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Freewill - Various - Can You Spare A Dime? (A Tribute To: Crimpshrine & Fifteen) (CD)

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They marched you in a uniform, you wore against your will. With lies of hope and glory, they taught you how to kill After The War By Warlock. Song is about the environment on a battlefield after a major battle or war has taken place. An endless battlefield. Overcrowded with death No singing of a bird, rustle of a tree War has ended A person has difficulty "letting go" and moving on from a relationship. But to wait for you, is all I can do and that's what I've got to face.

Take a good look at me now, cos I'll still be standing here. And you coming back to me is against all odds. It's the chance I've gotta take Agent Orange By Sodom. About agent orange , a herbicide that was used by the United States government during the Vietnam War. Many Vietnam vets have developed health complications or have died because of their exposure to this herbicide. Spray down the death. Agent Orange Cancer creeps into their innocent souls.

Memorials of flesh and blood Poisoned 'til the end of their lives. Physical deformity About the health hazards of agent orange , a herbicide used in the Vietnam War. This agent orange from Vietnam, we carry it with us still. It stays inside for years and years before it starts to kill. You might get cancer of the liver, you might get cancer of the skin. A complex song about many health issues. References made to risk taking, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, unprotected sex, low self esteem, and lack of respect for self and body.

She is looking for the kisses that she never got at home And if she ends up with some dirty hot disease. It's a small price she pays for the need to be pleased Our heroine like many others is now dead Yo, yo, now that millions is dead I'm considered widespread Number one on the top ten and considered a world wide threat H-I-V will progress to A-I-D-S And transform your warm blooded bones to dry flesh By stressing the immune system Promiscuous men and women trying to avoid getting the micro-organism in them from running up in it raw Ready and willing, a couple of minutes of a good feeling is what'll kill them Break ya body down in steps, breath for breath In the hospital wit less then a dozen T-cells left About devotion and the power of love over time, and across the miles.

No matter where you are, no matter how far. Just call my name, I'll be there in a hurry Although we are miles apart, if you ever need a helping hand, I'll be there on the double as fast as I can There ain't no mountain high enough , Ain't no valley low enough , Ain't no river wide enough.

To keep me from getting to you Song promotes abstinence, respecting yourself and your body and waiting to become sexually active. Ain't no safe way anymore. You got people with one, two, three, or four.

Abstinence rules, playing is for fools. The one who abstains is the one who's cool About having a positive outlook on life, striving for your goals and not letting negative people influence your way of thinking. I know you know someone that has a negative vow Ask them where they are going, they don't know. But we won't let nothin' hold us back We're gonna polish up our act!

Alainis Morissette By Wesley Willis. A tongue-in-cheek song about Canadian musician Alainis Morissette. You are a rock legend to the max Alainis Morissette You are a rocking maniac. You are a singing hyena. About the Battle of the Alamo which began on February 23, in the state of Texas. Fought to save the Alamo, the battle twelve days long The last brave man fought to the end, the battle it was lost.

Fought to save the Alamo, their lives was what it cost Remember the Alamo The Alamo By Johnny Cash. Alcohol By Barenaked Ladies. Alcohol, a party time necessity. Alcohol, alternative to feeling like yourself. O alcohol, I still drink to your health To walk the fine line between self control and self abuse O alcohol, would you please forgive me?

For while I cannot love myself I'll use something else Alcohol By The Kinks. A well respected and successful individual turns to alcohol to deal with life's stresses and ends up ruining his marriage and life. But the pressures at the office and his socialite engagements He'll drink anything as long as all his troubles disappear. But he messed up his life and he beat up his wife Oh, demon alcohol, sad memories I cannot recall About the negative effects associated with abusing alcohol.

References made to hangovers, violence, intoxication and driving while intoxicated. Bottles were breakin' and the windows too. All because someone drank too much brew Fight and shout and cause a brawl, when you're out drinkin' that alcohol Tomorrow mornin' I'll be sick as a dog The meanest trip is alcohol A man laments over his drinking problem and realizes that death is imminent if he doesn't overcome his addiction.

Sure, Lord's killing me If I don't quit drinking it every morning, sure gonna kill me dead Singers mentioned include Hank Williams Sr. They pulled poor old Hank Williams Sr. He ended up on alcohol and pills Elvis Presley, he came up from Jackson. Janis Joplin, she was wild and reckless The story just goes on and on About "unhealthy escapism", using substances in order to forget your problems.

Some dead flowers and a bottle of vodka on the kitchen table. Flowers for the good times and booze for the bad Alcohol in the bloodstream, 'bout the best I can do 'til I forget about you An anti-alcohol song. Alcohol is the root of all evil Every bad thing that happened to me would not have occured if alcohol wasn't involved A relationship is threatened as a person tries to deal with their partner's addiction to alcohol. Even though I threaten that I'm never coming back again The Alcoholik By Superjoint Ritual.

About substance abuse. Blow through the prime of life. Numb all the senses down Pitfalls of grief Tribute to legendary ruler, Alexander The Great. Was born a son to Philip of Macedon, the legend his name was Alexander Alex Chilton By The Repacements. Children by the million sing for Alex Chilton when he comes 'rond I never travel far without a little Big Star Alice's Restaurant By Arlo Guthrie. Inspired by actual events taking place in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Related topics include; the military draft, Vietnam War, protest movements, crime and punishment, pollution, Thanksgiving traditions. Alimony By "Weird Al" Yankovic. About one of the many unpleasurable results of a divorce. Bleedin' me dry Work at three jobs just to stay in debt now. Well first she took my nest egg and then she took my nest. I'm in debt Alive By P. A song of acceptance, hope , and optimism.

I'm thankful for every breath I take. I won't take it all for granted. So I learn from my mistakes. It's beyond my control Whatever happens in this lifetime Alive By Van Zant.

Song is about making the most of your time here on Earth and being thankful for what you have. I can feel it rushing through me. It's the miracle of life. Ain't it good to be alive Song is about growing old alone and being forgotten by your immediate family. But mostly, no one comes 'cept on the weekends. Ruby Wilson lives in where she spends most of her time Some days sure are lonely days and time can move too slow.

