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Our Love Is Here To Stay - Eddie ;Lockjaw; Davis - Goin To The Meetin (CD)

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Is anyone else freaking out that this summer we celebrate our 10 year reunion? Name: robert gochee email Class of: Now living in: connecticut Date: Nov.

Hope everyone is doing well. Loving Philly, loving life, loving not being in NPR. Its been a while since I last updated on here. I have been living in South Carolina for a year and a half. Love it up here. I am getting married to a wonderful man in 5 months.

My children are getting really big, Taylor is 6 and is going into the 1st grade and Jake is 4 and will start k-4 in august. Not much else is new. We will be moving up north next year so my fiance can attend grad school. I would love to hear from anyone who I dont already keep in touch with on Facebook.

Petersburg but I still went to this school so get in touch with me on myspace or my email — sweetelissa gmail. Still down there with the blue hairs? Hit me up. Soo yeah umm not to much stuff here umm as most of you know already I am on MySpace!!!

So hit My sister Denise up or myself on myspace!!! Kristin F. I am so happy for you and your kids. Well that is it for right now. I still up in the hood. I moved to the murder capital of Philly. I love it. Hope you all in NPR or Florida are totally loving that dump. My kids and I just moved to Greenville, SC. Its great up here. My kids are getting really big.

My daughter is 5 and my son is 3. Everything is going really great right now I really couldnt ask for more. Congats to everyone who are having babies and getting married. How is everyone doing? Still in Philly. Loving it. Still falling asleep to gunshots.

Hit me up if you are ever in Philly and I can show you the hood. I own a entertainment marketing company, as well as just started a travel business. Its back to the crazy life. Hit me up if anyone ever wants to talk. Im still trying to get in touch with Adam Randall so if anyone can help me out with that I would appreciate it. I am still in New Port Richey. I am a coach for a cheerleading team in Clearwater.

They are called the Florida Hurricanes and all they do is competitions. Its awesome. If anyone has any contact info for him, please email it to me. My email is vinylsoldier yahoo. Congrats to all the Married folk and all the Mommys and Daddys Im sure your babys are beautiful Hey check me out on myspace if you get a chance I would love to catch up. Name: Nicholas A.

Evans Class of: Now living in: Still…. SW Philly represent. I love the thrill of making it to my car alive and going to sleep to the sounds of gunshots. You should come check out this slice of heaven. You will LOVE it.

Anyways hope all is good in Florida. Ok kids cops on the block gotta go. I am now living in Feather Sound with my boyfriend. My life is going very well.

No kids or marriages yet. Next fall I will be teaching high school english!! Scary, huh?? Anyway, please respond. I am very interested to see how everyone is doing!

Things are going well, no babies yet. I hope all is well with everyone. Its so great to see everyone doing so well…babies and all! Well Im graduating this semester with honors and will be attending ASU this year fall. Me and my husband are buying our first home, hopefully 5 bedrooms or more sf. We are going to India in a month or two, so that will be exciting! My husbands parents will move here and in with us, and after that we will think about kids!

Life is swell it seems! Name: amy knipp Class of: Now living in: NPR Date: Dec 22, Comments: whats up guys-just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays—i see most of you on myspace -but for those of you that i dont talk to or see from myspace look me up i would love to chat bye for now —ps jimmy lekakis and i are still together and getting married when i finish nursing school.

I am currently running my parents business with my brothers and that pretty much takes up all of my time. I am to be married soon and with that I will have a 4 yr old step daughter. No kids of my own yet but trying… my pit bull is my baby!

Take Care. Enjoy the heat. Stay stuck up! Any info will be helpful. Will take care of her for us! My doctor almost put me threw that portion too, thank god she failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Lawyer sent my mother and I a letter today and said that he was going to take my old hospital that I was in, to court…. How is Florida treating ya…. Have a good rest of the year. See ya never. I got it today from classmates. Well just wondering.. Peace everyone, pray all is well with everyone..

