.


Water - DJ Drez - Jahta Beat: The Progression (CD, Album)

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Acquista l'album Digitale a EUR 9, Aggiungi l'album al carrello MP3. Album nel carrello Visualizza il carrello. Immettere un Buono Regalo o codice promozionale Amazon. Aggiungi alla Lista dei desideri. Per approfittare dei vantaggi offerti da Prime Music, accedi alla Libreria musicale e trasferisci il tuo account su Amazon.

Aggiungi alla libreria musicale. Ascolto Tracklist. Om Jahta. New Perspective. The Road, Pt. More Creation. Sands of Fun. Jahta Dance. Golden Age. A Sadhu Walk. Al realizar el pedido, indicas que aceptas nuestras condiciones de uso. Opiniones de clientes. Volver arriba. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados. Om Jahta Om Jahta. New Perspective New Perspective.

When in a Shoulderstand, you always want to have both your shoulders and the crown of your head pressing into the ground — never your neck. If there is no gap, that explains the pain. You are correct that Candlestick is also effective in getting your blood flowing in the opposite direction, and a less complicated posture to choose.

However, most yoga instructors encourage the Shoulderstand for its myriad benefits. These include calming the nervous system, easing insomnia and fatigue, and eliminating common colds and general nasal issues.

My personal reason for practicing the Shoulderstand is a bit vainer. Scientific studies have proven that if you hold Shoulderstand for just three minutes a day, you can avoid varicose veins! At the end of the day, your yoga practice is a very personal matter.

Find what works for you and enjoy your yoga journey every step of the way. Heather is also a Life Coach and Massage Therapist and incorporates elements of both to help clients reach their goals and improve their overall wellness. She has lived in Ann Arbor for 10 years with her husband and now three dogs.

Heather Glidden: The Gyrotonic method was developed by a man named Juliu Horvath, a former dancer whose career ended as a result of several debilitating injuries. In his search for healing, he discovered the circular and wavelike movements that eventually became the Gyrotonic system. Bill Zirinsky: Is Gyrotonic a movement therapy modality, or an exercise modality, or a form of dance, or what?

The movements are flowing, rhythmic, and playful. They look like a combination of dance, swimming, and Tai Chi. They are built around fundamental spinal motions: arch, curl, spiral, side bend, and wave.

Most people come to it for only one or two of those aspects at first. The system is very flexible so it can be adapted for people with a wide range of goals. We did very slow, gentle work to start. As they became stronger, they transitioned into doing more challenging and fitness-oriented workouts. Some of them have also gone on to explore more of the esoteric aspects of the work, such as meditation and energetic awakening.

Bill Zirinsky: I know that it is difficult to convey experiential movement and bodywork. Even so, can you try to describe to our readers what Gyrotonic is, what it consists of, and what kind of movements or exercises or stretches it encompasses?

Heather Glidden: The movements are flowing, rhythmic, and playful. Many of them look like movements that you might see in nature, such as a cat stretching or a long blade of grass blowing in the wind. As practitioners become familiar with the Gyrotonic movements, the experience of doing a workout is like a moving meditation.

In Gyrotonic sessions we use a large piece of equipment called the Gyrotonic tower. Sessions are generally either private lessons or duets lessons with two people. The equipment is designed to support and guide the body fluidly through the exercises in a way that allows for decompression of the joints and release of tension held in the soft tissues. It may also be used to add resistance to exercises, both to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

The goal of Gyrotonic movements is to create a balanced structure, allowing freedom of movement in every direction at every joint while simultaneously creating the strength to support that range of motion.

There is also a version of the movement called Gyrokinesis, which one practices while seated on stools, on the floor, and standing. We generally practice Gyrokinesis in group classes. The movements are based on the same principles and look similar to the movements practiced on the Gyrotonic tower.

Gyrokinesis classes follow a regular format so that over time, students can learn the format, allowing them more freedom to explore the effects of the movement in their own bodies. The rhythmic nature of the movement makes it really fun to practice in a group. As the students start to learn the movements and breath patterns, a supportive feeling develops by among the group from practicing those patterns together. My experience of Gyrokinesis classes is that they bring a deep sense of peace and joy to participants.

What does it stand for, or mean? BZ: What do you love about Gyrotonic? Heather: The aspect of Gyrotonic that I love the most is that there is always something more to learn, something deeper to explore. The system is endlessly layered so that every time I master one lesson, I discover a deeper mystery.

Some of the learning comes from working with other people, but a lot of it comes from learning more about myself — about my own body, mind, and spirit. Beyond that, the movement feels great to practice, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. I feel like I have so much more freedom in my life as a result of my Gyrotonic practice. BZ: Where were you raised, Heather?

Where did you go to college? BZ: What brought you to Ann Arbor, and when? Heather: I met my husband in college, and we started dating during our senior year. He was born and raised in Ann Arbor, so after we graduated, we decided to move here.

Originally, we had only planned to live here for a year — I wanted to move somewhere with warmer winters — but I sort of fell in love with it. BZ: When you were young, were you into dance and movement or gymnastics or other activities like those?

Heather: I was a dancer growing up — I studied ballet, jazz, tap, modern … anything I could get my feet on.

But in my teen years, I began having severe abdominal pain that went unexplained for a long time and caused me to give up dance. BZ: Could you have predicted as a teenager that you might end up doing work in a field like Gyrotonic? Looking back now, I can see how my experience with debilitating pain, combined with my love of movement, offered me the perfect preparation for the work that I do now.

BZ: Tell us about your path to Pilates. I know you started with Pilates at a very young age. The intention of the Gyrotonic system is to move and stimulate every part and system of the body muscular, skeletal, nervous, energetic, and so on so that the whole organism can have a greater expression of life.

In essence, the goal is to be more alive. Can you elaborate? Heather: Movement is a fundamental sign that we are alive — movement of breath, the pumping of the heart to circulate blood. Thus when an area of the body becomes blocked and is unable to move, it is stagnant, less alive. BZ: What is the process for certification as a Gyrotonic instructor? Heather: Gyrotonic certification involves four courses and an apprenticeship totaling about hours of study.

The process generally takes about a year to complete. Gyrokinesis certification requires a similar but separate process. After completing certification, most Gyrotonic instructors go on to study more specialized topics to deepen their knowledge.

I generally take about to hours per year of continuing education courses to deepen my understanding of the work. BZ: And approximately how many Gyrotonic instructors are there around the country?

There are about 4, instructors currently active worldwide. BZ: You went to massage school, too, correct? And how do you incorporate that into your work? Much of the work that I do with clients is therapeutic in nature, and my massage training gives me another tool to help get my clients moving. BZ: Do you still bring Pilates into your work? Heather: Yes, I do occasionally. I try to approach each client with fresh eyes every day, and sometimes Pilates exercises are a better match for where a client is at on a given day than Gyrotonic exercises.

And who have you gone into partnership with? What kinds of individual sessions, classes, and workshops will your new studio be offering? Heather: My favorite dance teacher got me hooked on Pilates when I was about ten.

She told me that practicing Pilates would make me a better dancer. At that age I would do pretty much anything to be a better dancer — from taking French to playing a musical instrument — so when she promised that Pilates would make me a better dancer, I did it. Can you say more about that?

They felt better after class. The class felt like getting a moving massage and afterwards I was left with a lovely feeling of freedom and expansiveness in my body. I started doing a Pilates teacher training program thinking that maybe I could make a little extra income in the evenings. As I trained, I realized that people teach Pilates full-time, so that became my goal.

At that time, I kept hearing about Gyrotonic and seeing the equipment in the center where I did my Pilates training. I read articles about it, and it looked fascinating.

That was what led me to try out my first Gyrokinesis class. By the end of that class, I knew I wanted to do the Gyrokinesis teacher training. Tell us about your path to your current career. To me, working in partnership is an important symbolic step that I hope to see reflected more often in the larger world. So this is one way I can cultivate that value with my business. Our new studio has a total of nine instructors and offers individual and group Pilates and Gyrotonic classes as well as yoga.