When you're all dressed up with no where to go Allentown By Billy Joel. Song is about economic decline and downsizing of American industry. Focuses on closing of steel mills in Allentown, PA. Out in Bethlehem they're killing time filling out forms, standing in line Song is about environmental awareness and the serenity and beauty of nature.

Did you ever see the beauty of the hills of Carolina? Or the sweetness of the grass of Tennesee? Did you ever stop to think about the air you're breathin'? I can see the concrete slowly creepin'. Lord take me before they're gone Song was written in the 's after Wall Street crashed sending people to the poor house and sparking the Great Depression.

Now this is the truth and it certainly exposes that Wall Street's proposition is not all roses. I put up my money to win some more. I lost it all and it left me sore This song is about living a healthy lifestyle, striving for goals, the importance of friendship and remaining drug and alcohol free. And I feel proud of all my friends when I see them working for their dreams We intend to always stay drug free. It's the only way to be Song is about unhealthy risk taking, living life in the fast lane and suffering the consequences.

According to the artist, " You never walked away When I needed you to stay Or made me feel I'm not the one There've been no broken vows And there reason we're here now Is all the things we've never done We've never grown apart You never broke my heart With secrets that you've kept me from We've never been untrue And I'm still here with you Through all the things we've never done.

Tribute song to John Lennon. All those years ago You were the one who imagined it all All those years ago. Deep in the darkest night I send out a prayer to you Now in the world of light Certain individuals have emerged from the crowd. Reminding us of how far a human being can go No one is holding you back but you. There is no excuse for not getting what you want A positive song about the power and importance of love.

Nothing you can sing that can't be sung. Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game All you need is love. Love is all you need A protest song recorded in the late 's during the hippie movement when long haired people were viewed as rebels. It happened just the other day I feel like letting my freak flag fly Alone By Blues Traveler. This song is about the hurt of unrequited love and the pain of rejection. She began to cry.

She said she needed a friend. I said I'll try I'd loved her always. She didn't know. I tried patience. Let a friendship grow. I tried to keep her, that's what made her go.. A love like hers ain't meant for guys like me Song was written in honor of artist's daughter, Emily. You were sent to me by angels up above, I'm certain Along came you to teach me about love You're here to show me what love can be Tribute to the Nile river. Along the Nile The pyramids, Reminded us of ancestors And what they did.

Along the Nile My people live Because of all The life it gives Already One By Neil Young. About shared parenting. A relationship or marriage has ended but the couple are still joined or bound by a common interest , their child. I can't forget how love let me down Your laughing eyes. Your crazy smile. Every time I look in his face I can't believe how love lasts a while But we're already one.

Already one. Now only time can come between us. Always By Bon Jovi. A person has a difficult time accepting or coming to terms with the end of a relationship. He feels that his love for the other person will last forever. It's been raining since you left me, now I'm drowning in the flood.

You see I've always been a fighter but without you I give up I'll be there till the stars don't shine. Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme. I know when I die you'll be on my mind.

And I love you, always This song is about optimism and the power of positive thinking. From the Monty Python film "Life of Brian" this song stands out in stark contrast to the "heavy, political stuff" normally associated with the artist. If life seems jolly rotten, there's something you've forgotten And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing When you're feeling in the dumps, don't be silly chumps Just purse your lips and whistle, that's the thing, and Always look on the bright side of life Always look on the bright side of life About regret, taking someone's love for granted, and trying to redeem yourself.

And maybe I didn't treat you quite as good as I should have And I guess I never told you I'm so happy that you're mine. Little things I should of said and done. I just never took the time Always the Cause By Al Stewart.

Song is about the Spanish Civil War and the people who fought for the "Cause" of democracy. Still hope won't be denied. There was always the Cause. There was always the Cause Setbacks come at every turn. New ways are hard to learn.

Tonight I saw Guernica burn Always Tomorrow By Gloria Estefan. Song is about optimism, having a positive outlook on life and believing in yourself and others.

Instead of just giving up, I use the power at my command I'll face whatever comes my way, savor each moment of the day. Love as many people as I can along the way That's why there's always tomorrow to start all over again This song is a tribute to Sir Thomas More , song deals with the rule of law , the legitimacy of authority, and staying true to your conscience or principles.

Henry Plantagenet still looks for someone to bring good news in his hour of doubt. While Thomas More waits in the Tower of London watching the sands running out. And measures the hours out from here to oblivion in actions that can't be undone So what if you reached the age of reason only to find there was no reprieve?

Would you still be a man for all seasons or would you just disbelieve? Look What They've Done to You By Courtney. Inspired by actual events. On February 4, four NYC police officers fired 41 shots at unarmed Guinean immigrant Amadou Diallo striking him 19 times and killing him in the entrance way of his apartment. John Wayne shooters rockin' hard dressed in blue. Abner Louima and now Amadou countless others paid the price for you Song By Phil Ochs.

We will fight against disease when the money comes with ease. And when we get together we say hooray for A. If you can't afford my bill, don't tell me you're ill Every day we specialize more and more. But we really love to stitch the diseases of the rich. Our view of mis- sions will be redefined as we plant new churches and support other world- wide efforts. New service and leadership opportunities As The Brethren Church in the United States, we plan to be ag- gressive in planting 50 new churches within the next decade.

This many new churches will pro- vide enormous opportu- nities for Brethren peo- ple to get involved in both leadership and min- istry. Also, as each church promotes the concept that "Every Member is a Minister," the result- ing growth and renewal of these churches will provide excellent op- portunities for members to get in- Dr.

In order to accomplish this, we will be taking at least 50 of our ex- isting churches through a "transfor- mational process" aimed at church renewal for ministry in this millen- nium. One of the goals of this pro- cess will be that each of these 50 churches become a "mother church" for one of the 50 new churches that we will be planting.

In order to accomplish this, each of these churches will need to actively recruit and develop leaders who will seek to serve in a new church plant. Statistics prove that when any church is active in planting a new church, the result is almost always growth for the mother church as well. It is my hope that in addition to the work of these 50 mother churches, that every Brethren con- gregation will actively seek to be involved in our church planting efforts in some way.

This kind of church growth will not be easy, but it is possible! By employing servant leadership, ser- vant evangelism, and dynamic gift- based ministries in all our churches. The Brethren Evangelist we can and will see miraculous re- sults. These results will be in direct proportion to our faith in God, our obedience to Him, and our willing- ness to follow His leading.

