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In This Place - Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (8-Track Cartridge, Album)

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Member since Jan posts. Check this out I brought my teenage son and he was blown away. I had seen Trower many times going back to the 70's and he was still money. I could not believe I was watching him at the Texas Club. Belzoni Member since Dec posts. United Artisls. Big Tree Atlantic. Dunhill ABC. Sweet City Songs. Mighty Three.

The antipiracy program, initiated by Barn ci i and the new board of di- rectors, will center on a coordinated lobbying campaign which, hope- fully, will include the effort! He said. That's why we feel that the only two stales in this section which are not bound by antipiracy law should he included. It seems to me that the fault lies on many levels, the labels themselves included. Barnett said. Generally, the convention air was permeated with optimism and spirit, both reflections of increased profits and wider audiences at radio sta- tions and by a general expression of buoyancy mirroring the growth and the sharp inroads made by country music even in the past few months.

During the disk jockey rap session chaired bv Oscar Wein. Whee- ling. Wa- terbury. Kilchburg, Mass. In addition to remarks on country music's growth, the panel discussed types of programming used, promo- tion campaigns and general overall policy. LaVerne said his station uses a playlist of 75 to 80 top country songs and also plays more oldies than any other station in New England.

He said he station issues a weekly chart based on a top 20 hit list selected by personal and consensus opinion. The station is involved heavily in contests and holds an annual picnic- day as a means of promotion.

Shea said he also uses a tight play- list, and his station promotes country music through Nashville tours. Lee Arnold. New York, asked to comment, said country mu- sic had come a long way and he at- tributed his station's success prima- rily to its professional staff, its ad- ministrators and to its ability to have audiences respond. He said that above all a station has to have be- lievability and personalities that talk to not at an audience. He also said that kids are disen- chanted with hard rock music and.

The total picture is very bright. Albany, in expressing his station's philoso- phy, said that it deals with being a radio station first, then a country outlet. He said business was "you and I" and that "we have a responsi- bility to see that a station is a good one.

Rambler also said hat country records were not being slocked by mass retailers until they felt that the record was selling heavily. Crowd listens to a jam session during the recording and instrument work- shop. They also discussed the role of the studio musician. Elected for three- year terms were Joy Goodnow. Karen McKenzie. John Lusardi re- elected. Carl Slrube and Jerry Fox.

Otis and Molinari were named as board advisors. Record World pub- lisher Bob Austin was keynote speaker. Reid Northrup. Fitchburg, Mass. Route 1. Box Gosport. So Nashville, Tn. Charlie Black.

Dot Famota Rice. MCA Tree. Betty lean Robinson. United Artists SUB. B Owens. I Shae. P Sawyer. D Reynolds Asylum ? B Rkc. RCA Owepar. Capirol 36? AIM Lady lane. Atlantic 4DIS Noma. RCA 0? ASCAP ' Copyright Billboard Publications, tnc No pan of this publication may- be reproduced stored in a retrieval system, or trans- mitted, in any try m or by any means electronic rnechamcal.

Atlantic mm Nelson Mvsk. MCA Ben Peters. ABC Blue Crest. Columbia 4 Wmdoe Captive. Gary S Pailon. N Wilson. RCA Baron. RCA lipahulu. R Porter. Shaw S Weedman. G Taylor. RCA D Dunbar. J Duncan. Cefcmbm 4 Algae.

ABC Hilene. Columbia 4 Horse 01 Cash. RCA Laurel. JWI 37 Owepar. S Lmard. Caaw C. N Watson. G ftKlwy. B Facher.

Reem H Cocknn. RCA S Pamper. S BeJdone. RCA Show Bu. RCA 02M i. RCA Evil Eye. Capital four Star. D Fruier. Nichols Capitol 3S61 Almo. Mercury Phonogram tack 8 Bwl.

He's still a line singer, and should be on some- body's label. No one pushes harder for that than Bill. Mkk Lloyd has done an album in Nashville, at Creative Workshop, which includes 10 original tunes. They tied the station's air personality.

Bo Wiley, to his chair while they ran the show. Plenty of blucgrass in the new Danny Davis album. The liner notes, by the way. Karon Young has done his first commer- cials for Schliiz Malt Liquor. Uric Weissbcrg and Deliverance, who came into promi- nence with "Dueling Banjos. Ernie "Kurd and Lynn Anderson joined the University of Tennessee Singers for a two-and-a- half hour concert at Knoxville to benefit a scholarship endowment fund.

Dolly Parton has signed a management pact with American Management, Inc. Flax says. The stage was designed bv Hanlev Sound, which also designed the sound system, and will be con- structed in two separate sections to provide minimal waiting lime be- tween acts.

Advertisements have already ap- peared in the New York Times. Long Island Press, and Flax is firming arrangements for coordinated radio spots with those record companies which have artists involved in the outdoor event.

Artists on the bill include Lynn Anderson. Donna Fargo, Tom T. Waylon Jennings, Jerry Lee Lewis. Melba Montgomery. Larry Gatlin, Ray Price. Charlie Rich. Picnic areas have been set up and food and dining facilities are avail- able, as well as special trans- portation to the show. David Rogers has purchased the Johnny Paycheck bus.

Wayne Kemp is in the process of building an Of7kc in his home, where he'll have a promotion staff. Funeral services were held at Sireaior. Sallie Flanery. She for- merly worked with Jean Shepard and did considerable studio work. She was killed in an auto wreck near Strcator. Shorty Lavender, leading booker, ordered a new stereo system, and the first part of it was delivered on time.

