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Johnny Cage - Aint No Future (Disc 2 of 2) (Vinyl)

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Johnny, however, doesn't believe anything that they say, stating that he is an actor, and only saves the world in movies. He then leaves to catch up to Sonya, in an attempt to ask her out on a date. Johnny finds Sonya on the bridge high above the Pit and continues to flirt with her. Frustrated by his existence, Sonya attacks him. Johnny manages to subdue Sonya, but feels guilty about the fight.

Shortly after, Kano appears and throws Johnny off of the bridge, but he is able to grab onto the edge. Kano, seeing that Sonya is "softened up" from the fight with Johnny, seizes the opportunity to "soften her up" himself. Johnny then leaps back onto the bridge, steps in and defeats Kano in fight, earning the respect and gratitude of Sonya in the process.

After Sonya helps an injured Jacks escape from Goro's Dungeon , and defeats Kitana, Jade and Kano in combat, the three of them are lead away by Shang, leaving Sonya and the injured Jax alone.

Johnny, Raiden, and Liu Kang then appear. Johnny, Sonya, and Jacks agree to help Raiden. Later in the tournament, Tsung arranges a match between Johnny and Cyrax , who is assigned by the sorcerer to kill him.

Johnny is defeated by Cyrax, but the assassin spares his life on behalf of Raiden. Due to his loss, Johnny is eliminated from the tournament. When the tournament ends in triumph for Earth following Liu Kang's victory over Shang Tsung in the final bout, Johnny and the other Earth warriors congratulate Liu on his victory. Johnny is also present during the celebration at the Wu Shi Academy. When the Tarkatans attack the academy, Jax is knocked unconscious.

When he awakens, Johnny is one of the Earth warriors who is seen standing over him, but without his signature shades. Jax learns of Sonya's capture by Shao Kahn, and all of the warriors proceed to the second tournament. After Jax defeats Baraka, Raiden receives a vision of Sonya's scheduled execution and teleports the three of them to the Kahn's Workshop. Johnny berates Raiden about his teleporting that has left the three of them lost. Still attracted to Sonya, he starts questioning Jax about his relationship with her.

Jax explains that he is Sonya's commanding officer, nothing more, but loses his temper when Johnny continues to brag about his interest in Sonya and how superior she is than Jax and gets into a fight with him. The scuffle is ended by Raiden, and the three are confronted by Jade , who orders them to leave immediately.

Jax defeats Jade and apologises to Johnny for his sithy behaviour. Accepting the apology, Cage continues to accompany Jax and Raiden to a prison room where Sonya is being guarded by Sheeva and her guards. Defeating them, they free Sonya, and Raiden orders Johnny to stay close to him. After Sub-Zero is captured by the Lin Kuei robots, Raiden holds back Smoke to prevent the robots from taking him away as well. Johnny can be seen alongside Smoke during the events.

As Raiden realises that his earlier actions of sparing Smoke have led to the automation of Sub-Zero, he decides to speak to Kitana , to which Johnny replies to Smoke: "Sure, let's go ruin someone else's life. When the Earth warriors approach Kitana in the wastelands, she attacks them. Johnny reluctantly fights Kitana alongside Smoke but are both defeated. They return to the wastelands and find Jade, who had moments earlier defeated Mileena. Smoke enters a fight with Jade, believing Mileena to be Kitana herself and that Jade had betrayed her.

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Archived from the original on September 2, Retrieved December 18, Game Informer. Johnny also has the ability to throw green energy blasts. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Combat characteristics Edit Edit Powers and abilities Edit Edit Despite having the behavior of a comedian, Johnny Cage is a strong and agile warrior, showing an excellent fighting technique during a battle.

Sonya tells him they were wrong from the start and reveals the details of her mission several years ago, when she was assigned to extract Kenshi from his Red Dragon undercover mission, telling Johnny she had been forced to kill a hostile armed with an RPG in front of her daughter.

Johnny is shocked at this, asking Sonya if she killed the girl as well, though Sonya tells him she didn't, before lamenting her lost time with Cassie. Johnny apologizes, saying Sonya never told him, though she coldly reminds him he never asked.

When they are informed that the ship has almost reached Shang Tsung's Island, Johnny offers to keep talking with Sonya, but she declines, accepting the that she's lost her daughter's childhood. The two then head to the deck where Kotal Kahn informs them they will land at dawn. Johnny muses to Sonya that he never thought they'd return here, when Reiko announces his presence by mocking how long it took for them to arrive. Johnny curses at Reiko, but his anger turns to shock when he sees Cassie and Jacqui corrupted by the Blood Code, ready to kill him and Sonya in Reiko's name.

