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Agent Of Doom: The Sure Hit - Various - Life Conception (CD)

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Built on open standards, the BookServer model allows a wide network of publishers, booksellers, libraries, and other parties to make their catalogs of books available directly to readers through their laptops, phones, netbooks, or dedicated reading devices.

The Open Content Alliance OCA was a collaborative effort of a group of cultural, technology, nonprofit, and governmental organizations from around the world that helps build a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia material. An archive of contributed material is available on the Internet Archive site and through Yahoo! Open Education Resources library containing hundreds of free courses, video lectures, and supplemental materials from universities in the United States and China.

The Bookmobile is a mobile digital library capable of downloading public domain books from the Internet via satellite and printing them anytime, anywhere, for anyone. The Bookmobile has travelled across the United States, and versions of it have been built and used in Egypt and Uganda.

Internet Archive's Community Networking project provides free, high speed wired and wireless Internet to residents of San Francisco. The project has evolved greatly since its inception in , and currently works with the City and County of San Francisco to provide free, high speed internet to low income San Francisco residents.

We are intersted in providing the same to other communities. If you are interested, please contact info archive. The PetaBox was custom-designed by Internet Archive staff to safely store and process one petabyte a million gigabytes of information.

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Archived from the original on January 14, Retrieved January 11, Have lots of money that she can never get to. Like gold bars and chests full of jools. I also agree she will be more attracted to you if you have vaults full of booty on your private island. Because the system was not rigged against them. He kept everything, house, kids and money.

Never make your woman your mission. She is a sidekick…. Without even attempting to, I pull women from much younger, better-looking men. Seriously, though I have always said that men are the true romantics. I am enjoying my post-divorce single life and generally can get laid when I want.

But I do get the hopeless hope thing. Or both. This, yes. The strategy seems to be like that espoused by NASA for dealing with asteroids that might one day hit the earth.

Everyone is of course entitled to their opinions, but it strikes me that the prof HW and his ilk either want to work a sustained take down on Rollo, or they genuinely cannot bring themselves to fully swallow the pill, accept the truth, and go apply themselves again and again and again until they start to get some traction in the pooniverse.

I am a middle aged married guy who still has some more pounds to lose to even get to a healthy state much less a hawt one, I am balding with a weird hairline. I never thought of myself as particularly handsome past 30 years old, slightly above average at best. Yet to this day I can endlessly make sly comments to girls half my age and have them respond with playful laughing and I can easily drag it into flirting territory.

Women in my own age group, married, single or otherwise attached are all easy to flirt with and more than a few in the past year have made it clear I could bed them if I choose.

These are not SMV warpigs I am spending my time on, no these are half way decent looking women. So how is it that I can so easily enjoy their attention? The swagger I carry down the street and into a room. Why just the other day I was walking down the a busy street with lots of pedestrians in a market area of our city.

A young lady musician was filming a music video with a full film crew. I saw her from some distance off and saw her and her producers scanning the crowds for something. She had hundreds of men to choose from, a variety of ages, races, heights and weights, yet there I was as her choice. We spoke and joked for a minute, she explained what she wanted, we did a little practice, then did two takes for her film crew. At first she hesitated because we had to dance backwards through an intersection with traffic and such.

Her eyes went wide, a huge smile broke out and she giggled like a little girl. Genetics, hardly. So you get the binary argument that Game as straw-man defined by the troll and red pill awareness are useless and irrelevant since all that matters to EVERY woman is getting wet for apex Alpha male athletes. From your images, I see facial hair on a man indicating sexuality.

What about Yul Brynner? Facial hair might just be sexual for me as I find it highly masculine. But the sexuality is more exuded from their facial expressions, posture, stance, etc rather than just their looks.

Show me a beautiful man and take a picture of him with the right body language and he will go into the sexual category and vice versa. They get written off as self absorbed pricks. Ladies have a harder time relaxing around them. Not saying I can transform myself into a But I can be confident and it shows.

I flirt with women like mad and get absolutely ridiculous attention from young women sometimes too. I just love the comment about flirting. Do it with fat, ugly girls first. Because they have to be so. Of course sometimes you have to push down on their stomachs with the heel of your hand to make the vulva pop up, but such are the wages of sin….

In the east being disillusioned is generally taken to be the path to enlightenment. Three recently seemed to be leaning that way. One was talking about how older men are so much more confident, chivalrous lol , etc. A third left her seat to come talk with me and got into sexual topics. All mids. Two were very pretty 8s and one average 6. Two had warm personalities. At what point did the anti-redpillers decide to mount such a concerted looks-based attack on behavior?

Is it just here, especially? What I object to is the idea that this prime-directive is in any way antithetical to the benefits of Game and Red Pill awareness. Then I read the comments and realize the commonality of my experience.

Every system of thought has a first principle. Kant: An action can only be good if the principal behind it is an act of good will. Star Trek: The needs of the many out weight the needs of the one. Where does it all begin? It seems that Game is just a manifestation of how to live RP. Since First Principles are assumed. What is the first principle of RP theory? There is no ONE. This is the soul mate myth. Or does it even matter.

