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Sam Stone - John Prine - Prime Prine - The Best Of John Prine (8-Track Cartridge)

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Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It worked out, because by the end of the week, I was ready to go into the studio. For his part, all Prine asks of an acoustic guitar is that it feels good in his hands and makes a sound that moves him.

But I do use different guitars to play and hear different things. With rhythm guitar, for example, I like a big, boomy sound. A cancer survivor, Prine has undergone two surgeries to his neck and lung; the first one, in , dropped his voice to a deeper, more gravely register that he settles into now almost matter-of-factly. Also, I feel it important to point out that Prine still uses a flip phone.

If you ask him, his first album in 13 years is just an album, and it only exists now because his bosses told him it was time to release it. Each song on Tree of Forgiveness carries the weight of time and a feeling of isolation—be it through age or physical distance or mental exhaustion. Prine puts you directly in the mindset of an aging narrator in order to bring you a song about the inane process of life that you only come to understand through age.

In conversation, though, Prine—who was born and raised in Illinois—downplays those grand themes. He is as much a jokester as a songwriter with a guitar determined to point out the idiosyncrasies of life with a healthy dose of laughter. Noisey: How many songs do you think were actually in those boxes? What was the oldest song that you picked out from them? Did they have dates on them? It was 30 years ago. I dunno.

No, I never considered that… I mean, he wrote this before they said he was a criminal. The songs sound like they come from an isolated place.

What was your mental headspace like while recording? You have a lot of themes on this album that address being isolated or left alone. Singer Mya is Actor Dan Stevens is Singer Cherie is Actress Aimee Teegarden is COC Member William Porter, who voted against the motion to increase the CPC funding, suggested that the group seek donations from the private sector to cover the difference between the two cost figures. I got the impression there was plenty more out there.

File photo by Frederick Gore. The merger of the two C3 organizations was effective as of July 1, Last night Martin said that during reconstruction, to preserve the exterior of the historic building, the last remaining whip factory in the Whip City still manufacturing whips, it was discovered that exterior storm drains were connected to the interior plumbing of the building, a problem which had to be resolved.

Solar Project bond accordingly. Noble quickly said he was not and said he was not convinced it would alleviate future problems. He mentioned an existing small river that had formed and wondered if filling it in would be benefi-. Continued from Page 1 cial. Puntin said they would seed the area but there were no plans to add trees or other vegetation other than what exists currently.

Terry suggested they seed as soon as possible and see how the winter and spring go, then revisit the situation if necessary. Puntin did agree with Noble that ruts on the property created by waterflow should be looked at and said he would bring that to the table for consideration.

No further action was taken by the board. The board was unable to agree on a resolution to the issue and put it on the agenda for its next meeting. Share your favorite. Fall Recipe! Several hundred feet above the solar farm near the Big Y on College Highway in Southwick one can see the elevation drop to College Highway, background, where residents claim water drainage from the 7-acre parcel has damaged their property.

I was disappointed to see that the Westfield High School Varsity Football Coach left the program in the middle of the year. The father is an assistant coach, and it seemed like he and his son were arguing with each other throughout the whole game. I feel like it affected the whole team.

The school has named a new Head Coach, and I believe that there are no varsity football coaches at Westfield High who teach at the school.

I think it is important to have a football coach with a presence in the hallways of the school each day. Most successful high school programs have coaches who are involved with the kids throughout the entire school day.

Abraham, who was years-old at the time of the marriage. Hayes was Hayes says she entered into the marriage so Abraham could stay in the United States. I was struggling to put myself through college and was offered money in exchange for marrying a young person who had a chance to get a college degree himself if he were able to remain in the United States.

This is my greatest sorrow in this difficult situation. I also apologize to my friends, family and colleagues who have trusted and supported me. And to Oregonians, I deeply regret not being right up front about the fact that I had made a serious mistake.

I owe you all an apology. But that may make an already difficult job of getting someone confirmed by the end of the year more challenging, creating a tense, time-compressed showdown with Republicans during the lame duck or waiting until the Democratic majority in the Senate has thinned, if not been lost.

White House aides say they have been busy with other pressing matters, including the ISIL operation, the Ebola crisis and even the midterm campaign schedule. No decision has been made on who the nominee to head the Justice Department will be or when he or she will be announced, aides insist. But the White House pushing a nomination in the lame duck is still very much under consideration in the West Wing, with the president and his aides reflecting true indecision as they weigh various factors.

