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The Time In Between - Cliff Richard - Cliff Richard (Cassette)

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I'll say, "No, thanks! He's produced the most exciting pop music sounds of all time. As for my sexuality, I am sick to death of the media's speculation about it. What business is it of anyone else's what any of us are as individuals? I don't think my fans would care either way. Inside Biography 1 Who is Cliff Richard? He was one of the performers in the Diamond Jubilee concert held near Buckingham Palace on June 4, Retrieved 4 February The Ultimate Cliff Updated ed.

Germany: Columbia Germany. Archived from the original on 26 February Retrieved 7 February Retrieved 15 April Hung Median. Retrieved 8 June Retrieved 2 May Retrieved 4 October IFPI Norway. Archived from the original on 22 July Portugal: EMI. Retrieved 21 December Miss You Nights CD.

Denmark: EMI. Greenbelt live! The Hunting of the Snark LP. UK: Adventure Records. UK: Eagle Records. Cross Rhythms. Retrieved 6 June The Dalit Drum CD. UK: ICC. Party at the Palace CD. Night of the Proms 10 CD. Dave McAleer 's website. Archived from the original on 10 May Retrieved 12 March Retrieved 16 April Click on the date to view the CHUM chart for that week.

Chart positions before that are taken from the Evening Herald Chart which was a Top Ten single chart published by the Irish daily newspaper Evening Herald between February and December Archived from the original on 2 June Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 12 February Top 40 Hitdossier inclusief alle 'prehistorische' hits van to in Dutch 9th ed. Haarlem: J. Becht BV. Vara, Sweden: Dominique muzic-club.

Music VF. Retrieved 21 April Cliff Richard and the Shadows. Retrieved 4 May Because this is after it had peaked in the existing charts, the chart peak at number 2 in the Evening Herald 1 week, 21 September and Billboard 2 weeks , has been used instead. Note, the Billboard publication lags 3 or 4 weeks behind the Irish official chart probably reasonable in Just Another Guy 7" Vinyl.

Belgium: EMI Records. Retrieved 28 June Recording Industry Association of America. Retrieved 31 August Bundesverband Musikindustrie. Retrieved 2 July Dynamite International. Retrieved 25 May Australian Recording Industry Association. Retrieved 27 October This Morning This Morning is a British daytime television programme that is ….

The show airs live and features news, topical items, showbiz, style and beauty, home and garden, food, health, real life and other similar features. All My Love Solo Tu. Always Guaranteed is a studio album by Cliff Richard, released in The album peaked at number 5 in the UK Albums Chart, and spent a total of 24 weeks on the chart over — The album was certified Platinum by the BPI and achieved sales over 1. Tarney wrote all but one track on the album. Wogan Wogan is a British television talk show which was broadcast ….

Some shows were pre-recorded, but broadcast unedited, 'as live'. Wogan ended its run in July it was replaced by the soap opera Eldorado. A prominent annual event in British television, Children in Need is one of three high-profile British telethons.

Solid Gold Solid Gold was an American syndicated music television …. Solid Gold was an American syndicated music television series that debuted on September 13, and ran until July 23, In Los Angeles, artist Sonny Malone reluctantly returns to his job at Airflow Records--doing poster-sized exact-as-possible renderings of album covers for on-site promotions--as he could not make a living as a freelance artist, where he could truly use his artistic vision.

On his first day back at Airflow, he gets sidetracked by thoughts of a young woman who literally rollerskates into him. He's unaware that their initial encounter and subsequent encounters are not accident: she is Kira, a muse who was awakened by his lamentations about his art and sent to help him achieve his artistic vision.

Later that day he meets aging Danny McGuire, a former big-band musician turned construction-company owner who wants to return to his roots by owning a live music venue. This meeting too is no accident; Sonny soon discovers that Kira was part of Danny's past. Sonny and Danny achieving their dreams is threatened by Kira knowingly breaking the rules. Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile is a album by Cliff Richard. Green Light is a studio album by Cliff Richard, released in September It was his 31st studio album.

It was originally broadcast on the BBC from until , where it then moved to ITV from 1 November until 3 September , plus later specials until 24 December when it was axed after nearly 26 years. The album …. I'm Nearly Famous is a album by Cliff Richard. The album was released in May and was seen very much as a comeback. The album is today considered one of his finest works and is held as the album which brought about Cliff Richard's revival as a major chart act in the late s and early s. Merchant banker Tim, excited to hear he's to go to New York, is sent to Birmingham instead to pressure a small struggling restaurant.

But he turns this into a positive by falling in love with the owner and co-founding a glamorous new burger bar. Don Kirshner's Rock Concert was an American television music variety show that ran during the s and early s, created and produced by Don Kirshner and syndicated to television stations, initially through Viacom Enterprises, and later through Syndicast.

It premiered on September 27, , with a performance by The Rolling Stones; its last episode was in The Midnight Special is an American late-night musical variety series originally broadcast on NBC during the s and early s, created and produced by Burt Sugarman.

His name is John Napier. If vinyl ever deserved to be melted From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Time Show logo.

Tags: Cliff Richard. Written by. PPcorn is a website designed to engage users all over the globe with its variety of content covering news, lifestyle, and entertainment. We bring you the latest trends, videos, and updates before anyone else and we only feature high quality content written by our expert team of creators. You May Also Like. If you are looking for a straightforward rendition of the songs you know and love, you will probably want to steer clear of this set despite its wonderfully budget price.

This box is for the fan who wants to be reacquainted with what went on around the hit singles, and from a heartfelt "Homeward Bound" to the howling "Lucille," it succeeds with room to spare.

For example, the first volume, covering the '60s, does a great job of at least outlining the developments and distinctions that shaped Richard 's career throughout the decade, and few listeners could argue with the inclusion of "Hang on to a Dream," possibly the greatest hit that he never had. The '70s set is devoted almost wholly to the rush of reinvigorated rock that followed his mid-decade "Devil Woman" breakthrough; the '80s set is dedicated to his realization that, suddenly, he could do nothing wrong.

And all three together simply leave you hungry for more. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy.

This 16 track collection was released as part of Cliff's 40th Anniversary and covers the Eighties with the hit singles Wired For Sound, Please Don't Fall In Love, Two Hearts and The Only Way Out it includes 2 tracks taken from the Dressed For The Occasion and the rest of the songs are tracks from various albums and b-sides including the rare song Reunion Of The Heart/5(4).


Testify (The Classic U.B.P. Mix) - Urban Blues Project Presents Jay Williams - Testify (Vinyl)

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Sunday Vocal 2. Mix 3. Sunday Dub 4. Dub 5. Testify Narcotic Dub 9. More from Soulfuric. Faith Yass feat. Leslie O'Smith Soulfuric. Runaway Love Bobby D'Ambrosio feat.

The Pleasure Rooms closed acrimoniously in and a wilderness year saw Basics as close to finishing as it ever has been in its history. We were drifting apart until I went to a Subdub night with Ital Rockers at a yet again unfashionable venue called "Fiddlers" believe it or not! A deal was sorted when the new owner Val arrived there and the place was ripped apart and transformed into another great venue for Basics - The Mint club.

At the Mint club both Paul and Tristan jumped on board and quickly established themselves as regular residents rather than just regular clubbers. Both had it and had it in abundance and if anything it proved to be a great push for myself and Boggy to keep trying our very best, as Huggy had by now departed to America.

The Mint lasted longer than any Basics venue has done so far and proved to be intimate, easy to fill and always had an excellent atmosphere. On the whole though, it was a smaller club and we didn't have the budget to attract the big names so many up and coming young DJs got a chance and that turned out to be more than a good thing.

Clubbing had reached its saturation point and the Superclubs now looked as cheesy as The Ritzy chain had to us back at the start. It was commercial, complacent and crap!