Capitol Records will be behind it. Cliff Cochran has signed a recording deal with Slax. He's the author of both sides of the new Jeannie Se dy re- lease.

Bad luck continues for singer PJ. Sherman, who recently suffered head injuries in an auto ac- cident which totaled her station wagon. Charlie Louvin has done some Schlitz commercials, his first singing for the suds. While Naomi Martin's husband was recov- ering from surgery, she wrote a stack of songs for Cedarwood,. Brian Shaw did some dates in Pennsyl- vania with Bud Garlack and he Blue Chips, a group with which he once worked regularly. Independent producer Ijhtv But- ler has just done a session w ith writer Dianna Williams.

Carl Perkins has finished a new album for Mer- cury, guided by Jerry Kennedv. Lynn Anderson drew George Richer filled in for George Jones' ailing piano player at the "Opry.

In one week he lost his mother, then his wife. Tammy Wy- nette, entered the hospital for still more surgery. Candy Stnathers, the very pretty youngster who has grown up as pari of the Stoney Mountain Cloggers, spend her 20th birthday on a bus go- ing from Arkansas to Missouri.

I ester Flatt was called at the last minute to fill in at. He completely took the show. Dot tie West set back briefly with bronchial trouble. Charlie Walker will have his new re- lease on Capitol May Mac Wiseman now has made six appear- ances on "Music Country U.

Johnny Duncan, Don White. Better to judge than to be judged. Susan St. Marie, who used to be in beauty and talent contests, was a judge for a talent contest in Ashland City. Dolly Denny of Cedarwood was awarded a stripe commemorat- ing five years of active service to the volunteer program of St.

Thomas Hospital in Nashville. Crystal Gayle has taped promos for Menial Health Month. Marti Brown of Atlanta is appearing nightly at Ire- land's in Nashville. So the Monument artist is try ing to get out of town regularly for per- sonal appearances.

Prior to a date back here in his home state, a sell- out, live radio broadcast show at the Capital City Jamboree. McCoy talked at length about keeping the creative juices flowing. Like you can be on a show and it might not strike you right then, but two weeks or a month later you might think of something that happened m that show you can use in the studio. And then a month later you'll think it's a good idea and record it.

There are a lot of answers out here you can't find in the studios. I've always maintained the public has all the answers. We just have to find out which questions to ask. Per- sonally, I'm only halfway in the business of being an artist. I'm so studio involved. But I've had some success wilh my records and I've de- cided I should kind of divide my time and find out what's happening on this end of it," says the Fayette- ville. McCoy, who swears it's the truth, got his first harmonica when he was eight years old by sending in a comic book coupon.

That cut will be in McCoy's next album, along with an updated version of ihe old Richard Hayman hit. He also is deeply involved with his Christmas album, between personal appearances. Louisiana Gov, Edwin Edwards has joined the list of dignitaries tak- ing part. Mercury's Tom T. Hall has agreed to help entertain, and T. Tommy Cutrer will host the show. The gov- ernor will lead off the festivities with a tribute to Newman.

Several state legislators will take part. The activities will feature a street dance, contests, parades and music by many groups. Newman will close the event with a concert of his own, featuring Cajun fiddler Rufus Thibodeaux. I've covered all types of music: country, blue- grass, even a little classical thing wilh 22 strings.

One side is com- pletely religious. One cut has a real legitimate adult choir on it. I think I've hit about every musical direc- tion I could hit and still stay in good taste. What kind of music do they want out of Nashville these days? Or they don't want to have been to Juilhard to get into the music. They want their mu- sic to be total pleasure, something laid down straight and simple to them, something to which they can relate.

RCA's Hank Snow has signed a year contract renewal with the label, giving him the greatest tenure of any artist in history with one company. The contract brings to more than 50 years the amount of time Snow, who will be 60 next week, has spent with RCA. The announcement was made by Jerry Bradley, director of operations here. Snow just last week reached No. His recording of "I'm Moving On" held the No. His last No. RCA division vice president Chet Atkins, who has produced Snow for the past 16 years, says the singer has a "special quality that makes him sound good even on a had jukebox.

Snow, who still does about 75 live appearances a year, has been a member of the "Grand Ole Opry" for 24 years. He leaves on a month- long tour of Australia May Under the terms of the new con- tract. Atkins will continue to pro- duce Snow until such time as the producer may retire from the Label. The singer called it "one of the proudest days of my career. Kitchen has everything. Call Betty Bernow, or Jean Qulllen, Co vina. ROB Peaceable Kingdom, w. Vi ips; QL— quadrasonic album; 0.

TIM Moore. I S6. Living Strings, etc. McLaughlin, etc. MILT Goodbye, w. For a man who seems to have done ev- erything else right during his long career on the Los Angeles music scene, it was a rare error in judgment. Since , Laboe has been a pioneer rock disk jockey, a successful record company president of both contempo- rary and oldies material, a TV person- ality, a concert promoter and most recently the owner of one of the few con- sistently successful oldies clubs in the nation.

It is sched- uled for completion in early Proceeds from the debenture will be used to reduce bank debt. Sales rose 34 percent. The Century Records division of the firm also does a large amount of custom work for colleges, the Armed Forces, politicians and churches.

