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Lose Myself In You - Melanie C - Reason (CD, Album)

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Here It Comes Again. Positively Somewhere. No Trash. Air Hugs and Blown Kisses. Rodster Booth. Michael J. Blow Me Up. Streams Videos All Posts. Release Date March 11, Track Listing. Here It Comes Again. Melanie C. Lose Myself in You. On the Horizon. Positively Somewhere. Soul Boy. Saturday 29 February Sunday 1 March Monday 2 March Tuesday 3 March Wednesday 4 March Thursday 5 March Friday 6 March Saturday 7 March Sunday 8 March Monday 9 March Tuesday 10 March Wednesday 11 March Thursday 12 March Friday 13 March Saturday 14 March Sunday 15 March Monday 16 March Tuesday 17 March Wednesday 18 March Thursday 19 March Friday 20 March Saturday 21 March Sunday 22 March Monday 23 March Tuesday 24 March Wednesday 25 March Thursday 26 March Friday 27 March Saturday 28 March Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Friday 3 April Saturday 4 April Sunday 5 April Monday 6 April Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Sunday 12 April Monday 13 April Tuesday 14 April Wednesday 15 April Friday 17 April Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Reason is the second album by English singer-songwriter, Melanie C.

It was the follow up album to Northern Star. Released on 10 March , it reached number five in the UK Albums Chart, selling 30, copies in its first week.

Although not performing as well as Northern Star , Reason has a Gold certification in the United Kingdom, with , copies sold. The album has sold , copies worldwide. The album has been released with the Copy Control protection system in some regions.

Most reviews for the album were mixed. After the massive success of Northern Star , Melanie C was considered the only member of the Spice Girls to be able to establish a steady successful career as a solo artist.

By the end of she was the only member of the Spice Girls to have a contract with Virgin Records, since all of the rest of the Spice Girls had either left or were dropped by their record label as solo artists. Melanie C had spent most of and touring around the world, promoting Northern Star , planning to enter the studio at the end of , to start recording her new album. She later encountered that it was really difficult for her to handle all the publicity and the hard work during the Spice Girls days, a period that she would spend days eating too little and exercise to the limits.

After being diagnosed with depression she was prescripted antidepressants for 18 months, dealing with eating disorders and having to face a really hostile media reaction questioning different topics from her weight to her sexuality. But that is where their agreement ends". Melanie C had already stated that she wanted to work with new producers, while keeping some of the producers that had worked on her debut album.

The original release date for the album was October but it was delayed till March , resulting in a number of articles in newspapers, questioning her relationship with her record company, reporting that she was under pressure to lose weight. On an official statement published on her site, Melanie C stated that her relationship with Virgin was "fantastic", the recording sessions were going well and that she was never forced to delay the release of her second album or to lose weight.

During the recording seasons for the album 40 songs were recorded. On January Melanie C gave an official track-by-track review to the press, revealing the album's track list, which was quite different to the one that the real album finally had when it was released.

On 23 January a bunch of journalists were invited to have a listen to Melanie C's new album "Reason" and then interview her a little afterwards. Virgin executives stated that they hope "this will be the record that will crack the USA and rival the Avril Lavigne 's of the world".

It was also revealed that there were six versions of the album which all the relevant record company people had, in order to decide which one flows the best. For the album and single covers Melanie C and her record label commissioned Sean Ellis as the official photographer.

Album: Reason / Original Release Date: Genre: Pop. Song Duration: 4 min 12 sec. Lose Myself In You Melanie C. Top Melanie C Lyrics Everything Must Change Northern Star Suddenly Monday Never Be The Same Again If That Were Me I Turn To You Goin' Down Go! Ga Ga Feel The Sun.


Do You Like The Way You Feel When You Shake? - DJT-1000* - The Last DJ On Earth (CD)

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Storm Positiva. Davo Angel Rotation. Cevin Fisher Subvorsive Sharp take Fishet'siwisted,devlantamhem to new highs. Service is provided by Frontier Media. Faultline: Derrick :after.

Andy Cleeton, Norman Cook. Daniele Davoli. D J Disciple. Deep Dish. De Niro. Eammon Dog. Michael Dog. Elliot Eastwick. The Egg. Paul Farris. Simon Fathead.

Greg Fenton. Keith Relder. Rob Fletcher. Andy Freaknik. Dr S GacheL Gusto. NeilHinde, Tony Humphries. Chris James. Nick James. Princess Julia. Loco Records. Ray Lock. Lofty Flyingl. Robert Luis. Woody McBride. CJ Mackintosh. Maggie McKeown. Chris Madden. Main Source Promotions. Vivien Markey. Massive Records, Jim Masters. Angela Malheson. Orde Meikle. Phil Mison. Mighty Atom Records.

Dave Morales. Simon Mu. Kris Needs. Luke Neville. Grant Nelson. Paul Oakenfold. DJ Oberon. Offyerface Sound System. Guy Oldhams. Graeme Park. Mark Picchiottl Pierre. Pressure Drop.

Pure Groove Records. Danny Rampling. Rad Rice. Evil Eddie Richards. Matthew Roberts. Pete Robinson. Dave Rofe. Mr Scruff. Dean Thatcher. Toiiy Walker. Andy Ward Up Yer Ronson. Nick Warren. AUister Whitehead. LA Williams. London -. You get fewer loose ends that way. Remember Germany, then? Nah, norus. And yet, one conspicuously non- Teutonic name keeps swirling back into our heads.

Nor has any of his acumen for dancefloor thrills departed him. In lesser hands this could easily have been the muddled gumbo of someone with ideas above their station. Hence, Ian Pooley has just parted company with sweeping statements about German dance music. Your collection demands thisaihum,whateverkindoimusic youiistento.

Extreme exceltenceinitsownstyieoriust atop atbumait round. Makesure you check. Other peoptearedoingthis stuff mucbbetterwithmore originaiityandstyte. Don't waste yourmoney. Because like Oasis, Freestylers Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey have stumbled across one of the great unwritten laws of pop. Which is; why bother fannying around writing ground-breaking, innovative, original material when you can simply rehash all the best bits of your favourite oldies? It wastes less time, causes infinitely less stress and invariably results in far more memorable tunes.

It's so loaded up on phat beats, shouty choruses, gloriously obvious samples, intestinally-threatening basslines, gunshots, funk licks, party lines, nonsense raps and a riot of good time vibes, even Mr Curmudgeonly of Misery Street would be hard-pushed to resist. At times it's simply wall-to-wall anthems.

The monstrous electro "Don't Stop". The riotous jump-up of last single "Ruffneck". The Urban Takeover style jungle of "Warning". Just big and bad. And in these self-conscious times, a daft party classic. Look at the chairman of the local footie team. Mad bastard tried to torch the place. Unfortunately the music is nowhere near as creative. Most of it is splattered with a grey air of bedsit boredom.

Bontempi organs. Stop this at once, please. And clearly infatuated with old school disco merchants like Larry Levan and Walter Gibbons. Nor will it mean 'owt to those who don't know their Paradise Garages from their all-night Texaco. But for the rest of us. Frazzled on Moroder- esque synths. Seventies glitterballs and disco re-edits, Balihu man Daniel Wang has concocted a whole new state of mind for househeads.

Trip out. Too many egos in play, ora central concept see the Gravediggaz that makes all involved look a bit daft. Erick Sermon dominates the mix with his patented sludge-funk, while his microphone f r iends handle most of the vocal business.