Active senior and youth ministries In this new decade The Brethren Church will be intentional about car- ing for and nurturing those within our midst.

In the next ten years, as the Baby Boomer generation gets older, we will see increased need for ministry with and to "senior citi- zens. These two segments of our society need not be polarized.

Spiritual vitality In the process of becoming The Brethren Church of the new millen- nium, we dare not neglect our spiri- tual heritage. Our methods of min- istry may change, but our mission will never change. We will continue to be a church founded on faith and devotion to God and committed to prayer and the study of God's Word as we share the Gospel message in the context of community and through compassion for others.

As we move into this new millen- nium, the only two things that we can be sure of are that change is a universal constant and that the Lord is with us. The ministry oppor- tunities in this next century may be very similar to those of the first cen- tury church as we encounter a gen- eration of people who have had no previous contact with the church or with the Gospel.

We will certainly have ministry opportunities that our parents and grandparents never anticipated. Since we know that the Lord is with us, nothing should keep us from bravely stepping forward to conquer this new Promised Land that God has promised us. I see The Brethren Church again becoming a going and sending church, with each con- gregation and every person committed to Great Commission ministries.

Together we will plant new congrega- tions, revitalize exist ing ones, strengthen growing churches, and establish significant new ministries in our com- munities, across the nation, and around the world. We will forge strategic part- nerships between Brethren churches, ministries, and institutions in order to reach out with the Gospel in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We will work with like-minded churches and min- istries for the sake of God's kingdom. We will also send forth Brethren people with our bless- ing and our support when God leads them to serve with other churches and ministries. In the United States, we will ag- gressively plant new Brethren churches.

We expect Brethren districts and local churches to provide vision, direction, per- sonnel, and support for these church plants. The Mis- sionary and Congrega- tional Min- istries Coun- cils, working together with Ash- land Theo- logical Sem- inary, will provide leadership, resources, training, and support for Rev.

We will plant many dif- ferent kinds of churches using a variety of methods in order to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel. We will plant new churches in communities near to existing Brethren churches, but we will also target areas new to The Brethren continued on next page January Church. We will establish beach- heads from which we can plant clusters of new churches. We will also intentionally reach out to di- verse people groups by planting at least five urban churches and five Hispanic churches.

I believe that we will plant at least 50 new Breth- ren churches by the year , and that we will influence the planting of 20 more churches through strate- gic partnerships and cooperative efforts with other Believers' and evangelical churches. International missions Outside the United States, we will continue to develop our current mission fields by changing our role from leadership to support and en- couragement ministries.

We must concentrate on developing indige- nous leaders. We will help The Brethren Church in Argentina plant new churches at home and develop new mission fields in neighboring countries. We will support and coop- erate with South American Theo- logical Seminary to produce leaders for these new ministries. We will also work to establish a ministry training school in Mexico to provide leadership for church plant- ing and mission development in that country and in Central America.

We will expand our mission work in Malaysia by developing new lead- ers. We will explore opportunities in other Asian countries through al- ready-established relationships with Ashland Theological Seminary and through contacts with Filipino Brethren in Northern California. New missionary ministries in the Pacific Rim will probably arise out of partnerships with other existing churches or missions and the Pacif- ic Rim programs of Ashland Theo- logical Seminary.

We will strive to increase support and encouragement for Brethren Mission in India as it continues to multiply the number of its churches and ministries. We will concentrate on training leaders through the ex- tension and residential Bible insti- tutes; on building an internal fund- ing base for core social ministries; and on raising funds for special pro- jects. Short-term missions The Brethren Church will provide expanded opportunities for Breth- ren to serve on short-term mission teams both inside and outside of the United States.

These opportunities will introduce Brethren people to cross-cultural disciple-making at home and abroad and will help de- velop mission-minded people who will give us new vision.

They will challenge young and second-career Brethren to consider vocational Christian service. Short-term mis- sions will also increase involvement in local ministry and leadership by opening the eyes of participants to new possibilities for Christian ser- vice in their own churches and com- munities. We will deploy Brethren people on short- term development and disaster re- sponse teams.

We will actively par- ticipate in World Reliefs United States ministries, especially refugee resettlement. We will lend Brethren people to serve God through World Relief We will also continue to grow in our giving to support World Re- lief ministry as local churches in the United States cooperate with local churches around the world.

I see The Brethren Church be- coming a growing and powerful tool in the hands of God to build His kingdom on earth. I believe that our desire to serve God and people will bear great fruit in the first decade of this new millennium.

I am confident that we possess the desire, gifts, tal- ents, and resources to accomplish great things through the power of God.

Finally, I truly believe that we also possess the will to obey the vision He has given us. Following is a sam- pling of what they said.

Teeter, Brethren pastor who became editor of the Evangelist in Men al- ways have been, and always will be re- sponsible for the proper use of all their knowledge and possessions; the fact that in a few days from now we will write instead of will not change matters one iota. Cassel, Brethren Church lead- er given the title "the father of Brethren foreign missions.

Doors of opportunity are open and opening on every hand. If God opens to us a door of service we are under obliga- tions to him to enter. The greater the opportunity the greater the obligation! Furry, Ashland College professor of philosophy and later pres- ident and dean Sur- rounding areas have received some measurable snowfall; although there have been flurries here, we have been spared any amount of the white stuff From my window I also see many birds as they feast at our bird feed- ers.

So far we have seen chickadees, flickers, nuthatches, blue jays, doves, cardinals, purple and yellow finches, a pigeon hawk, and the in- evitable sparrows.

Don wonders why we must feed the sparrows. Oc- casionally I need to remind him that God made them and they need to eat just like the more beautiful and exotic varieties! They are all so in- teresting and I love watching them.

Speaking of eating, we just experi- enced the biggest "eating" day of the year! I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful variety of food that Tracy, other family mem- bers, and guests contributed to a grand Thanksgiving feast.

Even more wonderful than the food was the fellowship we enjoyed as chil- dren of a loving Heavenly Father. Now I consider the jumble of ac- tivities which are scheduled in De- cember: Sunday School class par- ties, the W.

