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Otterley - Cocteau Twins - Treasure (Cassette, Album)

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Ivo and Lorelei is a prime example of this as the lyrics are indecipherable. It has gentle guitars and the drums keep a nice, steady beat throughout the song. This is like nearly all of the songs as they use minimal effort, they never take the limelight from Liz. Her voice is very delicate, fragile and melodious. There are some lyrics which can be decipherable from those two songs. Beatrix uses a keyboard which adds a lot to the song. Liz overlaps her vocals and this is used to the full advantage as it creates a very nice harmony to the song.

The guitar plays a very small part and the drums keep the beat throughout the song. Amelia is also very nice, the guitars and drums play a more prominent role. This adds a great atmosphere and is kept throughout the song. Aloysius is another song with indecipherable vocals, most likely due to her rich Scottish accent. The guitars and drums keep up the same melody which Liz is singing at, this adds to the atmosphere.

Organs are added near the end of Cicely, this is a nice change to the mix. Otterley is very soft; this adds a very gloomy atmosphere.

Liz whispers her vocals which only boost this gloomy feel to the song. All of this makes for a very different, gloomy song where as the other songs on the album are upbeat, joyous and quicker.

Domino, the final song, the start reminds me of a Christmas song with the upbeat and joyous vocals. This continues for a while with the tempo as it will quiet then heavier and this continues for a while. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. London Rooster, West London. Introspection Reflection Imagination Relaxation. Track Listing. Cocteau Twins. Ivo Cocteau Twins. Find out more about page archiving. Home Clips. Cocteau Twins Treasure Review Album.

Released Like this? Try these Links Wikipedia article on Treasure Reviews available at www. Find out more about our use of this data , and also our policy on profanity Find out more about our use of this data. Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language. In the documentary Beautiful Noise, Robert Smith from the Cure said Treasure was the album he was listening to as he was getting ready for his wedding because it is the most romantic sound he ever heard. For their third album Ivo suggested to the band to consider Brian Eno as producer.

You should do it yourself. The recording of Treasure was done under time constraints, not the ideal situation for a band used to come into the studio with no songs ready for recording. A lot has been said about the meaning, or lack thereof, of the lyrics on this album.

Not many realize that this was a perfect case of necessity being the mother of invention. But it was so awful and inappropriate and not what she wanted. There, for the first time, Liz started using words more phonetically than lyrically. So she started to disguise what she wrote, or split the words up in the wrong places. Ivo gets the honor of the opening song on the album being named after him.

The song was originally called Peep-Bo but the band made it a tribute to the label head and their mentor:. The sound of the band changed significantly with him, and he had a major influence on the material becoming more dreamy and textured.

The song titles on Treasure are all pseudo-mythological single words. An important element on the album is the sound Robin Guthrie was able to produce from the EMU Drumulator drum machine. Guthrie installed the Rock Drums sound chip to get those bombastic drum sounds.

Programming the machine was a tedious effort, and if the drum track was a not a trivial pattern repeating itself throughout the song but rather an elaborate sequence as in many songs on Treasure, you had your work cut out for you.

Feb 24,  · 1. Wax and Wane. Twenty years since their last full-length release, the Cocteau Twins remain, for many, a gold standard of a band, a group that seemed to .

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  1. Kazinos says:
    Treasure peaked at #29 on the UK album chart.; Alternate Peel Session recordings were done for “Ivo,” “Beatrix,” and “Otterley.” The then-working title for “Beatrix” was “Whisht.” The Aikea-Guinea EP was included with the Canadian version of Treasure. “Lorelei,” “Pandora” and “Aloysius” have appeared in live performances, including a live remix of “Aloysius.
  2. Kazrazshura says:
    Treasure, an Album by Cocteau Twins. Released 10 February on 4AD (catalog no. GAD CD; CD). Genres: Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave.
  3. Kazracage says:
    Treasure is the third studio album by Scottish rock band Cocteau Twins. It was released on 1 November by record label 4AD. With this album, the band settled on what would, from then on, be.
  4. Akim says:
    Cocteau Twins served as a bridge between the two genres. On their first two albums, Garlands and Head Over Heels you can hear aggression of post-punk as the Twins churn out tunes that sound like Soisuxie and the Banshees. However, with Treasure, the Twins reached new ground/5().
  5. Voodoom says:
    Quite simply, Treasure was where the Cocteau Twins first got it percent right. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. If you choose to use this review on your site please link.
  6. Nemuro says:
    Treasure, an Album by Cocteau Twins. Released 1 November on 4AD (catalog no. CAD ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave. Featured peformers: Cocteau Twins (writer, producer), Elizabeth Fraser (vocals), Robin Guthrie (guitar), Simon Raymonde (bass guitar), Drostan Madden (engineer), John Turner (engineer), 23 Envelope (sleeve).
  7. Vur says:
    Treasure, the Cocteau Twins' third LP, is a magnificent collection of ambient pop tracks. If you want to know what Cocteau Twins are all about, look no further than Treasure; it contains the very essence of the band in ten compact, perfectly beautiful tracks/5().
  8. Meztizuru says:
    Oct 31,  · It was hard to imagine a follow up release by the label that can match This Mortal Coil’s album, but within a month, on November 1 , Fraser, Guthrie and Raymonde, better known as Cocteau Twins, would do just that and release their third album. This is the story of Treasure.
  9. Ganos says:
    Otterley Cocteau Twins. Album Treasure. Otterley Lyrics. Shh Allow me Please Hicho Quitro Frisson Huspo Orlando Shh Brava Please Please [Fade] Rico.

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