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Mamas Little Boy - Little Pattie - 20 Stompie Wompie Hits (Vinyl, LP)

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Once again, production credit is shared by The Easybeats and Mike Vaughan. This slow-paced song is soaked in violins and cellos. But it was a classic mistake from our point of view. In this song the narrator welcomes in from the rain a girl who left him at the [railway] station.

It starts with just voice and organ but then builds, only to ebb in the middle. It is an odd arrangement with peculiar instrumentation. This album is co-produced by The Easybeats and their manager, Mike Vaughan. This track goes back to what The Easybeats do best. Apparently a vocal version was also recorded. These covers are excised from the Australian version. The headliners are British band The Move and visiting U. Aside from The Easybeats, U. This set reduces the number of tracks from the U.

By it is announced that The Easybeats have parted ways with the United Artists record label. They supply songs to other artists. It may be recalled that the authors of this song, Easybeats guitarists Harry Vanda and George Young, had given this song to Australian group The Valentines in August The Easybeats go on a five week tour of Australia.

Changes are also on the horizon in romantic terms for three members of The Easybeats. A week before the group leaves England, vocalist Stevie Wright becomes engaged to Gail Baxter, his girlfriend of four years. Guitarist Harry Vanda, who has been a widower since his wife Pam committed suicide in , has found a new love. She is a 21 year old blonde girl named Robyn Thomas; she is from Bentleigh, Victoria. Their engagement is announced, but then denied. In any case, the relationship certainly seems serious.

Bassist Dick Diamonde is planning to marry soon. The Easybeats record a television special for ATN 7 in Sydney in October but this will not be broadcast until 2 November , after their Australian tour concludes. This is the last Easybeats show. The Australian tour concluded, The Easybeats go their separate ways.

It is their only album on the Polydor label. Sometimes members of The Easybeats play on these demos, sometimes not. It seems to have been decided simply on the basis of who was around at the time. Even vocalist Stevie Wright is absent from many of the tracks with either Harry Vanda or George Young providing the vocals. All the songs on this disc are penned by Vanda and Young even if they are credited to the pseudonym of Brian Russell.

It is almost a middle-of-the-road song. A skeletal piece of guitar work underpins the song, but it opens into big chords on the changes and sounds bell-like. However, with the band dissolved, perhaps no one was overly concerned anyway. The album had been issued in the U. Now that The Easybeats are seemingly consigned to history, what happens to the individual members of the band in subsequent years? He returns to Sydney in and forms a backing band called Rachette Stevie Wright sets up his own record label, Musical Expression.

This single is released on the Musical Expression label. He joins a group called Likefun. However by mid Stevie Wright is back in Sydney. In Stevie Wright sings for Black Tank. With the promise of a more settled life and income, Stevie and Gail marry in ? This means it is when he begins taking this illicit substance.

Ironically, he gets a job at the warehouse for Albert Productions, The Easybeats former sponsors. They are now working as producers and songwriters at Alberts more on this in the section later that deals with Vanda and Young. Stevie Wright signs as a solo act with Alberts late in This album is produced and written by Harry Vanda and George Young. In practice, many radio stations just play the hard rock first section. In June Stevie Wright performs at the Sydney Opera House in front of a crowd of two thousand, five hundred people.

Reportedly, ten thousand more fans were turned away. This is the first post-Easybeats performance by Wright, Vanda and Young together. Around Stevie Wright receives an offer to take over as frontman of British rock group Mott The Hoople, but he turns it down.

Once again this album is produced and written by Harry Vanda and George Young. Wright is unable to promote this album because he checks into a drug rehabilitation clinic to deal with his heroin addiction.

In mid Stevie Wright plays a few gigs around Sydney with a band called Sacha. In August Stevie Wright is hospitalised after a drug overdose. He receives methadone treatment for withdrawal symptoms and undergoes rehabilitation at the William Booth Institute in Sydney.

At this facility, his health is placed in the hands of psychiatrist Dr Harry Bailey. The controversial process administered by Bailey is called Deep Sleep Therapy. The patient is placed in a drug-induced coma and Electro Convulsive Therapy is applied.

Wright has fourteen electric shock treatments. Stevie Wright turns to charitable organisation the Salvation Army for help. He works as a farmhand at one of their rural properties. Wright improves sufficiently to become the boss of a piggery run by the Salvation Army. There is talk of a new Stevie Wright solo album supervised by Vanda and Young for , but these plans are never realised.

Wright forms The Street Beat Band in , but nothing comes from this move. It seems that Stevie Wright succumbs again to his drug addiction problems. Wright checks himself into the Westmount Rehabilitation Centre. In January Stevie Wright is charged with house-breaking, a crime apparently brought on by the need for money to pay for drugs.

He is arrested for heroin use later the same month. The duo works together as a songwriting and record production team. They are left to work off an eighty-five thousand dollar debt still owed by The Easybeats. George Young marries a woman named Sandra in ? Harry and Robyn have two sons together, Daniel and Simon. Vanda and Young began placing songs with other recording artists while The Easybeats were still an active group. In Vanda and Young issue a handful of singles, mostly on their own Youngblood Records, under a variety of pseudonyms.

Actually, the lead vocal is by Harry Vanda. George Alexander also plays on the rest of the singles Vanda and Young issue under aliases. Although Grapefruit the U. This song is written by Vanda and Young. This is no relation of George Young. Vanda and Young will also be crucial to the later success of John Paul Young. They reunite with Ted Albert, the former producer of The Easybeats. He employs Vanda and Young as songwriters and producers for Albert Productions.

Vanda and Young write and produce a pair of hit singles for the Australian glam-pop singer who goes by the name of William Shakespeare. Vanda and Young act as both songwriters and producers for John Paul Young. By they add disco elements to the familiar pop sounds of this singer. Given their lengthy careers, this is of course used ironically by Vanda and Young.