We have a massage therapist offering services out of our space as well. We also offer Gyrotonic and Pilates teacher training courses.

Beyond that, we are currently developing weekend workshops organized around specific topics pertaining to fitness and well-being. BZ: What do you like least about your work? Heather: The administrative aspects of my job — emailing, organizing schedules, and making phone calls — are the parts that I would love to wave a magic wand and make disappear.

BZ: You are a Life Coach, as well? How does that help you in your work? Yes, I am. Instead I use it as another tool in my Gyrotonic teaching. For example, if I have a client who comes in with a lot of neck and shoulder tension, we might start out with Gyrotonic movements that release the neck and shoulders while strengthening the spine to offer more support to that area.

If, after several sessions, the client finds that the tension continues to return, then I might use coaching inquiry techniques to help the client explore what aspects of her life might be causing the tension and how she might be able to shift those situations.

The class felt like getting a moving massage, and afterwards, I was left with a lovely feeling of freedom and expansiveness in my body. BZ: Tell us about your spectrum of patients. Heather: My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds — I have worked with people from ages 7 to 87, from those needing therapeutic work to professional-level athletes and dancers.

I really enjoy working with high performers who come in many stripes. Professional dancers and athletes fall into this category, but I have also found that a lot of people who are facing chronic pain or injury are a part of this group — it takes tremendous courage to continue engaging with your body when it hurts all the time.

The most gratifying part of my work is seeing people who were once afraid of moving discover that they can have freedom and joy in it again. I am also a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis pre-trainer, which means that I can conduct the first part of the teacher training. I am excited to be able to share this method that I am passionate about with new practitioners. BZ: Is your work used as an adjunct to physical therapy or chiropractic or osteopathy or surgery, or other healing and medical modalities?

Heather: Absolutely. My work is not a replacement for any of these modalities, but it works well alongside them, and I have collaborated with a number of other medical professionals, both traditional and alternative, to help my clients realize their wellness goals. BZ: Please share with us a few anecdotes about situations in which Gyrotonic has really made a difference to a client or patient of yours.

I have one client who is a dancer who had a foot injury that makes it difficult for her to even walk now. The Gyrokinesis movements that we do on the stool and on the floor give her the feeling of dancing without putting weight on her feet. She is a beautiful mover, and it always makes me so happy to see that she is still able to dance in this way.

I have another client who came in with severe tightness in his hips. His initial goals were to be able to put his own socks on and to sit on a horse again. He worked really hard and not only accomplished those goals within just a few months, but also reached the point where he could do a trail ride on a horse. Most of my clients, though, are more like my professor client who came in with severe back pain and weakness.

In that case, the progress is slow and steady and can be tracked over the years that she has been taking lessons. When she first started, she had trouble lifting her children and going up and down stairs without experiencing a major flare-up of back pain.

Now she can travel with her children, lifting luggage and sitting in awkward airplane seats, without any significant flare-up. BZ: Thanks, Heather. Heather: Thank you! We are grappling with how to be ourselves, how to find meaning and happiness in our lives, and how to find balance in a very complex world. We often encounter crossroads where we must make difficult decisions, take new directions, or consider uncomfortable choices.

Is it possible to have a more comprehensive and positive approach to solving legal issues that benefits us in mind, body, and spirit? The answer is yes; we have the ability to guide our lives in a way that is exactly right for us.

As a lawyer, I have realized that we need to shift the mindset from the old realities into a more natural and spiritual way of relating to the nature of law and people. Moreover, the general experience of litigants has been negative as they exit the process often worse off than when they entered it. Lawyers too are unhappy with the way the system functions; industry studies show widespread job dissatisfaction and stress-related health problems.

Like many other practitioners and businesses, some lawyers are starting to explore applying holistic approaches to the practice of law by looking at legal solutions with a different lens, changing the discourse, and transforming the practice of law from an adversarial practice to a more preventive and collaborative one.

The holistic approach focuses on the whole person and the whole problem in order to find more healthy and sustainable legal solutions. I have been a lawyer for over two decades. I started my legal career as a civil rights attorney. I grew up Puerto Rican, the daughter of two deaf parents, and poor. I was no stranger to discrimination and struggle, and I believed that change could only happen by fighting in an adversarial way.

Initially, I became a lawyer to battle inequality and the draconian and adversarial notions of law. As lawyers we are trained in a retributive philosophical way. The law is viewed as hierarchical, adversarial, and punitive, and it is guided by codified laws and written rules and procedures.

Its power is vertical, and decision-making is left to a few. We are taught that we can rationalize any position or state of affairs no matter how outrageous, indecent, or unjust, and that we should suppress our emotions and personal experiences as we assimilate into the legal profession.

Yet this very notion robs lawyers and our clients of our diverse identities. It contributes to missed opportunities to settle cases and leads to contracts that do not reflect the real intention of the parties. Recognizing Opportunity in Conflict E arly in my legal career, I represented a gay minister who had just come out to his parish after 16 years of ministering and was subsequently fired.

From my perspective as a civil rights lawyer, it was a great trial case of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation a protected class in the state I was practicing. I was elated to try this case and set precedent.

What the client wanted was not a trial or a large settlement but a holistic healing ceremony with his parish, an apology, and the ability to move forward with respect and dignity. I learned that for him it was about community. He wanted to resolve the conflict in a manner that was good for everyone and not simply focused on the win. That day, I realized that being a good lawyer is about being a healer, peacemaker, and problem solver.

I realized that law could be practiced differently and that this true change would bring a new vision.

The new vision involved finding a way to humanize the law through a holistic, solutionbased approach. Similar to many Native American practices, I was drawn to the model of an indigenous circle of justice that seeks to connect on a continuum everyone involved with a problem and makes paramount healing and reintegrating individuals into the community. The center of the circle represents the entire process — from disclosure to problems, solutions, making amends, and restoring relationships — by using methods and principles of healing and living in harmony with nature and those around us.

This view shows us that there is a deep connection between justice and spirituality and that harmony and balance are essential to this path. Holistic Law H olistic law practitioners see conflicts as opportunities for growth. We often look inward to become whole ourselves in order to best assist our clients in using the legal process to find wholeness. Instead of starting with what happened, it focuses on what is happening now. It emphasizes the difference between thought and mindfulness.

In mindfulness, we realize that we are all part of something far beyond our individual life situations. It is about looking at legal solutions with a different lens. Not every legal problem is the same. Not every client is the same.

It can encompass various tenets — the power of forgiveness, mindfulness, civility, thought and conflict resolution, and transformative and therapeutic jurisprudence. In my practice, I may consult or involve other professionals non-legal for the most part who can help my clients navigate the emotional or financial issues they face, either during the case or after the case, so that they can bring their best self to the process. Often times it is the additional outside factors that can impact a legal case.

Clients may need support from professionals such as life coaches, therapists, bodywork and energy healers, mediators, financial specialists, and child specialists. Got Bliss? It brings deep rest to mind and body.

The TM technique is a really easy way to reduce stress, enhance creativity and unfold mental potential. All with 0g fat. Just because couples are divorcing does not mean that the family ends. We engage in a dialogue about letting go of blame and identifying what they need, rather than what they think they may want. We often find support from other professions. In Michigan, a party can obtain a divorce without the consent of the other as long as he or she meets the residency and domicile requirements and there is no pregnancy.

For many clients this is difficult because within six months that individual more than likely will be divorced. It may be hard for him or her to deal with the range of emotions disappointment, anger, hurt, betrayal, sadness, fear, and loss he or she may feel. Studies have shown that how a couple conducts themselves during divorce has a far greater impact on the children than the act of divorcing itself.

Preparing for a divorce can be confusing and frightening. Generally, in a traditional divorce, two lawyers hash it out in a court of law. Parties have very little direct contact with each other, and what little interactions they do have are bitter or unproductive.

In a holistic approach, the parties can come together either in a collaborative process or participate in a traditional process with an early mediation. They can discuss how to protect their rights and move forward without fighting fire with fire or unnecessary acrimony.

