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Dog Day Sunrise - Fear Factory - Demanufacture (CD, Album)

21.08.2019 Tunris 9 Comments

Review Summary: Presenting a sound way ahead of its time, Demanufacture is and always will be the definitive Fear Factory album. This is the sound of a truly talented Industrial Metal band pushing their limits and making an album that is timeless even years later. Rank: 33 for Apathy Industrial Metal has always been somewhat of an acquired taste to some. Not all of the bands that come out with this sort of sound are good, but there is no doubt that one of the pioneer bands of this genre is Fear Factory.

NIN had a much more mainstream sound and have been recognized more, but Fear Factory infused so many elements into their music from other genres that made them have their own definitive sound. In , they released Demanufacture, and with this album they truly define their sound and give a collection that has since become timeless.

Part of what made this album immensely popular and the reason why it has inspired countless metal bands since its release is that it has a sound that is very futuristic, brutal, and cold. Vocalist Burton C. Bell is very unique and brought forth a distinct vocal style that is integral to the Fear Factory sound.

Guitarist Dino Cazeres packs this album full of machine gun riffs, never letting up from the assault until the album closer. Fear Factory Obsolete 4. Review Summary: Picking up where Demanufacture left off, Obsolete shows Fear Factory perfecting their style of Industrial Metal and heading in a slightly darker direction in the process. Rank: for Pedro B. YDload Demanufacture was a landmark album in the Industrial Metal genre.

Fear Factory was and still are a band that emerged with a distinct sound that got them known around the world as a very promising band not only in the genre but in metal as a whole. Burton C. All things considered, it was evident that fans around the world were looking forward to the follow up to the amazing album they brought forth in On it, Burton executes his vocals perfectly, shifting from his relentless screams to soaring clean vocals in a flawless manner.

Dino and Raymond keep up the fast pace of the song with their great combination, and the song is infectiously catchy and addictive. Across the 10 tracks of this album you will find that there is little to no filler at all, and that every song contributes to the concept of the record musically and lyrically. Normally most bands have a top-heavy album that falls off in the middle, but not FF.

Another great song. The set the standard and would be not only an influence on progressive metal and death metal bands in that decade such as Meshuggah and Mnemic , but they would also shape several subgenres such as melodic death metal At The Gates , early Soilwork , Static-X and more commercial industrial bands as well. They birthed a vision uncluttered and sleek, ready to be spoon-fed into our frontal lobes. Though it wasn't a beginning-to-end classic, it was an exceptional album and arguably ushered in the alternative metal era with its fusion of metal styles.

When Fear Factory returned three years later with their follow-up, Demanufacture , the band's groundbreaking style of industrial- and death-informed metal came to fruition, and this time a great many folks did take note, resulting in one of the most successful metal releases of the '90s, commercially as well as artistically.

On the surface, it almost seems like Demanufacture is a rewrite of Soul of a New Machine. Following a couple extreme side projects i.

For instance, vocalist Burton C. Bell unleashes a ferocious death metal growl, yet he can also switch over to a Rob Halford -like vocal style when he wants to grace a given song with soaring melodic vocals for contrast. Moreover, guitarist Dino Cazares straddles the fence between industrial and death metal, as he plays machine-like riffs that chug away in lock step with likewise machine-like drummer Raymond Herrera yet breaks away at any given moment and takes off in a frenzied, very human direction.

This "man-machine" sound -- real people playing real instruments live, though in an industrial, machine-like fashion -- is the essence of Fear Factory , and while Soul of a New Machine may have been the blueprint for this approach to metal one that would be duplicated by a generation of bands within a few years , Demanufacture takes the approach a step further: same band, same idea, same production, same sound; better songs, better performances, better album, better reception.

Feeling It Too [Roadrunner]. The 3 Jays. Frontline 1. Get Da Love. Given Up [Germany]. I'm Telling You. Chubby Chunks. It's All Good. J-Tull Dot Com. Let's Get It On. The Step Kings. Makes Me Love You. New Parade [US]. The Sheila Divine. Little Louie Vega. Party Up. Toy Shop. Jan Akkerman. Planet of the Breaks. Poison Carnival. Presents: Behind the Doors of 13th Floor.

Raingods with Zippos. Red Book Masters. Young Lord. Mango Masters. Same Difference. Saturday Teenage Kick. Silence of the Moon. D Flex. Something for the Weekend. Sound of Bamboo. Straight Thuggin' for Life. Organized Thugss. Street Life. Crazy Craze. Tales from the Big Bus. Tales of a Traveler.

Blue Mountain. The Burning Red. The Opposite of December. The Time Machine. Alan Parsons. This Town Ain't Big Enough. Turn Around. Valuable Game.

Verdades E Mentiras. Down South Bass Kings. Welcome to the Neighborhood. Wild Wonderful Purgatory. Karma to Burn.

World Coming Down. Yesterday Went Too Soon. Southside Reverb. Breed the Killers. Earth Crisis. Bring It On. Caffeine: The Natural Stimulant.