For all the reasons to hold back, they also see several potential advantages to moving forward more quickly.

The White House has had plenty of time to think about it. Over a month ago, President Barack Obama was informed by Holder of his final decision to leave, and he was long expected to depart by the end of the year.

Chuck Grassley R-Iowa said in a statement Thursday. By then, Obama could be stuck with having to settle for either a nominee that energized Republicans would be willing to accept, or with an attorney general serving in an acting capacity for the remainder of his two years in office.

Democratic aides say that without Republican cooperation, the confirmation process would likely take at least seven weeks. That allows about a month to prepare for a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, including by filing answers to an.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz declined Thursday to discuss how the Colombia prostitution flap might impact the possibility of a Ruemmler nomination. However, Schultz said the White House was confident Ruemmler acted appropriately. Anyone who knows Kathy knows that she is a former prosecutor, a renowned attorney who is respected by members of both sides of the aisle. But time is running short for Obama to act if he wants a nominee confirmed this year. Even accelerated, the confirmation process typically requires weeks of ramp-up for internal vetting and preparations by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That window begins to get tight by next week, well ahead of Nov. James Ave. Emergency response and crime report Tuesday, Oct. Silver St. Wednesday, Oct. Machnik, 41, of 25 Shore Drive, Wales, was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, for operating an unregistered motor vehicle and for being a motor vehicle operator who refuses to identify himself; a.

Thursday, Oct. Cioffi, 19, of Springdale Road, submitted to facts sufficient to warrant a guilty finding for a charge of assault and battery brought by Westfield police and the charge was continued without a finding with probation one year. Alvaro Flores, 54, of 28 St. Alexis Rivera, 34, of Roy St. Stephen J.

Terrence M. Gornec, 26, of 86 Bungalow St. Robert A. Emilio J. Garcia-Cappas, 18, of Farnum Drive, Holyoke, was released on his personal recognizance pending a Dec. Michael J. Mistalski, 28, of 35 Susan Drive, was found to be not guilty in a jury trial of a charge operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor brought by State Police. The jury found that he was not responsible for charges of possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle and speeding.

AP ing cocaine. Prosecutors say in the year-old Posey sold cocaine to an undercover state police officer several times. While out on bail in connection with drug charges in Massachusetts, Posey was arrested in Columbia County, New York in February Available for while riding in a car containPersonal and Business Accounts. Found: Young red and white Springer Spaniel, red collar with blue tag. AP — The former principal of a Massachusetts charter school has pleaded guilty to charges related to her efforts to help students cheat on a statewide standardized test.

Janet Henry entered her plea to a charge of mail fraud in U. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Wednesday. Hughes Academy in , she told teachers to give clues and other tips to students taking the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System exams. She then falsely certified that the tests had been administered honestly.

She faces probation and a fine at sentencing on Jan. The school has since closed. For more information, call or visit your local branch.

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Other fees may apply. By referring a friend, you and the friend waive the right to privacy and disclose you are customers for this transaction. Rates and offer available at Pioneer Valley, MA. Over-wintering your perennials in pots? Enjoy their color for one season and go with something new the next. But shifts toward food production and mixed container planting — perennials with annuals — have changed all that, creating the need for over-wintering.

All bets are off when containers are exposed to dehydrating winds and seasonal freeze-dry cycles. Buy the most cold-tolerant varieties you can find. Some plants genetically are more perennial than others. Woody plants like shrubs, for example, usually are more coldhardy than are soft-stemmed herbaceous perennials. Many techniques have evolved to help potted plants survive the winter.

Several of the most common: — Use bigger containers. This April 26, photo shows a succulent arrangement on a patio table in Langley, Wash.

Many techniques have been developed over the years to help ensure that potted plants survive winter. One of the simplest is to bring them indoors as this gardener intends to do for a second straight year. In this Thursday, Oct. Many perennials do well in containers for one to two years before growing too large and becoming root bound. It supplies nearly filled containers that need only a few annuals to complete. Some of the larger pots with conifers I will keep outside for winter color.