We had no idea what we were in for, but we knew God had called us and we knew He would be with us. Today we feel somewhat like Paul on his missionary travels. Joyce and I want to tell you what GOD did through us. And we are dressed in our Indian saris, which Nirmala showed us how to wrap. We went to India with YFC to help construct a dormitory building for homeless boys. It was very hard work with very few tools and equip- ment, and the weather was very hot and dry.

I realized after the first morning that God had not sent me to India to do construction! The sec- ond morning when we arrived at the work site, I grabbed a bucket and headed out to the well, because that was the easiest job.

Esakkiel, one of the YFC workers, was at the well pumping water and singing a song, "Every single cell in my body is. Instead he was singing: Every single cell in my body is happy, Every single cell in my body is well. Thank you, Lord, I feel so good, Every single cell in my body is well.

That was the attitude of the Christians we met in India. No mat- ter what they go through, they love the Lord and sing His praises. After our 10 days in southern India, we traveled to the Brethren Mission.

We boarded the train at Madras and arrived in Rajah- mundry 11 hours later. Believe me, we were very thankful to see Pra- santh Kumar there waiting for us! We were privileged to be the guests of Prasanth and Nirmala in their home. We met their son, Sudhir; his wife, Latha; and their daughter, Sherill; and we had a wonderful time visiting with all of them. We didn't realize how big the Brethren Mission really is. First we visited the Tailoring School where about 30 young women attend class- es for one year.

Each day begins with devotions and prayer and, even though many are Hindu, about one- half will come to believe in Jesus through the teaching they receive at the Tailoring School. The Reading Room is for the public to come to read the newspaper, magazines, and Christian literature.

About 25 peo- ple use it daily. At the Typing Institute eight stu- dents were hard at work. They use manual typewriters because the electricity is so unreliable, yet they will learn the skills needed to work in an office as a bookkeeper or sec- retary. That evening we toured the Brethren Clinic where people come from miles away to receive free ser- vices and medicines.

The doctor sees about patients each night. In each place The Brethren Church is not only meeting the needs of people now, but also is giving them Jesus for eternity through example, devo- tion, and prayer.

Phone: Vice President — Mrs. DeAnn Oburn, Rt. Phone: General Secretary — Mrs. Nancy Hunn, W. Market St. Phone: E-mail: image com Sjuno. Secretary — Mrs. Trudy Kerner, King Rd. Phone: Financial Secretary — Mrs. Joanne Kroft, Twp. Phone: Treasurer — Mrs. Phone: Literature Secretary — Mrs. Donna Stoffer, Old Post Rd. Phone: Editor of the Devotional Guide — Mrs. E- mail: imagecom juno. Joan Ronk, Coachman Ct.

E-mail: jronk a ashland. Ginny Hoyt, Davis St. Joan Merrill, S. Summer address: Egypt Rd. Park Ave. May St. Box , N. Main Ave. Burns, Tucson, AZ Blanton Rd. Phone: St. James — Lindin Easterday, Lap- pans Rd. Broadway, Berlin, PA Phone: Valley — Vera Schroyer, Rt.

Oiler Ave. Box , Kingwood, WV Phone: Fremont — Marcia Miller, S. Send all subscriptions to Mrs. Robert Kroft, Twp. Phone: Gratis — Ruth Focht, S. Preble Co. Line Rd. Faith — Pauline Benshoff, Lake Dr. Phone: Park St. Hope — Shirley Black, Smith Rd. Box , Burlington, IN Phone: Corinth — Lois Thomson, N. Phone: Cornerstone — Joan Merrill, S.

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Phone: The President's Pen continued Saints, and caroling at the nursing homes and to the shut-ins. In the midst of all these activities we are getting ready for Dave and his fam- ily to come home on furlough.

That will be a highlight of our season. Jonathan will cele- brate his seventh birthday the day after their long journey and this will be his first birthday to be spent with grandparents.

Even more important than celebrating Jonathan's birth- day is the celebration of the birth- day of God's Son together as a fam- ily. What a blessing that will be! Only one week after Jesus' birth- day will come that day when the new millennium begins.

It's amaz- ing to me how little we have heard about having and exercising faith during this time. Should we not ex- pect that our loving God, who creat- ed the world and all in it and has sustained it for more than 6, years, will get us safely into January 1, ?

He is able— we know that. Let's approach the new millen- nium with confidence, standing firm on His promise that He will never leave nor forsake us. This is my prayer for you. God bless. First, two sizes of preemie gown patterns. These can be made for your local Crisis Pregnancy Center or the neonatal unit in your hospi- tals. Soft fabrics are used for these — the easiest being interlock knits. Second, two patterns for chemo- therapy turbans. These would be good to give to your local Cancer Society, radiation centers, or oncologists.

These are also made from soft knits. If you are interested in either or both of these patterns, please con- tact me. First the girls'. The 31 girls had dressed up in their school uniforms for our visit. Six did a dance in our honor. It was really neat! We sang for them and we were going to see their rooms, but the electricity went off, so we didn't get to do that.

However, we went up on the roof where we gave each of the girls a simple gift. They enjoyed playing with the balloons and bub- bles. These are things that seem so small to us, but the girls were very excited to receive these small gifts. We also went to the boys' orphan- age and spent time playing with the 46 boys there. They have a genera- tor, so we did have lights. Each boy has a small wooden box where he keeps his belongings: school books, an extra shirt, a toothbrush, a pair of shoes, his sleeping mat, and maybe one toy.

The thing was, they seemed to be so happy even though they have so little. Kids in America don't appreciate everything they have. Sunday morning we led the wor- ship service at the Brethren Church. Nirmala introduced me as the old lady of the group, which I think hope was a sign of respect!

Pastor Kurt Stout preached the sermon, through the help of our interpreter, Prasanth. We were amazed that there were almost as many people outside the church as inside. The Kumars pray that someday they will have the funds to expand the church building. In the evening we traveled to a village to worship. About 50 people prayed to accept Jesus into their hearts — it was a wonderful experience. The Brethren pastor of that village said he would visit each home to follow up with those who prayed.

Monday we participated in the or- dination service for two new Breth- ren pastors. Over pastors came for this special service and for the Pastors' Conference that followed. Prasanth told us they like to pre- sent three things to each of the newly-ordained pastors: a Bible, a flashlight which is very needed in the villages , and a bicycle to make his travel easier.

