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Conversation - Vojenská Nemocnice - Eye (CDr)

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The response to an Irish accent? I overheard bits of their conversation: "fucking nats" "I hate them" etc. Is that a difference between being Scottish and British? Glasgow, now, despite stormy weather But: the UK is always available to be an audience, too. Glasgow dealing with brexitday the only way it knows how. A miracle amid a massacre.. Vivid description of what the pilots must have seen and how they must have felt during their last moments alive, sent cold chills up our spines.

Then the piper — Mr. After the wreaths were placed, the Revaille resounded in the air and the Kohima Prayer closed the ceremony. We then walked to the Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing in Ypres and took part in the official Last Post Ceremony honouring the allied fallen every evening at 8 pm.

A most fitting and beautiful tribute also to the four RAF pilots of the Operation Circus resting in peace in a British military cemetery a few hundred yards up the road. We would like to take this opportunity to thank once again everyone, who joined us in these two remembrance ceremonies. If you found this website useful please consider making a donation to help cover the costs of continuing research and maintaining and further development of this educational resource.

Thank you for your support of this project. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Dear Readers, We would like to inform you that this portal has been evaluated as a good source of information and that the pages have been included by the National Library of the Czech Republic in the web archive of the WebArchiv project.

Please use the Contact page to contact us regarding the usage of any material from this website. If you find that any of the links have been broken, could you please report it to us using the Contact page. Skip to content. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Posted in Sqd , Ceremony , Memorial Leave a comment. Posted in Sqd , Books Leave a comment. Jan Parolek Posted on 14 June by fcafa. Memorial plaque at the school. It was a very hard journey that those, who left heir country in had to undertake, escaping the Germans to arrive to France, only to be offered merely joining of the French Foreign Legion, degrading of military ranks and unsuitable living conditions… After humiliating and selling of the Czechoslovak Republic, which we helped to baptise, we were not able — hoping to avoid the war — to treat properly those who placed their confidence in us.

Posted in Books , France Leave a comment. Josef Koukal Posted on 4 June by fcafa. This was the first Hurricane delivered to the RAF. It was reputedly damaged in combat over Chester on It was later repaired and returned to service. When being flown by Sgt Josef Stehlik on 8.

Sgt Josef Kominek s baled out. Only four days later it was one of three Hurricanes involved in the shooting down of a Ju. Sgt Josef Rechka claimed a probably destroyed an Me.

This enemy aircraft was possibly Me. The crew consisted of Uffz Pfafflhuber and Uffz Kramp, who were both killed. Sgt Alois Dvorak s , aircraft damaged. P I Trans from 73 Sqn to Sqn. No further detail available. The enemy Dornier was almost certainly a Do. Rypl claimed to have probably destroyed a Me. The enemy Messerschmitt was probably Me. The crew of Uffz Galla and Oblt Brede were both captured unhurt.

This aircraft was damaged in combat with Me. Sgt Eduard Prchal i was slightly wounded and the aircraft was repairable. Prchal later claimed a Do. P I Del to Sqn. Shot down by Me. The aircraft crashed to the ground south of Wennington Church, near Romford. Sterbacek was the first Czech airman casualty in Britain. Crashed on take off from Penrhos The aircraft was repaired and later returned to service. P I Trans from Sqn to Sqn. Converted to Mk.

II became DR P I Del to sqn. Made a belly landing at Speke, Sgt Otmar Spacek s aircraft damaged. Blackwood claimed a probable Dornier , shot down at hours near North Weald, following the combat. However Sqn only record the loss of one Hurricane on the 9th September, its serial number being V see later entry , which was brought down over Croydon and it is likely that this was in fact the aircraft being flown by Boulton.

The Hurricane suffered damage to the wings and undercarriage during the combat, but Fechtner managed to get it back to base. He had been awarded the DFC only two days earlier. Sgt Josef Keprt claimed a Do. The aircraft came down at Rumbolds Farm, Goldsands, South Minster at hours and was consumed by fire.

