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On That Farm - Margaret Leng Tan - She Herself Alone—The Art Of The Toy Piano 2 (CD, Album)

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August Wilson Theater, West 52nd Street, The show soars only in the sweetly bitter songs performed by the wonderful Victoria Clark, as an American abroad Beaumont Theater, Lincoln Center, How could an adjective suggesting strangeness or surprise apply to a production so calculatedly devoted to the known, the cozy, the conventional?

As the title characters in Neil Simons comedy, directed as if to a metronome by Joe Mantello, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick reprise their star performances from The Producers, and its not a natural fit. Dont even consider killing yourself because the show is already sold out Brooks Atkinson Theater, West 47th Street, Isnt that illegal now? If it were, then Harry Connick Jr. This intoxicating production, which features a charming supporting cast led by Michael McKean, allows grown-up audiences the rare chance to witness a bona fide adult love affair translated into hummable songs and sprightly dance American Airlines Theater, West 42nd Street, Yet the sad, sweet release of David Lindsay-Abaires wrenching play, about the impact of the death of a small child, lies precisely in the access it allows to the pain of others, in its meticulously mapped empathy.

With an emotionally transparent five-member cast led by Cynthia Nixon and Tyne Daly, directed by Daniel Sullivan, this anatomy of grief doesnt so much jerk tears as tap them Biltmore Theater, West 47th Street, Such a good time is being had by so many people that this fitful, eager celebration of inanity and irreverence has found a large and lucrative audience Shubert Theater, West 44th Street, This thrilling new revival of Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheelers musical, with Michael Cerveris and Patti LuPone leading a cast of 10 who double as their own musicians, burrows into your thoughts like a campfire storyteller who knows what really scares you.

The inventive director John Doyle aims his pared-down interpretation at the squirming child in everyone who wants to have his worst fears both confirmed and dispelled Jennifer Jason Leigh leads a superb ensemble cast as a party hostess who wields the gin bottle like a deadly weapon, resulting in an evening of savagely funny chaos As the efforts of two brothers to reconcile with a dying father progress, it seems possible that viewers are meant to discern the consequences of family trauma from punchy monosyllabic combat and repeated expletives, but their efforts to connect are continually frustrated Here is that rare Shakespeare production in which there is nary an incompetent, misjudged or ineffective performance in a significant role.

Darko Tresnjak and his cast find a way to make the plays troubled romance, between the adoring Helena and the disdaining Bertram, psychologically credible and even touching The Duke on 42nd Street, West 42nd Street, Jorgenson, whose sex change operation in the s was big news The play also depicts the moral transformation of a rapacious lawyer into a love-smitten puppy dog.

Call it a fairy tale for our time If Doubt has an elegant and energy-efficient sprinters gait, Defiance progresses with a flustered air of distraction. The excellent Margaret Colin, as an officers wife, provides a welcome shot of credibility Good grief Providing a two-foot drum on every seat, it offers an opportunity to exorcise aggressions by delivering a good beating, and, on a slightly more elevated level, it presents a superficial introduction to African culture, lessons in drumming and 90 minutes of nonstop music, song and dancing by a good-natured cast.

So, while literally and figuratively giving off many good vibes, it adds up to lightweight entertainment that stops just short of pulverizing the eardrums It is, however, sometimes pretty funny, thanks to the incongruous eye of Ed Dixon, who wrote the book, lyrics and music York Theater, at St.

But even more than usual, the show offers an acute list of grievances about the sickly state of the Broadway musical, where, as the lyrics have it, everything old is old again Austin making a particularly hilarious impression.

An impressive start for Ryan Cunningham book and lyrics and Joshua Salzman music , both still in their 20s Directed by Darren Goldstein and energetically performed by a cast of four, its essentially just another dysfunctional relationship tale, with little kitty whiskers drawn on This blood farce about terrorism in rural Ireland, acutely directed by Wilson Milam, has a carnage factor to rival Quentin Tarantinos.

But is also wildly, absurdly funny and, even more improbably, severely moral Atlantic Theater, West 20th Street, Chelsea, Written and directed by Adam Rapp, the play is both a doomy romantic drama and a morbid comedy about the anxieties of male friendship.

Although somewhat contrived, it features a lovely performance by Christopher Denham as a lonely soul starved for intimacy Written by Will Power and directed by Jo Bonney, the show is a freewheeling adaptation of one of the more static, less revered Greek tragedies, Aeschylus Seven Against Thebes: a hip-hop musical comedy-tragedy Despite flaws in the work, the Mint Theater Companys revival of Rose Frankens comedy is highly entertaining Mint Theater, West 43rd Street, Clinton, The self-consciousness is tempered by a wonderful cast performing with the innocence of kids cavorting in a sandbox.

Its a worthy postmodern homage to the classic backstage musicals, and an absolute must for show queens Vineyard Theater, East 15th Street, Flatiron district, This is not to say you should neglect to bring handkerchiefs Signature Theater, West 42nd Street, Clinton, An elaborately conceived comedy seeking to celebrate the consolations of storytelling, it unfolds the tale of a Scottish tinker who dreams up imaginary worlds to keep despair at bay.

The cast is colorful, but the play is pallid, despite an intricate -- make that convoluted -- narrative His patter and his piano playing are variable, but Mr.

DArrietta makes a genial tour guide through Mr. Waitss wee-hours world Ars Nova, West 54th Street, Clinton, Richard Foreman has introduced film into the realm of exquisitely artificial, abstract theater in which he has specialized for four decades.

As it turns out, juxtaposing two art forms allows Mr. Foreman to underscore in resonant new ways what he has been saying for years: reality is, well, relative. And he continues to work in a style guaranteed to infect your perceptions for hours after Golden, West 45th Street, Lunt-Fontanne Theater, West 46th Street, Ambassador Theater, West 49th Street, Neil Simon Theater, West 52nd Street, New Amsterdam Theater, West 42nd Street, The jukebox that devoured Broadway Majestic Theater, West 44th Street, James Theater, West 44th Street, Nederlander Theater, West 41st Street, A show that touches the heart as well as tickles the funny bone Gershwin Theater, West 51st Street, But the play would have been even more interesting if the harassers were something other than cardboard characters out of the J.

Edgar Hoover closet Directed by Chris Smith, the show has the embarrassed air of someone who has just been served a choice steak and misplaced his dentures Brantley Movies Ratings and running times are in parentheses; foreign films have English subtitles.