I have been married for 4 years. I would like to thank everyone for supporting our troops. Name: Big Chris Scicli Class of: Now living in: Virginia still Date: Jul 20, Comments: I got out of the army 2 weeks ago, and start work for a government contracting company that trains new army officers in convoy ambush procedures. When I get on my feet, Im moving back to florida!!!!!

They are be 2 weeks old but they had to stay in the NICU for a while, so they only seem a few days old to me. Congrats to everyone for the babies and marriages.. Im gettin married in september.. Yeah for all of you that know me , I was the last person that you would have thought to settle down with a family…Well it finally happend….

Happy to hear about all the marriages and babbies! After HS I worked as a medical asst. Looking forward to our reunion! Still living in New York.. The people are nasty up here.. I survived living in South Philadelphia I can survive Bing. My husband and I Jimmy Boettcher plan to try for a baby around the end of the summer, But before we do, We want to get the plans for opening up our learning center going.

Thought yah wanna know!!! Name: Roeder Class of: Now living in: on the road Date: May 1, Comments: im not a truck driver i work for a non profit org that raises money and awarness for wounded soliders and im usaully in a different city each week. My wife and I are expecting out first in what looks like June or early July. The baby is a girl and we have agreed on the name Hannah Loraine Blackman. We are getting very excited and are looking forward to taking this big step in our lives.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our class reunion. I am a Medical Assistant now starting to make good money… anyways my kids are doing good they are getting so big, my son Aaron is 4, but will be 5 in dec. Congrats on everyone once again…. I cant wait to see everyone again at the reunion…. It was really nice comin down there and seeing alot of you guys.. Nicole Johnson, Cryssy Torres My cousin, from a whole other set of parents, love ya girl, James Acosta, lookin good and doin well too, better take care of my Cryssy..

I miss Gulf Middle and Gulf High days sometimes.. Or should I say I miss the people.. Few more weeks and this baby is comin out.. Can wait, but Cant wait.. Well Everyone keep in touch, and Mike you need to have that big bash at your place, hey and join myspace with the rest of us nuts..

Name: Mike Garcia Class of: Now living in: still new port richey Date: Apr 7, Comments: I would first like to say to the family of Mike that im sorry for your loss and i am sending prayers your way. He was a great guy and he will be missed. As for everyone else i want to say congrats on makin babies and also for all the people getting married i wish you the best of luck.

I am still in cosmotology school and im loving it. Who would have ever thought that i would be doing hair for a living, certainly not me. Im glad to see that everyone is happy in their lives. Name: : chris scicli Class of: Now living in: Ft. My prayers and thoughts are out to all the friends and family of his.

I was going to try to make it down for the services but it wasnt able to be worked out. I just send my condolences to the family and everyone else that knows him. We kept each other up when times were down…those in the military know how it is.

We are going back to iraq this summer as a gun truck company, doing convoy security…. I miss all you guys, and wish I kept in touch with a lot more than what i have… hope all is well. Mike Rowe was an amazing guy and a dear friend of our family. He was like a second brother to my sister, and I know that she would not be the person she is today with out him. I will miss you Mike. To all of you, Brandon and everyone else.

Come home safe and sound. I am keeping you all in my prayers. I knew him back from swim team. I remember him as a really nice guy.

My wife is pregnant with our second daughter right now and I know thats gotta be incredibly tough for his wife. Do you all think theres anything we could do to help them out? We could talk to Mr. Miller about organizing something. Just a thought. Mike will be dearly missed and my deepest condolences go to his wife and family. To all my brothers and sisters over there, keep your heads down and your wits about you so you can come home safe. Carson and I just found out that I am going to Icrack after a little training in Texas.

I am leaving for Ft. Hood this Tuesday the 21st and shortly after my training is done I get shipped out. Peace out. Well O dont know what to say. I am currently living in phoenix arizona, where my husband found a job in computers hes a computer programmer. Before that we were living in west palm beach for 2 years. I am currently going to palm beach community college, now taking online courses. I am an honors student, something I could never accomplish at gulf.