Add a pumpkin or two on the doorstep and the look is complete. Southern California designer Betsy Burnham says poorly done. Here, Burnham and two other designers — Brian Patrick Flynn of the Flynnside Out design blog and Lee Kleinhelter, owner of the Pieces design store in Atlanta — offer advice on doing outdoor fall decorating right.

It can be pussy willows. Just something that seems autumnal. Instead, I like to simply play with yellow- and orange-toned plants, and a variety of pumpkins. But with a light touch and some strategic choices, homes day long. And Burnham suggests using clusters of scented candles outside in cinnamon, clove or per MLSpin other seasonal fragrances. In this photo provided by Crate and Barrel, a conspiracy of raven lights add spooky illumination to an indoor Poe themed party.

Edgar Allan Poe and Halloween are enmeshed like cobwebs on a lamppost. The master of horror fiction gave us imagery, including sinister masquerade balls, catacombs and ravens, that have long inspired Halloween aficionados and lovers of all things spooky. You can find large and small decorative versions of black birds that can be placed on buffet tables, bookshelves and front porches. Or run a black boa down the length of a serving table. Find versions both simple and elaborate crafted of paper, leather, lace or felt on Etsy.

In a pinch, cover any books with black paper. Buy a porcelain marker and write a line or two from your favorite Poe piece on some inexpensive white plates or serving trays. Or use metallic permanent markers to add a phrase to cotton or linen napkins. The same technique. This photo provided by Crate and Barrel shows cupcake papers printed with ravens that combine the sweet with the spooky for an Edgar Allan Poe themed Halloween fete. In this photo provided by Crate and Barrel, a china plate gets a graphic punch with an allover raven motif.

Mortgage company Freddie Mac said Thursday that the nationwide average for a year loan fell to 4. I wanted to see how the jazz and classical influences of the performers combined, and savour the technical brilliance that would undoubtedly unfold. After a pre-show drink at the bar wine served in proper glasses — how civilised! As the sold-out house of 2, people assemble, I admire the rich ambience of the auditorium, with its suspended tube lighting, offset by the burnt orange seating and warm timber panelling.

We sink into our seats and prepare to watch and listen to the evening unfold. And then, the concert begins. Wynton is not a show biz kind of guy. Amad starts with a beautiful shower of tinkling piano notes before launching into a gorgeous unison melody that immediately transports the listener to the imagined world of snake charmers, bazaars, and desert landscapes. In fact, much of the piece features the rhythm section only.

These guys are hot! When the clarinet finally creeps in it conveys such intense beauty that tears well up in my eyes, as I imagine cherry blossoms falling ever so gently to the ground.

It builds up to a bit of a frenzy, and enters the zone that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable i. He describes the many musical influences New Orleans, Hispanic, Ragtime, Broadway to name a few as stopping and starting and intersecting like a subway train. I love this musical work - lots of driving rhythms, great string and woodwind parts and a palpable energy pulsing throughout.

Marsalis utilises all the instruments in the orchestra to their fullest potential in particular, the percussion. Throughout the six movements the music takes you across a whirlwind of imagined landscapes and into a world of seesawing emotion.

Ranging from intensely dark, to whimsical, and at times, comical, the music is so evocative, that if you close your eyes, you can create your own world full of vivid imagery. Yes, in this work he finally allows his exceptional performance talent to shine, albeit whilst he continues to sit in the midst of the other players, and not up the front. No better is this showcased than at the very end of the symphony, where we hear him provoke his instrument to scream in pain, and then, on his own, in a completely silent auditorium, expel air through his trumpet.

It is mesmerising. And then it is over. Well, nearly. Somehow I think dad would have loved Wynton. And now I too love Wynton, and the realisation inspires me to keep an open mind in the future about what type of music show I am prepared to go and see.

Give it a go and you might just discover a love for something completely different in your music world! Grandson of the legendary RL Burnside, the year-old still lives not far from the Holly Springs, Mississippi, home where he was raised by his grandfather.

You can see him playing drums alongside Samuel L. Jackson in the feature film, Black Snake Moan. On the occasion of his fifth visit we caught up with him at his home in Mississippi to talk about the music of Mississippimand his latest album. Como, Mississippi. Oh yes, man. Cody and Luther [Dickinson] are some really good friends of mine. They got a new album coming out in July, so I went in the studio and recorded two songs on their new album, or did a collaboration rather.