Full reviews of all current releases, movie trailers, show times and tickets: nytimes. Lawrence makes the most of the incongruity of a manly F. Heath Ledger in a great performance worthy of Brando at his peak and Jake Gyllenhaal bring them fully alive. Juliette Binoche and Daniel Auteuil are in top form as an affluent Parisian couple menaced by mysterious drawings and videotapes. George is all monkey -- a quality that will not only appeal to children, but also come as a great relief to parents who grew up with the classic stories by Margret and H.

With top-drawer voice talent, including Will Ferrell, Drew Barrymore and Dick Van Dyke; original songs by Jack Johnson; and old-fashioned two-dimensional animation, Curious George is an unexpected delight. It misses by a mile. A loud Samuel L. Jackson and a miscast Julianne Moore star. McCarthy himself. Plunging you into a smoky, black-and-white world of political paranoia and commercial pressure, the film is a history lesson and a passionate essay on power, responsibility and the ethics of journalism.

Dargis HOME No rating, 91 minutes In Home, the debut feature from the writer and director Matt Zoller Seitz, a party in a Brooklyn brownstone is peopled by familiar types: the sensitive music geek, the slutty ex-girlfriend, the pretentious European writer. As dreams are interpreted, hearts are bruised, and a loudmouth in a velour tracksuit gets undeservedly lucky, Home accumulates a blurry, on-the-fly atmosphere spiked with moments of unexpected sweetness.

A Yugoslavian hit man, his German ex-wife and her cop boyfriend form a love triangle that propels a cosmopolitan cast into a violent game of cat and mouse. In these bleak, isolated neighborhoods, exquisitely shot by the Serbian cinematographer Vladimir Subotic, love and politics are inseparable, and the gleam of Manhattan is a million miles away.

Beneath the dazzling, sexy surface, this tale of social climbing in London brilliantly acted by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Scarlett Johansson and Emily Mortimer is ice cold and pitch black, which curiously enough makes it a superior diversion. An unsparingly brutal look at two peoples all but drowning in a sea of their own blood, Munich is by far the toughest film of the directors career, and the most anguished.

Though finely honed, Mr. Martins portrayal of the idiotic French police inspector Jacques Clouseau cant match Sellerss viscerally funny one. This is a banquet of high-end comfort food perfectly cooked and seasoned to Anglophilic tastes.

If you want to grow up to be an astronaut, prepare to bliss out. Too bad that the director Wayne Kramer proves blood simple. Yet despite the impressive commitment of the two leads, the movie unfolds with such utter looniness that the final, horrible moments are more likely to inspire laughter than shock. Apparently, the worst threat facing America today is not Islamic extremists but lonely young women with low self-esteem. There are at least a half-dozen first-rate performances, and Mr. Gaghan, who wrote and directed, reinvents the political thriller as a vehicle for serious engagement with the state of the world.

Scott TAMARA R, 98 minutes Low in budget as well as ambition, this Carrie knockoff is a movie of few innovations but one genuine surprise: the inability of the title character, an evil sorceress, to manage in high heels. Coogans scenes. You dont have to read crystal balls to see into Tsotsis future; you just need to have watched a couple of Hollywood chestnuts.

With leads who strain to manage one facial expression between them, and a cinematographer who shoots everything through the same steel-blue filter, Underworld: Evolution is little more than a monotonous barrage of computer-generated fur and fangs. Joaquin Phoenix, sweaty, inarticulate and intense as Cash, is upstaged by Reese Witherspoon, who tears into the role of June Carter Cashs creative partner long before she became his second wife with her usual charm, pluck and intelligence.

She died in The Museum of the Moving Images extensive seven-week retrospective of her work begins tomorrow with The Toll of the Sea , a silent color feature based on Madama Butterfly; and Piccadilly , in which Wong plays a scullery maid who moves up to nightclub stages.

Both films will be accompanied by live music. This weekends films are Le Beau Serge , Claude Chabrols drama about a man who returns to his hometown to find a childhood friend in bad shape; and Le Bleu du Ciel , Christian Dors short about a teenage boy home from a psychiatric hospital. Other films in the series will include John Landiss Innocent Blood , the adventures of a modern-day vampire who bites only bad people; Nicholas Roegs Witches , about a covens convention; and Twisted Nerve , a splatter movie with a Bernard Hermann score.

Gates Pop Full reviews of recent concerts: nytimes. The New Pornographers are a revved-up Vancouver outfit whose smart power-pop grandeur builds with a sort of time-release tension, until Neko Cases voice cuts through like a skywriter. The Buffalo rockers Every Time I Die inject their version of hard-charging punk-metal with country swagger and gutter sleaze.

He also has looks, and tips his hat to modern styles, even rap, in ways that assure year-old fans that theyre not year-old fans. The indie-rock band Film School also plays. On his latest material, though, he meets the challenge by working with the it producer Kanye West. The two women of Floetry mix the tough and the gentle amid a spirit of jazzy uplift.

Sold out. Tuesday at 8 p. The cultural climate, rife with saccharine displays and religious and moral piety, leaves the composer of Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs no shortage of inspiration.

From Just the Way You Are to Allentown, its the trademark mix of real confidence and false bravado in both his playing and his delivery that keeps him compelling. They also love jazz, rock and downtown improvisation, and they bring all those styles to bear on their music, which can be raucous, hypnotic, reverent and dizzying, sometimes all in one quick-changing piece.

They carry klezmers itinerant, idea-gathering spirit all the way into present-day New York City. Its alternately screeching and orchestral atmospherics are mismatched with vocal purr and squawk.

Shajarians son Homayoun accompanies on the tombak drum and vocals. He is promoting a new album, recorded with the producer Bill Laswell. Its new material is some of its best. This performance, falling on Bulgarian Independence Day, is the groups first in the city in more than a decade. Subsequent albums have continued in this style. Rogue Wave is a meditative band that plays the kind of wishing-well rock that, when done right, adds gravitas to your flakiest concerns. She gave Nashville a try, but shes back home in New York, where her brand of real-life feistiness has always been a better fit.

Celebrations noisy rock is a vehicle for the vocalist Katrina Fords guttural acrobatics. Sally Crewe, a spunky Briton, unpins her lyrical wit with elemental guitar rock punch. Monday at 9 p. Wednesday at 8 p. Together they make roots rock. Sinagra Cabaret Full reviews of recent cabaret shows: nytimes. Holden Jazz Full reviews of recent jazz concerts: nytimes.

