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Til We Are Wed - A Gun That Shoots Knives - Wish You Were Here... XOXO (Vinyl, LP)

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To load and clean the revolver, the grips separated and folded open, allowing access to the concealed gun. The Hybrid Standard Edition of the knife had black aluminum checkered grip panels and held a 5-shot revolver. A deluxe karat gold-plated Millennium version of the Standard had a highly hand polished blade and frame. The bayonet version could be fired either mounted or unmounted to the rifle. The knife only version, the Model RS1N, was the base knife with no barrel or firing assembly.

Across all versions, less than a thousand of these weapons were made. The company history is murky; they seem to have folded around and as such have no warranty or production to fall back upon. Today if you can find one today, they basically worth whatever the market will pay and are rare at any price.

This article originally ran on Guns. The Colt Woodsman is credited as the first successful rimfire. You have to get close enough to actually cut them and making an instant kill with a single strike is all but impossible unless you have training. That means the person can fight back. Or run away. Or disarm you. Or bystanders can jump in. Or throw backpacks at you until you leave. Every now and then, there's a mass stabbing attack and, unsurprisingly, very few deaths.

Kerryman71 yeah, and I posted a pic of mine, but I always forget to bring it up as an option or supplement to my edc. I personally have been wanting to get a fixed blade knife and am probably gonna get myself a karambit from a company like Boker or something. And whether or not I keep it… well that mainly depends on the sheath. I think I saw some of his other knife training on that show.

I hope I never have to see that, use that, be anywhere near something like that. Like sit down light headed.

The idea of a knife cutting into me anywhere has me squirming, James! Good call, James! Just another tool for the tool box of self preservation. I read somewhere that most Americans are way more nervous with knives than guns, because we teach our kids that scary people use knives serial killers, rapists, ect. And good guys use guns police, military, ect.

I am content using my knife as an expensive box cutter for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than using a knife in a fight for your life. Most people are not trained to take on a knife hand to hand. But it also goes the other way also. I'm sure you could mod a shotgun to do so, but you should Google the Ballistic Knife. I think it's illegal in the USA, though.

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Video: Man Creates Pump Gun That Shoots Knives OutdoorHub Reporters If you’ve ever bought anything online, you’ve probably seen those cheap, disposable Japanese throwing knives called.

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  1. Tunos says:
    A Gun That Shoots Knives. likes · 6 talking about this. jimmy smits.
  2. Kigor says:
    The statistics match the trends seen in previous years, which show knife murders far outnumbering rifle statistics. In , knives were used to kill 1, and rifles were used to kill Handguns far outnumber both knives and rifles in American murders. There were 7, murders by handgun in America in
  3. Nikor says:
    Mar 01,  · My first impression after reading your question was "ARE YOU F'N SERIOUS!? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU VAN HELSING!?" but then, after some thought Check out the PSE TAC15 Ar15 modification - it's a crossbow upper for an AR15 Closest thing to a "knife gun" I've seen. Get yourself some bladed arrows and try not to hurt yourself.
  4. Bam says:
    This Is Why You Shoot Someone Advancing With A Knife. BadgeCams Subscribe. 2,, views. Subscribe. Description. All too often people like to question why cops use lethal force against people armed with only a knife. This video is the answer. Uploaded: 10/07/ Email Share.
  5. Fegar says:
    Apr 13,  · That is why you don’t hear supporters of gun rights make such comparisons. Instead, they propose measures other than restrictions on gun .
  6. Jushura says:
    Oct 09,  · 10 Great Guns That We Wish Were Still Being Made. Although they might not be categorized as “classics,” these guns are all solid performers that probably should still be in production. By Mike Dickerson. October 9, More Guns. Latest. Fishing. 10 .
  7. Kazigul says:
    We're talking about a massive difference in fatality rate here, over an order of magnitude. Let's say we assume knives are exactly as lethal as firearms, as we're constantly told by gun nuts. Then the maximum possible number of knife attacks would be: / = k That would mean that only k knife attacks happen a year.
  8. Juzilkree says:
    The more I learn about knives and how useful they are, the more that old adage could be reversed in my eyes: Never bring a gun to a knife fight. I would certainly not pull a knife on a drawn gun aimed at me. But I might not be able to pull a gun and get shots on target on a knife-wielding attacker if they were rushing me from within ish feet.
  9. Zolobar says:
    A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes that you can create and share on your social network. Have a look around and see what we're about. Quiz topic: What kind of gun am I?

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