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Insomnio - Daniel Lagarde - Ciudadela (CD, Album)

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His solo career began in with the release of Gran Pez, an album that won over audiences and critics on both sides of the Rio de la Plata. Balbis is the creator of Camorra, a show which mixes murga with jazz, rock and milonga. Dimensiones , MMG A historic murga of the Uruguayan Carnival, it was founded in , and is a times first prize winner in its category: , , , , , , , , , , , and With historically innovative ideas like including a frying pan as an instrument in or adding wind instruments to the genre, Curtidores de Hongos now prefer intelligent and thoughtful performances, which combine excellent costumes with precise stage movements and a first class choir.

The result is one of the most admired murgas and a favourite of audiences and juries alike. He has taken part in theatre plays and appeared on television, film and radio. He teaches art and holds workshops in self expression through movement. As a solo artist he has released five albums that position him as one of the heirs to murga with a song format. As a young member of the murga Falta y Resto he inspired Jaime Roos to write his iconic song Los futuros murguistas.

As musical and stage director he has stamped an unmistakable style on the Carnival. Rocanrol, his first solo album, was released in , and won three Graffiti awards. Lombardo has taken up and projected forward the musical concept coined by Jaime Roos—who was one of his teachers—that brings together murga, rock, tango and milonga. In he celebrated his 30 years in the music business with two sold-out shows at the prestigious Solis Theatre.

The rural inhabitants in this part of South America were scarce, nomadic and —it seems so far— with little vocation for music in any of its forms. It was with the arrival of the Jesuit missions that the first instruments and musical forms began to appear. To the north of the current Uruguayan territory coexistence with Brazilians spread the chamarrita music, while through the port of Montevideo arrived European sounds, which filtered into rural areas and adopted the cadence of the people and the landscape.

In the emerging urban centres such as Colonia, Durazno or Melo, candombe music and dance were slowly taking hold, which then prevailed primarily from Montevideo, the capital of the country. Several other movements were also born there: from the margins of society and the port, came the tango; and from the more intellectual circles, some musical forms and poetry that with time became a form of canto popular with a strong presence in the interior of the country, where composers and songwriters found the perfect setting to express themselves.

After 31 years as Rio de la Plata folk musicians, the duo offers a repertoire with pieces of their own and others by renowned singer-songwriters of the region. The guitar and voice duo is complemented by contributions from guest musicians on accordion, bass and drums. In their vast career they have recorded eight albums and have performed on stages in Uruguay, Argentina, New York, Italy and Spain. They preserved the unmistakable sonority associated to his music, a synthesis with its roots in the guitar quartets from tango and folk music, found in the origins of the culture of the Rio de la Plata.

They design it to include their own compositions and diverse styles from the region, such as milongas, tangos, waltzes and other variations of the folk music of Uruguay, Argentina and Southern Brazil. In , the group was modified and adopted its current name. They are among the founders and top examples of Uruguayan canto popular, and stand out for their elaborate guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies, along with their deep grassroots repertoire.

Their lyrics cover themes about the roots of national identity from a historic and political perspective, with an elaborate but accessible poetic language. His work has been edited, widely known and respected in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, and especially in the United States.

He has released more than thirty albums and is also known for his musical work on radio, theatre and television. Since then, they have performed popular music from the various regions of our country and our continent with songs that bring together rural and urban experiences and characters.

Over the years they have performed constantly at local and Latin American festivals and venues. They play the guitar, charango, berimbau, flute, bandoneon, accordion, electric bass, percussion instruments, drums, and do vocal arrangements.

El disco incluye trece canciones escritas e interpretadas por la cantante. She was taught as a child by her father, a payador in his own right. She started out professionally in the mids and won the revelation award in a major minstrelling contest at the Prado rural fair in Montevideo. In she released her first album, with famous local payadores as guests. In she recorded Alas en abril, with experienced guitarist Julio Cobelli.

The record includes 13 songs written and performed by Acevedo. A singer and songwriter who began his career in the mids, Moraes made his name as a composer with a classical guitar background.

He has released more than 40 albums in a non-conformist style, putting music to his own writing and that of major poets, based on folk structures and rhythms. Moraes has performed widely in Uruguay, and is very well known in neighbouring countries, Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania. His work has included putting music to plays, radio journalism, tango, and interdisciplinary shows involving dancing and teaching.

Romano has performed in the interior of Uruguay and played at most of its festivals, as well as in theatres, radios, television, popular dances and Carnival stages. For the last 35 years the duo has performed abroad, in places like Capetown and Johannesburg in South Africa, Spain, Bolivia, Peru and in countless festivals and events related to Uruguayan popular music. His work as a guitar player for Alfredo Zitarrosa, and the founding in of the quartet that carried his name deserve a special mention.

Gabriel Peveroni The origins of rock in Uruguay must be traced to the mid-sixties with the emergence of the pioneering bands Los Mockers and Los Shakers, who planted the seed of the genre, and to a fecund first stage that went from beat to an incipient psychedelic phase. This development was curtailed by the military coup of Side by side with stadium rock new artists appear linked to electronics, like Campo, Supervielle and Santullo members of Bajofondo, made up of musicians from Argentina and Uruguay , and a prolific underground from which powerful bands emerge, like Motosierra, Buenos Muchachos and La Hermana Menor.