Josef Mensik at the controls. Although some records show it as being transferred to 56 OTU at a later date! Abandoned after being shot up by an Me. Sgt Josef Kopriva s baled out. The aircraft reputedly crashed at Rookes Farm west of Chelmsford. R I Del to Sqn. Sinclair claimed a Do. It was abandoned and crashed after combat with Me. It is fairly certain that Sgt Josef Kominek was at the controls of this aircraft, when he claimed the probable destruction of a Do.

In attempting to avoid him two of the Me. Fw Wagenbrett and Uffz Schubert were both killed. This Hurricane was to be shot down less than a fortnight later at hours on This Hurricane was shot down by Bf. Sgt Hugo Herbacek s baled out and suffered slight injuries. The aircraft came down at Pitsea, Essex. Jefferies claimed a Do. V I Trans from Sqn to Sqn. V I Trans from 43 Sqn to Sqn. Whilst flying this aircraft on 3. Sgt Bohumil Furst claimed an Me.

Janouch was involved in attacking Me. The enemy aircraft was probably not a Me. With its cooling system damaged and one engine out, the stricken Heinkel made forced landing at Sundridge near Sevenoakes at hours.

Only six days later, Sgt Josef Kominek claimed a Do. See above under P for probable details of this incident. V I Del to Sqn. Shot down during combat with Me. Sgt Miroslav Jiroudek s. This aircraft crashed whilst overshooting a landing on returning to base following a combat on 5. The aircraft struck a petrol bowser and ended up on its back. Sgt Frantisek Mlejnecky s. Converted to Sea Hurricane W I Del to Sqn then to Sqn. Delivery Flight. Z II Del to Sqn. Aircraft suffered Cat.

Pilot, Sgt Jan Truhlar pow was captured. Pilot Sgt Josef Mensik evaded capture, but was imprisoned in Spain when attempting to get to Gibraltar. Posted in Sqd , Autobiography , Books Leave a comment. To Poland Posted on 20 May by fcafa. German guard at a Czechoslovak Air Force airbase after the occupation. Imrich Gablech. Czechoslovak escapees outside the Czechoslovak Consulate, Krakow. Posted in Into exile , Poland 2 Comments.

Sgt Roland Joffre Ribout. Posted in Sqd , Ceremony 3 Comments. Search for:. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2, other followers. Motto: We fight to rebuild. Free Czechoslovak Air Force. Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.

United Writers Publications Ltd. Softback 24 x 32, pages. Squadron code letters:. Serial No:. Unit Detail:. Trans from 11 Sqn to Sqn.

Trans from 3 Sqn to Sqn. Abandoned after fire in the air near Cambridge L DU-J. L DU-H. L NN-Z. Trans from 1 Sqn to Sqn. L NN-X. Gerald G. Andrew Jackson :. Sorose a spol. Buchanan : The Israelis, too, do not share our view of who is the mortal enemy. I think, your real question, who's behind the White House , and who's therefore behind U. I think the answer today is the oligarchs And then we start, under pressure from Lockheed Martin and Raytheon and others , to sell weapons to Poland and weapons to Georgia and weapons to Romania and everybody else we could bring into the fold.

Under those pressures and others, we started to expand NATO and stuck both our fingers in the Russian eye , so to speak, immediately. It's clear to me why Putin responded in Georgia and why he's now responding to Crimea in Ukraine. This is what great powers do when they get concerned about their so-called near abroad.

Hillary Clinton, maybe next U. She will bring back to power the totally discredited neoconservatives, and the US will proceed with its butchery and slaughter of other countries and all reformist governments everywhere.

Paul Craig Roberts , zde. Candidates seeking to rely on small donations stand little chance in this cutthroat new environment. Ironically, supporters of the new rules are fond of pointing to Barack Obama's successful campaign.

They argue the campaign showed that small donations can indeed make a candidate competitive and that it can work. But that was prior to the Citizens United ruling. In the end, Obama was also the beneficiary of the largesse of Wall Street's super-rich , and their calculating donations to the Democrats. In the wake of the banking crisis, Obama refused to subject Wall Street to tighter long-term regulations and also made key appointments in his administration to representatives of Goldman Sachs or Citigroup , the main culprits in the crisis.