We also found that God used us during the worst of situations as witnesses for Himself Brian Cum- mins from the Bryan, OH, Brethren Church became very ill and had to be hospitalized.

We were thankful that Prasanth and Sudhir were with us to make arrangements for Brian. Throughout the day as we would go into the hospital to pray with him, Brian had opportunities to witness to the nurses and doctors about why we were in India and how God was taking care of him. Isn't our God great! The Brethren in India believe greatly in the power of prayer. The praying hands on top of the Prayer Tower at the church can be seen far away, and 24 hours a day two Breth- ren pastors are there praying for the people of India.

Across the road from the Prayer Tower is a Hindu temple to the god of blood. Before the Prayer Tower was dedicated, there were many accidents there, and the Hindu people accepted this as a way to please this god. Since the Tower's dedication, there have been none. Now the people see that the Chris- tian God is mightier than the Hindu god of blood.

Each Friday evening the Brethren gather to fast and pray, and the last Friday of the month they pray all through the night. My challenge to you is that you would commit to fast and pray through one meal a week, remem- bering to pray for our missionaries around the world. Nirmala sent personal greetings and sincere appreciation for the many cards, letters, and other sup- port you give for the orphans and pastors. Most of all, con- tinue to pray.

Thank you for allowing me to share our mission trip with you. And may God bless each of you. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Linda and her family would love to come to your church to tell you more of their travel and of God's work in India. It is a devotional book with 31 daily meditations, based on many Scripture verses, encouraging the believer who abides in Christ.

Al- though the book was originally writ- ten in , I found an inexpensive reprint from Frequently we sing the hymn "Abide with Me," but Mr. Murray admonishes us to abide in Christ — and there is a difference. This ex- presses the joy of being in God's presence every moment of every day. On Day 14 the reading relates to the Children of Israel who received manna each morning and that sus- tenance was enough for the day.

Just as the Israelites gathered the day's physical food in the morning, so should we gather spiritual food in the morning. Time spent when we feed on the Word from God gives us the firm foundation for the day. This helps us to abide in Him. To you who aren't in the habit of morning devotions, I have probably heard your excuse. Get up five min- utes earlier, carry Bible verses on cards in your pocket or purse for thinking en route to work.

I found the axiom was true, "If you're too busy to spend time with God, you are too busy. This could be a new resolution for you in Instead of sending a re- quest to God via a prayer, receive a message from Him via a Bible verse card. To get their opinions, several questions were sent by e-mail to more than Breth- ren on the National Office e-mail list. Thirteen people responded. Overall their answers were very positive. Un- fortunately, space does not permit in- cluding everything they wrote.

But here are several of the questions and a sampling of their responses. Question: What are your thoughts about the future of The Brethren Church as we reach this major milestone and begin the year ?

Tony Tony, We're always looking for new con- tributors. You're obviously smart enough to research a P. What I'm getting to is, the scene over here isn't what it should be.

We have some really good bands that need to be heard! Forgive me if I left your band out. I'm not going through the list. The kind folks at Devil Dolls have been putting on some really good shows and I think more people oughtta go see 'em. We have some local bands that are just as good, but how can they get recognition if no one goes to see them?

So go to a show, make a zine, make some flyers for Christ's sake. Just don't sit in front of the tv while our beloved scene fades away. Greg Sullivan writes a let- ter about how people in NC, in the "scene,"should "make" certain people con- form to his idea of what it is to be punk or in a "scene.

This kind of thinking is exactly what I wanted to escape in school when I didn't wear the right Gap shit. I took a stand and said "I will not conform. I would like to offer you a new out- look. Yes - it is ruining the clubs, but the fact that there is a human being out there that doesn't give a fuck about the threat of societal coercion i. That tells me that if we are ever in a situation where authority decides to change all the laws like in a coup , then there is a guy out there, who already doesn't give a fuck, who will not stand for that shit and revolt, thus helping us to keep our liberty.

Dudes like that are important to freedom. Secondly, Greg is championing an abstract term, not an actual thing. In punk, there are no initiations or club cards. The only thing that brings punks together is their love for non-main- stream music.

Outside of the music every- body has their own political views and agen- das. As to try to tell "them" to stop because "they" are ruining the "scene" is not even logical thinking. You couldn't possibly know somebody's motivation for why they do things as an individual. Greg's way to stop them is to ask them to stop. I don't know what world you come from but now days in my world, people are more violent, punk or not. So I am not risking my health to stop a dude form ruining an abstract term.

The scene never gets ruined, the clubs just stop booking punk bands. If your "scene" is so strong, you should just get a warehouse space. You could put a little carnival-like game in the dark corner called "rip the sink off the wall" for those who need to show off their power.

Greg says they are "claiming to be a part of the scene. They are a part of the scene, warts and all. Greg just resides his punk views on the more conservative side of the spectrum. He says "when you hear these kids bragging What has the scene done for you? I guess you could coerce them to stop by saying "In the name of the scene I command you to stop. Well I could rip the whole mag apart cause it is so full of bullshit but I'll save that for some other day. But it's not abstract to not want the police to shut down your shows.

And punks fucking up punk shit is straight-up stupid. Why not trash some- thing you're against instead of something you're into? The kids have gotta look after their own spaces, which is what I got out of Greg's letter. We love having our bullshit ripped apart so please write again.

DearMRR, I was delighted and hon- ored to see that my letter was printed in issue I usually "just look at the pictures, but while on tour with my band the Lilypads , I decid- ed to read the damn rag. Although I was a little disappointed that you don't support violence against bro's bro cleansing in our scene.

I just feel that you must do whatever it takes to keep the jock out of the rock. I mean, if we're not careful we'll have a bunch of Brett Mathew steakheads types infest- ing our scene, and MRR will be filled with adsf rom shitty labels like Coldf ront Records I cant believe you printed that ad by the way and other jocko crap.

In Hollywood, we take care of business. I mean you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. With that said, I have bigger fish to fry with you.

Nick Fitts column, is this a joke? Is he doing the April fools thing year round now? I mean a whole column about his pathetic penis. I can't believe MRR wasted so much ink printing 7th grade school yard dick jokes. No one cares. I especially don't care how "perfect", "nice" or "fat" his "cock" is. If I ever see little Nicky Fitt on the strip, I'm gonna cut that little stick off and shove it up his ass.