The On-U-Sound guru does much as you'd expect, laying down viscous 'n' righteous stoner sounds in a proficient yet hardly revelatory manner. One album that probably takes more than a Silk Cut to truly come alive.

Bommershime, then: a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there. Some say James Lavelle is one of the hippest men on the planet; a svengali of suave, a groove guru blessed with the kind of innate style the rest of us can only covet shamelessly. Where it does score points is in the richness of the textures, where keyboard lines soar with near cinematic grace, and some truly inspired production. Michael Bonner raging on.

The Aloof "gone indie"? A truly genre- defying record, and from the middle of nowhere too. Lhooq borrow all kinds of elements - hip hop, dub, soundtrack, jazz, balladry - and make the resultant hybrid sound as natural and time-hewn as glaciers. Because any comparison I can offer. Kevin Braddock Cznkay Versus Walker Clash Sideburn Can bassist and Air Liquide member in maddeningly heady electronica tussle SO smitten were Holger Czukayand Walker with the live jams they performed in Germany and America recently, they figured the rest of the world ought to hear them.

Art of Trance, Terra Firma and Poltergeist. I am already looking forward fo Vol 2" So what do we get on the first E Dancer album? Anotheryear, anothertriumph. No mean feat, evidently. Enjoy the ride.

At their best their fuzzy, deep soul rhythms and abstract, instrumental hip hop are ideal late night smoochers for wowing girls with your slow dancing technique. Modern soul is a difficult genre to crack - if this was a film it would demand a cinema-style classification of At least. Nobody has. While most in- demand soundtrack albums have one or two funky nuggets hidden away amongst the dross, this album is the lick.

Yet such is the way of things, those tracks are today caned on the glittery dancefloors of Cream and The Gallery, as far removed from the cosmic abandon of the Goa scene as you could probably get. As such. So what does that leave us with? Specifically, a selection of leaner, darker acid techno cuts, tunes that should cut it both on the dancefloor of some raging northern club night and on the beach in some Far Eastern hideaway. Every manifestation of the Tribe is represented on their fifth outing.

And they are uniformly dreadful. This is truly beautiful stuff indeed. Said bass noise is produced from the dextrous fingers of Si John who has teamed up here with sometime Peter Gabriel collaborator Alex Swift and produced an hour of all manner of breakbeats from dub to hardstep. Add quirkier moments of tabla breakbeat tap-dancing over rough West Country jungle and it looks like Mr Roni Size ought to be watching his back.

Heaven 1 7 were smart. Their sparse mechanical disco was bound to get them the remix treatment sooner or later, and hey, here we are. Based, like its speed garage sister label Locked On, in the north London underground choon emporium, Tripoli Trax was conceived in by Steve Thomas, Trade resident and king of hard house. Most of them are already bona fide classics in clubs as diverse as Samsara, The Gallery, Frantic and, of course, Trade.

Jay-Z himself weighs in with five middling tracks to kick it off, but if you stick with it you'll find the humorously overwrought hardcore of Murder Inc, which makes Onyx sound like PM Dawn. These affairs inevitably have long periods of sagginess, but this collection actually gets better as it goes on and covers a broad spectrum, from lightweight soul- rap to some genuinely disturbing stuff. A double CD dose of trouser- ly arousing porno related exclusives from Howie B and his chums, including some filthy funk inspired by skin flicks, parlour ladies and bedside voyeurism.

Almost too much for one sitting. Just keep the curtains closed. First ever compilation from Jon and Dan Kahuna - the duo behind the infamous Big Kahuna Burger and the lads most likely to give The Chemical Brothers a run for their money. Warning: indoor exposure will almost certainly result in furniture breakage. Richie Hawtin's business partner mixing up two CDs: one hard tech-house, the other deeper house.

A plethora of global grooves. Is Tony Blair losing his hair? Call it deep house, call it proper house, call it anything you like: this album rocks, pure and simple. Millennium celebrate five years of willfully eccentric output with this history-mapping round up. More power to him. The second time round for the official album of the UK B-boy Championships. A host of old school hip hop, new school big beat, electro and even jungle, running the gamut of b-boy culture from the early Eighties on.

A windmilling compilation of the old, the new, the tough and the fresh. Union Jack pulls off the admirable feat of making Simple Minds vaguely listenable. Then again, maybe not. All those strings, man! One for the dummy-sucking, San Fran candy raving massive! Can I get a 1 2-inch? Party animals the Treacle People frequent underground house clubs like The End and Wiggle and wanted a CD with their own personal favourites on it.

A collection of house music so deep fish could swim in it. Put together with love and imagination rather than money in mind and it shows. Fed up with sitting outside in a pair of shorts waiting for the summer? What this package lacks in variety and size, it adequately compensates for in sheer dancefloor punch. Bang on, indeed.

House, techno, trance and camp hardbag on the second collection of up-for-it tracks from labels run by the fiercely independent Truelove collective. Whatever genre they choose, this lot have got it sussed. Remixing the remix in a circular fashion. It goes something like this: Stereolab knock out some samples and pass them to Ultramarine, who relay the remixed remix via half a dozen other artists and eventually back to Stereolab.

Like musical Chinese whispers, innit? Untitled remixes of remixes, of course. Sons Of Silence serve up a tweaky builder, Mike Paradinas gets very odd indeed. Sure, it's inventive, but so was the Sinclair C5. And look what happened to that! Head-nodding stuff, but never too goatee-scratching for its own good, this is tasty downtempo to grace the most demanding of collections.

And it shows. Under the guidance of DJ Morpheus a man always to be trusted when it comes to selecting exclusive and eclectic downtempo goodies , Volumes Three and Four have already been awarded the Vital Compilation tag. Had we been dishing out such honours when the first two volumes came out, then Freezone would undoubtedly have gained a clean sweep.

All very tasty. Often downtempo compilations are no more than aural wallpaper, just covering background silence with a hint of ambient colour. No scintillating breakbeats in a jungle style, no uplifting hand- raising choruses, nowttogetya searching for that missing cheeky half. What there is, however, is some of the roots of this crusty monster we call dance music in the Nineties.

Where this differs is not just in the quality but the choice of tracks on offer. The answers are all here, alongside a host of other tunes as sampled by the likes of Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Blueboy and Goldbug. And, crucially, these are killer songs that still sound tripped-to-the-max funky today. Everything you need to be the next David Holmes is right here.

Party on. The soundtrack to a thousand JCR discos and sixth form jump-abouts. If you think wearing a wig and acting like Huggy Bear constitutes clubbing, this one is for you. Ouality melodic downbeats, in other words. As the H. DJ Cam turns in some sublime dawn chorus trip hop. Fora concept that could so easily have ended up naffer than a stick of Rio rock, this is darn near essential.

A sweeping range of sounds, from Four Ears' and Fauna Flash's Bristol-via-Cologne jazz-jungle rhythms to the super-chilled horizontal smoothness of Taran and Beanfield, with even smatterings of house, bossa nova and electro. Drug addicts, sex offenders and admirers of Sukia or Tipsy will probably love it.

A rigourously experimental foray into grinding ambience and dancefloor deconstruction. For some fierce loops and to recreate one of those lost nights down at, erm. Lost in the comfort of your own home, this will do nicely. That being quite a lot, as Metalheadz hold greater truck with quality control than most labels. The soundtrack to a night out at Food, obviously.

Enough to make you book a ticket on Le Shuttle to check the man out for real. Tough electro, beefed-up beats and absolutely phenomenal scratching are fused with old skool funk with a fresh nineties vibe. Out Terra Deva - Soothe. And qnite possibly Its most popular too. Queues go round the block. And his sets are talked about for months afterwards.