Now Cedric, even though you live in Mississippi, you recorded the album in Brooklyn. How did that come about? A friend of mine that I met about four or five years ago invited me up. His name is Brian Jay. So, I flew up to do that little YouTube session with him and we did that. It took about 15 minutes to do that and afterwards, we just kind of stayed in the studio and I was playing a bunch of new songs and he seemed to get the beat pretty good, which was kind of unusual.

Not just anybody can play this music but he kind of got the beat, got the rhythm to it and we just kept on playing. Before I knew it, we recorded 26 tracks in two days.

Quite a change. Yeah, well kind of sort of. I always fiddled around on the guitar. Of course, drums is my first instrument but I have been fiddling around on the guitar now for about 14, 15 years. I just really got serious about it maybe about seven years ago. Six, seven years ago I really got serious and started writing more songs and stuff with the guitar, and so as I progress on the guitar, I just keep on writing the music. I came up with some really good tunes. Check the gig guide at rhythms.

Conway was intrigued and perplexed. This guy is knocking back a big tour to do one pub gig with an unknown band? And Conway and Zygier. They live together, they work together. They write, record and tour together. And since. Having just returned from a year overseas, Zygier spent most of the gig catching up with friends. With no friends to distract him, he watched the entire show. Zygier says.

She is the one person. Deborah is a very forthright, honest human being. But they both laugh when recounting the story of a show they did at a winery, where the owner also acted as the MC. When you talk to Bibb is too difficult to escape the impression that he named the album after his own demeanour; he seems unfalteringly happy. And so he should be happy, living in Sweden for many years, travelling the world as a troubadour and bringing music fans the knowledge that he has acquired since he was a young child living in New York and learning from his father, the acclaimed singer Leon Bibb and his friends such as Paul Robeson,.

Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan amongst many others. Now he returns to Australia on his eighth visit. I remember receiving a little kangaroo stuffed toy from him when I was really, very young. Australia has had a big place in my imagination for a long time. I have favourite places in favourite cities. Wonderful fans I might add. It really brings together so many of the things that have been my focus for so many years in a way that really worked out.

I wish them all the best in their continued journey. For one thing, the whole business of immigration touches my life story in a big way. First of all, I come from a country that is made up of immigrants, whether they were forced to immigrate or wilfully got on a boat and came over.

The whole country is just a land of immigrants. For me, the uproar about immigration in America, and in the world, is puzzling to say the least. It just seems to me a huge swath of populations everywhere are being manipulated in a very conscious way and nefarious way. However, I did grow up in an era when commenting on what was going on was de rigueur.

To be silent is just really not in my nature when it comes to issues where I feel I can have a voice to add to some kind of healing. I read a lot. I keep an eye on it, but I also fly at another altitude. Check rhythms.

My papa had all the good stuff. He would know where B. King was playing anytime he came around. This was before internet but he never missed him, all of the little bars and places around the Bay Area and he would never miss.

I saw him countless times as a child, it was always so exciting, such a beautiful thing. The event commences on Friday evening and concludes on Monday afternoon over 4 days. The Festival uses a range of venues within the town, including community halls and spaces, the hotel, restaurants, cafes and churches. The National Celtic Festival program offers a broad and diverse range of arts experiences that capture the Celtic culture in its many interpretations within the Australian setting. The festival caters for all age groups and for a diversity of cultural and family groups.

Musicians from the Feis Rois program have spent several months working alongside acclaimed fiddler and composer Duncan Chisholm to research a local story, create a film, and create an original sound track to their short film. Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach make music on the piano and fiddle.

They are Scottish folk musicians, interested in making music filled with spontaneity, sensitivity and freedom. They also provide the music for Air Iomall. Following the release of his acclaimed debut, Sound the Alarm, he discovered a whole new motivation five years ago at Tamworth.

It was for my enjoyment and knowing that. He was great to work with and congratulated me after the awards. With a bunch of regional Victoria shows coming up, and a performance at the firstever C2C Australia later in the year, the award-winner now plans to take time to focus on writing the next album.

