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Stand Up For Love - The Hip Abduction - Gold Under The Glow (CD, Album)

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THA is a high energy, tightly composed outfit with honest and engaging lyrics. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Dabney Morris Wild Cub , the band has expanded their polyrhythmic, world vision with more indie and afro pop applications. The album is structured with a nice compliment of upbeat, higher energy tracks with slower, groove oriented tracks. For nation's birthday, Trump slams his enemies within.

Former Phillies pitcher dies in Utah plane crash. Stream all your favorite shows live. Brought to you by. Woman dies falling into Grand Canyon while taking photos. About the appearance of this set, we can be very clear: This is one stunning product to look at, or hold in your hands. The actual box is made from sturdy cardboard material with a classy textured surface.

It's an LP sized case where the right side remains open, so that the contents can slide in and out. Among those contents are two fully printed gatefold sleeves that open up to show insets where the CDs are held, one for discs 1 to 6 and the other for discs 7 to There's also a reproduction of a poster for the China album, folded three times.

But the highlight of the box for me is the breathtaking book. Did we say booklet, earlier? This is not a booklet, but a stunningly beautiful LP sized hardcover book that would grace any coffee table.

For the rest, the book is filled with many large photographs, roughly from the period in which these albums were recorded. Most of the photographs have never before been seen and were recently selected from Vangelis' private archives. They show Vangelis in a more relaxed setting and vibe than we are used to see him, and do provide a great visual context to enjoy the music by. Note: We did add one point to Friday's audio review: The track "Flamants Roses" on the "Opera Sauvage" album was shortened by roughly seven seconds, because a short section of almost-silence was cut at about into the track.

The cut does actually remove two soft notes played on a glockenspiel or similar instrument. Today marks the official release of "Delectus", Vangelis' new box set, and indeed, photographs and reports on social media show that copies are in shops and being delivered from internet pre-orders. Our evaluation copy has yet to arrive, but we decide to go ahead anyway and share our findings of the audio in a review based on extensive evaluation of the contents of the promotional CD-Rs.

A second part of our review, examining the packaging and booklet of this product will follow later, but let's just say for now, that early word on this is very very positive.

This should be one beautiful box to hold in your hands! Note that by necessity, judgements are based on careful comparison between selected parts of the albums. No such comparison can expect to bring up every noticeable detail or issue. No doubt, further listening and analysis in the future may bring up other points and changes. To start with the important question of whether these remasters are really based on new transfers from the original audio tapes, by judging factors like slight differences in sample speed, we confirm that each of these albums was actually re-transfered from tape to the digital domain.

Traditionally, this is the core part of a remastered CD, as it can improve the quality of the digitization, and should provide the purest source for any possible further mastering tweaks. Said LP came with a download code for a lossless WAV file, which allowed careful study of its master. The resulting sound quality of this remaster is actually very good, and closely resembles the original sound, with small improvements in clarity.

However, many will disapprove of the use of some additional modern reverb, which falls outside of the scope of a remaster that is true to its original. This is rather a slightly revisioned version of the album. While elsew. Those loud big drums for instance really were awfully dry. However, the demand for a careful and authentic digital remaster of the original album has yet to be met.

In the case of "l'Apocalypse Des Animaux", a large amount of reverb was added to most tracks on this album, even though the original was never very dry to begin with. With this extra layer of acoustics, the music is washed out completely, leaving a very simple verdict: Stick with the original CD release. China's original CD master for all known pressings had a major problem with a cyclic but evolving volume modulation that affected almost all of the album, but increased in intensity near the end i.

This is the proper analog to digital transfer we needed for this album. Vangelis also improved on the equalization, delivering a much clearer, balanced sound; very pleasing to listen to. However, as with some of the other albums in this box, there is an issue with modern reverb being added to some of the tracks. While I feel this makes the album a revised version rahter than a true remaster, I have to say that in China's case this has been done so tastefully and effective that this really pulls it off.

It sound gorgeous this way. Probably the best result of all reverbed remasters Vangelis has done, so far. On the other hand, the problems in the original CDs mastering make that an authentic remaster for China is still badly needed. So close With its three bonus tracks, this is the album with the most new content. And while "My Love" and "Domestic Logic One" were always available on a 7" single, and a recording of "Neighbours Above" was known to fans from a leaked early test pressing of the album the brilliant "Fertilization" remains unreleased , it is great to finally hear those tracks in proper CD quality.

The rest of the album sounds quite different from the original master. Some of the tracks have new reverb added, although I don't think this was done for all tracks.

The remastered version of this fan-favourite not only sounds more clear and brighter than the original CD. It also seems the original CD must have had some form of weird filtering applied that only stands out once you compare it to the new master.