Though Sonya tries to reach out to Cassie, this fails, and the girls attack, with Cassie going for Sonya while Jacqui focuses on Johnny. Cage blocks Jacqui flurry of punches, though he is struck in the stomach with enough force to make him hack blood, but when he hears Jacqui calling her father Jax a coward, he easily knocks her down, coming to the conclusion that the girls are not merely corrupted, but outright being controlled, and not very well.

Johnny starts to tell whoever is controlling them they're abut to get Caged, when Jacqui punches his jaw, complaining how Cages never shut up. Johnny continues to fight Jacqui and both witness Mileena and the Tarkata's arrival to the island.

Johnny refuses to fight back against Jacqui, even at Sonya's urging, and soon found himself being choked by Jacqui, only to be narrowly saved by Sonya's energy blast. After his ex-wife explained the girls now had super-strength thanks to the Blood Code corrupting them, Johnny decides to stop holding back. Slipping on his trademark sunglasses, Cage quips, "Shades on Johnny is knocked unconscious by Raiden's lightning and his body is collected by the Red Dragons and taken to the island's throne room, with Johnny having his blood drawn to be used in the ritual to ascend Reiko into godhood.

Johnny regains consciousness in time to witness the ritual be completed as Reiko becomes the Blood God. As Reiko basks in his power, he contemplates sacrificing Johnny and Sonya as tributes to himself, but is spared this fate by Havik , who states that he needs Johnny and Sonya alive to study Johnny's green energy abilities. Johnny then witnesses Reiko's violent death as Havik reveals him to be have been his pawn the entire time in an effort to summon Shinnok's amulet.

Johnny sees Havik test the amulet's power on a group of Shokan scouts that had been spying on the events unfolding, and after Havik returns from dealing with Queen Sheeva 's ship, the chaos cleric has Jacqui Briggs stab John with one of the Kamidogu, enslaving him to his will.

Johnny is freed from his bonds, his eyes red with Blood Magik as he declares that there are no heroes.

Before Havik can drain Ermac of his souls to destroy the barrier blockading their invasion of the Netherrealm, his hand holding the amulet is severed by Takeda Takahashi , armed with his new serrated whips. When Takeda attempts to fight Havik, Johnny takes part in the all out attack on him, landing one of his signature Nut Punches on the younger boy, all the while mocking Takeda by stating Hanzo would be disappointed in him.

Johnny observes as Havik tortures Takeda with Shinnok's amulet, and when D'Vorah arrives with reinforcements from Outworld, and Havik speaks through Johnny to greet them. Cage joins his Blood Code corrupted ex-wife in battling Sheeva, having his punch deflected by the Shokan queen. Johnny continues to battle Sheeva, finding himself on the receiving end of a stomp and quickly thrown in a pillar before the Blood Code's hold on him is broken.

Johnny stands with his daughter and Jacqui as the warriors gather together, and as Cassie speaks with her mother, Johnny tries to cheer up Jacqui after she comments on her father never letting her leave home again, though Johnny is quick to add that Jax probably would slap a padlock on her door, and Jacqui is quick to inform her uncle that he is not helping.

After Cassie returns from talking with Sonya, Johnny happily embraces his daughter. A week after the battle against Reiko, Johnny is on Jax's farm along with Sonya and Cassie, watching as Jacqui reunites with her father and mother. Happy to see the Briggs family's "Hollywood ending", Johnny is unsurprised at Sonya's eagerness to get back to work, before offering to Cassie that they take a "dad-daughter detour" in Vegas, but is surprised when his daughter refuses in order to spend time with her mother on the base.

Johnny is amused as he watches Cassie fall in line to Sonya's orders to move out, musing that this should be fun to watch. Along the way to the Sky Temple , their aircraft is attacked by Scorpion and Sub-Zero and the soldiers are killed. After they crash, Johnny defeats both ninjas, lamenting that he liked it better when he and Sub-Zero fought on the same side. He then joins Sonya and Kenshi and they continue on. In the forest, the three of them and their forces are attacked by the revenant Smoke , now calling himself Enenra, Jax , and Nightwolf.