Men are what they are; women act like they act; fuck it and do what you want. My personal point of origin is Enlightened Self-Interest. I cannot help others effectively until I can help myself effectively. I can certainly understand that a woman might fear that an old balding guy could get laid with a hotter girl than her. Great post from Rollo. Having unplugged, the takeaway is to treasure every day and enjoy everything life has to offer….. Just live without false hope of security.

There is no such thing. There is only your life today and nothing else. Women will be more than happy to be with a man who lives in the moment. Rollo rightly points out that it intrinsically violates male dignity to put her interests before your own, give up hobbies, goals, desires, and then she inevitably falls out of love, lust, marriage, etc. Not totally eliminating the strategically planned beta actions, right? Women depend on men for everything and with the epidemy of most women getting pumped and dumped by sean bean hunks, its impossible for men to leave the house without gavinha several females per day glancing at the guy and waiting for the guy to give them attention and whatever.

Why should i give them What i want when they are all a bunch of attention whores trying to feel good about themselves? So i do the only sensible thing. His looks are his face and his height. Plastic surgery to look like robert pattison? And even that guy got cheated on by his very bland-looking twilight gf. For the balding Old guy, no.

Women aged Only respond to looks, and Women aged are filled up cum-dumpsters looking for a free ride. Yet i would love to see you hit on young, hot women. You so alfafa bro. Yo rollo, the good thing that game teaches men is that women are hypergamous and extremely promiscuous with hot men.

Game is not part of fight club. Everyone is familiar with game. It is the frat boy who bangs women inside some seedy bathroom, not Games. You are talking about Susan walsh? They are wrong. To fertile women all that matters is how hot the guy is.

Of course I could just be talking BS, still rubbish though. Plagio — Let me ask you this. When you are furiously masturbating times a day to web porn, tell us, are you looking at average looking women? You hypergamous bitch!

You could get a lazy hideous female slob just like yourself and zip yourselves into a nice fleece double body bag with a bag of cheetos and the remote and be together in bliss. Laying around all day, getting fatter and more disgusting, watching TV and commenting on websites, and complaining about how the whole world is set against you.

When the urge hits, you could rub your greasy body parts together until you get off and then just go back to the TV. Tell us. What exactly is it do you think women are missing out on with you? Your character?

Your inspiring and positive outlook? Your supportive vibe? Your wise soul? Nah, I bet you come off as angry loser — just as you do here. Stay mad and keep living a life in which you refuse to improve yourself, it seems like that is working really well for you.

Then, having masked their panicked faces, they shake themselves a bit and shoot me a dirty look. Any ideas, people? Do exhaust fumes add inches to my stature and beauty? RE: trollspotting. Easy-peasy lemon squeezy. They latch onto a single commenter or an irrelevant side-topic, and just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and..

This article is exactly what I was looking for. Anyway, I entered a private highschool with a friend of mine who is also good looking, right? The very first day, we were minding our own business and practically all the girls found a way to introduce themselves to us.

The other guys at the school labeled us as a threat immediately, of course. We were getting all the attention, the flirty smiles, bla bla bla. That's because mini-boss abilities are almost always required to get an item in the next area, and it's common to ditch the power you used to fight the boss to grab them.

Kirby Star Allies Objects which require an ability that you don't get from a miniboss usually have an ability pedestal you can use to either take the ability yourself or spawn a Friend with that ability to deal with the object.

Objects which require multiple characters have a plate which shows how many you require; should this be early in the area, respawning enemies will be present to help round out your ranks, even if they have to spawn in front of you. The pedestal for the Star Allies Sparkler requires a full party of four. If you enter the area or defeat Hyness without a full team, Friend candidates will spawn in until you have enough. This allows you to use the pedestal without having to leave the stage.

In main series Kirby games starting with Kirby: Triple Deluxe , every time you lose against a boss, they will have less health and more cooldown in-between attacks the next time you fight them. In the 3DS games, losing three times in a row gives you an Assist Star item that automatically revives you on the spot should you run out of health in that battle. Most Metroid games in general tend to bias Random Drops items in favor of items that you need. If you're low on health, you'll see more health pickups.

In some of them such as Super Metroid , if you are full on a certain item such as missiles, it will no longer appear at all, allowing other items to fill its place. In Metroid Fusion , missiles are required to kill a Core-X everything else will go down to the Charge Beam eventually. Fortunately, just shooting a Core-X with a beam weapon will cause both health and missile X's to fly out of it like candy.

Making this even better is it is actually justified In-Universe. The X's are actually deadly fatal and infectious to anything except for Metroids and Samus who has Metroid DNA and throwing them out at an attacking enemy is actually a defense tactic of the Core-X.

Realizing that " Nintendo Hard Platformer " is a frustrating enough formula, the developers of Mirror's Edge added completely unnecessary and impractical for the enemy visible-to-naked-eye laser sights to all enemy-wielded sniper rifles, giving the player at least a vague idea where they should run without being one-hit-killed by an enemy they could neither reach, nor even see.

The aesthetics of the game are also usually stark white with very noticeable splashes of color marking out the path the player should take through the level.

In addition, dying three times on the final Escape Sequence causes the spikes to turn green and only do one damage, in addition to giving you more time. Mega Man Legends gives you the option to retreat and restock before facing the Balcon Gelede: odds are your ammo is drained and your ship beat to near hell after facing the rather long naval battle that proceeds it. While you can only have four of them, Sub Tanks are refillable by collecting health pickups when you're already at full health, compared to the one-time use E-Tanks.

