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Pretty Girl - Various - Sonically Speaking Vol 41: Juni 2008 (CD)

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That Lucky Old Sun Spike Like A Rolling Stone. It's presented here with rare images and background notes. It sank without trace, and is now one of the rarest albums of the era. Its presented here complete with their ultra-rare non-LP 45, and notes explaining the bands history, making it a must for fans of classic British prog.

At a time when musical shifts were almost a daily routine in the immediate aftermath of the s, multi-instrumentalist Vyto Beleska decided to trawl through the archives of his own Clay Pigeon studios, based in Chicago's Southside. Assembled here are past recording projects that utilised some of Chicago's finest underground musicians and whose collaborations with Beleska reveal another chapter in the annals of psychedelia and garage punk. To mark the early work of Beleska and Clay Pigeon Studios, a privately pressed album was issued in in a quantity of copies only.

Circulating locally, the Clay Pigeon recordings were sadly never acknowledged on a national or worldwide level. Nevertheless, this CD with remasterd sound offers some truly great garagerock, '60s fuzz punk and psychedelic mayhem. Informative liner notes and rare pix are included! The Flower Travellin Bands first musical outing, Challenge, which released in and was essentially a series of covers of Cream, Hendrix, Big Brother and Jefferson Airplane material.

However, Satori appeared a year later and changed forever the way the group would be perceived, both in Japan and the musical world at large. Possessing the vision to select Akira Joe Yamanaka as their vocalist, the Flower Travellin boys elevated themselves above other Japanese bands of the time, whose efforts were largely confined to imitating British and American bands of the era.

Satori, which was released a year later in , is a conceptual hard rock-psych album driven by Hideki Ishimas furious guitar licks which erupt and explode over the harmonic heart beat of the drums and bass and Yamanakas banshee-like vocal style which was turning him into an occidental Iggy Pop or Robert Plant while the band itself was rapidly becoming Japans answer to Led Zeppelin.

Satori is a huge album in every way. From power chords to Eastern-tinged North African six string freak-outs and crashing tom-toms, the band flexes its collective muscle from start to finish. Featuring the original die-cut cover with coloured cellophane and printed inner bag. When Moon Blood was originally released in only copies were pressed so originals are worth a small fortune.

Fraction, with vocalist Jim Beach bearing an uncanny resemblance to Jim Morrison although he was singing on Sunset Strip long before Morrison took to the stage , were often compared favourably with the Doors, although their quasi-religious message would probably not have found favour with the recently-departed Morrison. Indeed, this rather fine record was once famously described as the album the Doors probably wished theyd made!

Underpinned by guitarist Don Swansons superb Ritchie Blackmore-style guitar work, this is an album full of beautiful psychedelia, acid and hard rock, at once emblematic of the era but not dated by its association. The five original compositions are consistently of the highest quality and the contribution of Beachs Morrison-esque vocals places a stamp of originality on the recording that endures from beginning to end. A truly excellent album. Featuring the entire set as broadcast by 93 WQFM, the release comes complete with background liners and rare pix.

Rip It Out Stranger In A Strange Land Something Moved Cold Gin Love Me Right Into The Night New York Groove Rock Soldiers Breakout Shock Me Calling To You We Got Your Rock Deuce Rocket Ride. His involvement naturally brought an element of notoriety to the band that would inevitably help in securing the legacy they enjoy today.

Of their occasional performances in California in , their performance for KSAN-fm on 21st April, at the Record Plant, Sausalito, remains possibly their finest. Klondike's retrospective spotlight on Old And In The Way and their seminal performance for KSAN-fm provides a valuable snapshot of their ability to provide improvisational and contemporary flare coupled with the respect for traditional bluegrass music that the band sincerely guarded. Having honed their material in the North of England, they became an immediate success on the live circuit and were soon offered the chance to make an LP.

Issued at the end of that year, it drew on prog, country, pop and rock influences, but failed to connect commercially.

The album nevertheless is recognised as a lost classic today. It makes a welcome return to CD here, complete with background notes and rare images. In the early '70s Hookfoot released four studio albums and a live set. The collection presented here also includes rare archival material. The music is an eclectic mixture of rock, folk, blues, funk and more.

Paul's, MA. Having just recorded their debut album, 'Heavy', they tear through several tracks from it, as well as two otherwise unreleased numbers and others that wouldn't see the light of day until their third album appeared in A unique document of a major band at an important juncture in their career, this is essential listening for all lovers of acid rock. Expansive liners, interviews and rare archival photos are included.

Bad Reputation Be Straight Bits And Pieces Wait For Me Summertime Blues Victim Of Circumstance I Love Rock'N'Roll Nag You're Too Possessive Love Is Pain Black Leather Do You Wanna Touch Me Star Star Shout Band Introductions I Love Playing With Fire Wooly Bully I'm Gonna Run Away Crimson And Clover Rebel Rebel. Roll Over Me Babylon Rock Around The Symbol Special Situations Rhoda Take Me Down Easy Shake That Fat Brokin Down Man DJ Outro.

Johansen had stubbornly decided that scandalizing rock 'n' roll homophobes had run its course in that particular guise by after Mercury had finally pulled the plug. The rapid acceptance of his debut solo album by disc jockeys in places such as Atlanta, Denver and New York, where the Dolls got very little air, signified vitality, not compromise. He had triumphantly signalled his defiance and determination in salvaging something from the aftermath of the New York Dolls. Showcasing new material from his debut self-titled album at Bunkys restaurant in , Johansens sexually charged, comedic furore waded in with a selection of 60s hits, three Dolls classics and the contents of his album.

Just seventeen nights later, Johansen appeared at the Bottom Line in New York with virtually the same set list and a guest appearance by Johnny Thunders. Fully re-mastered sound with liners and photos. It showcases his skills both as a writer and interpreter of songs, but above all celebrates his mastery of the guitar. Includes detailed notes and rare photos. The CD comes with background notes and images.

Miracles Out Of Nowhere Paradox One Big Sky Witcher Dust In The Wind The Preacher Point Of Know Return House On Fire Carry On Wayward Son All I Wanted The Wall Magnum Opus. This tremendous live set was recorded for the L. It captures them on blistering form performing several cuts from that album, as well as other material, and is presented here complete with background notes and rare images. I Don't Want Nobody 2. Devil 3. Shotgun 4. Melting Into The Furniture 5. Walking The Dog 6.

Happy 7. You Just Don't Care 8. High Heeled Sneakers 9. This release comes with background liners and rare archival photos! Goodbye Your Honor Juke Bye And Bye Hypnotized Minglewood Blues Battle Of New Orleans Big Iron Jump For Joy Promised Land Sea Cruise.

In it, Woody Guthrie is Leadbelly's guest, and they perform a cross section of their remarkable catalogues. The set comes complete with background notes and images. It makes its long-awaited return to CD here, complete with background notes and rare images. A dense mixture of hard rock and classic prog, with classy hooks and complex instrumental interplay throughout, sadly it failed to attract the critical acclaim it so richly deserved when it was originally released in the summer of , but this reissue is sure to appeal to all fans of obscure progressive rock today.

It makes its long overdue return to CD here. The release includes background notes and images. Intro Down South Jukin' Saturday Night Special Heartbreak Hotel Devil In The Bottle Things Goin' On I Know A Little That Smell You Got That Right What's Your Name?

Simple Man Gimme Three Steps Sweet Home Alabama Free Bird Ad For Show. With Betts' wrenching solos giving 'Cocaine' a whole new side effect, and Charlie Daniels ripping out the pages of the southern rock textbook with 'Jitterbug', Lynyrd Skynnyrd members Collins, Pyle, Rossington and Powell are in great company for the Super Jam!

Intense and exciting, it's presented here together with background notes and images. Miles Beyond 2. Dream 3. Vital Transformation 4.

Dawn 5. Sanctuary 6. In an attempt to honour this landmark performance, various bootlegs of varying quality have appeared over the years. Klondike's retrospective issue of this legendary concert salutes the stature of the Mahavishnu Orchestra's work with the original, complete and fully-remastered FM broadcast. Backgound liners and rare photos are included. Stir It Up 4. Slave Driver 5. Stop That Train 6. Kinky Reggae 7. Concrete Jungle 8.

Until then, Midwinter had existed only in local knowledge and in the shadows of Stone Angel, the post-Midwinter outfit whose privately pressed LP from has since commanded deserved attention by fans and collectors alike. By the summer of , Mighty Baby had shed the psychedelic trappings in favour of a more spiritual, reflective approach.

Taped in the band's London basement, these unique recordings are the first signs of that stylistic change. Jug Of Love Virgin Spring I This was an attempt to prevent an appropriation of the memorial for political manipulation by right-wing groups, who also claimed the Ruhr resistance as their own achievement. The Nazi Party was not directly involved in the organisation of the event, yet archival photos do suggest that SA and Hitler-Jugend Hitler Youth groups held ceremonies at the original gravestone site in the period around Secondly, the site had a concrete construction in front of the cross that was partially belowground and circular in shape.

This, according to historian Robert R. This suggests the relative inexperience of the organisers in hosting a largescale, outdoor memorial event. Art historian Christian Fuhrmeister has detected an ambivalence towards the monument design particularly the cross shape after , which was often superimposed with the swastika or text in visual representations, such as postcards and book covers.

The ambivalence towards the monument was not only based on its physical appearance and architectural design, but also its awkward geographical location. A hand-drawn ground plan for the commemoration indicates that the memorial location was not necessarily suited for the geometric organisation of crowds, and parts of the crowd and the memorial were separated by a tramline Figure 3. The angle of the monument, moreover, was not aligned to either north-south or east-west axes, or in a direct relation to the Rhine River.

The perception that the memorial site needed to be properly established as a national landmark and integrated into a more monumental environment led to an architectural design competition in During the competition process, there was some discussion in the local press about the existing and potential problems of the site.

