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Untitled - NDE (2) - Kampfbereit (CD, Album)

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Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Services Business VoIP. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. NDE-Game Brought to you by: jpfarias. As I was connecting that the person in the driver seat was me, at that moment I was literally out of my physical body. Next, I observed me slumped over the steering wheel and then I felt my body floating away from the inside of my car and I started rising above my car.

I had the most incredible feeling of oneness and joy and absolutely no pain at all. While I was fascinated with this concept and trying to understand what I was experiencing, I noticed there were five to six of what I believe were my guardian angels and spirit guides that were waiting for me within the most indescribable light surrounding them.

The brilliant colors are hard to describe, but they were mostly orange hues with yellow streams of light behind them. The colors were so vibrant and gorgeous. It felt like they were waiting for me to attend a kind of celebration. While I was observing this amazing scene, I thought of my family and instantly with great force and speed I was sucked back into my body, gasping for air, and started feeling the most excruciating pain.

After eight weeks of recovering, I have gained a new perspective on life. I can honestly say I feared death and the unknown before my accident, but due to my experience, I have lost the fear of death.

I have a new sense of what my purpose is and my spirituality has strengthened. I also tended to be a bit shy and not speak up or express myself; however, I found my voice and now have the ability to express my feelings more often.

My husband asked his dad to lean back for more ballast as a gust hit our sails. My harness would not disconnect. I panicked and expelled all my air after about 30 seconds of struggling with the harness. At that point I vividly remember seeing a white light.

I felt absolutely calm, happy, eager to join the other dying people going to the light. I felt family members ie, Grandmother, Grandfather with me, helping me, guiding me. I remember other souls, more white in appearance and winged ie, angels helping me. He also got my harness to release on third dive down , and I bolted to the water's surface to find I was under the boat, breathing stale air!

I was under the water for almost 3 minutes, according to my husband and his father. I will never forget this NDE and feel blessed to know how pleasant the next stage will be after my death. I am not afraid, have experienced a few close calls with my health since then, still not afraid. I also believe and read and practice constantly spirituality, meditation, compassion, etc.

More Articles The physical world we experience is part of something vastly more complex Childhood NDE and visitations finally understood after 50 years Man with childhood NDE is further activated by NDEs in his 60's Suicide beholds the essence of God as love and light.

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It taught me that I lived before and everything I learn in this life, I take into the next, like rungs on a ladder. Did scenes from the future come to you? Neither Did you come to a border or point of no return? A barrier I was not permitted to cross; or 'sent back' to life involuntarily God, Spiritual and Religion: What was your religion prior to your experience? No regular religious participation after that time until just before my wedding.

At that time, I studied Science of the Mind. Yes I used to be unsure whether or not to go back to the Adventist church. After my experience, I know we all return to our Higher Power when we die. I don't believe in the rituals and superstitions that most religions do. I can't go back. I want to move forward in my life. I want to learn as much as I can. What is your religion now? Liberal None Did you have a change in your values and beliefs because of your experience?

Did you seem to encounter a mystical being or presence, or hear an unidentifiable voice? Definite being, or voice clearly of mystical or other-worldly origin Did you see deceased or religious spirits?

Saw them Concerning our Earthly lives other than Religion During your experience, did you gain special knowledge or information about your purpose? Yes We live many lives. We learn lessons. We take that knowledge into the next life. All that is important are two things. Knowledge and love. Have your relationships changed specifically because of your experience? Uncertain I have maintained friendships for years, have a loving husband and family.

I am still married after nearly twenty-five years with my hubby. I have forgiven my mother for her abuse and my dad for his distant relationship with me and my mom. After the NDE: Was the experience difficult to express in words? No Do you have any psychic, non-ordinary or other special gifts after your experience that you did not have before the experience? Are there one or several parts of your experience that are especially meaningful or significant to you?

I was freaked out when I found out Lucy died that morning. I also focused too much on how I came back. Other than that, the love is something I'll never forget.

I can almost feel it whenever I want to. It's the nicest memory I have of my teen years. They entered, but I could not. Amazing NDE that just happened a little over a month ago. Verified veridical perception evidence while in the OBE state. From Russia. Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim.

I was in a welcoming place of peace. On my left, there was a woman with brown eyes and a ponytail. Her hair was the same color as her eyes. She was wearing a sweater and a blue leotards. I remembered the color of the leotards because it was such a totally earthly image.