Basics survived oddly enough by never wanting to be a Superclub although we were always mentioned in the same breath as them. We always kept up our resistance to going down that "sell out" route as we saw it. As many other clubs began to fall we were down to London yet again to pick up the award for Best Small Club. But times do change and we all grew weary of the same space every week as had many of our regulars who had started to drift off. We felt it was time for another change after 5 years of good times and the opportunity came up to design an amazing space in the centre of town that had loads of potential.

In life I have learnt that sometimes even when you do your best you end up with egg on your face and this time they were well scrambled! Rehab should have been the perfect club. Not too big not too small, more central and very beautiful. We put in an amazing soundsystem, huge chandelier and lush purple curtains.

The refurb even got Dave onto posh design programs on Channel 4 but for some reason people just didn't really like it. When it was full it could be ace but running until 6am we found as soon as the drink ran out so did the people and the dancefloor was way too often a desolate place to be stranded!

The sound was impossible to concentrate and clattered off the mirrors sounding quite painful at times and that end of town was never our end of town, give me the outskirts and the fringes any day. Somehow we managed to survive nearly three years and when it was good it was excellent-a young upstart named Mylo filled the place well before he hit the charts and a young chap called James Zabielia totally tore the roof off the place and left us all open mouthed with his skills.

Longtime Leeds jock Buckley also started to make his name on the team there but it wasn't until later that he came into his own. All in all we were lucky to get out alive. It was time to go Back to Basics. Stinky's Peep House had already built up a fiercely loyal following due to its seedy name and late hours.

Unknown - White Label Banga - Walking on Sunshine Sniper Selection Vol 5. Speed Garage Mix 5 Tracklisting: Gyskard - Power Of The Night Karen Young - Hot Shot '97 Culture - kiss my lipz RIP Mix Unknown - No Friend Of Mine Ambersunshower - Running Song Gant Mix DJ Renegade - Basswize Noizmakers Inc. Groove Elastic - No Way Back Unknown - Baby Silvio Ecomo - The Pull Deep Presure Vol 1 Sub Kutz - It's The Way A vs B - Bad Habit Sniper Selection Vol 4.

Continuamos con el vol 4 Speed Garage Mix 4 Tracklisting: FH - Declare Your Love Blue Lagoon - Let The Music Jaydee - Plastic Dreams Chemist - Ruff Kutz Trotters Independent Traders 6 - Ladies Black Up - Ganja DJ Pooch - Burning Up Meaner - Vol.

Les Indiscretes - Expressions Rude Boy - Run De Dance Sniper Selection Vol 3. Albert Cabrera doing a geat job reediting this funk classic for the dancefloor. Phat beats all over the record, especially on the dub. Smooth and percussive garage production coming out of the USA no further info available in three different mixes.

Soulful and percussive instrumental track in body'n'soul style, great for afterhours. Steve 'Silk' Hurley continues his winning street with another monster remix in vocal and dub versions in his own 'diso anthem' style you know from the massive "The Word is Love". As usual for this label, other mixes in euro house style are included. Licensed from Freeze Records which put it out in 96 the original jazzy mixes are included here , Bob Sinclair and Fantome funk it up for this rerelease.

Dark and funky with moody spoken words by a man, bringing the 70s disco feeling back to the dancefloors. What a way to open a label whit this garage monster which nearly made it to this weeks 'Pick of the Week' spot. No information about this release, but I think it might probably be produced by 95 North for their own label. Quality garage grooves. Turn it to the flip side to get a underground oriented remix by DJ Oji. Seems to be the week of vocal house music. Another slamming house production by 95 North with driving mixes.

Only the b-side is of interest the other has those stupid progressive remixes with the deep house mixes by Playin' 4 the Deep. Only one sided so far with only a vocal version, but judging by this version this is gonna be a massive UK house groover on the dancefloors. The Astro Trax Team feat.

Feelin' Soul feat. One of Prelude Records biggest classics gets the remix treatment according to the hand writing on my record by Ralphie Rosario. Pumping house remixes sounding a bit like Fire Island.

This austrian production licensed to this UK label sees Michael Procto r back with a solid house groover. Check the funky dub on the flip side. Roger S. This limited edition 12" has the Roger S.

Remixed by Peppermint Jam artist Michael Lange , this is a disco house stomper licensed from Italy wicked enough to kick the party in the clubs. Joey Negro is behind the main mixes on this double pack with his combination of disco and garage, but also delievering a real disco house dub. The package is completed by some speed garage mixes. Rose Royce feat. Mixed emotions for this remix by The Monday Night Club since the original is that good. In fact, it's a clever remix by recovering the original feeling and adding the 90 house groove.

Melanie B. A remix by the Masters at Work that is not to impressive compared to the other stuff they've done already this year, but still much better than lots of other stuff released. No info on the remixers, all I can say is that these mixes have a pumping beat with smooth keys which make this one rock on the dancefloors.

Jasper Street Co. Hot with many DJs for the latest few weeks, this Marc Pomeroy production sees Donna Allen adding some background vocals over a disco-ish funky house beat. H2O feat. Billie "You can run It took longer than expected for the remixes to drop, but here they are. This is followed by the 'Speedy Garagez' by Domie - the name says all. The b-side Oliver Stumm gives us his garage interpretation. Finally, there is the 'Rozzo Summer Mix' which takes it down to a wicked beat-driven groove.

The Brothers of Peace give us a four tracks with four different artists to choose. On all the tracks, B. Birth of Cool Lars Behrenroth and Michael Carstensen deliever a cool house version with an added guitar and nice breaks. The great Chic classic is back, reanimated for the 90s. The main vocal mix is by the S-Man himself making use of that famous guitar riff on top of a modern house groove.

Soulgrabber do their own funky disco-revival thang which has not much to do with the original. On the flip side, Ian Pooley is responsable for the other to mixes. His 'Main Mix' is an easy going house version while his 'Fierce Mix' takes is into more progressive grounds. Ranging from jazz house over an accoustic version to a latin movement version, this is pure class to enjoy.

Scott Grooves feat. Only one-sided at this time, this has just a remix by Daft Punk. Kings of Tomorrow take you deep and deeper into the underground with this driving remix. This is the third double pack I have, and yet more mixes. The main attraction here are the remixes by Full Intention.

They add some more vocals no details of the male vocalist , the rest is similar to the original version wich is included as well as the Deep Dish remixes.

This is the Commodores classic covered by this trio from Seattle. Lots of mixes on this double pack taking on many styles. Steve 'Silk' Hurley does a marvellous job on his remix that takes off where 'The word is Love' left - pure madness which will catch you immediately.

Haven't heard for a long time from this label what happened, any idea? Joey Negro feat. Taka Boom "Can't get high without u" Subliminal Records 2x12". Eric Kupper provides the house remixes with a funky dub. Masterbuilders eat. Soul Creation feat. Soul Creation return with another strong soulful garage production, this time using Dawn Tallmann on vocals.

The flip has a darker, more underground dub mix by Kings of Tomorrow. A heavy pumping beat added with jazzy keys and a sax kicking in midway through, flipped by "Things you do for me" which is a bit more soulful.. One-sided single tracker, Kenny Dixon Jr. Let's go back to the 80s, thats exactly what "Chill Town New York" is all aobut. Donaldson is involved in this production, but this is not in the style of his recent productions. This is a pumping and funky house track made for the dancefloor.

All mixes are in modern disco style and sure to make your crowd jump to it. This sampler included two tracks from the forthcoming 'New York Rhythms Volume 2 ' album.

You know what to expect. Cool murky beats as they used some time ago, with fine vocals by Pamela Williams. Remixes Echo Records 12" Promo.

