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Drowning - Six Feet Under - Hi-End Ultra - Metall Empire (CD)

04.12.2019 Mazulkree 8 Comments

To the best of my knowledge, Spirit only released this 7 inch before disbanding. Again, sorry to whomever requested this before for my taking so long to get it upped. Sunday, March 28, An Official Statement from Purification. Yesterday, Monster from Purification sent me an email addressing the rumors that the band has any affiliations with any time of racist movement. Here's what the band had to say on the issue: In reply to the false rumors that have been circulating, we want to make clear that Purification NEVER had, has or will have anything to do with any xenophobe, nationalist, fascist or nazist movement.

We are outraged by those people filled with envy and hate with nothing better to do that spread false news over the web to put Purification in a bad light. We invite also whoever has any doubt or question about Purification to talk to us at any of the upcoming European shows.

Warm regards The band is currently finishing up tracking 2 new songs for the re-release of their full length "Banging The Drums Of War" which will be released through Burning Season Records sometime this summer. Friday, March 26, Foundation signs with Bridge 9 Records. Awesome dudes who love the core and tour their asses off finally get the recognition they deserve by signing with Bridge 9 Records. Here's a statement from Bridge 9: Things are busy here at Bridge Nine Records and we are more than excited to announce another addition to our roster - Atlanta's straight edge hardcore stalwarts Foundation.

No strangers to to the road, Foundation has been seen on tour all over the country; most notably with Bane and on Have Heart's final string of shows last Fall.

B9 Owner Chris Wrenn said, "We couldn't be happier to sign Foundation - these guys have been working hard over the last few years and officially caught our attention last summer when we were all blown away by their live show. It's important for us as a label to have a solid, straight edge hardcore band and Foundation is the best band in that genre right now. Champion and Have Heart did great things for Bridge Nine in the past decade and after their demise we are excited to pass the torch over to Foundation.

Drummer Champ Hammett said, "We can't wait to finish and record the new LP and tour non-stop - we want to hit all the fests and cover the US, hopefully Europe and other parts of the world. Get ready to see us everywhere in and beyond.

Congrats to my dudes. Posted by XhcnoirX File under : creation is crucifixion , hydrahead records , knut , switzerland. Their sound can only be described as devastating and crushing.

Intense, abrasive and loud stuff, tho they've added more mellow parts to their sound over the years. From what I gathered it was supposed to be the 1st in a series, but I'm fairly certain they never did a follow-up. It's got the 2 songs off the 'Ordeal' 7" on it also from plus an extra song. Great stuff. This CD would later be re-released as a self-titled EP on their current label, Hydrahead, with an additional track from their split 7" with Tantrum.

That show with CIC was fuckin' loud btw, it was at a squat and the show was in a room without any sort of soundproofing, so the sound bounced around the room a lot Either way, awesome bands, and all shows I've seen of both bands were loud and great. How I just found out about this is beyond me Im a bad collector. Anyway, is Cabal clothing back? I dont know but Ill get in touch with Guav and find out. Pretty sure you'll find these on Ebay on Monday for some stupid amount of money. Cabal is printing 24 of these to sell at United Blood fest this weekend.

Will Guav be printing more eventually? I'll be crossing my fingers. If you missed our scans of the old Cabal catalog that Guav scanned and sent to us, check it out here. An updated version of the "Hoods Up" design. You can follow Cabal on Twitter here. Bound Interview: I Stand Alone zine 9. Bound were based out of New Jersey and went on to release a full length and a 7 inch if memory serves. This interview is from I Stand Alone zine 9. Wednesday, March 24, However, the records they did since 2 EP's and the aforementioned 'The Method' have been received with mixed reviews.

Either you loved em or hated em. They lacked power and direction and overall just didn't do it for me. I also saw Killing Time a few years ago with the singer of Uppercut doing vocals for em, and they seemed uninspired and going thru the motions. So when Chip asked me review their latest record I wasn't sure what to expect. Right from the start the band makes it pretty clear that Killing Time isn't the straight up NYHC band anymore that they once were.

Continuing with the sound of their records since 'Brightside', they have incorporated various musical elements into their sound, from punkrock and street punk and even some metal, making the overall sound a bit more melodic, and at times less heavy and hard. Mind you tho, this does not mean that they abandoned their NYHC roots, far from it. They've expanded on it and in a far more successful way than they tried on 'The Method.