Bynum is a strong cornetist and serious-minded composer with experimental tendencies; polyphony is the chief emphasis in his sextet, which includes Matt Bauder on tenor saxophone and clarinets, Mary Halvorson and Evan OReilly on guitars, Tomas Fujiwara on drums and Jessica Pavone on viola and bass.

This tribute features Jeremy Pelt on trumpet and Gary Smulyan on baritone, with a combo that includes the veteran drummer Jimmy Cobb. Carter, the irrepressibly charismatic saxophonist, leads a sturdy and occasionally surprising soul-jazz unit with the Hammond B-3 organist Gerard Gibbs and the drummer Leonard King. Chestnut is a stalwart, straight-ahead pianist, especially when it comes to gospel and the blues; here, as on his strong new album, Genuine Chestnut Telarc , the guitarist Mark Whitfield is a guest.

Herschs solo piano recitals are transcendent affairs, as evidenced most recently by an excellent album called Fred Hersch in Amsterdam: Live at the Bimhuis Palmetto. He is the first solo pianist ever to headline a weeklong Village Vanguard engagement. Hills new Blue Note recording, updates his visionary work of the s with a patiently exploratory brand of post-bop. This engagement features the same superb ensemble as on the album: Mr. Jamal still has his broad dynamic range and signature touch; his highly sympathetic rhythm section consists of the bassist James Cammack and the drummer Idris Muhammad.

Lovano has become one of the stalwart saxophonists in modern jazz, equally inspired by John Coltranes harmonic inquiry, Ornette Colemans off-kilter lyricism and Ben Websters heart-rending croon. Opsvik is a Norwegian bassist and composer who balances avant-gardism against poplike lyricism, as he demonstrates here in a band with Tony Malaby on tenor saxophone, Jacob Sacks on piano and Kenny Wollesen on drums.

Roney advanced a variety of Afrocentric futurism inherited and adapted from his trumpet mentor, Miles Davis. He explores similar territory in an ensemble with his wife, Geri Allen, on piano; his brother, Antoine Roney, on tenor and soprano saxophones; and the unrelated rhythm section of Val Jeanty on turntables, Clarence Seay on bass and Eric Allen on drums.

Sanchez, a high-spirited conga player, has been one of the leading figures in Latin jazz for more than 20 years, in large part because of this effervescent working band. Scheinman is that rare jazz violinist who embraces her instruments folksier side without making concessions to genre; she performs with the pianist Art Hirahara, the bassist Danton Boller and the drummer Mark Ferber.

Weiss, a literate and industrious trumpeter-composer-arranger, leads a post-bop outfit featuring the powerful tenor saxophonist J. Chinen Classical Full reviews of recent music performances: nytimes. Opera AIDA Tomorrow and Sunday The Amato Operas reputation is that it conveys the spirit and love of Italian opera, though the full impact is impossible to achieve in a seat theater with a cast that changes at every performance.

And against the odds, all the principals at a recent performance of Aida managed to make it through to the end, demonstrating a true love of the piece if not always of the pitch. Tomorrow at p. With a score by Stefan Weisman, Darkling is an operatic fantasia on themes of emotional fragmentation, in the words of the director Michael Comlish, who conceived the idea of adapting for the stage Anna Rabinowitzs book-length poem about a restless Polish couple who marry hastily before the invasion of the Nazis.

Giancarlo del Monacos drab staging, first seen in and hidden away in storage since then, offers little help, but the Met does have a solid cast, with Deborah Voigt, Salvatore Licitra and Mark Delavan. The Kirov has a strong role in this brand-new staging: its a co-production with the Met, conducted by the Mets principal guest conductor and Kirov head, Valery Gergiev, with Olga Guryakova, Larissa Diadkova, Nikolai Putilin and Paata Burchuladze in leading roles.

Though the company has had mixed success with presenting musicals, this production looks intriguing. The compelling actor Paul Sorvino takes the title role of Tony, an aging immigrant vineyard owner who courts a struggling young waitress through the mail.

Loessers rich and tuneful score is more sophisticated than many an opera. George Manahan conducts. Tomorrow at and p. Singing with uncanny agility and lyrical elegance, she touchingly embodies the tragically impulsive young Juliette. Bertrand de Billy conducts a refined account of Gounods most sophisticated score. To appreciate this humane and musically beguiling work, you have to look past what contemporary audiences might see as stereotyped depictions of former slaves during Reconstruction.

Still, the story is told from the perspectives of the newly freed slaves, who turn to a modest and educated young girl, Treemonisha, as their leader. And Joplins wistful music is subtle and affecting. Anita Johnson sings the title role. Beiser has spread her wings into an even more eclectic and distinctive solo career.

Her recital at Zankel Hall presents four world premieres, including a new work by Eve Beglarian, with accompanying video by the acclaimed artist Shirin Neshat. If you choose to go with Beethoven and Mr. Levine, you will also hear Schoenbergs breakthrough work, the Chamber Symphony No. And the roster of vocal soloists for the Beethoven, topped by the soprano Christine Brewer, looks enticing. His subject this time is Britten, who will be explored by way of his Winter Words, as well as all five Canticles.

Galbraith has been able expand the volume, range and harmonic possibilities available to him. He is also a thoughtful player, and his program includes his own arrangements of Bachs Cello Suite No. This weekend he comes to the New York area on tour with one of his orchestras in an uncharacteristically mainstream program that includes Coplands Appalachian Spring and Prokofievs Fifth.

The orchestra comes to Carnegie Hall on March Tomorrow at 8 p. Thursday at 8 p. Two different groups are performing in New York this weekend. Tonight the pianist Gilbert Kalish is joined by several impressive wind players in works by Nielsen, Schubert, Carter and Beethoven. Sunday at 3 p. Tomorrow, Schuberts Fourth and Rosamunde Overture, Mozarts Sinfonia Concertante and Strausss Death in Transfiguration should let listeners revel in the orchestras uncommonly rich string sound.

And on Sunday, Mr. Tonight and tomorrow night at 8, Sunday at 2 p. Here they survey recent jazz-tinged chamber music by the New York composer Patrick Zimmerli.

Eichler Dance Full reviews of recent performances: nytimes. AMDAT Tonight and tomorrow night With the aid of dance and video, Andrea Haenggis Escalator transforms lobbies and moving stairways into four magical theaters, each evoking a mood of its own. Through March Baldwin presents Gone Missing, a dance-theater piece featuring weary travelers lost in a winter forest. Weare explores bodily impulses and longing in Wet Road. Tonight and tomorrow night at 8, Sunday at 2 and p.

