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Check This Out - Various - Afroman Presents: The Hungry Hustlerz - Starvation Is Motivation (CD, Album)

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Coop - Game Still Deadly Mr. Dead - Mv3: Dynamic Tension Mr. Dizz - Devilish Mr. Doctor - Setripn' Bloccstyle Mr. Hard - Cappeela Mr. Hard - Strap 4 Life Mr. Hyde - Chronicles of the Beastman Mr. Hyde - Evil Never Dies Mr. Ill - The Rebirth Mr. Iroc - The Release Mr. Ivan - Ressurection Mr. Joshay - 21 Crunk St. King George - Presents The Soldiers - War Casualties Mr. King George - Tru Player Mr. Lif - Emergency Rations [] Mr.

Lif - Enters the Colossus Mr. Lif - Mo' Mega Mr. Lif- I Phantom Mr. Lucci - Diabolical Mr. Mar - me so fly Mr. Mike - Piping Hot Mr. Mike - Rhapsody Mr. Mike - Wicked Wayz Mr. Million - Untold Stories Game 4 Sale [Texas] Mr. Money Loc - Imma Rolla Mr. Monsta AKA Mr. Rell - Playaphernalia Mr. Quikk - southern gangstas Mr. Quikk - 1 Stunna Memphis, Tennessee Mr.

Quikk - 69 Wayz ,Memphis, Tennessee Mr. Sandman - Mississippi Burning pt. Sandman - Out of Time Mr. Sche - 2 life 2 live Mr. Sche - M-Town Immortal Mr. Sche - The Lost Vault Mr. Sche - the only life i know Mr. Sche presents money mike - southern game spita Mr. Sche - Lowlife Or Nolife Mr. Sche - Street Credit Mr. Sche — Street Credit 2 Mr. Sche — Street Credit Mr. Sche — The Lost Vault Mr. Scruff - Keep It Unreal Mr. Scruff - Mr Scruff Mr. Short Khop - Da khop shop Mr. Slicc - Hidden Secret Mr.

Sosa - Uncaged Mr. Stinky - Armed Criminal Action Mr. Tinimaine - 19 Tini 5 Mr. Vegas - Damn Right - Mr. X - [] Mr. Yayo - Dem Mighty Dollas Mr. RonG - Illegal Souljas Mr. Loc - Dem Thongs ,Decatur,ill Mr. Dynamite - A Little Deeper Ms. Dynamite - Judgement Days Ms. Jade - Girl Interrupted Ms. Toi - That Girl [] Ms. Ollow O. Ourse U. Ntil S. Compilation N. Louis, Missouri N. Niggaz from The Park - scandalas ,Michigan N. Records Presents - Tha N. Family Vol. Mafia - Niggaz On High N.

And The Posse N. Underground Hip-Hop Rarities Vol. Gregory D. Sporty T. Life O. Ron C. Strictly Original - Dedicated O. Diddy - Press Play [] P. D The Chosen Ones P. W - Unreleased Classics, Vol. EP P. RMX P. S - Chill, dummy P. Assasins - OutBreak Vol. Pastor Troy - I Am D. Inc - Paystyle 4 Life St.

We have a group of people called the Sick Puppies world crew who have been fans from the beginning, and the world crew continues to grow as we do. We look to them when we write and record, as sometimes being in this band bubble can be disorienting, and they bring us back to equilibrium. This is the first of a proposed series in association with the Pomona-based Viva independent music festival.

From the tragically hip to the chaotic and beyond, each act is as uniquely eclectic as it gets. Whether posting promotional posters on every street corner or hustling a home-burnt CD outside a convenience store, these true believers who know the value of self-promotion are a determined bunch. I was reminded of that during a recent visit to Valley Plaza, where I was presented with a copy of the new full-length, self-titled CD by Bakersfield rap collective League of Extraordinary Spitters.