This aside, the author praises the monumental potential of the plans with the inclusion of open areas, broad streets, greenery, a model township Schlageter-Siedlung and the large exhibition area. Wehner in December The Schaffendes Volk exhibition eventually incorporated the monument into a planned and large-scale construction project. This monumental principle did not resolve the original acoustics problems entirely, but the exhibition structures did mean that the site was more enclosed in a built-up area with potentially more reverberant acoustics.

The memorial was in the northwestern side of the Nordfriedhof cemetery and the Rheinstadion is in the top-left corner. All the machines will be working: in each hall there will be all the activity of life in a factory or workshop. A giant lathe, a ton crane, a smelting works, a foundry, a wiredrawing shop will be seen in action and many other industrial processes will be practically demonstrated […] and a great many attractions to show the Nation at Work.

Live television feeds were set up in several locations, along with live wireless correspondence with German sea captains, the latest developments in audio tape recording AEG Magnetophone and advancements in electrical light displays and water fountains.

While the Nazi Party was not directly involved in the Schlageter event, its members had already recognised a principle of spatial occupation and omnipresence as intrinsic to achieving a sensory overwhelming in party events and public space. This bears out the necessity for sound and space to work together in order to produce a sense of order and monumentality, let alone reverberant mass rites of national loyalty.

This requires a consideration of how the Nazi Party, once in power, drew on sound and space within public events and cultural production. The Call for National Awakening Writing in his memoirs, historian Eric Hobsbawm conceded that he could no longer remember many details of his own participation in a large Communist political demonstration in Berlin during early The status of all-inclusive festivals as a means of venting frustration and encouraging social cohesion is a theme I will develop in the subsequent analysis of carnival and the festivalisation of everyday life in Chapter Two.

Against this background, the example offered by Hobsbawm shows common characteristics with the collective experience of feeling united through vocal participation and shared physical activity.

Those participating alongside Hobsbawm were most likely Communist Party members and supporters. These mass events are not only revealing, I argue, as a reinforcing of the group identity of existing party members, but also for establishing a broader social legitimation and popular participation in the projected Volksgemeinschaft, proposed as a panacea to class divisions in German society. For example, on the day of the Nazi takeover, on 30 January , one million supporters took to the streets of Berlin in a nighttime procession with torchlights, which proceeded past the German Chancellery and through the triumphal archway of the Brandenburg Gate.

Following a disappointing result of This mass event was used to symbolically replace the annual German Reichstag celebrations and appropriate the key ceremonial site of the former Prussian monarchy the Garnison Church.

In the case of May Day in Berlin, the complexity of acoustically staging large-scale mass events was emphasised in an article published by Nazi radio ideologue Eugen Hadamovsky n. Using what were supposedly affirmative resonances in urban space 53 the largest loudspeakers available at this time, the sound needed to reach listeners up to two kilometres away from the party speakers.

Due to the unprotected nature of the site, Hadamovsky notes that precautions would be taken to ensure audibility in the case of an easterly or westerly wind, along with multiple cable groups in case of power failure n. Clearly, the symbolic importance of these large-scale events meant that no expense was spared for the organisation, which extended to dress rehearsals for the police and coordinators, for the loudspeaker and telephone systems, and for pre-arranged radio scripts.

One last word! One wish! Burn beyond imagining!! The gunshots represented an important acoustic moment for the audience members, with the question of patriotism ringing in their ears. After this pause, the applauding audience joined in song for the two national anthems Strobl On the one hand, lengthy radio broadcasts replicated the acoustic symbols and sensory stimulation of the songs, sounds and heightened anticipation of the public events for radio listeners at home and their status as earwitnesses.

Like the other national festivals in early , the attendance of crowd members was in part obligatory, such as for the eighty thousand local Hitler-Jugend members. For most of the other crowd members, however, participation was voluntary, since the festival was popularised and normalised as a tourist event, with souvenirs and commodities for consumption.

On each of the three festival days, different uniformed groups with thousands of members marched through the streets of the city. A national memorial broadcast for all school children took place between 10 and 11am, with a radio play about Schlageter written for the occasion. The boys and girls were positioned as the new members and future of the German Volksgemeinschaft, and Schlageter was projected as the embodiment of the role that youth could play in the rebirth of the nation.

Was it not overwhelming, this fellowship? In those days the memory of Schlageter inspired us and gave us hope. Schlageter demonstrated in the way he died that the German spirit could not be destroyed. Schlageter, you can rest in peace. We have seen to it that you were honoured here and not betrayed like your two million comrades. As long as there are Schlageters in Germany, the national will live.

German men and women [pause]. The echoes produced by the sound system and its feedback retain the spatial vastness of the outdoor broadcast. After these ninety minutes of memorial rituals in Golzheim, one hundred aeroplanes circled over the memorial site in formation.

From 1pm onwards, the uniformed SA and SS groups reassembled and marched southwards for a gathering in the city with rituals and song.

The conclusion to the festivities came in the late evening, with a concert of Prussian marches by one thousand musicians beginning at 9pm from the opposite banks of the Rhine Oberkassel.

Moreover, the festival represented an expansion on the events planned for the commemoration. Although on a smaller scale than the Berlin May Day events, the logistics of the event also relied on providing loudspeakers for crowd addresses and telephone lines for reporters. However, the hand-drawn diagram and some of the correspondence does suggest that the organisation remained somewhat amateurish, which was one of the reasons given for why Adolf Hitler did not attend the event.

The waning popularity of the Schlageter myth during the late s — after radical elements in the party had been brutally crushed in — might suggest that its function as a mechanism of legitimacy had outlived its use.

To give an illustration of how an event was embedded into the soundscape and protracted across a long period, it is instructive to mention the preparations leading up to the national election in As Herzfeld describes it, the election weekend involved a symbolic staging on radio, not unlike that of the Schlageter memorial ceremony. According to the announcements in the newspaper, and paraphrased by Albert Herzfeld, on Friday, 20 April , Hitler would give a speech in the Krupp factory in Essen for all German workers and soldiers.

According to the reports, all German comrades in the entire country would join in einstimmen this singing. There are several interesting aspects to this description of the pre-election rituals. The sirens were rung in the location of the broadcast in Cologne and were reinforced all over in sites of industry and transport.

The broadcast reinforced the Cologne cathedral bells as an acoustic symbol of the Rhineland, employed here to mark the military reoccupation of the Saar region. In the decade following his death, Schlageter was an indispensable model for the New Man — young, strong, militant and ideological — as deemed necessary by the Nazis for their anticipated Volksgemeinschaft. Indeed, with Schlageter the Nazi Party was able to manipulate the recent humiliation of the French occupation as a means for inciting pledges of national loyalty.

Popular participation was invited in spectacles of national loyalty, which appropriated familiar elements from Christian rituals, traditional songs and music practice, and through strategies of tourism, commodity consumption and memorialisation.

It marked a move from techniques of local presence and imaginative appeal in the s to a combination of spatial occupation, acoustic omnipresence and community building. This concept has provided a way to account for the expanded geographical dimensions to largescale rituals, from the geometrical organisation of bodies to the use of sound to permeate and rhythmically order urban spaces.

In analysing the Schlageter myth and its commemorative festivals, I concentrated on the former category military drill for considering Nazi occupations of urban space in the s and early s.

Similar to the Schlageter memorial day, carnival involves a gathering of large crowds, ritual elements and event organisation. There are also comparable call-and-response elements, songs and singing, marching bands, processions and large crowds involved in the carnival parade.

Yet unlike the retrospective creation of Albert Leo Schlageter as a Nazi martyr, carnival was a pre-existing tradition that marked the changing seasons, similar to May Day or Harvest Day.

Bakhtin argues that carnival not only inverted elite values, but represented an independent philosophy and offered a utopian space for the potential emancipation of the lower classes.

By contrast, his own study explicitly refers to sonic phenomena, from musical instruments, bells and shouts to forms of speech, curses and bodily sounds , , , It was even greater than in our days, in the time of the radio.

Bakhtin asserts that the richness of the medieval soundscape exceeds the modern experience of mediated sound. Nonetheless, Bakhtin does not develop these observations on sound at length, and misses an opportunity to consider sound beyond its semantic registers. However, Attali theorises this tension in terms of historical contestation over sound, music and noise. Clamor, Melody, Dissonance, Harmony. All music, any organization of sounds is then a tool for the creation or consolidation of a community, of a totality.

It is what links a power center to its subjects, and thus, more generally, it is an attribute of power in all of its forms. Music, too, involves the channelling of noise and violence. Unlike Bakhtin, moreover, Attali is careful not to treat sound as identical to language, but instead focuses on how music and sound take part in power and political struggles.

For Attali, power depends on the exclusion and repression of noise as a means of creating order and community. The use of music as the social organisation of noise can be found in many societies, including those of ancient China, Greece and Rome. As Attali suggests, theorists of totalitarianism have all vouched that it is necessary to ban subversive noise because it betokens demands for cultural autonomy, support for differences or marginality: a concern for maintaining tonalism, the primacy of melody, a distrust of new languages, codes, or instruments, a refusal of the abnormal.

Nazi-era theorists also privileged musical metaphors of harmony in their understanding of the national community Potter Granted, it was no longer a festival for everyone: the people at the brunt of carnival humour were those cast out from society under Nazi organisation. Yet, both the noise and music of carnival were appropriated in the staging of state power in the public sphere.

My contention here is that the renegotiation and appropriation of the carnival festival provides an important case for considering the intersections between sound, identity and exclusion during National Socialism.

This requires a consideration of how the sounds and music of the festival were dispersed to new sites of reception following the introduction of radio. The third section focuses on the associations of s carnival with Weimar modernity and new musical styles such as American jazz.