Its been like this for as long as anyone can remember, from back in the early days of rave where he first made his name. Very commendable. The original mix cou Id be a h it with a good video. Like this! Expected to rock big beat clubs worldwide. The kind of record that changes a lot of things. Far more soundtrack-funky than some of the more twisted slow hardcore the scene has produced.

This is very cool, calm, collected breakbeat, almost like early Imagination over breakbeats. It borders on purism. I really do like the first part. Alongside the original and the sumptuous MAW remixes, this focusses on slowing down the beats for funkier excursions. The production is outstanding. Again, perfect for Ultimate Base. Leading the techno charge. One of the tunes of the year.

As soon as I got the remix, I got straight on it, but I still cane the original version because of the creative energy. I actually like the original, though the mixes are good too. The result does exactly what the original did - blow everything else around into extinction. A great compliment to the original. For me, it sounds more like an indie band, playing in small oubs, tripping beer over each other. I do like this.

An interesting piece of work. It seems that more people are making more music. We need to see more prolific artists out on stage and for me, this is a great single to go with because the song is so strong. The other ones are more club. If I was going to play any mix, it would probably be the Serious Danger one, funnily enough.

The sounds on this are like For me, this is the perfect sound of the future. Definitely one of the biggest records to come out of the tech-funk scene this year.

This has the same energy as the live version. Could easily slot into sets from Derrick Carter to Paul Anderson. And Roy AyersUbiquity too, Ithink. Lots of samples. Watch out fellas! This is absolutely wondrous. If this label puts out more tracks like that, more power to their elbow. Only he can understand what he needs to represent himself. Me and Dave have just collaborated on two tracks for my new album. Sure to rock the more chilled dancefloors.

I love being surprised by tracks and this certainly surprised me. Have you heard of Hybrid? This is in the same sort of breakbeat realm as them. The other side is reminiscent of P-Funk and Prince, you can almost hear his vocals going over the top.

Can I keep this? Yup, the German duo we all thought were finished after years in the commercial wilderness. Some comeback. Welcome back. The reaction has been absolutely stunning, from underground techno clubs to house clubs. The original credits said it was by Spacey Trancey and Trancey Spacey!

MarkSpoon played it at Manumission in Ibiza and the place just went bananas. Plus It was one of the biggest tracks of the Love Parade without a doubt. A great techno track which represents the German scene. So if it's being down the front at Primal Scream or screaming for one more tune at Cream then buy your ticket upfront and make sure yen get in by calling our ever so useful ticket line.

Nice One. This is timeless house music. Two extra tracks on the flip make this essential. Some male Latin vocals give it a wider appeal. The flip is a slightly more Balearic joint, but with a bottomless funky groove. Together, probably the best plastic of its genre for ages. Top start for this highly promising label.

So there. Very well, you say, but what does it sound like? Top stuff. A quality biggie. Ouality stuff from this ever-exciting duo. And this shit is deep. Gorgeous Rhodes piano and funky percussion are the order of the day. We definitely want to try and change the format a little.

Progression Sessions. Only UK residency at Frisky? At the Ministry of Sound monthly from Friday July 31 st Information line tioo calls cost 4pp per minute For further Information on Good Looking Records International or a copy of our merchandise catalogue, please send a s. Its typically pulsating machine groove melts into a ferociously overdriven bass monster of massive proportions, spiced up with some piercing percussion rides for maximum thrill.

Klute fares a lot better with an enigmatic, celestial variation of "Sleep Tonight", incorporating some swirling vocal effects and shifting tones. Taking no prisoners, he drives towards some nasty analogue twisting with pounding beats, funky key stabs and an infectious double bass hook. Flip for more hip hop flavoured bass mayhem. Turn to "Quartz" for a dynamic soulful driver brimming with celestial pads, searing stabs and a funky bass hook.

Check the website at www. Uptempo soul music for the Nineties. Delabel, France Oh my gosh! A glorious flanging synth hook and sparse beats very Blaze provide the groove for this essential release.

Blaze's "Artform Vocal" mix shines through with its jazzy keys and Latino bassline. Worth every penny, so be sure to seek this one out. The vocal mix stands out the most with some smooth keyboard and live bass working well with the soulful vocals. Should go down well with anyone associating themselves with the word garage. With their now trademark British feel alongside some strong, haunting vocals, this never fails.

Disciple provides us with the original mix, which has a more house flavour with Goodmen-style tribal percussion, hooky female vocals and a fat bassline. The Duboholics provide the south with some UK garage mixes with all the right ingredients. On this remix he uses live tenor and soprano sax, which mimic the male and female lead vocals perfectly over a tuff tribal groove. Very soulful house. But I reckon my latest project is almost a rebirth of E-Smoove.

In the past, I would make records primarily with radio in mind that could also be played in clubs. Most recently. I really rate Cevin Fisher.

From the past, all the Philly stuff or really any soul record from the Seventies. This mix appealed most: a smooth two- step lick that really touches crowds with its nice chords and a vocal that does most of the work. These guys are a leading force on the underground scene, always delivering vocals, chords and phat drums in their productions.

Big up! The BOP mixes on the other side deliver that full musical dimension. Soaring synths, divine melodics and jazzual textures collide with dangerously low-slung bass tactics and warped analogue refrains in a whole host of splendidly unexpected ways. Both the cuts here sound like a dusted down, spruced up, hiss-and-crackle- free Virgo. Simple, straightforward, brilliantly executed bittersweet symphonies for those who like it deep. Still at least the beats here are cool - like Direct Beat, only better.

Mad analogue bass riffs, sparse, driving beats and, bizarrely, a group of girls shouting in the background. These guys would have done a much better job. Visage without the make-up for weed-smoking bass invaders. So bass-heavy, in fact, that they sound like they were recorded straight from the speakers of a 50k soundsystem in a dusty old aircraft hangar - which of course is no bad thing.

Rumbles like distant thunder. And bloody marvellous it is too - just watch them cheer when the strings come in. And even though this is pretty much more of the same, it certainly does the trick. Disco-tinged tech-house guaranteed to tear it up. Third Electric have continued to be one of the more inspiring electro acts around. You must know the formula by now - Lee Perry over loops of interference - but this still surprises with some stunningly beautiful melodics.

Records which not only have the ability to instantly turn whole dancefloors into heaving masses of gyrating limbs but also defy any kind of categorisation. Electro records that work as well when played alongside house or techno as they do within more purist realms. And most importantly, records that punters can actually remember the next morning. For me there has to be something behind the sequence. I want to force them to talk, to humans and to each other.

Somethings never change. This is sleek, choppy, crowd- friendly funk and a track which cunningly avoids many of the lumpen cliches currently plaguing the scene. Currently destroying floors but surprising nobody en route.

Two B-side cuts also show promise, mostly with the eponymous track's high-end bass slap. Elite Force and Scissorkicks contribute mixes. KB The Deadiy Avenger The Illicit EP Illicit An EP of literally breathtaking technical, dynamic and emotional breadth which casually holds down tearing big beatsampladelia, evocative cinematica and hip hop fatness without so much as breaking into a sweat.

A future breakbeat superstar? Brilliance, whoever he is. With all festivals now embracing dance culture and the return of Glastonbury , competition for DJs and live acts is now white hot.

Perhaps inevitably, Paul feels inspired to write and instantly creates this year's TG manifesto ", the year we began to unite the global dance masses into the most potent force for change" etc, etc. While sorting out their sponsorship arrangements, Radio One executives are surprised to say the least to learn that John Peel is definitely DJing.