This promo has three more remixes by Mousse T. His 'Orgastic Mix' is an instrumental take of his already promoed house version while the '80s Mix' has a groovy beat from the last decade. Also included is a funky 'Funkshun Mix'. This is a cover vesion of the Janet Jackson song in garage style, produced by Big Moses. Redzone back with a killer remix package. No gimmick used to make this mixes shine and rock. One of his best works recently. Co-written by David Morales , this surprisingly has NO mixes by him.

Instead, Fire Island have been choosen for the remixes where they have choosen to add some disco elements to their usual style. Next Phase feat. The long awaited Basement Boys remix of 'Its over' is finally here on vinyl added by a new dub version. On the flip, we get Eddie Perez remixes of 'Run to Me'. After putting out some tracks and remixes, the Pound Boys released a vocal production on their own.

Classic house music for the lovers of the old school. DJ Dove and Backroom Productions each deliever a remix, taking that Marshall Jefferson feeling away and turning it into 90s style.

Smooth and easy house music courtesy of Tiefschwarz. Also included is a downbeat version by Stonebridge. Two more dub mixes by Boris Dlugosch and Michael Lange are included as well as brand new mixes by Stephan Mandrax who gives this a more modern feeling.

This has the already reviewed K. Henry Maldonado never heard of this guy before is behind this cut which comes to us in fine mixes. This is in memory of Armando Gallop - may he rest in peace. The main track 'Now that youre gone' is a laidback groove driven by a flute while 'Deep Latin Soul' has a trumpet over a groovy house track. This is a cover of the Chantal Curtis classic. Joey Negro keeps the original feeling by just adding the 90s disoc beats.

As usual, this is on transparent yellow vinyl. And it's the third outstanding release on Tony Humphries label. It sees Jovonn Armstrong back with his typcial deep and moody grooves. A new jazzy and deep vocal version and the 'Urban Sound Gallery Dubstrumental' can be found on this 12".

This is only the album version, but it's clear that EMI had to do this one sided promo to avoid those bootleggs floating around. A very strong soulful production by the Masters at Work , with full club mixes still to follow.

Eric Kupper on a commercial remix project. He does his usual piano led house grooves that might be just a bit to cheesy. SKI feat. The french amaze me again.

This is a fine deep house cut with female vocals. King Britt delievers a funk extravaganza and to make the diversification complete, there is a drum'n'bass version included. This is the third samnpler from that amazing remix project. At the PopKomm, recently held in Cologne Germany , they gave away a promo sampler with four of their forthcoming 12".

New productions included are "I want your love" by S. S feat. Sonare, a cover of that Chic classic produced by Roger Sanchez. The final release will be out on two separate 12" with mixes by Soulgrabber, Stonebridge and Ian Pooley. Finally, there is the new cut by Black Connection titled "I'm gonna get ya baby" - cool disco beats with solid mixes are by Full Intention and Victor Simonelli.

Two tracker from this rock solid german label. The a-side sees " Check it out" by B. Both are funky tracks for da dancefloor - play them!! This is only the start - much more mixes will follow both on this label and on Yoshitoshi Records.

Best of this pack is the K. Ian Pooley adds a standard house groove while Deep Dish space it up on their two mixes. One-sided 12" whit only one mix to choose, Norma Jean once again does a laidback, saxy deep houser. Furry Phreaks feat. This classic east-cost houser is back with brand new mixes. The '16B Remix' is a serious club remix while the 'Chicane Jazz' has a damn fine piano intro before the beats kick in.

To make the package complete and perfect the original is included. The french funk maestro is back with another one of his slamming productions. Alex Gopher is the man behind the remix. Finally fully released after being around on a single sided promo for many month, this Blaze production is an instrumental with some weird but cool keys in two mixes.

Yet another Joe Claussel l remix you might think, and you're right. Testify The U. Sunday Vocal. Testify The Classic U. Sunday Dub. Testify Narcotic Dub. Roger S. Testify Narcotic Mix. Testify Turned-out Club Mix. Space DL 20 Feb 09 Techno. Power Of Lust. On "Against the Cycle", Tensal unleashes a nightmarish, bleak take on techno, as waves of noisy drones unravel over lo-fi drums. Meanwhile, label owner P. While "Joy of Rapture" is a tough, linear groove, populated by lone bleeps and churning filters, on "Fall Before You", he also veers into abstraction, with pummelling drums supporting chilling piano lines.

Lust is a near perfect mixture of force and depth. FEX 25 Aug 17 Techno. The boss man himself steps up first with the dirty-infected peak time belter "X9", before Pearl brings a deeper, dubbed-up exercise with no less weight pounding away behind it. AnD are in a most urgent mood on "Valid Point", keeping the tempo riding high and mighty without leaving much room for air in between the massive thuds of kick drum.

J Tijn meanwhile brings a wonderful layer griminess to his own acidic techno confection, with plenty of metallic angles snapping out of the pound-down. Corinthian Singers - "Why?

Soulfuric is one of the most well-renowned labels in house music worldwide. As production duo Jazz-N-Groove and Urban Blues Project (UBP), Brian Tappert and Marc Pomeroy released records on classic labels including Sub-Urban, Strictly Rhythm and AM:PM, even cueing up the first ever release on Defected Records (and a UK chart no.8) with Soulsearcher's 'Can't Get Enough'.


Throw The Next Stone - My Own Victim - The Weapon (CD, Album)

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Tokorats Jonti. Pizza Party Samiyam. Water Sudan Archives. Rain Jonti. Six Rocks The Steoples. Dreams Bryant K. Sour Mango Seven Davis Jr. Conveyor Vex Ruffin. Veins Homeboy Sandman. Tuxedo II Tuxedo. Scrood feat. Steve Lacy Jonti. Daily Affirmations CohenBeats. Say Ah! Ahmad Miller. Ugly Beauty Malik Flavors. Champion Sound: The Remix Jaylib.

Vex Ruffin Vex Ruffin. The Balance feat. Fab 5 Freddy Vex Ruffin. Boleros Valses y Mas Frankie Reyes. Kindness for Weakness Homeboy Sandman. Animals Have Feelings Samiyam. Neighborhood Wonderful White Boiz. Tuxedo Remixes Tuxedo. Detroit's Son Guilty Simpson. Divinity In Thee Diva. Field Reality Dub Dub Club. James Pants - Savage James Pants. So they stopped all the springs of water and felled all the good trees, until in Kir-hareseth only they left its stones; however, the slingers went about it and struck it.

Should anyone rise up to pursue you and to seek your life, then the life of my lord shall be bound in the bundle of the living with the Lord your God; but the lives of your enemies He will sling out as from the hollow of a sling. Like one who binds a stone in a sling, So is he who gives honor to a fool.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Stream or buy on:. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Just a Stone's Throw Away Wild Child Valerie Carter ; Ron Koss. Lowell George ; Ivan Ulz. Lowell George ; John Sebastian. New Wave , rock , pop. Reckless Don't Throw Stones Martin Armiger.

Stephen Cummings , Andrew Pendlebury. To distinguish it, these items will have this notice. If you see any page that contains SRD material and does not show this license statement, please contact an admin so that this license statement can be added.

In "I'll throw you with a stone" the word "you" immediately follows "throw"; this means that "you" is the object of "throw"; which would imply that the speaker will hurl the interlocutor, after which said interlocutor, propelled by the force of the speaker's powerful throw, will have to travel some distance involuntarily, presumably through the.



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Ohnaka readily agrees and Kenobi proceeds to face the pair with both lightsabers. After a fierce battle, Kenobi is able to knock Opress off-balance before severing his arm.

Maul then breaks off the fight to retreat with his injured brother. Outside, they encounter their pirate allies and attempt to rally them for a renewed assault. Ohnaka, however, has reconciled with his men after ambushing them, demonstrating that the Sith have no loyalty to them. They now intend to plunder Maul and Opress's ship and open fire; forcing the brothers into a full retreat.

