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Buy Me Lunch (Instrumental) - C.R.A.C.* - Buy Me Lunch (Vinyl)

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Because Below the Heavens was complete in a way. It showcased you as a producer, you as a MC, it had a really energetic sound. How can you come up with the next one?

You seem like a group kind of guy, always working with someone. So what would the Blu solo album look like? The Blu solo album is going to be a three-part album. Big songs, not big pop. No singing, not from me, other singers. Because no one would listen to me, so I just started rapping. I was very little, yo. I got tall after high school, so chicks always thought I was young looking and stuff. When did you start rapping? So is it hard for you go up on stage and do what you do?

Are you a different person when you grab the mic? How about laying down tracks that are kind of personal? It was easier when no one was listening. You give them a little bit personal stuff and they want to dive into that some more. But as an artist, you do give that up. Is this something you have to fight? Is that something you think about when you write?

Not when I write. It was when I created music. Now I just go the opposite way from what everyone thinks. The second release, C. What do you want? Listen to Below the Heavens again. Yeah, people send me links all the time.

I just got a link last week. What is this? Yeah, it may be a different Blu. How much worse is it going to get? How important is it for you to be accepted with what you do? Sometimes you can turn into a lost soul in the time it takes for the record to come out. Hip-hop is all about the flossing and the bragging, even on a low level, but if some of them would work at a gas station or as a postman, they would make better money. Is that something you stress? I could do another live thing or I could play something off the Radio album.

Worked with Dr. Thank you so much. Academy: Barcelona Davide Bortot You and your family have a pretty long history with music and in music. Exile Well, my grandfather, he taught music and played things from traditional Italian music to even Mexican mariachi music. Davide Bortot How about you, Blu? Blu The first time I heard hip-hop? Davide Bortot How did you get it back then?

Blu The first thing I heard that made me want to rap Davide Bortot For real? That's dope. Davide Bortot So what is it you find in all those people? Blu Well, I got into Common. Exile You guys should know his stepfather suppressed his hip-hop listening.

Davide Bortot So Common, one day it all made sense, right? Blu Pretty much. Blu That was the first Common album I heard. Exile I think it took us less than three years, but it took that long to get out. Blu Still took us three years, though. Davide Bortot So maybe we can hear some of this music? Blu C. Davide Bortot So if we go to the lyrics could you play some of Below the Heavens? Exile He writes stuff from his heart.

Exile I think there are two types of hip-hop out there, two different sets of people motivated by different things. Exile Yeah, yeah, I hear you.

Davide Bortot So you work together in the studio on the album, not just sending each other beats. Blu It changed. Exile Oh, for the album, yeah. Exile Yeah, I remember, we stayed up all night. Davide Bortot Do you have the record on your computer?

Can you play it? Blu But yeah, the vibes were different. Davide Bortot The instrumental and the rapping? That would work. Blu Oh, with the rap. Exile I used to use a Roland MS-1, which is about eight pads and no quantising or anything. Why not stick to software? Exile Sure. Davide Bortot So how about the samples? Davide Bortot You were telling me about your new project at breakfast, of sampling old stuff from the radio. Davide Bortot Do you have anything off that, off the computer?

Exile Yeah. How many different songs? Blu [ inaudible ] Exile: No, that was Carlos, the other one was Davide Bortot Was radio a big influence growing up? Exile Going to roller-skating rinks and hearing electro being played and seeing people break-dancing.

Davide Bortot So talking about electro, maybe you could answer this question. Exile Who? Davide Bortot Electro and techno music. Exile You mean like Kanye? Davide Bortot So when you work together is there ever an issue there? Blu And C. Any plans for that? Davide Bortot How do you write anyway? Blu I write, I just got a laptop two years ago, so I type slow as hell.

Davide Bortot So you only got your laptop two years ago. Blu I just put ProTools on my laptop. Exile Yeah Blu's got beats, for sure. Blu I got some beats, yo. Blu It was timing, like I said before.

Reactions: MoreHubrisPlease. MoreHubrisPlease idk tbh. I've had my turntables for like 15 years. I believe Audio Technica makes decent ones and Rega is generally a step up iirc.