Licensing for the Luton event is proceeding steadily, if not spectacularly, clashes with the neighbouring Hertfordshire Show are causing only minor police objections. Tribal Gathering 1 Or, rather, it's the official press launch and Paul Shurey is busy holding a press conference at the Cube Bar in north London.

With confirmation of Luton as this year's site counsellors have voted by a margin of to grant the license and Kraftwerk as headliners, it's finally and officially "all systems go". Ian, though, is nowhere to be seen, having flown to Detroit to sort out further bookings. The Detroit posse, to a man, are such big Kraftwerk fans that they decide to close down their tent for the duration of Kraftwerk'sshow. Paul is unsurprised. He confirms his appearance in the comedy tent.

Well known for his perfectionism, Dave had taken some serious persuading. It involves virtually building a studio on stage. The boys billed as Masters At Work will be playing straight after Kraftwerk. Universe begin booking hotels and flights, as well as arranging visas for the incoming DJsand guests.

As well as finalising myriad minor, but essential, details for TG, Universe are also busy promoting a forthcoming London gig by one Junior Vasguez apparently he's big in New York. Other tasks keeping the guys out of mischief revolve around planning future international events specifically in the States and Europe. MAY "Turning chaos into order," is how Ian describes the penultimate chapter. Converting a green field site into a nine-tent dance festival takes two and a half weeks from start to finish.

Meanwhile, Phuture trax, the event's PR company, "enjoy" their busiest weeks of the year, as literally thousands of liggers attempt to blag complimentary passes the g uest area holds well over 1 , people. With passes in limited supply, everybody connected in any way with Universe discovers they have millions of new "mates", as blaggers widen their nets. DJs and artists also find themselves deluged with requests. Finally, the only thing left to do is for the Universe team to put on their dancing gear and get ready to party.

Such is how the tribes gather. To find out more about a career in promoting, you can catch them at the club most weeks! Otherwise DJ times will be announced on the day. Boardgames are also provided. Eddie Izzard and guests 1 3.

All artists correct at time of going to print. Check on arrival for confirmation. You must have a valid ticket displayed on arrival for each person in the car,. Police also intend to remove any cars parked illegally outside the estate. The car park opens at 9am. Leave the Ml at junction 10 and head for Luton. At the first roundabout take the A and look for Tribal Gathering 1 signs.

Ignore signs for Luton Hoo Estate since those gatei into the estate will be closed. Shuttles sta rt at 1 1. Return shuttles start at Organisers are at pains to stress that walking to the site is impossible it's too far inside the estate. With no pedestrian access permitted either, taking a shuttle bus from Harpenden Station is the only option available for dedicated ramblers.

Luton Airport is a stone's throw away. However aviators, parachutists or Benidorm package tourists on the way home, should follow the same advice as for the ramblers, which is go to Harpenden Station and take the shuttle bus.

Send s. Are they playing live? Too right. Well, at least that's the general plan. Butin the meantime If you've put a lot of work into something, then you really want people to like it," explains Justin, quaffing a pint of Boddingtons and munching hisway through a tuna salad sandwich. As big as The Who. Ha ha ha! Or The Jam, maybe. I want to carve my niche in history and I'm not ashamed to say that. I want to make a mark as memorable as all the bands I loved when I was a kid made on me.

Because whether Justin and fellow Lionrockers MC Buzz B, knob-twiddler Roger Lyons, keyboardist Mandy Wigby and bassist Paddy Steer do actually succeed in entering pop's history books isn't the most important thing right now. That in two hours of conversation today, there's not a single word about them doing-it-for-themselves-and-if-anyone-else-likes-it-it's- a-bonus.

Nor the merest squeak about keeping it underground or strictly for those that know. He means business, and big business at that. People might be getting back to work but they're working in fucking McDonald's and Burger King. These are the reasons why dance music has become so important to people.

To start with, right, the whole thing was simply about a load of middle- class kids going on holiday to Ibiza, raving in posh clubs and dropping out like hippies before going back to their mummies and daddies. Then, six months later, it was all finished as far as they were concerned. Because normal kids from the football terraces got into acid house. That's when it got really interesting, when all these working class scallies invaded and the posh kids were forced to mix with people they'd never have dreamed of mixing with previously.

Few things, it seems, intrigue Justin quite as much as bizarre incidents involving ordinary, everyday nutters. The guards would bang on the door and go, 'It's Reg', and they'd get handed a bag of money. See, Interstella have got this studio down by the ship canal. They went to the trouble of making it totally impenetrable by boarding up the windows and fitting all these alarms.

Well no; not quite. It was back then that this writer last sat down and talked with Justin Robertson. Lionrock were on their first tour, charging down the motorways from Sheffield to Manchester to Birmingham to London, and Justin was freaking the public by wielding his electric guitar in public for the first time, perplexing those who knew him as a techno DJ with night after night of on-stage scissor-kicks and axe twangs.

It didn't take a genius to realise that the deep yearning he'd always had to be in a band - riders, tour buses, laminates and all - was temporarily absent at the time, though. He was fighting off the flu, of course. But there was something else, too. After the biggest shock of my life.

As a teenager, he moved to Manchester to study at university but never got round to leaving the city. Depending on the year, he's been labelled a masterful DJ in the Balearic, hard dance, eclectic and "big beat" fields.

He is also something of an expert on pop history and a devout fan of reggae. Most of the minimal stuff drives me right up the wall. I mean, you get the latest Axis release and it sounds exactly like the last fucking 1 5 Axis releases. This very drunk bloke stumbled up to me and screamed, Turn this fucking shit off and put some big beats on'.

This was supposed to be the place where you could play literally whateveryou wanted. In theory, I love things which sound as if they've been rattled out in five minutes but so much of it at the moment is crap and derivative.

Never mind moving the goal posts, people have lost sight of them. Their debut album, he concedes, wasn't quite the fully-formed creature he'd hoped it would be. As for their live shows last year, he admits that the rockist tendencies got a bit too excessive at times, and that this year will see them reaching for more electronic themes. Here, after all, is a man who's started work on his third album before his second has even hit the shops. I don't wanna rest on my laurels. You've got to do it while you've still got great tunes in your head.

With the best will in the world, however great a band is, everyone loses that gift in the end. Here, then, is his alternative government cabinet "Lee Perry. He's definitely a man who speaks a lot of sense. He's got something to say although I'm not quite sure what it is. He could sort out entire nations on his own. After you've been DJing for as long as he has, you've got to be. Oh yeah, and Dave would also be Minister For Lager. That's a good job. He'd organise all the state functions and he'd have The Who's Keith Moon as his assistant because you need a drummer in that office.

He wouldn't leave anyone much room for negotiation. He could easily defuse a situation with a witty quip. Sonic Youth would help them out. KRS-One could help him out.

He seems to enjoy it all now as much as he did in the beginning. Because they're crap. And I'd introduce public flogging for bad tailoring. Antrim and Great Britain. On a Friday night, it was where Derrick May and Kevin Samulerson Ii earned up the future, spinning wild records late iiilo the night. At 1 he Music Institute, he provided a focus lor many ol those who have gone on to make an impact on the global scene. But there is more to his story than just inspiration.

We were just experimenting, trying our best to make music that was different and special. Back then, there were so tew of us making this music that we all shared each others equipment, borrowing nr lending drum machines and keyboards. And it looks like he'll be here fora long lime to come. We began fooling around, making music and pretty soon we were going up to Ypsilanti in work wiili Kevin and Juan every other day.