The PS1 games limit you to two Sub Tanks, but allow collecting health pickups to refill your tanks even if you're not at full health, while Mega Man X8 allows the player to pay Metal to refill their Sub Tanks in-between stages. To make up with the fewer Sub Tanks, starting with Mega Man X4 , you start the game with more energy than the first three games.

Beginning with the PS1 games, mid-stage checkpoints count as a continue point if the player ran out of lives during a level. X5 and X6 takes this a step further and the player can continue the game after a Game Over from any checkpoints that they passed mid-stage.

While Mega Man X5 attempted this with Alia as your new navigator, most players just saw her as an Annoying Video-Game Helper who killed the pacing of the levels with her constant Captain Obvious hints. While the system was never removed, Mega Man X6 made answering her calls completely optional, and Mega Man X8 added two more navigators to provide more specialized info while also giving the option to go into a stage without a navigator.

Monster Party is not an easy game, even in spite of the character's vastly huge health bar, as the bosses are very unforgiving and your bat is a weak short-range weapon unless you manage to use it to deflect enemy attacks back at them.

To make up for this every level has at least one enemy who will guaranteed drop a health power-up and at least one who will drop a pill, and it is always the same enemy each time. Because enemies respawn, a patient player who has memorized which enemies drop what such as the first fish in Level 2 who always drops health can keep their health topped up by memorizing these locations which takes a massive bite out of the game's difficulty. Later games used a Life Meter , making it unneeded, although at times if you died in a mission with a 'Do Something X Times' theme, it would let you keep the ones you did already.

Enemies can also occasionally drop lives and the game seems to show mercy by MASSIVELY increasing the chance of this happening if you're low on them and have been dying a lot. Notably it might throw you a bone and let enemies in a row drop them if you're on your last.

One case in particular: in the second game , there's a mission where you must steal blueprints from Raja by feeding him drugged melons and then picking his pocket. He has a really annoying habit of waking up just after you pick his pocket and catching you, making you fail the mission.

However, the game always counts your successful attempt when it starts the mission over, which is probably the only reason anyone's finished the game. That, and Bentley automatically escapes when he gets the last one.

The third and fourth games always give you a rather easy Fetch Quest as your first mission in a new world with your objectives clearly labelled and sprawled all across the area.

This helps you get a lay of the land and see what kind of enemies and dangers are waiting for you so before throwing you into the more difficult missions. When you complete a level in the Something series , the game automatically brings up the save prompt. In the original game, the game only saves after a Ghost House, Castle or Fortess completion. One of Sonic the Hedgehog's signature abilities, the Spin Dash, came about because of one of these.

In the original game , the only way for Sonic to gain speed was to run forward, which made some stages frustrating, as the player would have to backtrack through the level if they didn't have enough speed to clear an obstacle. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 fixed this by giving Sonic the Spin Dash, which allowed him to accelerate to full speed from a standstill. The Spin Dash has been used by almost every Sonic game since then, and some ports of the original Sonic give you the option to turn on Spin Dash for it.

Sonic Heroes : During some boss fights, the characters will go up to Level 3 with only one orb container. Sonic Mania Most of the level layouts, enemies and obstacles taken from previous games have been toned down in difficulty, starting with the platforming sequence from Green Hill Act 2 that now has a bed of spikes instead of a bottomless pit. Mechanics that slowed the pace too much, such as the elevators from Flying Battery, have been left out as well.

Furthermore, Eggman's AI for it is also pretty bad, so as to give the player a good chance to win since it's an early-game boss and players may not be familiar with the source material and its strategies.

The Final Boss area is considered separate from the atrociously long Marathon Level that precedes it, and resets the timer upon entering the area, as well as setting a checkpoint right before the boss. Though the Special Stages have a simulated low draw distance, the Chaos Emerald-carrying UFO always remains visible regardless of how far away it is, preventing the player from losing track of it.

This means the AI can't deprive the player character of an oxygen bubble, platforms won't fall before the player character stands on them, etc. In Oil Ocean Zone Act 2, entering a submarine and then exiting it will reset the ring-stealing toxic fumes. Additionally, the fumes mechanic is removed completely for the boss fight. At the start of the True Final Boss fight that is only playable after getting all seven Chaos Emeralds, just before your character turns Super , they are silently given a Lightning Shield to help collect the rings that fly across the stage.

Sonic Unleashed and every Sonic game since then puts a sign over a Bottomless Pit , indicating which pits are bottomless and which aren't, avoiding players having to find out for themselves through trial and error.

For the first three Genesis games, the requirements for entering the Special Stages and getting the Chaos Emeralds became more lenient with each game. In the first, you had to make it to the end of the Act with 50 rings and then jump into the giant ring just after the goal post which you could easily miss if you running at full speed, and if you do there's not enough time to run back and jump into it, and you don't get a giant ring in Act 3 nor anywhere in Scrap Brain Zone, effectively giving you a maximum of 10 attempts to get 6 Emeralds.

