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+ - Fains - Fains (Cassette)

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Ihcougpt the , clociinhiriieCcimesupagalnstUtQ. And by the way, to get Head and Heats back ow ma wall. You can choat tmrtneWMy and lives. If you're daspevate ta get Ups on eldar gamaa. Dm andralifi. As he lived nearby, he popped in to purchiisc games and somehow never quite left. Entcrest was generally luke warm, but nevertheless, by mid- December when the iwiuc had to be ready , 27 pages of advertising had been sold -enough to provide CRASH with the funds to print!

Programmmp innovations were still largely a thing of the future, but Sandy White's Am Auack f Quicksilva raised some eyebrows, although I remember Matthew and I feeling thut it lacked siimething. And lo round off , I d id my first ever look bac k ai the software year. It was a heady figure and one not to be repeated for quite some time- February's weather, however, brought CRASH doviii to earth. John had to catch the 6am train from Binnjngham New Street, At 4am on a freezing winter morning Oliver finished, but Roger Kean who was still working on the Living Guide did not, fl At Sam, the boards still four pages incomplete, Roger drove John the 40 miles to Birmingham through a heavv- iinow storm.

After ten minutes they were stuck on a steep hill outside Ludlow. Turning back lo try another route, they came across a skidded lony with its nose in a ditch. The unfonunate driver turned out to be a local newstradc wbokakr, delivering magazines to Ludlow. He owned a Spectrum and had loved the first issue.

We also ran our first 'real' competition, for Fantasy, promoting Doomsday Castk. It was so successful that it set the pattern for an increasing number of competitions thereafter. I also had quite a few letters to print and answer - among them was a complaint thai at five pounds, the price of software was for too high. Things never change MdhfMmt't H. David, now Newsficid's Production Controller, was and still is an excellent photographer, and he marked improvement in our screen shots was noted.

I can remember getting in the engineer to look at it because atl the colour was being pulled into one corner leaving the rest black-and-white. The bemused man took it away and brought another, shaking his head, saying only a strong magiiet could produce such an effect.

Further improvements in picttirc quality had to wail until the wonderful Microvitec Cub monitor arrived for review, but with David's ministrations, people everywhere began praising our colour screen shots, at least they appear so fuzzy now , CRASH was, unwittingly, about to unleash a media war. As a result, CRASH was the first to print pictures, despite plenty of interest in the project from other magazines. On top of that, ihrough close and friendly relations with Micromega, we were also ihe first 10 spot Ihe potential oiCodf Name Mai by Derek Brewster.

Issue Three showed another improvement - the paper. This wasa time when young hopeful programmers expected to get their games accepted for publishing for he simple reason thai they had written thcra. But ThtQuiliwas a tool, noi a source of inspiration, and it proved that there can never be any substitute for imagination. Still with adventures. But one small, as yet unknown, software house made its first appearance in CRASH that month with a game we really liked, one largely ignored by other magazines.

It was Ad Ama. The blurb noted that the winner had won by a faint marpn. One of the rtinncrs-up was a certain John Minson , To think, had the margin been a touch fainter he could have been writing for CRASH at a fraction of the exorbitant fee he noweonamands!

Weil, we ail make mistakeis. But one of those competiuom stands out markedly , the AtkAasi map. Gamc maps were unheard of in publicaiiom in it simply hadn't occurred to anyone thai mapping a game was relevant, but there was no doubt tbtt SOUK games beiag produced were actually made up from maps in the programmers' minds. AacAtae was one such, ajad certainly one where having a map before you helped playing it. Maps were the latest thing; Issue Five saw the inaugural edition of the Playing Tips.

My desk was expanded and I began regurgitating the erudite scrJbbUnjp of raiders who added helpful hints to their letters. He spent an entire weekend checking it out against the game, using a handy infinite lives cheat supplied by an embryonic hacker, and drawing up his own map which then appeared in the issue, thanking Kenneth for his inspiring version.