DJ Micro. DJ Rocks. Bobby D. Decade of the Brain. Quintaine Americana. Freak Nasty. Dum Dum Baby. Baby Fox. Extreme Measures. Vitalij Kuprij. Faithful to the Streets. Here Be Dragons. Jupiter Coyote.

Horse's Mouth [CD 1]. Horse's Mouth [CD 2]. Ill Na Na. Jake the Flake. Kettle of Fish. Liquid Tension Experiment. Loaded Deck. Ace Frehley. Loco [Video]. Look My Way. Memory Rendered Visible. Both Worlds. Next Stop the Ghetto. Black Dave. Hard Boyz. Queens of the Stone Age. Red River. Space Park Drive. Metro L. Strictly Diesel. Umbabarauma [UK]. When Satan Lives. White Magic for Lovers.

Back from the Dead. Beyond Planet Earth. Billy Club. Blood Rooted. Cinnamon Girl. Coast to Coast. Coast to Coast, Vol. DJ Hardware. Divorce at High Noon. Edge of the World. Everybody Wants Some. Forever Is the Same Thing Again. Chevy Heston. Formica Blues. Freaky One. Global House Culture, Vol.

Global House Culture. Greatest Hits [Next Plateau]. Shootyz Groove. I Like Rock [3 Track Single]. Little Playmate. No Holds Barred: Live in Europe. Number One Song in Heaven [Roadrunner]. Rebel Slave. South Click. Remanufacture Cloning Technology.

Serpents of the Light. Soul Searching Sun. Street Vs. The Moon Seven Times. Sunsets on Empire. Super Natural. Test of Wills. The More Things Change. We Are What We Are. Wonder Wear. Boy Wonder. A Normal Family. Chosen Few. Cinnamon Girl [4 Tracks]. Demonstrating My Style. Fuk 1. Kevin Salem. I Wanna Be a Hippy. Jam Down Vibrations.

Jesus Without a Cross. Screamin Mother. Johnny Lipshake. La Noche. Love You to Death. Make 'Em Mokum Crazy. Mum's Gone to Iceland. October Rust. On Air. New breed Revolutionary Designed Mix [bonus track] Replica Electric Sheep Mix [bonus track] Huhh! Google [Bot]. Self Bias Resistor. Zero Signal.

Fear Factory; Demanufacture; Dog Day Sunrise Lyrics underground Girls work under floors The failures tend the moors But once the seem is cut They find out what is learned Dog Day Sunrise Dog Day Sunrise Dog Day Sunrise Dog General CommentThis one of my least favourite Fear factor songs and is the worst song on the Demanufacture album.

9 thought on “Dog Day Sunrise - Fear Factory - Demanufacture (CD, Album)”

  1. Arashijar says:
    perfect besides dog day sunrise very tight and precise. shows alot of melodic progression from the first album. the first death metal type band that incorporated singing with normal death growl. dog day sunrise has always sucked and was a sell out move to include a song strictly for radio playwhich it got. and their next attempt at radio play cars.
  2. Voodookasa says:
    "Dog Day Sunrise" originally written by the band Head Of David. Made in USA Barcode and Other Identifiers Matrix / Runout: PROMO++ SONOPRESS USA Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; RR Fear Factory: Demanufacture ‎ (CD, Album) Roadrunner Records: RR USA & Canada: Sell This Version: RR /5(8).
  3. JoJogami says:
    Demanufacture is a masterpiece. Plain and simple. It's hard to find words to describe just how epic this album is but I shall give it a try. I'll start by saying that when judging Fear Factory albums, for me, the tipping point between a good Fear Factory album and a bad one is Burton C /5().
  4. JoJolar says:
    Album Demanufacture. Demanufacture Fear Factory. 1. Demanufacture 2. Self Bias Resistor Dog Day Sunrise 7. Body Hammer.
  5. Mezirn says:
    Find Roadrunner Records credit information on AllMusic.
  6. JoJobei says:
    Label: Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD • Format: CD Album, Reissue • Country: Poland • Genre: Rock • Style: Industrial, Death Metal Fear Factory - Demanufacture (, CD) | 5/5(3).
  7. Mikabar says:
    Demanufacture () Machines of Hate () > Fear Factory discography (all) Demanufacture () Machines of Hate () > Dog Day Sunrise Fear Factory. Type: Single Release date: February 22nd, Catalog ID: RR Label: Roadrunner Records Format: CD Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Other versions; Reviews; 1. Dog Day Sunrise (Edit.
  8. Nazilkree says:
    Fear Factory "Dog Day Sunrise": Dog Day Sunrise Every day of my life I'm working on a scheme Working overtime underground Girls.
  9. Nikozahn says:
    “Dog Day Sunrise” is a cover song which has a slightly different style to the rest of the album so almost acts as an interlude in the middle of the album. The closing track “A Therapy For Pain” contains a lot of noise, but it’s actually really good.

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