Meanwhile, Sonic the Hedgehog CD , meanwhile, while backsliding in making you get to the end of an Act with 50 rings and play a minigame to get a Time Stone, also made getting the Time Stones completely optional for getting the Good Ending, as you could also do it by traveling to the past in each Act and hunting down and destroying a certain machine that's producing Badniks. In Spyro: Year of the Dragon enemies won't react to you when they are off-camera , with the exception of Egg Thieves who don't attack but simply run away, ninjas since attacking from behind is kind of their thing, and any enemy that gets lucky enough to wander into frame from behind and immediately attack since it's now in frame.

This saves you from a lot of cheap hits from enemies lurking around corners and also gives you a bit of breathing room when engaging an entire crowd. Abusing this makes the gun-toting dinosaurs a lot easier to contend with. Super Meat Boy , being the Nintendo Hard twitch-platformer it is, has very quick, automatic respawns after death. The levels themselves are short, from 15 seconds to 90 seconds, so that after you die, you don't have to go through too much again.

Various little side-quests when you get too frustrated with the main game, like beating past levels in record time, collecting bandages to unlock new playable characters, or playing through retro-styled "warp zones".

When you finally do beat a level, the game then shows you a replay of all your past lives doing the level simultaneously, which is good for showing you where the hardest parts of the level were.

It's also kinda hilarious to see a ton of Meat Boys get shredded to half their number by a giant saw. In The Adventures of Lomax , the game is very generous in providing plenty of pots that pop out of the ground and contain either spare helmets which work as a Single-Use Shield and enable you to use several of the abilities or additional uses of an ability.

It helps in situations where lacking a helmet or an ability would make the level Unwinnable , and in crucial moments, these pots will keep infinitely reappearing if you run out of either. In TY the Tasmanian Tiger , if you already have Opals in a level leaving just one left and grab an Opal Magnet, the last Opal will fly directly to you from wherever it is unless it's in a crate. Yoshi's Woolly World has "Mellow Mode", which gives Yoshi wings so he can constantly float in mid-air by holding the jump button rather than his usual, temporary flutter , provides more hearts from health sources, starts over the boss battles at the beginning rather than the last checkpoint, and if you die a certain number of times, you're given an egg which makes you invulnerable.

There are also optional badges you can equip before starting a level which can show hidden items, bounce you out of bottomless pits, and make you invulnerable to lava and fire, all usable in regular and mellow mode. In the 3DS re-release, Mellow Mode also gives you the Poochy pups , who serve as infinite homing boomerang eggs. Rayman has what the developers call " Coyote Time ", where you're given a grace period after leaving a ledge to perform the jump.

In King of Thieves , if you find yourself getting killed repeatedly by the same trap in an opposing player's dungeon, that trap will be removed for free until you either complete the dungeon or give up. Rabi-Ribi 's "Dodge Master" achievement series requires defeating bosses with no damage taken.

However, several particularly-long late-game bosses will allow you to take one to three hits depending on the boss and still get the achievement. Sonic Erazor has the Hard Part Skipper , a device that's placed before especially difficult parts that will skip them, though you lose all your rings and power-ups in the process. Puzzle Games. The 7th Guest has a hint book in the manor's library that can be used for any puzzle.

The first time you use it, you're given a cryptic hint on how to beat the puzzle you last encountered. Using the book a second time tells you what you need to do, and using it a third time simply solves the puzzle for you.

All three times, the book will also transport you right back to the puzzle. You can even use the hint book without penalty on every puzzle except the last one, despite what the manual tells you.

These days, this hint book is the only way to beat the Microscope puzzle , which is based on AI intelligence - not a problem in the Windows 3. Bendy and the Ink Machine has a few: when killed, Henry re-spawns at the nearest Bendy statue; and progress-critical items shine to make them more discernible in the sepia-tone environment. There have been countless versions of Breakout , a game in which you attempt to destroy a brick wall by bouncing a ball off your side-scrolling paddle against said wall, taking out a brick with each hit.

One version will let a player try to get the very last brick on each level, but will eventually destroy the thing automatically and move on to the next level. One variant of Breakout is called Baku Baku Block. There are many different versions of it, but the basic idea is, instead of having blocks, it has a picture, which you "destroy" to reveal a different picture behind it.

Naturally, this lends itself to H-Games. Almost all versions automatically detect when a part of the scene is unchanged and consider those parts to be pre-destroyed, to prevent it from being impossible to see where certain blocks are. Hyperballoid makes a special bonus float repeatedly down if three or less blocks are left in the level; catching it instantly teleports you to the next one, so you don't have to repeatedly try to send the ball exactly right to hit the one remaining brick.

There is a small points bonus if you avoid the teleport drops and break all the blocks anyway. Magic Orbz eventually zaps the last few blocks in a level with lightning if the player is unable to hit anything with the ball within one minute. Alpha Bounce has the Javelin, a weapon that is normally accessible via a power-up that destroys an entire column of blocks. When you get down to the last few blocks, however, it becomes freely accessible after a charging period, which gets shorter as you get closer to zero blocks remaining.

One Looney Tunes Game Boy Color game had a slider puzzle the kind where you have to slide a bunch of tiles around to make a picture. After enough tries, you could ask another character to do it for you. Portal : If you fall towards an open floor portal that you'd otherwise slightly miss, the game will nudge you towards it. You can move out of an infinite fall in a way that would not be possible in real life. You can't take fall damage.