Not to be confused with the Sean Connery film, nor a group of salivating misfits spitting, in this case, refers to the act of vocalizing rap lyrics , the L. People who know and appreciate hiphop will hear the fusion of styles, sounds, and demeanor of all aspects of hiphop. Produced between Epixx studio in Bakersfield and Los Angeles, all 15 tracks take listeners on an entertaining headphone ride through the local underground rap scene.

The lyrics are explicit in the competitive spirit of hip-hop. Everyone is a seasoned rhymesayer so there were never any issues or doubts about anyone not bringing the heat. Take one, or take them all as a group, the L. For more information on the Epixx production team and studio in Bakersfield, visit facebook.

Speaking of hip-hop Bako rap fans have three eclectic options to get their rhyme on today at 10 p. Following in the footsteps of costumed monster metal heads Gwar, the un-merrymen of Ghoul tread into similar theatrics. Where Beautiful Homes Begin.

Sid Dickens and Trollbeads not included in sale. Cannot combine discounts and all sales are final. I know for a fact that Lady Gaga is a fan of ours. Also appearing are Goreshack and more. Meanwhile, Goss reported a key change in how the local arts council will be run. Until now the position of executive director has been full time, but with the June 30 departure of Michael Millar, who led the council for two years, the board has elected to cut the hours to 20 per week.

Goss, a program specialist for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools, has been serving as interim director on an unpaid basis since Millar left. To that end, the board has scheduled at least two fundraisers to help build up the treasury. A separate event in September will be hosted by Tim and Margaret Lemucchi in the spacious gardens surrounding their home on the Kern River.

In addition, Margaret Lemucchi is joining Goss on the executive board of the council as vice president. Other officers recently elected to serve this year are CeCe Algra, secretary, and Dr. Joseph Chang, treasurer. Showtime is 9 p. I can tell you guys really love the music.

If the band doesn't wow you, the crowd they attract will. A fixture of the downtown scene with two decades of long nights of blues, beers and barroom tears under his belt, his music and voice have been heard at nearly every watering hole in Bakersfield. Dealing with a breakup? Thinking about quitting your job? Paid off your mortgage, or just plain want to get plowed?

I prefer music that moves the soul, regardless of genre. That being said, Hendrix is god, and I love honky tonk being a son of Bakersfield. For attitude, it was all Hendrix, he was the complete package.

Performing alone made me a better musician though and I highly recommend it. For acoustic, I employ a Martin HD28 for the volume, bass response and sounds I became accustomed to, after listening to Johnny Cash as a young man. Admission is free for the allages show. Starting out as a duo in , original members Paul Espinoza and Margie Butler recorded a series of critically acclaimed recordings with various studio lineups, while maintaining a busy live schedule on both sides of the Atlantic.

We see this at festivals and Highland games. In Ireland and Scotland, the young musicians continue to breathe fresh.

We returned to Europe four years ago for our 30th anniversary and have returned annually since. The group makes regular appearances at public schools sharing their tradition with young audiences. That is why we feel dedicated to bringing live music into the schools. For more information,. After a few breaks and reunions,. Check out a preview at reverbnation. Also appearing are local hooligans, Crooked Folk. We feature local experts to answer your questions. For info contact: Lisa Whitten at He came to Norway for the first time in and came back the next year.

There were two shows and both shows were packed. Unaware that an Owens comeback was on the horizon, Lauritsen sprung into action following some inspiring news. After I heard that, I went and started to find his records again. One day I got a call that the collection had reached platinum, and asked if I would go to Bakersfield and present him the award.

It was one of the biggest moments of my life as a fan. An airline pilot, Lauritsen found a tailor during a work trip to Bangkok who could make similar suits, which have been a big hit since the beginning.

Now there were two of us who could put together a full set of Owens songs, and by we had the suits and everything. Steiner is amazing on the steel. I just love them. Our nearly 20 years of service has provided us with a wide array of how to best assist anyone. What are some of the tax advantages of an IRA? Because IRAs are not subject to capital gains taxes, investors enjoy the tax advantages of institutional over individual investing.