I plan on grad spring of next year with my associates, though I plan to take it further, trying to get my Phd. My husband is from india, so I plan on going there this year end. I guess thats all. My husband Doug was a Gulf grad in My son Jacob is now 9 months old. Name: nikki hampton Class of: Now living in: tampa Date: Feb 27, Comments: Just leaving my myspace, in case anyone wants to get in touch.

But I got my ged. Anyways, i am now in georgia, Ive got a beautiful 14 month old baby girl and am just now starting college. My daughter saved my life and here I am just wanted to drop a line see what everyone was up to!

Name: Jenn Garcia Class of: Now living in: Holiday Date: Feb 5, Comments: hey everyone just wanted to say hi, I am finally about to get out school i am in my last term……i cant wait then i will be goingto my externship as a medical assistant. I havent wrote in a long time, so I figured what the hell. Right now I am deployed in Krgyzstan, woo-hoo.

Only 4 more months of the military. I cant wait to get out! Congrats to all of you with the babies-good luck. Just thought I would drop in to see how everyone is doing. Looks like everyone is doing well. Glad to hear!!!!

Well the status is still the same. No kids, No ring. Hope to see some of you around then. Hope all is well and everyones doing great. Anywho, see yall soon. I am now officially an Apache pilot!! My wife and I are going to be moving in the middle of February to Ft. Carson, Colorado which is in Colorado Springs.

Looks like alot have had babies and have been married. Never been happier. I too have a baby girl on the way in April. Well, maybe talk to some of ya soon. Send me an E-mail Rudy D. Special hello to Kristen F. Congrats on all the marriages and babies. My sister jaimie morales is now married and is a mommy of a 3 mo. Old baby boy she is now mrs. I do have a cat. I hope all is well. Jessica m morales. Name: allison eckenrode Class of: Now living in: the port. Date: Jan 24, Comments: yadda yadda yadda.

Hope to see you all there! Congradulations to the rest of you! Just wanted to drop by to say hi since I havent posted in such a long time. Everyone seems to be doing good. I am now living in Washington with my husband and daughter. Life is good up here. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date September, Her acting is superb. Very convincing and very natural. I wish her the BEST! A, thank you so much for taking time away from your busy schedule to check in with us. Please take care of yourself. Always in my thoughts. Sending love, peace and many blessings to you and your beautiful family!

I have to admit in reading your comments, you're both giving me incentive to try it Sounds like FUN! Glad you saw Janet's movie. It does look really good. It seems to delve into deep issues that we all face in life particularly in relationships, no matter what color or what gender we are. I think as females, we can relate to situations portrayed in the movie. With males, if they happen to be good listeners and attentive , they will be able to understand a little more than before.

There is much to be learned from each other, that's for sure! I am planning to see this movie as well. I hope you are feeling better and stronger as each day passes by, my dear. You are still in my prayers and thoughts.

Keep the Faith Thank you all for your love and support. What they did was monstrous. Remember, remember the 5th of November. That's just a teaser. The best is yet to come. We've an important message to give. It's up to us or else it will never be done. Thank you for your comment. You will always have my unwavering love and support. It helps, I think, to consider ourselves on a very long journey: the main thing is to keep to the faith, to endure, to help and love each other.

You are in my heart. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend that is always there. Maria C Hello Maria! I got your post on the previous blog. I'm doing fine just taking a quick break in between doing some work. How are you Maria?

I'm flattered that you enjoy my posts. Ah, but they're nothing really I'm looking forward to going to the Cirque Du Soleil! It is going to be awesome! Who's bad? Michael is! A Awwwwww you're so sweeeet! Your post to Letta is so thoughtful and sweet.

I'm so glad to see your post. I'm beyond ecstatic! Sorry to be so excited but I missed you terribly. I have yet to see the movie when I get a chance but I did see Janet's interview. She's humble,kind, talented and just darling! I'm very happy that you're doing well and resting.

I'm doing well though I still miss the cats and I miss talking with you very much. I understand having a busy schedule as my work keeps me quite busy as well. When I'm not thinking about some work I just wanna flop down and go to sleep lol. I'm probably not as busy as poor you though. Remember to take time to relax so as to not get stressed.

