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We Sell Soul

29.08.2019 Zugar 8 Comments

I enjoy every step I take. There is nothing more empowering then achieving something. And with one wish fulfilled, dozens of new ones come. It has no end. It drives us to evolve even more. This is reality, this is how selling soul is done and how it impacts your life. A recipe, ritual and quick and easy gain?

Where do I know it from? Ah, yes, a fairy tales! Allegorical, simplified stories to show children that everything is possible and that there are forces in the universe that can help them get anything they want! But if you read fairy tales carefully, you will see also that there is always a price to pay. Where would be fun if it was all so easy?

So as you see, selling soul is so personal process, that others cannot simply give you any recipe that would work for you. There is no simple solution to anything… There is only a hope, a feeling that this can be done so you do it, improve it, try it again till you get it. Proving yourself to yourself is the most satisfactory game people can play.

Every healthy psyche needs in one form or another. If you fail to gain things, your personality degenerates. If you achieve things, you grow. It is not my intention to guide you personally every step along the way. I expect independence and resourcefulness from a satanist. Besides, if something comes too easy, it has no value. I explained above what is needed and how it looks like, the rest is up to you. Very interesting!

I catch a lot of flak over my belief system: I work with the Dragons and their Spirit-allies. They do not need my Soul any more than they need another physical world in order to exist.

Like Like. We just don. Does love has to be reasonable? Love is blind, literally. This is a typical for unconditional love: you may know everything bad about object of your love and yet you still chose to love it. I guess me and people like me have just certain inborn characteristics that makes us being pulled to dark things, to love them. Yes, you can see it that way. Soul is not a thing that can be possessed, it can only be dedicated willingly.

Like Liked by 2 people. Uh, are you talking to me or Satan? Satan helps people with initiative, people who know what they want and people who follow their goals. You need to realize first who you are, what you are good with and go for it.

I have sell my soul please please helpme. I am india so i cnt understand english language i speak hindi but please help me i sell my soul realy please help me please.. Well, why did you do it in the first place? Sorry if this makes no sense. I am using Google Translate. Hey man i m so obsessed to being a biggest phenomenal teen heartthrob like robert pattinson or justin beiber may be more then them i want the world to see the biggest star ever born on this planet.

Please tell how to sell my soul. I care for privacy mine and my site users so every email in commentary will be deleted. Honesty and Integrity about yourself should be where you can start from. My time with the Dragons has taken years to develop and refine. Hello, Zalbarath! I need your answer really fast. So, after I started thinking about this too srsly I was feeling some energy from him. So… Can you help me?

Secondly, Satan is not doing quick fixes, at least not the real ones. Love is a great emotion but it seems you are getting addicted to it and in that way it becomes destructive to you and others around you. Here is the thing: you are in control of your emotions. If you like something, you can focus on it and it can transform into passion or love.

If you think intensely about something that bothers you, it can spiral to hate and self destruct or violent mode. The same is with obsessive love that do more harm then good. You have to forcefully let it go and focus on something else, while coping from withdrawal, but slowly regaining more control. All similar comments of yours were deleted. No, you should find it yourself.

Satanism is religion of the self, not of the following. There are groups who believe they temporarily change and synchronize with an animal on the mental and emotional level and that is more likely IMO. If they had existed, jesus would be pointless and stupid and the god would be evil and little-minded.

Nothing to look up. I care not for the labels, for they matter little to me. It is the mythos and the legends that have drawn my interest towards them. I feel far more liberated in my thinking and practices, because I am not constrained to think, believe, or even on what I may imagine. I agree with the sentiments expressed in the above article.

I call it the forge. I require a large piece of private land. Did you ever had any prove of what you believe in? Social prove is just psychological mechanism but is not a real prove. I prefer to believe in what I experienced and what proves itself in life in practice.

Spirituality is real, however myths and word view presented in religions are nothing more then fairy tales for naive. And as we do these thing to full fill our desires, Satan is there watching over to see if we are giving it our all, nudging us towards God Head. Let me begin by complimenting your writing. I felt called to complete a ritual for success, drive, and focus.

I did this in Arabic, my native language. Everything flowed organically. It then seemed to spiral, loss of inhibition, the pure, raw part of me emerged and instinct took over. The rise of energy was dramatic, tangible, radiating, pulsating through every part of my being. At the end, I drew a tarot card, the 8 of cups, in my deck, it indicates an agreement of sorts, usually of spiritual quest. I took it as an affirmation, despite the orthodox interpretation of the card.

Congrats on the ritual. The most important thing is to adjust it to yourself so I may advise something but only you can know if it works for you. As to tarot card, it looks like you took the step away from old habits, views and choose a new path. Cards show incoming or existing trends but we can change them any time, nothing is written in stone. Like Liked by 1 person. Well, to be completely blunt: selling soul is just a fancy description for unconditional love.

You just choose to ignore them and embrace the ones you love. You gave yourself your soul to the person you love. You are making yourself happy, not the other person, because you chose to focus on things that you love. In that way you can sell your soul to anyone, not just Satan. However satanists, real satanists, love Satan because He embodies ideas we love.