Maul loses one of his cybernetic legs in the escape and is then carried by Opress. Despite this, the brothers manage to reach their ship and take off when Maul delays their pursuers by toppling the Jedi's shuttle from a plateau to cut them off. One of the pirates manages to fire on one of the ship's engines and, suffering from his injuries, Opress instructs Maul to leave him behind.

Both brothers, however, are able to escape the doomed vessel aboard an escape craft before it plunges back to the planet's surface.

Kenobi and Ohnaka proceed to search the wreckage- Ohnaka for salvageable wealth and Kenobi for evidence of Maul and Opress's deaths. Ohnaka and his men recover the safe previously obtained by the Sith but no trace of the brothers is found. Ohnaka concludes that they must have been vaporised in the crash but Kenobi remains unconvinced, noting Maul's return despite the severity of his injuries on Naboo.

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The revival lasted less than a year, but in that period , converts were made. Begun as an effort to kindle nondenominational, nonsectarian spirituality, the Welsh revival of —05 coincided with the rise of the labor movement, socialism, and a general disaffection with religion among the working class and youths. Placed in context, the short-lived revival appears as both a climax for Nonconformism and a flashpoint of change in Welsh religious life.

The movement spread to Scotland and England, with estimates that a million people were converted in Britain. Missionaries subsequently carried the movement abroad; it was especially influential on the Pentecostal movement emerging in California. Unlike earlier religious revivals that pivoted on powerful preaching, the revival of —05 relied primarily on music and on paranormal phenomena as exemplified by the visions of Evan Roberts.

The intellectual emphasis of the earlier revivals had left a dearth of religious imagery that the visions supplied. They also challenged the denial of the spiritual and miraculous element of scripture by opponents of the revival, who held liberal and critical theological positions. The structure and content of the visions not only repeated those of Scripture and earlier Christian mystical tradition but also illuminated the personal and social tensions that the revival addressed by juxtaposing biblical images with scenes familiar to contemporary Welsh believers.

The effect was still strong in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Christian phenomenon. For other uses of "revival", see Revival disambiguation. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This article possibly contains original research.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. The examples and perspective in this article deal primarily with Western culture and do not represent a worldwide view of the subject.

You may improve this article , discuss the issue on the talk page , or create a new article , as appropriate. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Further information: Evangelical revival in Scotland. Main articles: Ulster revival and Welsh revival. Main article: Welsh Revival. Pro Wrestling Dot Net. Retrieved August 12, Buddy Murphy, Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon, SummerSlam fallout". Retrieved August 17, Retrieved September 15, USA Today.

Retrieved October 13, King Corbin, The Revival vs. Nikki Cross, Tyson Fury returns". Retrieved November 9, The Revival Ladder Match ". Retrieved December 16, The Miz, Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley in a tables match". Retrieved December 15, Retrieved February 1, Retrieved April 10, Bleacher Report.

Retrieved May 27, September 27, Retrieved November 4, The men and boys are all a bit in love with Mrs. With Jamie, the Reverend shares a deeper bond based on a secret obsession. When tragedy strikes the Jacobs family, this charismatic preacher curses God, mocks all religious belief, and is banished from the shocked town.

noun restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc. restoration to use, acceptance, or currency: the revival of old customs. a new production of an old play.


My Ring-A-Ling

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Views Reading 1 Sortie Ring-a-Ling lyrics Ring, ring, ring, hello, hello, hello Danger, danger Ring, ring, ring, hello, hello, hello Danger, danger Yo, my phone go ring a ling a ling, ling Ring a ling a ling, ling, ring a ling a ling, ling Ring a ling a ling, ling, ring a ling Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello Then the girls want ding a ling a ling, ling Ding a ling a ling, ling, ding a ling a ling, ling Ding a ling a ling, ling, ding a ling Dam, dam, dang a lang My phone go ring a ling a ling, ling Ring a ling a ling, ling, ring a ling a ling, ling Ring a ling a ling, ling, ring a ling Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello 'Cause the girls want ding a ling a ling, ling Ding a ling a ling, ling, ding a ling a ling, ling Ding a ling a ling, ling, ding a ling Dam, dam, dang a lang Ring a ling a ling, who calling king?

Some lil' queen need a full arm sting Early in the morn for a little fling, fling Girl, I ain't nothing but a thing, thing, thing Baby, don't cling, cling to a man If you need the boom boom stick to the plan I'll meet you in the room soon so we ding a ling again Giving to you laby, I'm your lover, lover man 'Cause get ready for you know what Food, no Food, no Drinks, no Sex, yes If freak is freaky then freaky I'ma get Love you like you've never been loved like this 'Cause I oh I, I got something for you baby Honey, I, oh I, I got something for you baby 'Cause if I'm calling at 2 in the mornin' It only means one thing baby 'Cause my phone go ring a ling a ling, ling Ring a ling a ling, ling, ring a ling a ling, ling Ring a ling a ling, ling, ring a ling Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello Then the girls want ding a ling a ling, ling Ding a ling a ling, ling, ding a ling a ling, ling Ding a ling a ling, ling, ding a ling Dam, dam, dang a lang Wonder, I wonder, who's calling who's calling?

This early this early, early I wonder what they want At 4 in the morning Ring a ling a ling a, who's calling My phone so late in the morning? And i, oh i got something for ya, baby. Cause if u calling at 2 in the morning it only Means one thing, booty call! Boo boo booty call! Em alta:. Compartilhar no Facebook Compartilhar no Twitter. Nos avise. Enviada por Wesley e traduzida por Ana. Viu algum erro? Recomendar Twitter. Posts relacionados. Todos Rock Gospel Sertanejo Mais.

Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Editar playlist. Tem certeza que deseja excluir esta playlist? Cancelar Excluir. Cancelar Sair sem salvar. Ling Hussle. Ling Po. Ling Kai. Ling Tosite Sigure. The Buddhist Monks ….

Ding Dong. Ding Dongs. Wing Ding. Ding-A-Ling Various Artists. A Proper Introducti… The Clovers. Ching-A-Ling Missy Elliott. La Bebe remix part. Aplicaciones y plugins. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp.

Editar playlist. Cancelar Borrar. Cancelar Sair sem salvar. I'll meet you in the room soon ding a ling again Give it to your lady I'm your lover-lover man.

Honey I, oh I, I got something for ya If my phone goes, ring a ling a ling ling Ring a ling a ling ling, ring a ling a ling ling Ring a ling a ling ling, ring a ling Hello hello hello hello hello. Wonder, I wonder, who's calling, who's calling, This early, this early, this early, I wonder what they want

Black Eyed Peas - Ring-A-Ling (tradução) (Letra e música para ouvir) - [faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo / Ring ring ring, hello hello hello / Dam dam / Ring ring ring, hello hello hello / Dam dam / / Yo my phone go ring a ling .


I:III - Hexer (3) - Hexer (Vinyl, LP)

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Sie wollen sich die Trigon Chip Energie doch nicht zu kleistern oder? Wunderbar genial. Sollte der Mittelton noch etwas. So stimmen Sie Ihren Lautsprecher. Um die Treiber wird die Luft mittels der Trigon ausgerichtet und gereinigt,. Wo ist er hin der knarzige Kontrabass? Die direkte Sprungantwort mit der organischen Feinzeichnung, alles weg.

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Maybe I should buy an old to check that any future write are programs that compatible. LET me congratulate you on a? The first locked up while keying in programs and was replaced. The second had the same fault, and my third one, delivered only two weeks ago, does the same.