My whole background was listening to Parliament, Motown and Prince but I tuned into what was happening early on. Itu first tracks we all worked on were made using borrowed equipment but it was such an exciting time. I verybody wanted to do a better track, go further out there than the next guy.

We bad no idea about what might happen. We just wanted to make special music. After the success of 'Illusion' everything got tangled up in contractual difficulties and litigation with Chrysalis who had originally signed us.

It was such a creative time, even though we were just testing out the limits of what we could do with whatever musical equipment we could lay our hands on. I never wanted to do too many of them because it was important to me each release got the attention it truly deserved. We all know artists who seem as if they release new records every other day and suddenly their work no longer sounds special.

That would be great because I have the utmost respect for them and their music. Everybody came to the club. Everybody who wanted to be part of the scene, everybody who wanted to be involved in the music and people who just wanted to check out what was going on came down there.

There would be queues all the way down the block, thcre'd be TV cameras and journalists as well as our regular crowd too. It was a real phenomenon. A lot of stuff never came out because some tracks became such an integral part of what we played at The Institute that we didn't ever want to put them out. I'll never forget Derrick telling me, 'You've got to come and hear this guy Ron Hardy. He was right. They know good music when they hear it. The crowd at The Music Institute gave me all the freedom I needed to take things further.

It was a very, very special place for me. All the established producers and DJs would also be down there too so it was a very creative environment. Basically anybody who was, or has since become anybody on the scene, found their way down there. If I had to think of just one thing which makes me proud, I'd have to say it was what we achieved with The Music Institute. I think it's a fucked-up situation when people turn up just to see a name DJ instead of coming to hear the music itself.

That's my job. I'm not trying to be a superstar. To me, being a DJ is all about educating your crowd and creating a vibe through which you can communicate something special. But you have to work at it. If that was the case we might as well be fucking juke boxes. People there had never heard house and techno before so it was an amazing experience, especially for me as a DJ.

The worst thing in the world is for everybody in the building to know what record you're gonna play next. I like to surprise people and keep surprising them. And that was how Japan was for me.

Everything was new to them. Everything was fresh. It was very strange but very exciting too. My all-time favourites have to be Ken Collier and Ron Hardy. When you talk about respect, Ken and Ron are legends. That whole Chicago style had a big impact on me.

I found that quite an honour since both those acts, in their own ways, have broken new ground. Except that Jackpot are going to make it even more valuable by chucking in all the Jackpot back catalogue, a album signed by Diggers, a T-shirt and a reco bag. FIVE runners up will each get a copy of the album and a T-shirt.

To win this incredible prize, simply travel to Las Vegas How many points is a bullseye worth in darts? So if you're interested in going over anyway and you should be! But now, thanks to the incredible "Soul Survivors" compilation, you can hear it in al its original glory, alongside another 43 barnstorming classics of Northern Soul that rocked the scene's home base in the Seventies, the Wigan Casino.

To win om just twist and gyrate on a talcum-covered floor while answering this question. Survivors CDs Tzshirt s.. Well, okay, not the actual record itself, but a compilation that includes possibly the rarest record in the world. Then, over three days in June June 1 2 to June 1 4 , there are concerts, DJ sessions, seminars, record fairs, videos, films and more.

The already confirmed line-up reads like the definitive who's who of the very best in all the music we love so much. No wonder then that Muzik are helping to sponsor this fantastic gathering. Which is why we're offering ONE lucky winner the prize of a lifetime. You have to be able to leave on June 1 2 and come back on June 1 5. To win, just answer this easy question. What does u Una Paloma Blanca " translate into English as? And lo, it was! Just imagine.

There you are, a hip hop DJ from the age of 1 5 who's suddenly, somewhat late, discovered the passionate joys of house music around You are, naturally, aiming for the stars. You don't even have a record deal but you know you want to blow the whole shit sky-high because you're pumped full of ghetto youth adrenaline. But, as we all know, dreamsand expectations rarely collide. Except in the movies, of course.

Or is it when some of your first tunes, like "Witchdoktor" and "NY Express" tear up dancefloors around the globe, get licensed, caned, raved about and generally cause new-genius-on-the-block mayhem? What about when the remixes start rolling in? What more could you ask for? Still not thinking big? As in BIG. As in feet-high neon letters over Times Square big?

You then turn a wispy, neurotic American songstress Tori Amos into a sultry diva mouthing double-entendres about " bringing it close to my lips u.

But we can take it one step further. Let's really push it. A rap album enters the US charts like a bullet at Number One.

Just like the bullet, in fact, which took its protagonist's life, one Biggie Smalls. And are you happy? Have you arrived yet? AsArmand himself mightsay, in those slack-jawed, NY street shots-from-the-lips of his, "You're outta your focking moind!

There's a glare in his eyes, a rapacious intensity reminiscent of Prince Naseem on the war path. I couldn't care less.

To me, if I'm not at Robert De Niro status, then who gives a fuck? I'm telling you right now, it's all small time to me. My whole thing is, if you're not Robert De Niro, then don't even talk to me. This isn't some ego gone berserk kind of big. Bizarrely enough, the band it rings closest to are Oasis. Noel Gallagher once commented that his ambition would be realised when he'd written tunes the milkman and the postman were humming on their way to work.

Armand Van Helden can identify with that. He absolutely refuses to dissemble. He talks it like he walks it. You want breathtaking honesty? You've come to the right place. You might not like what he says, but you gotta respect his openness. Ask him to defend his controversial policy on remixing and he'll pull no punches.

The way he launches into it, you imagine he's been waiting the whole interview just to tear into this one issue. That's ass-shaking. Now does it move? Fuck that. It's all about sales. Got into house music when he was 1 9. Dissed it for years. That's what he said. For some reason, Van Helden slips into the third person from time to time. Apparently Napoleon and Thatcher had the same habit.

You wonder if he's just a wack bullshit merchant, but all that's coming back is an outrageous streak of fierce individuality which is irresistible. Van Helden is impossible to dislike. He has an unique charm which makes you feel instantly like you're on hisside. He holds court. I take house music as more of a career. I need it as my financial base. And hip hop type of things are what I'm going to dip into and tryout.

One remix after another taking his own personal vision of "ass-shaking" to a higher level. There's the Sneaker Pimps' "Spin Spin Sugar", warping the formula of kick-rump house music with odd flavours of techno and jungle like echo-stretched drums and stark, metallic riffing.

And nobody's more aware of the dangerous position all this hype has put him in than Van Helden himself. It's very easy to become everyone's hero for that minute. But it's very hard to recreate that after three or four years have gone by. Together, the pair of them decided that after Tori blew up big time, Armand needed to concentrate on his album. Especially as Van Helden is well known for only doing one version, take it or leave it but pay anyway.

It's a contented man indeed who turns down that amount of money for rope so old it would barely tie hisshell-toe shoelaces. By the time he was 1 3, he had his own drum machine. At 1 5, he started DJing properly, combining his love of rap and hip hop with an unhealthy fascination with Kiss.

He even entered Italy's DMC mixing championships before relocating to his hometown of Boston to study media and technology at college. It was while he was at college he began mixing with the ghetto youth. Think of Boston and you think of clam chowder, New England mansions, old English values, a clean-cut family kind of a place. Apparently not. The people are more ignorant, more violent and more stupid than New York.

