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I Know (You Dont Want Me No More) - Various - The In Crowd (Its In His Kiss) (Vinyl, LP)

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John Henry Love Me Or Leave Me At The Club Tracks of Disc 2 1. Back At The Chicken Shack 2. Right Now 3. Mood Indigo 4. Fever 5. That's The Way I Feel 6. Fire 7. The Seventh Son 8. Sack O' Woe 9. Love Burnt Biscuits Twist Lackawanna You Can't Sit Down Sticks And Stones The Slide Part 1 Face To Face Hallelujah, I Love Her So Neckbones feat.

Black Eye Peas Salt Pork West Virginia. All About My Girl 2. Face To Face 3. The Beast 4. De Bug 5. Minor Dream 6. Shoo, Shoo Baby 7. Southern Exposure 8. Spaceman Twist 9. King Bee Green Onions Tracks of Disc 2 1. Walk On The Wild Side 2. Hootin' 'N Tootin' 4. This Here 5. I've Got A Woman Part 1 6. Carioca 7. What's The Trouble?

Hip Twist 9. Lullaby Of Birdland Organ Boogie The Champ The 3rd Man Theme Tracks of Disc 3 1. The Honeydripper 2. It Could Happen To You 3. Hit The Road Jack 4.

Sweatin' 5. Summertime 6. Rip Tide 7. T's 8. Nice 'N' Greasy 9. Talkin' About J. Ahm Miz Deed I Do Jumpin' Jupiter.

Hip Hug - Her 2. Soul Sanction 3. Get Ready 4. More 5. Double Or Nothing 6. Carnaby St. Slim Jenkins' Joint 8. Pigmy 9. Groovin' Booker's Notion Green Onions CD. Rinky Dink 3. I Got A Woman 4. Mo' Onions 5. Twist And Shout 6. Behave Yourself 7. Stranger On The Shore 8. Lonely Avenue 9. Comin' Home Baby. Sweet Soul Music: CD.

Voice Your Choice 2. The Boy from New York City 3. Hold What You've Got 4. Twine Time 5. Don't Mess Up a Good Thing 6. My Girl 7. Shotgun 8. People Get Ready 9. Got to Get You off My Mind Iko Iko I'll Be Doggone The Entertainer Baby, I'm Yours We're Gonna Make It Back in My Arms Again Ride Your Pony In the Midnight Hour Sitting in the Park The "In" Crowd The Tracks of My Tears Think Treat Her Right Rescue Me See Saw Mo'Onions 5.

Comin' Home Baby Tracks of Disc 2 1. Morning After 2. Diana 3. Alright, Okay, You Win 4. Sticks And Stones 5. Misty 6. Night Before 7. About Noon 8. One Degree North 9. Sack-O-Woe Hold It! Ebb Tide Pop-Eye Stroll Wimp-Burger Straight From The Can Cause I Love You Squint Eye Pop-Eye Rider It's Gonna Work Out Fine Sit Still Too Pooped To Pop-Eye Muscles A-Comin' Home Sailor Man Waltz.

McLemore Avenue CD. Something 3. You Can't Do That 6. Day Tripper 7. Michelle 8. Eleanor Rigby 9. Lady Madonna You Can't Do That. Stax Number Ones CD. Hold On! I'm Comin' 3. Knock On Wood 4. Soul Man 5. Who's Making Love 7.

Mr Theme From Shaft In The Rain I'll Take You There Woman To Woman. Melting Pot 2. Back Home 3. It was like being a rock star. I hung out with a lot of rock stars but no one ever did that to the same extent. There was just an ease to the whole thing. They really were the kindest, most fun band I ever worked with. The band played shows along the East Coast in December , attempting to kick-start the record onto Billboard 's Top Pop Albums chart.

Rolling Stone 's Lester Bangs called the album "consistently [ All songs written by Gregg Allman , except where noted. All credits adapted from liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Allman Brothers Band.

The whole experience of making the first album was absolutely wonderful. I felt comfortable in the studio, having recorded a bunch before, as did we all, and the music was great. We had played these songs so much and we were all just busting to get them down on record.

Recording Industry Association of America. Don't you hate it When people you don't know Walks up to you and And tells you that everything will be okay?

They don't know your life They don't know the hell They don't know how you cry And pray it will be okay They don't know about the hitting The drinking and the smoking They don't know YOU They don't know how you are called Mom By little brothers that don't know That you are their sister That don't know that you love them, Enough to take care of them everyday Especially when 'Dad' won't do it. People don't understand Because their life is perfect Perfect home Perfect life Perfect parents You know what?