The Angels is an Australian hard rock band that mixes some new wave paranoia into their sound. The Angels actually become more successful after parting ways with Vanda and Young. He then retires to the north coast of New South Wales. Tony Cahill gets himself together again sufficiently to resume his music career.

However he switches instruments from drums to bass. Python Lee Jackson starts out as an Australian rock band before relocating to the U.

Like the Easybeats, Python Lee Jackson splits up in The song is released in October without making any mark on the charts. Rod Stewart is not exactly unknown at the time, but it is fair to say that he is not yet as famous as he will soon become. Rod Stewart has been knocking around the British music scene for some time.

Rod Stewart recorded his first solo single in October and continued to record as a solo act between and during his stints with the aforementioned groups.

In order to capitalise upon this, a new version of Python Lee Jackson is assembled in — with former Easybeats drummer Tony Cahill now on bass. This disc includes three tracks recorded with Rod Stewart back in Chris Belsman replaces Tony Cahill as bassist in Python Lee Jackson later in before the group disbands soon after for good. King Harvest is a band of U. Tony Cahill goes on to become a session musician in Los Angeles. He marries singer-songwriter Sharon Robinson.

From to the musical legacy of The Easybeats is kept alive through a series of compilations, reissues and exhumed previously unreleased material.

All of these songs are written by Harry Vanda and George Young. This is a two disc compilation album with forty-two songs. Talk of an Easybeats reunion starts in October A venue puts forward the proposal.

This tour takes in the capital cities of the various Australian States. This concert tour is the final time The Easybeats will perform together. What follows the conclusion of The Easybeats reunion?

What becomes of the former members of The Easybeats? Stevie and Fay had known each other at Sefton High School. They become friends again. Stevie and Fay are only friends for two years before they move in together. This suggests they become a couple in , but other times it seems they did not become a couple until or Even if the date is a bit vague, their affection for each other is not.

Fay Walker has a daughter — presumably from an earlier relationship. In Stevie Wright finally gives up alcohol for good. He has other health problems. His partner Fay Walker cares for the bedridden Wright in their home for four years. The singer slips into a coma a few times. Wright undergoes forced rehabilitation at Kenmore Mental Hospital in Goulburn and then spends fourteen months in a nursing home before being released.

Stevie Wright is interviewed for this project. Because he had injured his ankle in a fall, Stevie Wright performs in these shows while seated on a stool. This is the authorised biography of the former Easybeats frontman. The Wrights is a short-lived Australian supergroup. This is a benefit concert for the victims of the Boxing Day tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Profits from sales of the single are divided between Stevie Wright, the Salvation Army drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs and the Red Cross appeal for those affected by the Boxing Day tsunami.

A new Stevie Wright album is expected in , but this fails to eventuate. The show features a five-piece band as well as original footage of Stevie Wright. Stevie Wright himself is known to sometimes show up for these performances which continue until at least Stevie Wright continues to be plagued by health problems.

After a seizure in , Stevie Wright is hospitalised. He is found to have problems with his liver, his kidneys, his lungs and stomach. On top of that, Wright is diagnosed with diabetes, has nodules on his voice box and bleeding in his oesophagus the passage food travels through to the stomach. Stevie Wright undergoes corrective surgery. His recovery following this is slow and he lives in a Sydney hospice for a while in Wright has a few falls and hits his head in some of these mishaps.

He does not recover and dies as a result of pneumonia on 27 December Stevie Wright was 68 years old. After The Easybeats reunion, guitarists Harry Vanda and George Young return to their songwriting and record production activities. Mark Williams is a singer and songwriter from New Zealand. George Young retires from the music industry in the late s.

He relocates to Portugal with his family. George Young dies on 22 October He was 70 years old. Harry Vanda leaves Albert Productions in British India is a young Australian band. In British India part ways with Flashpoint Music over a business dispute.

Glenn Goldsmith continues to work with British India as their manager. After the Easybeats reunion, bassist Dick Diamonde devotes his time to caring for his elderly mother in coastal Queensland. After the Easybeats reunion, drummer Snowy Fleet returns to his successful family construction business in Perth, Western Australia.

He also runs a rehearsal studio in Jundakot a suburb of Perth , Western Australia. Former Easybeats drummer Tony Cahill has a brain tumour removed in However, his health remains delicate. He returns to Sydney and lives with his cousin Paul. Tony Cahill dies at that address on 13 August as a result of a brain tumour. He was 72 years old. Yet, in a way, this made them representative of the immigrant make-up that, arguably, defines Australian culture.

In that sense, The Easybeats embodied Australian music of the time. Whatever their respective birthplaces, the members of The Easybeats came together in Australia and were embraced by Australian fans. However briefly, The Easybeats showed that an Australian act could compete on an international footing as something other than a novelty.

Their elemental fusion of pop smarts and powerful, straight-forward rock music set the pace for the Australian wave of pub rock bands from around to Glenn Frey is drowning his sorrows. He was in a duo called Longbranch Pennywhistle, but they parted ways in the previous year. Frey first met Henley in Henley has been in a band called Shiloh but they broke up earlier in Both Frey and Henley have been approached by country rock singer Linda Ronstadt to join her backing band.

Yet, as they commiserate at the bar, Frey and Henley admit they both want something more. Ah, but what if they join forces? Glenn is the son of Edward Frey and Nellie Frey. Glenn grows up in Royal Oak, Michigan. These lessons continue until he is Glenn switches to guitar in after seeing s British rock stars The Beatles perform in Detroit.

Glen Frey attends Dondero High School. One of his earliest bands is The Subterraneans. Formed in , the other members are all fellow high school students. Lenny Mintz later takes over on drums. Glenn Frey moves on to Oakland Community College. In Glenn Frey forms a band called The Mushrooms. It is in that Glenn Frey first meets Bob Seger. In the s, Bob Seger becomes a noteworthy rock star, but at this time Seger is just starting his career. It is released by Hideout Records. In Glenn Frey starts a romantic relationship with Joan Sliwin.