They feature a woman in a rocking chair, and a mythical creature that is part bird, part snake and part masquerade performer. Tonight and tomorrow night at , Sunday at 2 p. Wednesdays through Saturdays at p.

Today at 10 a. Harper, a dancer, singer and choreographer, conceived in collaboration with Brian Reeder, a former dancer with American Ballet Theater. Wednesday, Thursday and March 11 at 8 p. Ailey Theater, West 55th Street, Clinton, or www. Pawel and her dancers and musicians, some of them grizzled, longtime presences on the citys modern-dance scene, are content to make and perform small, plain dances about the everyday, often seasoned with wry reminiscences that reveal the everyday as not so ordinary.

And their contentment is infectious. Tonight and tomorrow night at 8; Sunday at 5 p. Dunning CIE. Tonight at 8; tomorrow at 7 and 10 p. Joyce SoHo, Mercer Street, or www. Rice comes from an august modern-dance family that includes Carolyn Brown and Marion Rice.

The Boston reviewer Marcia B. Siegel described her work as drawing from the theatricality of Denishawn dance, the extroverted skills of ballet and the physical investment of modern dance. Spina celebrates 25 years of performing and choreographing tap in a program of dances set to music performed live by the Joel Forrester Quartet. Tonight at 8, tomorrow at 6 and p. Spring Rounds, the other New York premiere, is scheduled for tomorrow night and Tuesday. Other notable revivals for the week will be Arabesque on Sunday, last seen in ; Dust on Tuesday ; Brandenburgs on Wednesday ; and Speaking in Tongues on Thursday Tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.

City Center, West 55th Street, Manhattan, or www. John Rockwell Art Museums and galleries are in Manhattan unless otherwise noted. Full reviews of recent art shows: nytimes. The remarkable images, abstract patterns and floral motifs that flutter across the 30 or so tables, chairs, cabinets and blanket chests in this beautiful, convention-stretching show confirm that from the late s to the late s, quite a bit of American painting talent and ambition was channeled into the decoration of everyday wood objects.

The combination of imagination and utility, of economic means and lush effects, defines the human desire for beauty as hard-wired. This prodigious show, by an artist born and still living in Columbus, Ohio, celebrates her heritage in paintings, drawings, sculpture, stitchery, leather work and less classifiable forms of expression. Besides its sheer visual wizardry, using materials like leaves, twigs, bark, buttons and cast-off clothes, her art is compelling in that it ruminates on the history of black migration to, and settlement in, the United States, from early times to the present, in a garrulous, very personal way.

One particularly intense work, based on the belief that Abubakari II, ruler of Mali, crossed the Atlantic nearly years before Columbus to discover the Americas, links the past with the present and Africa with the beloved Columbus of Ms.

Robinsons childhood. Her works do not lend themselves to easy deciphering, but her magic with materials and her daring compositional imagination draw you in.

Her art rings true. Drawn from the collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute in Japan, this sumptuous show arranges 68 often lavish Western gowns and ensembles according to the colors of the spectrum and reinforces their progress with a posh, color-coordinated installation design.

For an experience of color as color, it is hard to beat, but it also says a great deal about clothing, visual perception and beauty. David Smith is best known for his worst work, bulky sculptures of the important kind that museums and banks like to buy. Much though not all of that material has been excised from this survey in favor of smaller, earlier, nonmonumental pieces that the curator, Carmen Gimenez, presents with plenty of air and light.

The result is exemplary as a David Smith experience, an American Modernism experience and a Guggenheim Museum experience. The answer is : John Steinbeck Question about Bestsellers : Whose novel is said to be the bestseller of all time? The answer is : The Queen Question about Painting and Sculpture : Whose 'Irises' and 'Sunflowers' were two of the world's most expensive paintings at auction? The answer is : Sinead O'Connor Question about Pop Instrumentals : Whose first hit was 'Lonely Bull' and then went on to be one of the most successful instrumentalists of all time?

The answer is : Edwina Currie Question about Theatre and Musicals : Who wrote the music in the comic operas for which Gilbert wrote the words? The answer is : Nancy Sinatra Question about Pop Writers : Who wrote the biggest-ever selling soundtrack album of its day in ? The answer is : Honore de Balzac Question about Bestsellers : Who wrote a multi-million bestseller about child care in ?

The answer is : Marcel Proust Question about Bestsellers : Who wrote 30 books, with 28 of them selling a million in Britain? The answer is : Lancashire Question about Sport Horse Racing : Who won the flat racing jockeys' championship 26 times?

The answer is : Nick Faldo Question about Sport Cricket : Who won the county championships in every season from to ? The answer is : No-one Question about Sport The Olympics : Who won silver at metres in '88 and gold in the same event in '92? The answer is : West Germany Question about Elvis Presley : Who were the remainder of the so-called Million Dollar Quartet, who recorded at Sun and whose recordings were released in ?

The answer is : England Question about Sports Bag : Who were the first two world champions in snooker and billiards? Bach's two sons? The answer is : Keith Gillespie Question about Speed Kings : Who was world championship driver in and motorcycling champion seven times? The answer is : John Surtees Question about Celebs Jet setters : Who was widowed in when her husband's boat went out of control?

The answer is : Viv Richards Question about Pop Karaoke : Who was 'wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door'? The answer is : M.. The answer is : Hitler Question about Sports Bag : Who was the first world champion at bowls in ? The answer is : Henry Cecil Question about Behind the Iron Curtain : Who was the first Soviet statesman to hold the posts of general secretary and president simultaneously?

The answer is : Kenny Dalglish Question about Royals : Who was the first royal bride to include her family's motto on her marital coat of arms? The answer is : Kathy Rinaldi Question about Sport Cricket : Who was the first player to make over 1, catches in first-class cricket? The answer is : Alex Ferguson Question about Sports Bag : Who was the first man to do the metre breast stroke in under a minute?

The answer is : Adrian Moorhouse Question about Sport Tennis : Who was the first male tennis player to win tournaments? The answer is : Hutch Question about Sport Tennis : Who was stabbed on court at Wimbledon by a fan of her chief rival? Kennedy's attorney general? The answer is : D. The answer is : Frankie Vaughan Question about Sports Bag : Who was first world champion at darts and which country did he represent? The answer is : Pamela Stephenson Question about Painters and Sculptors : Who was famous for his posters of French dance halls and cabarets?