About , disks a month are shipped. Recreation Rm. House now vacant. Open House Fri- day thru Sunday from 9 to 6. Follow signs up Outpost Drive to Senalda Rd. Private Road Hollywood, Ca. Call: Figures are translated from yen at a rate of yen to the dollar vs.

Sam Goody, president, said that the operating results reflected substan- tial start-up costs for five new stores which are deducted from earnings as they are incurred. Ac- cording to the company, the stores exceeded sales volume expectations in the first months of operation. Los Angeles. For the first time, the parent company reported a division-by- division breakdown of its financial structure. For example: In fiscal MCA Records opera- tions showed a net income gam of 3 percent in The sales and profits of the music division enabled the parent company to post a sharp profit gain for The new campaign will feature radio spots in such cities as Houston.

Atlanta, St. Milwaukee and Baltimore. It w-is chosen from six different spots prepared for Bloontz. According to Loren Becker, president of Evolution Records, Phase Two of the cam- paign will be extended to various other markets in the months ahead. He added that a Bloontz concert tour, agency affiliation and per- sonal management will be an- ntiunced soon. DOO Net income b3l, 1. Latest figures translated from yen at rate of yen lo the dollar vs.

Vmr lo Dec. XIC due lo cumulative effect of ac- counting change for years prior to Both the new division and the increase were discussed when the firm invited guests lo see the cus- tom mastering center at the RCA Building here, Monday and Tues- day 2 and 3.

The firm also showed its product line in two rooms at the Los Angeles Hilton, devoting one room solely to 4-channel products. Regarding money fluctuations around the world, Mochizukt said he feels "most importers and dis- tributors will face difficulties this yar on price structure due to the realignment of the dollar.

The record division has been added. Mochizuki said, as a result of "the spontaneous adoption of JVC's compatible discrete 4-chan- nel system. Major U. Some mixed ither product in Carly Simon. Bette Midler, Jethro Tull and Bread, for example. WEA shipped Prim was used in St. Minneapolis :ind Kansas City, where radio spots will now be utilized in subsequent campaigns.

As of closing, Thursday. Bally MFg. Rather, they are a guide to the range within which thrse securities could have been sold or bought at the time of compilatio''.

Ktryn In Billboard. Get into It! We've pulled one out of the hat for real. And when you've got winners like these, it just makes sense to go all the way for the big bucks! One J. Penney store, through. Others are making it the same big way on these runaway winners. Reach into the hat for your share.

The Magic Organ Penny Arcade. Street Fair. Ranwood Records, Inc. I be l ennessee Bureau of riini- nal Identification. A special award honoring the sin- gle most performed song in the BMI catalog during al- so will he presented. Vest made the arrest, closed down his opera- tion, look him to jail and confis- cated his tapes," lalbot.

Booked on a stale charge, a siuily is being made to determine if any of the 2. MM tapes violate the federal statutes. Andes said he bought h is tapes in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Atlanta. Re- tailing bootleg tapes is a misde- meanor In Tennessee, subject to jailing for 1 1 months.

Vest said many other arrests will follow, as long as retailers handle the tapes. It was also learned that some action may he taken against spon- sors of carnivals and the like which permit the sale of btMilleg tapes. After you've worked with the best sound technicians, used the finest studio and he most advanced recording equip- ment. Before you assume anything again, you should know about a revolutionary new record compjound called Q Q has a unique capability to blend 4 discrete channels of sound and reproduce them with greater clarity and brillance than has ever before been possible.

It is expected that Q will greatly accelerate the move to CD-4 recording. A record pressed on Q — whether in quad, stereo or monaural — will re- produce the sounds with total fidelity. Fills better than ordinary compounds.

Less susceptible to warp at faster cycle rale. Steady has also completed dis- tribution agreements with SMG in New York, and is negotiating with distributors in other areas for representation of the Steady cata- log. Eddie l. Ken Lazarus, Byron Lee and Sparrow. The catalog also contains over two dozen other reggae albums. In addition to the re-release of early reggae product. Steady also plans to release four new singles a month and a new album every other month.

Steady maintains re- cording studios both in New York and in Jamaica, home of the reg- gae. While the pianist is on the road, his wife Beatrice runs the label from their North Hollywood home.

The main reason Shearing went into ihc mail-order LP business was because he could not find a new home after his pact with Capitol expired. Mail-o r d e r retailer of educa- tional sheet music, Pepper spe- cializes in servicing the needs of schools, colleges and churches.

In addition to its present Philadelphia headquarters. According lo Dean Burtch. We have tripled our sales volume since Main- stream. Negotiations were carried tin by Bobby Weiss' One World of Music international licensing-mnn- agement consultants and Pye dep- uty managing director Walter S. The honor is being extended because of Rivera's "out- standing contributions and bis un- derstanding of those less fortunate in our societv.

Bramleti and Rod Stewart, the latter who produces his own LP's. I could miss the idea of the year. Steinberg feels it's "specious" to argue a label works harder if an act receives front money and that often negotiators are on a percentage, "trying to score a touchdown every time on a yard pass, and really saying, 'I don't know where this artist is going so I'm going to get mine now. Also rec- ognizing the artist's immediate needs rather than the creation of an estate, adopting a plan of com- mitment by the label which des- ignates the kind of support at the consumer level inclusive of tour support and label management be- ing available to the artist and the artist's management in areas af- fecting the artists' well-being, "We are talking about negotia- tion which creates the kind of cli- mate in which there is an ex- change of values in an atmosphere of mutual worth rather than a re- lationship that has its roots in a ftirccd marriage involving a pre- scribed dowry to the artist's ne- gotiator.