Beyond's trynaut game. Space Station Ztbra, had proved a dud , but Frown was a Smash, largely because of the complex, interlinked game elements and its use of crosshatched graphics. When asked to do the same in CRASH I thought it would be boring to repeat the formula, and since none of the scores printed elsewhere seemed to be checked out for truthfulness and how can you all too often? It worked a treat! But the amazing feature of this issue was the mammoth article Roger prepared on games to date.

And it wentagaituit the irdditionalist grain - publications aimed at a teenage market were supposed to present short, snappy article in recognitioD of the short attention span of young people. It was an outmoded concept CRASH threw away, we all believed our readers capable of reading loiig, detailed and intelligent pieces even when we were often forced to listen to some surprisingly Suent obscenities on the Hotline answering machine! Ekspite the onset of the summer months, software was holding up well.

There's no doubt it should have been a Smash - it's just that it arrived so late in the month we hardly had time to play it enough , and copped out by not rating it at ail! Up until this momeni , CRASH had been produced from a house, really from iust two small rooms, but ihe company's finances had improved sufficiently to afford proper offices.

We were all looking forward to being able to stretch out a bit, to be able to write and do the artwork in less cramped qtiancn. Hold ups over the lease meant that wc were still' crtmined Like sprats in a picklmg jar in Rogcr'st house where wc had started out. The machine arrived in July with no home, but the directors took the risk of j Ipnsiailing it in the new offices hoping tliat the Lease problems woutd be sorted out quickly.!

I Fonunatcly they were, although not in lime for this edition. The camera went on the third ftoor and weighed a ton; it would have been awful w have had to carry it all the way down again!

And yet this issue provided some excdlent gamei. WaLly Week is destined for big things. The other biggie was Beyond's Lards OfMidnigh, which had finally arrived and sent Derek into paroxysms of delight. One of the three prograiiimers, Andrew Onions, was otiginaUy from Ludlow. His parents lived Eivc doors away from Roger Kean incidentally, the house is now rented by Richard Eddy and Mime others from Newsfieid.

But wc were also aware that the review could be called biased if the Ludlow connection became recognised, so Matthew Uffindell rfnd Chris Passey were kept in the dark as to who Andrew Onions was!

Advertising was becoming increasingly more professionftf, better iioages, better designs and more impact. Soon enough, the established cmnpanies would be able to employ the talents of individuals and teams, but in the best of those people were struggling to make their names as independent outfits, like Realtime. In August, when CRASH moved in, only the top two floors were used, and they looked empty enough when we were all installed!

Reception, nriail order, subscriptions and administration went on the second floor, run Franco Frcy and Denisc Robens. Denise had joined Ncwslicld only a month or two alt Matthew, lo take over his mail order responsibiUties when he was moved across to do CRASH reviews back in December Our hrst two such were notable. Graham Stafford and Simon Bnttel xf Crystal Computing came to tell the world that they were henceforth to be known as Design Dedgn, and to give the reviewers a preview ot Dark Siar, just about the fastest 3-D vector graphics game ever written.

Our preview was a rather easy scoop to make! Derek provided the third: Adventure International's The Hulk with its pretty graphics. II so, as many were to be disappointed by Matthew's outspoken opinions and Robin's downright stubbornness.

He was Ben Stone, from ncaurby Tenbury, and he was as daunting in his opinions as the others, despite his newcomer status. The Ziggy cover did little lo help. As a consequence, for the remainder of the year Oliver avoided game- linked cover paintings. Within days we achieved a cheat mode for Monty Mote and began prcpariiig the map foffl future issue. The jokes about Robin taking over my desk were no jokes!

If this paiBQi a stispiciously cosy picture of contentment and smacks of nostalgia for its own sake, don't be fooled - it wras hard work for the small team.

Within a few short months a massive expansion was about to take place and the coming changes would sunder the simpler comforts we then enjoyed.

The first indication of change was the arrival of a black Apricot ici computer. Oiice again, the DIY section was the biggest in the contents, ten competiuons. And Talking of tbc contents page.