The corrected version is most welcome, this is what we need those remasters for. Comparing the opening track, the new master feels a bit "louder" than then the original. Thankfully, no new reverb seems to have been added to any of the tracks on this album.

The opening track however has some issues with a few groups of short audio drop-outs that create a rather uneasy feel. Other tracks don't seem to be affected by this, and those are a good example of careful and authentic remastering: subtly improved digital transfer, true to the original. Note that "Life Of Antarctica" is a bit shorter than it was on the original CD, but that is because the reprise of the opening track, added to the end, is faded out more continuous, where the old CD stuck to an almost unaudible volume, creating a strangely long pause on the CD.

The tracks I compared show no sign of added reverb. The sound is very close to the original master, but a bit louder, retaining most of its dynamics. All in all a good example of proper remastering. This too is a subtle, well done remaster. The album sounds a bit louder.

I hear no sign of added reverb, some equalization polishes the music to be a bit brighter. Tastefully done! This is one case where the tape transfer isn't completely new as it uses the new analog to digital transfer from the original master tapes, done for the 25th Anniversary Edition of the soundtrak album, an earlier remastered CD released in This was indeed a very good remaster, true to the original, but slightly better digitized.

No obvious manipulations other than actual authentic remastering, and it makes sense that this is included in this box as it. No reverb was added to any of the tracks I compared. Sadly however, almost a minute of ambient rain and thunder sounds has been cut of the end of "Movement 1". What is the point of "speeding up" a contemplative masterpiece like "Soil Festivities"?

It makes no sense at all. For the rest, good remastering. Subtle changes. The higher tones on "Movement 3" have been softened a bit. None of the other tracks were edited.

Sounds great, no reverb or large manipulations. The old master must have mixed up side A and B, as they split the long track into two parts and combined the two audibly separate tracks as if they were one.

The "Delectus" remaster corrects this. Two big thumbs up for this disk! The equalization is improved, but several tracks including "I Hear You Now" have been revised with added modern reverb. Quite a lot actually, changing the character of the music. The track indexing is improved, now separating each track, liberating for instance "Bird Song" from "Each and Every Day". It's lovely to finally hear "Song Is" in proper clean digital quality.

The rest of the CD is very well remastered. There is no added reverb on any of the tracks that I checked. Equalization is changed, most notably for "He Is Sailing", reducing some of the sharper highs. No reverb was added to this track, contrary to "The Mayflower" and "State Of Independence", both were dealt quite a thick layer of delayed reverb. It makes "The Mayflower" sound more warm, despite bringing out it's brighter tones, but "State Of Independence" becomes a bit messy, loosing its tight rhythm.

Concluding, while not every album matches my taste in what remasters should deliver, this box has more than enough to offer in terms of audio quality. For albums like "Opera Sauvage", "Mask", "Invisible Connections" and "Private Collection" I now consider the "Delectus" version as the definitive master, while other albums include improvements, changes or revisions that are certainly worth listening to, and will please some better than before, depending on their tastes.

Either way, "Delectus" is a "must have" for anyone who is searching for the best in the details of a recording. We'll discuss the booklet and packaging in a separate post, when we can.

Also, special thanks to Marc Vanholsbeeck for his speedy help in verifying some aspects in the actual product! February 3 is approaching fast: This Friday marks the release of the Vangelis box set "Delectus".

A full elsew. We have been carefully examining the remastered recordings, based on a promo set of all the CDs, comparing each to its original CD, but this takes time. We also hope to have access to the final product the actual box with booklet and CDs before we publish our evaluation.

Vangelis allowed another rare interview, this time to Germany's primary online musicians magazine, Amazona. Special thanks to Bernd Kistenmacher for his early alerts, and everyone else who wrote in with these links. Ah well, at least this trailer proved that it is possible to create new music that is both updated and true to Vangelis' score. One might think this project could really amount to something?

Special thanks to Arturo Armas Lozano, who was the first to reach us with this. Closest runner-ups were Graeme Stewart and Haro Musters, but our thanks go to everyone who took the trouble to alert us!

The Recording Academy has just announced the nominees for the 59th Grammy Awards. Vangelis has approved an English translation of his recent interview for Greek news paper magazine VIMAgazino, conducted and originally published in Greek on September This translation is first published right here on Elsew. Pavlos Papadopoulos speaks with Vangelis about the relation of music to science, philosophy and even some politics.

Upon the worldwide release of his album, Rosetta on Friday, 23 rd September , the Greek composer speaks on VIMA gazino about the secrets of creativity, his working method, his relationship with Greece, along with the inner substance, the meaning, and the noesis of music.