Spiegel Online zde. A dodal:. Winston Churchill. Byli to Bosel a Castiglioni. Bylo to za inflace. In this capacity he was present at the Evian Conference in Habe described the course of the Conference in his novel The Mission Last week, the situation was particularly absurd. On the one hand, the US supports the Sunni military coalition in Yemen that is bombing an Iran-supported rebel group. On the other hand, the US provided air support to a Shiite militia that is being led by an Iranian general.

Political certainties are becoming hazier. Who are America's enemies and who are its allies, does Israel still enjoy its status as inalienable ally? Many of the constants that have characterized the Middle East for decades are no longer as assured. No other country, apart from Israel, has been the recipient of as much high-tech weaponry as the arch-conservative monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Despite the brutal oppression of every opposing voice and the years spent financing Islamist terror via "charitable" organizations, Washington has continued to feel bound t o the Saudis.

But that may not last. Because fracking at home has reduced American dependence on oil from Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East.

But in contrast to previous years, American interests of late have sometimes overlapped to a considerable degree with those of Iran. Indeed, whereas relations between Washington and the Israeli leadership have sunk to an all-time low in recent weeks, Tehran has become a de-facto partner in the ongoing fight against Islamic State, even if neither side is willing to say as much.

The Guardian:. The conclusion is simple: Islamic militancy remains a very diverse phenomenon that will not be destroyed by the elimination of a single group, still less an individual. The idea that some kind of silver bullet exists is attractive, and deeply reassuring, but sadly without foundation.

Pat Buchanan: U. Aneb o tradici US pragmatismu. What Ike was conceding at Suez was that the British and French empires were history and Arab nationalism was the future in the Middle East. Obama is in that tradition of ruthless American pragmatism. Three weeks after the Arab Spring reached Cairo, he pulled the rug out from under Hosni Mubarak , an ally of 30 years. Then he welcomed the electoral triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, and his emerging Egyptian dictatorship. What is the new reality Obama sees across the Middle East?

However, in this same war, some of our oldest allies appear to be conscientious objectors or collaborators with the enemy. Biden was forced to apologize for having told the truth. The Israelis, too, do not share our view of who is the mortal enemy. Obama is not wrong here. These distances were logistically difficult to service from Tripoli and Silver City expanded their Libyan operations to include a small fleet of DC3 aircraft based at Benina airfield, Benghazi.

Even by the late s, there were still vast numbers of ordinance, mainly landmines, that lay undiscovered in the desert. Before an oil camp, usually consisting of an oil rig and tents, could be started, the area, including an aircraft landing strip, would have to be surveyed for the potential ordinance, which if found, had to be cleared.

These safe areas were clearly marked to ensure personnel did not venture into unsurveyed areas. Apart from mines the debris of war was amply in evidence in the desert with destroyed tanks, vehicles, or abandoned vehicles from the British Long Range Desert Group, being found.

It had a newly trained crew of nine and this was their first operational mission. On their return flight, a navigational error was made: the plane flew over Benina airfield and mistaking the desert for the Mediterranean Sea, flew on into the desert.

No more was ever to be heard from them and their fate remained unknown. It was assumed that their aircraft had been damaged by flak over Naples and had crashed into the Mediterranean on the return flight.

Lady be Good, aerial view. A navigational position was noted for the crash site and it was seen that the aircraft had American markings. Lady be Good, ground view. The team consisted of three Geologists and three Arab drivers. No human remains were found in the aircraft nor any parachutes, but water, food, and personal items were seen.

The personal items also had the names of the various crew members on them. This information was investigated and also came to the attention of the US media, causing much speculation as to the fate of the missing aircrew. The interest generated by this speculation led the US authorities to send search personnel and equipment, including helicopters, from the US Army Quartermaster Mortuary System at Frankfurt, Germany, to Libya in July to search for the missing aircrew.

The search team spent three months undertaking a careful and methodical search of the area north of the crash site. Despite covering an area of 5, square miles, they found nothing, and on 3 September , the search was abandoned.

Nic nebylo nalezeno a 3. On 11 February , another seismic team, from Geophysical Prospecting Co. Overseas Ltd, who were sub-contracted to British Petroleum, discovered the skeletal remains of five bodies semi-buried in the desert in the Sand Sea of Calanscio about 85 miles NNW of the B24 crash site. This was an area further north than the area the US Army teams had searched the previous autumn. It was considered to beyond the range of human endurance that airmen, with no food, water or desert survival equipment could have got that far.