Hey Nick, do all of us and yourself a favor and quit this punk rock charade you're putting on. Turn in your punky colors and your spike bracelet and go down to the local frat house and do a keg stand with your pledge brothers. That is obviously where you belong, you prick. I know this probably turns you on listening to some "f emi-nazi" complain about sexism. It's okay, I've been called worse. You're probably sitting around in your box- ers watching Stone Cold pummel some nameless wrestler, giggling at all my "bitchy" rants.

News flash needle dick, worry less about the size of your cock more on that double chin your developing. You sexist pig, no pun intended chubby. As long as we're on the topic of ugly people, thanks for canning Norb. I can see why he was always writing stupid sexist shit like that, when you got a mug like his, talking dirty about women is the closest you get to getting laid.

As much as I'd like to go on and on about my complaints with the mag, I'll cut it short. I will say Felix, Sean and Queenie's column were great, the Hollywood punks are proud. Thanks to everyone who helped out on the Lilypads tour, and a fuck you to the asshole in Austin who called me a gutter-slut, hope you liked the stencil I did on your car fuck wad, I heard spray paint can be a real "bitch" to get off. Don't fuck with the Lilypads. Love Ya Much. Hey, Pete, you must be fucking igno- rant if you really think that a "statement that reinforces a stereotype and objectifies" women isn't sexist.

What do you think the definition of sexism is, you fucking moron? Let me give you a hint-it's a statement that reinforces a stereotype and objectifies wom- en, asshole. Anyone that's been exposed to the most remedial of feminist philosophy can tell you that, you stupid fuck. By the way, the statement you made is racist as well. Email: maximumrnr mindspring. Use phone for ad reservations. Canephora 7". Devola 7". Send address for FREE catalog!

Fast becoming the king of novelty punk rock. This month we have vinyl by two bands from opposite ends of the punk rock spectrum. Ding Dang LP Aging and raging punk rockers playing raucous country music. Off Da Pigs 12in. Loud and heavy rap I from a loud and heavy jgansta Big Dog leads a punk rock backing band into the world of hip hop. Still have 7"s by Yeah, vou still get a photo of Tracy when you buy something.

In fact, we just finished shoot ing an entire two hour video so send S25 for that. Hey, that's cheap! Ass is expensive! Not to mention that selling Tracy's ass may be the only thing that keeps this label from going under. Praise be to Tracy's ass! The first full length from these SoCal fastcore veterans!

I A completely different level of power violence! You've got to hear it to believe it! Needless to soy, they are not only pure pop sound, but also rockin style. We highly recommend it for all pop fans! Don't miss it! And Rich Coffee from Alter Egos plays guitar some cuts. Totally really cool and emotional. This is a long waited debut CD. It includes 1 5 oroigna. It's a solid and mazing production!

You can enjoy real independent music here! FiFi 1 the mach 3. Greal Mangoose. Ogress, Coastrs Ride. Antonio 3. Elite Mach Kung Fu and others. It's a perfect guide of Japanese garage scene today. Please check our Web page for detail and order now!!! Thousand Oaks. Is thai a crime'. We've got some t-shirts and other cool stuff too! CA Opinions expressed are solely those of the columnists and thankfully are not editorial policy.

Haven't talked to this woman in months. I'm used to my friends occasion- ally falling off the face of the planet but this one has me a little worried. She re- cently moved into a flat in the once glori- ous Mission district that already occu- pied about twelve or twenty five other, um, entrepreneurial free spirits, for lack of a better term for fucked up, freeload- ing, drug dealing club kid.

But in a good way. I imagine that they're only ones who could survive in that household. Constant noise and yelling, frantic peo- ple coming and going at allhours, hordes of bison running through. Like having a fucking slumber party every night. But without the slumber. Always a million things going on there, but sleep was nev- er one of 'em. So, of course, as time went by, girlfriend started to get a little loopy, talking to herself, forgetting things and losing shit, like her wallet.

Which she claims is not from lack of sleep or her living environment, on no It's fallout from months of being tracked by the mafia or viet cong who are trying to recruit her as head of their Secret Intelligence data analysis surveillance radar for extrater- restrial warfare and acquisitions unit.

See why I worry? No one else has seen or heard from her either, and rumors are floating around that she was thrown in jail, or worse, back home in Georgia or Kentucky, where, she declares proudly, one can go into any KFC and get a bucket of frog legs, original recipe and extra crispy. But that's besides the point.

So now, I am woman obsessed. I ve called and left messages; paged, sent email, called some more, sent telegrams, paged again, sent pigeons Her house has six phone lines, a dozen cell phones and more than a gaggle of pagers but it's damn near impossible to get anyone to pick up the phone.

Not that it would matter cuz not one has an attention span long enough to look for her, much less remember when and if they saw her last. Best case scenario is that she's detoxing somewhere, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she just got lost between the cushions of the couch or was buried under the Giants' new stadium. The woman who owns their build- ing lives in the flat adjacent to theirs on the left.

As if that place wasn't bad enough! Never in a million years would I live that close to the person holding the power to throw me out on my ass with just 30 days notice. My landlord is only a toll call away but at least he's not likely to barge in and interrupt an exceptionally hot, but extremely hard to explain scene of me trying to housebreak my favorite corpo- rate investor canine.

Especially since hav- ing a dog violates our lease agreement. Anyway, their landlady is tad on the crazy side, mean as hell and, worst of all, abuse to her pet Oh it doesn't matter, it's still a pet All the telltale signs are there: loud arguments late at night, banging and thumping nois- es, loud squawking, feathers flying, and broken legs and wings that couldn't all come from "falling down the stairs.

They finally couldn't take it any- more and tried to report the abuse to the police, to animal protection, to Colonel Sanders even but to no avail. Everyone just looked the other way saying it was strictly a private matter. Well now, there y'all have it. More evidence proving my point that everyone has the unalienable right to beat their cock as often and as hard as they desire, even if it bothers the delicate sensibilities of those on the Right. Well, on that note, if you love your friends, let them know.