Generally, in a traditional divorce, two lawyers hash it out in a court of law She had adult children with him and was in her fifties. He felt guilt, and she felt anger and depression. When he finally admitted why he wanted the divorce — another woman — she fell apart and had a hard time participating in the divorce process.

She needed support and, in a holistic practice, she got it. She started going to yoga and meditation classes, received help with health insurance coverage, and went to support groups. Six months later she was in a better place emotionally and felt prepared to accept the Judgment of Divorce.

In criminal law, it can mean working compassionately with clients, especially indigent clients, and being aware that the problems and challenges they face stretch further than the confines of the case before them.

It can mean providing them with assistance, or, in a restorative justice approach, it could be a process that supports the community healing from the crime, and rather than punishment, the healing of the victims, community, and even the offender.

Its processes seek to reconnect people as human beings through a web of connections that offers support and accountability. Creating the Change and Being the Change I n all areas of law, a revolution is currently underway that is being generated by both clients and attorneys to change the nature of how the law is used and how it operates.

More and more people want control over their lives and want to find solutions that are more journey-orientated rather than destination-based. They are planting the seeds with the belief that problems can and should be resolved not with confrontation and game-playing, but with care, awareness, and collaboration. I believe that in order to change how we practice law, we have to adopt a different mindset — not just thinking outside the box but ultimately getting rid of the box.

The nominal winner is often the real loser — in fees, expenses, and time. I am an optimist who believes that we have the ability to change how we practice law. All we need to do is start. In starting, so must the law change. I believe positive change is on the horizon, and since law is the foundation of societal structures, then transforming the law could indeed transform the world.

She has a general practice that specializes in holistic law, divorce and family law, mediation, criminal defense, estate planning and elder law, LGBT issues, business law, and employee rights. She is also a Reiki master and lives on a farm called Fluffy Bottom Farm with her wife, her two children, and a llama named Dalai. She can be reached at and by web at www.

She answers questions about the retreat and what it's like practicing yoga in a foreign country. Interviewed by Julianne Popovec Q. How did the Soglio retreat come about? For Rupert, sharing Soglio with me was a dream come true. For me, in turn, sharing Soglio with yoga students is a dream come true. My first thought after entering its majestic field was: Somehow, someday, I will share this place with beloved yoga students. I am convinced that we should not question the birthing of such an idea.

Instead, its call to action orchestrates life, magically. Listening and honoring — with reverence — is at the core of yoga and offers life pathways and purpose. My initial glimpse into Soglio was a silhouette against the majestic backdrop of Alpine mountain peaks piercing a deep blue sky. Its energetic vibrancy gave me goose bumps. I was in awe — thus the name Be In Awe — and keenly aware of my bursting resolve: I will bring yoga students to Soglio one day. So it happened.

Yoga students, mostly from Ann Arbor, gathered in for our first welcome dinner. The unique and exquisite lighting results from the way in which the sun enters and exits the village each day — truly something to behold. Soglio is frequented by artists and photographers from around the globe who come for the light. How have the retreats evolved over the years? Some travel solo, some with a partner, daughter or friend, and some have traveled in a group.

Some have time enough just for the retreat. Others tag on a week for exploring Milan, Lake Como, St. Moritz, or Zurich. Each year, we have around half the group who have returned for a second or third time. They really welcome, look after, and generate loads of excitement for first time attendees. Each has a story to share from a previous year, such as a hike, class, meditation, meal, and so on.

This builds year after year and is really so rewarding to observe. Where do you stay? What is it like, practicing yoga in Soglio? Morning practices prepare us for late morning hikes that take us through resonant tunnels carved through the rock, fun for singing, chanting, and improvisation, to waterfall-fed swimming holes, which are wonderful for refreshing dips.

Some participants specify single rooms. What do you appreciate about the culture? The pace of daily life for the locals unfolds with connection to the sunrise and sunset. They work hard and then, basta, they call it a day. Stone benches provide gathering places for sharing news of the day, while admiring the changing tones of bright orange against the darkening blue sky.

Machines, internet connections, and other ways of modern life are relegated to second place. Instead, the people of Soglio connect with and tune in to nature, the angle of the sun, the current season. They listen to Mother Earth. How can yoga enhance your connection to a place and culture in a way that might be different than if you just traveled to the location, not on a yoga retreat?

Did you feel free to express your views openly without fear of punishment? Did your parents communicate their disapproval of your thoughts, desires, or behavior by means of humor, teasing, or sarcasm? I invite you to participate in an eight-week therapy group of at least five persons each weekly session will be 1. Some points of light in the mainstream Did your parents deal with you fairly and justly?

Did your parents resort to threats in order to control your behavior--either threats of immediate punitive action on their part, or threats in terms of long-range consequences for your life, or threats of supernatural punishments, such as going to hell? Were you praised when you performed well? Or merely criticized when you performed badly?

Were your parents willing to admit it when they were wrong? Or was it against their policy to concede that they were wrong? Did your parents' behavior and manner of dealing with you tend to produce guilt in you? Did your parents' behavior and manner of dealing with you tend to produce fear in you? Did your parents project that it was desirable for you to think well of yourself, to have self-esteem?

Or were you cautioned against valuing yourself, and encouraged to be humble? Did your parents encourage you in the direction of having a healthy affirmative attitude toward sex and toward your own body?

Or a negative attitude? When you were a child, did your parents' manner of behaving and of dealing with you give you the impression that you were living in a world that was rational, predictable, and intelligible? Or a world that was bewildering, contradictory, incomprehensible, unknowable? Were you taught the importance of learning to think, the importance of developing your mind, the importance of becoming a rational being? Did your parents provide you with intellectual stimulation and convey the idea that the use of your mind can be an exciting pleasure?

Looking for answers at the Reason Rally in Washington, D. Atheism: A New Strategy. Scott - Reviewer: Thomas J. Since when did obedience become the epitome of good parenting? Speaking compassionately will help us start getting everyone's needs met. No Treason No.

Love is both a feeling and a need Collectivistic cultures tend to minimize or even disfavor self-interest and self-actualization, which leads to repressed feelings, e. When parents spank children, they inflict pain and induce fear in them, i. Basically, violating the rights of children doesn't help them flourish. Lenient parenting methods are just as lopsided as punitive parenting methods. They don't teach children respectful ways to express feelings and get needs met, while meeting the needs of others.

It's important for parents to express their feelings in relation to their unmet needs, and be advocates for getting their needs met as much as children do. Many thanks to Alfie Kohn for putting such a book of useful information about parenting into the world. Five Principles of Libertopia 1. All actions should be peaceful and voluntary 2. Honor the self 3. Rule yourself 4. Community of Spontaneous Order. You are your highest value, first and foremost, which enables you to see others as their own highest value--thus, neither sacrificing oneself to others, nor others to oneself A world of selfless people is not one in which people are getting their needs met.

Using operant and classical conditioning on children and adults basically prevents them from becoming mature human beings, beings that are self-actualized, self-confident, self-respecting, independent and happy; "pop behaviorism" disconnects us from our feelings and needs, treating us as nonconceptual creatures to be punished or bribed instead of reasoned with.

Statism is a recapitulation of the coercive family environment, in which kids' need for respect isn't met among many other needs.

Domination language and domination structures thwart our need for autonomy and foster widespread coercion and hypocrisy. Life is what you make of it; your sense of life essentially colors your experiences yet doesn't alter objective reality; no one's needs ought to be sacrificed in the process of living happily. Instead of offer criticism, strive to complain effectively Nonviolent communication thread Open NVC Sessions Watch me act as though you're right.

They thereby come to believe what's best about themselves and live up to our trust in them. And how can liberty activists help them answer that important question? The pervasive distrust in humans to make beneficial and helpful choices for themselves and others is directly reflected in conditional parenting tactics and the various rewards and punishments of operant conditioning in families, in schools, and in all governmental systems Take Action!

Being dissociated from and disowning of one's own child-self is central to not meeting the needs of children and not having authentic and joyful interactions with them. Punishment for violating governmental "laws" is a near perfect reflection of the punishment model of parenting. Parenting with carrot-and-stick manipulation, either on one end or the other--or the so-called "just right" approach--disconnects both parents and kids from what's alive in them, their true reasoning selves, and their feeling and needs.