This section is also concerned with the consequences of carnival being associated with local dialect, ethnicity and a restrictive notion of belonging. The main focus here is on how the sounds of otherness were staged in carnival events, marking Jews as physically and acoustically other. The festivalisation of the everyday under Nazism, as I term it, provides a broader framework for understanding the status of noise in relation to both the carnival festival and acts of racially-motivated violence.

A Festival for Everyone? Following the establishment of a modern carnival season in the s, there were various periods of repression by French administrators, and later by local authorities and the Prussian government. In addition to the staging of nation within carnival, modern festivals and public rituals have been marked by an exclusion-inclusion dynamic since at least the French Revolution Hunt ; Lucas During the last decades of the s, increased measures were taken to control the license of the urban masses, who were castigated for their indulgent and noisy behaviour during the carnival days.

Various religious organisations chimed in with their concerns about carnival bawdiness and excess, with moral purity groups expressing concern that the celebrations would corrupt the young and poorly educated. Meanwhile, city authorities cracked down on masquerading, shouting, singing and playing out-of-tune instruments.

Some of the more typical sounds described in the s included horse whips, trumpets, crashes and the thuds of the goings-on Strassentreiben , and rhythmic marching music led by three men with a harmonica, a triangle and a large drum Czwoydzinski Nonetheless, German carnival still retained its status as a forum for venting frustration and critiquing authorities. So it went with a bang and a crash Now there is again new courage And everyone sings the song about the hat.

Above all he has to be racially pure And proud of his ancestry Griet sings loudly in his need: Oh if only I could be under one hat [with everyone as the same]. Yet the conceptualisation of the Nazi policy of social reorganisation Gleichschaltung demands homogeneity and that everyone become the same gleich. Genannte Spelunke galt seit jeher weit und breit als eine der letzten Bastionen der Rockmusik.

Golden Earring have been together since and in the summer of they recorded the album Seven Tears. They started to experiment, ended up on a psychedelic trip and used the now legendary ARP synthesizer for the first time.

They created over 40 hits and 30 albums, many achieving either gold or platinum status in their home country, the Netherlands. Erstmals auf gelbem Vinyl. Presented in their original performance sequence and encompassing 43 tracks across 5 CDs or 8LPs, the set boasts over two dozen tracks that have either never before been released commercially or have been newly remixed plus the full extended versions of songs originally released on the Band of Gypsys album.

Bevor sich die Schockwellen legen konnten, stellte Hendrix aber bereits ein neues, erweitertes Ensemble zusammen, das im August in Woodstock auftreten sollte.

Die Woodstock-Besetzung war jedoch nur kurzlebig. Januar aufgenommen wurden. The life of Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead begins in , after many months of searching in the deep space of Valencia by Lucas, drummer of the formation.

Finally he finds Dela bass guitar and Adri guitar who enter the formation and begin to compose what would be his first album, a galactic journey with the coordinates of space rock, motorik rhythms, the kraut of the early seventies where the songs never seem to die, always looking to spread a little more on the horizon before your mind, beyond the Lagoon Nebula. Deep Purple split in , with its members following various solo and side-projects.

You hold in your hands the last set of a four-night, eight-show run - a juicy slice of rock history real estate. Each effortlessly navigates The Worlds of Jack, with weight and aplomb. Hear just how high Jack set the bar for himself, and for musicians to follow. We shall not witness the likes of him again.

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Vinyl Friday The limited edition vinyl picture disc will feature new artwork exclusively created for this RSD Black Friday release, based on the parlour game Exquisite Corpse, and includes a lyric insert. Schon jetzt ist das neue Werk zum Liebling der Kritiker geworden. Everything was much more energetic on these days. It was only because Paradise Lost, whose line-up - with the exception of various drummer changes - remained steady until , played a dynamic and powerful set.

But I think the strongest bond in any relationship is the ability to laugh together about the same things. This Rockpalast from the Bizarre Festival is an almost timeless documentary in the history of this extraordinary band, which is still the subject of a fan cult. These recordings have never been released and will only be available for Black Friday Includes download with 3 bonus tracks. Pressed at RTI. Limited to copies. Dezember in limitierter Auflage.

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Sega brought so many new things to the gaming world, including downloadable games way back in and a motion sensing controller called the Sega Activator. All text and layout is the copyright of Imagine Publishing Ltd. Nothing in this bookazine may be reproduced in whole or part without the written permission of the publisher.

All copyrights are recognised and used specifically for the purpose of criticism and review. Although the bookazine has endeavoured to ensure all information is correct at time of print, prices and availability may change. This bookazine is fully independent and not affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned herein.

Sega is a trademark of the Sega Holdings Co. Why does Shenmue continue to command such a following? Do you own any of the games on this list?

Scream it out loud: Sega has been one of the most influential players gaming has ever seen. But, as David Crookes shows, it has certainly had its ups and downs…. The country was still reeling from the devastation of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but during its rebuilding a sense of opportunity began to arise. He had noted how Japanese artists produced impressive painted portraits based on photographs and, on leaving for the United States, he grew a business sending American images across the Pacific.

When he returned to Japan he saw the rising need for ID photos and so he undercut Japanese photographers by importing fastprocessing photo booths.

His business succeeded for years. In , laws restricting their transportation were put in place which meant there was an abundance of machines lying unused, so Marty began exporting them to Japan later shipping machines to the UK, too, starting with the Sega Bell one-armed bandit. David also wanted to ship machines from the US to Japan.

Sourcing them from Chicago, they tended to involve shooting and David operated more than 1, gun corners, with Shoot The Bear being a typical offering. Rosen Enterprises and Service Games grew fast, opening arcade centres and bowling alleys. But as. Sega Enterprises was formed in and David became president.

He stayed with the company in various roles until his retirement in He sanctioned the ad attacks on Nintendo. It was also the first game Sega had exported from Japan rather than imported and it began doing so well, Gulf And Western snapped it up in Subsequent games, such as Turbo in and Zaxxon in , saw Sega on a roll. But the downturn in sales and expense of the arcades worried David.

He tried to persuade manufacturers and distributors to sell conversion kits rather than entire, completed cabinets but he was roundly mocked. The games industry crashed and Gulf And Western wanted out. It only lasted around 15 months but it helped to lay the groundwork for the years to come. Notably, a young games designer called Yuji Naka created a game called Girl's Garden alongside Hiroshi Kawaguchi, while Yu Suzuki developed the 2D boxing game Champion Boxing and the groundbreaking motion-controlled Hang-On for the arcades.

It had players sitting on a large motorbike fitted with a screen. The arcades were where the company continued to make its mark. Yet Sega wasn't about to give up on home consoles. It also decided to take this machine to the USA and Europe the following year, renaming it the Master. The new console had two slots — one for top-loaded cartridges and another for games of up to k stored on cards — and there were lots of original games and arcade conversions available.

A pack included a lightgun, control pads and a dual-cartridge that included Hang-On and Safari Hunt. There were innovations, too: in , liquid crystal 3D glasses were unveiled which hooked into the card port and used a shuttering effect to rapidly close the left and right lens.

It flopped, but it was certainly ahead of its time. Many Sega games also appeared on home computers thanks to deals with U. Gold, Activision and Elite Systems. Yet Sega had its work cut out in the console market. Nintendo had snapped up pretty much every developer worth its salt and it had ordered third-party creators working on the NES to give the Master System a wide berth.

Elsewhere, Nintendo took a whopping 90 per cent share of the market. Yet there were reasons to be cheerful. Without them even talking about the consoles, it was possible to tell who owned which. Sega then sought to put more of its effort into Europe, where the bulk of its consumer revenue was coming from, thanks to the console market being more open due to the popularity of home computers.

Eventually, it decided to make one last dive into market with a new console — but not without testing the water first. He wanted to know if Atari would be interested in licensing a new console it had been working on. Jack Tramiel [who had bought the consumer division of Atari from Warner Communications in ] initially said yes. But negotiations broke down over money. For legal reasons, the console had to be renamed in the US.

Michael knew it was a daunting challenge: he would have to seek warehouses and build solid development, marketing, sales and operational divisions. It occurred to me that we could get sports or entertainment personalities on an exclusive basis instead. To fund any possible lawsuits and the cartridge manufacturing costs, EA went public. Reverse engineering is a very dark, lonely and desperate journey and my biggest heroes in the games industry are the men who went into that room.

It took them several months but lo and behold, they pulled it off. It had tried to convince Trip to make Mega Drive games but each time, he would express concerns about the business model. There were two versions of the Sega Saturn controller, with the best having been introduced in in Japan.

The D-pad was on the left, there was a Start button in the middle and the six buttons were to the right: A, B, C along the bottom and slightly smaller X, Y, Z buttons across the top. To cater for the hands of Western players, a larger version was created for the US and EU, but it proved to be less popular. They tried to huff and puff and blow our house down.

It was a sticking point but he won. Michael called Trip who agreed to take on Joe Montana Football. Things were falling into place. Games included the pack-in Altered Beast as well as. After a brief period observing, Tom got stuck in. It was time for a super-fast, blue, creature to step forward. Sonic The Hedgehog became a vital component of the Mega Drive package and it had been developed by a talented team in Japan.

But it worked. For every Nintendo game sold, 1. But I also enjoyed several other projects including Comix Zone because of its very original concept and talented team, and Die Hard Arcade because it brought me back to my coin-op roots. Indeed it did. The scream was about frustration, freedom and abandonment in the game world. The Mega Drive was successful, topping 31 million sales, with the Mega Drive II in bolstering its position while boasting a less expansive mainboard.

The arcade division was also strong, with Bonanza Bros. The Sega Channel — a content delivery service provided via cable TV — had , subscribers. But while Sega arcade centres opened worldwide with 1, in Japan and a flagship SegaWorld London launched at the Piccadilly Trocadero, not everything turned to gold. It sold , units. Sega had wanted to replace Alex Kidd as its poster child and asked various developers to come up with a Mario-beating mascot.