Open 24 hrs.. Call to see facilities. Hollywood, Calif. You see, we choose not to flaunt our Famous name, because we're really nine famous record labels. And each individual label means big business.

If you're an independent distributor of records, you have our support, and we expect yours, because we take our record business very seriously, and give each of our Famous labels enormous amounts of energy. Which offers you the best Une-up of product in the industry. When you consider all we've got going for indies, you can see it means big business. For all of us! He says thai he sal with the labels and babied ihem to where they are now. Local dance band Cunjunto Colonial are recording for Ramy Records.

Pellln Rodriguez Borinquen. Columbia Records' artist Santana did standing room busi- ness at the 8. San- tana and his group performed for two hours for a crowd dominated by Spanish speaking youth. The owners of Alhambra Records arc here on a promotion tour from Spain.

Ricardo Key Gema is also in town from Argentina. He will be appearing at Central Es- panol. He playetl a dance here Saturday 7. Southeastern Records has been given the exclusive representative rights to the Peruvian Sonar Radio line for the U. Hilda Murlllo Kubaney has a strong seller in "Palabras Palabras. The Queens Kids have recorded a sin- gle for Moonstone Records.

One of the arrangers is Polito Cano. Musart is releasing Rolando Laserie's latest LP this week. It was recorded in New York. Garde is from Asturia, Sp;nn. Peerless Records re- ports that Marco Antonio Vasquez is their biggest seller.

He is sched- uled for personal appearances here shortly. Mort Waters has taken on the promotion and press responsibili- ties of Jorge Bcillard at Fania. He will also continue as sales director for Fania and its labels. Beillard and family recently returned to his homeland Argentina. Local dance promoters are caught in a dilemma. The crowds are getting bigger as the "salsa" music catches on with the young dancing crowd, but a shortage of rooms that can hold the crowds, or will even rent to the promoters, has created a problem for them.

As a result, some promoters are being forced out of business while others are forced to join forces with their competition. A Palladium-style ballroom is urgently needed here.

His first LP will be released shortly. The label is also releasing Raphael's new LP in English. Raphael win be appearing at the Shore- ham in Washington, D. April 24 through May 5. He then comes here for an appearance at the Rainbow Grill May Pegassus Records will release Trio de Oro's new single shortly. The group features the sound of elec- tric guitars and organ. Lew will be working at Regent Studios here next week on Roberto Torres' lat- est single.

Stephen J. Fouce has been appointed direc- tor of syndicated program sales for Spanish International Network. Fania president Jerry Masucci is in Argentina on a business trip.

British and European import- ers have been expressing a greater Interest in salsa music lately. Vaya arllst Mongo Santamaria and his orchestra will be appear- ing at the Keystone Berkeley. Berkeley, Calif. San Francisco Luis Gasca y Hermanos will be sharing the bill with Santa- maria. Why not go along for the ride?

The principals include four men connected with two salsa radio stations and a fifth member, Fred Cordova, owner of a boutique, who contributed financial backing. Responsibili- ties include talent coordinating, sales, advertising, finances and op- erations. Mericana Records has released Rey Roig's new single. The group's hometown is just across the river in Nueve Laredo, Mexico. The success of country artist Johnny Rodriquez has Initiated a search by many major labels for other Chi- cano artists that sing country.

Al- though Rodriquez was the first Mexican- American lo break the country music barrier, he was not ihc first Texas Chicano to perform in country music. Bobby Cavazos of Kingsville recorded country mu- sic back in the '60's for Monument and still remains a close personal friend of Ray Price. Cavazos, an all-Amcrican football star at Texas Tech. Another Texas Chica- no who broke into the country field was Willie Cantu who was a drummer for Buck Owens for many years after sitting in on the drums during a Buck Owens' visit to Corpus Christl.

Reyna has been ex- tremely successful in both the the United Stales and Mexico while recording for his own CE label under the guidance of Amai- do Ramirez. Ayiila has also been successful while recording for the Tex-Mex label. Freddie Martinez just back after a success- ful two week tour throughout California. They recently packed Exposition Hall in Corpus Christl and received an award as the lop dance group from a com- bination of girls' social clubs.

Chart Dept. Los Angeles As new product is released,. All informa- tion will be used in creating checklists for chart placement. The formation of our group was a natural evolu- tion. The first concert produced by Latin Explosion Inc.

Advertising was experimentally kept to announcements by the two stations, radio interviews with the artists, air play of their music, and handout flyers and posters.

Other factors contributing lo the success of the concert, according to Parra, were the use of prerecorded tapes between sets for continuous music, a light show, and a sound system installed especially for the concert by Continental Music. All instruments were miked, with three mikes on ihe piano, ten large box speakers were Installed on either side of the stage, and two monitors played back the music lo the groups.

Parra, distributor for Fania Rec- ords In Chicago, believes that the superior sound system will aid the sale of records here. Latin Explosion Inc. Parra noted the need to find locations where dancing is possible because "it's hard for Latins to listen to music and remain sitting.

Night- clubs, although popular with some promotors, do not offer the finan- cial return to justify the risk, he said. The next concert planned by Latin Explosion Inc. A summer open air concert is also being considered with four or five bands on the program.

Enrique Rosso and Ramon Villanueva. Vol Delsener revealed that the Music Hall had charged him SI 6, for a full stage crew for the midnight concert featuring Pink Floyd re- cently at the location. I think the figure is too high and I don't think it necessary to work with a full crew of car- penters, electricians, etc for rock concerts.