In other words, when it comes to selling investments, clients and their advisors can make decisions based solely on investment performance and expectations rather than having to worry about the current income tax exposures associated with selling an investment for a capital gain or loss. My wife and I are getting ready to retire and we are considering having solar installed on our roof. We have a price from a reliable, national solar company.

They propose that we have the solar installed over our original wood shake roof. What would you advise? Wood shakes were popular in the 70s to early 90s. They were a 15 year product. If you were to have solar installed today, within the next few years you would be replacing the roof and have the added expense to remove and reinstall the solar panels in order to re-roof your home.

A monthly gathering for fans of all things alternative, Club Heresy caters to those who dare to dance on the wildly darker side of life. It was a good plan. Though the venue typically hosts nightclub dancing for the young, glitzy, singles bar crowd, the club was transformed into an elegant evening in Transylvania with special lighting and decor brought in to pick up where the club. Pictured are club-goers Alex Arias and Ravyn Moon.

The attendees love the new location with all of its room and growth potential. The venue owners also love the Heresy people. Newcomers can look forward to enjoying people in their creative outfits. Heresy as well. In the past, the club has hosted veteran death rock act 45 Grave, local acts Burning Image and Funeral Club.

Club Heresy nights will be once a month, rotating between the first and second Saturday. For specific dates and news, check their website at heresyentertainment.

Club Heresy begins at 10 p. Ages 18 and over admitted. Free Choirs show Out to smash any early talk of a sophomore slump, Bakersfield band Choirs will be showcasing music from their upcoming new CD, with a free show for fans. Following a few more promotional treks, the band retreated to the lab to begin work on their follow-up. The band reteamed with collaborator and producer Josh Mallit. To date, we have recorded all of the instruments and are working on finding a studio in Bakersfield to finish recording the vocals.

Free admission. For more information call or visit facebook. Also appearing is Los Angeles quintet Cayucas. It was an era of grunge, flannel, emo and nu-metal music, but for Bakersfield musicians Salvador Galindo, Pablo Alaniz, Zachary Spier and Jason Blakely, it was a prime time for teen self-discovery, zits, girls and first gigs. Not sure. It was relieving to know they were not booing my comedy, just my hat. More then Sterling Silver rings in a wide assortment of textures, finishes and colors.

Some feature Diamonds, Gemstones. Starting as low as. Char Gaines is vocal coach. The radio audience is mixed with kids, moms, dads and so forth. So you have to be very middle of the road. On stage I can do what ever I want. Valenzuela is a local boy that has gone from newbie to experienced comic in the last two years. He is very raw and funny; his family and life is what he pulls from, great to watch.

Eulalio is a very funny host with straight-faced, dry humor that throws the audience for a loop. I guess comedy does stem from tragedy. I am glad I do not have to introduce Eulalio. His name has too many vowels for my dialect.

Danny is really funny, too. He has the voice for radio and the face for … I am just going to stop here. Dallas White serves as assistant director, and Kathi Lowry did the costumes. Payton Meyer plays the part of the red-haired mermaid, and Jack Prince, the son of artistic director Michael Prince and his wife, Jennifer, plays Captain Slappy, one of the sailors in the show.

But no one else on screen comes close to the performance delivered by. His Kenny is a figurative and literal punching bag. The winner had great songs and sang her butt off. Nervous or not, one local fan said Galanski had the audience in the palm of his hand. You could tell he was nervous, but once he got in the zone, he was just fine.

Lots of applause, whistles and. It was great to have Bakersfield there to represent him. Every seat in the house was full. The vibe was so awesome. All the musicians were talking with each other, joking around, having fun.

I was so proud of Dillon making it that far. He definitely has a bright future in music. The station has plans for the competition to return next year. I feel that it was a big success because we focused on local talented musicians who feel that they actually have a chance to go somewhere if they just get a.