Great tracks that leave no doubt that Killing Time is back with renewed energy and eagerness, and that they know how to mix styles and influences in a seamless way. When the 3rd track, '24', starts and Anthony is adding melody to his voice, without losing his power, it is pretty clear this is a great album. Nathan: being held at gunpoint by Lara Uh, hey there.

I'm guessing the whole "finders keepers" rule isn't going to apply? Nathan: after discovering the Holy Grail and getting into a gunfight with Lara over it Ah, it never fails!

I get to the gold at the end of the rainbow, and somebody tries to kill me! Nathan: after shooting the Holy Grail to knock it back toward him, and catching it Hehe! Ah, not a scratch! Nathan: Eh, that's probably not good. Scrooge McDuck vs. Shovel Knight. Scrooge McDuck Scrooge : "I don't know which was wilder in those days, the wolves or me!

Scrooge: I made it by bein' tougher than the toughies, and smarter than the smarties! And I made it square! Boomstick : "Still, he's one deadly warrior who isn't afraid to put his enemies six-feet under. Venom vs. Bane: "When we fought before, I broke the Bat. Today, I break the man.

Bane: So, you fall back on cheap magic tricks Yet you don't know how to be truly invisible. Now, I give you permission to die. Power Rangers vs. Voltron Lion Force. Mighty Morphin' Megazord Jason: "Bring 'em down! Kimberly: Umm Digibook, new and sealed Rage - Black In Mind ltd. Myles Kennedy - Apocalyptic Love ltd. Digi with Blu-Ray Slayer - Repentless ltd. Box Stratovarius - Elements Pt. Box Stratovarius - Infinite ltd. Shape edition, rare!! Digibook, new and sealed Therapy? Clair V. Tin case edition!!!

Edition FFF - Marco Big - Big, Bigger, Biggest! The Best Of Mr. EP Therapy? I have "Wild'n'Evil", but it's illegal copy not original - with nice booklet printed on the factory, but without macros. The World Won't End. Luther Vandross. Beyond Good and Evil. Suicidal Tendencies , Various Artists. Dil Chahta Hai [20]. Based on a True Story. Horror Show. Jagged Little Thrill.

Jagged Edge. Life Is Good. Madhouse: The Very Best of Anthrax. The Reason. Tales of the Inexpressible. The Velvet Underground. Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready? Endless Summer. Live at L'Olympia. Tales from the B-Side. White Blood Cells.

The Director's Cut. Ancient Melodies of the Future. Camino Palmero. Dream Street. King of da Ghetto. Long Distance. The Saga Continues Space Boogie: Smoke Oddessey. This Is Rock'n'Roll. Buffalo Springfield. Pleased to Meet You. Tales from the Lotus Pod. Rings Around the World.

The Butterfly Collection. Choreographed Man of War. Robert Pollard and the Soft Rock Renegades. Les Claypool's Frog Brigade. Love Is a Battlefield. Plan B. Huey Lewis and the News. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet. Losing All Hope Is Freedom. Take-Offs and Landings.

Time The Revelator. The Very Best of Prince. Crow Sit on Blood Tree. In Search Of The Isley Brothers feat. Ronald Isley, aka Mr. Get Down or Lay Down. Philly's Most Wanted. Gravitational Forces. Warmness on the Soul. Live by Request.

No Self Control. Ozzfest The Second Millennium. Beautiful Creatures. The Best of the Early Years: — Mother Earth. Godless Apes of God More of The Same Urge Corrupted As It Is Mind War Leech The Rift Bottomed Out Activist Outro Tracklist: CD 1: Intro Apes Of God Slave New World Propaganda Attitude Choke Escape To The Void Mindwar Troops Of Doom feat.

Jairo Guedz CD 2: Sepulnation Territory Bullet The Blue Sky Reza feat. Biotech Is Godzila feat. Drone metal also known as drone doom [1] and power ambient [2] is a style of heavy metal that melds the slow tempos and heaviness of doom metal with the long-duration tones of drone music.

Typically, the electric guitar is performed with a large amount of reverb or audio feedback while vocals, if present, are usually growled or screamed. Songs often lack beat or rhythm in the traditional sense and are typically very long.

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  8. Moogujora says:
    CD 1: Intro Apes Of God Slave New World Propaganda Attitude Choke Innerself / Beneath The Remains Escape To The Void Mindwar Troops Of Doom (feat. Jairo Guedz) CD 2: Sepulnation Refuse / Resist Territory Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos (feat. Zé Gonzáles, B- Negao) Bullet The Blue.

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