From the first racer to have a third-person rear view Turbo to the first FMV LaserDisc game, Astron Belt, to the first system to produce isometric graphics — Zaxxon — and high frame-rate, pseudo 3D sprite-scaling in Hang On. With 90 per cent dominance and third-party developers tied up, gaming needed competition. By , Sega had 45 per cent of the US and 66 per cent of Europe.

Sega Of America wanted to push the Saturn back a year but Tom was told to go on stage at E3 in and tell the world that the console was actually being put on shelves at that very moment. The problem was a lack of hardware to supply all of the major retailers that wanted it. Sega CD helped us prepare for the Sega Saturn. The original remains the best mind.

Starting in America in , it rolled out to countries across the world before ending in July and showed the possibilities of digital media. But the PlayStation had done its damage. Sega had to come back with a new machine. On paper, the Dreamcast — originally known as Katana — looked great: the first bit home console with online connectivity.

Sega had also looked at the technology. The full-body motion detecting controller, the Sega Activator, was an octagonal ring that sat on the floor; it also had a fishing rod motion controller and some cool Samba De Amigo maracas too. It was called Dreamarena in Europe.

The Dreamcast launched on 27 November in Japan. It was a week late but it sold , units on the first day of retail. The US launch on 9 September was stunning — , sales in two weeks and 17 available games. Europe sold the same by Christmas.

Those who bought it, loved it. Yet some developers were absent. EA wanted sports game exclusivity but Sega wanted its recent purchase, Visual Concepts, to make such titles too. Then came the blows.

Sales declined, Nakayama left and Sony released PlayStation 2, which history showed became the biggest selling console of all time. Sega had no choice but to pull the plug and it also decided to make the Dreamcast its last console. Its first game as a third-party developer was ChuChu Rocket! Sega then sought to stem its years of losses and looked to find a buyer. A period. It allowed players incredible freedom to roam and explore its world.

Sony and Nintendo particularly took note of the idea. Sega Racing Studio formed in and closed in ; Sports Interactive was snapped up in ; and its hedgehog mascot was given a fresh lease of life in Sonic And The Secret Rings in Sonic also ceased to be a fierce rival to Mario. The plumber and the spiky hedgehog appeared together in the Olympic series of games licensed to Sega from It has certainly been a time of rethinks. The declining arcade market saw Sega axe around half of its Japanese gaming centres and the business was restructured in But it experimented with web games and has proved successful on mobile.

There is lots of life left. No matter what happens in the future, Sega will never be forgotten. It retains millions of fans and it continues to entertain with new releases and lots of opportunities for nostalgia cue low-price Mega Drives with dozens of games built-in. And so, it has to be said, do we. One of the most powerful home consoles of its time, the machine is barely worthy of a footnote when it comes to deconstructing the history of the American and Japanese gaming industries.

Thanks to games like Future Spy and Zaxxon, Sega soon garnered a reputation as something of an expert when it came to arcade thrills and spills. As the Eighties began to unfold, the videogame industry seemed unstoppable.

However, it was not the triumph the company had hoped for. To make matters significantly worse Atari managed to successfully flush the US home videogame market down the toilet in the same year, causing the first worldwide videogame crash. Sega, like fellow Japanese company Nintendo, knew that although the. The Master System possessed a pair of 3D Glasses that simulated depth of vision by using a shutter system on the right and left lenses. The first SG did make it out of Japan, albeit in small quantities.

It was distributed in Italy and Spain, as well as a few other countries. A keyboard could be added to the SG to bring it in to line with the SG A pink version was also released called the Master System Girl. Kidd was popular — there was even a Japanese board game based on his exploits — but he too would be dropped in favour of a certain blue hedgehog.

Developers were infamously forced to agree that they would not publish their NES titles on rival hardware, which left Sega in a rather tight predicament — it could only rely on its own home-grown arcade titles for so long. As games became bigger the card format was eventually dropped due to insufficient memory.

Compared to the multitude of third-party developers that supported the NES, Sega was only able to call upon the allegiance of two in the US: Activision and Parker Brothers. Keen to offload the under-performing console, the questionable decision was made to sell the US distribution rights to toy firm Tonka. While the company was the indisputable king of the bright yellow plastic digger, it, sadly, had no experience whatsoever of effectively selling a cutting-edge electronic entertainment system.

Tonka immediately made some puzzling choices regarding software choices and vetoed the localisation of several key titles many of which were selling like hot cakes elsewhere in the world. Compared to the stunning collection of software available on the NES, the result was something of a foregone conclusion. Despite Tonka taking over the distribution duties, the Master System continued to perform poorly and was all but ignored by American gamers.

A rather pointless Japanese release of the Master System hardware followed in , with the console being treated with the same level of disdain as its predecessor — unsurprising when. The Light Phaser only enjoyed a handful of games and the 3D Glasses were dropped altogether when the Master System II hit the market — the lack of a card slot meant the remodelled console could not support the unique add-on.

Released in a year after Nintendo performed the same trick with the Famicom, which became the big loveable slab of grey plastic known as the NES , the Master System found itself in a similar predicament to the one experienced in Japan. Nintendo had spent the previous year busily promoting its new console and had snapped up key developer support from Capcom, Konami and Taito.

Despite possessing technically superior hardware, Sega had, unfortunately, come to the party too late, with the Master System also crippled by. It was eventually discontinued in Japan two years later. Nintendo had released the NES in Europe towards the end of , but poor promotion coupled with a lofty price point meant that the market penetration enjoyed by the machine was decidedly unimpressive.

Sega saw the opportunity and pounced. Ably distributed by UK company Mastertronic previously famous for releasing budget games for the 8-bit home micros , the European variant of the Master System was unleashed in time for Christmas The attractive casing features a slot for card-style games and also allows you to use the 3D Glasses. A revision that allowed Sega to manufacture the machine more cheaply, the Master System II lacks the card slot that the original machine had.

This is probably the most common variant of the console in the West and can be found with ease at most car-boot sales. Released to compete with the Game Boy, it was essentially a portable Master System. The Game Gear was battery hungry and suffered from a blurry screen — two factors that resulted in its downfall.

A clean, neat and easy-to-navigate design rounds things off nicely. Highly recommended if you find yourself bitten by the Master System bug. Trains Edit 8. Open Car 9. Lazarus Single Edit Halo Live, from "Arriving Somewhere Initial pressing of the 2LP set was on grey swirl vinyl. It is limited to copies in Europe and copies in the US. Performed by the London Session Orchestra. Leader : Gavyn Wright.

Session fixer : Isobel Griffiths. Recorded at Angel Studio, engineered by Steve Price. Nil Recurring September The retail edition of the album is identical to the original mail order version except that it comes in a super-jewel case with a card slipcase, instead of the digipack Transmission version.

Features the 5. The disc also includes three video works directed by Lasse Hoile. Fear Of A Blank Planet 2. My Ashes 3. Anesthetize 4. Sentimental 5. Way Out Of Here 6. Nil Recurring 2. Normal 3. Cheating The Polygraph 4. What Happens Now? Video material directed by Lasse Hoile: 1. Blank Planet Short Film 2. Anesthetize Live Film Recorded between OctDec Normal and What Happens Now?

All video material directed by Lasse Hoile. Additional digital time-lapse footage in Anesthetize by Grant Wakefield. Fear Of A Blank Planet 2LP Edition October Limited edition of 1, copies on grams marbled vinyl in gatefold picture sleeve, housed in numbered picture slipcase with a glossy fullcolour page 12x12inch booklet sold out. Regular edition on grams black vinyl in gatefold picture sleeve. Limited Pinkpop edition of copies on grams pink vinyl in gatefold picture sleeve.

Special limited Pinkpop edition of 50 copies on grams pink vinyl housed in slipcase with full-colour page 12x12inch booklet. Cheating The Polygraph Side B: 1. Anesthetize Side C: 1. Sentimental 2. Way Out Of Here 3. Sleep Together Side D: 1.

Nil Recuring 2. Recorded July We Lost The Skyline February The vinyl edition on tonefloat consists of a limited and numbered edition of copies on marbled vinyl, and a regular edition on black vinyl. Fortunately this one-off performance was captured by a remote recording facility and the complete 8 song, 33 minute show is now being released in a digipack sleeve created by photographer Lasse Hoile and designer Carl Glover.

Produced by Steven Wilson. Vocal overdub and mix at No Man's Land. New stereo and 5. Sleeve design by Mascot Creative. Lightbulb Sun 2LP Edition July Limited edition of 1, numbered copies on grams coloured vinyl in gatefold picture sleeve. Lightbulb Sun 2.

How is Your Life Today? Four Chords That Made a Million 4. Shesmovedon 5. The Rest Will Flow 2. Hatesong 3. Russia On Ice 2. Feel So Low Side D: 1. Disappear 2. Buying New Soul 3. Cure For Optimism Radio Active E. Contains edits of "Synesthesia" and "Radioactive Toy" with a different guitar solo , as well as 2 tracks later included on "Staircase Infinities".

After listening to this recording your friends wont know you anymore. Not Beautiful Anymore Side B: 1. Voyage 34 Excerpt Cassette: UK Delerium no catalogue number Tracks: 1. Moon Touches Your Shoulder 2. Prepare Yourself 3. Men Of Wood 4. The version of "Moonloop" is a shorter version of the version released on the "Moonloop E. Moon Touches Your Shoulder 4. Moonloop Album Version 2.

The third track is taken from the "Staircase Infinities" mini album. Note: "Waiting Phase One" is billed as a "Radio Version", but is in fact identical to the album version. Waiting Phase One 2. Demo Tape to promote the next PT studio album. It contains demo versions of songs that were later released on the "Stupid Dream" album. Sometimes this tape is also called "Ambulance Chasers". Piano Lessons 3. Baby Dream In Cellophane 4. I Fail 5. Slave Called Shiver 6. Ambulance Chasers 3. Tin to Brass 4.