Placing "limits" on kids often means not letting them develop the essential skill of determining their own limits--so that they can be responsible and self-governing. Feel free to contact me for a counseling session at wes happinesscounseling.

Governments try to prevent individuals from making their own choices, such as where they travel and what work they do--branding individuals with passports and visas facilitates controlling them Nation-states are human farms, which indoctrinate their "livestock" in memes of obedience, submissiveness, and fear of punishment, so that economic parasitism is seen as necessary and proper Lack of trust in individuals is a main reason we have statism, and it's self-perpetuating In contrast, parenting that meets the needs of children--for respect, choice, autonomy, and love--enables a society to flourish without desires for coercion and punishment, i.

The Basics of Non Violent Communication 2. The Basics of Non Violent Communication 1. The replaying abusive childhood scripts is common in the adult world--such as government and the memes of statism. Bullying story from New South Wales Moralistic thinking right and wrong can diminish our chances of getting our needs met from the person being accused and disconnect us from taking responsibility for our emotions. Oliver's handiwork Barney Fife by Mark R.

Free Speech! It's now a social networking site, where you can organize local get-togethers. A plan for new U. Horwitz nails it with free market banking! Case in point Attributing the cause of our feelings to things outside ourselves prevents us from taking responsibility for our feelings clip from the NVC audiobook by Marshall Rosenberg Rosenberg, Ph. Suppression of self 2. Moralistic judgments 3. Amtssprache this expression was used by Nazi officials to describe a bureaucratic language that denies choice, with words like should, have to, ought 4.

Nonviolent communication: a language of life By Marshall B. If they do agree to act in harmony with our values because they concur with our analysis of their wrongness, they will likely do so out of fear, guilt, or shame. How do you react? How you respond makes all the difference for your life Speaking the truth to "power" doesn't even entail getting incarcerated; just living consciously and practicing self-assertiveness is necessary Being disassociated from emotions is part of the process by which one compartmentalizes beliefs and behaviors Introspection is key In case you need some more reasons What are the prospects of complete liberty--in your lifetime?

What will it take for individuals to stop complying, given the potent statist matrix of mass indoctrination coupled with mass fear? Foreign Policy Protect Us? If you'd like to tap into your inner subconscious wisdom via a counseling session, email me at wes happinesscounseling.

In America's Finest military City Working "within the system" is not ok; it's actually counterproductive The end doesn't justify the means "Public good" is a fallacious economic concept A congress of Ron Pauls would make government look good, even though it's an inherently evil organization. Advocating complete liberty really exposes the folly of those who don't We need to take into account the unseen costs of partyarchy, and redirect our political energy into education, voluntaryism, and agorism Let's live up to our true individual potential Life is about flourishing and happiness, so cut to the chase; don't settle for the suboptimal.

Strive to only do things that you are morally comfortable with, which entails respecting the lives and well-being of others. If you'd like to get your subconscious exploration process underway, email me at wes happinesscounseling. The communized governmental roads enable "law-enforcement officers" to violate the person and property of individual motorists.

The statist courts are not about justice, because of their inherent conflict of interest; the statist judge and statist prosecutor work for the same organization; they have no property rights jurisdiction or valid agency contract with property owners; and, they fund their operations via extortion. What is The Pursuit of Justice? As long as you comply with governmental edicts in America, it seems much better than other countries. Vast numbers of people caught up in the "corrections system" have violated no one's rights; their "crimes" have no victims.

The Pursuit of Justice and Elected vs. The legal precept of independent third party adjudication is violated by governmental courts; thus, a fair trial is simply impossible. As long as people are clueless, compliant followers of the status quo, the communized legal system will continue.

The following are some informative links for those who are sympathetic to or even enamored by socialism, yet are still open to the message of free minds and free markets:. The Business Cycle entire list of mises.

Achieving complete liberty is about engaging particular individuals in conversation that raises their awareness of moral and political inconsistencies. And it's important to explore what individuals are feeling when learning about their contradictions. There can be no valid reasons for demands of obedience, because such demands violate voluntary, uncoerced agreement. Even if you must obey for self-preservation reasons, it's still important to convey the injustice and immorality happening to those who are violating your rights.

Governments exist through the sanction of the general populace; they must appear to protect and provide. State created and supported assets will tend to become liabilities in a free market. The fundamental difference between a system of private property and so-called public property is that the former entails accountability, consent, and jurisdiction while the latter entails unjust coercion based on collectivistic abstractions. Confessions of a Recovering Ideologue, Part I.

Property is just an extension of self-ownership. Individuals must use rationality to resolve things in a mutually beneficial fashion. Big picture timeline of humanity and innovation. Government operates based on collectivism and "might makes right". Property brings about freedom; statism brings about slavery.

Property gleaned through statism is best left to the natural redistributive processes of supply and demand in the free market; no need to "take back" anything, to be a central planner. In a society of complete liberty, people will use land in ways valued by people in the marketplace. My recent "citation" The monopoly on violence and the perceived "authority" of government undermines people's independence and responsibility--and regulatory ability.

There's no such thing as a necessary evil; coercion and violence against the innocent is evil, no matter who commits it. We really can't determine the exact damage statism does to the economy and to our lives, but it's immense--and of course unnecessary.

It's important to understand people's psychology and ethics of self-sacrifice in order to discuss statism versus voluntaryism with them. The practice of living with integrity is sorely lacking in our culture, and kids learn FAR more from what adults do than from what they say. Authoritarian sociopaths don't have a solid sense of themselves; in short, they haven't worked on their self-esteem. Professionals in psychology typically avoid scrutinizing the coercion and criminality of government itself; thus, their immense denial becomes a widespread pathology.

The so-called selfless and heroic "service" of cops and soldiers blends with authoritarian sociopathy; blind obedience to "authority" is the rule. Nearly all people adhere to the political principle of respect for others and their property--until they interface with government.

Legal reform via public policy is a counterproductive game that legitimizes the nature of the irrational and unjust system of government. Governmental courts foster the ultimate conflicts of interest adjudicator and prosecutor on the same team. It's important to question the hypocrisy of those advocates of statism who believe they are moral.

Ever notice that those in government have no problem with the pervasive crimes rights-violations they perpetrate? The more "laws" that governmental employees create, the more "criminals" they can apprehend ruling via fear of punishment. Religion, being a ready-made system for controlling people, promotes the ethics of self-sacrifice, i.

Astronomers compare the Ultra Deep Field view to looking through an eight-foot-long soda straw. Complete liberty is not just about politics; it's about a worldview in which you free your mind of contradictory beliefs and behaviors. Ultimately one must redeem one's mind from all the hockshops of authority; no gods and no governments. Governmental employees who regulate people are unproductive, anti-creative, and anti-entrepreneurial. Since individuals can govern themselves, why have government?

You can't have a valid contract when one side doesn't agree to it; thus, the "social contract" is a myth perpetuated by people who want to control others. Only natural law, based in the non-aggression principle, ensures justice and restoration of victims.

In order for a better world to arise, parents need to work on their self-esteem and therefore treat children similarly. The most progress and highest quality and lowest prices happen in the freest economic sectors. Further reading: Have you considered achieving "longevity escape velocity"? The urge to regulate, govern, and control others stems from low self-esteem, a lack of trust in self and diminished worthiness--projected onto others.

Unfortunately, most scientists don't reason from first principles and instead employ an end-justifies-the-means code of immorality in relation to research funding and regulation. Want to live forever? Government itself is the problem we need to get rid of, and you can't do that by being part of it!

Since life is the ultimate standard of value, we must look for ways to solve the problem of aging and death. All the grand social projects advocated by statists, in addition to being immoral, fail miserably compared to free market standards. Until a statist agrees to put the gun down, arguments from effect or utility are somewhat futile.

Taxes by definition are immoral and unjust; no taxes are legitimate, on account of their involuntary nature. It's crucial to make the moral argument against those behaving like authoritarian sociopaths, which strikes at the root of the meme of statism and its imposed "services".