I have a Dad, yes. Does he love me? My house? Peter Bacanovic. Second question. Doctors determined that Ukrainian politician Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned with what? And final question of the round, again worth 20 points. Which desperate housewife was not nominated for a Golden Globe Award? Now we are at the end of the second round. Doug, you have 0. Phil you have 50 and Patty you have Quite a race between the two. Doug, you can still come back, though. What does the year hold?

Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people out here in Times Square tonight. A balmy evening, it's in the 50s. You couldn't ask for a better evening. Let's go back to the heart of Texas now at Gilley's in Dallas, they are rocking the night away, waiting for Jerry Jeff Walker is on stage. Let's listen in on his show a bit.

Uh-oh, the mechanical bull is about to go. We've got to stay and watch that a little bit. We're just -- How long? It's getting going. But you can see the party is going on at Gilley's. Now it's getting up. I can do better than that I think. Coming up next we're going to have the Roots performing live in Philly at the Electric Factory.

Plus live in Key West, Florida -- that's the Roots there, live performance going on. And there's the scene in Key West, the big drag queen drop in about 24 minutes. We'll bring that to you as well. We'll be right back. Let's go to the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. They are called the Roots and they are getting notice. Nomination for two Grammy Awards. Best urban alternative performance for the song "Star" and best rap performance by a duo or group for their hit, "Don't Say Nothing.

They are good. You are also seeing a little mechanical bull action there from Gilley's in Dallas. We're covering parties around the country but right here right now the party is in New York's Times Square. You stay with us all the way through. We'll be right back and then we're taking no more breaks. We're going all the way through to There is no place like New York right now at 17 minutes before the ball drops before the new year begins, The dawn of a new year here in New York and around the world.

You can feel the anticipation here. They are getting wild down in the crowd. People are singing. People are dancing. It's a very calm crowd. Very few problems, the police are telling us. Let's go to Jason Carroll who's been partying with the revelers. We've got an international contingency of people. Australia, Venezuela, China, Mexico, Brazil is here as well. I've been down here documenting it all.

Taking pictures of everybody as things go by. But the big question down here for the crowd is, what did they do this year that they're not going to repeat next year? What did you do this year you're not going to repeat next year. Please don't. What are you not going to do next year that you did this year? Never again. Did you hear that Anderson? Everyone's -- 17 minutes away. Who are you going to kiss? You've always got me down here. Get him over there. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Jason, we'll check in with you a little bit. A few short minutes to go before arrived on the East Coast. Sushi is about to make her grand descent onto Duvall St. She is inside a giant red high- heeled shoe. If you have to explain this tradition, it doesn't really translate very well.

Her fans are waiting for her. ZARRELLA: Anderson, this is the eighth year that Sushi has descended in that shoe and I talked to Sushi a little while ago, Sushi said it took her 40 hours to make that dress, it took her about an hour to put all that makeup on and get ready for this big event. Thousands of people here in the crowd.

Of course joining me, Kylie is with me. Kylie, having a great time, aren't we? It is just an absolute blast down here, Anderson. Just up the street we have got the conch shell is going to be falling from Sloppy Joe's.

The pirate wrench is coming down from another bar up the street, the Scooter, and it is just a great night. Look it, the crowd is here and in less than 15 minutes Sushi, who is throwing out the beads, is about to descend in the shoe. Anderson, back to you. John, I understand -- you said this is an eight year tradition. I understand the police tried to shut it down when it first started, but now the whole town gets behind it, the mayor, everyone.

And this year Sushi had a police escort that brought her here to this event, so how times have changed in the eight years since they started this tradition.

It has just become, I tell you, unbelievable. Bigger crowds than we had last year, Anderson. As you know we did it for the first time here. This year there have got to be 7 to 10, people here at Duvall St. To escort Sushi.

That's go to be a class like in and of itself. Marilyn Monroe gives it to you first hand. All right Kylie, thanks very much. I can't see that. I'm going to hold you to it John The party, as you can tell, is just getting started. It is such an incredible sight. I'm a life-long New Yorker. We talked to Secretary of State Colin Powell before. He was born in New York as well. So many New Yorkers don't come to this but they are really missing out. That, of course, the giant ball which is going to descend, it takes about 60 seconds.

The minute before New Year's comes that ball, six feet wide in diameter, more than 1, pounds, all those lights, that Waterford Crystal, slowly descending. And when it hits, those last 10 seconds, the crowd chanting along, counting along, and then the place breaks out into song, "Auld Lang Syne" and "New York, New York.

You can see all the hats. A company, I think Discover Card company has sent out these hats. I've got one down here. I'm going to pick it up and show it to you. I'm not going to put it on because I am going to maintain what small ounce of dignity I still have left but this is the big hat.