The page's basic shape had remained the same for a while, using nunbow colcHm when we had time to put them in. Matthew and Roger, who looked after the technical end of layout us well as writing reviews and anides, began to experiment with preparing colour for the primer.

For several months to coine, they were to do the contents page in- house, which explains why it was moie or less ambittmiSt depending on how much time they had , From this small beginoing Newsfidd began to do more film planningt adding colour to many pages that otherwise would hive been monochrome. Today the process requires an entire department of its own, managed fay Matthew UffindelL The big feature was a comparison of joysticks, which was pretty exhaustive - and exhausting.

Wearing specially-made CRASH badges, they were frequently stopped by visitors who wanted to meet anyoiae from ihc magazine. As usual the show prompted onassive releases of games and there were seven Smashes. This was our first issue composed oti a compuEer. But both Sniashes showed how a closely related concept can be very differently implemented. These two were also state-of-the-an.

Bug- Byte's Tumunl and Melbourne's Sir Latutiot were not, but were still highly playable and addictive games of sufficient quality to make them standout from the rest of tic crowd. Deep down in the Adventure Trail or rather up in Newcastle-upon-Tyne where be Uvqf Dock was telling everyone who had packed away their SpccLrums to get them out and fiU the boxes with straw and tortoises, for 'when it comes to Spectrum softwwe, you've never had it so good. If anyone at CRASH kh unhappy about the reliance distributors and retailers were putting on CRASH reviews for stocking, then they were probably equally happy at being able to employ this unasked for power on the behalf of new or very amall software houses.

Some were finding it harder to get a look in with the increasingly professional and hard-nosed market place. Our record in their favour had been encouraging. But with Mizar, we drew a blank. It was galling. And it showed more clearly than ever that the world was changing with blinding speed. For the small independent software house, it looked like the beginning of the end. More recently we had been happy to see how many people would actually trek up to Ludlow to visit us, a mark indeed of acceptance.

But two pleasant occasions forced first Roger and Oliver to visit London, and itaen Matthew and Roger. But for the game from conquering American company Activision we had to wait. Tlte evidence is there to see in the issue, becau! How empty and lidy the place looks compared to now! This move further delayed the writing however. And what were we looking at? It didn't work out that way of coursei for so many software houses werf late, and there were still over 30 games in, Among them was the double bill from Ultimaic, Un imi!

StiU, there was no doubting their quality, and they were Smashes. The better of the two, Knighi Lort. It was their second game, but despite its Smash, here again was an adventure game that failed to find the market it deserved. This a was a maddeningly addictive mind-gatne and its strength lay in the idea more than in its appearance.

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Chinese and Malay. Outdated: Toasts at official -functions- rE ancient custom of toasting has been discontinued at official diplomatic receptions I in Singapore A Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed this yesterday and said it had been stopped since June. He raid that toasting at such receptions was not necessary and most countries In the.

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Recommended for You. Hot Selling. Abrasive Tools Alibaba best selling products ranking based on sales. Updated daily. Top Search. I'll probably do something like this again when I'm once again too bogged down with submissions.

Now I'm going to get down and dirty with the cassettes I've already decided to review. All coming up soonish Sorry I've been really slow this last month, busy with business and all.

I'd like to see if anyone out there would be interested in doing some guest reviews on the site. Here's how it would work: 1. Hopefully, by doing this, we can work towards getting a couple more folks on as permanent reviewers and I'll stop feeling so bad about not listening to these tapes that I know I should be checking out Tags: I'm an asshole.

I don't know anything about this Trailblazer other than the project also had a tape on Night People awhile ago. The name is kind of ironic; Trailblazer really doesn't blaze any trails. The material here hails directly from Joy Division, Suicide and more recent home-recorded acts like Blank Dogs. That said, this stuff is still good. A basic drum machine track pushes each tune along while the Blazer rips out fuzzy, reverb-saturated organ and guitar melodies. There's a good dose of Suicide-esque delay-feedback too.