She looks at me and says, 'Look into my eyes. As soon as they touched, I immediately shut down and opened my eyes in the hospital bed. Possible NDE as it is unclear what caused him to be in the hospital. From Taiwan. Original in Chinese, translated to English by Jenny.

I thought, 'Where am I? Immediately, I noticed that he had arms and legs, unlike me without a body. I stared at him, noticing his face was sincerely serious without a smile. He was about 7 feet tall. He wore a long, white robe that was down to his feet and long sleeves covered his hands. His hair was thick, black, and the length an inch under the ears. He had a contemporary hair style.

In addition to his short and bushy eyebrows shaped like a line, he was long-faced. Overall, He looked like a modern person. NDE at age 16 from carbon monoxide poisoning. The biggest feeling was not only of peace, but of completeness, and understanding of everything. All questions were answered, but since it was on a different level it was not important. There was no need to consider individual issues because all were known.

It was like being a molecule of water in a sea, but you are also the whole sea. It was like returning to the source and renewing. NDE at age 11 due to bicycle accident with skull fracture. FDE While in midair I felt a sudden serenity, and emptiness. It felt so empty, that I felt like I could float in the air like a balloon.

That's when a sudden burst of pure thought flowed through my mind. The thought contained an immense amount of information. It contained pretty much every single thing I'd done in my short amount of life and flashed into my head; the good times, the bad times, and everything in between.

There were even memories that were seemingly insignificant. Fear-death experience at age 12 due to off-road vehicle crash. Exceptional Archive.

From Portugal. Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Hector. I stayed watching the wave as it came nearer, waiting for what would occur. When the wave touched me, I felt it gave out love. It was a love so great that even if I added the love of my parents, my husband, my son, all the family and that which I felt for them, it could not be compared to this love more than a grain of sand to the desert.

I had never felt anything like it. A new wave formed and when it came to me I felt loved in an unexplainable way.

I wished to go to the source that emanated so much love. NDE due to cardio-pulmonary arrest from allergic reaction. From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. On one of those visits at the hospital room, my spiritual teacher asked me to tune in to my physical body. He wanted me to feel inside and to get into clear contact with it. It had inconceivable possibilities and it's very own way of communicating with me. I was allowed to explore it and let it, for the first time, tell me it's 'stories'.

I followed the light. My Grandmother spoke to me and asked, 'Why are you here? You need to go back because you have more work to do. All I know was that I was back in front of my house standing on the porch. It was dark and so quiet. Never in my life had I seen and then heard a little girl's voice from across the street. It was like she was in my head telling me, 'Daddy let's go home now.

I said, 'no. She said, 'Daddy let's go home,' for a third time. I replied, 'No. NDE due to being shot multiple times in criminal attack. I saw myself as naked, with a black background, screaming and crying. I suddenly realized that in the past whenever I had pictured myself at the hospital, I always saw myself in a large black incubator, higher and isolated from the other white, infant beds, filled with quiet newborns wrapped in beautiful baby-blankets.

When imagining that scene, I never saw myself as wrapped and cocooned in a safe, warm, cuddly environment, but my environment was cold, black, isolated, alone. All I can recall is everything went black and then I saw a bright light. In the bright light, I saw Jesus sitting in a green lawn chair. He just looked at me and smiled. He looked just as I thought he would with the white robe and glowing light all around him.

He didn't say anything to me; he just smiled and then I woke up. NDE due to cardiac arrest following medical procedure. I felt that I was with God and that God was conveying to me the meaning of the world, life, and the Universe. I could hear a sort of 'tick' tick' 'tick' sound. I have not been able to understand what the sound was. I remember seeing what looked like a huge, hanging lego set with rectangle objects all fitting into place.

During the experience I knew every answer about life and death. Possible NDE during laparoscopic surgery. I woke up in a place with a lot of light. The light was different than what we see in a normal room or sunlight. I heard voices. The voices I heard were my Mother who had passed away in February , my grandmother who had passed away a few years prior, and my grandfather who passed away earlier in or They were shocked and said my name. Mom and grandma were asking if I was all right.

I looked up from the floor. I was still lying on the floor as if I was brought there that way. Grandpa was coming towards me. NDE due to heart attack. I could see bright light all around me, but I couldn't tell from where it was coming. It seemed like the tumbling stopped, because I could focus straight ahead. I felt a warmth enveloped me. I didn't feel the cold, any pain, nor did I feel the need to breathe. I felt safe, warm and calm.

