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Feel - Various - Midnight Soul 3 (CD)

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Expanding on this popular series of Construction Kits, the melodies and sounds in this pack bring you an alternative Hip Hop style mixed with contemporary Jazz progressions. Get some smooth Vibes and Neo Soul warmth in your productions. If you have any questions about this product then please contact us through the form below. Our Customer Service department is open days a year.

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The only thing missing for me with Midnight Soul is it did not have the exciting edge of your seat adventure element to the story like the previous books, this is just about Franka and Noc.

I only read this series this year and I loved them all and now I am sad that yet another series has come to an end. View all 31 comments. Feb 13, Stacey is Sassy rated it really liked it Shelves: steamy , para-fantasy-series , tear-jerker , kristen-ashley , is-that-a-gun-in-your-pocket. Well, this is the end. Geez, what an emotional goose I sound…but I have an excuse.

Which, I found in hindsight, was a blessing in disguise. I mean…who??? Ummm… I'm pretty sure the dude with the sated look on his face from getting it on is supposed to be the hero of this book? What has KA done? Where is she going with this? How will I cope? Well, the answer becomes clearer later on, but it still stuck in my craw a bit, to be honest. So, Friday night ended up being a research night. Yes, Franka was nasty, but we all know that nobody is perfect and even I can be a bit awful before my first cup of coffee.

So, I woke up Saturday morning ready to get cracking on Midnight Soul. I decided to reserve my judgement and just take the ride. Poor Franka, I did not see that coming. It was hideous and disgraceful and I wanted to reach into my kindle and knock some heads together. Now, this is where things start to get a little interesting. Everyone is looking at Franka a wee bit differently. Are the sympathy and new found humour in her cutting remarks right? Should we forgive her her foul deeds because of what we now know about her torturous upbringing from the age of 5?

I think the life Franka has lead up to now excuses some of her decisions but definitely not all. Did Frey, Finnie, Cora and the rest forgive her too quickly? Yes, but you could tell it was still with a little trepidation.

I think her part in saving the world and the wives of Frey, Lahn, Tor and Apollo probably helped. It was interesting to see Noc being her shield from attack and also the person who helped her the most. I could see that he had his heart in the right place, but I struggled to forget the first page of the book. Is this just his way of helping her and becoming her friend or does he really want to be her man? I get that this was different because instead of one of us going to a new world to experience new things and adventures, it was the flipside.

So, Midnight Soul did not disappoint me or let me down, it just made me look at things in a different way. Now, here is my honesty…I wish Kristen Ashley had switched the storylines around. I myself would have loved to have read a full story of Mr Dax Lahn… The Savage meeting and falling in love with Circe in our world, and Franka and Noc being the additional storyline.

I wanted to know more of Mr Dax Lahn, the shrewd, sly, razor-sharp and ruthless attorney. I wanted to see the big man and how he talked the very scared Circe into trusting him. I got a bit…I just wanted…no…needed But that… is my cross to be bear.

As per usual, I have probably gone overboard with my ramblings, but I struggle to read a KA and not have overwhelming thoughts and feelings at the end. To see more of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons And ok, so maybe I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. But that is only because for me, Franka in this book, was SO different from her character in previous books that it was pretty much like a brand new character, only with the occasional thought given to how horrible she used to be.

And a pretty awful abusive past given to explain away why she used to be so horrible. But in reading it, there was just no connection between the Franka here and the Franka we knew. She managed to morph into the typical KA heroine. I enjoyed the difference from the previous books, as in we had the heroine from the other world coming to ours, I just felt like it took too long to get to that point but you know, we had to have all the previous couples come to the realisation they had been WRONG about her.

And in all honesty, it felt like the romantic relationship between Noc and Franka just appeared with little development. Yes they were friends, and yes she was clearly attracted to him, but all of a sudden he is telling her she is coming to his world, and BAM they have a relationship. Just because I knew this book is about them, does not mean I don't want some actual real build up to a relationship.

Previous characters from the series were mentioned but pretty much just used as scenery, example, Dax Lahn, Noc etc. Not even sure they even had a word to be spoken here, just used as background and as they would be expected to be there. I did get all excited about seeing our world Dax Lahn and would have loved that side romance, if it had not pretty much all happened off page, and therefore actually not even sure why it was added.

I felt teased with what could have been a brilliant side romance, but was left disappointed that we actually got hardly anything of it.