Basrccand gives Simple Type "7". This matter was explained to my retailer, but it appears that all his XL models give the sa m e, wro n g, a n s we r, therefore all have defective Basic. According to the letter writer, Atari no longer have any Rev C Basic units left and say it is too expensive to set up a. I would be very grateful if you could help me with the following. Could you tell me if there is abook available forthe XL which has a disassembled listing of the Atari ROM and describes what each routine does andhowit works, as does.

Williams writing in the October issue. Williams, which were not mentioned in either manual. When editing a program, including rectifying errors, the keyboard would occasionally lockup, making it necessary to switch off and start up again losing whatever was in memory. A phone call to the Atari. Books which covers the core DOS. As a good complement to the above books, there is a.

Alan Gilchrist, Carluke. Like all computers, there are minor bugs in Atari's machines. We can be thankful that they are not as serious as, say, some of the early Sinclair or Acorn machines, but they are nonetheless still there.

I would like to know if you can help me with a problem that l have with my XL. When I type a program it sometimes stops working. This very rarely happens of course, but is made much worse by a lot of editing, especially involving deleting lots of lines. There is no cure for it,. Mailbag superb memory map produced by Compute! One other book that wouldn't go amiss is "De Re Atari" Atari which isaslightly less technical guide to the workings of the machine and its OS.

This is not a substitute for. Creatinga data file on disc and then reading it from the second program would work, but it would be slow and the extra programming would be tedious and defeat the object, which is to modularise pro— grams and keep them to a.

On the subject of long programs, is there any way of suppressing the maximum line number, , that can be used to list ranges of lines? As far as I am aware to lista range starting at over , one has to list the whole. The other question has no easy answer, I'm afraid. You'll just have to put up with typing that extra "comma " after your LIST commands.

When Rev B Basic was. Rev B cured all these other problems of course, but introduced one other rather major one. As the system could some— times wipe out the last few. Good idea, but he did it by adding 16 to the "end of program" counter, so that it would register as being out of memory 16 bytes too early. This effect is cumulative, which means that every time you SAVE a program 16 useless bytes are added to it. All of these bugs have been cured in Rev C, which is in the —. XE machines and also avail— able on cartridge for older computers.

The OS is not without its problems too. It would come back about 30 seconds later, but would have spoilt a printout by then. This was caused by a routine accidentally left in the machine code which allowed for older printers to cool down during a long print run.

Also the cassette routines. The cure for this one is simple. If you have a or. This will ensure that the buffer is clear before you start. A number of other things could cause minor problems, but only at a machine code level, so I won't cover them here. On the XLs. However the hardware isn't. It normally works fine, but aftera lot of use asit warms up one particular brand of chip lost all track of time, and.

The cure for this is a replacement chip, but only use an Atari supplied version, or you'll run into further problems. You can find out ifyou have this fault known as the math pack lock—up by running the following program:. Only the math pack prob— Iem will cause this program to fail while running. Perhaps this will clear up my what the bugs are, and why they occur.

As I have said,. For one thing, it only requires 48k, not 64k as Pat. I hape this helps people having trouble with this excel— lent game.

Mark Oxley, Newton Abbot. The disc version is basically the same as the stateside release 48k , and it requires Basic. As I did a lot of re-writing for the cassette version, and tucked all the pictures underneath the operating system and Basic, You must have a 64k machine to run it' only 52 b y ti" as o spare unhgdabout ert ere, so it's a tight sueeze. Neat, eh? Pat only had the cassette to go by, and so couldn't know the changes for disc. I 'm in two minds about buyingone,asaccording to my friends, modifying a disc in the.

Walker, Acton Vale. Is this true? You may even find a computer being put to uses that you had not thought of. Look forward to hearing from all you Atari enthusiasts out there in the wilds of the Cardiff area. If so and you are interested in joining orforming. It also be able to should bills output by the calculate —.

Brian Duckett, 13 Bridge. WE about your welcome letters from readers experiences using the Atari micros, about tips you would like to pass on to other users. The write is;. Have you thought about putting the information onto a database which has a built in calculator feature, such as Syn? Simple bills, of na me,. If so ' when? I heard that Beyond were to convert some of their games for theAtari some time ago Is this true?

Get Hawng read through. More From the Atari by Ian. Sinclair l was looking for a. The best way to find out is to contact the companies con—. Centronics parallel interface. Atari , based. Special Interest Ice M' hockey.

Jervis, Not. Incidentally do you know why the recorder has a stereo head and the data IS recorded on one channel? It baffles me. Ioca g ltgis a little expensive. Ask any serious Atari works OK, take your computer months with a keyboard fault ' user about "The Blue Bible", back for repair. The "normally, memory location the to stereo contains a ".

H owe v er. It is a machine code game so you have to get the computer in machine code mode when it is switched on, but after about 30 seconds it goes into the self test.

It will not load Basic either, although. The person In first place got. This 5-pin DIN can be connected to the "video in" socket on the video recorder,. This will give a far better result than simply plugging the TV lead into the aerial socket back. For some unknown reason, when we ran the metres. Those are only two of the bugs that we have found.

Martin Parry and Darren Rayfeld, Maidstone. S Wishbrinulr Hirehhikm. Accessor Visa cards welcome, [1 UIlasper item Ior overseas orders. Note to newsagent: Atari User should be obtainable from your local wholesaler, or contact Steve Fletcher, Circulation Manager on '.

Simple plug in no cutting, drilling or soldering. Microscope, Atari Insights—Bit Wise. Beginners and Graphics. June issue: Analysis of the 1 30x July issue: Disassembler, Bomb Run, i sue: ec graphics. Display GemWrite reviews. Keyboard Sounds, Microscope. August issue: Analysis of 52OST,. Beginners and Insights. Sounds lnteresting: Ready-made sounds.

Hexer: Enter, display and run machine code programs with this hexadecimal loader. Attack Squash: Fast-action game. Reaction Timer. How fast reactions? Binary: Convert are. Submarine: Scuttle the submarines. Etcha-Sketch: Draw pictures with a joystick.

Random Numbers: Get random numbers from machine code. Filth y Fifteen: Can you keep the Filthy Fifteen happy in their cells? K generating passwords till you find one you like. K eyboard. Convert your micro into an organ.

Quasimodo: Can you sort out the mess of ropes in the A. Software reviews. Beginners and. January Machine COde games. Son V ST monitor review. Hunchy game, Check-. Display List: Demonstration programs. Screen Dumps: Dump your Mode85creenstoa printer. Bricks: Solve the Bricks problem. Display List: memory Demonstration programs. Wrap TrapzAction game for one or two players.

H e p G uy escape f mm the guards. Converse: Teach your Atari to be a psychotherapist. Bitwise Operators: Utility to provide logical functions. Circle: Draw and fillacircle. Plus:Freebie of the month— Creepshow machine code pinball game. Get It Rightl: Atari User's own '. Disco: Son at lumiere on your Atari.

List Utility: Makes listing easier. Plus: Freebie Of the month Jane's Program machine code entertainment. Get It Right! Alien Attack: The game to accompany the machine code series.

Lister: Make listin 9 P ro 9 rams easy. Dots: Play the micro or another player at this strategy game. Flashing colour utility. Plus: Freebie of the month: DemonsLair an adventure game you may never escape from.

Basic Compiler: Program to accompany the new series. Alien Attack: Final part of assembly listing. Plus: Freebie of the month: Winstonin the Caves—can you keep your head and help Winston find his? Winston has lost his head— can you keep yours and help him find Daniel Clapson has provided eight screens and two levels of dif?

If you already have a subscription which does not expire fopr several months you can re-order early to bene? Please enter number required in box. Europa House. Hazel Grove. Stockport SK7 5NY. Pleaseallow28daysfordelivery Order at any time of the day or night Orders by Prestel:. Extremely well made to a compact design, it has a unique position guide to. Create image you wish to download into your own Basic program Tape or Disc.