Chell is wearing leg springs specifically to prevent fall damage. You can't slice yourself in half by placing a new portal when you're halfway through one. The game will bend thermal discouragement beams to account for portals that are just a little bit off, either between the source and the in-portal, or the out-portal and the target.

You can't take damage from thermal discouragement beams while you're in mid-air, which makes jumping over them easier. The second game has two specific instances near the end of the game where you only have one shot to place a portal.

For these particular instances, if you accidentally fire the wrong colored portal, the other one will silently take its place. Also in Portal 2 , the final boss fight resets its Exact Time to Failure countdown each time you complete a phase. Each phase is shorter than the one before it to ramp up difficulty, but you won't be trapped in an Unwinnable situation if you finish a phase with seconds to spare.

Tetris : Tetris Blast 's Contest mode will give you a break if you managed to destroy almost the entire stack of blocks. If only a few blocks remain, the next several pieces you get will be made entirely of bomb blocks, enabling you to quickly make a big bomb and finish the level.

Later games tinker with the randomizer so as to prevent issues like the same piece spawning again and again, or a crucial piece not dropping: Tetris: The Grand Master series The first piece of each game will never be an S, Z, or O, because an S or Z on the first piece forces an overhang, as well as an O followed by an S or Z.

The games also heavily bias the randomizer against dealing a piece that has occurred in the last four pieces, so droughts of a single piece such as the ever-crucial I are rare. The second and third games also initialize the history to ZSZS, so that an S or Z in the first three pieces is also exceedingly rare.

Newer Tetris games use a "bag" randomizer, which repeats random permutations of the seven tetrominoes, making it far easier to predict what the next pieces will be. Some Tetris games feature what are known as "wall kicks". For a simple example, take the wallkicks from Tetris: The Grand Master : If you try to rotate a piece, but that rotation is blocked by a wall or a block, the game will attempt to shift the piece one cell to the right and see if it will fit. If that fails, the game will do the same to the left instead.

Only if that check fails will the piece fail to rotate. This feature is very, very handy for rotating pieces in tight spaces. In Tetris: The Grand Master 3 , normally in Master mode the game stops at level out of if you took more than 7 minutes to get there. In a Promotional Exam, in which you need to meet or exceed a target grade to establish it as your qualified grade, this time limit is removed, allowing you to get to level and beyond at your own pace. Antichamber : Stuck on a puzzle?

Stuck by a puzzle? Not sure what to do? Whack the Esc key and go back to the main map. One room you might run into near the "beginning" of the game traps you in a tiny, inescapable box, with only the advice "Sometimes, we make choices that don't lead anywhere at all.

In rooms with multiple paths, arrows will materialize on the walls to point you in the directions you haven't taken yet. Rooms on the map with enlarged squares indicate there's still paths from that room you haven't found yet, even if like with The Butterfly Effect there aren't any other path indicators leading from it.

The Talos Principle : If you get to a point where you cannot reasonably complete a puzzle, some text will pop up on screen saying "hold X to reset", which puts the whole puzzle back to how it was. If you take too long on a puzzle, Elohim will tell you to "save this mystery for another day".

A post-launch patch added two more: a special autosave that's never overwritten after getting all the sigils needed for the main story, so you can watch all the endings easily, and a button to make the game go at double speed to cut down on travel time. Also, contrary to the ones in Portal , lasers in this game don't hurt the Player Character. Elemental Story : The loading screen converts the normally appearing as JST times for trials, souls collecting stages and battle arena to that of the phone's system time , eliminating the need to manually calculate local time.

This does not appear elsewhere, though. The heart costs of battling trial monsters is reduced to 0 when players battling them for the first time. Players whose internet connection drops during a battle arena match are treated as lost the match, which still gives rewards as opposed to quitting which does not give any rewards at all.

Players who draw less than 5 effective element pieces in their first turn of battle arena will have the pieces redrawn to level the playing field. Life costs for failed regular stages which are accessed first time will be returned to the player until the player cleared it.

Pony Island : If there is a Hacking portal around the cursor will spit between red and blue and will point towards it. A patch added an Act Select to the main menu to make accessing Ticket hotspots easier. On the final level, your pony's laser will have infinite power, allowing you to fire at will without having to worry about running out. The Witness : The player is entirely incapable of falling off of anything.

Then again, they can't jump, either. And then? Then the sky screamed. The atmosphere howled in protest as forces that were beyond that of mortal ken worked against it, the sudden shifts in pressure creating great billowing storm clouds as arcs of yellow lightning flashed across the sky.

Below her, buildings crumbled underneath the force of her wingbeats, everything not attached to the ground tossed aside like leaf in a hurricane. A brutal scream that deafened everything within a mile radius escaped her throat as she lunged down towards the Endbringer. But she would have none of that, not when he had to pay for what he had done to her city. The back of her throat one of them anyway tickled as pure power escaped her maw, slamming into the bulging wave and shattering it into a billion droplets.

The Endbringer almost seem to stagger, giving her enough time to reach down with her massive clawed feet. The entirety of her weight smashed against the ground for a split second, triggering earthquakes all up and down the local coastline. The ground gave way underneath her as she pressed Leviathan down, but she had just enough time to use the force to push herself from the ground once more, continuing her momentum upwards.