Self-defensive violence against governmental oppressors is NOT the solution to governmental aggression. Unfortunately there are "Anarchists" who are nothing of the sort, because they violate property rights or advocate violating them. Any government is inherently unproductive, because it makes no profits; no voluntary trade with others. The military does not protect individual freedom, because individuals aren't allowed to make their own choices based on property rights the essence of freedom.

Root-striking questions to ask those who want to rule over you Are We Not Afraid? Those who advocate a voluntary society favor peace and prosperity, not the coercive tactics of statism. Inner strength comes from dealing with one's fears about challenging "authority"--and speaking the truth. Our standard of living would be a great deal higher without the assorted ills of statism and central banking.

Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2. Government, being a coercive monopoly, delivers the lowest quality "service" at the highest possible price. Liberty-lovers who play politics unfortunately make government seem necessary and proper--and virtuous. Our volitional mechanism can be used in maladaptive ways, such as avoiding truth and initiating aggression.

If people held reason and self-esteem as their top values, the world would change dramatically and quickly. Human beings should be rationally self-interested.

Modern politics stems from denial of self-ownership, among other things. What we have is a world of deficient self-esteem. Egoism doesn't demand that others sacrifice for one's own sake.

Objectivist ethics is a reality-based ethics. Rational Ethics: Rational Oughts vs. Deontology by XOmniverse. The key is to live in the present moment, appreciating that you are alive! Your happiness is the ultimate defiance of death. Since life is the standard of value, an indefinite lifespan is a profound goal. When people don't rid their lives of self-sacrifice, our culture suffers greatly.

Government and Katrina Imagine amazing advances in free market transportation Imagine amazing advances advances in life-extension Imagine the newfound levels of respect of self and others in a society of complete liberty

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Merge - Solefish - Run (CD, Album)

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They come from different families of fish, and while they appear similar in appearance and taste, when you order lemon sole, what you're really getting is a flounder so named because its shape resembles that of a lemon. The name has nothing to do with its inherent taste. The same holds true for petrale sole, grey sole and lenguado. In fact, fish termed "sole" that is harvested in American waters is always flounder.

When you approach the cold case at your local fishmonger's shop, the most obvious giveaway regarding the freshness of the catch is the smell of fish. If you can smell it, turn away and go elsewhere. The freshest fish, packed in ice, has no odor.

The bulging eyes are bright and sparkling, and the gills are red or pink. Most European markets tag the fish with the date and time of catch, the name of the fisherman and the waters from which it came. The recipe can easily be doubled. In this packet, the golden, crusty potato cake takes on the tangy flavors of lemon and capers. The delicate fish fillets are quite thin so be careful not to overcook.

Make it a meal: Steamed new potatoes complete this meal. Be sure to use fresh salmon and sole in this mousse. Note that when installing the program, it will let you install other apps and ads toolbar.

To get rid of these useless tools, just uncheck the corresponding options. Fission is a Mac audio editor that is capable of splitting, trimming and joining files. It is also possible to get audio from video files with Fission, all you need to do is to open the video file in this tool and it will extract the audio for you. With regard to merge MP3 files, please refer to the steps given below:. This software is efficient when it comes to merge sound clips because of the stable speed.

All of the methods above will surely benefit you in accordance with your needs. The first free audio joiner is highly recommended for it is simple and effective, and has no limits. Freemake Audio Converter will attract the users with its intuitive interface and a wide range of supported formats.

The release that was submitted second to the database is removed from the database set back to 'draft' status. Merge Release cannot be undone, so please use this function carefully.

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To merge a release, go to the history / edit page of either of the releases you want to merge. In the grey box, click on 'Merge'. This will open up a new page, with the release's info that you came from populated in the left hand view. Copy the release ID for the other release you want to merge into the right hand side and press 'Preview'.


Sav Rocker - Peeping Tom (8) - Sav Rocker (CD)

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Get app. Album Peeping Tom Peeping Tom. Schizophrenic much? Neither are we. Yes we are. Freak show auteur Mike Patton just might be as well.

The movies make us into voyeurs. We sit in the dark, watching other people's lives. It is the bargain the cinema strikes with us, although most films are too well-behaved to mention it. Michael Powell 's "Peeping Tom," a movie about a man who filmed his victims as they died, broke the rules and crossed the line. It was so loathed on its first release that it was pulled from theaters, and effectively ended the career of one of Britain's greatest directors.

Why did critics and the public hate it so? I think because it didn't allow the audience to lurk anonymously in the dark, but implicated us in the voyeurism of the title character. The Fellini film is about the world of deals and scripts and show biz, and the Powell is about the deep psychological process at work when a filmmaker tells his actors to do as he commands, while he stands in the shadows and watches.

Scorsese is Powell's most famous admirer. As a child, he studied the films of "the Archers"--the team of director Powell and writer Emric Pressburger. Scorsese haunted the late show screenings of their films, drinking in Powell's bold images and confident, unexpected story development.

Then came "Peeping Tom. Retrieved August 31, Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on May 13, Slant Magazine. Stylus Magazine. Archived from the original on May 10, Hung Medien. Mike Patton. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews.

User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Riff Monger. Stephan Wilms. Purchasable with gift card.

At The Gates Truck City Drive Wet Leaf Hass No Auxiliary Priest So strange I don't even know her name And yet I remember her face Oh, can it be She stepped out of my dreams. So tell me what's she seekin' when she's peekin' Will she find it 'cause I don't mind it Even though I question her obsession, uh, uh She's my Peeping Tom. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias.

Listen to albums and songs from Peeping Tom. Join Napster and access full-length songs on your phone, computer or home audio device.


Of Men And Wolves - The Wretched End - Ominous (CD, Album)

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In Alaska, where perhaps the biggest wolves are found, a wolf that weighs more than pounds is uncommon. The largest wolf on record is a pound animal killed on 70 Mile River in extreme east central Alaska by a government hunter on July 12, A Canadian park ranger killed a pound animal in Jasper National Park in Males are generally 5 or 10 pounds heavier than females.

An average weight for a North American wolf would be 80 pounds, less in southern Canada, more in the north. A mature European wolf might weigh 85 pounds. Wolves in the Punjab in India and on the Arabian Peninsula might average 55 pounds. I spent a couple of days south of the Alaska Range on the Susitna River one spring weighing and measuring wild wolves and when I returned home, a friend asked how wolves compared in size to his Alaskan malamute which many people think of as a sort of carbon copy of the wolf.

I took a tape measure, and using the figures from my notebook for a typical male of the same age and weight came up with the following differences: The wolf's head was wider, longer, and generally larger. Malamute and wolf were about the same in the neck, twenty inches around, but the malamute was bigger in the chest by a few inches.

The wolf stood two inches taller, was three inches longer in the leg, and eight inches longer in the body. The wolf's tail was longer and had no tendency to curl over its back as the malamute's did. The wolf's track was nearly twice the size of the dog's. Both animals weighed about pounds. The wolf's coat is remarkable, a luxurious fur consisting of two layers: a soft, light-colored, dense underfur that lies beneath a covering of long guard hairs which shed moisture and keep the underfur dry.

Much of the underfur and some of the guard hairs are shed in the spring and grow back in the fall. The coat is thick across the shoulders, where guard hairs may be four or five inches long, and thins out on the muzzle and legs.

By placing muzzle and unprotected nose between the rear legs and overlapping the face with the thickly furred tail, wolves can turn their backs to the wind and sleep comfortably in the open at forty degrees below zero. Pound for pound a wolf's fur provides better insulation than a dog's fur, and, like the wolverine's fur, it won't collect ice when warm breath condenses against it. Wolves in warmer climes have shorter guard hairs and less dense underfur. The red wolf, which inhabits hot, humid areas on the Gulf Coast, has a short, coarse coat and large, pointed ears in contrast to the short, rounded ears of tundra wolves.