We like to be that platform. This competition definitely helped to get the word out about us. I hope they all know how much I appreciate them. Embrace it and strap your bulging belly into a tight pair of Wranglers, or do you get the hell.

Well, Langston may not have discovered the joys of tofu and soy, but he knew he loved a good power chord when he heard one, and headed out west to make his name in Los Angeles. I wanted to step outside that and have lyrics that are sassy and written from a modern perspective. I wanted to be free to throw in a Led Zep riff if I wanted to, to poke some fun at the genre, but at the same time pay homage to that style.

The music resonated with Grant, and he set about fusing it with his love of contemporary rock music. Backed by the Supermodels, Langston puts on a show guaranteed to please the crowds, offering an interesting glimpse into the Southern California country scene. It is truly lovely to be there in the evening for a concert, even on a hot day.

Food and drink vendors will be selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Doors open Saturday at 7 p. Also appearing is country troubadour Vince Galindo.

The Gardens at Mill Creek is located at 19th St. For more information visit gardenpathways. A list with your name will be available at the door. What are the warning signs my child may have type 2 diabetes? Type 2 diabetes often runs in the family, largely due to genetics and how the family eats.

If you have family members with type 2 diabetes, then children may be at risk for developing the disease. If your child is overweight and has darkening of the skin at the back of the neck, in the armpits, or at the inner thighs, your child may have insulin resistance which is the precursor to developing type 2 diabetes.

In fair-skinned people, the skin at the back of the neck may appear red rather than dark. Full-blown type 2 diabetes in children often does not have any signs such as frequent urination or frequent thirst but they will have darkening of the skin in the areas mentioned. Please see your pediatrician if you see the described signs and if your child is overweight.

Follow our blog on Healthy Living at Childrens And if you love exposition and shapely if bland young actors in leather, skinny jeans, knee boots, Goth cocktail dresses and heavy eye makeup, this may be the movie for you. Clary, dragging her unsuspecting admirer Simon Robert Sheehan along, finds out. She was born into this world. They learn all this from the mop-topped warrior-explainer Jace Jamie Campbell Bower , who drives a Triumph motorcycle, flirts with Clary and has the tedious job of explicating every single thing to them and to the audience.

Of course. Sometimes, vampires interfere. Sometimes, werewolves help. Johann Sebastian. Homoerotic come-ons play into the love triangles set up here. Cool effects? Is hospice covered by insurance? Be sure to call your insurance provider for coverage. You may also call Hoffmann Hospice and we can assist you and your family in finding out whether or not hospice services are covered.

Tom Hoffmann Administrator. Upon its completion, the Dream Theater will host regular concerts and programs with an emphasis on music education and history. Wednesdays, ballroom, country, two-step, 7 and 8 p. Tuesdays; West Coast swing, 6 p. Friday to 1 a. Fridays and Saturdays. Tuesday and Thursday; to p.

King Tut, Hageman Road; live instrumental and vocal jazz, to p. The Nile, Jazz Music, 6 p. Bellvedere Cocktail Lounge, Brundage Lane, ; 9 p. Thursdays and Sundays. Best Western, Buck Owens Blvd.

Tuesdays through Fridays. Big Daddy Pizza, Ming Ave. Chateau Lounge, S. Tehachapi Blvd. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Don Perico Restaurant, Oswell St. El Torito Restaurant, California Ave. Elevation Lounge, Real Road, ; 9 p. Iron Horse Saloon, S.

Wednesdays and Thursdays. Lone Oak Lounge, Rosedale Highway, ; 10 p. Long Branch Saloon, N. Maria Bonita Mexican Restaurant, Highway , , 7 to 11 p. Pour House, 9 p. Fridays and Saturdays at Fruitvale Ave. Pyrenees Cafe, Sumner, ; 8 p. He was always very attentive, and a father who set limits and boundaries, held his kids to them, and they respected him for it. He was a great dad. His whole life was around those kids. Rocket Shop Cafe, S.

