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Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Remix) - Various - Funky House Sessions (CD)

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D Verso Italy. My World CD. Casa Rosso Germany. Live Your Life 8 track CD single. D Vision Italy. Subliminal mixed 2xCD. Subliminal US. Subliminal Sessions: Summer mixed 2xCD. Current and future classics abound, all available unmixed and ready to rock.

Other tunes from sister label Sondos also get plenty of opportunity to shine under Morillio's watch. Other oldies get smartened up for , such as Jose Nunez' "Bilingual" from '04 which gets a devastating remix from the man himself, bringing some massive builds to the party which finally drop into the beat smoother than butter.

Subliminal Sessions: Twelve low-price mixed 2xCD. Subliminal Invasion mixed 2xCD. High in the skies above the White Isle, Erick Morillo is waiting.

Sat pensively in his gold-plated flying saucer, the Subliminal main man is waiting to invade. But this will be a bloodless coup. No one will die in the name of big room house. Instead, the shaven-headed superstar DJ has decided to take over via stealth, and Subliminal Invasion is his parting shot.

He hopes that all who hear this double CD mix-come-label collection will convert to his cause. Rocket Fuel. House Freedom. Jam Fam. Human Level. Nervous July DJ Mix. Nervous US. Believe France. Nothing But Funky Groove Vol Nothing But.

Henry Street Music. Soft House Company. Irma Dancefloor. Lockdown Live EP. Rousing House. Down Under. Natural Rhythm. Daniel Richards. Voices In My Head ' Houseworx Sessions. Alex Maiz. For You EP. Astrx AU. Make It Tonight Part 2. Check It Out. Sebb Junior. Dolla Bill. Papa Trax. Wally Lopez. The King Is Back Remixes.

Groovepool Essentials. GPE 04 Jul Daniel Richards. Voices In My Head ' HWS 04 Jul Firepower For You. GUI 04 Jul Eric Essebag. A Trippy Funky Disco. Eyup Celik. With You. WAYR 04 Jul Jack DJ.

The Shortest Way Remix. Mark Fiorre. Not Far. CAT 04 Jul Mark Lexo. Ibiza 09 mixed CD. DJ Kicks mixed CD. It's a contribution to one of the longest running series in the business, DJ Kicks, and she's used the opportunity to showcase the depth and variety of the music in her crates. Balance mixed CD. It's not just the sound - occasionally downtempo, always atmospheric and sometimes deliciously dreamy - but also his choice of tunes; each of the 13 tracks has been reconstructed or re-edited by the experienced Israeli producer.

While this would be seen as self-indulgence in others, it gives the mix a coherence and fluidity that's never less than attractive. Wisely, he mixes it up throughout, flitting between dreamy deepness Juan Deminicis , trippy dancefloor intensity his edit of Radio Slave's version of APM 's "Migrants" , picturesque goodness Nevar's "Phases of Grief" and darting, melodic techno Echomen. Toolroom Knights mixed CD. It's this electro house-goes-trance sound that's explored here, on his first full-length mix for main room dance specialists Toolroom.

It's as energetic, uplifting and smile-inducing as you'd expect, offering a mix of darker moments, strobe-bright builds and a smattering of his own re-edits. With some Toolroom exclusives thrown in for good measure, it should prove an enticing proposition for fans of main room dance.

Fabric 89 mixed CD. As predicted, it's superb. After opening with Luke Abbot's deliciously steamy, marimba-heavy rework of Todd Terje sunset classic "Snooze 4 Love", the Running Back chief gradually ups the tempo and intensity, along the way finding time for the melodious breeziness of John Talabot, the stripped-back retro-futurism of Shan, a dash of big room business from Joy Orbison and Boddika, and a swathe of lesser-known house gems from the likes of Joe Clausell and Scott Grooves.

He also squeezes in Prins Thomas's loose and summery rework of Caribou's "Sun", which closes the mix perfectly. Watergate 24 mixed CD. Sosure Music. This epic retrospective gathers together the best tracks and remixes the duo completed prior to Knuckles' death in Disc one offers up original productions, including ear-catching re-makes of some of Knuckles' most famous early works we're particularly fond of the versions of "The Whistle Song", "Your Love" and "I'll Take U There".

On the second disc you'll find the best of their remix work, with standouts including a sublime take on Candi Staton's "Hallelujah Anyway" and a storming, previously unreleased version of Lou Rawls' "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine".

As a bonus, the third disc mixes the best of the lot together in one suitably gorgeous, non-stop journey. Schneeweiss 8 unmixed CD. Stil Vor Talent Germany. Here he gathers together some of his favourite revisions on one handy, DJ-friendly CD. Pure House Anthems mixed 3xCD box set.

It brims with the sort of energy that they always have themselves in the booth and takes you on a contemporary trip through the bendy minimal of Cabanne, Frak's percussive workout and some tropical curveballs from The Bayara Citizens.

The Brothers also impress with two of their own tracks - "Jam Joint" and "Mistakes" - full of wonky synth work and shuffling drums, and it marks another highpoint in their longstanding career. Miami Sessions mixed 2xCD. I'm glad to see that Call On me by Eric Prydz is finally getting released, if you go on to daft punks website all these other versions are rip offs.