The contemporary scene of Uruguayan rock is diverse and highly segmented by genre and proposals. It is the moment of independent singer songwriters like Franny Glass, Dani Umpi electro pop , Max Capote and Mint vintage , and the reappearance of El Cuarteto de Nos with their hit album Raro, essential to the history of rock made in Uruguay.

From its beginnings the band has been very popular at local level and has also toured Latin America and Europe several times, where it has won a growing number of fans. Of global and mestizo spirit, the group defines itself as part of the underworld of the world, where it get its juices from new musical ingredients. Its live shows are veritable parties where the feedback from the audience takes a central place. He debuted under his own name in and in he won a Graffiti award for best solo album with his fourth record.

After six years participating in major music festivals and performing in several venues in the region, the band produced their second album in , which was released in Mexico two years later. Intimate and defiant poetic lyrics in a rock spirit, effective melodies presented with good vocal performance and a careful visual aesthetic determine an ever-growing musical personality.

Buenos Muchachos was founded in the early 90s. They define their music as a strange potion of distorted blues with symphonic elements, hard rock and punk, seasoned with direct and surreal lyrics to which is added the bewitching delivery of their vocalist, Pedro Dalton.

This band has never lost the street credibility they had at the beginning but today they have a big following and are one of the top groups on the Uruguayan rock scene. Their lyrics echo the typical tango ethos of Uruguay and Argentina and deal with themes of nostalgia, deep emotional reflections and a personal urban bohemian style. The band has been going strong for 20 years; they have reaffirmed their identity and become an outstanding exponent of that style, and today they are one of the most popular groups in Uruguay with fans all over the country.

They started out in giving performances in Uruguay and Argentina. This great versatility has enabled them to get beyond the traditional popular music venues and play in theatres, concert halls and also at big rock festivals where they can bring their original stage and musical show to a wider audience.

They are masters of the genre, their sound is well-crafted instrumentally, reminiscent of the reggae greats, and they have added a dose of hip-hop and funk. They have a very versatile frontman who is crucial to their sound, and there are excellent musicians with years of experience backing him. The characteristic lyrics that run through their work range from themes of solidarity and community values to an ambivalent view of relationships and a love of nature.

En lo estrictamente musical, ha abarcado gran variedad de estilos a los que siempre supo imprimirle su inconfundible personalidad. They have a very individual style with large doses of humour and the absurd, and their lyrics are ironic glimpses of life in modern society. They have embraced a wide range of musical styles, but always giving each one the unmistakable stamp of their unique personality. In they released Otra Navidad en las trincheras, which went on to become the top-selling record in the whole history of Uruguayan rock.

Buscando nuevas formas de gestionar los espacios donde tocar, la banda se ha presentado en instituciones sociales, culturales y comunitarias. Ha compartido escenario con destacados artistas como Manu Chao, Calle 13 y Daniel Viglietti, entre otros. The band also looked for new ways to manage the spaces where they play and have performed in social, cultural and community institutions.

The messages that come across in their dynamic shows are of personal emancipation in a festive atmosphere. Their sound is built around elaborate and effective musical arrangements that make their concerts like a communion between the band and their fans. Their popularity has rocketed thanks to their independent work on circuits with similar bands in Uruguay and neighbouring countries. They started out as a pop group for teenagers but over the years they have matured and grown more experimental, bringing in a wide range of styles including funk, rock, milonga, chacarera and cumbia.

With their danceable, acoustic, urban and folklore elements, some of their songs have been hits in the popular media and they can be heard on the radio and at big festivals in Uruguay and Argentina. He made his debut on the local scene with the group Sinatras in , and in he went solo and cut his first disc. Their repertoire is basically classic rock with some elements from North American folk music. They are raw and strong, sometimes electric and sometimes acoustic but always with a distinctive driving beat.

Their first album, which came out in , won best newcomer prize at the Graffiti Awards for Uruguayan music. The lyrics are personal and poetic, the delivery is finely tuned and the music covers a wide range of styles including rock, pop and folk, all of which adds up to an infallible formula for making hit songs. His very individual delivery, his down-home approach and his wide and developing range of compositions make him a genuine revelation among the new generation of Uruguayan singer-songwriters.

He sings in an introspective way, alone with the guitar or backed by a band. He is producing work that is increasingly elaborate and his genuine personal style is being recognized and welcomed not only in Uruguay but in Argentina and Spain as well. Their latest release, Macumba, shows a tight, musically precise style that is clearly rooted in Afro-Uruguayan culture and Rio de la Plata blues.

Hablan por la Espalda have played in a variety of venues in Uruguay, Argentina, other parts of South America and Europe. Their shows are carefully crafted to project their image and sound to the best effect, and an outstanding aspect of their powerful stage presence is that all the members of the group perform with energy and conviction. Manual de Otro Hereford band was formed in , and over the last 15 years they have built up a repertoire that includes big hits on the popular scene and has attracted a heterogeneous following with whom they have almost a family relation.

