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The Strength (Within) - Presence - All Systems Gone (CD, Album)

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But you see that you made it through. You see that you found the strength within yourself to get through what life brought your way. So incredibly strong. We are strong enough to be broken, and learn how to heal. Strong enough to pick up our broken pieces and face another day. When you're truly mentally liberated, nothing can enslave you.

Read the lyrics to Kash Doll's song here and Bette Smith's song here. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws It prohibits states from reducing the privileges and immunities that come with being a citizen.

Arguably, the 14th Amendment was meant to deal with very specific problems resulting from the Civil War and the emancipation of slaves. Were former slaves citizens? Answer: Yes. Were former rebels citizens? Answer: Yes, except for the Confederate leadership. Would the Union be required to pay for the debts racked up by the Confederate states? Answer: Nope. It's an Amendment that is obsessed with the immediate concerns of 19th century post-war America, yet it has become a beating heart of modern Constitutional law.

For women, LGBTQ people, and racial or ethnic minorities, the Fourteenth Amendment is the primary constitutional defense against discrimination and oppression by the government. Thurgood Marshall used the 14th Amendment to fight for racial equality in cases like Brown v. Board of Education , which desegregated schools.

And in , the Supreme Court cited the 14th Amendment to uphold the right to same-sex marriage. Despite the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause, the Supreme Court upheld the internment of U. United States. Read Sarah Kay's poem on the 14th Amendment here. Ratified February 3, Before the 15th Amendment, in order to participate in federal elections, you had to be eligible to vote in your state. And states were in complete control over their election rules.

The 15th Amendment changed that — and it gave Congress the authority to regulate state elections for the first time. But Congress left other racial barriers to voting in place, like poll taxes and literacy tests. Finally, in , Congress passed the groundbreaking Voting Rights Act , putting the 15th Amendment to use and giving it some teeth. Read the lyrics to Aisha Burns' song here and Nnamidi Ogbonnaya's song here.

What it says: "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Before this practice was allowed, the government received money mostly from tariffs, or taxes on imported and exported goods. Over the years, the federal government had periodically taxed incomes, but the Supreme Court decided this was unconstitutional in However, over time, the need for an income tax grew. The global economy as well as the Progressive movement put pressure on the government to lower tariffs.

Because of these combined pressures, in , we finally ratified the 16th Amendment. The strength of the federal government, both in its ability to project power militarily and domestically, was forever changed by the 16th Amendment. The New Deal, the military-industrial complex, and Obamacare are here because of the federal government's power to tax incomes.

The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures Before this amendment was passed, Senators were chosen by our state legislatures. Ratified April 8, The old way of picking Senators — through state legislatures — proved problematic: Senators were often chosen in back-room deals, where state legislators could be bribed and intimidated by Big Business and other insiders.

The result was that the hand-picked Senators were not serving the people. The 17th Amendment ensured that the senators were loyal to their constituents rather than outside interest groups by making them democratically elected. But while the old way of electing Senators — by politicians instead of people — is anti-democratic on its face, the Founders had their reasons. The House of Representatives was supposed to be the "people's" body.

Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. Charles Webster's delicious opus that floats and drifts along like some melodic slow motion raft in deep aquamarine waters. Deep house is so often boring Beautiful music, programmed and laboured over and replete with quality vocals. Just lay back and enjoy a musical journey of melodic moods, and sublime deep house. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. RJaxX February 6, Report.

Very melodical and moody - superb release. Love must be there when the dust clears! Ally ally outs in free! Ally ally outs in Free! Rain Of Terror The Music You see I have a relationship with god.

I am the living faith. Everyone wants to sing like me. I guess they think it will set them free. So I created rag time, when money made us poor. Then I created jazz, and opened a brand new door. I was Joplin and Satchmo, Creative geniuses of my day. Creating sounds to enhance the moment Of what where trying to say. I am the master of sound. The whole world hears me well. The love I shares clear. Salsa, samba or rumba, Is what I was born to do. You see I put some rhythm with my blues, Because the drum is part of it too.

I come from Mother Africa, Where music is how we speak. The drum is my heart beat. This is The Last Poets' 50th anniversary year, and they've celebrated it with an album that matters - not just musically, but as a record of the times we're living in. The Last Poets are weathervanes, warning of the future and past sins in poems that are indivisible from the rhythms they're voiced on. Think warriors reporting from the battlefield; but their work is also a test of our own courage, because are you ready to receive what they're saying?

And is your heart clean and strong enough to withstand the truth? These ten tracks speak of their own journey, and that of a revolutionary struggle largely defined by race when The Last Poets first came together at an event commemorating Malcolm X in East Harlem's Marcus Garvey Park during the spring of That initial line-up, comprised of Dahveed Nelson, Gylan Kain and Felipe Luciano proved short-lived and it was a trio of different voices that would secure their legacy with a debut album, 's Last Poets, that sounds just as radical and challenging today as it did nearly fifty years ago.

I wanted to see riots," says Abiodun, who's from Queens in New York, and took over from Nelson in He was missing from their follow-up album This Is Madness, after being jailed in North Carolina for armed robbery.

Umar, who wrote the title track of This Is Madness, was next to leave. He was living in Brooklyn by then, and struggling with substance abuse. Speaking on the phone from his home in Baltimore, he makes the point that their poetry wouldn't have the same impact had their resolve not been tested along the way, and there's an unassailable truth to this.

The last of them was Freedom Express in Such releases were well received but then little was heard of The Last Poets for another twenty years aside from Claude Santiago's film Made In Amerikkka, which documented a one-off reunion concert in France, commemorating their fortieth anniversary.

