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Rifle Surgery - Regurgitate / Noisear - Corruptured / Untitled (Vinyl)

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The Timney trigger upgrade was an easy two minute ordeal assuming you release the trigger tension and lift the trigger locking block as shown in the Ruger Precision Rifle Trigger Replacement video.

I would say the RPR factory trigger is very good, but the Timney is phenomenal and well worth the upgrade. The Samson very unique handguard design slides back and forth on their barrel nut collars all the way against the receiver. I personally love Sampson handguards but wanted something different for this build. The Paper City Firearms handguard is an amazing high quality 3D machined handguard which offers a slim profile and MLOK compatibility paired with a extremely comfortable finger groove design.

Paper City has also added an extended picatinny rail at the receiver and also another picatinny section at the and of the handguard - all nice touches. Catalyst Arms just introduced a rather awesome little upgrade to the RPR. The Catalyst Arms billet aluminum RPR Magazine Release Extension is available in multiple colors bolts right up into the factory slot on the Ruger magazine release via on machine screw. There is no need to disassembly and this part could literally be considered a field upgrade.

Cool little add on that delivers a more positive and faster mag release. The beautifully clear Nikon Monarch 7 is held by a stunning set of Seekins Precision scope rings. This isn't optimal, but expected, and can be accounted for. The idea being that whatever you are using to support the rifle, is also supporting the weight of your firing hand while it's attached to the grip. It is important to understand the distinction however.

One of the rules as it pertains to excellent form is that you don't want to use muscle power to stay on target. If you are muscling the rifle, your first shot will suffer and so will your follow-up shots. Think of your hand as an attachment point. All you are doing is attaching it to the rifle at a fixed position in a specific manner. So, attach your hand to the rifle, but do not apply pressure in any direction yet.

We'll get to that later. Simply attach, and let your arm come to rest, maintaining just enough force to engage the rifle firmly. The manner in which you set up your "attachment point" on the rifle does not vary that much between stock designs. The fundamentals of the good grip are always present, regardless of the type of rifle you are shooting.

So rub the idea that this stuff doesn't apply to your rifle right out of your head. Now we are going to discuss precisely how to setup your attachment point hand to properly interface the stock and fire control mechanism on your rifle. Illustrating each individual fundamental is very difficult due to the fact that a proper grip is a function of many things happening in harmony simultaneously. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

So we'll get the reading out of the way, and then show you some pretty pictures of the right way and wrong way to interface a couple popular stocks later. But then, my buddy PING showed back up. And twice more, easily, in the consistent breeze. Three hits at one thousand yards. For me, this was Cloud Nine. Still is. My minor feat would be repeated by every member of the class—all but one of whom were also using a loaner Surgeon rifle, Nightforce optic and AWC suppressor.

Two shooters, one on a personally owned. The Scalpel shooter, having had a slightly easier time at 1,, set his sights on the inch square plate a full mile away. It took several minutes to get the elevation and windage adjustments done.

But he too, with this high-performing package, managed three hits a mile away. It made for a celebratory ending to the two-day excursion with this incredible equipment. These rails are designed to mount directly to the factory or Seekins Designed for precision rifle competitors and long-range shooters, Fast The are designed with shock cord and locks allowing the wrap to be easily slipped over your favorite stock or chassis.

Note: This scope base is only compatible with the Rimfire rifles. When accuracy and a level playing field matter, Anarchy Outdoors has created the perfect scope base.

Not only is this sleek design compatible with all scope rings, but we've also Straight from Sawtooth Arms, these forend accessory rails attach to the forends of the Accuracy International rifles and chassis. This rail allows attaching accessories to the rifle, and the rifle to a tripod, with standard RRS 1.

When accuracy and a truly level playing field matter, Anarchy Outdoors has created what we consider to be the perfect scope base. This two-round holder attaches with Velcro to the side of the rifle near the ejection port.

Stock Work. Wood Finishing :. Recoil Lug Only. Hunting Rifle. Install Recoil Pad Does not include cost of pad. Install Sling Swivels Doe Not include cost of swivels. Install Stock Cross Bolt Doe not include cost of bolt. Install Recoil Reducer Doe not include cost of reducer. Gun Restoration Will no longer do any work on Doubles. Restoration of Modern Guns Does not include new parts :. Bolt Action Rifle or Shotgun. Pump or Auto Rifle or Shotgun.

Concealable Sniper Rifle (CSR) $ 5, Law enforcement agencies around the w SHOP; Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) $ 6, In , the a United States special SHOP; Scalpel Long Action Win Mag AI AX $ 5, Built on a Surgeon long action, SHOP; Scalpel Long Action Win Mag AI AX $ 5, Built on a Surgeon long action, SHOP.

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    Fast Track™ ARCA Precision Rifle Handguard (AR, RPR ONLY) $ Catalyst Arms, LLC, has developed and Anarchy Outdoors is proud to introduce the Fast Track™, true precision rifle handguard for ARs and the Ruger Precision Rifle.
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    Nov 30,  · New Krieger Pre-Fit Barrels for Ruger Precision Rifle. Own a Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR)? Looking for the single best hardware upgrade that will improve inherent accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency? Here’s your answer. Krieger Barrels is now producing Pre-Fit barrels for the RPR in two popular chamberings: Creedmoor and Winchester.

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