Until further negotiations, things are at a standstill with Radio City as far as I am concerned. Last week in Billboard. Delsener scored New York concert halls and stage unions for hiking prices. S5 IS. The ad- ditional half hour incorporates lush, panoramic views, shot on the island of Oahu, accompanied by Elvis crooning songs from his '61 feature film "Blue Hawaii.

Attired in white jump suit, bejeweled with American eagles, Elvis dominated the tube with showmanship. Camera work is fluid throughout, with main focus on his profile as other shots dis- solve into the enraptured faces of fans or a total view of the novel stage, set within a planetarium atmosphere consisting of reflecting mirrors, multicolor "Elvis" signs blinking in foreign lancuagcs and a giant illuminated guitar player.

Elvis Presley proves, at Spanning generations, he performed last year's hit "'Burninp Love" with as much gusto and rhythmic intensity as he gave to his year-old '"Hound Dog. He belted out 25 songs in all and two medleys en- compassing rock, blues, ballads, country and folk.

The RCA soundtrack, a double quadrasontc package, has gone gold less than three weeks after Its initial release. Delsener is a lead- ing metropolitan concert pro- moter and M artel's personal management associations have included Sammy Davis Jr. ES— Carole King. Ode Records artist, has announced her first cross-country tour in two years, climaxing with a free Saturday afternoon concert at New York's Central Park on May The free concert is expected to attract an audience of , The tour will play to 12 cities in three weeks, May June 3.

May Miss King decided to sample the road again during completion of her latest album, once it was determined that her entire studio rhythm section was free to travel with her. The band consists of guitarist David T. Walker, who will also have a featured solo spot, drummer Harvey Ma-son, per- cussionist Bobbye Hall and bassist Charles Larkcy, the star's husband. The com- position captured roughly half the total number of votes polled — just over ,— for the six short- listed songs which were sung by Cliff Richard on Cilia Black's BBC-TV show.

Third was "Help It Along. The U. Steal or Bor- row," written by the New Seekers. The tour will also include the Chi-Lites, the Main Ingredient and the Moments, with initial perform- ances now in progress and set to continue through May l. LOS ANGELES— New low-cost, portable pavilions with indoor sound quality which take less than a day to set up could possibly revolutionize the concert business, giving smaller towns or colleges a chance to hold events which can seat up to Carlos Schidlowski.

Post a Comment. Fortunately, the camera was able to lock focus even though we were moving at highway speeds.

It appears the third bridge is not totally abandoned. I wonder what they have planned for it. Some will argue about the sonics of the KT; yet, after living with this tube in a number of other amplifiers, I am in the love it camp. The EHF works well with the KT, offering more than enough delicacy to make the most devout tubeophile happy. With the 12AX7 in good supply, the sky is the limit for those feeling the need to tube roll.

After trying a handful of different 12AX7s at my disposal, sticking with the stock JJs proved a great place to hang my hat. Stick with the stock tubes and enjoy, I say. And stick with the packaged Quiet Cable power cord too — this would easily set you back a thousand bucks, for something equivalent from one of the majors. I tried my favorites from Shunyata, Cardas and Audience with no improvement whatsoever, so use the one in the box with confidence.

This is an amplifier we thoroughly enjoy. So when the British manufacturer offered its Full Circle turntable up for review, I was initially wondering just how many circles would be on the price tag—surprisingly, not many.

The assembly took about 30 minutes. The Full Circle follows a lineage chock-full of careful research. To create the current iteration of the table, the company upgraded the motor and dropped the sprung suspension, which it replaced with a combination of compliant rubber and carbon-fiber cantilevers. The upper part is where the vinyl is transcribed and so it has to be isolated from the vibrations of the motor. The task was to link the two systems but isolate them at the same time. Between the top sandwich and the bottom sandwich, you have rubber compliant feet that deal with the load frequency coming from the motor.

A secondary system, says Milnes, tackles the high frequencies, utilizing thin carbon-fiber rods that sit between three aluminum pillars, which are on top of the second sandwich. A stainless-steel sub-platter features a phosphor-bronze bearing and also serves as the host for the belt. A piece of felt lies on top of the acrylic platter. The 0. But perhaps the most integral feature of the tonearm is its carbon-fiber tube.

While carbon fiber is a popular design material, it is often poorly implemented, according to Milnes. The headshell has to have different characteristics than the arm. It requires super stiffness and super damping, but you also want it to flow naturally into the tube so that the energy that flows from the headshell goes into the rest of the tonearm, where it can be absorbed and damped.

The final part of the Full Circle package is the Ply cartridge, which utilizes a generator from Benz Glider. Wilson Benesch then adds its own carbon-fiber body. Sounding Off. There are two reasons to buy a Full Circle: to invest in a new midrange system, or to take the first step in a hi-fi upgrade. I immediately detect a dramatic reduction in distortion, an increase in clarity and an ordered, structured soundstage, while each instrumentalist now has space to maneuver.

The music flows, rather than sounding squeezed out of the speakers. The bass is not necessarily weightier, but it is full of character and integrated within the mix, while synths have a textural, informative presentation. The vocals prove to be nuanced and delicate. The entire soundstage opens up, with the bass roaring from the Full Circle with both mass and authority, while the percussion provides a forceful rhythm that grounds the entire track.