It was a calm I had never felt before. I could see figures of people in the bright light, but I couldn't see who they were. I felt like I was travelling towards them. I knew I was dying and I remember thinking that this is not too bad. It was actually pleasant and I was looking forward to it. NDE due to drowning. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. On this morning I felt like I was in a daze as I lifted up from my bed. I rose up to the ceiling and saw myself lying in my bed.

Both nurses who were taking care of me were panic stricken, but I didn't hear what they were talking about. I entered very quickly into a white tunnel. I was rapidly advancing towards a very intense light. I had the feeling of floating with a sense of well-being. I remember being in a vanilla pink colored misty tunnel and hearing the prayers of people.

Some of the people I knew my youngest son lots I didn't know. But these prayers I could hear them individually and as a whole at the same time. They were also displayed like a silver audio play button on a sound file as a passed through this tunnel and I could reach out and touch these files and hear them. It was an overwhelming feeling of love and care.

NDE due to asthma attack with respiratory then cardiac arrest. I saw a soft light in a the place resembling a cave. I'm wondering now if I might have been in a tunnel. I didn't feel pain, heat, or cold. But I was aware of my environment. NDE from gas poisoning. I was me but wasn't in my body.

I could see and feel all of the experiences of my life thus far. I also felt an indescribable feeling of pure and overwhelming love from people in my life who were alive and who had passed such as my Grandmother.

All of the past experiences that I was shown, anyone who was involved in those experiences I could also feel how they felt at the time. But the most important thing I felt was love. Fear death experience from near car collision. It was an icy night. My boyfriend at the time, was sitting next to me as I drove down the steep hill. I lost control of my car as it was sliding fast and heading straight into an oncoming pick-up truck.

I knew if I didn't hit the truck, I'd go over the guardrail and crash down a steep hill on the other side of the street. My thinking became slow and calm as I calculated it all.

I said in my mind, 'I don't want to die! I felt no pain, at peace, and my body was full of love.

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  1. Juzshura says:
    Genre/Influences: Death-industrial Background/Info: “United” marks the return of the Belgian duo Bart Piette (Dead Man’s Hill) and Koen Osier aka ‘Mürnau’. They don’t release new work on regular basis and we had to wait 6 years to welcome this third opus while the first one got released in Content: The complete title of this album is “United – Through Iron & Blood”.
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    Oct 04,  · DOWNLOAD Heavy K Ndibambe Mp3. Heavy K Ndibambe.. Off his Respect The Drumboss Album comes a new song from the South .
  3. Tole says:
    "Front " is a pioneering Belgian electronic body music group that came into prominence during the s. For years to come they took the lead in electronic music composition. During their most active period (they decided to quit EBM in with the albums " UP EVIL" and " OFF") they were influential to many electro-industrial and electronic faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfog: Untitled.
  4. Yoshura says:
    NDE is a belgian group consisting of 2 members. The music is a mix of elements of Black Metal, Martial drumming and Death Industrial with heavily distorted vocals. The myspace page is maintained by the bands friend Void from the band Project: Void NDE (2) Kampfbereit ‎ (CD, Album) Cold Spring: CSRCD: UK: Sell This Version.
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    Jul 16,  · Download Album: Future - #DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2). Download and share. Tracklist Future - Thought It Was a Drought DOWNLOAD Future - I Serve the Base DOWNLOAD Future - Where Ya At (feat. Drake) DOWNLOAD Future - Groupies DOWNLOAD Future - Lil One DOWNLOAD Future - Stick Talk DOWNLOAD Future - Freak Hoe.
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    Date NDE Occurred: NDE Elements: At the time of your experience, was there an associated life-threatening event? Yes Criminal attack I am a survivor of Munchausen's by proxy. Other 'I was smothered by my mother. I had the NDE. As I was regaining consciousness, I felt pressure on my chest. I .
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    NDE (Belgium) "Kampfbereit" CD , Cold Spring Records: EUR • approx. USD [ temp. out of stock ]: [ pre-order ] Second album by this mysterious Belgian act. Now a solitary enterprise, "Kampfbereit" rings in a new era of isolation and desolation.
  8. Malashakar says:
    Burry Me Deep is the first full, professionally released album of these USA women psycho noisers. I am not unique, I guess, to be at first attracted by the cover of the album. Contrastive colors and the ladies, performers themselves I guess, covered in a la blood and killed in various positions in CD booklet.

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