Stop Swimming The tracklist is different to the final "Stupid Dream" album and the track "Stupid Dream" is missing. The track is only minutes long, so it seems to be an edit. Shesmovedon The Rest Will Flow A Smart Kid 2. Buying New Soul. Access Denied 2. Ambulance Chasing 2. Sampler This CD was sent to radio stations only. Note by SW : The This CD was pressed in large quantities and given away free at concerts and other promotional events.

Note: Some of the titles are wrong "She's Moved On" instead of "Shesmovedon", "Waiting" instead of "Waiting Phase One ", "Hate Song" instead of "Hatesong" and the version of "Strip The Soul" is a different version it ran only instead of as on the released version , it is definitely a demo. Porcupine Tree 8 Tracks This is the same 8 track sampler from Lava as the one above, only different cover.

Note: "Meantime" is an unreleased song from the "In Absentia" sessions. Edited version of In Absentia album track. Commercially unavailable MP3 available on PT website. May new recording. Commercially unavailable. Interview with Joe Del Tufo May Recorded live in Philadelphia, 26 Jul Taken from XM CD.

Only copies of these promos were made. Shallow 3 Track Promo This isnt a promo in the proper meaning of the word. Shallow was first intended to be the European single, just like in America. They changed that into Lazarus after Shallow went into production in the factory. PT and their management asked to destroy all shallow CDs, but about werent destroyed. Some of those surfaced on the market in Germany and Poland, after which PT management went bought all remaining copies and sold them signed only!

Lazarus This promo was a giveaway with the first US edition of Deadwing, it was sold as a 2-CD set with this promo sealed in. Only copies of this promo were made. Deadwing Silver CD promo in red custom sleeve. Blackest Eyes Live Halo Live So Called Friend Half-Light Although "Sleep Together" is listed as being min.

The discs contains an eleven page questions and aswer sheet which corresponds with the CD. The CD consists of 26 tracks with a total running time of 40 mins 36 secs. There are only 40 copies of this promo available. Anesthetize Radio Edit 2. Nil Recurring 5. Normal 6. Cheating The Polygraph 7. We Lost The Skyline Promo copy of limited vinyl edition of "We Lost The Skyline", which comes with the same sticker, except it has the words "Promo Copy" written on it instead of the issue number.

There seems to be only 10 copies of this promo issued. Voyage 34 24 August There is also a test pressing of Voyage 34 around, that has a slightly different label. In the run out grooves of side 1 is written "The purple dafodills explode into a rainbow of sound" and on side 2 "Where are you Mr Leary? Signify First test pressing showed some flaws on the 2nd LP. They have different matrix numbers in the run-off section of the vinyl , first pressing has matrix numbers ending in C1 side C and D1 side D , 2nd pressing normal LP version has matrix numbers ending in C2 and D2.

Metanoia 12 made, 1 with handmade sleeve on which the first three tracks are titled Cambridge instead of Mesmer. Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape Because the original press plates were lost in the factory, new press plates had to be made in for the green vinyl version. That resulted in a new test pressing, with new matrix numbers. The Sky Moves Sideways Is VHS: UK????

Porcupine Tree contributed an edit of "Waiting Phase Two " to the film music, whereas the credits erroneously listed "Waiting Phase One ". Rat, a fifteen-year old Ecstasy dealer, who sells a variety of drugs, gets caught up in the South London crime scene and finds himself in competition with a psychopathic club organiser.

For Rat it is very close to heaven, but it is also very close to hell! Also still available via the official Porcupine Tree website in Real Player format. It contains new music videos from various artists; Porcupine Tree is represented with "Strip The Soul". Various Artists Warren Miller's Ride September Travel across the world to witness the hottest ski and snowboard action found on Earth. From Whistler Mountain to the highest peaks of Russia, see professionals and Olympic contenders doing what they love to do.

Warren Miller's 51st film. Porcupine Tree's "Even Less" is played in one scene. Porcupine Tree won the album of the year award with "Deadwing" and as the November issue reports "Porcupine Tree trounced the opposition to win the coveted Album Of The Year gong at our Awards". The DVD contains a video of "Lazarus". Porcupine Tree is featured with "Shallow". Please note, that Porcupine Tree does not appear on the original soundtrack, that is also released as a CD audio album.

Arriving Somewhere September A 2-disc set, with the first 2, mail order copies being numbered and with a set of 6 colour postcards. Disc one contains a full show from the Deadwing tour filmed at Park West, Chicago in Oct , edited by Lasse Hoile, with the soundtrack mixed in stereo and 5. Revenant 2. Blackest Eyes 4. Lazarus 5.

Hatesong 6. Don't Hate Me 7. Mother And Child Divded 8. Buying New Soul 9. So Called Friend Arriving Somewhere But Not Here The Start Of Something Beautiful Halo The Sound Of Muzak Even Less Trains Rockpalast TV: Futile 2.

Rockpalast TV: Radioactive Toy 3. This came on the heels of a proposal published on the day of the coup by the Chicago Boys to restructure Chile as a kind of laboratory of neoliberalism. During the airforce bombardment of the Presidential palace, La Moneda, Allende addressed the nation one final time. The Air Force has bombed the antennas of Radio Magallanes.

My words do not have bitterness but disappointment. May there be a moral punishment for those who have betrayed their oath: soldiers of Chile, titular commanders in chief, Admiral Merino, who has designated himself Commander of the Navy, and Mr. Mendoza, the despicable general who only yesterday pledged his fidelity and loyalty to the Government, and who also has appointed himself Chief of the Carabineros [paramilitary police].

Given these facts, the only thing left for me is to say to workers: I am not going to resign! Placed in a historic transition, I will pay for loyalty to the people with my life. And I say to them that I am certain that the seeds which we have planted in the good conscience of thousands and thousands of Chileans will not be shriveled forever. They have force and will be able to dominate us, but social processes can be arrested by neither crime nor force. History is ours, and people make history.

Workers of my country: I want to thank you for the loyalty that you always had, the confidence that you deposited in a man who was only an interpreter of great yearnings for justice, who gave his word that he would respect the Constitution and the law and did just that. At this definitive moment, the last moment when I can address you, I wish you to take advantage of the lesson: foreign capital, imperialism, together with the reaction, created the climate in which the Armed Forces broke their tradition, the tradition taught by General Schneider and reaffirmed by Commander Araya, victims of the same social sector who today are hoping, with foreign assistance, to re-conquer the power to continue defending their profits and their privileges.

I address you, above all, the modest woman of our land, the campesina who believed in us, the mother who knew our concern for children. I address professionals of Chile, patriotic professionals who continued working against the sedition that was supported by professional associations, classist associations that also defended the advantages of capitalist society. I address the youth, those who sang and gave us their joy and their spirit of struggle.

I address the man of Chile, the worker, the farmer, the intellectual, those who will be persecuted, because in our country fascism has been already present for many hours — in terrorist attacks, blowing up the bridges, cutting the railroad tracks, destroying the oil and gas pipelines, in the face of the silence of those who had the obligation to act. They were committed. History will judge them. Surely, Radio Magallanes will be silenced, and the calm metal instrument of my voice will no longer reach you.

It does not matter. You will continue hearing it.

Sw Disco - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.


Pretty Girls Everywhere - Various - Original Hits Golden Oldies Volume 4 (Vinyl, LP)

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See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Uploaded by Unknown on November 8, Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. It appears your browser does not have it turned on. Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Mel Bay Publications, Inc This edition: Paperback. Wee Sing. Book and CD. Fake book. Pop Rock, Rock and Pop.

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Check out Original Hits Golden Oldies, Vol. 4 by Various artists on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo


Love On A Rooftop - Cher - Heart Of Stone (Cassette, Album)

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This was listed as in 'good' condition so I expected a few scratches or slight damage to the cover- very pleased with the look and how the record plays. Quick delivery too and reasonably priced in comparison to other sellers. This CD was made by Cher during the s. Most songs are based upon break ups, but none the less are great to listen to. Cher gives her all in this CD. To me the s was Cher's best decade. Great songs such as If I could turn back time and Heart of Stone are included.

This is a great song by a great rock chick. You get over 12 song with great guitar rifts and very good vocals. One person found this helpful.

Badly scratched on arrival only half tracks playable. Well worth it. See all reviews from the United Kingdom. Top international reviews. Translate all reviews to English. Ok per una volta cerchiamo di mettere da parte cio' che conosciamo il personaggio "Cher", la sua mania di eterna giovinezza, della sua dipendenza da chirurgia estetica e ritocchini vari. Proviamo a mettere da parte il pop superpatinato e fin troppo leggero che ha caratterizzato la sua carriera negli ultimi 25 anni.

A partire dalla ruffianissima quanto azzeccata hit "If i could turn back time" proseguendo con il mega anthem di "You wouldn't know love" fino alla conclusiva ballad " After All" eseguita in coppia con Peter Cetera, non troverete un passo falso, non un brano che si possa considerarae veramente fiacco. Insomma un album da avere. Compratelo e non ve ne pentirete affatto. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote.

Please try again. Translate review to English. Canzoni catchy.. Rock FM ma di buona fattura. Download as PDF Printable version. Pop rock [1]. Cher Heart of Stone Love Hurts Original album artwork.

Warren Child. Warren Child Bolton. Canadian Albums The Record [9]. Canadian Albums RPM [10]. Dutch Albums Album Top [11]. European Albums Top [12]. German Albums Offizielle Top [13].

Swedish Albums Sverigetopplistan [17]. US Billboard [19]. Canadian Albums RPM [21]. US Billboard [22]. Listen to this album and millions more. First month free. Heart of Stone is the nineteenth studio album by American singer-actress Cher, released on June 19, by Geffen Records. As of January , the album has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide.