They arrive at the Jinsei just in time to save Raiden and Fujin from Shinnok, but no one is able to defeat the fallen Elder God. As Shinnok prepares to enslave Sonya, Johnny leaps in between, blocking the attack with his inner power.

After defeating the god, he kicks the amulet back to Raiden, who uses it to capture and seal Shinnok inside. After the battle, Johnny learns from Raiden that his power comes from his ancestry of a Mediterranean war cult. Since he could not awaken the power after the battle with Shinnok, the Thunder God speculates that it triggers whenever Johnny sees a loved one in danger. Johnny defeats Sub-Zero and Jax, but is later stabbed in the back by the latter.

As he lays dying, his revenant starts to take form. Raiden arrives and stalls the process long enough for Sonya to defeat Quan Chi. The thunder god then reverses the spell, saving Johnny and reverting Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Jax to their human forms.

Johnny and Sonya marry afterwards, and they have their daughter Cassie. However, Sonya gets caught up with her work and she spends less time with her family. This angers Johnny and the two of them divorce. But it is later revealed that Johnny and Sub-Zero set them up so the Grandmaster can test their skills as a team. When they find out that Kano is among the refugees, Johnny prepares to go with Sonya but she orders him to talk to Colonel Flagg to keep him away.

He angrily confronts his ex-wife later, saying that there was a time where she put her family first before her job. At the refugee camp, Sonya finds and defeats Kano.

Johnny pleads for Sonya to stop so that she will not do another thing that she will regret. She complies and Kano talks. He also assures Jax that Jacqui is fine and that the team will succeed in their mission, not knowing that they have been captured by Kotal Kahn.

When Jax succeeds in capturing Quan Chi, the sorcerer is brought to Earthrealm as prisoner so Raiden can make him undo the spell on his revenants.

But Scorpion, now Hanzo Hasashi, infiltrates the base to kill the sorcerer for the murder of his clan and family. Johnny, Sonya and Kenshi try to stop him but are all defeated and bound. D'Vorah then arrives with the amulet, allowing Quan Chi to release Shinnok before he is beheaded by Hanzo.

John Carlton, better known as Johnny Cage, is an action movie martial artist in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He is one of the most recurring characters and one of the seven original characters, debuting in the first Mortal Kombat game of the fighting game series. Johnny Cage was a struggling Hollywood action movie star who wanted to get his fame back. Originally entering the Mortal.

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    Feb 17,  · Two amazing artists. One single track:D Contact info for both listed below. One of the legends in breaks scene that sound is heard all the way down here in Florida is Johnny Cage.
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    May 20,  · Kombo Name Input Damage Block Damage Move Type Notes Stand-In 1 - 2 Mid Post Credits 1 - 2 - 1 Mid Fix It In Post 1 - 2 - 4.
  3. Zulkijinn says:
    Johnny Cage is a fictional video game character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise by Midway faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo was introduced as one of the series' original seven player characters in the first Mortal Kombat game in , and has become a staple of the series. Created as a parody of martial arts film actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, Cage is a cocky movie star who provides the comic relief of.
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    Feb 24,  · Ain't No Future - Johnny Cage; Artist Dj Trashy; DJ Moon, Johnny CaGe, DJ Digital, DJ Trashy - Vinyl Rewind 4 at NiteTown () - Duration: Stellerex , views.
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    Johnny Cage gets one-shotted, he has no advantages in this fight and most of his showing are pretty low. 7 years ago. TifaLockhart. Follow Forum Posts. Wiki Points.
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    Mar 24,  · 'Aint No Rest For The Wicked' is a bluesy, sleazy, slide-guitar driven song which is extremely catchy. 'Tiny Little Robots' is less impressive, but still manages to be a decent, hard-rocking album track with some nice guitar work towards the end. Pleasingly enough, Cage The Elephant mix things up nicely to keep the album feeling varied and fresh/5().
  7. Bak says:
    Johnny Cage is an action movie martial artist in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He is one of the most recurring characters and one of the few original characters, debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game. He is most famous for his signature moves such as his Split Punch (aka Nut Punch) and Plasmic Fireball. In M.U.G.E.N, Johnny Cage has been made by various creators.
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    Johnny CaGe, DJ Trashy, DJ Moon & DJ Digital, all in the mix April 5th, , at Nite Town in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana! [ Jefferson Street] Johnny CaGe uploaded a video 9 years ago.
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    Consulta los créditos, las críticas y las canciones, y compra la edición de Vinyl de Ain't No Future en Discogs.

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