She is a member of a Detroit all-girl group called The Mama Cats. The girls change the name of their band to Honey Ltd Alexandra Sliwin has found herself a boyfriend, an aspiring musician named J. John David Souther born on 2 November Through this connection, Glenn Frey meets J. Glenn returns to Detroit three weeks later — only to pack up his bags and resettle full-time in Los Angeles. Glenn Frey and J. Souther form a duo called Longbranch Pennywhistle. They play country rock and folk music.

The duo obtains a recording contract with Amos Records. For a time Glenn Frey and J. Souther share an apartment with another aspiring singer-songwriter, Jackson Browne. In the s Browne will become part of the West Coast rock community and a star in his own right but, at this point, that is still in the future. Longbranch Pennywhistle disbands in Honey Ltd also disbands in The romantic relationship between Glenn Frey and Joan Sliwin comes to an end in as well. Souther in March and she wants to quit live performance.

Their marriage will end in divorce in Glenn Frey meets Don Henley in Frey considers a solo career but is counselled by David Geffen manager of Crosby, Stills And Nash to form a group instead. In the meantime, Frey joins the backing group for country rock singer Linda Ronstadt in Don Henley is also part of this backing band. He is the son of C.

His ancestry is a mixture of Irish, Scottish and English. Henley is a World War Two veteran who owns an auto parts store. Hughlene Henley is a school teacher. They always had records on in the house…I think my first instrument was a ukulele that they gave me.

I used to know how to play that pretty well. At first he plays trombone, but then switches to percussion. It is the drums that become the instrument with which Henley is most associated. While at high school, Don Henley is asked to join a Dixieland band. This Dixieland band also includes keyboardist Jerry Surratt.

Don Henley leaves high school in He and Richard Bowden go on to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. The boys are still playing in bands but there are many name changes and personnel shifts. In Don Henley leaves North Texas State University to spend more time with his father who is struggling with heart disease. At this time, Shiloh comes to the attention of country music singer Kenny Rogers. He is fronting an act called First Edition, but will enjoy greater success later in the s as a solo act.

Keyboardist Jerry Surratt dies in a dirt bike accident just before the single is released. Recordings of the late Jerry Surratt playing keyboards are used on some parts of this disc too. Henley handles lead vocals on all but two tracks; Richard Bowden sings the balance. She was quite impressed with the playing of drummer Don Henley. The next musician recruited for the project is Randy Meisner. His surname is pronounced MIZE-ner. Herman and Emilie Meisner are sharecropping farmers.

They grow beans, alfalfa, corn and sugar beets. Randy is their second child. He has an older sister, Carol who will pass away in His mother, Emilie, sings around the house. Randy takes some lessons and becomes proficient enough to start playing in local bands. Randy heeds this advice. They really inspired me. From to Randy Meisner is bassist and vocalist for a group called The Dynamics.

They relocate from Nebraska to California and rename the group The Poor. In May Randy Meisner joins the country rock band Poco. As a teenager in the s, Ricky Nelson was a pop star and television idol, but the more mature Rick Nelson is now exploring country rock. Meisner leaves before the release of the latter album. Randy Meisner returns to his native Nebraska in spring He works at a local John Deere tractor dealership.

In the evenings, he plays in a band called Gold Rush. Meisner returns to Los Angeles later in His new colleagues Glenn Frey and Don Henley persuade Randy Meisner to become part of the new group they are putting together. His surname is pronounced Led-un, not Leed-in. Bernie is the son of Dr Bernard Leadon, Jr. Dr Leadon is an aerospace engineer and nuclear physicist.

His career path keeps his family moving around the U. The Leadons are Roman Catholics and Bernie is just one of their ten children. This invitation follows an encounter with two musicians from that group, Ed Douglas and Larry Murray. Among the members of The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers is mandolin player Chris Hillman who goes on to greater fame as bassist for folk rock band The Byrds.

Bernie Leadon is brought into the act to replace banjo player Kenny Wertz who left to join the air force in Wertz will later be part of the line-up of country rock band The Flying Burrito Brothers.

Late in Bernie Leadon — along with his parents and siblings — relocates to Gainesville, Florida. Bernie Leadon attends Gainesville High School. While there, Bernie makes friends with a fellow student, Don Felder who will become a future member of The Eagles. In , the now 20 year old Bernie Leadon returns to California. However, Rick Cunha has now left the group and Bernie Leadon is brought in as his replacement. Both Hillman and Clarke are former members of The Byrds.

He was helping Don and Glenn. It is proposed that the band that will become The Eagles should have a fifth member, J. It may be recalled that Souther was the other half of the duo Longbranch Pennywhistle with Glenn Frey. However, bassist Randy Meisner objects to the idea of Souther joining the new group so the idea is abandoned and a four piece line-up is decided upon: Glenn Frey vocals, guitar, occasional piano , Don Henley vocals, drums , Randy Meisner bass, vocals and Bernie Leadon guitar, vocals.

In fact, there is only one show where all four of the future Eagles appear together backing Ronstadt and that is at Disneyland in July The future Eagles sign a recording contract with Asylum Records in September Asylum is a fledgling label created by David Geffen, the same individual who urged Glenn Frey to form a group rather than attempt a solo career.

David Geffen sends Glenn Frey and company to Aspen, Colorado, to rehearse and get their sound together as a band. There are a few different versions of how the group comes to be called The Eagles. Don Felder, a later member of The Eagles, claims that guitarist Bernie Leadon came up with the name during a group excursion to the desert, when the boys are fuelled by peyote a psychedelic drug and tequila.