They have played at countless mega festivals and done tours and shows in all parts of the country and also abroad. But whether they are in front of thousands or in more intimate venues Hereford serve up a distinctive brand of acoustic and electric rock with catchy melodies.

Their third album, Canarios, won the prize for best alternative rock disc of They are a tight band, their songs stand out for being intimate but also universal, and they are masters of a wide range of styles including the garage sound of their guitars. The growing range of their songs and the increasing maturity of their live shows in Uruguay and Argentina have in no way detracted from the authentic underground style and image they have had from the beginning.

They were one of the pioneers on the post-punk rock scene and they attracted a big following among young people. The band has also moved into genres as varied as malambo, the blues, ballads and jazz, always with an irreverent approach but with great musical mastery. From the very beginning they have had a defined ethic, based on the search for new sounds and on the poetic and ideological thrust of their lyrics. They have one foot in the theatre and this gives an element of drama to their performances.

Now, 13 years later, they have accumulated vast experience playing at mega festivals and touring in the interior of Uruguay and in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Spain. La Triple Nelson have won numerous Graffiti awards including band of the year in , best live album and best blues album in , and with their latest offering, Caos natural, best rock disc of The trio played with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Montevideo, joining musicians on stage, and recorded the show A Rock Gala.

Normalmente Anormal When they first came to prominence in , La Vela Puerca attracted a dedicated fan base hungry for whatever they served up in their shows. Their patron was Gustavo Santaolalla, who produced their first three albums, and with their catchy melodies they quickly became one of the most popular groups in the country, a musical milestone, playing their own mixture of rock, pop, ska and reggae. Their lyrics, which are straightforward and sensitive, tell touching stories and are peopled with figures from urban life.

The group are now vastly experienced and they do massive shows and tours in Uruguay and abroad. In she made her first solo album, Historias de Invierno, with her own compositions in an electronic pop style but also with acoustic numbers in a folk-influenced style and with elements from regional music like milonga.

Her lyrics are intimate and tell of her private world, and they are delivered with a vocal technique that promises to evolve and become even more innovative.

As Jaime Roos so rightly said, Buscaglia is a swingy ball. They broke up after three albums and Rivero went solo. For the past 14 years she has been working in groups or as a solo performer at first in pubs but later in massive rock venues, and her first album was released in Consultado el 5 de agosto de Vistas Leer Editar Ver historial.

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No se olvida de su tierra Siento que tengo que darles cosas al Uruguay, por eso estoy dando clases en la Yamaha School Music, para legar mi conocimiento musical y mis vivencias. La cultura es el mejor valor, el tesoro de los pueblos", dice Farrugia. Porque querer es poder Ernesto Sclavo. Gherardo Catanzaro y Julio Awad - Piano y teclados. Daniel ''Lobito'' Lagarde - Ciudadela. Righi , N. Arnicho y A. Siempre Pienso En Ti. Los Molinos De Tu Pensamiento.

Dame Tu Amor. Pais Tropical. Sa Marina. Nuevos Y Viejos Recuerdos. Lunes, Lunes. Aires Barrocos Y Romanticos. Crearon canciones que suenan en los repertorios de varios artistas, como Yacumensa, Palo y tamboril o Chicalanga. Luego de ser liberados emprenden el camino del exilio. Candombe , Fermata. Bijou , Sondor. Friday, 7 April E.

Recording : Luis "ElMago". Mix: "ElMago". Multitracker - Fostex. Eduardo Useta - Dedos 40 Anos Despues La Previa Blues. Trayendo Amor. Mi Negra y Mi Tambor. Radio El Espectador. Maranata — Maranata Reedicion Tema Sobre Campo. Le Lis. If You Leave Me Now.

Primal Scream. Son for Father. El Ladron. Angeles de Charlie. Carly Carola. Accordion — Luis Di Matteo. Cello — German Prentky,Victor Adiego. Drums — Santiago Ameijenda. Percussion — Ruben Montaldo,Santiago Ameijenda. Saxophone [Tenor], Flute — Carlos Sastre. Trumpet — Eduardo Martiarena. Viola — Francisco Schlotthauer. Etiquetas: Candombe , Fusion , Maranate , Uruguay.

Consulta los créditos, las críticas y las canciones, y compra la edición de CD de 30 Exitos Insuperables en Discogs.

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    Entradas sobre General escritas por Fabiana Gaimaro. En una noche inolvidable, el incomparable Marco Antonio Solís llega al escenario de los Premios Billboard de la Música Latina para presentar un gran espectáfaugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo versatilidad y talento como cantante, compositor y productor, le han hecho merecedor de diversos reconocimientos, incluyendo seis Premios Billboard de la Música Latina.
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    I y II (reedicion en CD de los vol. I y II) a Daniel Viglietti y Mario Benedetti - - A dos voces (en Almera ) a Daniel Viglietti y Mario Benedetti - - A dos voces (en Alicante ) a Daniel Yafalian - - Naturaleza muerta a Danteinferno - - Devil a Danus Silvera - El Indio Arachan.

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