The answer is : Erich Honecker Question about Pop The Rolling Stones : Who was dropped from the group in its early days because 'he looked too normal'? Griffith in 'Birth of a Nation' in ? The answer is : Sonny Question about Sounds of the 60s : Who was Cher's first singing partner with a hit song? The answer is : Young people Question about Sport The Olympics : Who was Britain's first-ever gold medallist in a throwing event in ? Lawrence in 'Lawrence of Arabia'? The answer is : Hillary Clinton Question about TV Memorable Moments : Who stopped an interview when asked about the money he had made from his memoirs?

The answer is : Ian Botham Question about TV Memorable Moments : Who sat on a protesting lesbian during the 6 o'clock news in and who continued to read the news?

The answer is : Billy J. The answer is : Montserrat Caballe, Freddie Mercury Question about Sport Football : Who said, 'When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they think the sardines will be thrown into the sea'?

The answer is : Jasper Carrott Question about Sport Tennis : Who said on losing his title in the second round at Wimbledon, 'I lost a tennis match, not a war. Nobody got killed. The answer is : Wham! The answer is : T. The answer is : Joan Crawford Question about Sport Rugby : Who played League between and and created a record for most tries in a career?

Lewis in 'Shadowlands' on stage? Rex hits? The answer is : Holland Question about Transport : Who made the first airship flight in in a hydrogen-filled craft powered by a steam engine? The answer is : Tim Berners-Lee Question about Transport : Who invented the preselector gearbox for battle tanks in ?

The answer is : Pascal Question about Transport : Who invented the 'air bag' anti-shock air cushion? The answer is : E. Benedictus Question about Inventors and Inventions : Who invented a code made up of dots and dashes? The answer is : John Lennon Question about Sport Rugby : Who in picked the ball up and ran with it to 'discover' rugby? The answer is : William Webb Ellis Question about Transport : Who in invented the electric staff which prevents trains on single-track lines colliding?

The answer is : Noel Edmonds Question about Bestsellers : Who holds the record as the novelist most borrowed from libraries? The answer is : Peter Oosterhuis Question about Religious Fervour : Who have uncut hair worn in a turban and uncut beards? Who Else'? The answer is : Columbus Question about Pop No 1s : Who had three No 1s 11 years after first entering the charts solo? The answer is : Tony Benn Question about Hi tech Scientists : Who gave his name to the law that states that the pressure of gas is proportional to its volume?

The answer is : I. The answer is : SuperTed Question about Hi tech Scientists : Who formulated a law of electromagnetism and pioneered techniques in measuring electricity? The answer is : Cecil B. The answer is : F. The answer is : Sweden Question about Sport Cricket : Who did a former England manager turn professional with to play football in ?

The answer is : John F. The answer is : L. The answer is : Michael Heseltine Question about Election Fever : Who became deputy prime minister after the Tory leadership election? The answer is : Margaret Beckett Question about Sport The 80s : Who became a world snooker champion wearing 'upside-down' glasses? The answer is : Dennis Taylor Question about Sport The 80s : Who became a world snooker champion wearing 'upside-down' glasses?

Griffith to make the film 'Hearts of the World'? The answer is : British government Question about Royals : Who as a child was known to her family as Lilibet? The answer is : Finlandia Question about Popular Classics : Which work by Bach became famous in a cigar advertisement? The answer is : Taxonomy Question about Transport : Which word is used to describe the frame, wheels and machinery of a car? The answer is : Chassis Question about Newsround : Which word for to year olds was first coined in the s?

The answer is : Ebony Question about Sport Tennis : Which woman tennis player's mother was a Wimbledon finalist in ? The answer is : Helena Sukova Question about Sports Bag : Which woman squash player was unbeaten for 16 years from ? The answer is : Sherry Question about Nature Flowers : Which wild flower is also known as the knapweed?

The answer is : Chardonnay Question about Elvis Presley : Which white gospel group provided vocal backings on Elvis's recordings in the s and s? The answer is : The Jordanaires Question about Elvis Presley : Which white gospel group provided vocal backings on Elvis's recordings in the s and s?

The answer is : Dylan Thomas Question about Sports Bag : Which Welshman won the world snooker championship in his first season as a professional? The answer is : Leicester Question about Transport : Which was the first true jet to enter passenger service? The answer is : Reflections Question about Pop No 1s : Which was the first record to hit No 1 on two different occasions?

The answer is : Bohemian Rhapsody Question about Sport Horse Racing : Which was the first racecourse equipped with a photo-finish camera? The answer is : Raiders of the Lost Ark Question about Sport Cricket : Which was the first new county to join the championship in the s? The answer is : Millwall Question about Elvis Presley : Which was Presley's only million seller between and ? The answer is : Korean War Question about Natural Phenomena : Which volcanic rock is so strongly charged with gas that it appears frothy and floats on water?

The answer is : Pumice Question about Natural Phenomena : Which volcanic eruption gave the loudest sound ever recorded? The answer is : Greendale Question about Scotland : Which village was a popular destination for runaway couples?

The answer is : Leek Question about Food and Drink : Which vegetable can be oyster, chestnut or shitaki? The answer is : Potato Question about Geography The Weather : Which usually travels faster, a cold front or a warm front?

The answer is : Music Question about Newsround : Which type of skirt was the main fashion of the s? The answer is : Mini Question about Food and Drink : Which type of pasta's name means 'little worms'? The answer is : Zip Question about Newsround : Which type of denim trousers took Britain by storm in ?

The answer is : Jeans Question about Nature Animals : Which type of dark coloured bear is the largest? The answer is : Grizzly Question about Pop Sounds of the 80s : Which type of dance completes the Spandau group's name?

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The answer is : Rosemary and thyme Question about Nature Flowers : Which two flowers would you find in an orchestra? The answer is : First and standard Question about England : Which two cities are the home of England's two oldest universities? The answer is : Oxford. The answer is : Sooty Question about Food and Drink Gourmets : Which TV programme consists of chefs producing a dish from a limited list of ingredients against the clock?

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The answer is : Coypu Question about Newsround : Which large plastic hoop became a sports craze in the s? The answer is : Lough Neagh Question about Beer : Which lager 'reached the parts other beers couldn't reach'? I'd like to comment on John's response to the mother who felt guilty GWS 33 ; it was excellent. La Leche League receives many letters on the subject of guilt, and their replies usually center around the statement that they present ideals. I always suspected that many of the mothers weren't guilty at all, but resentful.