Tapes each. Post FREE. Cartridge boards socketed to hold one or two s wrll enable you to as herng examrned make your own 8 or 16K cartridges. DOS 2. Send blank disc stamps to the value of 50p. Will post back by return.

FREE Service. Super crlpt cant wait to do the lot! Slmpllfled document selection. And much, much more! AI: 5". D f Log. While every care is taken, the publishers cannot be held legally responsible for any errors in articles, listings or advertisements. In this first of two articles Anthony Ginn looks at the background to making music using an ST. Already it has reached a number of licence agreements that entitle it to import a range of products from the US, and to get British software distributed in America.

Ifwefeelatitle willfitinto our range we'll work with the author to make that program a quality title". The ShOW that takes place in jetting , ' across Champagne Suite of the Novotel, H am mersmith, London, from March 7 to 9 is the first Atari—specific exhibition to be held anywhere in the world.

However other major — — if, i " 3. Once leader, — again many Wiii be American imports being brought over for the first time under licence. DON Z.. IN London recently for the Toy Fair was Nolan Bushnell, the pioneering electronics wizard who started the video revolution in the with the first TV game Pong and onscreen went on to found Atari.

When Nolan sold Atari to Warner Communications he was prevented from developing any electronic game or toy for seven years. But now that compete time his is up, non— Nolan is backin the business,and has set up a California—based company called Axlon. The lesson hasn't wasted on whom bundling been the Americans, is a to novel concept, rarely used.

Limited software availability had been listed as the main reason for dealer resistance to franchise a reements, but the ficultyin setting that current sales 9. Ballyhoo is an interactive mystery in which the player takes on the role of a small town..

Atari once again threw down the gauntlet saying "We Dare You To Compare", and showed soon — software. A new peripheral promised of popularly priced computers and the lead— of video ing manufacturer games". One final WW X and Y are stored in the ship vertical and horizontal stores to record of the new ship provide positions. If moved then the X and Y registers are March 0 is stored in and indexed with Y to erase pixels previously plotted at the top and bottom of the Alien shape. The accumulator is loaded with 1 whatever value is held in address This is used to provide a pseudo-random number and thus plota random flight path for Alien 1.

The horizontal position ofAIien is checked to see if it has reached the right hand side of the screen — The Alien colour register is cleared to see if it is dark red 53 which has been indicates that the Alien is not plotted hit. I 66 - FIRE 0 Lines to handle the firing of the ship missile. I ALlEN 3 I III. II II 3 II A 4 is 1 if the Alien colour register is dark has 53 , and therefore Alien stripe.

The sound channels are also switched off if the missile is off the If screen. BOMB 0 Lines to handle the movement of the alien missiles. Ifso the missile flag is set to 0 and Y decreased so that the missile stays off the screen and a new missile can then be plotted. The new missile is dropped ifthe carry has 1 been previously set from line A loop 1 i i 7 decreases Xfrom to to run the explosion sound and flash the screen background colour between in address red black.

Residuefrom ovencleanerswill damagethe inside of the oven when the self - clean cycle is used , iJiiD : io not clean the door gasket. The door gasket iJiiI : fi the self cleaning mode malflmctions , turn the is essential for a good seal. Care should be oven off and disconnect the power supply.

Have token not to rub , damage or move the gasket. Throughout this manual , features and appearance may vary from your model. Do not attempt to disassemble or clean around anv bm'ner You will hear a little clicking noise - - - while another burner is on. Mtei " the flame lights , turn the knob to ac!

Hold a lit inatch to the operate nommllv. The finish on the grate Inay chip without cookware to absorb the heat. Combination metal skillets melt. Thiscanbehazardoutso yourhealth. Makesurethewok bottomsits flatonthegrate. Theyareavailableat Use a fiat - bottomed wok. Onh a flat - b tt med wok should be used. This could be dangerous to veto " health. The veil will shut off when the Touch to select roasting with tile comection function , cooking time has Yt ] n hit.

Putthe ovenbackinto operation. If the functionerror coderepeats , disconnectthepower to theovenandcall for Touch when using tile probe to cook fbod. The control lockout is 9and O. See tile 10 Using the self - cleaning oven section. Page: 11 ge. Using the oven. Before you begin. The racks have stops , so that when placed To replace , place the end of the rack correcflv on the supports , they will stop stop - loci Page: 12 Usingthe oven.

Preheating and Pan Placement Preheat the oven if the redpe calls fin " it. If baking with more than one breads. Thecontrol will beep when the ovenis preheated Do not place foods directly on tlTe and the display will show yourset temperature. The juices could become catch a spillover by placing it on a lower hot enough to catch on fire.

Thehot touching the vent openings or nearby air from the vent mayignite flammableitems surfaces duringoven or broiler operation - - and will increasepressurein closedcontainers , they may become hot which may cause them to burst. This is bec ; mse the flow of gas is The oven or broiler cmmot be lit dtwing a automatically stopped and will not resume power fifilm'e , Gas will not flow tmless the when power is restored tmtil the glow bar glow bar is hot.

Always use the broiler pan and grid that came with your oven. Time min. Well Done E 10 8 difficult to cookrare. Nail , l " x dBool :. Place F 3 - 4 English Muffin 2 split Englishmuffins cat - side - upand brush with butter if desired. LobsterToils 2 - 4 18 20 Do not Cut throughback of turn shell.

Brushwith melted OVer. FishFillets 1 lb. Brushwith lemonbutter before and daringcooking , if desired. Salmon Steaks 2 1 " [ 2. Using the clock , timer and control lockout , www. GEApp lCiaanncaedsa. The maximum setting on and 5 in that order : If you make a control will beep 3 times fbllowed the timer is 9 hours and 59mhTutes. Room temperature promotes the growth of harmful bacteria. Be sure that the oven light is off because heat from the bulb will speed harmful bacteria growth.

Tile oxen temperature and tile cooking time that you entered will be displa ed. Using theprobe , www. The temperature probe takes the guesswork out of roasting by cooking foods to the exact doneness you want. For tollow these directions for proper probe bone - in ham or lamb , insert tile probe placement.

It should not touch bone , fat or gristle. Insert tile probe into tile meatiest part of the imler thigh fl'om below and parallel to the leg era whole tin'key. This circulating hot air is evenly distributed throughout the oven cavity. As a result , foods The convection oven tim shuts offwhen are , evenly cooked and browned - - often in lass the veil door is opened. If pans will not fit , use rack positions B , D and E Multi - rack baking may increase cook times slightly fin " some foods , ] tit the overall result is time saved.

Cookies , mttflins , biscuits , and other quick breads give Multi - rack position. Adapting Recipes. Z : Place the meat on the roasting rack. Cookware for Convection Cooking Metal and Glass When baking cookies , you will Before using your convection oven , check to see if your cookware leaves get the best results ff you use a Any type of cookware will work in vour room for air drculation in the oven.

Hot air cannot use in regular baking can also be used drculate well around food in a pan with for convection baking , 1 ut should not high sides. Youwill hear a fan while cooking with these features. NOTE : Foods that spoil easily - - such as milk , eggs , fish , stuffings , poultry and pork - - should not be aflowed to s for more than 1hour before or after cooking. RemembeI ; cookingtime. Tile oven tempemtm'e that you set and tile cooking dine that you enmred will be in tile displa : 2 Page: 21 ge.

A " n attention tonewill soundff youare cookfora specificlengthof timeand then turnoff usingtimedbakingorroastingand donot touch automatically the STARTpadafter enteringthebakingor roastingtemperature. Erhard Dietl - Die Olchis feiern Weihnachten. Erhard Dietl - Die Olchis im Zoo. Erhard Dietl - Die Olchis auf Geburtstagsreise. Erhard Dietl - Das geheime Olchi-Experiment. Erhard Dietl - Die Olchis fliegen zum Mond.