The album was supported by her sold-out Heart of Stone Tour. Reviews Review Policy. Adult Contemporary. Flag as inappropriate. See more. What's Love Got to Do with It? Tina Turner. Runaway Horses. Belinda Carlisle. The album contains an array of guest artists, including George Harrison and Bryan Adams.

The album peaked at number 37 on the U. Billboard , a considerable fall in sales from Carlisle's album, Heaven on Earth, though it fared better in Europe and peaked at number 4 in the UK where it was certified platinum. True Colors. Cyndi Lauper. True Colors is the second studio album by American pop singer Cyndi Lauper, released on September 15, The album produced several hits as "True Colors", "Change of Heart", and "What's Going On" reached the top twenty of the Billboard Hot , with the first two becoming top 5 hits.

Upon its release, the album received generally positive reviews from music critics. Very entertaining, but not exactly varied, colorful or substantial.

See all reviews from Canada. Top international reviews. Very badly scratched had to send back shame as love Cher. Thank you for your feedback. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. This CD was made by Cher during the s. Most songs are based upon break ups, but none the less are great to listen to. Cher gives her all in this CD.

To me the s was Cher's best decade. Great songs such as If I could turn back time and Heart of Stone are included. This is a great song by a great rock chick. You get over 12 song with great guitar rifts and very good vocals. Load more international reviews.

Always loved this album, had it on tape years ago so had to get the cd copy. Fast dispatch, good price! Thank you. A really good CD. I had this on tape a long time ago. Its nice to replace it. Great CD. Enjoyable album. I have given this product 5 stars as it is a great CD, because it has some of her best songs on it. It is a must for all 'Cher' Fans. Excellent album.

Heart of Stone is the nineteenth studio album by American singer-actress Cher, released on June 19, by Geffen Records.


La Glace Au Citron - Henri Dès - En Concert 1996 (CD, Album)

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En savoir plus. Ajouter des options cadeau. Vendu par momox fr. Vendu par momox, professionnel de la vente en ligne d'articles culturels d'occasion. Vendez sur Amazon. La Glace au citron Vol. Prix Amazon. Uniquement pour les albums vendus par Amazon EU Sarl, hors cadeaux. Choisissez parmi 20 points retrait en France et en Belgique, incluant points relais et consignes automatiques Amazon Lockers Comment commander vers un point retrait?

Vendu par Amazon EU S. Ajouter ces trois articles au panier. Afficher l'information. La Petite Charlotte Vol. Le Beau tambour Vol.

L'Hirondelle et Le Papillon. Monsieur Non. Roger Hargreaves. Flagada Vol. Henri d'S en 25 Chansons. Henri d'S en 25 Chansons. Les 50 Fabulettes Indispensables. Liste des titres Disque : 1. Le couteau. T'es pas beau. Le mille-pattes. Le bout de carton. La berceuse. Croque et craque - Camille. La petite Charlotte. Le chardon. Quand on sera copains. La grande ourse. La belle histoire. Croque et craque. Disque : 2. Salut les filles, salut les gars. La goutte au nez.

La glace au citron. Mon gros loup, mon petit loup. Mon ami le poisson. Le petit zinzin. La nature. Ca me casse les pieds. Sous le gros duvet. La machine. Far West. Les coupables sous la table. Il pleut dehors, il pleut.

Aug 29,  · - Henri Dès - La petite Charlotte - Henri Dès - Maman je t'aime - Henri Dès - Le petit zinzin - Henri Dès - Petits souvenirs - Henri Dès - La.


Tim Buckley - Wanda Lu (Vinyl)

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But first, he had to negotiate a new deal. This is when Buckley really started to challenge audience preconceptions, taking them into uncharted and uncomfortable territory, at least for a singer-songwriter with folk-rock roots. The jazz aspect is freakier, sometimes even atonal, such as the peal of notes ushering in the opening title track, at a shivery ten minutes long.

Buckley was anything but ruffled by his sales figures, going on to release Starsailor in the same years as Lorca , which sounded like easy listening next to this one. A unique, visionary masterpiece.

Straight, It was music you could dance to and more carnal activities too: someone, sometime, labelled Greetings From L. So I decided to make it human and not so mysterious. Thank you. Location: manchester. Location: Kalamazoo, MI. I just ordered this box today after getting the Live Troubadour box. What a wonderful find on the internet today. I did not know that Tim Buckley was out on vinyl by Rhino. Every purchase from Rhino Records of late has been masterfully done.

This is a great deal. I have mostly all cd's of Tim's albums and will welcome having some copies on vinyl. Too bad no one I know even knows who Tim Buckley is other than two people.

Clonesteak , Dec 25, Chemguy likes this. Strange Street Affair Under Blue. Valentine Melody. Aren't You The Girl. Song Slowly Song. It Happens Every Time. Song For Jainie. Grief In My Soul. She Is. Understand Your Man. Goodbye And Hello. Carnival Song. Pleasant Street. Once I Was. Phantasmagoria In Two. Morning Glory. Happy Sad. Strange Feelin'. Buzzin' Fly. Dream Letter. Falling Timber Stone in Love Freeway Dixieland Rocketship Blues Honey Man Stone in Love 9. Sefronia - After Asklopiades, Fater Kafka Sefronia - the King's Chain Live Anthology 4-CD.

Introduction [Live in London, ] 2. Buzzin' Fly [Live in London, ] 3. Phantasmagoria in Two [Live in London, ] 4. Morning Glory [Live in London, ] 5. Dolphins [Live in London, ] 6. PLeasant Street [Live in London, ] Starnge Feelin' [Live in London, ] 3.

Carnival Song [Live in London, ] 4. Intro to Hallucinations [Live in London, ] 6. Hallucinations [Live in London, ] 7. The Troubadour [Live in London, ] 8. Dream Letter [Live in London, ] 9. Happy Time [Live in London, ] Wayfaring Stranger [Live in London, ] Starnge Feelin' [Live at the Troubadour, ] 2. Venice Mating Call [Live at the Troubadour, ] 3.

Gypsy Woman [Live at the Troubadour, ] 6. Blue Melody [Live at the Troubadour, ] 7. Chase the Blues Away [Live at the Troubadour, ] 8. Driftin' [Live at the Troubadour, ] 9. Dolphins [Live, ] 2. Buzzin' Fly [Live, ] 3. Get on Top [Live, ] 4. Devil Eyes [Live, ] 5. PLeasant Street [Live, ] 6. Sally Go 'Round the Roses [Live, ] 7. Stone in Love [Live, ] 8.

Honey Man [Live, ] 9. Sweet Surrender [Live, ]. Once I Was 2. Aren't You The Girl 3. Morning Glory 4. Pleasant Street 5. Song For Jainie 6. Buzzin' Fly 8. Carnival Song 9. Wings Phantasmagoria In Two I Can't See You Goodbye And Hello. Look at the Fool CD. Look at the Fool 2. Bring It on Up 3. Helpless Blues 4. Freeway Blues 5.

Tijuana Moon 6. Ain't It Peculiar 7. Who Could Deny You 8. Mexicali Voodoo 9. Down in the Street Wanda Lu. Tim Buckley Deluxe Ed. Song of The Magician 4. Aren't You That Girl 7. Song For Janie Grief In My Soul Understand Your Man I Can't See You Mono Wings Mono Song of The Magician Mono Valentine Melody Mono Aren't You That Girl Mono Song Slowly Song Mono It Happens Every Time Mono Song For Janie Mono Grief In My Soul Mono She Is Mono No More Demo Come On Over Demo She Is Acoustic Demo Wings Acoustic Demo Song Slowly Song Acoustic Demo Song Introductions By Larry Demo Long Tide Acoustic Demo It Happens Every Time Demo Let Me Love You Demo She Is Demo Here I Am Demo Don't Look Back Demo You Today Demo.

Look at the Fool, an Album by Tim Buckley. Released in November on DiscReet (catalog no. DS ; Vinyl LP). Genres: Rhythm & Blues, Singer/Songwriter, Funk Rock. Featured peformers: Tim Buckley (vocals, guitar, writer), Lee Underwood (guitar, keyboards), Venetta Fields (backing vocals), Sherlie Matthews (backing vocals), Clydie King (backing vocals), Joe Falsia (aka_text {bass guitar.



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Short Crime Drama. Mala Noche The Structure of Crystal An episodic comedy that follows the lives of four men living in Vienna. Maggie I Katalin Varga Crime Drama Thriller. Selfie I Stars: Alessandro Antonelli, Pietro Orlando.

Edit Storyline "I want to give a view of the world that can only emerge by not pursuing any particular theme, by refraining from passing judgment, proceeding without aim. Genres: Documentary. Add the first question. Country: Austria Morocco. Thank you for signing up for email updates! Find A Table Please check errors in the form above.

UNTITLED is just as militant as any old Public Enemy record, but it digs into the everyday aspects of our existence, and celebrates who we are privately, not when we're donning the cape and saving humanity from itself — again. It's a record for us and by us, a private convo with friends who get the inside jokes and cultural references. Black tells you it's all gonna be okay in the end. The Text tool now perfectly previews the pixels that will be placed on the canvas.

What you see is what you get! Also it retains all browser editing behavior, like spellcheck, using a convoluted, yet elegant overlaying strategy. I prototyped this here and here if you're interested.

With the fill-only option selected, the Polygon tool now previews with inverted lines, like MS Paint does. When you finish the polygon, the boundary of the shape matches the preview exactly, because it actually does draw a stroke, just the same color as the fill. New: The Magnifier now lets you zoom to a specific location, showing a preview of the new viewport. To save this word, you'll need to log in.

Send us feedback. See more words from the same year Dictionary Entries near untitled untire untired untiring untitled unto untogether untoggle. Accessed 4 Jul. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for untitled untitled. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

Drinking Hanging Out In Love.

