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Dance To The Drummers Beat - Trevor & Lisa - Dance To The Drummers Beat / Soundshake (Vinyl)

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Not a lot of people do that. And Dave likes it because, when something works, he keeps it in the show and that part will grow throughout a tour. Pankratz follows her instincts with confidence and intention, and constantly interacts with her bandmates. She keeps her attention on the music and her eyes laser-focused on the bandleader with an almost intimidating intensity. I think of the entire show, and I think of the arcs within the songs. He tells all these amazing stories in the songs. It finally hit me one day.

I was like, Oh! This whole show is an arc. The entire show is a story of a bunch of little stories. Pankratz often navigates two or three train beat songs within a show, taking what the song offers to help her differentiate them. Lisa applies that same care and attention to crafting parts within each song. She introduces new elements as the arrangements develop, changing a snare or kick pattern to move things forward. My wrist just does that sweeping motion naturally.

But that, to me, is more of a decision than sweeping along. Sometimes the carving and construction of parts is more subtle, but each choice carries greater weight. Every little changeup on a brush beat or every little extra hi-hat hit colors the song.

I always listen to the lyrics. How could you not? One of the final influences on the development of early jazz, specifically its drumming and rhythms, was Second line drumming. The term " Second line " refers to the literal second line of musicians that would often congregate behind a marching band playing at a funeral march or Mardi Gras celebration.

There were usually two main drummers in the second line: bass drum and snare drum players. The rhythms played were improvisatory in nature, but similarity between what was played at various occasions came essentially to a point of consistency, and early jazz drummers were able to integrate patterns from this style into their playing as well as elements from several other styles.

Before jazz came to prominence, drummers often played in a style known as ragtime , where an essential rhythmic quality of jazz first really began to be used: syncopation. Syncopation is synonymous with being "off-beat", and it is, among many things, a result of placing African rhythms written in odd combinations of notes e. The first true jazz drummers had a somewhat limited palette to draw on, despite their broad range of influence.

Military rudiments and beats in the military style were essentially the only technique that they had at their disposal. However, it was necessary to adapt to the particular music being played, so new technique and greater musicianship evolved.

The roll was the major technical device used, and one significant pattern was simply rolling on alternate beats. Warren "Baby" Dodds , one of the most famous and important of the second generation of New Orleans jazz drummers, stressed the importance of drummers playing something different behind every chorus. His style was regarded as overly busy by some of the older generation of jazz musicians such as Bunk Johnson.

The rhythm was as follows: two "swung" eighth notes the first and third notes of an eighth note triplet , a quarter note, and then a repeat of the first three beats sound sample "Inverted ride pattern" at right. Aside from these patterns, a drummer from this time would have an extremely small role in the band as a whole. Drummers seldom soloed , as was the case with all other instruments in earliest jazz, which was based heavily on the ensemble.

When they did, the resultant performance sounded more like a marching cadence than personal expression. The drummers and the rhythms they played served as accompaniment for dance bands, which played ragtime and various dances, with jazz coming later. It was common in these bands to have two drummers, one playing snare drum, the other bass. Eventually, however, due to various factors not the least of which being the financial motivation , the number of drummers was reduced to one, and this created the need for a percussionist to play multiple instruments, hence the drum set.

The first drum sets also began with military drums, though various other accessories were added later in order to create a larger range of sounds, and also for novelty appeal. The most common of the accoutrements were the wood block , Chinese tom-toms large, two-headed drums , cowbells , cymbals, and almost anything else the drummer could think of adding. The characteristic sound of this set-up could be described as "ricky-ticky": the noise of sticks hitting objects that have very little resonance.

It was not until a bit later, however, that the displays of technical virtuosity by these men were replaced by definite change in the underlying rhythmic structure and aesthetic of jazz, moving on to an era called bebop. To a small extent in the swing era, but most strongly in the bebop period, the role of the drummer evolved from an almost purely time-keeping position to that of a member of the interactive musical ensemble.

Using the clearly defined ride pattern as a base, which was brought from the previous rough quality to the smooth, flowing rhythm we know today by "Papa" Jo Jones , as well as a standardized drum set, drummers were able to experiment with comping patterns and subtleties in their playing.

His many contributions included comping with the bass drum, playing "on top of the beat" imperceptibly speeding up , playing with the soloist instead of just accompanying him, playing solos of his own with many melodic and subtle qualities, and incorporating melodicism into all of his playing.

Elvin Jones , in an interview with Down Beat magazine, described it as "a natural step". During this time, the drummer took on an even more influential role in the jazz group at large, and started to free the drums into a more expressive instrument, allowing them to attain more equality and interactivity with the other parts of the ensemble.

In bebop, comping and keeping time were two completely different requirements of the drummer, but afterward, the two became one entity.

We decided to talk to the man himself to learn a little bit more about it Why did you start Drumtrip? Over three years later the website is still going with a few guest writers and a regular following.

The drums especially. I much prefer the organic, human sound of a live breakbeat, rather than a really compressed and quantized two-step beat. I think sampling is an art which is overlooked and perhaps looked down on now, with even big hip-hop producers preferring to use VSTs or session musicians. T G A Smith August 11, at pm. Charles Thompson August 11, at pm.