And if you don't, fuck 'em and get some new ones that you can love. Cuz you're worth it. But above all, love yourself and make sure to take the time to really show yourself just how much. Every night, every morning, at tea time, during your lunch break, etc First off, it has come to my attention that a White Power band from Florida is using the name Code OK if any of you nimrods are reading here is your cease and desist order. I won't be calling my lawyer, I won't be filing a complaint with the copyright control commission, I will be coming to Florida this winter.

The name is taken; a metal band in California already had to change their name be- cause we had a record out first. Now that was no big deal, they wanted to avoid confusion just as much as we did. How- ever, using our name on white power shit is something I take personally.

This has already caused some confusion is regards to the Street Punk '99 fest in Kansas City. That was us, the real Code 13 that was scheduled to play, and we didn't because our drummer couldn't get out of work that weekend, sorry to anyone who came to see us, hope you got to see NOTA! So you upstart code 13 guys had better change your name, because I am coming looking for you and I ain't afraid of what- ever your master race can dish out. I am frequently asked why Code 13 has never toured Canada.

We actually were going to once but most of the gigs canceled and our van broke down in Bos- ton. But here is one of the major prob- lems, the Canadian border. After touring all across Europe with equipment and even passing through Israeli customs which are supposed to be the strictest in the world, I still think the worst treatment I ever got was at the Canadian border.

For those of you who don't know Canada has a powerful Musicians Union which has lobbied the Canadian government to make it very difficult for American bands to cross the border and play in Canada. To play legally in Canada you need some sort of visa or permit or some shit that I'm sure most punk bands could never get. I believe you can be rejected for lack of "merit" or some such shit.

The Canadians are also very strict about bringing equip- ment across the border, they fear that you will sell your high quality American equipment in Canada and thereby un- dercut makers and sellers of Canadian equipment and also forgo paying Cana- da's outrageous taxes.

Therefore they of- ten make you put a deposit on your equip- ment to prevent you from selling it in Canada. They also search the fuck out of your van.

They must have a list of suspi- cious types in the little booth at the bor- der; one of which I'm sure is "punkband. Grace Jones was arrested for bringing a "weap- on" across the border; the weapon was a studded bracelet. Rob Halford had a bunch of his stage gear confiscated as "weapons" at the Canadian border in the mid 80's.

Soul Asylum was crossing the border once and the pigs found a small quantity of pot in the van. They proceed- ed to tear the van apart; the even went so far as to pull the engine. They found no drugs, Soul Asylum's van was in pieces and they had to have it towed to a garage which charged them a fortune to put the van back together and get it running, they missed their gig. As for me I was on tour with Destroy in 93 when we crossed into Vancouver. We brought no equip- ment, no records, no band t-shirts, notn- ing but a few toiletries and some skate- boards.

We still got searched and ques- tioned as if we were the Islamic Jihad trying to cross with a nuclear warhead. They looked up my criminal record on their computers, they tore the van apart, and finally they let us through.

I know that a lot of bands tour Canada by using bogus recording contracts and saying that they are recording in Canada and then get across the border and play anyway. But I've also heard that many border cross- ings are wise to this scam and will try to call the studio etc. I had an easier time getting into the Soviet Union when I visited there in '91 than the last few times I've gone to Canada. MRR will now be deluged by letters from patriotic Canadians saying that the border controls are necessary to protect Canada's unique culture from American cultural imperialism etc.

Who are you trying to fool? Punk is THE international youth culture. Punk has spread from the USA and Europe to the farthest reaches of the globe. For example right now I'm listening to a band punk and oi compi- lation of bands all from Jakarta Indone- sia! National borders are complete bullshit and I refuse to buy this national- istic crap about protecting your culture.

We live in a global economy in an era of mass communication. We are rapidly approaching a world culture, that culture will of course be the culture of American, Japanese and European multi-national corporations. At best punk is a counter culture of resistance to this cultural hege- mony; at worst it is loud and annoying subculture for bored middle class teen- agers.

But either way its not a threat to Canada's unique cultures the way Cana- da's multi-nationals are to the underde- veloped nations of the world and their cultures. Free trade in rock!

Open the borders to the musicians! In the tradition of the Scumbag file I've compiled a few distributor and label dirty tricks which I'd like to share with everybody, especially bands and small distributors. The Bait and Switch. Extreme Noise has had this one pulled on us a few times lately.

A distributor advertises something and sends you something else instead for instance. Thev tell you they've got copies of the new Flaming Placebo LP at five bucks each. Then the order shows up and its five copies of the Flaming Placebo CD at ten bucks a piece.

Or Flaming Placebo's earlier album which nobody wants any- more. The distributor counts on you not bothering to call them up and returning the CD's since you ordered the same title or artist anyway. One that was pulled on Extreme Noise recently was sending us a bunch of stuff COD that we didn't order at all.

The person who accepted the order wasn't the one who had made the order so they wrote the check and put the records into stock. It wasn't until later that the person who make the order dou- ble checked the invoice and found out there was several hundred dollars worth of stock we didn't order added on. Once again if no one had double checked or just not bothered to send it back we would' ve been scammed.

We also recently got shipped a COD order that we never even ordered. The distributor admitted it was a mistake, an order for another store acci- dentally shipped to us. But getting our money back was a long involved process as they already deposited our check.

It took weeks of calls to get our money back. An honest mistake, or maybe they were counting on us to forget about it or blow it off. I think a lot times mistakes are made in this business, but sometimes a shady distributor can push some product on you that you didn't order, or don't need and count on you being too busy or disor- fanized to return it and get your money ack. It's in everyone's best interest that you check your order in carefully and cross-reference it to the invoice.

It's easy to make mistakes filling orders, but it's also easy to scam someone who is too busy to double-check everything. Another shifty distributor trick is the hard sell. This is the pushy salesman who pretends to be your friend and calls all the time, makes small talk and then tries to pressure you into making an or- der.

Or "Don't worry you can pay me for them later" then the order shows up COD anyway. Everyone I know who works at record store hates this approach. Unfortunately we used to have some guys at Extreme Noise who were a little to chummy with their sales reps. If you want any of them come on down to Ex- treme Noise, they are in our cent dis- count dungeon to this day. Don't let your- self get talked into ordering something you don't want.