For real, there are streets in Boston where there's not even a road. It's just rocks and sand and people live on those streets. It looks like the third world. All my people were ghetto. If we couldn't find a car, we'd steal one. And I used to DJ at ghetto parties. One party I was at, the whole front window got blasted out and a girl's shoulder exploded in my face. She got shot by a hollow-tip bullet and a whole bunch of blood just flew onto my face.

Over the record, the mixer. But that feeling of life lived on the edge still filters through into his attitude. House music, however, is another matter. I fucking hate it! That's when I felt the energy from the uptempo and I was like, this is killing me.

From there, well, it's been four quick years. The identity of a great many of its citizens has become non-definable. Take Tiger Woods for example. His black father met his mother in Thailand, so Woods says he's a quarter Thai, a quarter Chinese, a quarter black, one-eighth white and one-eighth American-1 ndian.

America doesn't particularly like this melting pot of family bloods. On census forms, you can only classify yourself as black, white, Hispanic, American-lndian, Alaskan native, Asian, Pacific Islander or "other". Like, who the hell wants to be an "other"? So where does that leave kids like Woods? Confused, no doubt. His father's Dutch-lndonesian. And Armand was born in Boston.

At others, he's got a convincing Asian complexion. Van Helden, quite clearly, does not belong to any one minority.

Frustrating, you would have thought, but that's not the way he sees it. I can flip-flop because I don't belong. I feel almost like an alien. A lot of my general musical production is based on that. And I can do that with a lot of cultures. I can do it with white people, with Italian people, with French people. He has three great musical loves. And when it comes to making one style, what makes his productions so special is the infiltration of the sounds and working techniques of the other two.

The way the housey Sneaker Pimps remix breaks down into a weirdo drum Et bass-style interlude. Just before we start the interview, he casually mutters how the garage-heads hate hi m because he refuses to play their game, preferring to take their basic principles and bugger them to dancefloor delirium and back with outside influences. So you're talking three totally different scenes. Having grown upon the mechanics of the hip hop DJ, sampling is essential for Van Helden.

In Britain, sadly, sampling became an easy option to give an already commercial tune an even more recognisable edge. In the right hands, sampling is an artistry, a reinvention of the past, a homage and a redevelopment. In America, they know better.

Todd Terry and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez have based their entire sound around it. And Van Helden is no different. I'm just a b-boy. It could be a fucking street in New York. I don't know what the fuck that is. All I know issampling. Like, 'Yo, that's fat'. That is truly the basis of the hip hop mentality. It gives it that feel, that Armand feel. That's my shit. All of it. A jungle tune of mediocre pedigree, it turns out that it was indeed Armand all along.

Using the vocals of Monica's "Ain't Nobody" and floating them over junglist breaks with a classic hoover-style bassline, this was Van Helden's first foray into proper jungle, a medium he's long expressed an interest in. He was converted to the jungle sound for good by Code Red's "Conquering Lion" in , a classic piece of ragga- influenced ruffness from Rebel MC'scamp. I actually have a Fugees-style group ready for a hardstep hip hop album.

But firstly the hip hop album's dropping and then the house album some time in the fall. Right after that, I'll be ready to drop it. Three and half, four-minute songs. Simple shit but the beatsare all about hardstep jungle, only tailored for America. I'm ready to take it on a common level.

ItsumsupVan Helden perfectly. And he won't do for a long, long time. We'd been talking about how a couple met at his club back in Boston when he used to promote hip hop jams. They met, they fell in love, they got married and of course, Armand was invited to the wedding. It epitomises his raison d'etre. It's about a moment in time that people will really cherish.

Fuck the money, fuck the samples, fuck the bullshit in the middle. At the end of the day, in 20 years time, that's what this fucking business is all about. An album on ffrr should be out later this summer Armand Van Helden on his forthcoming ffrr album "IN terms of the music and the appeal, everything is straight-up New York.

There are a lot of party anthems on it, a lot of crowd hysteria-type shit. There are maybe two cuts that are down on the groove tip, but the rest of it is on the party, good feeling vibe. Out here, it's not weird to make a hip hop album without any rappers. It's weird for the rest of the world because they don't know about hip hop trax.

Out here, we do hip hop trax. He would loop something familiar, then something else familiar and something else familiar. It'd kill the floor. Hip hop guys use the same concept. It was just a drive-by of samples but it fucking drove the crowd into oblivion.

Bambaataa used "Zulu". These are party anthem chants. They're not easy to do. It's the perfect background record for any house party at any time, let alone the DJs in the clubs.

It's perfect for that summer scenario, people in their jeeps, in their cars, on their Walkmans, fur the house party or the large party. It can go anywhere. Either you pay C40 for the whole lot or I cannot help you. The thought of records, some over 40 years old, gathering dust under a pile of second-hand hoovers in a south London charity shop is more than mildly disconcerting.

For Mr Scruff, record shopping in these stores is no mere budget "Supermarket Sweep". It's a positive art form.

Crouched over a rather battered cardboard box full of scratched vinyl, courtesy of Homeless Concern, Mr Scruff also known as Andy Carthy of Stockport is currently worlds away from the moody 'tude of Fat Cat or Eastern Bloc.

Mention handbag heaven here and you're more likely to be referring to the mile-high pile of ladies accessories than the latest anthem from Jon Pleased Wimmin. The helpful shop assistant may know her knit from her pearl but does she know her "Basic Principles" from her Basic Channel? Scruff, though, is not to be deterred.

Perhaps this expertise has something to do with the fact that Scruff demonstrated what you could only call an off-kilter taste in music early on. Swiftly moving on then, Scruff soon became immersed in hip hop.

His fascination with beats, breaks and grooves took him behind the decks at events such as One Tree Island, Dubism and Headfunk, where he could be found presiding over a thick broth of hip hop, house, techno, drum Ft bass and dub. So what turns the cogs of Mr Scruffs taste machine these days? Jaguar Saga Pt2. Passa al contenuto principale. Arriva: 17 - 22 lug Maggiori informazioni. Aggiungi al carrello. Transazione sicura. Ci impegniamo a proteggere i tuoi dati e la tua privacy.

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VA-DJ Selection Techno Explosion VolCDBWA VA-DJ Style 1-CDBWA VA-DJ Wave Make Some NoiseOBC VA-DJ Wave Presents Fuck Hiphop Nugguh Gimme A Fucking BreakbeatOBC VA-DJ Whoo Kid-Crib Musick Hosted By EminemREALM VA-DJT The Last Dj On EarthSND VA-Kadabracompilation (Mixed by Marco Cordi)-(KDWCD


Bollyfood - Looping (6) - Hindi Air (File, Album)

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Collection Of. Songs sung by Kishore Kumar. Alone Promo Mp3 Song. Music: Dr.. You can download or play Old Songs Hindi Mp3 with best mp3. The media files you download with celomusic..

List of 20 Best Love Songs from Bollywood movies of all time. Hindi Singers and Artists now on Gaana. Tulsi Kumar is the…. Filmytune on Feb 18, House Party Lyrics have been written by Gurpreet Saini.

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Read less. Bollywood Emotions Kontakt Library. Dholak Session Vol 2. Exotic Bansuri Kontakt Library. Kings of Bollywood Vol 1. Bollywood Beatz Vol 2. Pati Patni Aur Woh. Commando 3. Latest Hindi Video Songs. Kanjoos Song from Gulabo Sitabo. Tum Ho Song from Babloo Bachelor. Madari ka Bandar Song from Gulabo Sitabo. Jootam Phenk Song from Gulabo Sitabo. Angana Song from Bhangra Paa Le. Kangna Vilayati Song from Virgin Bhanupriya.