Christopher Nowak September 17, at am. Maxim August 11, at pm. Vito August 11, at pm. Ed LaBonte August 11, at pm. YES, Art Blakey is first! JD August 11, at pm. Matteo Vashkar August 13, at am. Have you ever heard of a dude named Tony Williams? One more thing…Davey Tough deserved a spot. Christopher Nowak December 1, at pm.

Joe August 11, at pm. Paul Hirschmann August 11, at pm. J Hardy Carroll August 12, at am. Brian August 12, at am. Buddy belongs at the top. Him or Tony Williams! Dan October 10, at pm. Nick Carroll October 23, at pm.

Angela Levey August 12, at am. Richard Di Bernardo August 12, at am. Coolpapadee August 12, at am. Good list, but what about Kenny Washington. Mike August 12, at pm. Dave August 12, at pm. Lists are pointless. Music is an art form, not a contest. He said, after he read the list……………. Bert Dobben August 12, at pm.

Cameron August 14, at pm. Anthony August 13, at am. Tony Williams 1. Buddy Rich 2. Tony August 13, at am. My top 5. Clem August 15, at pm. Monty August 15, at pm. Thomas August 15, at pm. Royal Brown August 19, at am. How could you possibly leave Joe Morello off the listA?! Phil August 23, at am. Rado August 26, at pm. Elizabeth August 26, at pm. John August 26, at pm. Angela Levey October 31, at am.

I,m not surprised, unfortunately,just angry,Stan Levey was the best. Zoot August 26, at pm. Nix August 26, at pm. Sal August 26, at pm. Anne August 26, at pm. Note worthy August 27, at am. Tom Piccard August 27, at am. Andrew Putnam August 27, at pm. Lestrum November 11, at am. I think a list of the top would even be better. Guillaume Foliot August 27, at pm.

Two great drummers from New Orleans not on the list. Vernel Fournier and Herlin Riley. Neo Anderthal September 9, at pm. Sebastian August 31, at am. Lene Smidt September 1, at am. Mickey Roker is missing here. Wot a stupid list. Is this jazz-jazz or merely jazz? Emanuel hayavi September 14, at am. Paul October 10, at pm. Bo October 12, at pm. Krister Ohlsson October 30, at pm. Baby Dodds and Zutty Singleton laid the foundation, all the others stand on their shoulders.

Vodnique October 30, at pm. Kay Heymer October 30, at pm.

It comes from Henry David Thoreau's quote about marching to the beat of a different drum. "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let.

9 thought on “Dance To The Drummers Beat - Trevor & Lisa - Dance To The Drummers Beat / Soundshake (Vinyl)”

  1. Mazunos says:
    "Dance to the Drummer's Beat" by Beats International is a cover of Herman Kelly & Life's "Dance to the Drummer's Beat". Listen to both songs on WhoSampled, the ultimate database of sampled music, cover songs and remixes.
  2. Voodoobei says:
    Brassy forthright funk from the confusingly named Trevor & Lisa, a Parisian octet who revel in modernising classic James Brown-influenced sounds using vocoders, squelchy, modulated rhodes piano and ridiculously upbeat arrangements. Both 'Dance To The Drummer's Beat' and 'Soundshake' are characterised by the sort of soulful, danceable aesthetics that would fit in with labels like BBE and .
  3. Brasar says:
    Sep 21,  · The drums especially. Flat, two-step drums have dominated the drum & bass scene for a long time, yet it was always the aspect of the music I found that set it apart from its dance contemporaries. I much prefer the organic, human sound of a live breakbeat, rather than a really compressed and quantized two-step beat.
  4. Malkis says:
    Dance To The Drummer's Beat Lyrics: Let's dance / Let's dance to the drummer's beat / Let's dance / Let's dance to the drummer's beat / Let's dance / Let's dance 'cause it's all so sweet / Let's.
  5. Shaktishicage says:
    The drummer's responsibility is to keep the beat, and let the song be the star, not himself. Most of the so called "star" drummers would have been unable to allow the greatest songbook ever written to shine; Ringo did it exactly as it needed to be done. Rubbish. Couldn't even handle the drumming on recordings.
  6. Sasar says:
    Find Trevor & Lisa discography, albums and singles on AllMusic AllMusic. New Releases. Featured New Releases This Paris-based funk and soul project makes '70s and '80s-influenced dance music. Read Full Biography.
  7. Mum says:
    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Body And Soul - Dance To The Drummer's Beat at Discogs. Complete your Body And Soul collection.
  8. Meztigrel says:
    Taking cues from the drummers in her early record collection, Lisa had an epiphany. She was inspired not so much by the drumming itself but by the results of their musical choices. “I eventually came to realize that I like the way the drumming fit in,” she says. “I really like the approach that a lot of these guys had and, to the degree.
  9. Tygozuru says:
    "Dance to the Drummer's Beat" by Mr. Magic sampled Herman Kelly & Life's "Dance to the Drummer's Beat (Jim Burgess 12'' Mix)". Listen to both songs on WhoSampled, the ultimate database of sampled music, cover songs and remixes.

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