All in, it was an ok end to the series, I enjoyed having the heroine come to our world and seeing that, it was a nice little end to the series, but it felt like I was reading a new to me heroine. I was felt a bit put out at that really. Everyone is supposed to be happy and riding off into the sunset at the end of a series. View all 3 comments. Against his will, Noctorno Hawthorne of our world, an undercover vice cop, finds himself embroiled in magic, mayhem and alternate universes.

Too late, in Fantastical, he meets the Cora Goode of his world only to find she's destined for his twin in the alternate universe. What he doesn't know is, his destined love resides in another dimension. And when he meets her, he's not only stunned, he's faced with introducing her to a new reality and coaxing her to want to stay. View all 16 comments. Jan 02, Ja Ella rated it liked it. It was the last book, I was expecting a "grand finale". Not this! I think KA is getting lazy lately.

Her last books aren't like the first ones. I'm so sad about that. The book. Spoilers ahead First half was dragging. Second one was better. Sexy time makes everything better and I have to admit, KA really writes beautiful love and sex scenes. But it wasn't enough. The characters were boring. The plot was missing. No twists, no nothing.

Only drama, drama, Disappointed! Only drama, drama, drama! Two years and we get this?! I feel so cheated! I would have liked Franka, if KA wouldn't have changed her character. She was a villain. A villain can be likeable. Many authors can write amazing books about their villains and i have rated them better Lothaire from Immortals after Dark- Kresley Cole. Why did you have to transform her into entirety another woman?

She wasn't the same Franka. I didn't like how her story developed. I really wanted to see a happy ending more than Franka choosing her new shoes. But the ending was so rushed! Really KA? This book was the Finale! We deserved something more. I didn't even like Noc. I couldn't feel the chemistry between them. Ok, love scenes were great, but I failed to see the feelings.

Franka claimed to be experienced and know everything but in the bed she behaved so "virginal". I didn't see her charms. She was so annoying. Behaving like an ignorant and all, she did get in my nerves. The worst couple in the fantasyland series. The only ones that saved the book were Dax and Circe, of this world and the other one. They were amazing! I would have loved to read more about them. Their chemistry was off the charts. I don't know if I'll read again a KA book.

I'm not finding her books extraordinary anymore. I'll be sceptical and I'll wait for my GR friends' reviews, before reading another work of her. Cover is nice, though. We have a title! I feel like I've been waiting since forever for this book!

View all 5 comments. Mar 08, Dali rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-read , standalone , series , paranormal , tortured-heroine , published Hearts and flowers all the way in this last books in the Fantasyland series.

I could happily re-read that book a million times. I honestly thought that book 4 was the end of the series even knowing there were still some loose ends, mainly regarding the doppelgangers from the series that were in our world with unresolved love lives, so this is really a great read for Fantasyland fans because we get exactly that: a resolution of our world loves. Poor Franka, honestly, she got the short end of the stick with her parents and life in general.

Every character in the Fantasyland series thought so except Noc, from our world, who saw through her mask and helped her and everyone else see the same goodness which everyone easily accepted after her secrets were revealed. Noc had his work cut out when it came to convincing Franka herself of her inner goodness.

A take charge alpha male through and through, sweet, tender and absolutely sexy with a slight grammar quirk. So Fantasyland fans rejoice, for this is a wonderfully sweet ending to a most excellent adventure.

Midnight Soul is the fifth and last book in the Fantasyland series by Kristen Ashley. It is a standalone, full-length romance with lots of sizzling hot sexy times and ridiculously sweet loving moments which I STRONGLY recommend be read in order after the first 4 books. Told from several points of view, with a happy ending. The excerpts are from that copy. Mar 15, Page rated it did not like it Shelves: kristen-ashley.

Warning: This review will contain snark, spoilers, and swearing. If you are a reader that is still happily sipping the KA joy juice I wish you many happy hours of reading, I miss it, but I'm a realist, and her new shit sucks bad.

Having finished this book literally 5 minutes ago, I'll be making little to no sense anyway because my brain is still in recovery mode from attempting to piece together pages of fragmented sentences. I've been staring at Warning: This review will contain snark, spoilers, and swearing. I've been staring at the screen for a long time trying to decide how best to begin.

I've decided I'll let the circumstances of how this book came to earn 1 star from me unfold as it happened. Buddy Reading with my- 4 years and counting -GR friends. I wish I could post some of the better comments, but we are raunchy, no holds barred and quite frankly I am writing this review unplanned and don't have their permission.