The vocal performance is full and rich, and the midrange is dynamic, offering greater breath and reach. The piano now dances around the soundstage with a syncopated swing, as the bass provides a steady underpinning in contrast to the flighty keys. So how far can the Full Circle go? I integrate it with my reference system, replacing the Circle stand with a Decent Audio wall stand approx. Starting this time with Fitzgerald, I notice a new layering within her intonation changing the focus of the delivery.

The piano also has a new grandeur that takes nothing away from its jazz tones but that does give the song added gravitas and weight.

Meanwhile, the bass offers a low-frequency tone and shade that extends the melodic range of the song, with the overall soundstage now showing a new depth and height. The bass is shatteringly powerful, pushing me to the rear of my chair with its drive, while extending the range of the lower frequencies.

The vocals finally reveal the multi-tracked nature of the recording in clear tones, providing new focus to the delivery. The upper midrange, supported here by the synth backing and guitar, is now calm and smooth, without a hint of brightness. Superb instrumental separation also allows the ear to hear each instrument from different angles as each settles into the soundstage.

The Full Circle proves that it is highly tweakable. For example, I replace the supplied felt mat with an Oyaide BR mat approx. The whole delivery of the soundstage exudes control and solidity.

Elegantly designed, well made and easy to install, the Wilson Benesch Full Circle gives a typical hi-fi system a confident and commanding suite of lower frequencies, with an airy midrange that oozes detail.

Showing that it also responds well to tweaks and other improvements, the Full Circle will prove an ideal purchase for beginners, audiophiles and hi-fi enthusiasts. This is truly an amazing amplifier. With so much excitement about the vinyl resurgence of the last few years, some of you have forgotten how popular vacuum tubes have also become lately.

And you rarely see products from AVA for sale on the secondary market. The company obviously has a legion of loyal customers,. No matter how much time I spend with mega-dollar power amplifiers, I always love a variation on the Dynaco Stereo 70 theme. Some have a softer, warmer presentation and definitely embellish more than others; the original ST 70 is the prime example of that voicing.

Frank Van Alstine has been at this game for a long time. He started out modding and repairing Dynaco electronics plus years ago, and revamped the ST 70 circuit so much over the years that it is now truly his own design now.

Like the original ST 70, the Ultravalve uses a 5AR4 rectifier tube and a pair of more readily available 6GH8A small-signal tubes in place of the now long-obsolete tubes in the ST 70, which is fetching premium prices online.

Perusing Mr. The Ultravalve does benefit slightly from the upgraded power cord and from being plugged into a Running Springs Dmitri power conditioner.

But keep in mind that none of this is necessary to enjoy the Ultravalve. Removing the bottom panel of the highly polished stainless steel chassis reveals tidy workmanship throughout, again showing that AVA sticks to the basic layout of a ST driver circuitry on a well-thought-out PC board and the rest of the amplifier wired point to point. There is a switch on the rear panel to float the ground, as well as three binding posts for 4-, 8- and ohm speakers; this is my only gripe with the Ultravalve.

It really could use some beefier binding posts for those of us with bigger speaker cables. My solution is just to re-terminate with bananas plugs. Ace of Bass and Dynamics. Bass control is a big part of the equation here. The original ST 70 has a puny power supply and it shows up in the playback, with the bass response lacking dynamics and sounding wild and wooly.

An original Marantz 8B has a more liquid midrange but still falls short down under. As brilliant as the Sonus faber Guareri Evolution speakers are, like any high-performance Italian product, they are a bit picky about what you feed them.

Just like my Fiat Abarth getting grumpy when filled with anything less than premium gas, the Evos need current and control to give a stellar performance and sound as big as they should. I move the amp out into room one, with the KEF Blades with their dB-per-watt sensitivity , and it sounds damn big, with guitars floating around the soundstage and the heartbeat at the end of the track filling the listening room.

The amp starts and stops on a dime as Trent Reznor brings the music to barely a whisper, only to audibly assault us again and again with a huge ball of sound and dynamics. This amplifier becomes more convincing the longer you listen; about an hour is required for it to open up completely, but it is still damn good two minutes after initial turn on. Perhaps the only stretch for the Ultravalve while paired with less than highly efficient speakers comes when asking it to reproduce large-scale orchestral pieces or electronica at club levels.

Back to Earth. Using the Ultravalve with similarly priced components is highly rewarding. It is fully capable of anchoring a modestly priced but high-performance system. While the 35 watts per channel of the Ultravalve may not be enough juice for everyone, if that much wattage will work for you, I cannot recommend this amp highly enough.

I am very proud to award the Ultravalve one of our Exceptional Value Awards for The seductive, curvy shape immediately caught my eye, and I paused on seeing the ceramic drivers. When the concept for these speakers was born in , Vassilkov faced a dilemma: there was no enclosure material available that would suffice for his ultimate design. Now, with a new marble-based composite material that Vassilkov has patented, his concept has been born.

This exotic, computer-modeled shape is cast as one solid piece, much like the monocoque tub for a Formula 1 car, and then coated with multiple coats of an automotive finish. The Estelon speakers are available in gloss or matte black. Our review pair arrived in the matte finish, which looks similar to the matte finish on the newest models from Lamborghini and Range Rover. The photos truly do not do these cabinets justice; the matte finish is seductive in person.

The Estelon XA is a three-way design, using all-ceramic Accutron drivers, a 1. They have a single set of binding posts and weigh about pounds each. Vassilkov and his European representative, William McIntosh, were kind enough to visit my studio and double check my setup.

