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Your Destination (Original Vocal Club Mix) - Accuface - Your Destination (Vinyl)

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I hear this around Hz and below and usually can be handled with a High Pass Filter. The Low mids for me is anywhere from Hz and is more often than not the biggest problem in poor recordings.

I like to use either a peak filter EQ to dip a little bit out or the Waves C1-sc to dynamically remove the problem frequency. The C1-sc is great because it only works when it needs to and can often sound more natural. Boxiness can usually come from poor mic technique or just the wrong vocal chain for the artist. Just like the low mids I would go for a Peak filter the Waves C1 to fix this area.

If this area gets out of control, I will most likely grab the Waves c1-sc to take out the harsh frequencies of the vocals , or use something similar. I rarely use a peak filter for this just because I never liked the sound of it, but I do use it the rare time.

In the video below I talk about resonant frequencies and how I normally approach them. Removing resonance is probably one of the best vocal mixing tips I can pass on because resonance is a major problem with home recorded vocals. I would probably start listening to see if I think it needs some compression.

The first reason is for tone. If the vocal sounds a bit loose or soft, compression can help tighten it up and give it some edge. The next reason I might add some compression is because the performance is a bit peaky in parts. I would try and fix this issue with the clip gain, but sometimes it just sounds more musical to add the compressor and let it play off the vocal.

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Lob in further fine remixes from Chuggin' Edits, A. D and Fabiolous Barker, and you've got a rather tasty package. Sometimes it can be really bad. You may even have to cut dB out of the sound. Step 2: Tame your sibilance with a de-esser Vocals are notoriously difficult to tame. And a big reason why is sibilance. Step 3: Control your dynamics with serial compression Vocals are a very dynamic instrument.

But with a few light compressors in a row, the vocal sounds controlled yet natural. To set up your serial compression, follow these steps: Load up a compressor. Any will do. Next, lower the threshold and raise the ratio to extreme settings. This allows you to clearly hear the compressor working.

Start with a medium attack time around 15ms and adjust to taste. A fast attack 5ms will make your vocals sound thick and heavy. A slow attack 30ms will make your vocals sound punchy and aggressive. Dial in a medium release time of 40ms and adjust from there. Try to get the compressor pumping in time with the music. Finally, duplicate the compressor plugin. If you want more gain reduction, duplicate the plugin again. Tonal EQ is exactly that — EQ that shapes the tone of a track.

So if your vocals sound muddier than your reference, you may want to cut some of the low mids. If your vocals are darker than your reference, a top end shelf boost may be necessary.

Step 5: Add a little space with some reverb or delay If you recorded your vocals correctly, they should sound too dry in your song. That said, a bone dry vocal is always going to sound weird. Vocals tend to be some of the most dynamic instruments in a mix.

But being one of the most important parts in a song, they should be well-controlled. To avoid audible pumping effects from too much compression when trying to tame a dynamic recording, you should first get the clip gain to a healthy ballpark. You can even out the dynamics manually, or by applying the Vocal Rider plugin.

Step 4: Subtractive EQ. The first step is to clean up any problem frequencies. This usually includes excessive low-end buildup from the proximity effect and any harsh frequencies that came through in the recording. One of the easiest places to start is with the low end. Remember one of the golden rules of EQ: cut narrow, boost wide. Dynamic EQ can be extremely useful with vocals, since their frequency content often changes throughout a performance.

This style of equalizer uses level-depended bands that engage only when a set threshold is crossed, making it so you can affect certain frequencies only when you need to. Step 5: Additive EQ. Some engineers prefer to apply compression before equalization, some prefer to EQ first, and others apply both in stages.

Each will give you a different sound, so be sure to experiment to find what works best for your situation. Step 6: De-Essing. So, depending on the genre we should apply similar compression. The reason is that most of the vocal phrases would disappear and hide behind the instruments. We can do this by either compressing a lot or automating the volume signal.

I prefer using compressors most of the time. Modern productions compress a lot. Old-schoolers prefer more dynamics. This is not about opinions or taste. Then, he decided to use female vocals in his song.

Aug 14,  · Accuface - Theme From Accuface (Accusation Mix) Accuface - Your Destination (Alex Megane mix) Ace - Starway To Heaven Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (Vodoo And Serano Remix) Ace Of Base - All That She Wants Ace Of Base - Beautiful Morning (Groove Radio Edit) Ace Of Base - Dont Turn Around Ace Of Base - Happy Nation Ace Of Base - Life Is.

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    Oct 06,  · Check out Vinyl Remixes by Destination on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo
  2. Vinris says:
    It makes the vocal cut through the mix again. Step 8 – Doubling. Since I don't have an actual double I resort to artificially doubling the vocal with a stereo delay. However, to make it stand out a bit more and to add more depth, I've added a pitch-shifter before the delay. It's only slightly detuning the vocals and the delay is set to 20 ms.
  3. Meztik says:
    Nov 26,  · Accuface - Your Destination (Alex Megane Mix) Adam White And Andy Moor Pres - The White Room Admira - I Cant Stop Raving Dj Greenhead - Crystal (Original Non Vocal Mix) DJ Hunter Pres Club Wizards - Floorburn (Dj Spoke Vs Vespa 63 Remix) Dj Icey - Beats A Rocking (Dj Tiesto Promo Vinyl mix) Lost Witness - Did I Dream.
  4. Brarg says:
    Review: This time last year, Stephen Richards popped up on Alpaca Edits with an expansive, track album of full of sample-heavy blends of disco, deep house and Balearic boogie. Here, that album is given the remix treatment by a rather impressive collection of fast-rising re-editors. Highlights are plentiful, from the languid "Disco Beatdown" goodness of Fingerman's remix of "Fusion" and Get.

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