Comedian Steve Martin, a long-time associate of the band, contends that he suggested the name of The Eagles and Glenn Frey excised the definite article leaving Eagles.

It is true that on all their album sleeves, the group is credited as Eagles rather than The Eagles. Without any disrespect to Glenn Frey, it becomes so common for fans and critics alike to call the group The Eagles that it feels more like their natural name and so they are referred to here as The Eagles.

It also appears likely that one of the reasons why the group chooses the name of The Eagles is to indicate they are continuing the country rock tradition established by acts like The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers. The music played by The Eagles is usually classed as country rock. As the name implies, country rock is a mixture of country music and rock music. The Eagles do not invent country rock. Gram Parson is perhaps the most influential figure in the development of the country rock genre.

Important though all these artists and albums may be, it is The Eagles who really publicise and epitomise country rock. They embody the dusty sentimentality of country and the driving beat of rock. Over the course of the s, The Eagles will change from a mainly country band to a mainly rock band.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Eagles songs mentioned here are co-written by Frey and Henley. All the great bands in history had one or two people at the helm. This means a careful, well-rehearsed use of layered voices.

The gruff Don Henley is at the lower end, while the angelic Randy Meisner occupies the higher register. Glenn Frey is flexible enough to fill the space in between as individual songs require, with Bernie Leadon lending minimal support.

The lead vocal is usually by either Henley or Frey. The balance between the two is roughly equal. In the earlier days, Frey is probably dominant but, by the late s, the reverse is true, with Henley receiving slightly more lead vocals. Frey is lead vocalist on the song. The handsome Browne recalls a girl in a Toyota pick-up checking him out. Frey, who had been regaled with this tale earlier, weaves this into the narrative. In a commemorative statue of Glenn Frey will be erected on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.

It takes two weeks to record in February and costs one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. Guitarist Glenn Frey and drummer Don Henley want the album to rock while guitarist Bernie Leadon favours a stronger country flavour. Leadon has an important ally: producer Glyn Johns. The photo on the cover of the album is a shot of the sky above trees in Joshua Tree National Park in south-eastern California.

The photo is taken by Henry Diltz and the art director for the album is Gary Burden. His hoarse voice spins a tale of a supernatural sweetie. The biting guitars approximate an Apache tribal dance. Scott Fitzgerald. The Eagles support the release of their first album by going on tour around the U. In mid Asylum merges with Elektra and both labels are distributed by Warner Bros. Once again, Gary Burden is the art director and Henry Diltz is the photographer.

Jackson showed the book to [Eagles associate] J. While working on their third album, The Eagles decide to expand to a five-piece line-up. Don Felder is raised in a Southern Baptist family. His early life is difficult because the family struggles financially. Don gets his first guitar when he is 10 years old.

As the years pass, Don works part-time in a music shop to obtain better equipment. As a teenager, he gives guitar lessons to future rock star Tom Petty. When he is 15 Don Felder forms his first group, The Continentals. Don Felder moves to New York and joins Flow, an improvisational rock and jazz fusion band. In Don Felder marries Susan Pickersgill. Don and Susan go on to have four children: a son named Jesse born on 6 April , Rebecca born on 31 December , Cody born on 10 October and Leah born on 24 November Don Felder moves to Boston, Massachusetts, and gets a job in a recording studio.

Through his old friend Bernie Leadon, Felder meets The Eagles in while they are on their first tour. Felder moves to Los Angeles and finds work there as a session musician and as a guitarist in the back-up groups for various performers. Guitarist Bernie Leadon suggests his former bandmate Don Felder. Glenn Frey provides the lead vocal. Azoff worked for Geffen and Elliot Roberts so his new role is a case of promotion from within the same organisation. Guitarist Don Felder is absent from the gig because his first child, his son Jesse, is born on the same day.

From to Eagles guitarist Bernie Leadon is in a romantic relationship with Patti Davis, the daughter of future U. President Ronald Reagan. In Eagles vocalist and drummer Don Henley is romantically linked to U.

In Don Henley becomes a father for the first time when his daughter Brittany is born. Dylan is persuaded to return for an acoustic encore. Once again, Dylan employs an electric backing group. Although there are still some in the audience who heckle and boo, this time Dylan holds his ground and, generally, gets a better reception from the crowd.

To put it another way, Highway 61 is a major traffic thoroughfare in the U. All these places are home to influential rock, blues, jazz and country music. The next five Dylan albums will also be produced by Johnston. Over piano and organ Dylan plays keyboards sometimes from this point as an alternative to guitar , the counter culture experience is enshrined. Ragged rock melodies collide with loquacious lyrics amid startling imagery and mind bending musical structures.

The song features a cheesy organ motif that is undercut by its venomous lyrics. There is a 4 th Street in Greenwich Village, but there is also a 4 th Street in Minneapolis that cuts through the University of Minnesota that Bob Dylan attended in On 15 September Bob Dylan begins rehearsal with The Hawks for a world tour that kicks off on 24 September and will continue for six months.

Sara worked as a Playboy bunny and a model. It was Hans Lownds who persuaded her to change her name from Shirley to Sara.

Hans and Sara had a daughter together, Maria born on 21 October It was through this connection that Sara met Bob. Dylan does not publicly acknowledge his marriage until February Bob and Sara go on to have four children of their own, three sons and a daughter: Jesse born on 6 January , Anna born on 11 July , Samuel born on 30 July and Jakob born on 9 December Maybe it has something to do with love or drugs or none of the above?

On 13 April the entourage arrives in Sydney to begin the Australian leg of the tour. From there, Dylan and company go on to play in Scandinavia before making another visit to the United Kingdom in May Each show on this tour is fairly evenly divided between an acoustic first half and an electric second half.

Sometimes fans accept it all without any problems; sometimes elements in the audience still make known their displeasure with the rock songs. This is a double album, the first studio double album by a major rock artist. The front cover photo of Dylan is blurry — which gives rise to speculation that it might be some kind of comment on drug use.