Jun 18,  · Untitled Lyrics: You don't own me / Nah, man—not quite finished yet / I'm not just one of your many toys / Ha-ha, woo! / Girl, I think you just might've tried to pull a motherfuckin' fast one, I'm.


Cant Get Over You (Full Vocal Mix) - Krunchie Feat. M.R.D. - Cant Get Over You (Vinyl)

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The obvious one would be to turn the vocals up and the rest down, but there is more to volume than that. The dynamic range of the vocals might be too big.

This means that the high volume parts are much louder than the low volume ones. The problem here is that if you turn your vocals louder so you can hear the quiet sections, the louder ones will be too loud. The solution to this is compression , as it will narrow the dynamic range. This is probably the most important advice to fit vocals in a mix.

You can also try saturation effects like overdrive and distortion they also make the dynamic range lower instead of a compressor. Experiment with compression and saturation. This is probably not going to solve your problem, but it can help. If the vocals are a key part of the song - and they probably are - you should keep them centered, but you can try to get your problems to the sides so they get out of the way, as long as it sounds good.

This is really important. You mentioned the singer's voice has high frequencies. Try to roll these off from the violins, for instance. Also, try to identify more problem sources and what frequencies they have in common with the voice. If you spend some time on identifying all problem sources and EQing them properly, the results will be really good. Try to work mainly with subtractive EQ: Don't boost frequencies too much. Maybe the voice should be bigger inside the track. Or smaller. This varies greatly with the song you are working in.

If the voice track already has delays, reverbs or any spatial effects in it, get rid of them. Does it sound good? Try to reintroduce reverb or delay until it fits nicely. Remember: 1. Identify source of conflict; 2. Try this four categories of solutions, one by one; 3. Move on to another source. Along with filtering, EQ, and reverb in reverse order of priority for the folk genre, probably there is a pretty good way of creating the kind of separation you're looking for, if you aren't afraid to possibly lose some of the string 'body' if the mix ever gets played through a monaural audio system.

Then on the delayed channel, invert the phase many DAW's and mixers have a button for this directly in the console. For your vocal, leave it more or less centered on a single track. That way the strings will gain the illusion of spreading around the room, while the vocals will remain tight and focused in the middle.

You WILL have to meticulously tweak every detail of this method, from the delay used to how you use reverb and EQ to blend the results back together. The results, however, are absolutely worth the time invested and there are a lot of ways to improve on the general technique. This is probably simplest to try if you have parametric eq on your mixer.

The effect is lost if listening in mono though. You could apply this across the whole of the piece or just the violins and guitars.

Studio Compressors often have a separate input for the sound which is driving the compression sometimes called 'trigger' signal. You don't hear that in the resulting mix- it's just a trigger signal. If you're apply the compressor to the whole mix, then you could set the trigger signal to be the whole song, but with the voice higher in the mix so that it's more persuasive over what the compressor does.

It follows that the mix going into the trigger isn't the same as the main mix so there might be some mixer jiggery-pokery to do there. I usually use a spare effects-send to do this. The result will be that the voice will try to 'sit' just above the rest of the music in volume, as the compressor uses the a-bit-more-voice-than-the-rest to detemine the overall volume. You have to be careful with this though. If you get too much voice in the compressor trigger signal, you can end up with the voice being too dominant and end up with a "voice like a fog horn" effect.

An example can be heard in Whitney Houston's "And I will always love you" just after the keychange, where her voice pretty much drowns out the rest of the music. That's a rather savage example though. You'd probably want something much more subtle than that! If it does you can take more time to finetune it so as few frequencies are cut off as possible and still make it sound good.

Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I get the vocals to stand out better in the mix when recording? Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 3 months ago. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I've always had problems with tensing while singing. I used to pull up chest to hit all my high notes. About a year ago I finally found my mix and was able to hit the high F-B range I'm a baritenor. And I still can't figure out how to sing them on a closed vowel ee and oo at all. I've had three or four vocal coaches tell me to just relax and let the air flow, but when I do that I crack into falsetto. I just can't figure out how to get the right placement for mix without constricting and lifting my larynx.

I have a very strong abdomen, but no matter how much air I blow through, the mix still sounds weak. Please give me some advice. I'm desperate to get the same full, rich sound on the F-B range as I have in my chest voice. Am feat. David Guetta feat. Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera — Moves Like Jagger Marc Anthony feat. Pitbull — Rain Over Me Rihanna feat. Justice — Audio, Video, Disco. Wanna your track to be heard by thousands of people?

Club Dance Mixes gives you the opportunity to promote your music! You can expect a lot of variability and stability issues. A sung melody can contain a sample of the entire dynamic range just in a single verse, an example of how much its intensity can vary. Another attribute of the voice is its timbre or tonal color. This distinguishes one instrument from another, a guitar from a banjo, or a violin from a flute.

Now, in many cases it's quite difficult to distinguish one electric guitar from another, but the timbre of human voices distinguishes one singer from another singer. To capture and reinforce vocals for live performances, the most foolproof technique is close-mic'ing.

You need to have, at the least, an idea of how the vocals sound, as well as the microphone handling technique of the singer s , in order to make a good decision on what mic s to choose from assuming you have this luxury. Know your mics—know their characteristics, the types, the polar patterns, the strengths and weaknesses. Some voices may take advantage of the proximity effect that certain mics provide to accentuate the low end of a weak voice, but sometimes a mic with a more open polar pattern is necessary in order to be able to capture an exited jumping singer.

Using a single mic for two singers at the same time generally isn't a good idea unless you're it's right mic, and in the right ambient setting. And in general for live applications, the tighter the polar pattern, the better and cleaner the vocal pick-up will be. It's also advisable to use mics with a directional pattern as opposed to an onmidirectional pattern.

They should understand basic mic properties and polar patterns—this knowledge can help them do a better job. In addition, it's usually a good idea to use high-pass filters roll-off at 70— Hz on vocals. Depending on how your subwoofers are fed aux feed or main mix crossover , POP filtering HPF,or high-pass filter helps in eliminating the explosiveness of some consonants. When mic'ing an ensemble or vocal group, it's a good idea to use the same mic for all vocals. Remember that different mics have different polar patterns and frequency responses, and this can complicate the EQ of your stage monitors when trying to eliminate problematic frequencies.

The second stage after capturing the voice is a good preamp. There are a huge variety of options available and at different price-points. The preamp will define how good the quality of the signal being passed to the rest of the audio path is. EQ for the voice can be tricky. My approach is to eliminate what is not needed, like a sculptor remove the unnecessary material from the stone to uncover a masterpiece.

Between Hz — 1. These frequencies are different for each person, and are created by a combination of the natural resonance of the nasal cavities and the skull. Another frequently used treatment or effect is compression. Unfortunately, a lot of folks don't have the slightest idea of how to apply compression to a voice. To me, it's both science and art, and took me years to really understand it. I continue to experiment and search for new approaches and techniques.

If you have a break and pre-existing vocal damage, please contact me. You don’t have the time to practice. Your success in this program largely depends on consistent practice patterns over the course of 5-weeks. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to practicing, you will not do well. You.


Psychedelic Clubbing

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Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Emoji Challenge! Test Yourself! They are free to attend and are held on the Zoom meeting platform, which is accessible by any computer or phone. Psychedelics in Recovery is a fellowship of people in step programs who share our experience, strength and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from their addictive behavior. Meetings take place online twice a month.

Both the workshop and the groups have elements of education preparation, navigation and integration and are experiential. Non-ordinary states from all sources are welcome: psychedelics, dream, ceremony, shamanic journey, etc. No art experience is necessary. Altered States peer coaches use an interview style approach allowing our clients to direct the integration process.

The San Francisco Psychedelic Society is a bay area organization devoted to weaving community with people from all walks of life who share an interest in the exploration of altered states of consciousness.

We provide community, support and integration resources to those seeking harm reduction, spiritual growth and personal development. We emphasize access without dogma and the destigmatization of all drugs.

We are currently hosting psychedelic therapeutic use peer support groups each month in Oakland and Petaluma, CA. Space is limited, please reserve your seat today. Join every week Forum with psychedelic coaches, therapists, clinicians, and others who are working in the realms of psychedelics, plant medicine, therapeutic healing modalities through entheogens and other altered state experiences.

Have an opportunity to learn different models and therapeutic approaches in the Era of Psychedelic Renaissance. Get updates on the latest psychedelic research studies from around the world, including the cutting-edge in neuroscience field. Engage in the discussion, ask questions about psychedelics integration process with your clients, get peer support from other practitioners, clinical advisers and experts in the psychedelic integration practice.

Michigan Psychedelic Society is a community of people interested in the profound role psychedelics play in the expansion of consciousness. We provide a space for people to discuss psychedelics, psychedelic healing, and a place for sharing ones experience with these powerful medicines.

We host monthly meetings and various events to discuss, learn, network, socialize, and grow as a community. Transpersonal Michigan offers non-judgmental support to those who are curious about, planning on or have previously explored altered states of consciousness through psychedelic substances. People with PTSD may find it hard to function normally, re-experiencing their trauma in frequent waking nightmares. It can lead to depression, drug abuse, and even suicide in many cases.

PTSD is a real struggle for healthcare professionals to treat, with various therapeutic and drug-based approaches having limited benefit. Many PTSD patients are resistant to commonly used therapies, and may develop a chronic form of the disorder 1. But MDMA was originally used as a tool for psychotherapy in the 70s and 80s.

There are some powerful and effective somatic-based therapies that can be extremely cathartic and healing, such as breathwork, Somatic Experiencing, and others. These therapies may be worth checking out if you have not looked into these therapies before and may also be a great first step to working with non-ordinary states of consciousness. One thing that comes to mind is why are you looking for a guide? Is it to heal trauma or some sort of mental health issue?