You tried to contact some of us with no luck? You saw us somewhere and were too shy? Awwww dear please don't ever feel too shy to approach us anywhere. I recently got a twitter account. You can contact me there or anywhere else. My twitter name is my nickname I'm sure you remember it!

Thank you so much for your post Mr. Excuse my rambling on but it's been awhile. Hope to see you soon I have to tell you about my trip to Universal Studios! I and all of us love you very, very much! Many blessings and hugs. You love us well we love you most!

Ah, a new page Sorry, we're here to read about Michael Jackson. Please take "self expression" elsewhere. Guess I'll be seeing you in person next October in Ottawa lol! Looking forward to it. Don't be a stranger. Stop by and say hi. Michael L. Take care and I love you most. A Hello my special dear friend, I was very happy to hear from you after a long period of time. It is great that all is well with you, except for over working.

I welcome you and I really miss talking to you very much. It is good to know that you have not forgotten us, I thought that you no later wanted to comment or speak with any f us anymore. Now, I am happy that was not the case. Oh Yeah something puzzle me is that you where not able to get in contact with me, wondering how was it impossible?

I did give you the correct information, however, if I do get the chance to speak with you again I will give it to you again to make sure that it is correct.

I had surgery on my Left Arm this pass Wednesday, and well it is still swollen and painful, but I am dealing with it each day. Then entire cast should win an award for what all of them went through in this movie. Glad that you enjoyed it as well. I will be returning again to see it for a second time. Well, I will stop boring you with all my talk, which I can go on and on, with no stop. We come to each other from different worlds Drawn to each other by the love inside of us We give to each other our different worlds Long as we can do it, Life, we're gonna breeze right through it Let the time flow; Let the love grow Let the rain shower; Let the rose flower Love, it seeks; Love, it finds Love, it conquers; Love, it binds.

We reach for each other from different worlds With love for each other that will stand the test of time We're up to the challenge of different worlds With this love inside us, there is nothing can divide us Glad to read your comment to Mr. A, you know me so well my friend. It was very good to know that he is still around, yes?

Sorry, to read it is cold in New York. Last time I was there I visit a friend and it was around the Thanksgiving Time and it was snowing, omg I went outside in my sandals and played in it since where I live it does not snow, except in the Tahoe or Reno, Nevada areas. I go there for New Years Eve time to party. Well, will keep it short just wanted to thank you for your comment to Mr. But, I cannot stand is the constant pain that I have to deal with day in day out.

It is even hard to sleep, because it wakes me up. Anyway, it was nice to hear my our friend Mr. That made me smile tonight reading all the comments to him. Well, will not bored you I am making this short and it takes me a while to type with this arm too. Letta believe Good evening,hope all is well. Rock With You Horsegirl,Good evening,glad to hear all is well. Yes, I will definitely keep practicing on the dancing. So the night I did the Thriller dance you practiced the spin till you got dizzy,oh gee.

I am sure you will get that long spin with a little more practice. Susan,Thank you for posting the dates for the MJ Cirque tour. LoveConquersAll,Hope all is well,Yes when time permits check out the tutorials on learning how to do the Thriller dance,it is so much fun,i know you will have a lot of fun as well.

By the way, can you do the Moonwalk? I haven't got it yet myself, I need to practice some more. Take care, Love and smiles to you. Love and many smiles to you. Wow Larry you finally gave us another blog. For a moment I thought the previous blog would have to start having chapters because it was getting so dang long. I miss Janet interview hopefully it will repeated again.

Also I hope to get to see the movie. I hope and pray your doing much better. I enjoyed your review of the film and can't wait to go see it. Right now I can't but hopefully I can get it On Demand in the near future.

Susan — Thanks for the listing. I see one of them is near my home. Can't believe I will be returning back to the arena 30 years later after watching Michael and his brothers perform back then. Welcome back sir. You have been greatly missed around here. You brought a smile to Letta and many others here including me. Great to hear from you again. I thought you were gone forever.