Round Table Pizza, White Lane, ; 6 to 9 p. Round Table Pizza, Gosford Road, ; 6 to 9 p. Thursdays and Saturdays. Syndicate Lounge, Eye St. Tejon Club, 6 to 10 p. Tuesdays through Saturdays.

The Playhouse Lounge, Taft Highway; ; 7 to 10 p. The Pourhouse, Fruitvale Ave. He had an inviting personality and was very open. The Prime Cut, Brimhall Road, ; featuring local artists, 7 to 10 p. Open mic Fiddlers Crossing, E. Stockton, p. Painting Workshop with Sharon Schwenk, for all levels, demonstrations, lessons, handout materials, sessions with individual attention, 9 a. Concerts by the Fountain, Jamaican ska, rock, salsa and funk with Mento Buru, 7 to 9 p. Phil Vassar, 7 p.

Rock B. That conversation stuck with me because he did. Friday and Saturday; 2 p. Trace Adkins, 9 p. Tule Reservation Road, Porterville. Visit eaglemtncasino. For someone as young as he was to die so suddenly will take some time to find out what happened.

The idea was to build community among the disparate underground groups in the city by developing a string of citizen journalists and contributors who kept visitors reading, laughing and debating over topics ranging from politics to culture to social issues — until tempers flared, as they often did. But even that was entertaining. After eight years, the Bakotopia. The traffic and engagement with Bakotopia has moved to Facebook facebook. But what we started all those years ago was more a spirit than a Web destination, and I hope to keep that alive every week here in my Lowdown column.

A little history: The cyber frontier in the early s was open range, there for the taking. The world was going blogwild, with personal entries of every kind: funny, smart, mindless, infuriating, narcissistic. Many stood on the sidelines like rubber-neckers at a pileup to watch various dramas unfold, while others chose to.

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis gave Bakotopia magazine an exclusive interview in Not sure who won, but it made for some amusing case studies and note-taking. To separate ourselves from other sites, the invitation was simple: Come take a walk on the wilder side of Bakersfield. Within a few months, the curious wandered in and eventually the party spread from cyberspace to the material world.

We put on concerts, showed up at the colleges to spread the word, did a radio show, put out a magazine and produced a CD compilation of local bands. For the first year I was glued to the site, moderating from sunup to sundown,. Matt Munoz covers the music scene for The Californian. His column appears every Thursday in Eye Street. To attract attention and divert traffic from larger websites, I used traditional promotional methods I developed after years with my band.

And the world outside Bakersfield seemed to be paying attention. The Wall Street Journal featured the site on its front page in , and we won a couple of cool awards. Dan Pacheco, who developed the site, shared a story about how during a visit to Costa Rica for a social media summit, a Brazilian journalist told him that he had used Bakotopia.

Looking back over the better part of a decade, running Bakotopia was more fun than I ever could have imagined and an experience that ushered me into my role as a full-time entertainment journalist.

This column celebrates the quirky, the edgy, the old and the new, the personalities that make life here vibrant and unconventional. And a word to the wise for contributors: Those interested in smuggling some of their Bakotopia.

The website will close down on Tuesday. Cheers, Bakotopians! Believe it. Singer-songwriter and guitarist Keaton York may still be a young buck, but on. No matter his style, this is refreshing stuff worthy of more attention.

Village Fest after parties The mass exodus into downtown following Village Fest is always a sight to see, and every night club and dive bar will be filled to capacity once the gates close at the Kern County Museum. No matter how tired you are, take your gear out of your car and into your home or storage facility before you call it a night.

Pop, rock, new wave, rock alternatif et rock folk. Sortie : 11 avril Mixtape de Various Artists. Pop, rock, trance, electronique et vocale. SensCritique Musique Oeuvres Hip hop. Tous les albums de musique - Hip hop. The Best of —, Volume 10 Sortie : Countdown: One Hit Wonders Sortie : Shadow - 17 Shots.