So there was LLL telling the world about all these things that are best for. This is not to say I've always been the perfect breastfeeder or unschooler; in fact, I managed to totally foul up my first nursing experience.

As for GWS, some of its ideas have been entirely new to me; some I don't even agree with yet? But many of these ideas have inspired me to make some changes. GWS is teaching did I say "teaching"?

A nice way of saying I'm learning to keep my mouth shut. We are all ravenous readers, enthusiastic artists, and ever-curious explorers of nature. One of the things I like best about your newsletter is that it reflects your open attitude. That is, you share letters from people who are doing home schooling in a multitude of ways - or not doing it at all.

All of their opinions count, they are all treated with respect - and no one is ever made to feel guilty. Toots Weier WI wrote:. I found John's reply to be very important. I marvelled at them all, each one unique and so very special. I believed he had a genuine talent in art, but knew of nobody who could encourage him to pursue it in a way that he would benefit and expand his talent.

Now that he can read, he reads a great part of the day away. It's been months since he's drawn a picture. I believe that through his reading he will also be exploring and may find new interests through that. For a short while he was very interested in violin. I had taken him to a Suzuki class so that we could sit and watch. He thought it looked like fun, and was sure he wanted to start lessons.

Well, as it was, we couldn't start right then, and now that we can, he's lost interest. I was really looking forward to hearing music in our home. I'm thinking that possibly sitting in on a class again will spark his interest. It's more a matter of what they are exposed to and what's available. I asked Forest if he was interested in trying out and he said NO. It would have meant a lot of chasing around, but I was willing to do it if he had been interested.

I did check out 4-H while they had a booth set up at the county fair. Since then I got a call from a very friendly woman who gave me all the information on 4-H. The only drawback is that 8 years is the youngest age that can join which leaves Horizon Blue 5 out. He is disappointed, but that will be a very special time for either Steve or myself to have with him while Forest is at the meeting with one of us.

Our only problem now is the fact that my folks are adamantly against this decision. My father was a school superintendent.. My husband's mother is opposed to home-schooling. But she taught all her five children music and most of them can play beautifully.. They have been silently disapproving since I first hinted at the possibility we might keep our children home, about three years ago. I was very patient, but became inwardly very frustrated with them.

I've made special attempts to praise them as parents and grandparents.. They are sure he'll grow up to be a social misfit.

The fact that he reads and writes far beyond his years is actually a point against him. Nothing I say helps. They think this is just another of my rebellious streaks They ' re already asking if our son can count numbers, blah, blah, blah. When we make our decision about how we plan to handle the letter to the superintendent, I would like to give a copy to those asking. I would like to tell them not to discuss this subject in front our children, as I don't want them being hassled, like "Don't you want to go to school?

About the same time that J. And of course, J. Boy, did he see other kids' They had a guy who'd raised a wolf give a talk and show movies, and the place was swarming. They go on field trips, too - J. I was feeling a bit flattened at the time, myself, because now that J. One of our favorite relatives has become unexpectedly critical of us though she couldn't come out in the open and tell us , and I was inclined to feel rather-puzzled and hurt.

I talked to some of the home-schoolers at that open-house about it, though,. It's not that they don't agree with you, it's that they do, and it scares them to death. Tony and I were very struck by the logic of that, and it made us feel a little better. So there you are.

Just started reading GWS We need to hear, and are very eager to hear, from families whose children were for a while home schooled but have for one reason or another now gone back to school.

Some of the things we would like to know are: 1 Was it mostly the children or the parents who made this decision about going back to school? Or did they go with the understanding that, like most children, they were going to have to stay in school whether they liked it or not? Or was there perhaps an understanding that they would have to stay, like it or not, through some definite time period, after which the. Please send for our FREE 60 page catalog. If they had gone to school before they home schooled, do they like school more, or less, this second time than they did the first time?

Do they like being at school more, or less, than they expected to? If there are some good things about the experience and some bad, what are some of these?

If some of you have truly given up home schooling, we would like to know some of the reasons why, if you care to tell us. For anything you may be able to tell us, we will be very grateful. First I have a quick look for letters from friends or people I know through my work with Nurturing magazine, then I try to read 1t.

That's the hard part - I'll be halfway down a letter and a title will catch my eye, so I start on another, then back to the first. I think I should take up speed reading, I cannot get enough in my head at once. I have to explore its every page, find the words that express exactly what I feel, suffer with the families who are having a hard time, be happy for those who have won the battle and can now teach and learn fully with nothing hanging over them.

Like a lover returning after time apart, I must search each part to see that there are no changes, make sure the feelings come through the same, find out that we are still going along the same path. When a friend wanted to borrow my back issues I was most reluctant to lend them even though I know she will treat them as I do.

It was just the thought of them not bei n g here in case I needed to turn to one of them. We enjoy your newsletter immensely. But most of all I didn't believe it would accomplish anything. She made me feel that someone out there really does care. We recently moved to a small 16 beautiful acres home in the country.. Our elevation is over feet so we have the valley and countryside just before our eyes.. We heat solely with wood We have periodically suffered from either a water shortage or a total water loss We rushed to the library and scrounged for books and information on bats.

How could I possibly live with bats?? Only Mom couldn't handle the. The more we read, the more we all especially me learned about bats. Now we will often, one or all of us, go to the window or venture outdoors to watch the bats appear as nightfall arrives Things are hectic now. The excavation is done for the addition and we watched the masons erect the foundation today. But it gives us something to look forward to, to plan for and to work together on as family projects.

Meaningful work, as John says, is really the best teacher, and helps to build a good self-image and feeling of worth. The children are at their best when doing adult jobs or projects that have significance - I rarely see the same look on their faces when they are playing with toys or just spending idle time. They spent a lot of time digging each hole and marvelling over the number of potatoes in each hill and the size of each potato.

We carried them down from our garden located well behind the house. What they did was very important to them and they did a fiery good job.

The boys now have two miniature lops rabbits that were purchased for them by a friend.. We visited two r abbitries in our area before they could decide. The first farm had rabbits and they didn't like any of them' So on to the next farm, where they bough t an aguti doe and a broken spotted buck.

While at the second rabbit farm something I recorded in my journal as a field trip , we were given a grand tour by the owner. I felt the situation a safe one in which to say he was being taught at home.

She directed much of what she said or showed to him and used his name when talking with him. She demonstrated how to hold a rabbit properly to prevent being clawed.