There was some pain, the beast was stronger than it looked, and was actually making some progress in removing itself from her grip, but she had enough time. The city disappeared underneath her as she rose high and higher into the sky, ignoring the clouds as they slid across her scaled flesh.

Though as she pushed her way through, she could feel herself slowing down, almost as if she were becoming heavier. A single head twisted back to take a look, and Taylor felt herself stop short a little as ice and water gathered on her back. Leviathan would freeze the water from the clouds on her back and then force her down once she became too heavy.

A part of her protested at that idea, as if they could be killed so easily. With a grunt, the limit that she had been placing on herself to avoid too much damage was discarded, and her wing flapped even harder. This time she could feel each shudder pass through the clouds, everywhere she went, storm clouds forming in her wake. She had to wonder what it looked like from the outside, a funnel of dark and lighting rising up to space. She could feel the air thinning around her, the weight starting to pull back as Leviathan lost more and more of its weapon.

Taylor winced a little as one of its claws managed to pierce her flesh, but she pushed on through, intent on finish what she started. As she passed through the outermost layer of the atmosphere, her flight became more of a glide, and for a single moment, she allowed herself the chance to gaze out into the wonders of space. It was certainly a bit humbling to be this far up even as a voice in the back of her head whispered that she had been here before.

It as like a wasp she supposed, they were small, but they were painful enough to bring down creatures thousands of times their size. A soft kick at the moment of his release saw Leviathan float out towards the empty depths of space, limbs failing all the while. It was almost comical, but she could see the way that the tiny droplets of water seemed to gather around him.

Perhaps it would take years, but he would find a way to get back to Earth eventually through sheer force of will. The only way to end this would be to end him. A growl escaped her lips as her maws opened, and she could feel the energy building in the back of her throat. She had no idea what would happen once she had finished charging, because a mere second was enough to stagger an Endbringer, what would several minutes do?

Something told her that it had been a good thing that she had decided to do this in space rather than in her city, because she had a feeling that not a lot would be left of it once she was done. But even it had to obey some laws of physics, and without anything to leverage itself with its strength was useless. She could feel the energy building up, a low hum echoing in her ears as flashes of lighting started to push out from her skin, excess energy being siphoned off by her body.

Beams of pure yellow escaped her throat, much more than mere fire and more powerful than most could imagine. It was enough power to undo part of the world, and right now it was being directed at a single target. He had no mouth, but when the blow struck, Leviathan screamed. She grimaced a little at the sight of the billowing clouds, twisting from the momentum of its wingbeats, not quite a hurricane but just there.

Getting frustrated now would only make matters worse when the city was already on a hairline. People were terrified, both of the fact that Leviathan had apparently decided to step up its game and by the massive cape that had apparently chosen to show up without warning.

Some were calling it an Endbringer, which she had to scoff at. She could see how its massive size could make someone think that it was an Endbringer, but she had been fighting those monsters for twenty years now.

She supposed she also had the benefit of knowledge, Armsmaster had informed her that thing had appeared out of one of the cape shelters, meaning it was most likely a new trigger.

New triggers during Endbringer fights were fairly common, but she had never seen anything like this before. If they could replicate it… Her train of thought was cut off as a second star formed in the sky, slashing through the thick layer of cloud cover. Despite the fact that a quick estimation revealed that thing had to be close to the edge of the atmosphere to be seen like that, she could still feel the pulses of power work their way through the sky, shaking her unbreakable body.

A thrill of fear escaped the back of her throat. Was this it? Was Scion finally moving against them? Did the new cape trigger something in him and he decided the best way to deal with it was to clean the board. Contingencies for this eventuality were already flashing through her mind, but she forced herself to calm down and keep her most base reaction from showing.

Alexandria resisted the urge to grind her teeth together as she pressed her fingers against her communicator, rerouting her to command. Figure out what the hell is going on and how we can deal with it. She already lost good people today, and she wanted to know if she was going to lose more.

For a moment she feared that they would fly over the city again and have a repeat of what had happened last time. Encountering a flier whose mere wingbeat along was enough to shatter buildings was not something that she wanted to deal with. Invincible she may have been, but even she knew she had her limits. Fortunately for the safety of her sanity and the city, the cape apparently realized that doing so would be a very bad idea, and instead chose to guild across the water before coming to a stop.

For a moment the city just stared at the massive monster, even from the distance as its three head swerved up and down above the water before folding downward and disappearing entirely.

Perhaps it was foolish to do it by herself, and she should wait for Legend and Eidolon, but she needed to see this for herself. It was possible that the cape had merely dropped the Endbringer off in space, but from what light show she was disinclined to think that was the only thing she did. The tantalizing possibility that she had done the impossible… Well, she had learned to got get her hopes up too much.

With her Thinker senses and heightened cognitive abilities, it was almost comically easy to track the exact position of where the monster had disappeared to. She looked soaked to the bone but no worse for wear, and while there was certainly some excitement in her body language, she looked remarkably subdued for someone who had just met one of the most powerful heroes on the planet.