Are you looking for a spiritual experience or a way to reconnect with yourself? Depending on your intention, there may be other techniques and tools. There are some really powerful therapies and techniques that could potentially be helpful depending on the intention. In regard to therapy or addressing mental health issues, starting with a form of experiential therapy could be beneficial. You could look into some of these somatic approaches that could be helpful for dealing with trauma and other mental health issues before trying to seek underground work or travel outside of the country to work with psychedelic medicines.

Ketamine is an interesting substance and has recently been used to help treat depression. There are ketamine clinics throughout the United States that provide treatment for depression and other mental health issues. If you are interested in learning more about ketamine-assisted therapy, check out a few of our episodes covering the topic. Scott Shannon — Ketamine Therapies.

Shane LeMaster — Ketamine. While many people do not think of cannabis as a psychedelic, some are exploring the therapeutic potential of cannabis in a legal and therapeutic setting. There are not many clinics operating with this protocol, so it may be hard to find, but as cannabis becomes legalized in more states for medicinal use and recreational use, this may become more accessible. Here are three resources that we know of so far for cannabis-assisted psychotherapy. Medicinal Mindfulness Did you know that when cannabis is used intentionally and skillfully, it is psychedelic and mimics other psychedelic medicines?

Cannabis is also safe, and legal to use in Colorado in this way. As the first organization to facilitate legal psychedelic cannabis experiences in Colorado, beginning in , Medicinal Mindfulness has an incredible track record of keeping our clients safe and creating profound, life changing psychedelic experiences.

As trauma informed practitioners, we also work with individuals who seek deep, transformational healing. As guides, we work with creative explorers of consciousness and complex problem-solvers, pushing the edges of what is possible. Innate Path , located in Colorado, is exploring the potential of cannabis-assisted psychotherapy and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Innate Path combines somatic processing with ketamine or cannabis assisted work, which is a unique bottom-up approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy. Sara Ouimette Psychotherapy , located in Oakland, CA, offers psychotherapy, psychedelic integration services, and cannabis-assisted psychotherapy.

Pink Floyd Pink Floyd was an English progressive rock band formed in in London, England. They achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. The band consisted of 5 members - David Gilmour (Vocals and Guitar), Syd Barrett (Vocals and Guitar), Nick Mason (Drums), Roger Waters read more. World's best band Evan after 1/2 of a century I love to listen them.


Keep My Name Out Your Mouth (Album Version) - THOR (12) - Keep My Name Out Your Mouth (CD)

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We need you! Help build the largest human-edited lyrics collection on the web! Add Lyrics. Air Hugs and Blown Kisses.

Rodster Booth. No Trash. Blow Me Up. Michael J. Get instant explanation for any lyrics that hits you anywhere on the web! Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! Big Pokey. Keep of Kalessin. Sharks Keep Moving. Pokey Carriere. Out of Your Mouth. Danger Is My Middle…. Add Comment. Mind And Muscle 3. On Choppers 4. June 27th remix 6 Ball N-Parlay. Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection. That bit about the welcome mat, for example, I am the person who came up with that.

He wants to hurt people. Honestly, what the hell did Alfonso do to deserve the slams he got from Villa? And his recommendation that I commit suicide? That was joking? Nobody's laughing, dude. Don't you realize that's just nutz? If you are Bill Villa' friend, you might be one of two he has left. Get him AND his wife some help. They've lost it. Can't you see that just from looking at their blog? Too much hate and anger. Don't you see that?

I think what I said was I'm too far away to check for myself every dotted i and crossed t of various claims and counterclaims. What I'm saying is: Nobody in the Lehigh Valley seems interested in addressing the Villas' issues point by point.

The response is always "Everything the Villas say is B. And there are folks outside the Lehigh Valley who are indeed addressing my issues, point by point.

Outside The Lehigh Valley, it appears, I am taken very seriously. O'Hare, Molovinsky, and Alfonso Todd, Welcome to our club! Keep you chin up and keep smiling. Smith, I don't know how many people have emailed me, and said that they have tried to help Villa to no avail. As for myself, I merely tried to open a line of communication.

My olive branch was scorched with abusive language and unkind remarks. For my efforts, I have been mocked, ridiculed, impersonated, and most wildly they have associated remarks of pedophilia and racism to me. You are correct. They deserved to be listened to. But I am not qualified to listen to people that exhibit this type of behavior.

I leave that to professional medical doctors. There are two ways that someone like yourself and the rest us can help them: 1. But enough about me. I encourage everyone to read Well, Mr.

Smith, since this is my blog and you are my guest, let me do exactly what you said has not been done and address the Villas' issues. Instead of spamming people, I go to a blog, add a thoughtful comment to a topic,and sign off with my name and my website It doesn't matter, Mr.

Smith, because,as you said, you don't live here and I am glad you still have the memory of the once amiable Mr. Villa, as I do too, but yesterday's insult towards me proved he is quite the opposite Yesterday, I deleted about fifty or so Villa rants posted on my blog. Since August 9, his blog has been devpterd exclusively to trying and failing to tear me down.

He has emailed numerous of my friends with his complaints about me. He has peppered this blog post alone with his hate, always posted anonymously. He has recommended I commit suicide. And this asshole claims that I am emotionally torturing a grief-stricken family? The reality is that Villa tortures anyone and everyone who does not immediately and unreservedly flock to his banner. He has driven away nearly every person who tried to help him.

I have tortured no one. I have just refused to go along with his hate and his ridiculous conspiracy theories. O'Hare emotionally tortured George Usry for two years. And there's bound to be more. And I'll find them all. You're fucked. Seriously, if you didn't read this crazy couple's blog, they wouldn't bother you. Just because they know how to use a computer and create a blog does not, in any way, make them worthy of anyone's attention.

By posting this diatribe against the Villa's, you have given them exactly what they want: more hate, more controversy, more exposure. They are worthless.

They are deranged and hinging on the border of criminal. Please do yourself a favor and stay far away from the Chen Arts group and anything associated with the toxic poison of the Villas.

Anonymous, you said it correctly. The sad thing is they CAN have ALL of this but they have to let go of their animosity of people in regards to a situation they they had no control over. Until then, they will be consumed by bitterness and never truly live and experince the richness of LIFE To Jesse Smith, If you can defend Villa after he slams a seminarian like that, there is no point in answering the questions you raise on Villa's hate blog.

And there are answers. Re: "shameless publicity whore" I stand unwaveringly by my statement. Villa, Your daughter got into a drunk's car. Why not? Just like driving with daddy, isn't it? How many timese did you cart her around blitzed? Todd, This remark is towards no reflection on yourself. Just towards the anonymous people that posted these last several remarks. I am very saddened by the way the remarks has deteriorated.

The remark made towards me was uncalled for. But most especially, the remarks made to Mr. Villa, a very conflicted person, are even worse. These remarks are not something to be proud of. I hope all of you have a change of heart and replace your anger with charity. I won't preach. Instead my disappointment with these remarks speak in its place. Todd, "anonymous" wink wink comments , , , , , and were all posted by an increasingly frustrated and unraveling Bernie O'Hare who is your Master, sadly.

It was wrong of me to do this considering I don't have any proof. Alfonso - Being on any side of Villa is not a good thing. Evil does not have a side. You are either a part of it or not.

Anyone associated with this immature idiot ends up looking bad. The real players in the game will end up ignoring both sides. I used to appreciate O'Hare's site, but quite honestly after his last go round on the "poli" or swab blog, I think his creditability is just as low as Villa's.

As good as some of O'Hare's stuff is he always, in the end, has to call attention to himself and beg to be noticed. Monday 6 January Tuesday 7 January Wednesday 8 January Thursday 9 January Sunday 12 January Monday 13 January Tuesday 14 January Wednesday 15 January Thursday 16 January Friday 17 January Saturday 18 January Sunday 19 January Monday 20 January Tuesday 21 January Wednesday 22 January Thursday 23 January Friday 24 January Saturday 25 January Sunday 26 January Monday 27 January Tuesday 28 January Wednesday 29 January Thursday 30 January Friday 31 January Saturday 1 February Sunday 2 February Monday 3 February Tuesday 4 February Wednesday 5 February Thursday 6 February Friday 7 February Saturday 8 February Sunday 9 February Tuesday 11 February Wednesday 12 February Thursday 13 February Friday 14 February Saturday 15 February Sunday 16 February Monday 17 February Tuesday 18 February Wednesday 19 February Thursday 20 February Friday 21 February Saturday 22 February Sunday 23 February Monday 24 February Tuesday 25 February Wednesday 26 February Thursday 27 February Friday 28 February

Lyrics for Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth by Three 6 Mafia. Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth Lyrics Keep my name out yo mouth cause you dont kno what the fu.


Take Me Higher (Remix)

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Get ready to move your feet to the rhythm of the beat, sing along to the catchy chorus, and hum the melody of this song! Watch the Official Music Video below:. This brothers hail from Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria. A distinctive quality that this duo possess is the gift of a sonorous, soulful and powerful vocal strength that they employ in captivating the hearts and minds of their listeners.

They just concluded a music tour in the United States of America which culminated in the shooting of a new music video in Atlanta, Georgia. Twitter: Bishopscrew. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Review: RIFF-it. RIFF-it good. Add Comment. Illumination FG's Afrobeat Version 2. Illumination Oneness of Two Mix 3. Peacs and Love Jazztronik Remix 4. Spiritual War Kaidi Tatham Remix 5.

Star People Ebb Remix 6. Take Me Higher Waiwan Remix 7. The Moment Ayro Remix 8. Cheeeek that out dude. Lead RIFFs:. Bad selection.

Save Cancel. Really delete this comment? Yes No. Illumination FG's Afrobeat Version. Illumination Oneness of Two Mix. Peacs and Love Jazztronik Remix.

Styline - Take Me Higher Styline offers up a slice of summer house heaven with "Take Me Higher." The release, complete with Kid Massive's own remix, is funky house music at it's best - irresistible grooves, uplifting vibes, and a soulful sample.

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