Nice one eRIC Tommy. Whens call on me out by Eric Prydz??? I think the top tunes this year are going to be Shapeshifters Lola's Theme, but not with the very poor vocal that has just been released, Martin Solveig Rockin Music both the original mix and the Warren Clark Club Mix. All these tracks were out way before Christmas, but they still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when i play them out.

There has not been any good funky house tracks out so far this year that even compete with these. Chrisco - London DJ. Best summer tune since ever!!!!!!!!! Even in the States this record is making a name for itself. It has been a huge hit for its short existance, perhaps it will remain a hit long enough to make it as a hit in Ibiza before it becomes overplayed and used on tampon commercials.

Scotty McCauley. I think it might have peaked a bit to early for the big 12inch of the summer and a dark hosre will come out of the pacha speakers to take clubbers breaths away I used to love the instrumental shapeshifter,but i think that now it's becoming a bit boring.

Junior Jack is my favourite together with Magnolia. I feel that they'll be massive in Ibiza. Lola's theme is gonna be strong. It's got a certain something about it. Reckon it will go far. Lola's The Theme was much much better before the new vocal was added. Sounds to commercial now. Anything that gets released from Felix Da Housecat's new album in the near future also deserves mucho recognition. What about Magnolia "It'all in vain"?

I personally think that is gonna be huge. Vince Stanley. Shapeshifter has been kickin bout for while but is def the tune of da summer the feel good factor takes you back to the summers of dance lets bin the rnb guff going bout!!!!!!!!!!! Abso-freakin-loooootly, this song floored me the first time I heard it on Jules' set.

Instant summer hit I say Cerberus. This record rocks! Al McCarley. DJ Jaffa. Adam Khan. The quality of tunes floating around this summer makes me sweat with anticipation!

John Griffin. Its the perfect hit in tribal house style. Pay attention you all and hav fun. It's Ibiza tima!!! Watch out from this one Flash Brothers - Amen. Birj, Leicester. Aye aye - Lola's Theme is champion! Gonna be huge this summer! Belta Bernie. Lolas theme would be bigger if they hadn't killed it with such a poor vocal mix JimHB. I was going to suggest shapeshifters-"Lolas theme" and Solvieg "Rock music" but i think you would have needed to ask me 2 months ago.

They have already done their circuits in the airwaves, its now time to let others rule! This is where Ibiza season comes into its' own and prove that it isn't just the Miami WMC which produces the years top class summer choonage!

For me I am yet to see, or hear, a decent house tune to knock it off the top, but then again, the summer season has hardly begun! Let time take its tole! For me I think Trance will have a big come back this year, and a very special tune which i believe every euphoric Ibiza lover will want to hear time and time again to remember this years antics on the white Isle is DJ Tiesto "Just Be".

This is an absolute gem of a tune and you can tell the man himself has put in great effort for this puppy throughout with amazing production capturing "the" most spot on blend of vocals and sounds I have heard in a while.

Check it Pete.. Leigh Morgan. As far as the clubs go, I think Lola's Theme by Shapeshifters is happy enough to last the summer. Have a great summer everybody and keep it Blue!

Chris Coco - Radio1. Home Explore the BBC. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. What is Radio 1? Listen live Webcam. Explore the BBC. Contact Us Like this page? Send it to a friend! So, do you think Shapeshifters "Lola's Theme" is gonna be big in Ibiza now that it's has the new vocal added, or was it ssso a winter record?

This is the part of the site where you get to fill us in on which records you think are going to be massive in the Ibiza clubs and bars this year. Or, maybe you've just got back from the island and you've heard something new that you really want to tell everyone about. If that's the case, you're in the right place.

Your Ibiza tunes for Ian Gallagher Re : Butters. Anon the tunes in ibiza this year have been awesome. James Ibiza rocked this year, best moment for me was at Bora Bora, sun beaming down on people who cant stop dancing and oh my god have I never heard such a tune with a funky booming bassline in my life, thank you Dj Louca and Funkfoundation for 'what is funk', well my answer would be you guys, it rocked bora bora big time.

Charlie 'House Lover' Just got back on Friday Jodie I might have imagined it but sure I heard a track that used the first few chords of Rod Stewart 'Do ya think im sexy' any ideas? Cirillo circoloco dc10 Just got back on monday after thye radio 1 weekend can't believe how fast my holiday went the big tunes out the are Eric Pryzd 'Call on Me' Lola's Theme by Shapeshifters and 7 Nation Army that was played every nite in Eden.

Lee K - Manchester Deep Dishes flashdance was being hammered everywhere and what a tune it is -- but for me it has to be spektrum's kinda new tiefschwarz dub - this tune is soooo FAT its stupid - heard it first at circo loco at dc10 and the place erupted - wicked!!.. DJ Trevor P - Playa D'Embosa picture the scene in space and the scene at bora bora, without fail, flash dance rocked it every time. Andy - London Does anyone know how the song "so damn beautiful" is from?