Her eyes were somewhat unnatural, a red tint inching in from the outer corners of her iris, and she almost seemed to give her a look that she had seen from the likes of the worst monsters in the world.

It felt like she was being eyed by the Siberian all over again. Alexandria knew virtually every language in existence thanks to her power and the girl was speaking English, but it still felt like she was completely unintelligible. The girl just possibly killed one of the greatest threats to human civilization ever known and all she wanted was food? Either she was playing her for a fool or she had to be one of the least ambitious people in the world.

She tried to imagine the likes of the Butcher or Lullaby, or even just the average person sitting on this power and demanding nothing of importance. It was a miracle perhaps even greater than the death of the Endbringer. Last edited: Oct 8, A Taylor with the power to change into king ghidorah. Hey, at least it the Legendary version, if it war Star Eater Ghidorah they going to be in another level completely.

This was definitely worth 3 minutes of my time. Slayer GameJunkie said:. I think Numberman's fees are going to go up be a couple of percentage points, as Alexandria ends up dipping into Cauldron war chest. Epic Reader. MrMalix Smiling Devil. The more things change, the more they stay the same. But after hearing an explanation from his father and being introduced to Tokiomi Tohsaka he was made aware of the particulars.

Of how once every few decades the Holy Grail would choose seven people to serve as Masters in a Holy Grail War for a single wish, the ability to rewrite the world in any way that you wanted. It was a tantalizing and horrifying power to be certain. He understood why the Church and the Clock Tower kept this information a secret. He had no wish to fulfill, no desires that he could reasonably call his own. He was a hollow vessel, empty of any dreams of feeling that connected him to the rest of humanity, a deviant that had no place in this world.

His victory in this war would grant him nothing, not even the satisfaction of knowing that he had been able to defeat his opponents. If he could not find it in himself to love his own life, then how was he supposed to make a wish that could reshape the world as he wanted it?

Was it a test of some kind? A trick that was being played to torment him in some way? Or the more likely answer, it was just some sort of mistake on the part of the Grail and these Commands Seals were supposed to be delivered to someone else. But as lost as he had been in determining his course of action, his father had provided him the guidance that he needed in the form of Tokiomi. Their meeting had been brief, but once the situation had been explained, the Magus had been all too eager to form a deal.

Though he had no ambitions of his own, Tokiomi had it in spades and was determined to see through to his goal. Better that he obtain the Grail than someone with no conception of its value. After all, since had had no desires of his own, why should the Grail not go to someone who truly wanted it? Tokiomi provided everything that he needed to complete the summoning of Assassin, including a catalyst, a means of focusing on the particular version of the hero that they wanted.

But as the last line of the incantation left his lips and the harsh glow from the summoning circle faded, Kirei realized that something was wrong. The time and effort that they had put into this ritual had been with the intent of summoning Hassan-I-Sabbah, It was perhaps ironic that the greatest assassins in history were the ones that had remained unknown throughout their lives, which meant they did not have a legend for the Grail to draw from.

Hassan was the only one who could fill the requirements of both and yet… That was not who stood before him now. The spirit was covered head to toe in black cloth that clung to him like a second skin, only a few dashes of red lines breaking up the solid color. A red scarf was wrapped around his neck, flowing down his back in what had to be the most impractical design ever. The only visible part of his body were his eyes, a pair of deep blue irises that stared at him with an uncomfortable level of focus.

He held his body loosely, only irreverently if he was so inclined to call it as such, but there was no doubting that there was something about it that held a certain amount of power.

Still, he could let Tokiomi concern himself with what the ritual had not obtained the results they had been looking for. Assassin nodded before glancing towards Tokiomi, who had a rather sour expression on his face.

The man was the head of one of the great Magus families, and his own abilities and powers were nothing to scoff at. But to his relief, the masked Servant gave a short nod, his posture relaxing a little. Tokiomi had explained to him what the typical Assassin class stats were like, and as far as he could tell they were just as he said.

The only difference was that his magic seemed to be a little high, certainly not enough to qualify him as a Caster, but enough to be noticeable. Then again, the Servant they had been hoping for had failed to show, and he had already been disrespected in his own home. The strategies that they had considered acting upon with Hassan were all virtually worthless now without his special ability. Tokiomi would have two Servants in his pocket when this was all said and done, and he was still complaining about not getting the one he wanted?

What is your legend? It was too…modern to be from one of the heroes of old unless it was some sort of translation to the closest equivalency. The Ninja of the Norrisville. He adjusted his position on the scaffolding a bit to keep himself more comfortable, but still maintaining his silence. It was the perfect position to see the entirety of the battlefield at once, though it was a pretty boring place to be. Their movements were so precise and fluid that an outsider might have mistaken it for a choreographed performance.

Keep out of sight, his Master, one Kirei Kotomine warned from his hideout on the other end of the city. He was watching the battle as well, using magecraft to view through his own eyes. Randy did have to keep himself from rolling them, as if he of all Servants would have trouble staying concealed. To be fair, he was a pretty upfront and in your face kind of fighter, ironic being that he was the Ninja, but he was still extremely adept at keeping out of sight.

Now that did make Randy roll his eyes. Tokiomi seemed to be one of those people who assumed that they knew better than everyone else and people needed to worship the words that they listened to. He seemed to fit think himself a better strategist than heroes who had possessed years of experience under their belts and viewed them as nothing more than tools for his own will.