G - Gimme The Loot. G - Ready To Die Remastered. Sure - Sexy Versus. King - The Ultimate Collection. Recycled INT. Blige - Mary. Blige - Reflections A Retrospective. Kelly - Hits And Unreleased. Kelly - The Best Of Vol. Kelly - TP Kelly - Chocolate Factory Real Retail. Kelly - Presents The Pied Piper. Doolittle - Sndtrk Suckaz High 2 The Pen Vol.

G Aka B. No Retreat Los The Name Is Bootsy, Baby S Music The Preview Worldwide Pooh - Bad Newz Travels Fast Smooth - The Outsider Predicter Chap. Stank - The Odor Vol.

Octagonecologyst VBR W MB. Melodocious Advance Dre - First Rd. Knock-Out Dre - The Chronic Dep - The Deputy Vol. Nyce Whomp Whomp Malone - Streets Of L. Elsewhere Nice Guy Gatz - The Pretend God Complex Writer - Writers Block Vol. E Presents Best Of Jadakiss Dilla - Ruff Draft 35 MB. Writer - Block Work Writer - History In The Making Writer - Writers Block 3 Writer - Writers Block 4 Writer - Writers Block 5 Bonus CD Vice President Rap - Half A Klip Octagon Hov The White Albulum Kane Pt.

Rap - Giancana Stories Rap - Roots Of Evil

VA-Afroman-Hungry Hustlerz-Starvation Is MotivationRAGEMP3 VA-AG Muzik Group-Monopolizing The AirwaysRAGEMP3 VA-Against Everything OST (Hosted By Trae Tha Truth)-(Bootleg)-2CDRAGEMP3 VA-AK (Of PSC) The Razor Man-Back In The Streets-(Bootleg)RAGEMP3 VA-Alabamas BestRAGEMP3 VA-All About The Benjamins OST (Retail.

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    2nd Life Entertainment Presents Various - Bloodline 2 Ruff - Ruffskills () Looking For A Way Out () 7 Deuce Presents - Dont Try 2 Ride Now 6 Feet Deep - The Connection (,Little Rock, Arkansas) Afroman - Hungry Hustlerz: Starvation Is Motivation Afroman - Sell Your Dope Afroman - The Good Times.
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    CD SOURCE PRESENTS: HIP HOP HITS 2 [Used / Gebraucht USA Def Jam] $ / 7,99€ CD SOURCE PRESENTS: HIP HOP HITS 2 [New (factory sealed) / Fabrikneu USA Def Jam] $ / 14,99€ CD SOUTHERN INVASION [New (factory sealed) / Fabrikneu USA STRATE ATCHA RECORDS] $ / 15,99€.
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    CDSOURCE PRESENTS: HIP HOP HITS 2 [Used / Gebraucht USADef Jam] $ / 7,99€ CDSOURCE PRESENTS: HIP HOP HITS 2 [New (factory sealed) / Fabrikneu USADef Jam] $ / 14,99€ CDSOUTHERN INVASION [New (factory sealed) / Fabrikneu USASTRATE ATCHA RECORDS] $ / 15,99€.
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    Mar 24,  · Password faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo + Rap/Hip-Hop/Rock/RnB Albums Almost All Are Group-Rips Code.
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    Hungry Hustlerz:Starvation is: Various Artists: faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo: Musique. Passer au contenu faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo Bonjour, Identifiez-vous. Compte et listes Identifiez-vous Compte et listes Retours et Commandes. Testez. Prime Panier. Musique: CD & Vinyles Go Rechercher Bonjour.
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    Tous les albums du monde entier disponibles dans une seule rubrique recensés sur faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo
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    If you don’t believe me, check out his classic ’96 special “Sinbad — Afros and Bellbottoms.” Saturday’s show begins at 8 p.m. Tickets are $27 to $47 plus service charge. The Fox is.
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