After about an hour or so of their attention to detail, we were all convinced that the speakers were performing to the best of their ability in my room. Their large base made them easy to slide around on my carpeted floor, and once the optimum spot was found, fitting the spikes gave the anticipated last bit of bass performance. They are indeed very easy to drive and I had no problem getting great sound with my freshly restored C-J MV50 tube power amplifier that only produces 45 watts per channel.

While about eight different amplifiers were used in the evaluation, the majority of my listening was done with the solid-state Burmester mk. I found these amplifiers to be extremely tube friendly and easy to fine tune with different cable. I tried the latest from Kubala Sosna which is also used for internal wiring , Cardas Clear, AudioQuest Sky and my reference Shunyata Aurora cable, all with excellent luck. The Sound. They either have sounded too forward or somewhat restrained; great with classical music at moderate level but not a speaker that could really rock out with conviction.

This is a wonderfully open speaker that you can listen to for days on end. Though not as exquisitely recorded as his current record, this is a great track to crank up loud and dole out some speaker punishment. With a pair of Burmester mk. There was nothing I could throw at these speakers that caused them to stumble.

Because the ceramic tweeter is very revealing, you may find that less-than-exceptional electronics are not up to the task. I assure you that after living with these speakers for some time and auditioning everything from a vintage Pioneer receiver all the way up to the Burmester monoblocks, I could hear exactly what my gear is capable of producing, especially in the upper registers.

I would categorize the upper-frequency tonality as revealing and perhaps ever so slightly forward, yet without grain. I was grinning ear to ear after listening to a large selection of my favorite Blue Note remasters; these speakers definitely reveal the truth. Every audiophile has their hot button. Some want pinpoint imaging, others want subterranean bass and 10 others want something entirely different. But for me, a speaker lives and dies with correct midrange.

Without a boring you with the minutiae of a long punch list of favorites, suffice to say that these speakers nail the midband, another testament to a perfect integration of cabinet, crossover design and careful choice of drivers.

The one thing that could lead to trouble with these speakers is that they are so clean right up to the point where the stereo image starts to flatten; they might be damaged by an amplifier that does not have a lot of clean power in reserve. If you really like to rock, pay careful attention to your choice of amplifier and err on the side of too much rather than too little power. Come to think of it, when rocking out, can you really have too much power?

At the beginning of the track as Gaye is starting his intro rap, you can hear a number of other people in the background, all on different layers, and when he starts to sing, the myriad vocal layers are easily distinguishable. Again, this is in full effect from low to high volume.

The lack of grain and overhang that the combination of drivers, crossover and cabinet contribute or perhaps distract from the presentation is instantly apparent while listening to violin and piano. The speed and tonal purity required to reproduce the violin and piano are one of the greatest challenges to a speaker system, provided the electronics are up to the task.

I had just as much fun listening to Mahler as I did Van Halen, and I never felt that the speakers were running out of juice. A very special addition to the high-end loudspeaker world.

The fanatical attention to detail shows what can be accomplished when a great driver set is combined with cutting-edge materials and design. This is a pair of speakers that I could not fault in any way, no matter what music I listened to. Being an enthusiast of great industrial and mechanical design, I hold objects that perform as well as they look in the highest esteem. When I saw the V12 in person, had I been sitting on an analysts couch, performing a word-association drill, Leica would have been the first word that came to mind.

Imagine, those of you who own or have owned a Leica or an older series mechanical Hasselblad , that the camera maker decided to enter the turntable business and bring its level of machining expertise to turntable design. But craftsmanship from a brand like Leica goes so far beyond simple aesthetics. How would a turntable manufacturer translate the damped feel of a Leica focusing mechanism, or the positive engagement of a Ferrari gearshift, or the vault-like sound that a Rolls Royce door makes to the language of turntable design?

This turntable is the epitome of simplicity in look and operation. The V12 offers an amazing combination of weight, stability and delicacy. The SME arms that I use on a number of tables feel thick and clunky compared to the V12 arm though the former are easier to adjust at first.

I can drive a car. But this tonearm does not invite constant fiddling like a Tri-Planar does; the V12 arm is perfect for someone who sees turntable setup as something you do once, rather than for someone who sees it as an ongoing sport.

The manual does warn you to use a light touch when making all adjustments. The screws are all tiny:. But excess torque will destroy the subtle handiwork, so proceed with extreme care. You should also be sure that the V12 is on a very solid surface, as the weight of this table will sink into any wooden rack shelves you might have.

Adding the optional HRS platform made specifically for the V12 boosts performance even further, with better low-level detail and transient slam, but the upgraded platform is not necessary—the V12 is enjoyable delivered from the factory as is.

Though the V12 requires a steady and patient hand to optimize it, the end result is more than worth the effort. And if you subscribe to the philosophy of form following function, there may be no better example of record-spinning art than the V Even the belt-drive mechanism is handily hidden beneath the platter—the mechanism slips on easily if you use the enclosed spiked wooden tool according to the manual.

Recalibrate Your Senses. The V12 sounds as good as it looks, perhaps even better. Immediately upon power up, the V12 feels solid and elegant—this is a serious record-playing machine. The glowing red speed buttons turn to green with a mere touch. And the V12 can accommodate 78RPM playback, for those with legacy collections. We can argue about the merits and shortcomings of a inch tonearm versus a shorter tonearm, but the main argument for a longer arm is minimized tracing distortion.