He would follow his orders because he was his Master, but he would be keeping a close eye on him. His gaze made another pass away from the battle, keeping his eyes on the three others who were sulking in the shadows. One of them was quite frankly a shoob, holding himself on top of a shipping container as if nothing could possibly hurt him.

At the very least she seemed a bit more competent at stealth than the other Master, but the third guy who had joined the party? He was good. Not enough to hurt a Servant, but more than enough to put down a Master. Gloves covered his hands, preventing him from seeing if he had any Command Seals, but off the three in his group if he included the white-haired girl standing right next to the battle he would have to peg him as the Master. The wind had shifted in a different direction, taking the conversation with it.

He could see the man with the gun shifting, pointing towards the other Master, and Randy could feel himself tense. To be honest, he would have preferred to at least introduce himself to his fellow heroes before they started murdering each other, but if his Master ordered him to strike, he would have little choice in the matter. He could feel the power of the suit shift as he prepared to pull his blade out of the hammerspace, but before he could even consider taking action the sky roared.

What the juice?! Randy screamed internally as the structure he was on started to rock and quake in gale force winds, lightning flashing across the previously clear sky. His gaze turned upwards and he found his answer. A chariot rode across the air as if it was solid ground, pulled by a pair of massive bulls, commanded by an equally massive redhead and a skinny shrimp of a boy. There were three Servants out in the open, and he could sense two more hiding in the shadows for now, dematerialized.

Even if he struck down a single Master, they would likely turn on him and strike him down. Moving against any of them, even with his advantage, would prove to be detrimental to his own survival.

And the Ninja was a warrior to protect the innocent from evil. He doubted his Master, either of them, would like what he was about to do, but unless they used a Command Spell to stop him, he was going to do it anyway. Besides, he had never been too good at keeping in line with authority. In less than twenty-four hours of the war officially starting, he had already had more experience with life-threatening terror than he cared to be acquainted with.

He had been pulled up to the top of a suspension bridge by his insane Servant and now was interspaced between a pair of Servants who had been fighting while their identities were shouted to the world at large. And to top it all off, his former teacher, whose artifact he had swipe to act as his own catalyst to summon Rider was here, promising him all the pain that he would endure for his transgression.

He could feel his knees quake as he tried to drown out the noise, to pretend that it was all just a trick. The young Magus was just about ready to wet himself silly when he felt a hand press down on him. The weight was massive, even with it just resting there, and as he looked up, he could see his insane Rider giving him a small smile before his gaze turned hard, his lips pulling back into a slight sneer as he prepared to open his mouth. Being this close to so many Servants, his skin felt like it was on fire, the sheer pressure of their prana almost an uncomfortable weight.

This newcomer was less than Rider, but there was no doubt that this was another Servant, an Assassin from the look of his garb. If you had thought that you were worthy of being mine, then you are gravely mistaken. Only one brave enough to stand by my side in the heat of battle would be worthy of calling themselves my Master. The idea that you, one who lurks in the shadows could possibly be considered my equal is a laughable notion.

To be insulted not once, but twice was something that would no doubt infuriate the man. It was too fast and fleeting to determine what it was, but it made him feel better, good almost. Velvet would have thought the action insane, the idea of being able to peacefully resolve the Holy Grail War without violence, but by a common alliance. Would you forfeit your claim to the Holy Grail and enter my service and share riches as we conquer the world?

They were the vengeful and petty sort he had found in his experience. I salute your convictions fellow Servants, but I cannot help but wonder how the others will answer. Velvet did his best to avoid being caught in her deep green gaze, as hard as diamonds and sharp as steel. But surely the sound of clashing blades would have drawn the attention of more than two spirits, would it not? Assassin even sent him a questioning look, but all Velvet could do was hopelessly shrug.

For all his tile of a Master, he could no more control his Servant than someone could turn around a hurricane. See that even Assassin has more courage than you! Those too cowardly to show themselves will face the vicious scorn of Alexander, King of Conquerors! The young magi could feel a whimper escape his lips as a golden figure materialized on top of a light post, his aura practically screaming dangerous, his red eyes glaring cruelly at the impromptu audience below.

Not the easiest task when your mere existence was complete and utter agony. He could feel the crest worms that Zouken had gifted him writhing under his skin, burning his flesh and muscles even as they provided him with the very things he needed to survive. It was an existence that would leave him dead in a few short weeks, there was no doubt about that, but so long as he got Sakura out of that hell then it would be a price well worth paying. Making an enemy out of all of them would be foolish, even as the desire to strike down Archer and make Tokiomi suffer for what he did to his own daughter rose up from the black pit of his anger.

Berserker could defeat any other Servant in open battle, but Assassin provided the true challenge. Other magi might deride him for thinking of Assassin as a threat, his own capabilities were far below that of normal Servants, but he was still a Servant and should be feared and respected.

In the end, did it matter if his methods were dishonorable so long as he won the war? There was no chance of Assassin being able to defeat Berserker in open combat so long as the other Servants kept to the sidelines. Kill Assassin. He looked like a knight, though his armor was pitch black, a swirling dark miasma surrounding it, concealing any and all details from view.

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