Short ears are less sensitive to the cold; long ears are efficient dissipaters of body heat. In extreme cold the wolf can reduce the flow of blood near its skin and conserve even more heat. A team of biologists in Barrow, Alaska, found that the temperature of the wolf's footpads was maintained at just above the tissue-freezing point where the pads came in contact with ice and snow. Warmth there was regulated independently of the rest of the body.

This is a good example of the marvelous but nevertheless commonplace efficiency of design found in all wild creatures.

On warm days wolves dissipate heat by panting, a weary-looking but efficient method of cooling by evaporation. And by flopping in creeks and rivers. In the s a Montana cattleman wrote that the wolves on his ranch "would lay up in the damp cool dirt among the reeds and cattails below some spring or in the cedar clumps and thickets on the north side of a high butte" on a hot day. During hot spells wolves travel much less and restrict their hunting to the coolest hours of the night.

The wolf's ability to regulate its body temperature no doubt helped it survive in a wide variety of climates, each with a wide range of temperature. In the Northwest Territories it may reach seventy degrees below zero or climb to ninety degrees on a summer day. In the northern plains it gets nearly as cold and twenty degrees hotter. The Cascade wolf had to contend with deep snows, the British Columbia wolf with forty to fifty inches of rain in the winter.

No one knows how wolves managed in all that moisture. Maybe they simply stayed out of the rain. The wolf's coat ranges in color from almost pure white through various shades of blond, cream, and ocher to grays, browns, and blacks. Among the more striking are the slate blue coats of some arctic wolves.

Most white wolves are found in the north, though Lewis and Clark and many mountain men, explorers, and immigrants reported large numbers of very light wolves on the Great Plains in the early s.

The color of the coat apparently has no camouflage function, as black wolves are commonly found on the tundra and white wolves stand out against the black soils of central Russia. In southern Canada and Minnesota the black phase is more common than the white, but grays predominate. Variety in color in the same litter is the rule, though litter mates usually have the same quality of fur.

The most luxuriant pelages show up among adults on the tundra, the difference between a tundra wolf pelt and a timber wolf pelt being so pronounced that the former often sells for twice as much.

There are no records I know of for albino wolves, but an aerial hunter told me of one he killed twenty-five miles east of Umiat on the arctic slope in April It was a female, with pink eyes, nose, and footpads, and weighed about eighty pounds. There are no statistics to bear this out, but when it came up in conversation, many people in Alaska -- hunters, biologists, native people -- volunteered the information that the biggest wolves they'd seen were blacks.

The great variety in pelage -- and I know of no other mammal so variously colored -- among wolves in a single area is attested to by the number of words people use to describe local wolf coloration. One Eskimo remembered trapping a spotted wolf, a black with white patches in its coat, in in the Brooks Range. Eskimos are keen observers of detail and the Nunamiut people of the Brooks Range in Alaska distinguish between male and female wolves and between lactating females and other wolves partly on the basis of differences in pelage.

Females tend to have more reddish tones in their fur, and the hair on their legs tends to be smooth, where the hair on a male's leg has a slightly tufted appearance.

Pelage changes texture as the animal grows older, with females generally developing the smoothest coats. Older animals tend to have more white hairs in the tip of the tail and elsewhere, along the nose and on the forehead, for example. Lactating females retain their long winter fur longer than other wolves and show hair loss around their nipples.

What hair remains on the belly around the mammae develops a red-brown stain. The Nunamiut also point out that there are subtle anatomical differences between males and females. Females have a narrower muzzle and forehead, thinner neck, slightly shorter legs, and less massive shoulders, which makes the males seem slimmer in the waist by comparison.

Two-and three-year-old females, in the opinion of these Eskimos, were also faster runners than males of the same age. These are all generalizations, of course, but valuable pieces of information in the aggregate for distinguishing the age and sex of a wolf at a distance.

The shading in a wolf's coat has a discernible and purposeful pattern. Even relatively pure black and white specimens reveal these patterns. The long, dark-tipped or grizzled, guard hairs saddle the shoulders and extend up the neck and down the spine, fading out toward the rump, where they merge with darker hairs on the top of the tail.

The underside of the tail, the insides of the legs, the belly, and the underside of the muzzle are usually light. The head is marked, particularly around the eyes and ears, in such a way as to emphasize the features of the face.

The end of the tail is usually dark, with at least a few white hairs at the tip, and there is often a dark spot on the top of the tail marking the location of a scent gland. The wolf uses a series of stereotyped body postures and facial expressions to communicate, and careful observation reveals that these signals are enhanced by shadings in the fur, making the signals more noticeable.

Wolves are agile creatures but not as deft and quick as coyotes, Red wolves move in a more delicate manner than gray wolves, appearing to put less weight on the foot.

In captivity red wolf-coyote hybrids have jumped into the lower limbs of trees, four or five feet off the ground. Wolves spend an average of eight to ten hours out of every twenty-four on the move, mostly the crepuscular hours. The struggle between a need to be loved and a want to be worshiped. My mother taught me that Jesus was a carpenter, so I began building my thrown of masculinity on the corpses of everything that made me human. Masculinity is getting more and more expensive.

This is not how you survive, these are not lessons for the living. This is how you raise the dead. These is how you raise boys to believe this is all okay. Rome Under the Olive Tree The Sea Wall Tempest Adventure History.

Capriccio all'italiana The Year Long Road The Last Judgment Edit Storyline Two young hunters of wolves are involved in a conflict. Taglines: Boundless Thrills and Suspense! Genres: Drama. Add the first question. Edit Details Country: Italy France. Language: Italian. Runtime: 94 min. Sound Mix: Mono. Between the notoriety of his actions and the innovative, trendsetting musical contributions of Emperor itself, Samoth and band leader Ihsahn spent the s building up a a hell of a lot of baggage for people to bring to later projects.

Drummer Nils Fjellstrom acquits himself well from start to finish; though the album would have had more than enough notes of death and black metal to justify a reliance on blastbeats, Fjellstrom makes the winning choice to restrict himself to two or three blasts on the whole thing, relying instead on traditional thrash patterns deployed tastefully and broken up by creative, low-key fills. The centerpiece of the album, thematically, is The Human Corporation, which decries the influence of capitalism on Western culture, and the way that man is removed from his connection to nature by materialist existence.

From the unconventional structures to the schizophrenic mood, the fun of The Wretched End is in the twists and turns. The Way Out Written By Wolves has always been about intertwining genres and this track sees us delve further into the electronic side of our sound than we have gone before. It is once again a commentary on the state of the world and how quick we are to tear people down once we have built them up — especially online, with the chorus being an emphatic challenge to try and change that.

The concept behind this song is no matter what you are going through, no matter what is happening, if the world was about to end, who would you want to be with. I felt that situation and sentiment would strip your thoughts and decisions down to their most truthful and pure.

From there, we set about creating a piece of music befitting of the sentiment. When The Horn Blows. Cart 0.

Ominous The Wretched End. Type: Full-length Release date: October 25th, Catalog ID: CANDLECD Of Men and Wolves Show lyrics (loading lyrics) 6. Numbered Days Show lyrics Produced by Marius Strand and The Wretched End. Added by: YVEGOR.


The Dixie Cups - Love Aint So Bad (After All) / Daddy Said No (Vinyl)

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Top Songs. Iko Iko. Cajun Zydeco Classics. Chapel Of Love. American Diner Classics: Vol. Chapel of Love. So maybe you have a why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road answer that nobody's ever heard.

So what. The real test of a good riddle is, as everybody knows, whether it can make the side of a tiny paper Dixie cup. You know, the ones you use to wash out the Aquafresh, the ones with all those corny classic jokes on the side:.

Many of today's adults had these riddles drilled into their heads as they rinsed and flossed in the s, when the cups were introduced, recycling hundreds of jokes for five years. But Dixie stopped making them in and then brought them back last year using the same old riddles. So, now Dixie wants your help. Dixie wants the kids of today to write the riddles of the future. If you're 12 or younger, Dixie wants to hear your favorite riddle, your best milk-through-the-nose joke, your most painful pun.