Here, the V12 succeeds brilliantly by utilizing an incredibly stiff yet lightweight tonearm wand that has an effective mass of only This removable pod uses a bayonet mount and is geared towards the analog enthusiast wishing to explore multiple tonearm and cartridge options.

The finely gradated scale, where the base of the pod meets the plinth, makes it easy to perform the necessary adjustments for other tonearms with slightly different spindle-to-pivot distances. Immediately, there is an increase in resolution from top to bottom, as well as a decrease in distortion.

A record that has always felt fairly grainy and etched on top plays now tracks clean. Investigating other problematic tracks reveals the same thing: an overall continuity and sonic integrity, with no sign of drawbacks. Next stop is the Sumiko Palo Santos, which has been favorably reviewed here, and offers a similar tonal balance to the Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum. Slightly rich tonally, this combination provides excellent extension and a somewhat warm rendition of the lower frequencies.

Sounding almost too warm and a little tubby with the SME tonearm also 12 inches , the Palo Santos snaps to life on the AMG, now with more definition in the lower registers. The more time I spend with the V12, the more the palette it paints feels like open reel tape. The V12 delivers percussion and cymbals that are rich with attack and decay, but that strike a perfect balance of timbre and tone.

Of course, the female voice is the litmus test for so many audiophiles, so a thorough exploration again reveals the extremely low distortion this configuration is capable of.

Now, having moved to the Clearaudio Goldfinger cartridge, the bar is raised considerably. Much like being called on to reproduce the violin, the combination demands tonal purity and a wide dynamic range, or else the illusion is lost. A cursory look at the online buying-and-selling community Audiogon will reveal this to be the case with so much gear.

The AMG V12 is such an excellent value, in terms of performance for the price, meticulous build quality and timeless style, that we award it our Analog Product of the Year award. But the main argument usually comes down to the tube camp vs. Current MSRP on a mk. The mk. The powder-coated silver aluminum case has a pair of handles on the rear panel that makes it easy to move into place on your rack of choice.

There is a pair of balanced XLR inputs, a amp IEC socket for the power cord of your choice and binding posts with gigantic plastic wing nuts that make it a snap to attach the beefiest speaker cables you can imagine. A pair of volt trigger outlets is provided to allow the mk. Plug it in, turn it on and enjoy. Much like the black Porsche turbo in Bad Boys, the Burmester mk. While awaiting the delivery of the and the companion Burmester preamplifier, I received a phone call. At this moment I was horrified that the mk.

Twenty minutes later, a very nice man from Northwest Gas arrived with a palette in the back of his pickup truck that looked as if it had been dropped out of an airplane. Upon inspection, the was without a scratch and the mk. Nothing sounded loose internally, and upon plugging them both in, they worked perfectly!

They fell 30 feet and only had a tiny scratch. They played fine.

Bridge of Sighs, an Album by Robin Trower. Released in on Chrysalis (catalog no. 8CH; 8 Track). Genres: Blues Rock, Hard Rock/5(2).

8 thought on “In This Place - Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (8-Track Cartridge, Album)”

  1. Mole says:
    Jan 09,  · Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs” is one of the great LPs in rock history; however, the mainstream listener may not be familiar with the former Procul Harum guitarist’s second solo album. I got my first copy of this album two years after its release when I purchased another college student’s entire record collection.
  2. Kam says:
    Memory is a strange thing. I owned Robin Trower’s Bridge of Sighs on 8-track in the mid-seventies, but I distinctly recall it being a horrid shade of lime green. But everywhere I look now, it’s a sandy brown. I wish I still had it, because then I’d know. But it was undoubtedly eaten by the 8-track player in my older brother’s Dodge Duster, along with innumerable other 8-tracks.
  3. Kazragami says:
    Source: CD: Bridge Of Sighs Writer(s): Trower/Dewar Label: Chrysalis/Capitol Year: Guitarist Robin Trower's breakthrough album, Bridge Of Sighs, featured vocals by bassist James Dewar, who also co-wrote a couple of the songs on the LP. The best of these was The Fool And Me, which closes out side one of the original LP.
  4. Kazisar says:
    Bridge of Sighs, an Album by Robin Trower. Released in on Chrysalis (catalog no. VK ; CD). Genres: Blues Rock, Hard Rock.
  5. Yojind says:
    The album includes such gems as the Hendrix inspired, "Day of the Eagle", "Too Rolling Stoned", "Lady Love" and the incredible title track, which served as the guitarist's signature track throughout the years. In , Chrysalis re-issued Bridge of Sighs in an expanded CD format. The digitally remastered set of songs is augmented by the.
  6. Aragore says:
    re: Robin Trower-Bridge Of Sighs Posted by SchwiftySzechuanRick on 7/27/17 at pm to Dilbert Wilson Trower still has one of my favorite guitar tones of all-time. He played at the Texas Club in Baton Rouge a few years ago.
  7. Mazahn says:
    8-TRACKS / 8 Track (Audio Music Cassette Tapes; 's's) For Sale; >>>> Below is a Current Inventory List of ITEMS IN STOCK & Ready to Sell. They are NOT cataloged by price & condition, as we have FAR FAR too many items & they are always changing;.
  8. Gucage says:
    Label: Chrysalis - M8C • Format: 8-Track Cartridge Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Blues Rock, Hard Rock Robin Trower - Bridge Of Sighs (, 8-Track Cartridge) | Discogs Explore5/5(1).

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