The truth is a bit more prosaic. When photographer Jerry Schatzberg took the photo of Dylan at West Street in the extreme west of Greenwich Village, it was a very cold day and both Schatzberg and Dylan were shivering, so the photo came out blurred. Dylan liked the out-of-focus effect and Dylan chose that image for the album cover.

Sinners i. Dylan could be stoned physically — have rocks hurled at them — i. It is thought to be about Edie Sedgwick. It wore me down. I was on drugs, a lot of things…just to keep going, you know? On 29 July , Bob Dylan has a motorcycle accident. Nobody seems to know what causes the accident. Possible explanations that have been given include an oil slick on the road or the sun getting in the eyes of the biker.

Equally unclear is the extent of the injuries Dylan suffers in the mishap. These possibilities include that Dylan a has died, b is a vegetable, c is in a coma, d will never perform again, e is disfigured, f has mild amnesia, g has lost his mind due to drug use, h has gone into rehab to kick drugs or i that he is dodging the draft compulsory military service for the war in Vietnam.

Supposedly, it takes the injured Bob Dylan two weeks to convalesce and a further two months to shake off the effects of the accident. There is speculation that the accident never happened, that the entire thing is a fabrication.

Bob Dylan withdraws from the public eye. Although he plays the odd concert here and there, it is nearly eight years before he goes on tour again. It is hard to fault Dylan for retreating into cosy domesticity following his already considerable creative achievements.

While Bob Dylan is out of the public eye, his legend is perpetuated in a number of different ways. Dylan denounces the film and files a court injunction against it being shown any more. They rent a large house that has been painted pink. One set will become the debut album for the group that will rename themselves from The Hawks to — simply — The Band. That disc is not released until The second set of tunes is earmarked for Bob Dylan. However this set has an even longer gestation: it is not released until The older gentleman standing behind Bob Dylan on the cover is Charlie Joy, a local stonemason and carpenter.

It is one of the albums that helps start the country rock hybrid. The recording sessions for this album took place in autumn after the unreleased as yet sessions with The Band a.

The Hawks. The nasal whine gives way to a more mellow and tuneful husky sound for the next few years. Bob Dylan is one of those who play on the occasion. If Dylan and the folk music community had been at odds in the mids, his inclusion in this tribute indicates a thaw in relations between all parties concerned. In the first half of , Abe Zimmerman dies of heart attack. Bob Dylan contributes the primitive and cryptic cover painting which — sort of — shows the group making music. The new version recasts it as a duet that Dylan performs with rocker turned country star, Johnny Cash.

However the big event in rock music in the summer of is the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, a three day all-star concert in Bethel, New York, that starts on 15 August Since Bob Dylan actually lives in Woodstock with his family, he may seem like a natural choice for the gig. However, though overtures are made to Dylan to join the list of artists appearing, he declines.

This one is held at the Hollywood Bowl in California. The festival runs from August. It is released as a single, but fails to reach the charts. On 10 January Bob Dylan appears on a public television documentary with country music banjo player Earl Scruggs. However, Dylan does not perform the track.

The song was recorded on 16 March and is produced by Leon Russell. However the biggest treat is an unannounced but previously rumoured appearance by Bob Dylan who performs alongside Harrison. On 12 November Bob Dylan issues another stand-alone single. Bob Dylan also acts as producer for this single. This is a two record set. Also present are five previously unreleased songs. Much of the footage is borrowed from D. This disc is produced by Gordon Carroll.

All the contents are cover versions. This was a country music hit for Hank Snow in and was famously covered by Elvis Presley in This piano based ballad has a complicated history. The six week tour involving thirty-nine shows starts on 3 January in Chicago and ends on 14 February in Los Angeles. The Band provides backing for Dylan as well as performing some of their own songs. Dylan plays some songs solo on acoustic guitar as well as playing electric guitar with The Band in support.

The rather eccentric drawing on the cover is by Bob Dylan. It is a double album drawn from his recent tour with The Band who is co-credited on this album. A liaison with Malka Marom follows. Perhaps the last straw though is when Dylan has an affair with Faridi McFree, the woman his wife Sara hired as a nanny for their children. At the end of Bob Dylan is in a short-lived romantic relationship with Columbia Records employee Ellen Bernstein.

The album is released on 17 January. It steps lightly and features acoustic guitar. Some tracks are laid down in New York with members of the bluegrass band called Deliverance.

At the suggestion of his brother David, Dylan recuts some songs in Minneapolis with local musicians. Some of the songs here are, by now, familiar from cover versions recorded by other artists. This Dylan outing is significant because he is backed by three musicians who will work with Dylan on his next project. The Rolling Thunder Revue loads up in a series of buses and plays mainly small clubs and theatres, only announcing their gigs at the last minute.

Some larger venues are thrown into the mix to ensure the whole carnival remains financially viable. She knows Dylan through her friend, Joan Baez. Although Bob and Sally part ways after , she will re-enter his life a couple of more times in decades to come. This is about half way through the Rolling Thunder Revue tour. Some of the musicians from the tour play on this album. Violinist Scarlet Rivera lends a gypsy feel to the proceedings.

Producer Don DeVito oversees the recordings with great empathy. The song alleges that this conviction was false and unjust.

It is not until that the verdict is finally overturned and Carter is freed. The song is thought to be inspired by lesbian writer Rita Mae Brown. Sara Lownds is present in the recording studio, listening to the song for the first time and it is that take that end up on the album.

The divorce becomes final on 29 June It is a mix of concert footage and surrealistic fantasy sequences. From early in Bob Dylan embarks on a year-long world tour. This is a pseudo-ballad. In the late s Bob Dylan becomes romantically involved with U. He attends a three month discipleship course run by the Association of Vineyard Churches from January to March In Dylan presents Mary Alice Artes with an engagement ring but they never marry and the relationship seems to end shortly after that moment.