Bella and her momma were pretty much the same with their other everyday possessions, too — dishes, TVs, cats, dogs, toys — they were all fair game for the scrapheap if the mood struck. This is not a criticism at all — just an observation from the son of a single-income family, with a dad who worked like a madman to scrape us up into the middle class.

Specifically, when I was in middle school, my parents saved up to redecorate our bathroom. That overhaul included new wallpaper, new carpeting, a new toilet seat, new towels, new shower curtain, new soap dispenser. Rather, each of the three of us had our own Dixie cup, and we kept using it until the little flappy bottom pulled away from the cup side and spilled water all over the floor, or our pajamas. See, Granddaddy died when I was about two years old and, once he was gone, it became pretty clear that Grandmother was rich.

I mean, she was a something woman living alone in the city, yet she could afford two dogs, a new Buick every few years, Elvis velvet paintings on every other wall, a console color TV … and Dixie cups. Being the old lady that she was, Grandmother naturally favored designs that featured flowers or diamonds or butterflies. But once upon a time, she somehow happened onto a box of Dixie riddle cups, with cartoons and duh riddles on each cup.

Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation. Chapel of Love Iko Iko. Categories : American pop music groups American soul musical groups African-American girl groups Family musical groups African-American families Musical groups from New Orleans Singers from Louisiana Musical groups established in establishments in Louisiana.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Wikimedia Commons. Download as PDF Printable version. The Dixie Cups' official site. Wikimedia Commons has media related to The Dixie Cups.

ABC - Love Ain't So Bad (After All) / Daddy Said No – Musicor - Chapel Of Love / I Wanna Love Him So Bad -? There are countless re-issues of the Red Bird release ‘Chapel Of Love’ on a myriad of different labels, so only the original label releases are listed here.


Polizischt Wäckerli-Marsch

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Region Sie kann Amriswil die auf der Webseite www. Die Auszah- Bei lungen erfolgen jeweils monatlich, erstmals Ende Mai Nach diesem Stichtag Geborene sowie aus dem Ausland oder einem andern Kanton zuziehende Personen sind erst im Folgejahr bezugsberechtigt. In diesem Fall ist keine Anmeldung mehr einzureichen.

Massgebend ist die einfache Steuer der satzbestimmenden Faktoren. A bis Ablauf Die Gemeinde n ermitteln per 1. Das Formular muss innerhalb von 30 Tagen seit Empfang an die Krankenkassenkontrollstelle der Gemeinde , in der die bezugsberechtigte Person am 1. Wenn das Formular nicht fristgerecht eingereicht wurde, kann auch keine Neubemessung aufgrund der Schlussrechnung mehr verlangt werden. Eheschliessungen keine Uhr November bis November Samstag, Montag Die Anlieferung Wir freuen uns auf diesen ersten Kontakt mit den Eltern und hoffen auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit.

Schulgemeindeversammlung am Montag, Eine Anmeldung ist nicht erforderlich! Sie nehmen sie Vor mit auf dem eine Programmstart Reise durch um das Ab Mai statt Verschiebungsdatum: 20 Mai Anmeldeschluss ist der OK Flossrennen, F.

Kirche Sulgen Stock, Gemeinde haus Kirchgemeindehaus Sulgen Anmeldung bei 21 74 Amriswil, Evang. Kirchgemeindehaus, Unterrichtsraum, Romanshornerstr. Kurzer Link Link Embed. Teilen ab dem Cover. Teilen ab Seite:. Weitere Magazine dieses Users. Jetzt Yumpu testen! Langnau im Emmental-Historische Musikaufnahmen. Peter Gerber. Stephan Haldemann. Emmentaler Musikerinnen-Musiker. Lisa Della Casa. Trio Sommer. Langnauer Musikanten. Lukas Christinat.

Musikarchiv-Serge Schmid. Marcelle Grandville - Fritz Zimmermann. Musik der Welt-Die Musik des anderen Amerika. Volksmusik hat hier ihren Platz gefunden-Interview mit Florian Walser. Joseph Lauber. Volksmusik aus den er Jahren. Luzi Bergamin. Krienser Halszithermusik ab Schellackplatten.

Alte Fernsehaufnahmen. Blaskapelle Moravanka-Schallplatten. Stephan Clivaz. Francesco Raselli. Tonstudio Serge Schmid Langnau. Restaurieren alter Tonaufnahmen. News-Tonstudio Serge Schmid Langnau. Wichtige Infos. Externe Soundkarte. Tonstudio Angebot. Restaurieren-Bearbeiten alter Tonaufnahmen.

Anleitung zum Verschicken von Schellackplatten. Schellackplatten 78 rpm digitalisieren. Schallplatten digitalisieren. Tonbandspulen digitalisieren. Musikkassetten digitalisieren.

MiniDisc digitalisieren. Hi 8 Video. Mini DV. All of Alford's marches are presented here, as well as several of his concert band pieces, including Colonel Bogey his signature composition ; The Great Little Army; H. Special Import. Land Of Hope And Glory and more. Essential to any military music library! A virtuoso performance encompassing centuries of not just British but also Western military history.

Twenty one tracks of concert- and field music are presented here in impeccably percussive and authentic! The 26 cavalry trumpet calls presented include battlefield commands and horn signals of the Belgian Army's mounted troops as played right up to the Second World War. Felix Schudel bezeichnet sich selber als Fossil. Darum ist er ein sicherer Wert. Als Primarschullehrer hat er sich auf dem zweiten Bildungsweg zum Orchestermusiker. Als ausgebildeter Geiger, also einer, der weiss wie man das Instrument behandelt, hat er lange im Glarner Musikkollegium gespielt, einem professionellen Kammerorchester.

Mit ihm spiele er die grossen Chorkonzerte. Er hat ebenfalls eine Gesangsausbildung absolviert und ist Stimmbildner. Wie wird man vom Musiker zum Dirigenten? Ich wurde angeleitet durch meinen Geigenlehrer, Abraham Comfort, der Konzertmeister des Stadtorchester Winterthur war.

Von ihm habe ich viel profitiert. Er hat mich bis zum Diplom begleitet und gleichzeitig bemerkt, dass ich eine Begabung zum Dirigenten habe. Er hat mir sehr viele Tipps gegeben und mit mir Partituren besprochen. Gleichzeitig habe ich vieles autodidaktisch gelernt. Dazu kamen einige Erlebnisse als Konzertmeister, die mich lehrten, wie man es auf keinen Fall machen sollte! Bei beiden war ich schon als Mitglied dabei. Wie liessen sich die vielen Engagements mit ihrem Berufsleben als Lehrer vereinbaren?

Daran ist man gebunden. Wir gaben jedes Jahr drei grosse Konzerte! Er ist der CEO. Was bedeutet ihnen Musik? Es ist eine unendlich kreative Welt — auch die klassische Musik.

Beispiel sei die Barockmusik genannt. Bei modernerer Musik mit mehr Angaben bleibt die Anforderung, diese zu interpretieren. Auch das ist sehr spannend. Das ist eine gute Frage. Im Laufe der Zeit wurde ich immer offener. Es handelt sich aber immer um klassische Werke? Ja, das kann man sagen. In der Jugendzeit habe ich auch Jazz gespielt, in einer DixielandBand mit dem Banjo und des hat mir grossem Spass gemacht.

Aber irgendwann musste ich mich entscheiden. Felix Schudel hat sich entschieden. Durch Ausdauer, Geduld und hohe musikalische Kompetenz hat er mit dem Laienorchester beachtliche Erfolge erzielt.

Er fordert das Orchester und das Publikum auch mit unbekannten oder neueren Kompositionen. Zudem engagiert Schudel immer wieder Solistinnen. Mit Schubert erinnert er sich an seine Herkunft. Mozart kennt einfach alles. Das fasziniert mich an dieser Komponistenfigur. Das ist genial. Mozart ist auch in der Instrumentalmusik ein Opernkomponist. Darum fasziniert er mich. Das heisst, er formt in jedem Takt eine kleine Geschichte aus.