A full range of tickets to the National Celtic Festival are available — covering all festival venues from Friday evening until Monday 3pm — at www. Prior to the Bello Winter Music Festival, and six Australian performances, Savoy also has tour dates and appearances planned in Europe, and a Rockabilly celebration weekend booked in Las Vegas. Last year, they had Jerry Lee Lewis, there have been the Stray Cats, and Brenda Lee was there one time, so they bring a lot of big names.

Legendary guitarist Bill Frisell appears in just one of 24 concerts and masterclasses at the Festival. The brief was reasonably simple: a solo career retrospective — four CDs, 50 songs. The artist was keen, but happy for someone else to compile the tracklist. Fifty tracks. I started with 65 songs. The easiest part of the project was gathering contributors to the liner notes — fans, friends, fellow musicians and collaborators. Or a prayer. An urban poet: fragile, fearless, conjuring bittersweet beauty out of dark nights of the soul.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon somewhere in the suburbs, audiences were often stunned at the intensity at which Stephen would deliver a set, as if he had a premonition of his own death on the drive home from the show. The noted political journalist Shaun Carney fondly remembers The Sports doing a lunchtime show at Monash University in Video directors Mark Hartley and Mark Bakaitis reflect on tying Cummings to a chair in a refrigerated meat locker, wheeling him through the abandoned Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital, hanging him upside down and hurling paint at his face, and throwing live doves at him.

Singer and actor Alyce Platt recounts a memorable backstage encounter at the Palais Theatre, and then doing a gig with Cummings three decades later. It was just what we needed. But it does highlight the genius of Stephen Cummings and show a creative life well-lived. More or less. The celebrated singer-songwriter takes a trip to the moon and back, re-forms his old band, and explains why songwriters are the luckiest people in town.

By Jeff Jenkins. Sometimes lightly rising beautiful. Sometimes just straight out beautiful. Jenkins likes to name places and landmarks in his songs. He recorded the album in his spare room, mindful of the passing traffic outside, with his microphone.

Jenkins wrote 20 songs for the album, recording I love the potential that songs have, the possibilities. Songs can make people dance and cry and rejoice. You can lose yourself for three minutes — or a lifetime.

Songwriters are the luckiest people in town. Back to mono. As for the cosmic title of the new album, Jenkins has no surreal explanation — it was simply the opening line of one of the songs. Or half the audience was maybe into it, but there are people yawning and looking at their watches and your evolutionary skills to seek out danger are super-attenuated to finding the one person yawning.

It still can happen — there are still moments on stage that can feel pretty hairy. And it can get really confusing sometimes. In which case, please shoot me.

Uncle Tupelo and Wilco and every musical project Tweedy has been involved with since were always focused on the quality of the music over any kind of personality push. Tweedy admits he would be deliberately obscure in his lyrics to try and disguise any easily identifiable detail about his personal life.

Tweedy has become a brand. Yet there it is — the hat, the glasses, the beard , perfectly distilled into a logo, instantly recognisable to Wilco fans. Wracked with self-doubt,. He did go public about his addiction to prescription pain killers some years ago, but the recent memoir expands that admission into excruciating detail, detailing the insecurity that caused it and the subsequent dysfunction, sacrificing privacy and inviting public scrutiny.

The book also delves deep into his family and band relationships and, of course, the music. If nothing else, his hecklers are armed with plenty more ammunition these days!

Like I played. Oh yeah, the book. It seems to have found an audience, too, where people seemed to be moved by it and have gotten something out of it. This is just a different way to be a little bit more precise. You know, the engineer, Tom Schick and Mark Greenberg who are with me almost all the time at The Loft, that relationship could be considered similar to the way I worked with my editor on the book.

Jill Schwartzman was just super awesome. But it means a lot, it matters to me. The resulting response makes my question look better than it was… and is central to the theme of the book. And it works out! You know, we tend to be a lot crueller to ourselves psychologically than we need to be. And we treat ourselves a lot of times in ways that we would never dream of teaching other people — in terms of how harshly we judge ourselves and our bodies and all of that.

So, I would rather err on the side of over-empathising than whatever alternative there would be to that. I think that fame is a misunderstanding How hard is it for a desert to die?

This month will see him tour Australia in solo acoustic mode for the very first time. Obviously, travelling and soundchecks are going to be a breeze in comparison with the full Wilco shows. However, Tweedy asserts that the solo performances are far more mentally taxing than playing with the band.