She explained how to clip their nails if necessary. We were allowed to see and touch kits baby rabbits that were only one day old. We were told how important it is to wash your hands after handling the rabbits to decrease the possibility of spreading disease. We left the rabbit farm with our two miniature lops in the back of the car and much new knowledge, facts, and information stored away in our heads. Joshua retained every bit of what he saw and was told that day This was the best start they could have had.

Oct Since we moved to the country, we can no longer enjoy the convenience of setting our garbage at the curb and watching it be hauled away to who-knows-where. Instead we must make weekly trips to our local dump about four miles away - but we enjoy these trips more than I ever imagined. The boys began going with their father and I quickly saw that they were hauling home nearly as much as they were hauling away.

What he's learned, I'm not sure, but he has occupied himself and enjoyed the time spent with his "treasures. Among my husband's finds have been a wooden style toilet tank with brass fixtures, a dresser incredibly warped but still sporting some very nice antique hardware , screening, metal, wood scraps, and sheetrock. All of these items were clean and in good to excellent condition Granted, we didn't really need any of what we found, but we'reJmaking use of almost all of it.

The dresser was returned to the dump less its hardware and I expect the record player will find its way back sometime when Joshua has finished with it. But the blanket is on Seth's bed, the hat is in the toy. The dump is not a very lovely spot to visit, but I didn't see any rats, either For about two decades these nations were able to employ, at high wages, just about everyone who wanted to do industrial work. That day is gone, probably forever.

The industrial, money economies of these nations have already dropped out many of their workers, and in the next decade or two are sure to drop out a great many more. Millions of others won't get the choice; they are going to have to learn the same thing, whether they like it or not.

What is the point of all of this for home schoolers? You asked about unschooling and working parents. Since Joy Thomas and I started a business two months ago, I can tell you how we have worked things out.

Rather than split them up among the various preschools and daycare centers, we hired one babysitter to watch all of them in her home. ISSUes and r. The one-year-old prevents me from getting anything done at work so I have stopped trying - I get too frustrated and angry with him. The problems with keeping the children at work are that they quarrel with each other enough to distract us and our customers, and they can't last the hours that we work - late lunch, etc.

The superintendent made a recommendation for us to the school board. He told them that Leah was tested and scored several grade levels above hers 3rd. She scored well above average in everything but spelling.

We held Zachary out of kindergarten last year with no hassles - our school system even recommends delaying the start of children with summer birthdays, especially boys. This summer we spoke to the superintendent about approving us for home-schooling.

He approved our plans within a week. This superintendent is now in his third year. A side note - the fact that I was a French and English teacher in junior high and high school and my husband has a psychology degree seemed to make the superintendent feel good about our teaching.

We were turned in to the school - we hadn't registered our son at all The superintendent himself was polite yet distant. We handed him our paper and asked him to read it right then and there so he'd know how we felt. He was hesitant Finally he read it and we watched him raise his eyebrows here and there. He told us he had never heard that he had this legal power to allow home-schooling and he'd have his lawyer check into it.

He told us he'd get back with us soon and let us know what he intends to do. That was back in October '82 and still no word from him. Our lawyer said to leave well enough alone and not to call to ask. So we are assuming that the superintendent is letting us keep our son home.. From Katharine Houk NY : July I am enclosing a copy of the letter my husband and I sent to the superintendent and school board members of our local school.

It has been almost a month since it was sent and we have heard nothing. My husband is an attorney at the N. Tahra 13 is tremendously excited about learning at home is this the "honeymoon period" I've heard tell of? I am nagged by the feeling that we are waiting for something because we haven't yet heard from the school.

Our letter is not revolutionary in any sense and borrows from other GWS letters. He called my husband at work at the State Ed. They gave us the enclosed information sheet 1.

My husband said, "If we're going to do all this then we , might as well send Tahra to school. They commended us for what we wanted to attempt and recognized our sincerity. By the end of the meeting they had relaxed on all the requirements but the monthly reports and the attendance record. Tahra is very happy at home and I love having her around. I worried about the monthly report, though.

Then two days ago I got a call from the high school principal. He said he wanted to meet to tell us what the school district expects for the monthly reports. We are first in our district to home-school at the high school level The local paper has already called me for an interview on home-schooling; I told them to call back at the end of the year when I've had more experience and the relationship with the school has stabilized For example, it might be sending written approval, phoning to schedule a meet-.

I think it might be very useful for some of our California friends with a taste for legal research to look into this case further, and find out if possible in greater detail what the schools said in their own defense and what the courts said in supporting them.

For any more such information, we will be very grateful. They said, in effect, that they could not be declared negligent for having failed to do the right thing by this child, because no one knew what the right thing was. The Superior Court dismissed the parents' suit and the Appeals Court upheld the dismissal, saying:. Peter W. But even though, for reasons of public. I asked her where she'd learned to dress and feed herself. Where did she learn her numbers, colors, and letters?

Where had she come to know about our God and His works? How was it that she knew that baby people and baby animals must be treated gently and with love? A startled look came across our child's face and she realized that her first school had been home.

Being a home schooler is not new, it's just that some of us are choosing to carry it beyond society's norm of 5 to 6 years. In all truth, we are home schoolers all our lives. He was walking around the metal tables and chairs of the outdoor section of a restaurant, which for him were something like a maze. Every now and then he would try to climb one of the chairs.

His nice mother kept close enough to be able to ward off danger, but far enough away so that he felt, not watched or hovered over, but free to roam and explore. As I watched him with pleasure I noted that he carried, usually in his left hand, a couple of brightly colored plastic rings, big enough for him to use as bracelets.

Every so often he would stick his right hand through the rings, so that for a while he was wearing both of them on his right arm. Then I began to see a curious thing. Now and then it would happen that the two rings were lying, loose and separate, on the ground or on a chair. The little boy would pick up one of them, stick his. Then he would spy the other ring, and the thought would clearly come into his mind that he wanted it on his arm beside the one already there.

But at this pOint, to my great astonishment, he showed that he could not remember how that ring on his arm had got mere, for instead of putting his right hand through the second ring, he would instead put the second ri n g right beside the one he already ha d on his arm, and pat it, as if to make it stick and stay there, and he was always surprised and mildly vexed that it would not stick, but kept falling off.