Vier Jahrzehnte, Weihnachten, damit ist eine Ganzheit angesprochen, die der Komponist in 4 Teile teilte und sie den 4 Elementen zuordnete. Eintrittskarten Fr. Der eine hielt noch einen Krug in der Hand, aber am Schnaps sind sie nicht gestorben. Sie sind schon am Sterben, wenn sie zum Schnaps kommen. Illustriert von Ueli Rybi. Am Montag, Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www. Die Zahlen stimmen nachdenklich.

Tendenz stark steigend. Sie ziehen einen Selbstmord, oder assistierten Selbstmord, in Betracht. Corinne Rellstab und Sabine Zgraggen. Doch wie sieht es in uns drin aus? Psychiatrisch-, psychologische Arztpraxen und Kliniken sind gut ausgelastet. Das Bewusstsein ist einerseits gewachsen, dass man sich Hilfe holen kann. Werbung macht da fleissig mit. Jeder kann sein Leben einrichten wie er will. Stattdessen sagt man trotzig: Ich bin autonom und brauche nichts und niemanden.

Gesellschaftlich ist der Eindruck entstanden, dass das Leben als sehr alter Mensch nicht mehr automatisch lebenswert und wertvoll ist. Jemand, der nichts Sichtbares mehr leisten kann, wirkt unattraktiv und bemitleidenswert.

Februar Dienstag, 7. Februar Sonntag, 5. Sonntag im Jahreskreis Februar Samstag, 4. Februar 5. Sonntag im Jahreskreis Donnerstag, 9.

Bekannt wurde insbesondere sein Polizischt Wäckerli-Marsch. Quelle: Vreni Zweifel Otto Würsch () Solo-Horn Otto Würsch (junior) von Emmetten/Kilchberg ZH war ein Multitalent. Er spielte in verschiedenen Schweizer Volksmusikensembles Cornet, Trompete, Tuba, Posaune und Bassgeige, wird er Solohornist zuerst im Radio-Orchester.


Mind Games (Rough Mix) - John Lennon - The Alternate Shaved Fish (CD)

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Archived from the original on 21 April Retrieved 7 February Archived from the original on 28 November Retrieved 24 February Billboard Hits of the World. Official Charts Company. Retrieved 2 April British Phonographic Industry. Select albums in the Format field. Select Gold in the Certification field. Recording Industry Association of America. Discography Song list. Unfinished Music No. Book Category. Plastic Ono Band. John Lennon Yoko Ono.

Namespaces Article Talk. Any chance of a re-upload? Beehive Candy said…. Post a comment. Popular posts from this blog Kraftwerk - Toccata Electronica May 14, Read more. June 14, Alternate takes and outtakes from the "Walls And Bridges" sessions. HMC Come Together. Narrated by Scott Muni. Complete Live Lennon Tapes 3 cds. Collection of solo live recordings. Complete Lost Lennon Tapes Vol. Walrus Records. John at the piano. Double Fantasy Recording Sessions 4 cds. Numerous tracks of about a dozen songs.

The first fourteen tracks are from the source tape for the bootleg "Fulfilling The Fantasies". Double Fantasy Working Version. Alternate takes from "Double Fantasy" sessions, presented in fabulous sound quality. Dreaming Of The Past. Part nine of a collection of rare and unreleased demos and outtakes.

VT-CD Filming The Fantasies. Last studio filming session 18 August VOXX Interview broadcast on WNEW BC This collection features the best of John Lennon's original home demos recorded at the Dakota between and Pegboy Declicked, pitch, level and phase corrected from the FAB 1 version. Remasters Workshop. RMW Give Peace A Chance. The Easy Rider Years. Gone From This Place. Source: Lost Lennon Tapes radio series. Hushed Bells Over. Plastic Ono Band acetates.

MFCD I Found Out. Collection of demos taken from the Lost Lennon Tapes series. It focuses mainly on the Plastic Ono Band sessions,. SW Outtakes of the Imagine tracks. IM Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. UDCD Imagine Apple 2x1 Sided Rough Acetate. Tracks from "Imagine" taken from an "Apple custom label rough acetate".

Imagine Demos. Sidewalk Music. Imagine…All The Outtakes 3 cds. More Session Tapes. Imagine Multi Tracks Separated 3 cds. Each song from Imagine separated into it's separate tracks vocals, drums, piano, bass, etc. Imagine - The Sessions.

An alternate reconstruction of the Imagine album, plus bonus outtakes and rehearsals from the Imagine sessions. The source is The Lost Lennon Tapes radio series. Mixed bag of demos and alternate versions. It's Gonna Be Alright 2 cds. Outtakes from John Lennon's first solo album. Capitol here in the states or Odeon In Japan. I'd like to see what that Fame pressing looks like Joe Fornarotto , Aug 21, Location: Greater Vancouver.

Dave , Aug 21, I'm a bit more confused. Location: Argentina. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. John Lennon. Retrieved 29 November Retrieved 20 November Retrieved 1 March — via robertchristgau.

Archived from the original on 9 February Retrieved 16 August Robert Christgau. But, fear not. In a metaphorical reflection of his transcendental trip through Beatlemania, we emerge the better for having lived and listened. Not many albums can lay claim to such lofty notions. See if you agree.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mind Games [Bonus Tracks] [Remaster] by John Lennon (CD, Oct, Capitol) at the best online prices at .


Aint That A Shame - Pat Boone - The Very Best Of (Vinyl, LP)

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The Fifties: Complete. Rock n' Roll Reunion: Class of Rock N' Roll Legends. Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Hits [Disc 3]. Hit Parade! Superstars of the 50's. Chart Toppers. Chart Toppers: Dance Hits of the 50s. Greatest Hits of the 50's, Vol. Greatest Hits of the 50s [Box Set 1]. Rock N' Roll of the 50's, Vol. Hot Hits: Rock N' Roll of the 50's.

Love Letters in the Sand [Hallmark]. Memorable Party Favorites. Best of the Best. The 50's Decade: Rock 'n' Roll. Blast from the Past: Pat Boone. Pat's 40 Big Ones. The 50's Decade [Boxsets ]. With Rob Lowe. This is literally a podcast where people I love, admire, and know well will be in a safe space to really let their hair down assuming they have any.

I will cover the thoughtful to the extremely random. So join me and my guests from the world of movies, TV, sports, music, and culture for fun, wide-ranging, free-wheeling conversations. I'll See You in My Dreams. Love Letters in the Sand. Speedy Gonzales. More Albums. Ain't That a Shame. Home Is Where I Belong. Yes No. April Love. I Almost Lost My Mind. Love Letters in the Sand. He decides to open a dance club for teenagers that will feature rock music.

So Nelson puts on a show to demonstrate that rock music is exciting but relatively harmless. Although Fats is simply lip-synching to the recording of his song, this is a valuable historical clip.

Domino himself. Turner had been a blues singer in the 30s, when he performed with Count Basie and also the Duke Ellington Revue. Then in , Ahmet Ertegun signed him to his Atlantic Records label. Tommy Charles, another of the musical artists in the film Shake Rattle and Rock! After his singing career stalled, Charles returned to Birmingham, Alabama, where he became a successful radio DJ.

Charles featured witty banter on his shows and introduced several comedy characters. So, ten years after appearing in a movie where his character fought against prudes trying to ban rock music, Tommy Charles was leading protests by destroying Beatles records.

Presumably the irony of this was lost on Mr. Now back to Fats Domino. Over his career he landed an amazing 37 songs on the Billboard top 40 pop charts. This was partly because of the British Invasion, which few American artists were able to survive. However, Domino was an inspiration to an entire generation of rock musicians. Fats Domino was one of the inaugural group of rock musicians who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in The following year, he was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

After , Fats Domino became almost a recluse in New Orleans. He refused to leave the city because he claimed it was impossible to get the food he loved anywhere else. Domino did not even leave his house in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He claimed that he stayed in his home to care for his wife Rosemary, who was in poor health.

Sources for chart positions: Billboard and All Music. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits.

Ain't That A Shame Lyrics: You made me cry / When you said goodbye / Ain't that a shame / My tears fell like rain / Ain't that a shame / You' re the one to blame / You broke my heart / When you.

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