If I say some of the same things, they should cut me some slack. Warm is available through dbpm. The tour across America was due to kick off about now has drawn much publicity over its postponement for Jagger to have a heart stent procedure.

The singer with the powerful, arresting soul voice is speaking by phone from New York before going into the studio to rehearse with her own band Grand Baton. She readily agrees that had it not been for the awardwinning documentary film, Twenty Feet From Stardom made in , she might not have had the opportunity to explore the solo career and win the wider recognition that has followed. It put a spotlight on singers such Darlene Love, Judith Hill, Merry Clayton, Jo Lawry and Lisa Fischer —singers known to millions of fans through their compelling vocal back-ups but not necessarily known by name.

It traced their stories, their triumphs but also their disappointments. It provided a learning opportunity. Fischer speaks in a low, warm voice that readily breaks into laughter suggestive of a fun personality. You start to learn how to walk behind their snow prints, how to fit yourself in, and the different colours of the voice.

But I would say at least six times maybe, yeah. But it fizzled out due to record label difficulties. These days as well as performing classic tunes with Grand Baton she has successfully transitioned into singing in artistic collaborations with diverse artists such as Chris Botti, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, jazz singer Gregory Porter, and The Silk Road Ensemble.

Now it is more how do I blend my spirit with someone which is more interesting in this point in my life. She is excited that with Billy Childs on the festival bill, there might be room for an artistic sit-in. Voyaging down the Mississippi River by boat may not be in any job description for most musicians but if your bandleader is Bill Frisell, expect the unexpected. The American guitarist says he took his New York based band down the southern stretch of river when he was composing the soundtrack for a film of the great devastating floods.

So, what we did was more like studying the history of what happened with that flood. Master guitarist Bill Frisell returns to share his latest album and other recent works at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. Morrison and Frisell won the Smithsonian Ingenuity award for historical scholarship.

On it, he revisits and expands on some of his compositions on his earliest recordings in on ECM label. Frisell who is performing in the Melbourne International Jazz festival in June — his third Australian tour — will perform music from that album which also includes new compositions. He and his trio of bassist. When Frisell speaks, his voice has a dream like quality as he carefully selects words that capture his meaning. Speaking from New York, he reveals he finds as he gets older, it is interesting to look back on his own music from a long time ago.

As with playing standards over the years, the layers are peeled back and you see more in it. You play one note and nothing happens. He finds the need to use words to describe what he plays frustrating. The people that I loved listening to, it seemed to me that was the music where they were able to take whatever their life experience was and make it expressive to their own voice.

So, in that way, I still feel what I am doing is jazz if you want to call it that.

Dec 04,  · John Prine is one of a handful of artists whose music I had never heard--not one note--before purchasing one of his CDs. People such as Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot, and Jim Croce had gotten me into folkie singer-songwriters, and so I began perusing the folk section of my copy of All Music Guide (I think this was before they were on-line) to find more such artists/5(9).

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    Subject: "Homecoming" 8-Track Tape I purchased a "Homecoming" 8-track tape recently that's from the UK. Oddly, the photo on the front of the cartridge isn't the same photo as the front cover of the album. Instead, the photo is the one on the INSIDE of the album cover. You know, the one with the trio in the forest. I was quite surprised.
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    Aug 21,  · John Prine: When I wrote 12 songs, that was it, I didn’t look any further in the boxes. There might be another 12 songs in there, but I’m going to wait another ten years before I look in there.
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    Prime Prine The Best Of John Prine Original Vinyl Record LP Album SD Sold for USD on (Buy It Now) Vinyl.
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    May 27,  · John Prine was once known as the Singing Mailman, because that's exactly what he was as a young man. Since he quit his route, he's put out more .
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    JOHN PRINE Olhtr MILES DAVIS On the Comer Columbia KC My Mind now Bros. Keeper of the Castle Dunhill OSX Amazing Grace ' 1 I FOUR TOPS 2 KC & Recycling the Blues Related Stuff Columbia KC — Loving You Just Crossal Caoltol ST Soundtracli Paramount PAS (Famouil MS "TAI MAHAL BONNIE RAITT Give It Up.
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    8tracks radio. Online, everywhere. - stream 1,+ John Prine playlists including folk, rock, and Bob Dylan music from your desktop or mobile device.

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