That we would never hear from you again. Just look what a surprise. However it is understandable that you have a life and sometimes you simply don't have time. Well I am so happy that you were able to pop in. Mr A, I hope your doing well and spending time with family and friends which is far more important. I'll let you go but you know where to find us in the House of Love. Please take care, and please remember your in our Hearts.

Rock With You Horsegirl- I thought that she was not really relaxed during this interview. I remember previous interviews with Larry where she seemed to be more comfortable.

I'll answer your questions with a question. Did you not see the teaser posted on the 5th of November on my website? Love Conquers, it's fun but takes little a practice. Watch these people a couple of times and you'll get it. Pixie, I'll keep trying the spin, don't know if I'll get it though lol. I'm beginning to learn a new song on my guitar "We Are the World".

Thanks Larry for giving us a new blog. Janet was wonderful on your show the other night. She showed such class and was very passionate about her stance on bullying. Bullying is not just associated with children. We as adults need to reflect upon our actions towards each other. We should all take away some thing from this interview. Being with them connects us to the deep widom of life, which is everpresent and only asks to be lived.

Like a master chef, I begin each day with an empty bowl. Whatever the "special of the day" turns out to be, I get to create it. With God as my Source, I have everything I need. I reach for wisdom and compassion; imagination and zeal; strength and love; peace and change. I choose the ingredients of my day thoughtfully and prayerfully, co-creating with God.

I add and take away in perfect measure, manifesting a life of joy day by day. From morning to night my bowl fills. At the end of the day, I reflect on what I have created. I give thanks for the divine creativity flowing through me. I release what needs to be released and rest until tomorrow, when I will begin again with a fresh, new bowl. Show by your good life that your works are done with gentleness born of wisdom. Angel Pie! It is so good to see you ,the master of 'tummy typing'!

I do the same thing at night in my cozy bed ,under my down blanket ,i try to type ,and it is indeed most challenging,i need some lessons Have you seen Janets new movie? A's comments ,i really have to see this film! Janet ,to me has been such a lady through and through,dignified ,down to earth ,and so pretty! I bet you are all better now,and on your way! Please take good care ,and i am so enjoying the peacefulness on these blogs! I knew it could be done. Hoping all is well with you ,as always I enjoy your thoughtful comments!

You are what this old world needs ,some L. E ,it does conquer All! Your comment to Mr. We are all busy ,with our lives ,as we should be,but when we can just let our lives slow down for a few mins I hope the blog will stay loving and strong ,and representative ,of a very special person ,whom we all L.

Thank you for letting your light shine so brightly! Letta ,when I bake those bars ,i would be happy to send them to You! They are made with a buttery shortbread crust ,and then dipped into dark Belgian chocolate on one end! I am so happy You heard from Mr A.! This blog continues to show so much L. Letta ,will you do me a favor?

Will you try to get some extra Vitamin C.? It will speed up the healing process! It really works! Love and hugs Maria C. Thank you. Best wishes to you. Hi everyone on this blog, my best wishes to all of you. Maybe I can help you out here. It's a connection to the movie V for Vendetta which this entire hoax is linked to. V is dressed in black and makes a televised announcement in London in front of a red curtain with a message about peace, unity and love and encourages the citizens to speak up and stand against injustices.

In the movie V says what they did to me was monstrous. His co-star then says they made a monster of out you. The theme in the movie is remember remember the 5th of November.

V highjacks the media networks in London to get his message out. The breaking news teaser with the opening lines "and the plot thickens to destroy Michael Jackson" was posted on November 5th on MJ's website. Rick Keller: 1 solo. Harold Land : 9 solos Blue Nellie. Jordu Joy Spring [updated ]. Speak Low. Triplin' Awhile. Brad Leali : 2 solos. But Not For Me.

Puddin' Time. Jed Levy : 1 solo. Neamen Lyles: 1 solo. Cooling The Plasma. Rick Margitza : 4 solos. Nica's Dream. Three Little Words. Eric Marienthal: 1 solo. Warne Marsh: 1 solo. Yardbird Suite. In Your Own Sweet Way. I Should Care. Si Si. Hal McKusick: 1 solo. Saturday Night. Jackie McLean : 7 solos. Gone With The Wind. I Hear A Rhapsody.