It's like a court jester hat. And you can see if you look out in the crowd, it's just a sea - What's that, you want me to put this on? You know, it's -- All right. And you know, if you listen closely -- No, I don't want to give a free logo advertisement. If you listen closely, you can hear the last shred of dignity that I had just being swept away there. I just heard it. But it is quite a party out here and everyone sort of is hemmed in and that's the ball that we'll be sending in just 10 minutes from now and as the minutes click down, already Mayor Bloomberg and Secretary of State Colin Powell are on the stage, on a podium behind me and they are kind of gathering, kind of getting their families together.

They are going to stand around. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Mayor Bloomberg will actually hit the button that will begin the ball descending but right now they are taking photographs, and you know, it's interesting.

It's really like, for the last hour, from 11 to midnight -- there you've got some marines dancing like with a stewardess from a space ship, I don't know who. It's maybe USO I'm guessing. Probably some USO folks. It is -- And there are some New York police officers getting in on the party. Everyone really is in a great mood here. New York, when I grew up here in the late '70s, Times Square was a very different place.

There is no drinking here anymore. Especially on Times Square. Police really have a firm control. It is very orderly. People really just in a good mood. And it is such a nice thing to see. It is one of those great things about New York. Do You Hear Pandemic Slam Pandemic born of a host the dawn of wisdom flows through the ghost Bewildered by drunken haze That flies and turns into concealed Eyes wide awake from this cold land they don't want neglect just to understand Conscience over virus uncontrolled, Will you wait to prevail A life on the path of a living, lack of hate and pain Against each heart, this is my warmth, in fame.

Pandemic Hope After working on his improvisational skills for more than 10 years, Shimon The Robot has been reborn as a singer-song writer. In his first album - Shimon Sings - the robot features his new lyric writing capabilities, a synthesized voice for singing and rapping, and novel virtuosic capabilities on the marimba.

All the songs in the album were created in collaboration with humans who contributed to and were inspired by Shimon's musical and lyrical ideas.

Jun 08,  · But you dont know me No you dont know the one who dreams of you at night And longs to kiss your lips and longs to hold you tight To you Im just a friend, and thats all Ive ever been No, you dont.

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    NPR coverage of You Don't Know Me but You Don't Like Me: Phish, Insane Clown Posse, and My Misadventures With Two of Music's Most Maligned Tribes by .
  2. Kigagis says:
    But most likely he’s avoiding this introduction for a reason, and you need to know why. 3) You’re Not His Date to Major Events. What’s a major event? His company holiday party. (“Those things are boring. I don’t want to put you through it.”) A friend’s birthday party. (“There’s going to be so many people you don’t know.
  3. Mezisida says:
    The singles discography of Elvis Presley began in with the release of his first commercial single, "That's All Right".Following his regional success on the Sun Records label, Presley was signed to RCA Records on November 20, Presley's first single with RCA, "Heartbreak Hotel", was a worldwide hit, reaching the No. 1 position in four countries and the top 10 in many other countries.
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    This collection brings together the group's first four studio albums (Please Mr. Postman, Smash Hits Of , Playboy and The Marvelous Marvelettes) plus their only live album, the stereo Greatest Hits set, and every stray single, B-side and rare cut from the early era that's been issued on various compilations through the years, covering the /5(30).
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    Jan 01,  · Provided You Don't Kiss Me book. Read 54 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. After finishing it you feel like you know Brian Clough, and although the author's biography of Harold Larwood didn't grip me in the way this did, it's probably because Clough is so much more interesting. You get the sense that although a /5(54).
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    They don't know your life They don't know the hell They don't know how you cry And pray it will be okay They don't know about the hitting The drinking and the smoking They don't know YOU They don't know how you are called Mom By little brothers that don't know That you are their sister That don't know that you love them, Enough to take care of.
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    Origin. In his book Eddy Arnold: Pioneer of the Nashville Sound, author Michael Streissguth describes how the song came to be. Cindy Walker, who had supplied Eddy with "Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me" (a number one country record in and Eddy's first Cindy Walker release), recalled discussing the idea for "You Don't Know Me" with Eddy as she was leaving one of Nashville's annual disc.
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    But don't kiss me, no, no, no, don't you kiss me Unless those lips you kiss me with Will say I love you, love you, for life! (I love you for life) Don't wrap your lovely arms around me, Don't kiss my lips unless you love me, baby! Don't hold my hand unless I'm your man I wanna hear it baby, can you? (I know you're ready) [Chorus:] Don't kiss me.
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    I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME is a band out of time. One who faded away into obscurity after struggling to find success in the late 70's and early 80's. Skip navigation Show more. This item has been hidden. Music videos Play all. I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME -MODERN DAY CAIN (SLOW JAM VERSION).

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