The album is released on 20 August. She also provides backing vocals on the next two albums. Bob Dylan and Clydie King reportedly split up in This disc is released on 12 August. By this time, Dylan is mixing some secular material amongst the religious content. After the last three Bob Dylan albums, a title like that may cause audiences to fear another religious broadside.

Actually, the opposite is true. There is no direct religious content here. Bob Dylan and Carole Childs have a short-lived romantic relationship.

This project is inspired by the U. Both recordings aim to raise funds to combat famine in Ethiopia. Both recordings feature an all-star cast of rock and pop stars. Dylan is not involved in writing either of these charity singles. This disc is produced by Bob Dylan. This foreshadows further connections between the two acts. Live Aid is a concert to raise money to combat famine in Ethiopia. A Live Aid concert is held in both the U. Similar fund-raisers are held in other countries at the same time for the same purpose e.

Oz for Africa in Australia. The Rolling Stones are a bit at odds at this point in history. Their vocalist Mick Jagger performs with Tina Turner instead. However, it does help spur country singer Willie Nelson to initiate the annual Farm Aid benefit concerts starting on 22 September Grossman was 59 years old.

Stevie Nicks from Fleetwood Mac is also a frequent guest on stage during these shows. Fifteen shows take place in Australia and Oceania, four in Asia and the final forty-one gigs are in North America.

Petty and company do a short set of their own, then act as backing for Dylan. She is an African-American singer who performs as Carol Dennis.

Before they wed, Bob and Carolyn had already become the parents of a daughter, Desiree Gabrielle Dennis born on 31 January It is also alleged that Dylan fathers another child with Carolyn Dennis but, if that is correct, it is not publicly acknowledged. If Dylan really married Clydie King ? The album is an odd assortment of material. It has two Bob Dylan originals, three cover versions and three songs co-written by Dylan with other authors. The Heartbreakers play on some of the songs on this disc.

Dylan uses them as a backing group in much the same way that he employed Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers. This thirty date jaunt starts out with two shows in Israel and ends with seven shows in England but most of the dates are in various European countries.

Britta Lee Shain is described as a real estate agent and also as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. She is romantically involved with Dylan during this period.

Former love Sally Kirkland c. Backing vocalist and former lover — maybe even wife? Clydie King contributes to this album. To defuse any ego-bruising, the five musicians pose as five brothers. Generally, the songs are cheerful sing-alongs. Roy Orbison dies later the same year on 6 December The recordings come from July U. This disc is released on 29 October. The members of the group all pick new names. In Bob Dylan receives a lifetime achievement award at the Grammy Awards for recorded music.

The album is produced by Debbie Gold. Dylan produces this set himself. This album is put together from songs Dylan recorded in the period to It is a spare, piano-based number with a hard-bitten vocal from Dylan. MTV is a cable television network specialising in music videos. Normally, this gives such artists an opportunity to strip back their biggest hits and reinvent them as acoustic tunes.

Bob Dylan, of course, took his career in the opposite direction from acoustic to electric in the mids. On 27 May Bob Dylan is admitted to hospital on the eve of a planned European concert tour.

It is discovered that he has histoplasmosis a life-threatening infection of the heart sac. Dylan recovers, but it is a troubling experience. Bob Dylan. In the late s Bob Dylan is romantically linked with actress Sally Kirkland for the third and final time. They were previously involved in and the late s. Also in the late s Bob Dylan is said to romance Susan Ross.

She is a legal assistant. She was 84 years old at the time of her death. The song features teasing semi-acoustic guitars and resolute drums. The overall effect is intimate, yet forceful. Musically, this is a wide-ranging effort, taking in rockabilly, Western swing, jazz, lounge ballads, jump blues and slow blues. Dylan plays the part of Jack Fate, an iconic rock legend who is bailed out of prison for a one-man benefit show.

Dylan also co-writes the screenplay under the pseudonym of Sergei Petrov. The book confounds some with its non-chronological sequence and the author spending pages on extremely minor incidents while glossy over what are usually thought to be significant turning points in his life.

Bob Dylan takes on a new career as a radio disc jockey. The program features songs from various artists, songs whose titles or subjects can be linked together e. It is issued by Columbia on 2 October. It is named after a previously unreleased Bob Dylan song. This is done by employing six different actors to play versions of the lead character Bob Dylan or various aliases. Since this crew includes a woman Cate Blanchett and an adolescent African-American Marcus Carl Franklin , it is an interpretation rather than an attempt at verisimilitude — but succeeds due to that very characteristic.

It is a fitting strategy for someone who has been known to massage the truth into shapes that suit him better. However, unlike its predecessors, it makes no mark on the album charts. It may be that the Dylan fans willing to invest in this series are more interested in his earlier works. This set is issued on 7 October.

The material is classed as folk and blues. It is released on 11 September. This disc of folk music oriented original songs is produced by Bob Dylan. Around this time, Bob Dylan begins to favour playing piano in live appearances rather than the guitar, the instrument with which he is more closely identified. Dylan shrugs off questions about this change by saying he has lots of good guitarists. It may be possible that the alteration makes performing a little easier for Bob Dylan since he is now over 70 years old.

This sort of split between a large collection and a —relatively — more modest collection becomes the norm. This surprising album finds Bob Dylan performing versions of songs that are best known for being previously recorded by U. That means that here Dylan is on the unfamiliar ground of traditional pop and vocal jazz. All but one song on this set was previously recorded by Frank Sinatra.

He is the first songwriter or musician to receive this accolade. This is a massive thirty-six disc box set of Bob Dylan concert performances.