The Lady Is A Tramp. The Third. Hank Mobley : 21 solos. Avila And Tequila. Bag's Groove. Funk In Deep Freeze [updated ]. Room Have You Met Miss Jones. Jack Montrose: 1 solo. James Moody : 4 solos. Au Privave. Brew Moore: 2 solos. Laverne Walk.

Them There Eyes. Ralph Moore : 7 solos. Cool Walk. Just Friends. Frank Morgan : 2 solos. The Champ. Mitt's Tune. Gerry Mulligan: 1 solo. David 'Fathead' Newman : 4 solos. Hallelujah I Love Her So. Hard Times. I Got A Woman. Lennie Niehaus: 1 solo. Sal Nistico : 3 solos. Keith Oxman : 2 solos. Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. Three Deuces. Body and Soul. Very Saxy. The Rev. I've Got a Girl. We'll Be Together Again. Untitled Blues. Hello Little Boy.

Goin' to the Meetin', an album by Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.

8 thought on “Our Love Is Here To Stay - Eddie ;Lockjaw; Davis - Goin To The Meetin (CD)”

  1. Kaganris says:
    Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - 80th Birthday Celebration / ZYX Music - FANCD / 3xCD, Comp / Europe / B7 Guanco LamentB8 Goin' to Meetin'B9 Camp MeetingB10 JawbreakersB11 Our Love is Here to StayC1 C Jam BluesC2 The Man I LoveC3 I'll Never Be the SameC4 Helena's ThemeC5 LoverC6 That's the Way It IsC7 Three Little WordsC8 Bye Bye BluesC9.
  2. Kigar says:
    Composed By – Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis: A2: People Will Say We're In Love Composed By – Richard Rodgers: A3: Night And Day Composed By – Cole Porter: A4: Pass The Hat Composed By – Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis: A5: Yes, Yes Composed By – Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis: B1: Please Send Me Someone To Love Composed By.
  3. Kajinris says:
    Audio CD, Extra tracks, Original recording remastered, February 10, "Please retry" $ — $ Vinyl Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis and Ed Thigpen among others, Dinah made one of her most jazzy albums when she recorded this mid-'50s beauty for Verve. Our Love Is Here To Stay. Our Love Is Here To Stay. Listen Now $ 5. /5(6).
  4. Tukinos says:
    年英国の「Pure Pleasure」という再発専門のレーベルからの発売でアナログ盤。オリジナル・リリースは年米国RCA VICTORから。メンバーはEddie "Lockjaw" Davis(ts)、Paul Gonsalvez(ts)、Roland Hanna(p)、Everrett Barksdate(g)、Ben Tucker(b)、Grady Tate(ds)。曲目は SIDE 1 faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo Is Here to Stay5/5(3).
  5. Akinocage says:
    Nov 03,  · Will stay in our hearts forever, Will always keep my heart strong, You mean the world to me, I’d be no one without you, You’ve shown me so much, I can’t thank you enough for always being there, I can’t thank you enough for always believing, Keeping me strong all this time, I’m always going to love you, because you are my best friend.
  6. Mashura says:
    Artist: Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis Title: Goin' to the Meetin' Released: Style: Jazz, Hard Bop, Soul Jazz RAR Size: Mb Tracklist: 01 I Wished On The Moon 02 From This Moment On 03 It's A Pity To Say Goodnight [aka, Give Me A Goodnight Kiss] 04 Just Friends 05 The Moon Of Manakoora 06 Speak Low 07 Goin' To Meetin' 08 People Will Say We're In.
  7. Akilabar says:
    Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis and Shirley Scott set an enduring standard for tenor saxophone/organ groups, beginning with this their first recording together. Davis' authoritative, hard swinging style came through his seasoning as a key player in the Count Basie band. Scott, an accomplished pianist, took up the organ when she joined Davis in , emerging with her distinctive, driving yet subtle.
  8. JoJohn says:
    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for 80th Birthday Celebration - Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis on AllMusic -

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