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Share The Fall (Grooveriders Jeep Mix) - Scuba (4) - Jungle Rinse Out 1993-2001 (CDr)

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Contact: ikelite. Great for carrying your favorite reg and dive computer, the Stahlsac Molokini can also be used as a laptop case or a carry-on bag.

Features include both external and internal compartments, plus a sleeve for a inch laptop. A good choice for scuba and snorkeling, the Hydroflex provides enough warmth to keep divers comfortable while allowing freedom of movement. O-rings seal arms and legs, while a hook-and-loop collar adjusts to all neck sizes.

Contact: aqualung. This short-sleeved, loose-fitting top is perfect for wearing under a wetsuit or on its own to protect from the hot rays of the sun and the chilling spray of water. Made of water-repellent, quick-drying fabric with a SPF factor of Contact: scubapro. Some BCDs specialize or allow for different mounting options as you specialize with different diving techniques.

Both our body and most of our gear tends to float in water so scuba divers need some kind of weight to help us get down and stay down. The downside to lead weight is that it only wants to make us sink so if there are any problems in the water we need a way to get rid of it quickly so on most they will have a quick release function so you can dump the lead and ensure you can float. There are various ways to mount lead and the most traditional is a weight belt.

Most BCDs today are fitted with integrated weight pockets so you can fit your lead in specialized pouches in your BCD and drop them with a quick tug on a handle if needed. Dive computers are eliminating the need for learning and using dive tables to make your diving safer and less complicated. Your consists of a stopwatch, a pressure sensor, and algorithms inside all rolled into one little machine.

A good dive computer will tell you how long you can stay at a certain depth, when to ascend, how fast you can ascend and when to perform a safety stop if necessary. Some computers connect to various other sensors to tell you more about your diving.

Many computers will connect to a wireless air transmitter that fits to your regulator and tells your computer how much air you have left and how long it will last based on your breathing rate. Mine has 8" wheels on it but you can get 12" if you need a few more inches of clearance. A rack could be added to the tongue to carry a cooler. I am sure but you can probably carry 2 to 3 tanks as well as a dive bag inside. I think it has a max weight but that may be the load weight and not the gross weight.

Obviously it would be more for a day trip or weekend. Billy, I think a motorcycle trailer would work lovely and what a great way to get there. I have used it to haul my golf clubs to a local golf course and it works really well for that application. My pickup has a king cab and locking fiberglass cover so no need unless I have more than 3 buddies with me. Been thinking of a travel trailer or better a toy hauler and then add scuba gear storage to that. I like it, how did you do it?

Diver , Jan 31, I like it too! The Chairman , Jan 31, I like it too, but aren't you worried it might alert thieves that you may have valuable scuba stuff inside? It is, therefore, the role of the regulator to convert the air into breathable oxygen. The most basic packages have a regulator that is compatible with oxygen.

But if you go for those at higher prices, the air mix also increases. This scuba diving package from Cressi contains almost all the gear that a beginner may need to get started. It is also fairly priced. Although it is a great option for beginners, the front to back zippers and the PSI gauges may be a little awkward.

If you are looking for an upgrade on the Cressi R1, then the Cressi Travelight is an ideal option. This scuba diving package is designed to be as lightweight and portable as possible. All the pieces of gear fit inside the provided backpack, weighing about 15 pounds in total. In addition, you get a Cressi mini SPG, a regulator bag, and a trolley.

The Aqua Lung Pro HD Scuba diving gear package is an incredibly durable set that is resistant to both chlorinated and saltwater use. The BCD jacket provided has weights integrated onto it.

A well-balanced diaphragm that eases your breathing is also part of the package. The jacket is integrated with weights. The BCD is engineered with its weights to save you the expense of an additional weight belt. While it may be great for beginners, it does not come with a pressure gauge. You have to buy it. In the yellow column are the two 'Halide' gases: fluorine F and chlorine Cl. Both are highly corrosive and poisonous in gaseous form; chlorine was the major constituent of deadly mustard gas in World War I.

Chlorine is also one of the constituents of sea salt NaCl. The Noble gases are so-named because they generally do not combine with other 'non-noble' elements - they are nearly chemically inert, especially the lighter ones. This is part of the reason they are gases, and why they would appear to be good candidates for our purpose. However, argon and everything below it in the table are all heavier than air.

This means that they would tend to pool in the bottom of the lungs, which could lead to asphyxiation - bad. Despite being mostly inert, all the heavier Noble gases, including neon, also turn out to be narcotic at depth. Finally, radon is radioactive. All the noble gases are also quite rare and expensive, especially the heavy ones.

But wait, there are other gaseous compounds, thousands of them. What about other 'molecular' gases? Unfortunately, most of them can be eliminated as well. High concentrations of carbon dioxide hinder our breathing reflex, while even low concentrations of carbon monoxide are toxic; both would lead to underwater blackout if used in a breathing mix.

Water vapor is strictly avoided in breathing mixtures because it would cause regulator icing. In truth, I don't think many other gases have been studied. Fluorocarbons like Freon and hydrocarbons like propane are typically not even breathable at normal pressures.

That leaves just helium , the lightest of the Noble gases, shown here at right. Fortunately though, helium would appear to be near-perfect for our purposes: it diffuses quickly out of our tissues during decompression, it is inert, and has no appreciable biological action - there is no such thing as helium narcosis.

That's not quite true, and oxygen is also slightly narcotic at depth, but neither is anywhere near as bad as nitrogen. By virtue of its low density, helium also reduces the work of breathing under pressure. The drawbacks of helium are that it makes your voice unintelligible, and it is an excellent conductor of heat.

This makes you very cold just from breathing a helium mix, and also requires the use of a separate drysuit-inflation gas, typically argon or air. Although it is the second most common element in the universe after hydrogen, here on earth, helium is rather difficult to come by.

For many years, the US government controlled the world's entire supply as a strategic material, and helium was simply unavailable. That is no longer the case today, but it is still expensive. Helium is used in two deep-diving breathing mixes: Trimix and Heliox.

A good choice for scuba and snorkeling, the Hydroflex provides enough warmth to keep divers comfortable while allowing freedom of movement. O-rings seal arms and legs, while a hook-and-loop collar adjusts to all neck sizes. Contact: faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo MSRP: $

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    Scuba & Snorkeling Equipment. Buying scuba and snorkeling equipment can be a daunting task for inexperienced divers. Many people like to own their own gear because of the convenience it provides for them to go on a dive whenever they like and do it much more comfortably.
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