The latter release is actually disc twenty-eight and twenty-nine from the thirty-six disc earlier box set. This compilation is available as either a six disc set or a single disc. On 29 July Bob Dylan broke his neck in a motorcycle accident, but made a complete recovery.

At least, that seems to be the most accepted version of events. It was not the only point at which Bob Dylan allowed — or even abetted — disinformation to circle about him. Where did this wilful obfuscation come from?

Jesus got himself crucified because he got himself noticed. If the rest of his output was patchy, there were still too many good recordings to easily ignore. Song lyrics copyright Warner Bros Inc. It is late and Dragon is playing a support gig to U. Marc has been squabbling with the sound and lighting technicians and trading barbs with an increasingly hostile audience. This prompts the outburst which may be the high-point or low-point? Broken glass and smashed pieces of tables and chairs litter the stage.

They are the sons of Stuart and Voi Hunter. Todd plays guitar and Marc plays drums. Todd and Marc play in a variety of local bands together and separately. One of these bands is Staff, for whom Todd plays bass.

In Dragon is formed from the wreckage of Staff. Dragon comes together in Hamilton, New Zealand. There were no songs; just jamming. Ivan Thompson is brought in on keyboards, but Dragon still needs a lead vocalist in place of Collins. Neil Reynolds departs and Neil Storey becomes their new drummer.

This leads to them signing a recording contract with Polygram. Returning to New Zealand, Dragon embarks on a national tour in In the process, drummer Neil Storey is sacked and keyboardist Ivan Thompson quits. This configuration lasts only a few weeks before disbanding. However, since Dragon still has scheduling commitments, they quite quickly reform with their third version for consisting of Marc and Todd Hunter, recalled drummer Neil Storey, and guitarist Ray Goodwin being joined by a second guitarist, Robert Taylor, recruited from a band called Mammal.

After another New Zealand tour, Dragon elects to base themselves in Australia. Another change of membership is made in when keyboardist Paul Hewson joins their ranks.

He was such a natural songwriter. Dragon faces a setback when their equipment is stolen. In September drummer Neil Storey dies as a result of a heroin overdose. Dragon take stock and reorient themselves. In , Kerry Jacobsen born is added to lend his skill at the drumkit to the band.

Marc Hunter is a flexible and versatile vocalist, but his chief strength is his showmanship. He is a magnetic frontman, his lanky frame brandishing the microphone stand as though he is a gap-toothed dashing pirate on the deck of his own ship.

Marc is also highly volatile. One moment he is endearing and charming, the next he is arrogant and cruel. Robert Taylor adopts a praying mantis style of movement while providing Dragon with most of their instrumental flourishes. His contribution to their sound is significant and too-often overlooked. The weight of the band really rests on Paul Hewson. Yet Hewson nurses a tragic secret. It gave him incredible arthritis. Kerry Jacobsen is the quietest of the crew — at least in terms of personality.

It can sometimes be a high art form. The song sports a tight in-the-pocket rhythm courtesy of Jacobsen and bassist Todd Hunter. This is the first of four albums by Dragon that are produced by Peter Dawkins, a New Zealand expatriate. However the lyrics seem to mingle these events with the Cuban missile crisis of 14 — 28 October Fidel Castro, the ruler of Cuba, allowed Russian missiles to be set up on the island, within firing distance of the U.

President John F. Kennedy JFK and the American people. Both Marc and Todd Hunter become romantically involved with Australian rock journalists.

Marc and Annie Burton have a son, Titus. Todd takes up with Jen Jewel Brown around She begins co-writing songs with Todd as Jenny Hunter-Brown. This becomes her byline in the press too. Both relationships prove relatively short-lived. Marc being Marc, is also romantically linked to Australian actress Kate Fitzpatrick and Australian singer Renee Geyer — though the latter may be more like a close friendship. In other words, is the object of desire above the legal age of consent for sexual intercourse or is the narrator risking a statutory rape charge?

Renee Geyer is among the backing vocalists on this song. Of course he backs down. One of the strengths of the album is the quality of the songs from the other band members. Yet while Dragon is scoring so well creatively, their other life, as a band on the road, is falling apart. I would probably be dead. For nine months in , Dragon exists without Marc Hunter.

Two members are added to the group: Billy Rogers lead vocals, saxophone, harmonica and Richard Lee violin. Dragon reposition themselves as a collective of serious musicians. Dragon grinds to a halt and disband in Pundits are divided about whether Dragon-without-Marc or Marc-without-Dragon would be more disastrous.

In reality, both suffered, yet neither venture was creatively barren. I was gone for about seven months. I vaguely came back to sanity after a very intense five years [i. Together they have three children: Harry, James and Joey. Plans are made to record a whole album, with Trevor Lucas producing, but these intentions go unfulfilled.

At this point, Alan Mansfield enters the story. The song is co-written by Todd Hunter and Johanna Piggott. Todd Hunter made a bet with Alan Mansfield during the recording sessions. Thus Alan Mansfield joins Dragon. Only Alan Mansfield and the Hunter brothers remain. The only catch is the band are rebranded overseas as Hunter instead of Dragon. It was feared that Dragon sounded like the name of a heavy metal band…but it turns out the Europeans also?

It all turns into a debacle. The cost of their most recent album, the European tour, the name change for foreign markets…Doanne Perry packs it in and Polygram drops the band in Marc Hunter marries fashion designer Wendy Heather and they have two children: Isabella a.

Bella born and Jackson. Certainly, in this decade Dragon were more mature and business-like. Todd Hunter drifts off into producing music for television and movies. Marc tours with a shifting cast of hired hands as Dragon, but the difference between this and his solo work can be hard to discern. Years later, in Todd Hunter reactivates the Dragon name.

Todd takes on some low-key gigs together with Mark Williams vocals , Bruce Reid guitar and Pete Drummond drums, vocals, keyboards. Dragon in the s was a volatile outfit. Tremendous creativity existed alongside dangerous lifestyles.