That's how it is with The Last Poets - unseen forces govern their actions, and it wasn't until Donald Trump was elected US President and a renewed struggle for America's soul began that they stirred once more.

After Abiodun and Umar had resurrected the group and they'd started doing shows together, UK producer Ben Lamdin contacted them about doing some recording and sent them a few rhythm tracks that he'd got from Prince Fatty, whom he knew from their time in Brighton. Fatty's speciality is old school reggae and dub, which he records using seasoned UK session players such as Horseman and Dub Judah, who play drums and bass respectively.

That's how the foundations were laid, at Fatty's Brighton studio on Blackman Street. Ben then added horns arrangements with help from his band Nostalgia 77 and set off for New York where he, Umar and Abiodun met for the first of two recording sessions.

What we ended up with was a mixture of American poetry and jazz, Jamaican rhythms and African drums. It was as if Mingus and Duke Ellington had got together and stopped over in Jamaica To divide and conquer is all they wanted.

The other tracks voiced at that first session - held at the studio of a friend in lower Manhattan - include How Many Bullets which bridles with defiance as Abiodun works through a litany of injustices suffered by black people in the US.

Chopped off my wings so I couldn't fly free. Took my drum, broke my hands, yanked my boots right up out of the land and riddled my soul with Jesus. Can't you see? Tracks like this go beyond social commentary, just as the opening Understand What Black Is transcends ethnicity. Black is the essence, sealed with a kiss. I know the love I want to feel. For the most part, the Poets voiced over readymade rhythm tracks although this wasn't always the case.

Umar's North East West South happened the other way round because he voiced it first, and then the horns were painted in afterwards. A little-known album of Prince instrumentals called News inspired the words and prompted Umar to draw parallels between their respective childhood experiences. I was left wondering if it was jazz, classical, rock or maybe something new but all those images that I write about came to me from listening to that album.

I loved Prince in that movie Purple Rain because my father was a talented musician but he was into brutalising Mama at times and in the movie there's a Jerome and my name is Jerome, so it was like he was telling my life story as well. Umar dedicated Bebop Or Be Dead to his father, who he says was born in "the wrong family, in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

As a matter of fact one time I nearly killed him when he was taking his anger out on my mother. I went and got this hatchet and I was going to take him down but I knew that if I did that, I'd surely kill him. My mother saw me and stopped me because she was scared that I'd do it for real, but Prince also had issues with his father because his mother was white and in the movie, his father was always blaming her for not believing in him.

His quartet played local clubs such as Roxy's Cafe in North Howard Street, where his son also worked. Umar used to shine shoes there from the age of eight and he'd be out until midnight, hustling small change from the patrons at Roxy's, the Tropicana, the Hi-Hat and Joy's Lounge It was after leaving the projects at fourteen that he became an avid reader, which then led to him meeting Fred Ahmed Evans and joining the Black United Front.

Several months later and he arrived in New York "with just twenty-two cents, a book of poetry and a pair of jeans in a brown paper bag. Abiodun found him a place to stay and invited him to become a Last Poet, along with Jalal. Their aim was to politicise the black community, and raise people's revolutionary consciousness.

Abiodun, speaking in Claude Santiago's film, says that the Poets set out to "de-nigger" black people, and free them of their slavish mentality. We didn't give a damn. We just came at you raw! A Black Arts movement had formed in New York made up of activists, musicians, artists, fashion designers and writers like Amiri Baraka, who Abiodun describes as "a major influence and a true mentor of The Last Poets. Umar and Abiodun have continued to celebrate music in their poems ever since.

Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Released in , the album initially failed to chart.

However, in July the album entered the Danish Charts, peaking at Volbeat's label at the time, Mascot Records, had only a limited distribution deal in the United States , meaning that the album went largely unnoticed in that country. Being a limited release outside of Denmark, professional English reviews of the album are scarce.

First Re-Draft by Dreamwalkers Inc, released 25 February 1. Endless 2. Mourning After 3. Happy Day 4. Innerburn 5. Dreamwalk 6. New Strength 7. Your Room 8. My Loss The debut album by Dreamwalkers Inc featuring a combination of progressive, symphonic and alternative sounds combined into a diverse sound that fuses technicality and melody in it's own way.

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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Strength - The Alarm on AllMusic - - In addition to an improved sense of musicality.
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    the system. Patient, they seem. They exist in an exact falsehood. Questioning their own presence, the system fails. The system fails. We've all thought about it The topic - actively discussed. A system without application Inevitably doomed. Track Name: Departure I find myself out .
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    About File Formats. MP3 is a digital audio format without digital rights management (DRM) technology. Because our MP3s have no DRM, you can play it on any device that supports MP3, even on your iPod!
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    Know that you are absolutely and always strong, and that strength is inherent within you. You are a fighter, a warrior, so stand tall. Marisa Donnelly. Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, .
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    The Strength Within You. 1, likes · 3 talking about this. Film Series & Festival. Working to change the film industry perspective! Deaf and Hearing talents CAN work together! We are proving it one.
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    We’re calling it “ The Most Perfect Album,” and I hope it ends up on some playlists, maybe in a classroom or two. Thanks to the National Constitution Center for partnering with us on the essays below. Most of all, we’re deeply indebted to all the musicians below that gave their time, talents, and energies to the project. Enjoy!
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    The Strength / The Sound / The Songs is the debut studio album by Danish rock band faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfoed in , the album initially failed to chart. However, in July the album entered the Danish Charts, peaking at # The album would stay on that chart for 21 non-consecutive weeks.
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    The band’s classic album Strength has been expanded, remastered and revised for future generations to enjoy and is available to pre-order from February 4th onwards. The official release date is March 15th All CD titles have been remastered from the original master tapes by mastering engineer Pete Maher.

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