Ritual is only official expression of your emotions that must come first. My second and last question for you Zalbarath is I guess a pretty childish one , While Ive been researching all about souls and selling of them I found out that you could make a verbal pact with satan , when doing so satan leaves a mark on the beholders body which is not touched by pain , what exactly would this mark look like and would it last for all eternity?

I sincerely hope that you read and reply back to my comment as i am eagerly waiting for your reply back! As to this mark, this is also a belief and I never heard about happening for real. Since many years no satanist I spoke with even mentioned this mark, so my suspicion is, this is not a widely spread belief, otherwise lot of people would try it by now ;. If anyone knows how to really do with without killing anyone, please message me! Why do you think you should kill someone?

In reality satanists often care for others, especially animals :. Lol you want to see psychopathic? Just learn about satanism, magick, spirituality, learn how to meditate, how ritual work, etc. With time you will be able to create your own selling soul ritual. They want you to believe in a dream that they made up!! Some people my feel Satan better and then get better and quicker results then elsewhere.

Quick results after deal with Satan are just part of legend and cultural beliefs where devils deal is a bad shortcut. Real deal always takes more time and depends on how dedicated you will be and again, some people can be more driven for Satan then other deity. I never cease to wonder what happens in minds of people who ask such questions like above.

I guess that satanism do attract lot of naive and immature people who mistake reality for fantasy movies and fairy tales. I am coming from a horrible background of devil worship and satanic bondage. I am not even though with deliverance because I had gone in quite deep to a point of doing literal manifested magical acts.

And a family of sorcerers background did not contribute well. Soul selling is not loving Satan. It is the old bible words of Satan to Jesus… Bow down to me and I will give you every glitter on earth.

A lot of people driven by need, genuine and not genudeclaredd, need for power , revenge and tiredness of being ordinary… Are willing to serve satan, be loyal to satan just to achieve these things. This is the soul selling. And yes it is easy to do. I am not sure how other religions deal with remedy for soul selling. From a biblical perspective the words are….

Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that God has declared. For many Satan will require obedience but Satan is more complicated then that. The same is with us, you are kind to some, mean to others and yet others are not important enough to care. The same person and yet different relationships. I served god all my life and in the end all the promises he swore to keep were nothing at all. Unfortunately there is no one single way to do that.

Your article was pretty clear in my opinion as to the fact that you cannot sell your soul for wealth, fame, love etc etc. I always find your replies so patient and diplomatic and I find that commendable. Thanks for a great site. Ave Satanas. This is what you should concentrate on — that is where the money lies.

Passion is a fuel that gives you energy to act, invent, dig, try, learn and do more and more. With it comes high energy and synchronization, then demons can accelerate you. Thy are there, but they wait for you to be in proper place and finding that place is where most people fail. Only in movies you can just wish, do obscure ritual and receive gifts with no effort and immediately.

In reality you must put yourself to it. Not by just hard working — that often brings nothing, but smart working and with passion. Why someone will do that if there is no reward in real life? Who wrote these din not know what he say or who is selling his soul just for some feelings is to stupid to understand what will be next. The deal is the deal, right?

Soul is something important, and if satan not understanding that these mean he is not respecting his part of the deal. Sorry to say but you are based on fairy tale beliefs and fantasy films. Nor Satan is the normal guy you can talk to, nor soul is a thing to give soul is YOU , nor deal is piece of paper with unbreakable rules. I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand. Q I pray that God blesses you and your family greatly for all the insight you share with all of us on a daily basis!

A The concept of selling your soul to the devil comes from a work of fiction by Christipher Marlowe where the lead character, Dr. Join Our Email List. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

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Sep 19,  · "We Sell Soul" developed into "Don't Fall Down" which appeared on the Elevators' 1st album5/5(6).

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    Dec 03,  · But the oldest story of someone “selling their soul” to the Devil, that comes relatively close to today’s understanding of what it means to sell your soul, roughly dates back to some time in.
  2. Vudogis says:
    Sep 19,  · referencing You're Gonna Miss Me / We Sell Soul, 7", C "You're Gonna Miss Me" was later recorded by the 13th Floor Elevators "We Sell Soul" developed into " Don't Fall Down " which appeared on the Elevators' 1st album Reply Notify me Helpful/5(17).
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    We Sell Soul, an album by Various Artists on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  4. Mazilkree says:
    Jun 19,  · Use our madman-drafted Soul Bill of Sale form to finalize the selling and forsaking of your everlasting soul. Create a legally-binding relationship between Satan and Seller.
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    We Sell Soul | Bespoke and made to measure tailoring. A British Subcultural heritage brand. London UK. Stay safe and healthy. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. Check out our resources for adapting to these times. Dismiss Visit. We Sell Soul. Follow.
  6. Banos says:
    A The concept of selling your soul to the devil comes from a work of fiction by Christipher Marlowe where the lead character, Dr. Faustus, makes a deal with the devil for a 24 year supply of supernatural power in exchange for his immortal soul.
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    We Sell Soul About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies & Shows News Live.
  8. Kejas says:
    We cannot sell our souls to Satan in the sense that he then owns them, as all souls and where they spend eternity belongs to God alone: “Behold, all souls are Mine; the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is Mine: the soul who sins shall die.” (Ezekiel ).

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