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Darkness On The Delta - Flint Banjo Club - Riverboat Rascals (Vinyl, LP)

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Food and Refreshments are available. Watch for the tickets and be sure to buy them early, because this is generally a "sold-out" evening. Like the FBC, these groups often reinforce their performances with the addition of bass, piano, tuba, trumpet, double-belled euphonium, tipple, and trombone.

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Please remember to respect their home and your fellow paddlers. Remember to pick up after yourself with any trash, please and thank you! She also spends time hiking in the woods and foraging for wild foods. Cookies are used for measurement, ads and optimization. Yes, they're so good, they could have been written by Ronnie Hazlehurst himself.

Yes Sir, That's My Baby is an odd one. It has vocals. Yes, I know. On a banjo album. How dare they? Close harmony male and female combo vocals at that. Sorry if you'd only just managed to wipe the horror that was 'The Brian Rogers Connection' from your mind. The last couple of tracks on side one are more middle of the road banjo type ramblings. There's only so much I can about banjos, considering I know so little about them. In 'You Are My Sunshine' the banjo and muted trumpet take turns to replace the lead vocal line.

As you know, I believe that the banjo substituting vocals is an abhorrent mockery of nature, whereas the trumpet sounds great. To have the two together makes for a real sweet and sour experience. The big let down of this album is that after the stunning highs and soaring lows of Side A, the B side is just It's more of the same really, shuffles and stomps, redeemed only by the fact that someone, somewhere decided to rhyme 'paddling' with 'Madelaine' to come up with 'Paddlin' Madelin' Home'.

This would have been a stroke of genius if it had been a vocal track, but as it's just a bunch of banjos playing, you might as well have called it "Oof, my Piles are playing up something rotten. Write a comment. November

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    The banjo was one such gadget. With a body made from a gourd, the banjo was first reported in by the captain of a ship on the Gambia River. Structurally, the banjo is very similar to a drum, with an animal skin stretched over a rim. Africans and African-American slaves .
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    The Flint River has two major tributaries, Brier Fork which flows in from the northwest and Mountain Fork which flows in from the northeast. The Flint River is an excellent float fishing stream in its lower reaches. The river can be easily floated from Patterson Road, Walelia canoe landing to Hobbs Island Road, Chickasaw canoe landing.
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    Flint Banjo Club. 6 likes. Music. Sign up for Facebook today to discover local businesses near you.

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