U-Turn Orbits look nice but idk if they're good. Given the format, there's a pretty standard footprint for a turntable. The amount of size they take up doesnt differ too much unless you start looking at gimmicky stuff.

PimpinCatfish Professor Underwater Overlord. Jun 22, 7, 6, I have a record player, and a collection of old hand me down vinyls, which i intend to listen to someday. Mar 23, 25, 8, British Columbia. I have a small collection, but the actual listening experience is more down to the masters put to them than the medium itself. CDs went though the whole loudness war thing which has been kind of gross. That said though, CDs technically have greater theoretical resolution.

I just cut the difference and prefer MFiT masters most of the time. Also your shit has to be clean it it sounds like ass. Oct 8, , 58, NorCal.

I have 1 vinyl record, because a coworkers band made a pressing. I actually would like to have more, but everytime I start looking at getting into record players and shit, it's either hella expensive or cheap crap, so I just haven't.

Get a used turntable. The value for money is nuts. GhastlyN No Longer a Noob. Jan 30, 2, He was definitely the most beloved rookie of in underground circles. The two albums couldn't be more dissimilar. He's the producer and a rapper here. And you can hear the experimental stylings of J Dilla seeping through the cracks. Together, these two make some very interesting, yet banging material. Both are excellent lyricists. This album is definitely somewhat scattershot, and lacks focus.

But there are some seriously dope cuts in the mix. Blu shines nicely here. Big Fizz" is also one of my favorites.

C.R.A.C. (Ta'Raach & Blu) - Buy Me Lunch Feat. Noni Limar - Vinyl 12 - - US - Original kaufen im Online Music Store von HHV - Neuheiten & Topseller auf Vinyl, CD & Tape - .

9 thought on “Buy Me Lunch (Instrumental) - C.R.A.C.* - Buy Me Lunch (Vinyl)”

  1. Gacage says:
    "Bullet Through Me" is a decent tune. It sort of sounds like Ween (the whole album is similar to a Ween affair, actually). Now onto the skippable material. There is plenty, really. The instrumental "Buy Me Lunch" that opens the album (after the intro) is a bit weak to me.
  2. Faegis says:
    "Bullet Through Me" is a decent tune. It sort of sounds like Ween (the whole album is similar to a Ween affair, actually). Now onto the skippable material. There is plenty, really. The instrumental "Buy Me Lunch" that opens the album (after the intro) is a bit weak to me /5(6).
  3. Naran says:
    37 Likes, 0 Comments - USI Career Services (@usicareers) on Instagram: “Just because we aren’t on campus doesn’t mean we aren’t here for you. Career Services and ”.
  4. Visida says:
    Remember me. Forgot your username or password? Account Settings My Downloads My Charts Log Out. My Beatport. Log in to start using My Beatport! My Beatport lets you follow your favorite DJs and labels so you can find out when they release new tracks. Log in or create an account today so you never miss a new release.
  5. Goltilmaran says:
    Blu & Exile have fingers in so many pies, it’s a full-time job keeping up. But beyond their collaborations, solo projects and plans for the future, there’s the Below The Heavens album, an already classic slab of noughties hip-hop that emerged in to universal faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo a hip-hop landscape beset by mediocrity, these two are making some of the most innovative music around on their own.
  6. Maulmaran says:
    Jun 22,  · C.R.A.C. Knuckles: Buy Me Lunch: Take No More (DJ N-Type Remix) / Enter The Jungle (Instrumental) / Burnt Out: I even purchase a vinyl on rare occasions if i think it'll be a rare/collector's item in the future and I like the band, but i haven't listened to one in years.
  7. Fegore says:
    Buy C.R.A.C.* - Buy Me Lunch - Tres Records - 12" - TR, includes Buy Me Lunch, Buy Me Lunch (Instrumental), Love Don't, Love Don't (Instrumental), Love Don't (Acapella).
  8. Muhn says:
    "Buy Me Lunch" is the first official single from the highly anticipated C.R.A.C. album, featuring Blu & Ta'Raach. The song, or anthem, as some would say, is described best by Ta'Raach as "Low-FI / Pop Rock," as it transcends the hip hop genre into new territories. A .
  9. Malajar says:
    Check out Buy Me Lunch (Instrumental) by C.R.A.C. on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo

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