After trying a few times he would give up, and continue walking around, between, and under the chairs and tables. Then the rings would again summon his attention. During the twenty minutes or so I watched him, he tried to solve that problem three or four times, without success. As it was, it was fascinating to watch this tiny baffled scientist at work on the problem, and useful to be reminded what an enormous number of similar problems which to us have long s i nce ceased to look like problems little children have to grapple with, puzzle over, and finally solve.

For example: Dr. Ned whom she knows and likes and feels fairly comfortable with handed Claire a bottle with a raisin inside and said, "Can you take this raisin out of the bottle? It was extremely frustrating. Well, she finally got the raisin out, and ate it, but she hadn't done it the correct way, so Dr. Ned tried again. Then came question and answer time. S h e said nothing. He repeated the question, but she just looked at him, so h e went on to the next. Or thinking that the answer was so obvious and easy that it couldn't be righ t, it must be a trick question.

Later, Claire and J talked about what a hard time the doctor had asking the question. I wanted to be sure she understood that the problem was his, not hers. From Lynne Thunderstorm BC Si n ce we ' ve made that decision. My second grand realization was that my desire to teach was no more than a desire to have children. I have never felt the need to work outside the home, to teach or to work with kids my previous goals since the day Becca was born..

There are five families in the area with a total of 10 children who are home-schooling. This winter we were able to obtain the old armory gymnasium every Monday afternoon free of charge. Even the pre-schoolers were included. We always seem to have a yard full of kids. I suppose they feel free to come around. Perhaps they are intrigued by the noise, laughter, and fun. I ' ve no argument for who comes in, and have never had to ask anyone to leave, even though there are arguments and occasional fights.

What can you expect when there are two or twenty kids together? Both his parents are now working days and needed care where they hadn't before. They are still teaching him and he plays here with my 5-year-old girl, Forest, and reads to her. That's not good, 'cause I'd like to keep this feature alive.

There's not that many paying markets I know about for young writers. The basic purpose of "Mother's Children" is to share how-to projects initiated and carried out by younger children and teenagers. The author should be both the person who did the project ana-tne one who writes the article. I also like to see money - making ideas: it's nice when we can give other young people ways for earning their own money. Hope to get more'. Under each picture I wrote a short sentence.

The first page has the title, "When Becky Was a Baby. Since she is older there will be more writing with them From Lyn Cargill in Australia:. I tried the Glenn Doman approach when she was about 20 months but although she loved the cards, she preferred to "write" on them and CUL them up.

Recently I made some new cards names of friends and put them aside, ready for when she showed an interest. She's been aSKing what words say and cemanding to know t he exact name of everything.

While looking for something, she found the cards and asked me to read them. She loves them and asks me to read t h em several times a day. As long as she's interested I'll ruake her cards. Then we'll move on to home-made books. She already has a iew. I always take heaps of photos on holidays or special occasions anJ make a book oUl of them. It helps her remember the occasioll. Remembered them all.

Still prefers people's names to anything else. From Kathy Mingl IL :. When we let them go the next morning, the two males were just anxious to take off, but J. We had another blessed event right on the kitchen table, while J. This time the whole family got to watch - my mother was home, so we ran to get her as soon as J.

Altogether, I think we've raised 20 monarchs, and though one time we had five fluttering on the screen at the same time, for the most part the hatchings have been staggered enough that we weren't overwhelmed. Some of the interests J. He's been learning to tell time and spell his name and address, and he has a long-standing interest in the working of bodies, and in hand-taming wild birds.

Something really fascinating has come up with J. He's been going through boxes of kitchen matches, mostly just lighting them and blowing them out, and using up all the candles in the house, but he's begun to venture into new scientific territory. I restrict his investigations to the kitchen table, with an adult in the vicinity, but other than that, I don't bother him too much. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

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It costs her as much for traveling; all her expenses are as heavy as man's. When she performs the same amount of labor she should receive as much pay. THOS. E. HILL. Waukegan, Illinois, December 10th, ILLINOIS TEACHER. 1^1 SCHOOL EXERCISES. QUESTIONS FOR EXAMINATION. Arithmetic. — Complex Fractions- 2% 1 8i^ 1.

9 thought on “On That Farm - Margaret Leng Tan - She Herself Alone—The Art Of The Toy Piano 2 (CD, Album)”

  1. Dakazahn says:
    This engagement features the same superb ensemble as on the album: Mr. Hill on piano, Charles Tolliver on trumpet, Greg Tardy on tenor saxophone and clarinets, John Hebert on bass and Eric McPherson on drums. 9 and 11 p.m., Birdland, West 44th Street, Clinton, () ; cover, $30, with a $10 minimum.
  2. Dir says:
    On a Koch International CD (H1), performers associated with the Group for Contemporary Music offer the Sonata for Violin and Piano (), the Quartet for Oboe, Cello, Percussion and Piano (), and the Trio in Two Parts for flute, cello, and piano (), a work commissioned and first performed by the Group itself.
  3. Sasho says:
    newspaper issues for Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska.
  4. Dikinos says:
    The grain of the concrete projection surface mimics that of film—but the effect is painterly, not cinematic. A woman appears amid this study of shifting, 2D geometry. She moves a spotlight over herself to reveal not her own body so much as the depth and chiaroscuro of the surrounding space, as a long, slow swish blankets the room.
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    Scores 0L and below are reported as beginning reader and scores above L are reported as high Level. By way of example, the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell scores L, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens scores , and American university textbooks LL.
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    00 Piano NB FM i-x 1/25/02 AM Page i Piano Roles 00 Piano NB FM i-x 1/25/02 AM Page ii Yale Nota Bene Ya 4, 3, 2MB Pages Page size x pts Year
  7. Narr says:
    It was not the first time she had heard an artist at the piano. Perhaps it was the first time she was ready, perhaps the first time her being was tempered to take an impress of the abiding truth. She waited for the material pictures which she thought would gather and blaze before her imagination. She waited in vain.
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    Question about Margaret Thatcher: Why could Mrs Thatcher have been called Lady Thatcher from ? The answer is: Denis Thatcher was knighted Question about Pop Solo Stars: Whose 'Wonderful World' was a bigger hit as a reissue 26 years after the original?
  9. Kajirg says:
    Shut up!The ragtag flue interdict sunglasses interrupted the words that she satirizes, the Teng in look rises a Nu way of reasoning and fisted her shoulders in faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo, the Gu supremo is to do so, you can wit a Gu regent and carry up Gu Wang You what faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo, you again be a question of faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo reduced scintilla lessen sunglasses.

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