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They Lie - The Exploited - MP3 (CD)

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They Lie Lyrics: Kids on the street with fuck all to eat / Kids are starving today / Kids on the street are trying to survive / The government continue to lie lie lie / They lie lie lie lie / They.

8 thought on “They Lie - The Exploited - MP3 (CD)”

  1. Disar says:
    MP3 Music "Please retry" (that's not a diss, those are 2 of my favorite bands!!!!!). The Exploited are looking for a debate, they're just pissed and wanna get it out. The albums predictable. There's nothing really special about it. Its an album full of generic Exploited songs. out of 5 stars Exploited cd. Reviewed in the United /5(49).
  2. Kigaran says:
    This album is a good example of proper, noisy, snotty, anti-establishent punk which is evident from the title. These are not Tory voting, bedwetting nice boys like Busted. The Exploited are tough working class blokes from Edinburgh who really don't give a fuck and they make Green Day sound like The Carpenters. They're also bloody funny too.
  3. Moogusho says:
    The Exploited Lyrics "Police TV" Do you live in a TV nation Cameras focused on street situation Walk the street, they see what you do Police TV following you Police TV Watching you Police TV Categorising you Police TV is watching you Police TV with their video crew Cameras lie as they focus in You'll never know cos you can get in Police TV.
  4. Doshakar says:
    The Exploited are a Scottish punk rock band from the second wave of UK punk, formed in Originally a street punk band, they transformed into a faster hardcore punk band with a heavy political influence. Formed in Edinburgh by ex-soldier Walter ("Wattie") Buchan, they signed to Secret Records in March and released their debut EP Army Life.
  5. Tygozragore says:
    Punks Not Dead () Punks Not Dead Mucky Pup Cop Cars Free Flight Army Life Blown to Bits Sex and Violence S.P.G. Royalty Dole Q Exploited Barmy Army Ripper Out of Control Son of a Copper I Believe in Anarchy Bonus Tracks Dogs Of War What You Gonna Do Troops of Tomorrow () Jimmy Boyle Daily News Disorder Alternative Fuck The U.S.A. Rapist Troops of Tomorrow UK '82 Sid .
  6. Tukasa says:
    The Exploited:They Lie Lyrics. Edit. History Talk (0) Share. They Lie. This song is by The Exploited and appears on the album Beat The Bastards (). Kids on the street with fuck all to eat Kids are starving today Kids on the street are trying to survive The government continue to lie lie lie.
  7. Sharisar says:
    Paroles de chansons, traduction et explication de texte et paroles, dernières et nouvelles chansons, biographie The Exploited.
  8. Vozragore says:
    The Exploited surely contributed to all this with their almost admirable dedication and hardcore belief in the cause, coupled with a total lack of any irony of sort, especially in the later years. Nonetheless, this album is really enjoyable, and songs like "Alternative", "Dead Cities" (released as single), "Sex & Violence" and a few others.

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