The s witnessed a more disciplined style of both music and performance for Dragon. It is 1 March There are a few cat calls from the audience. Everyone is waiting for Morrison to do something. James Douglas Morrison 8 December July is born at a.

Jim comes from a mix of Scottish, Irish and English ancestry. His father is a U. Navy officer. George Morrison was assigned to the U. Pruitt, a mine-layer, and watched the vessel being bombed by Japanese forces in an attack on the U. This bombing drew the U. George Morrison undertakes flight training in the year in which his son is born at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida.

When Jim Morrison is 4 years old in , he and his family witness a car accident in the desert and sees injured Native Americans lying by the roadside. Jim spends part of his childhood in San Diego, California. Flato Elementary School in Kingsville, Texas. Once Jim graduates, he breaks off most contact with his family. After graduating high school, Jim Morrison goes to live with his paternal grandparents in Clearwater, Florida. He meets her on the beach in Florida. Bon Homme Richard.

This vessel is involved in what is known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident on 2 August The Gulf of Tonkin is a body of water north of Vietnam and south of China.

Both sides claim the other shot first. This confrontation escalates the involvement of the U. It is at this time that Jim Morrison meets Ray Manzarek. He is the son of Raymond Manczarek, Sr. Ray has two brothers, Rick and Jim. The family is of Polish descent. Like Jim Morrison, Ray Manczarek learns to play piano. It is only when his coach refuses to let Ray play in the position he prefers, that Ray — in a fit of pique — turns his back on basketball to concentrate on music.

Ray Manczarek matriculates at DePaul University in However he drops out completely after breaking up with his girlfriend. Contrary to expectation, the young man winds up in the Army Security Agency as a prospective intelligence analyst. He is sent for training in Okinawa, Japan, and Laos.

Ray Manczarek plays in various musical ensembles while he is in the army. It is also during his time in Asia that Ray first smokes cannabis and begins to grow his own crop. Manczarek is discharged from the army when he refuses to sign a security clearance.

Ray returns to UCLA in and enrols in their graduate film program. All these singles are promotional products only and are not commercially available. LSD] the drug of preference. Includes alternative versions and unreleased demos.

Includes Orientals, Honey Bees, Tangerines and many others. Features the Sherrys, Trueleers, Darlettes, Prophets and many others. Includes all your favorites plus 3 previoulsy unreleased tracks. A must for any fan! These hits are included amongst the 18 tracks! They recorded under various names and this is their story.

This presentation of the first year of her phenomenal career will re-establish her credentials as the great singer she is. Included for your listening pleasure are the hits 'Mashed Potato Time', 'Slow Twistin', 'Gravy' and more, plus her first four albums are also included in their entirety.

These are the final 2 Scepter albums in the series. Their first eleven singles, with their B-sides, are included in this comprehensive compilation of their early output along with other tracks from their first two albums.

Limited quantity. Included is an exclusive 44 pages booklet with pictures and info about the artists. Included is an exclusive 48 pages booklet with pictures and info about the artists. Includes 5 previously unreleased tracks. Running the gamut of soul sirens to girl groups, doo wop doyennes to teen pop princesses, this superb selection includes 17 tracks making their official CD debut. Includes a host of Brill Building rarities, most making their CD debut. Many titles new to CD, including 3 previously unissued gems.

Features many new-to-CD titles, including three previously unissued masters.

Ten days after Bernie Leadon leaves The Eagles, it is announced on 20 December that Joe Walsh is joining the group as Leadon’s replacement. Joe Walsh is born Joseph Fidler on 20 November in Wichita, Kansas. He is the son of Robert Fidler and Helen Alice Fidler (nee Bowen).

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    The Eagles’ first compilation album, ‘Their Greatest Hits ()’ () (US no. 1, UK no. 2, AUS no. 3), is released on 17 February. The painted eagle skull on the album’s cover is the work of Boyd Elder (a.k.a. El Changadero), the same person who applied paint .
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    Super Reggae & Soul Hits: Aug 14 ' Little Pattie: He’s My Blonde Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Boy: EP: Aug 11 ' Lindsey Buckingham: Holiday Road: Aug 11 ' Malika: Ya Ya Twist: Aug 11 ' Rebels: Sweetest Taboo: Beach Diggin' Vol. 5: Aug 11 ' The Thaw: This Is Your Bystander Effect: Convenience Kills: Aug
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    Anthony's Rock / Pop Home Entertainment Rock / Pop Home Entertainment. Demons (one Hundred), Demons (one Hundred), CD Turn Of The Screw, , CD Liberation, , CD Best Of, 18 Visions (eighteen), CD Obsession, 18 Visions (eighteen), CD Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2gether, CD Turn The Tides (christian Rock), 38th Parallel, CD Mega Force, (seven Hundred & Seven), CD.
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    Parlophone Records Limited (also known as Parlophone Records and Parlophone) is a German-British major record label founded in Germany in by the Carl Lindström Company as Pa46 pins.
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    The premier girl group - the Chantels! Includes all the hits and your favorites! 20 tracks. THE CHICAGO GIRLS - The Kittens The Du-Ettes & Fantaisions The Chicago Girls - The Kittens, Du-Ettes and Fantaisions perform 26 tracks. 26 tracks. CHIFFONS - He's So Fine - 35 Greatest Hits 35 greatest hits by a top-notch girl group - The Chiffons.
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    16 Of Their Greatest Hits - Mamas & The Papas: 16 Original Albums The Best Lps 1 - Frank Sinatra: 20 Lp+Cd - Tocotronic: 20 M2 - Amandine Bourgeois: 20 Magical Favourites - Mantovani & His Orchestra: 20 Stompie Wompie Hits - Little Pattie: 20 Succes - Lina Margy: 20 Succes Souvenirs - .
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