Erhard Dietl - Die Olchis und der schwarze Pirat. Erhard Dietl - Die besten Witze aus Schmuddelfing. Erhard Dietl - Die Olchis und der karierte Tigerhai. Erhard Dietl - Heute will ich ein Olchi sein. Opfer FLAC.

Despite a rather tedious closing act, the occasional lack of clarity in the mix during heavier moments, and that elusive musical equivalent of “wow, that was awesome,” Hexer are a band that oozes atmosphere and immersion. A bit more fine-tuning and identity-finding and Hexer .


Lenten - Various - De Schippers Van De Kameleon (CD, Album)

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Joep Sertons , die oorspronkelijk als de burgemeester zou verschijnen, kreeg Gijs Scholten van Aschat als vervanger, en hijzelf werd de nieuwe dokter. Peter Groot Kormelink molenaar Dijkstra werd min of meer toevallig toegevoegd. Aanvankelijk was hem gevraagd een compositie te schrijven voor de muziek van de film. Daarna werd hij aangesproken voor het bescheiden rolletje van molenaar.

Men vond hem voornamelijk geschikt vanwege zijn uiterlijk kaal hoofd en zijn lichaamsbewegingen houterige manier van rennen. Het personage Esther Bleeker, gespeeld door Saar Koningsberger , komt in de 64 boeken niet voor. Wel komt in de eerste delen een jongen voor met de naam Cor Bleeker. Hij raakt bevriend met Hielke en Sietse en gaat regelmatig mee op avontuur. De regisseur heeft er bewust voor gekozen er een meisje van te maken, zodat hiermee de doelgroep werd verbreed en er romantiek aan het verhaal kon worden toegevoegd.

De film werd door recensenten met weinig enthousiasme ontvangen. De film won op de tiende dag van roulatie de Nederlandse prijs Gouden Film wegens het halen van In juni werd de film vertoond op de 23e editie van het International Young Audience Filmfestival in Polen.

De muziek in de film werd geschreven door componist Ronald Schilperoort en uitgevoerd door het Metropole Orkest. Verder hadden tien artiesten ieder een eigen lied geschreven. De regisseur koos hieruit een paar geschikte stukken. Grote winnaars waren De Boswachters met hun hit Wind In Mijn Haren , dat ergens in het midden van de film te horen was, en Han van Eijk met zijn nummer Voor Altijd Samen , dat werd gebruikt tijdens de openingcredits en de aftiteling.

Als extra werd aan de broertjes Koen en Jos van der Donk gevraagd iets muzikaals te verzinnen voor op de cd. Samen met zanger Peter Groot Kormelink begonnen zij vervolgens te werken aan het lied Tweelingen , een ode aan het tweeling zijn, met robotachtige sfeergeluiden. De studenten waren het er niet mee eens dat in de film Nederlands gesproken werd, omdat het verhaal zich in Friesland afspeelt.

De film werd tijdens de KEI-week algemene studentenintroductie in Groningen vertoond en daarna in vele dorpen in Friesland.

Boudewijn de Groot speelt een klein rolletje in de film, namelijk als een fietsende man die het lied Jimmy fluit, een lied van De Groot zelf. Ook Ed Nijpels , op dat moment commissaris der Koningin in Friesland, had een rolletje als zichzelf. Op 2 juli werd De schippers van de Kameleon beloond met een Gouden Film op grond van het bioscoopbezoekersaantal.

Op 5 augustus volgde een Platina Film. Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. De schippers van de Kameleon. Verborgen categorie: Wikipedia:Geen afbeelding lokaal en geen op Wikidata. In winkelwagen. Verkoop door oneder. Jan Terlouw Oosterschelde Windkracht 10 Tweedehands 16, Verkoop door Next. Verkoop door Vugtverkoop. Schmidt Wiplala 3CD-luisterboek 16, Verkoop door Paagman. Verkoop door MUSTonline.

Mem Willeke van Ammelrooy Mevrouw Bleeker Peter Tuinman Meneer Bleeker Rense Westra Veldwachter Zwart Gijs Scholten van Aschat Burgemeester Tim Zweije Nozem 1 Wybe Bruinsma Nozem 2 Hilly Harms Oma de Jong Sipke Jan Bousema Van Kampen Mads Wittermans Sygerdsma jr.

Gelukkig niet irritant. Setting van het dorp was goed, zag er leuk uit. Acteerwerk was redelijk. Sommige scene's waren best spannend. Ik heb me eigenlijk best vermaakt met deze film.

Vond dit altijd wel een leuk film, het spelletje wat je bij de pindakaas kreeg was nog leuker. Vroeger gezien in de bios. Special effects waren goed, acteerwerk was niet heel slecht een leuk verhaal en heb me prima vermaakt.

Eerste keer dat ik dit zag vond ik het echt fantastisch, maar dit doet toch wel erg pijn hoor. Toch wel fijn die goede oude avonturen weer op te halen die Sietske en Hielke meemaakten.

Maar echt, een vervelendere tweeling hadden ze haast niet kunnen uitkiezen. Ze acteerden zo slecht dat werkelijk al het jeugdsentiment wegebde.

Het zag er grotendeels erg amateuristisch uit. Nee, deze film vergeet ik liever zo snel mogelijk. Mocht ik ooit nog eens een boek openslaan van de kameleon, dan hoop ik niet aan deze film te hoeven denken. Leuk voor een keertje, maar te vaak te onbeholpen: 1. Het punt van kritiek bij uitstek betreft het feit dat de tweelingbroers vooral zijn geselecteerd om hun olijke koppies, want op een fatsoenlijk uitgesproken zin heb de twee nauwelijks kunnen betrappen.

Overigens geldt dat ook voor Koningsberger. Enkel Steven de Jong was een verrassende verschijning, die prima bij zijn personage paste. En laat diezelfde Steven De Jong ook nog eens de regisseur van de film zijn. Dat gaat hem eveneens redelijk af, maar hoogstaand wordt het echter geen moment. Cinematografisch oogt een en ander zeer amateuristisch, om over de vreemde keuze voor de tornado maar helemaal te zwijgen. Vooral mijn kameleon huisdier vond hem geweldig, hij verschoot continu van kleur!

Jan met de pet. Geinige Nederlandse film met de Friese jongens Sietse en Hielke. Wel met plezier naar gekeken, overigens vond ik deel 2 ook erg leuk, maar minder dan dit eerste deel. Had allemaal wel iets spannender gemogen. Is net wat te soft gebracht. Acteren was niet van iedereen goed.

Regelmatig een amsterdams accent erdoor van die jongens.. Heel irritant,geen goede casting dus,als je weet dat het verhaal uit friesland komt.. Acteren was ook heel erg onder de maat. Maarten Spanjer was toch wel de leukste en beste..

Trouwens de speedboot ontplofte al voordat die tegen die grote schip kwam.

Dit is de Officiële website van de Schippers van de Kameleon. Hier word alles verteld over de Kameleon, Lenten, avonturen beleven enzovoort. Ook staan er tips en grappen. Kleurplaten in overvloed, en alle KAMELEON-BOEKEN staan hier als DOWNLOAD!!!!!


Wait Until Tomorrow - Bob Kuban And The In-Men - Look Out For The Cheater (CD)

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It was, I think, a Zenith, Dreamsicle orange with a silver speaker, tucked inside a black leather carrying case. Cloud at the time. Well, two on the AM band. It was the station located in a small building just down the block and across the railroad tracks from our house. KFAM was across town on the south side, in another small building that was home to its studios and those of its FM sister station, the home of the beautiful music.

Both stations offered the usual mids mix of community service radio chatter and — for most of the broadcast day — traditional pop. In the evenings, the two stations switched to Top 40 for a couple of hours. WJON did so, too, for a while, but then in the late s began to explore rock more deeply in the later hours, which was pretty adventurous for St. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts.