So, you'll only see a few of my posts. Buddy Read: Starting now. So far, 5 stars. I still have no complaints. He allowed her to take beatings from their parents for him.

Now he goes all alpha male? Yeah, I'd tell him to fuck off. We are power. We are strength. We are the dark. We are the light. We are magic. It's like Wild and Free. I can't handle the stupidity. Seriously, my face gets hot and I get really embarrassed for KA. That woman needs to lay off the bottle. I had to stop reading. This part is so dumb.

The next day It occurred to me From the very beginning of the book. It's whiskey this whiskey that, pull the cord, order whiskey Noc is a tool. You're like 36 years old. His arms flexed so powerfully they pushed all the air out of me before it seemed he forced them to relax.

The Fuck. I can't take much more. Occasionally Josette pops in, but that lasts seconds. It's unnerving to think KA wrote this drivel. I could not be that guy for you. I knew and you knew. We both understood I was not strong enough to handle all that happened to you. Not for the long run. English please. Letting go of the dream that KA will write like I loved for over 40 books again, is difficult I'll probably still read her books, but I have no hope left that they will be worth my time.

View all 12 comments. Aug 03, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: 4fantasy-lovestories , dimensiontravel-paralleluniverse , witches-wizards. Nobody has managed to touch the centre of her sorrow. Practice What You Preach. Barry White. Track Listing - Disc 6. Spend My Life With You. You Don't Have to Worry. I Adore Mi Amor. Karyn White. My First Love. Baby Hold on to Me.

Ain't Nobody Like You. Miki Howard. Alone With You. Kissing You. Keith Washington. Track Listing - Disc 7. Have You Ever. Always on Time. Ja Rule. The Boy Is Mine. Freak Like Me. Adina Howard. Chuckii Booker. I Swear. If You Love Me. I Wish. Carl Thomas.

Stranger in My House. The First Night. How Can I Ease the Pain. Lisa Fischer. Spread My Wings. Track Listing - Disc 8. Don't Leave Me. Back at One. Miss You. Erykah Badu. Brown Skin. I Miss You.

Nov 16,  · Freddie Hubbard - Midnight Soul - Duration: TeddyCool23 Recommended for you. Serotonin Release - Alpha Waves for Serotonin & Endorphins - Binaural Beats.

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    Midnight Soul - Various - CD Customer reviews. out of 5 stars. 5 out of 5. 2 customer ratings. 5 star % 4 star 0% (0%) 0% 3 star 0% (0%) 0% 2 star 0% (0%) 0% 1 star 0% (0%) 0% How does Amazon calculate star ratings? Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. 5/5(2).
  2. Tarn says:
    Midnight Soul is a sophisticated fusion of laidback house, broken beats, nu jazz & neo-soul. The music is a perfect DJ-mixed blend of electronic-soul-music where classic voices such as Norah Jones, Roy Ayres, Erykah Badu & Jody Watley rub shoulders with the best of today's neo-soul producers such as Amp Fiddler, Yam Who, Faze Action and /5(6).
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    Download Body And Soul: Smooth Jams (Cd 2) by RnB - Various Artists at faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo! High Quality, Preview Available. Songs start at just $!
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Midnight Soul 3 on Discogs.5/5(1).
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    Jan 21,  · The Souls Midnight, can be viewed in much the same way as The Dark Night of the Soul and can be referred to as a time of intense emotional pain. Either over a longer period of time or at a point in the early hours of the morning when the thoughts are racing or there is intense sadness and / .
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    Midnight In Tokyo Vol 3 -- Japanese Rare Soul, Boogie & New Wave -- Compiled By Toshiya Kawasaki CD (Item ) Studio Mule, – When you purchase a Used CD you can expect the disc to be free of all but the lightest of surface marks, the case to be clean (we often change the cases ourselves), and the booklet to be in good shape.
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    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Midnight Soul [Madacy] [Box] by Various Artists (CD, Sep, 3 Discs, Madacy) at the best .
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    Midnight Soul, the final book in the Fantasyland series, is the story of Franka and Noctorno Hawthorne. Noc, the parallel universe (our universe) of the Tor from book 3, has traveled from our modern world into the Fantasyland one/5().
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    'Midnight Soul 3' from The Hit Sound brings you a third helping of pure Neo Soul. Expanding on this popular series of Construction Kits, the melodies and sounds in this pack bring you an alternative Hip Hop style mixed with contemporary Jazz progressions. Get some smooth Vibes and Neo Soul warmth in .

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