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Download Bollywood Hot Hindi Video Songs apk for Android. Watch + Bollywood's all time hottest video songs all in one place!


Bing Day - I Cant Help It / Mamas Place (Vinyl)

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Royal Bayreuth Lobster Dish. Eagle Ridge Collectibles. Vintage Lusterware 3 Dimensional Cockatoo Vase. Vintage Violet Hand Painted Plate. Hutschenreuther, Selb Bavaria Wildflower Dishes. Vintage English Silver Small Bowl. Party Favor Harem Girl "bag". Vintage Bluebird Bowl. Vintage Seagull Relish Dish. Let it sit for three days. This is highly important for concrete subfloors. Do acclimate your floor and room.

Keep the room at a normal temperature for at least 48 hours before installation is set to begin and let the vinyl acclimate in this temperature.

Do use a vapor barrier if installing over concrete. Use a vapor barrier over concrete when installing a click and lock vinyl. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Mama I Want To Sing. Customer Reviews. Ask a question Ask a question If you would like to share feedback with us about pricing, delivery or other customer service issues, please contact customer service directly.

Your question required. Additional details. I thought I had to be the perfect Mom and I constantly measured my success by comparing myself to other Moms. A dear friend of mine named Maeve reminded me today to slow down and be thoughtful. And it was so good for my soul that I wanted to share it with you so you can do the same. A good bucket list is always fun for the kids! If you are seeking a specific item that you haven't found in our store so far, please email us contact seller link with as much information as you can provide about the item you are seeking.

We will let you know if we have it. We based our grading on the definitions found in Discogs. For more information, please see the Discogs support article Here are our priorities used for grading:.

The vinyl will play perfectly, with no imperfections during playback. Sing For Your Supper 3. My Girl 4. Glad To Be Unhappy 5. Safe In My Garden 7. Too Late 8. Rooms 2. Midnight Voyage 3.

Jul 03,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - BING DAY I Can't Help It YouTube; Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella YouTube Movies. · Drama; A Street Cat Named Bob YouTube Movies.


Born Dead - Lifeless (3) - NLFTW (Vinyl, LP)

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Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Add Comment. Artificial Red 2. Lifeless Dead 4. Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection. Save Cancel. Really delete this comment? Yes No. Artificial Red. Long Gone Day. More Albums. Spirit of Metal. Retrieved January 27, Entertainment Weekly. September 23, New Musical Express. September 3, Robert Christgau.

Q Magazine. October 1, Born Dead. Liner notes. Virgin Records. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Rap metal [1] crossover thrash [2].

Born dead into this world To starve and rot in agony Born dead into this world It's their choice, Why can't you see. Life of misery, Soon a corpse you be As bones show through, Nothing you can do. Relief does not exist When you are born to die. Disease spreads fast .


Поездка В Город - Владимир Высоцкий - Семейный Цирк (CD)

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There are 2 reviews on CritiqueBrainz? The question is not what Supper s Ready is about, but he never could find a monkey tame enough to hold the tin cup an not gnaw on the clientele!

If your browser doesn t ask you, and.


Hold Me

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Saturday 18 April Sunday 19 April Monday 20 April Tuesday 21 April Wednesday 22 April Thursday 23 April Friday 24 April Saturday 25 April Sunday 26 April Monday 27 April Tuesday 28 April Wednesday 29 April Thursday 30 April Friday 1 May Saturday 2 May Sunday 3 May Monday 4 May Tuesday 5 May Wednesday 6 May Thursday 7 May Friday 8 May Saturday 9 May Sunday 10 May Monday 11 May Tuesday 12 May Wednesday 13 May Thursday 14 May Friday 15 May Saturday 16 May Sunday 17 May Monday 18 May Tuesday 19 May Wednesday 20 May Thursday 21 May In Hold Me Tight, Dr.

Sue Johnson presents Emotionally Foc Heralded by the New York Times and Time as the couples therapy with the highest rate of success, Emotionally Focused Therapy works because it views the love relationship as an attachment bond. Sue Johnson presents Emotionally Focused Therapy to the general public for the first time. Johnson teaches that the way to save and enrich a relationship is to reestablish safe emotional connection and preserve the attachment bond.

With this in mind, she focuses on key moments in a relationship-from "Recognizing the Demon Dialogue" to "Revisiting a Rocky Moment" -- and uses them as touch points for seven healing conversations. Through case studies from her practice, illuminating advice, and practical exercises, couples will learn how to nurture their relationships and ensure a lifetime of love.

Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Hold Me Tight , please sign up. I'm single but have identified myself as having an anxious attachment issues. Id like to move towards a more secure place. Would this be a useful book for me?

Vanessa Hi, I know I'm a bit late here but just wanted to say that yes, I do think it's good if you're single and exploring your attachment issues. Now I unde …more Hi, I know I'm a bit late here but just wanted to say that yes, I do think it's good if you're single and exploring your attachment issues.

Now I understand why I react and behave the way I and others do -- wish I had known this in previous relationships. It really gets to the root of things. Hope this helps. See 2 questions about Hold Me Tight…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 02, Matt Evans rated it really liked it. Johnson's book easily wins the "World's Worst Title Ever" award.

Much as does the scent of patchouli oil and as does the sound of gauzy-eyed adults whispering for their inner child to come on out for a good old back rub, "Hold Me Tight" evokes again, for this reader scary New Agey associations.

For example, "Hold Me Tight" made me recall against my will that Kenny Loggins dumped his first wife in order to marry his colonic therapist. In a nude wedding ceremony.

Nude, as in, everybody in attendance, guests and minister excepting, hopefully, his clerical collar included, sans sartorial stitch one. Nothing wrong with the concept, I guess, but who wants to see Mr. Danger Zone, singing, nakedly, to his new wife "Cut foot-loo-zah! Cut foot-loo-zah! That man's music has done way too much harm for him to ever have hope of redemption.

The foregoing may indeed be a strange preamble for the review of a book I thoroughly enjoyed, but I kind of feel like I needed to say what I felt about the title. Because many people who feel like I do about touchy-feely New Age hand-holding might otherwise bypass a truly remarkable and helpful book.

Johnson is part of the EFT Emotionally Focused Therapy; again, sorry for whatever horrible associations this phrase conjures movement. EFT espouses spousal connection and intimacy over technical communication proscriptions and mars-venus feelings flowcharts.

Unlike most traditional "get along with your spouse" theories, EFT actually works real wonders. I could go on, but I won't. If you seek to communicate more meaningfully with your spouse, fight your feelings and look past the bad title and read "Hold Me Tight. View all 4 comments. Dec 20, Jennie rated it it was amazing Shelves: psychology , did-not-finish.

I am going to start this review with two contradictory statements: this is an amazing book for laypeople and therapists alike, a total revolution in how we look at romantic partnerships, and very engaging and readable. And I did not finish it. When I added this book to my "to read" shelf, it was primarily with the hope of being able to help counseling clients to understand their romantic attachments, but when I finally picked it up to read, it was in the hopes of improving my own rocky relations I am going to start this review with two contradictory statements: this is an amazing book for laypeople and therapists alike, a total revolution in how we look at romantic partnerships, and very engaging and readable.

Saturday 7 March Sunday 8 March Monday 9 March Tuesday 10 March Wednesday 11 March Thursday 12 March Friday 13 March Saturday 14 March Sunday 15 March Monday 16 March Tuesday 17 March Wednesday 18 March Thursday 19 March Friday 20 March Saturday 21 March Sunday 22 March Monday 23 March Tuesday 24 March Wednesday 25 March Thursday 26 March Friday 27 March Saturday 28 March Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Friday 3 April Saturday 4 April Sunday 5 April Monday 6 April Tuesday 7 April Wednesday 8 April Thursday 9 April Friday 10 April Saturday 11 April Select Gold in the Certification field.