It was particularly difficult terrain and no recent records showed that this Sand Sea had been crossed on foot, an area where an mile journey could take a truck 10 days to accomplish. This was the first time that anything about the possible fate of that crew had been discovered. The seismic team returned to Failing Cap, their nearby base camp but, due to the distance, their radio transmitters were not powerful enough to contact Wheelus airbase some miles away.

He was taken to the discovery site and asked if, once airborne on his return flight to Benina, with the advantage of altitude, he could radio the control tower at Idris airport, Tripoli and ask them to pass news of this discovery to the US airbase at Wheelus.

This he agreed to do on, and once airborne he successfully passed on the news. He had planned to go to his Bank, only some 50 metres away, about mid-morning. As he was leaving the apartment block a car pulled up outside and two US Air Force officers got out.

One was Col. Stebbins W. Griffith, the Commander of the Wheelus airbase at Tripoli. They were part of a US Air Force search party who had flown into Benina airfield that morning to investigate this new finding. Griffith had come to ask if he could assist them with his extensive knowledge of the desert area surrounding the discovery site and help them navigate their aircraft to the site. From Benina they boarded their USAF C47 aircraft and flew to the discovery site so that positive identification of the remains could be made.

Sunglass case of 2nd Lt W. Hayes, Navigator of the Lady be Good. Positive identification was achieved by the finding of a sunglass case with the name W. These five airmen had managed to walk about 80 miles in the scorching daytime heat — around F deg. At night the temperature dropped to below 0 F deg. For these five, after five days of walking in these extreme conditions, were too exhausted to continue.

Medical experts considered this to be the maximum range of human endurance under those desert conditions. From these diaries it was found that there had been a group discussion and the three strongest crewmembers had then gone — without water — to try and get help going into the sand sea; an area where the sand dunes would be up to feet high.

One by one, over the next three days they succumbed to the harsh environment, the first had died 21 miles into the sand sea, the 2nd, Staff Sergeant Guy Shelley, 27 miles — he had walked an incredible miles. The body of the third airman, Staff Sgt Vernon Moore, still remains undiscovered. As a former Liberator pilot the day had been a grim reminder as to what his own wartime fate could have been if any of his patrols had gone wrong.

Whilst in Libya he was finally able to resume his interest in HAM radio. Under the callsign 5A2TS, he would spend many of his free hours at his Morse-key communicating over the air-waves.

In June , the family returned to England and lived at Ashford, Kent. The constant noise from aircraft engines had, over the years as a Captain pilot, damaged the hearing in his left ear.

It was now below the minimum level needed to meet the required medical standard. With his flying career now over he sought new challenges and initially bought a small retail business in Longfield, Kent.

He found that, after his flying career, this was a very staid occupation and within two years sought a change. A Czechoslovak Army friend of his at Cholmondeley had been Josef Josten, a professional journalist who had also successfully escaped from Communist Czechoslovakia and was now based in London.

This he accepted and considered this period as a continuation of his time in the RAF but now against a new totalitarian regime. For the next three years, he would commute daily to London to continue his personal fight against the Communist regime in his homeland.

The daily commuting to London eventually took its toll on his health and could not be continued. Here he was able to resume his interest in electronics. This new employment was not to last for long. At that time, some 35 years after his escape, his brother and sisters were still not granted permits, by the Communist Czechoslovak Authorities, to go to England.

They were also not permitted to attend either his funeral or the internment. Marie v Etchinghillu v Kentu. He was a very private man, who avoided personal attention, frugal with words but always mindful of his modest beginnings.

His flying career was extensive, varied, eventful and a reflection of those turbulent years in Europe at that time. Now they can be identified and tracked to their respective missions. Canadian bill singles out Czech rifle, the CZ, for prohibition. This is certainly the most radical part of jeremycorbyn programme. Odd that Tories tend to ignore it pic.

Strana Washington, D. C. — Department pokiadu (5= to derma t. r. bylo v obehu kovov3rch a papirovYch pe,nez za $9,,,, dill prtunerne $ na osobu.

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