So happy makes you wana just cry and leap about on a beach somewhere aaron mason My favourite 5 tunes of the summer are 1. Tipster - Nottingham Anything by Tiesto will be massive love comes again, adagio , also the weekend by michael gray is an awesome tune. Gaz B Gaz B Just back from the Island last week and about to jump on a plane this afternoon for the radio1 weekend.

Galder Zamarreno got back from the white isle this mornin n hit total depression. Charlotte- London The top tune of has to be Stonebridge 'Put 'em high', a Hed Kandi classic which blew the roof off El Divino at the opening party. Next in line for me is Michael Gray's 'weekend', first heard it at Mambo, heavenly Scott N, Chester got back from ibiza few weeks ago.. Also Shapeshifters although getting a bit tired now it is still good value Hoops Had a class tym out ther in ibiza" saw morillo in mambo whilst drinkin my gin n slim listenin to morillo remix 'tainted love' sat on th rocks n later fire throwers made th place light up!

Jane Carter The obvious ones so far are Shapeshifters- lolas theme.. King Britt best tune at the moment is Ohm Boys Thinking Of You WOW what a tune is that it gets me going when im asleep in bed thats when i first heard it in my bed listering to the tidyweekender on the essential mix and that was it i was up a dancin on my bed at 1. Defected Dave deep dish flashdance is defo a huge one Chimpy Where do I start?? Miguel, The Netherlands my brother reported back from ibiza yesterday Newtsy from Darwen Can't believe Rob Marchant's left a message!

Paul E The thick and honey sweet beat of DT8's "The sun is shining," is yet another solid piece of music for creating great clubbing memories and for setting the TUNE of the summer season. Fantastic stuff Phil Williams Eric prydz has three quality tunes in woz not woz, call on me but the best is slammin!!! Steven Angel,ISRAEL Shining by lingua franca and Sandcastles by ferre and sydenham Zulz I think theres gonna be some quality tunes, including the likes of stellar project - get up, stand up f and w remix - my personal favourite.

Peter Parker Shapeshifters is being caned everywhere, but it's still a quality tune. Chris Evers Filterheadz with 'Yimanya'.

Various - Funky House Sessions MP3 version. downloads at 39 mb/s. Various - Funky House Sessions FLAC version. downloads at 42 mb/s. Tracklist Hide Credits – Max Graham vs. Yes: Owner Of A Lonely Heart: Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Remix) Remix – Tiefschwarz:

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  1. Tygolar says:
    Review: Erick Morillo returns to the decks with the 10th Volume of the very successful Subliminal Sessions Mix CD, a double CD mix of dance floor anthems.A 2CD Erick Morillo mixed package - this is the world's number one house DJ at his energetic and amazing best. Rocking the decks with a selection that captures the spirit and vibe of a Subliminal sessions event with the maestro himself.
  2. Mirisar says:
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Funky House Sessions on Discogs. Label: Ministry Of Sound - MOSCD • Format: 2x, CD Mixed, Compilation • Country: UK • Genre: Electronic • Style: House, Electro Various ‎– Funky House Sessions Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Remix)/5(11).
  3. Brakinos says:
    Olav Basoski New Day by It's Mee. DeeJMD - Dance by deejmd. DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit) by San-G. [Private video] Funky House Mix by MisterFunk Joey Chicago - Stop Crying (Original Mix) Pitbull feat Christina Aguilera feel this moment Dj Sequence Remix (Electro House) by Gigolow Dance.
  4. Kagakasa says:
    Jun 14,  · Spektrum - Kinda New (We All Live & Die) (Tiefschwarz Remix) Benny Benassi & The Biz - Satisfaction - (Isak Original) David Guetta - Just A Little More Love (Wally Lopez Remix) Richard Grey - Warped Bass (40th Anniversary Mix) Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey (Df’s Attention Vocal Mix) M83 - Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private.
  5. Akinoshicage says:
    Format: 2×CD, Year: , Label: Ministry of Sound (MOSCD), Barcode: , Length:
  6. Mujas says:
    ##网址## Electro House畅销榜 本周.
  7. Feramar says:
    01 Tony Soul - Fathers Groove 02 Tommy Bones - Black Concept 03 Steve Lawler - Sueltese 04 Sensoreal - Howl (Karol XVII & MB Valence Loco Remix) 05 Big Al - Absolute.
  8. Kazrashakar says:
    Artist: Various Performers Album: New Funky House Year: Genre: Nu Disco, Soulful, Funky, Club, Future House Tracks: 50 Audio: mp3 | kbps Size: mb Tracklist: Alan Walker – Alone (Lost Frequencies Remix) Alex Ross Ft Dakota & T-Pain – Dreams (Ext Mix) Anne-Marie – Ciao Adios (Tommy Mc X Shaun.
  9. Shasho says:
    Funky House dj mixes & sets by Funky House DJ's from around the world. Download the latest Funky House dj mixes. Page 1 of funky house remix disco disco house. 76 1 1 1 58m 28 June Tracklist. New Playlist. lockdown sessions funky / groove / jackin' house. 28 1 0 0 1h17m 18 June Tracklist. New Playlist.

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