I think it's always best to write out your order and fax it to the distributor rather than take an order over the phone. That way if any misunder- standing arises there is a written record of what you ordered. Similar to the bait and switch is the unsolicited trade.

This is one that really pisses me off. The label that sends you a zillion copies of something you didn't ask for and wants you to send them a bunch of your stuff in trade.

Sometimes they send it out of the blue, like "here's 25 copies of my latest releases, now send me 25 Aus Rotten eps. Don't be afraid to send stuff back, most labels can deal with a letter telling them you are sorry but you tried to sell it and no one in your area was buying.

And ask them to send you some- thing else you can sell. If the label can't deal with it, screw 'em. Another related scam is the trading bait and switch where you send off your stuff for some great new releases on a label but instead of the new releases they promised you they send you one of their dud releases instead. Enclosed will be a note to the effect that, " we are out of the hot new releases, but here's the shitty CD nobody wanted in- stead.

Then there is the not so exclusive "exclusive item" a distributor tries to get you to order a new release at a premium price that is exclusive to that distributor. Then a few days later you find out that everybody is carrying it, so what made it so exclusive? Except that you paid extra for it. One issue that has had Extreme Noise in an ethical dilemma lately is Street Dates.

Distributors often fix street dates for releases before which you are not supposed to sell the releases. This means that there is enough lead-time for the distributor to ship copies of the release to everyone so that they all get them in time to start selling them on the same date. That's why stores sometimes stay open until midnight so they can start selling a really hot new release the minute the clock hits the release date. In reality a lot of stores start selling things before the street date, this means they have it first and get lots of extra sales, and if one store in town does it then everyone else has to do it too or lose out on a those sales.

If the store has big posters in my window advertising the new CD and people come in asking for it. Now the store can start selling it before the other stores in town who or- dered it by UPS Ground even get it from the coast, and well before the street date.

I'd say that in a lot of cities the street date system is totally ignored and everybody starts selling everything the moment they open the box. So why do distributors even bother anymore? A famous shifty label trick is under claiming sales as to avoid paying royal- ties.

Another one is doing a re-press without telling the band. Produced by Andy Ernst and Green Day. This album is the only entire album that features John Kiffmeyer aka Al Sobrante on drums. He later quits the band and Tre Cool joins the band.

Release Date: January 17, Track Listing: 1. One for the Razorbacks 3. Welcome to Paradise 4. Christie Road 5. Private Ale 6. Dominated Love Slave 7. One of My Lies 8. Andriod No One Knows Who Wrote Holden Caulfield Words I Might Have Ate Sweet Children Best Thing In Town Strangeland Drums for tracks 13 - 16 by John Kiffmeyer aka Al Sobrante.

Incidentally, Laurie L. Records's owner. Burnout 2. Having a Blast 3. Chump 4. Longview 5. Welcome to Paradise 6. Pulling Teeth 7. Basket Case 8. She 9. Sassafras Roots When I Come Around Coming Clean Emenius Sleepus In the End Fuck Off and Die Produced by Rob Cavallo and Green Day. This was Green Day's first major label release. An interesting fact about Dookie is that on the back of the original copies, it showed a crowd holding up a stuffed Ernie doll from Sesame Street. The band had to later reprint Dookie's back minus Ernie because they were threatened with lawsuits.

Also some copies of Dookie come with a brown tray for the CD. To this day, this is the only Green Day album to have a hidden track. Armatage Skanks 2. Brat 3. Stuck With Me 4. Geek Stink Breath 5. No Pride 6. Bab's Uvula Who? Panic Song 9. Stuart and the Ave Brain Stew Jaded Westbound Sign Tight Wad Hill All lyrics by Billie Joe.

Release Date: October 14, Track Listing: 1. Nice Guys Finish Last 2. Hitchin' a Ride 3. The Grouch 4. Reduntant 5. Scattered 6. All the Time 7. Worry Rock 8. Platypus I Hate You 9. Uptight Last Ride In Instrumental Jinx Haushinka Walking Alone Reject Take Back King for a Day Good Riddance Time of Your Life Warning 2.

Blood, Sex, and Booze 3. Church on Sunday 4. Fashion Victim 5. Castaway 6. Misery 7. Deadbeat Holiday 8. Hold On 9. Jackass Waiting Minority There is also a limited special edition verison, which contains a 52 page color book and a green Warning slipcover.

International Superhits! Release Date: November 13, Track Listing: 1. Maria 2. Longview 4. Welcome to Paradise 5. Basketcase 6. When I Come Around 7. She 8.

JAR 9. Geek Stink Breath 10 Brain Stew Walking Contradiction Stuck With Me Hitchin' A Ride Time Of Your Life Redundant Nice Guys Finish Last Warning A compliation of their videos, International Supervideos! For more information about Green Day's videos, visit our videos page.

Suffocate 2. Desensitized 3. You Lied 4. Outsider 5. Don't Wanna Fall in Love 6. Espionage Instrumental 7. Scumbag 9. Tired of Waiting Sick of Me Rotting Do Da Da On the Wagon The track was scratched, and was said to be planned to be released only on the Japanese verison of Shenanigans.

The Japanese verison was released, minus DUI. The CD inlay for the regular Shenanigans has D. View the inside artwork here. American Idiot 2.

Jesus Of Suburbia 3. Holiday 4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 5. Are We The Waiting 6. Jimmy 7. Give Me Novacaine 8. She's A Rebel 9. Extraordinary Girl Letterbomb Homecoming There is also a limited special edition verison, which contains a 52 page color. During sleepovers at each other's houses, they played songs by old heavy metal warhorses such as Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, and Van Halen. Other influences would be the "thrash and drang" of the Bay Area's alternative music culture percolating throughout the eighties.

As Green Day, they recorded their first EP, 1, Hours, in two days when they were 17 and seniors in high school. Soon, Mike graduated, however Billie Joe dropped out one day prior to his 18th birthday. Their official debut album came in , a combination of all the previous EP, and named " Smoothed Out Slappy Hours".

The album was released by local indie label Lookout! Tre had been playing in the band, The Lookouts!

In the program on Nickelodeon called Brothers Garcia, the son gets a job in a CD store, and you can see the International Superhits poster in the background, Warning signs, and stands everywhere. In the MTV movie awards - uncensored, Time of Your Life was played in the background.

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