How is the exploration of space and of the dawning of the Universe interconnected with the work of the great Greek composer, Vangelis? It is absolutely certain that whoever reads this interview will be creatively puzzled and positively caught by surprise once they are enlightened on the fundamental truths crystallized in music; these truths may appear to be abstract and philosophical, but they exert influence on and are applied in whatever we think and do.

The next issue of UK progressive rock magazine "PROG" issue 72, December , out on December 7 shows a classic picture of Vangelis on the front cover and includes an exclusive interview, conducted in Paris, October this year.

We'll keep you updated of any developments. It's not entirely clear to us whether this product will really be released, as it was listed earlier for a November release date. It was then retracted and has since re-appeared with a December 2 release date, which is how it still appears to be listed.

The product is produced by Tony Palmer, and available through Gonzo Multimedia, who also released the "Vangelis And The Journey To Ithaka" documentary back in and is announced to contain minutes of uncut interviews.

According to our sources close to Vangelis, Vangelis is not actually involved with this release and is puzzled by its possible contents. The only interview Vangelis gave to Palmer is the one shot specifically for the movie, as it appears on the DVD. It is unclear how this can total up to minutes of material. The film's director Mohamed Lakhdar-Hamina was an invited guest at the festival. While the film festival ended last Sunday, a second showing of the film is scheduled this Saturday, 26 November at at the same venue.

For more information check the links below. Modern music visionary Vangelis has announced the release on 3rd February of a new disc box set entitled "Delectus," featuring a chosen selection of his early discographic work. The mammoth collection will include all of his albums on Vertigo and Polydor, recently signed by Universal and remastered for the first time ever under the legendary composer's own supervision.

Presented in a lavish box with an essay and a plethora of rare photographs, the discs are housed in two die-cut, gatefold disc holders within a rigid mm square slipcase, and accompanied by a page book illustrating a period of his prolific career of the iconic Maestro.

The remastered originals will be complemented with rare B-sides and 4 previously unreleased tracks. Vangelis is regarded a pioneer in the evolution of modern music. In his lustrous discographic career he has composed and performed numerous albums covering the most diverse assortment of genres. Vangelis' pioneering work is recognised beyond record sales and music awards. He was the recipient of a Public Service Medal from NASA in and had a star named after him by the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory for the international impact and appreciation of his work as well as his rapport with the Universe.

In Vangelis received the America Hellenic Institute "Hellenic Heritage Achievement Award" for his exceptional musical achievements and lifelong dedication to the promotion of Hellenism through the arts. Come On 2. We Are All Uprooted 3. Sunny Earth 4. He-O 5. Ritual 6. Let It Happen 7. The City 8. My Face In The Rain 9. We Are All Uprooted A Song. La petite fille de la mer 3. Le singe bleu 4. La mort du loup 5. L'ours musicien 6. La mer recommence. Chung Kuo 2. The Long March 3. The Dragon 4.

The Plum Blossom 5. The Tao Of Love 6. The Little Fete 7. Himalaya 9. I Can't Take It Anymore 2. Multi-Track Suggestion 3. Memories Of Green 4. Suffocation 6. See You Later 7. Neighbours Above 8. My Love 9. Domestic Logic 1. Theme From Antarctica 2. Antarctica Echoes 3. Kinematic 4. Song Of White 5. Life Of Antarctica 6.

Memory Of Antarctica 7. Other Side Of Antarctica 8. Mask: Movement 1 2. Mask: Movement 2 3. Mask: Movement 3 4. Mask: Movement 4 5. Mask: Movement 5 6. Mask: Movement 6. Hymne 2. L'enfant 4. Mouettes 5. Chromatique 6. Irlande 7. Flamants roses. Titles 2. Five Circles 3. Abraham's Theme 4. Eric's Theme 5. Jerusalem 7. Chariots Of Fire.

Soil Festivities: Movement 1 2. Soil Festivities: Movement 2 3. Soil Festivities: Movement 3 4. Soil Festivities: Movement 4 5. Soil Festivities: Movement 5. Curious Electric 2. Each And Every Day 3. Bird Song 4.

I Hear You Now 5. The Road 6. Top 20 children's books of the year so far See all the Best Kids' Books of so far Previous page. Board book. Next page. Hot new releases in Children's Books See more Previous page. Kindle Edition. Audible Audiobook. Best sellers in Children's Books See more Previous page.

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Since the release of the debut One Less Sound, they unveiled a string of fan-favorite albums, including The Hip Abduction [] and Gold Under The Glow [], and their latest To .

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    And while "My Love" and "Domestic Logic One" were always available on a 7" single, and a recording of "Neighbours Above" was known to fans from a leaked early test pressing of the album (the brilliant "Fertilization" remains unreleased), it is great to finally hear those tracks in proper CD quality.
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