All of the info given is "Side A: Killer Jams Side B: Killerer Jams" which sort of makes sense as all tracks feel like variations on a theme rather than clearly defined compositions of their own. Certain tracks do stand out such as the second "killer jam" which features a hint of totally dig-able 80s dance bombast.

Each track has a really simple but solid structure that's thoroughly smeared by a bevy of sloshed effects, with each track generally featuring a key riff or melody that pops up halfway through.

Like I said it's nothing you haven't heard before, yet it's a lot of fun to listen to. Another solid and listenable entry in the Eggy catalog. Tags: Eggy Records , Trailblazer. What put's Joey's music into a realm of greatness is an integral combination of process and product. The songwriting is clearly great: funny, awkward, beautiful, often touching; with subject matter that is either too silly or too heavy for most songwriters sandwiches, dead girlfriends.

The washed out cassette production sound that is becoming pretty standard fare these days sounds as good as it possibly can, but it is the way he goes about making his music that truly separates him from the heard. All Son of Salami recordings are first-take tracks made up of a series of "blind" overdubs.

Ever read Bill Evans' liner notes for Kind of Blue? There is a Japanese visual art in which the artist is forced to be spontaneous. He must paint on a thin stretched parchment with a special brush and black water paint in such a way that an unnatural or interrupted stroke will destroy the line or break through the parchment. Erasures or changes are impossible. These artists must practice a particular discipline, that of allowing the idea to express itself in communication with their hands in such a direct way that deliberation cannot interfere.

During every one of his live performances, he demonstrates the process and creates a unique pop masterpiece right in front of the audience in a matter of moments. If that's not cool enough, he proceeds to toss the newly formed cassette nonchalantly into the audience, for it to disappear into the void, never to be heard from again.

Some intrepid future archivists are going to have their work cut out for them when they attempt to piece together the disparate stains of this guys' unheard discography. Pick up his new collection of songs on Night People here and you damn well better get his Feeding Tube LP right over here. Son of Salami website.

Tags: Night People , Son of Salami. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Subscribe Posts Atom. All Comments Atom. All Comments. Howe of Montreal: Broken Shoul Editor Nick Williams MA. Site graphics by Zeloot. Search over Reviews. We re-establish ourselves on the saccharinity of a sonic youth-like bass line, a more developed synthesizer idea creeping into the schizoid picture.

As a personal rule, if the synthesizing instrument occurs without a decent filter be it distance, archaic speakers or exterior registration I am not likely to masturbate wildly to the album a second time.

Interesting sounds like roundish feline feedback and slight percussive tinkering transport the side to a wavering close and I am verily compelled to flip the tape. I wish I was not told that this album was recorded before the glow of some ancillary hemisphere, however, as I am nearly able to sense, now, the direct plug work and sound forgery. On reading the revealing curriculum vitae that introduced this music, I was able to recognize, decidedly, the tragedy of the situation.

Our UK sound purveyor has had an accident, the result some bunk bed mishap, apparently, but I cannot decipher a modicum of physical or mental anguish on either side of the album. There is a generally relaxed type of decently cushioned chair-tremor here, nothing more at all relating to sadness or some form of distress not that that is a necessity, but it helps.

Brutal B side-listening this morning as I eat a breakfast sandwich. The sausage is delightfully greasy atop a disc of egg that is slightly dry.

A stiff yet fresh English muffin completes a very average taste experience. The tape unwinds into a cleanly yet disturbing contribution to the one-note synthesizer revolution of never, in other words. Sinew snap of radiantly recorded bass-fathoms embroider the sound of gimped artistry. The highlight here, in my pointless opinion, is the awkward guitar needlepoint culturing the record's conclusive track. I could wrench perhaps more ejaculatory episodes to this one but without the enthusiasm of my initial hoist.

Contact. Boomkat Limited Second Floor, Swan Building 20 Swan Street Manchester M4 5JW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) [email protected]

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