Styles Pop-Soul Soul. Track Listing. The Cheater. In the Midnight Hour. Batman Theme. Neal Hefti. All I Want. Greg Hoeltzel. Harlem Shuffle. These Boots Were Made for Walking. Smith makes an appearance here with a track that sounds at once old-fashioned and very much of its time. There are a few acts whom we have not met yet in this long series Any Major Soul was posted in , and there was a series of Any Major Soul mixes, covering two years each, before that.

Lowrell is one of them. Born Lowrell Simon, he was a member of a couple of groups — The Vondells and The Lost Generation — before acting mostly as a songwriter and producer.

In he released his one solo LP on a label owned by, of all people, Liberace. Lowrell died in June Also from a jazz-funk background was spelling-bee nemeses Niteflyte , who released two albums. With the present track Nyteflite even broke the Billboard Top Two acts here did not live to see the end of Minnie Riperton , whose album Minnie was released two months before her death, died of breast cancer on July 12 that year.

She was only He died on January 9 from an apparent suicide. The album that featured the two duets he recorded shortly before his death with Flack, which also included the hit Back Together Again, would be released only in So, now we have covered the s and the s.

Should I enter the s, or has this thing run its course? You tell me. Commodores — Sail On 7. Smith — Love To Burn 8. Minnie Riperton — Lover And Friend 9. Ronnie Dyson — Long Distance Lover Niteflyte — If You Want It Deniece Williams — Turn Around Terry Callier — Pyramids Of Love This mix shows that this notion is nonsense. This lot of songs draws from, the period , the prime of soul music. And not all of the acts here were strictly or always soul, but they all produced records that nonetheless merit inclusion in the genre.

Including the effort by a future country superstar. Linda Lyndell, targetted by racist assholes for singing soul music. One of the artists here had her career destroyed by the Ku Klax Klan. Linda Lyndell was beginning to enjoy some success on Stax records with the original version of the Salt N Pepa hit What A Man when death threats by the KKK, which objected to a white woman singing black music on a black label, persuaded her to go into retirement.

She made a comeback much later, and still performs occasionally. Another white singer, from a country background, once recorded soul music before selling records by the shedload to audiences which included KKK types.

The Silver Fox escaped commercial success as a soul singer and the wrath of racists, and went on to become the self-appointed guardian of pure country. The following day, Otis Redding died in a plane crash. Had Otis lived, he might well have made a star of a white teenage kid with a real soul voice whom he had discovered in Pittsburgh, Johnny Daye.

In the event, Daye released just a few singles on Stax before retiring from music in The eponymous Bob Kuban was the bandleader and drummer. The singer on The Cheater was Walter Scott. He had enjoyed his first chart action as a year-old in under his birth-name, Bobby Pedrick Jr. Commercial success eluded him, but soul aficionados know to appreciate his vocal stylings. Later life Beaumont returned to The Skyliners, whom he fronted until his death in Early in her career, Kiki Dee was styled as a Spectoresque girl singer.

She also did backing vocals for Dusty Springfield. She was doing well enough as a soul singer to become the first white British artist to be signed by Motown in South African soul singer Una Valli, pictured in Valli performed almost exclusively cover versions of soul and pop songs.

In any other world, she might have become a stone-cold soul legend she previously featured on Covered With Soul Vol. Two years after the featured song by Bill Deal and the Rhondels was released, saxophonist Freddy Owens joined the group. In the band was playing in Richmond, Virginia, when Owens was shot dead in the pursuit of a man who had raped his wife. Bill Deal never really got over that and four years later quit the music industry.

He died in The most famous venue in this sub-culture, which had its own dress codes and dancing styles, was the Wigan Casino. Six years earlier, the popularity of the tune on the Northern Soul scene had led to its re-release, selling a million copies in the UK — and Parrish earned no money from it. As always, the mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R and includes home-irised covers. PW in comments. Johnny Daye — I Need Somebody 8.

Linda Lyndell — What A Man 9. Roy Head — Treat Her Right Laura Nyro — Stoned Soul Picnic The Illusion — Falling In Love The Monzas — Instant Love The Cheater 2. In the Midnight Hour 3. Batman Theme 4. All I Want 6. Harlem Shuffle 7. These Boots Were Made for Walking 8. Theme from Virginia Wolfe 9.

Get Out Try Me Baby Stop Her on Sight S.

"The Cheater" was originally released by the Musicland label, for whom Kuban cut two further singles, "Harlem Shuffle" and "The Batman Theme." In , Kuban cut a single for Reprise and re-did his one-hit for other labels in both and In , the Bob Kuban Brass Band recorded Get Ready for Some Rock and Soul, once again for Norman.


Baraka 5B - Lucidno Mudro I Dozlaboga Lukavo (Cassette, Album)

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Ella Y Yo Don Omar Aventura Lyrics English and Spanish? Todo ese tiempo que perdí. Bernard Sumner, and released on his Montel-Michelle and Michelle labels. In addition to your list, 1950. Purchased tickets come with a 100 moneyback guarantee so you know your order is safe.


Museifu Shugi Banzai - What Happens Next? - What Happens Next? (Vinyl)

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A feng shui consultant will have experience and offer a more fine tuned and skillful correction. But in the meantime, here are some house locations to avoid and general ways to address the issue. This one can be corrected by placing a traditional bagua mirror with the eight trigrams framing the perimeter facing the oncoming traffic.

If you work with a consultant they can advise you on how to place landscaping and other exterior objects. A cul-de-sac is a type of dead end street. This one can also be corrected by placing a traditional bagua mirror with the eight trigrams framing the perimeter facing the oncoming traffic.

Trees are good feng shui and contribute to the life energy of a home. There are times when this is okay, for instance if the owners are retired and would like privacy and separation from the outside world. Empress Masako will follow in a multi-layered robe that is so heavy it can be difficult to move, ascending her similarly elaborate throne, called the Michodai.

No verbal instructions will be heard during the tightly choreographed ceremony, with only the sounds of drums and gongs signalling when movement will occur. With the royals installed in their thrones, a drumbeat will give the signal for attendees, including envoys from more than countries, to rise.

The emperor, also standing, will then make the official proclamation, likely to be along the lines of the declaration his father decades earlier: "I proclaim my enthronement to those at home and abroad. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will then shout "banzai" "long live the Emperor" three times, raising his hands in salute with each exclamation.

Guests are expected to join the cheers but foreign invitees are not obliged, according to a government official. Tessa: dude, i'm so bored. Rachel: stop double texting me. June 24, Japanese word "banzai" means " years" that is exactly same menaing with " Long live the king! President , banzai! Where when the enemy has weakened their unit to the point where it has no option but to retreat or surrender, they issue a "Banzai" charge in which they rush head first into the enemy and attempt to engage in close combat, usually with bayonets and swords.

Typically an act of self sacrifice rather then to dishonor their army and country by surrendering to the enemy, an action related to Bushido. It is traditional to scream the word before attacking followed by a non-linguistic war cry.

Slang in video games for a hopeless rush against the enemy, often without any Japanese or Bushido affiliation. Fire at will! Damn man you banzai'd bad on that one. Correct answers rewarded you with points. The show only had 10 episodes, but was axed after only six. The show was targeted by Asian-Americans as stereotypical, leading to its quick demise. Comedy Central picked up the series but only got 5 eps; G4 got the rights and aired the series along with episodes from the original British version.

With Banzai Sushi you don't have to drive to a crowded restaurant or settle for a bad sushi place just because it delivers. Get quality sushi delivered straight to your door instead. Banzai Sushi is the only all-natural fresh-frozen sushi manufacturer in North America. Conveniently located in Seattle, Washington, we've got access to the.

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