Dik Evans Ivan McCormick. Book Category Timeline. Batman music. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read View source View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Alternative rock , glam rock. Island , Atlantic. Gift bag release cover U. TV series " Batman Theme " " Batusi ". Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Lola In the Fields. Hold Me Tight. Ready for the Weekend. You Used to Hold Me. Get promoted. In Lyrics.

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Crazy Credits.

" Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me " is a song by Irish rock band U2. It was released as a single from the Batman Forever soundtrack album in June


Dear Judy - Little Pattie - 20 Stompie Wompie Hits (Vinyl, LP)

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Charlie Brown Says. John St. Spy V. Popular Posts. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Soup S - Australian - , Failure will result in item being re-listed. All items are posted. Sorry, no pick ups. Items are posted within days of payment being cleared. You will receive advice when item is posted. Please understand that we have no control over the post. Delays do occur. Payment Methods are:. Please note - overseas outside Australia import charges.

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And she, had no reason to interact with street hustlers. It is in the light of the flashing patrol cars that we begin, as we try to work our way to the answer of why Nicholas P. Wilde, hustler, becomes Constable Nicholas P. Wilde, an officer of the ZPD. What happens when these two star-crossed friends spend every day, and every afternoon, enjoying one another's company.

In Zootopia where anyone can be anything some things are still forbidden. Judy is confronted with a choice between suffering the consequences of protecting her family and being with her soulmate, she chooses to protect her family. As Nick tries to find a way for the two of them to be together our heroes find themselves once again protecting the city from a new threat.

A Zootopia AU. Nick and Judy decide to quit the police force after seeing repeated bigotry and corruption within the Zootopia Police Department. It's not an easy situation to go through, and both of them have to reevaluate the decisions they've made so far and the ultimate goals they have for their lives.

All this while going through a romantic and sexuality crisis. TW for the comments on this fic: Racism, anti-blm commentary, ignorance, general bigotry, and flat out violent racism including, and very much not limited to, the use of the n word and kkk romanticism. As street racing gets more attention in Zootopia, the officers have more and more problems to deal with after each day.

With no progress made and more racers on the streets, they need to search for other ways to shut down the crews, even if it means going undercover and infiltrate with the racing world. Imagine Zootopia, with some differences. The city is ruled by foxes, and rabbits have been banned. Nick Wilde is not the street hustler we saw in the movie. Similarly, Judy Hopps is not a rookie cop, but a seasoned defense attorney. What happens when Judy comes to Zootopia to defend Mr. Otterton, who has been accused, and convicted, of murdering his wife?

Sunderance is an alternate universe compared to Zootopia, and Division is an alternate universe compared to Sunderance. The retelling of Hades and Persephone starring Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps that nobody asked for - complete with terrible animal puns and a sprinkling of the classic mythology. Judy doesn't want to be a glorified carrot farmer for the rest of her immortal life. Soon, she'll break out of her mother's shadow and prove her worth as a goddess.

Nick, resigned to rule his realm in solitude, has no interest in a consort. The king of the gods has other plans for them both. Top of Work Index. Various: Live It Up! Various: Rare 60's Beat Treasures, Vol. Das Cookie wird von der Webseite genutzt um herauszufinden, ob Cookies vom Browser des Seitennutzers zugelassen werden.

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The Twilights.

Sep 28,  · Joe’s daughter is born Patricia Thelma Amphlett on 17 March in Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales. As a 14 year old, recording under the name of Little Pattie, Chrissy’s cousin has an Australian hit single in with ‘He’s My Blond-Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy’ (AUS no. 19).


Το Τελευταίο Ταγκό - Αδελφές Μπρόγιερ - Πάρτυ Με Την Έρικα Και Μαργαρίτα (Vinyl)

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М, Mr, speaking in West Chester, please vote based on the quality of the band s music instead of just voting for the most popular synth rock bands that you might ve heard of, Beat Scarred 04 - The Day That Never Comes 05 - All Nightmare Long 06 - Cyanide 07 - The Unforgiven III 08 - The Judas Kiss 09 - Suicide Redemption 10 - My Apocalypse, this style also features vintage details and alternative music references, like the opener That was Just your Life bring back memories of their progressive metal days, В - Г Ч К, continued to be a catalyst on the production and conceptual on the project as well, the problem isn t just Gardiner, while still in his hospital gown, Hynde engaged her in conversation.

Captain Haggerty AngelaHaggerty 4 October 2018? Elvis Crespo - Suavemente Lyrics.

Ολλανδία, Μετά την εισβολή στη χώρα, οι ναζί έρχονται σε επαφή με τον έσχατο κάιζερ, τον Βίλχελμ τον Β’, ο οποίος βρίσκεται εκεί εξόριστος από το


Keep On Factory - Dead Kennedys - Forward To Death (Vinyl, LP)

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Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Marketplace This release has been blocked from sale in the marketplace. Sell by mattmexico. Contributors TexasNoisician , tribhuvanji , vamosadelante , Pontu , adrian , peestone , ckedhans , lootje. Man With The Dog. Forward To Death. Soup Is Good Food 2. Hellnation 3. This Could Be Anywhere 4. Growing Boy Needs His Lunch 5. Chicken Farm 6. Jock-O-Rama 7. Goons of Hazzard 8. At My Job Stars and Stripes of Corruption. A serviceable hits and B-sides collection Too Drunk to Fuck 3.

In-Sight 6. A Child and His Lawn Mower 8. Holiday in Cambodia 9. Buzzbomb from Pasadena. DK 40 Live 3-CD. Moral Majority 2. I Am the Owl 3. Life Sentence 4. Police Truck 5. Riot 6. Bleed for Me 7. Holiday in Cambodia 8. Lets Lynch the Landlord 9. Chemical Warfare Kill the Poor Too Drunk to Fuck Tracks of Disc 2 1. Man with the Dogs 3. Forward to Death 4.

Life Sentence 6. Trust Your Mechanic 7. Moral Majority 8. Forest Fire 9. Police Truck Bleed for Me Holiday in Cambodia Let's Lynch the Landlord Nazi Punks Too Drunk to Fuck Kill the Poor Tracks of Disc 3 1. Darren's Mom 2. Goons of Hazard 3. Hellnation 4.

GOAT'S by dczeitnew. Cars and Trucks on Covers by GarbonzoBean. Original Cover - Tribute Cover by ksdfjsldfj. Gbm valuable on Discogs by greenbluesmusic. My Music Bee by glowinthedarkscars. All time favorite albums by patlebouc. Listened in by TrafficNightmare. Archived from the original on February 16, Dead Kennedys. Mutiny on the Bay Live at the Deaf Club. And you can un-subscribe with one click at any time.

UK album chart. And still buying vinyl. Click here for more info. Entertainment Memorabilia 9. Collectibles 1. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Genre see all Genre. Blues 1. Classical 1. Metal 2. Pop 3. Rock Artist see all Artist. Live 9. Death 4. Ministry 2.

Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables () Forward To Death This song is amazing if you're in a bad mood: Forward To Death This song is amazing if you're in a bad mood: Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist () Jock-O-Rama (Invasion Of The Beef Patrol) Jock-O-Rama (Invasion Of The Beef Patrol) Dead Kennedys In God We Trust.

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