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Play On - Various - Un-Herd Volume 34 (CD)

26.08.2019 Fern 9 Comments

Polyvinyl Craftsmen. In Memoriam — June 3 days ago. Dangerous Minds. Teenage Dogs In Trouble. PowerPop Overdose. The Un-Herd Music. Short sharp kick in the teeth. Marco On The Bass. That Striped Sunlight Sound. Frank's What's-it. Even Hitler The small takeover. It's psychedelic baby, that's what it's all about. There are many more things to do in the town of Zermatt. You could take a gondola ride up to a beautiful mountain peak and ski, snow board or mountain bike down.

You could explore Hinterdorf, the historic part of town made up of the hut-like dwellings of the early mountain people who lived in the area. Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to enjoy the majesty, mystery, adventure and charm of this Swiss town. I think mountain climbers and Story travelers are very similar in their view on travel. British mountain climber, George Leigh Mallory stated it well when he said:. What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy.

And joy is, after all, the purpose of life. Click here to check out the loyalty program Click to expand photo slider. Let us know where you want to go next in your Story of travel! British mountain climber, George Leigh Mallory stated it well when he said: "There is something in man which responds to the challenge of a mountain and goes out to meet it. Start Your Story! Largehearted Boy.

Polyvinyl Craftsmen. In Memoriam — June 3 days ago. Dangerous Minds. Teenage Dogs In Trouble. PowerPop Overdose. The Un-Herd Music. Short sharp kick in the teeth. Marco On The Bass. That Striped Sunlight Sound. Frank's What's-it. Even Hitler The small takeover. It's psychedelic baby, that's what it's all about. New website in March! It is a fine record of lush jangly rock and I like it a lot. Much recommended! Quote from: davidmjs on August 15, , PM. Quote from: Albie on August 15, , PM.

Frank Turner - no mans land. Just out today, and on first listen it is a very strong record. I will try and do that, though I have just looked and their stuff seems pretty pricey to get hold of at the moment.

Not just at the moment, but this week has seen steady play of some CD's I picked up in Ireland last week, a mix of some newer and older filling in missing gaps in the collection sort of thing. So its been- Horslips-Roll Back. I really like this collection of Horslips 'unplugged'. The songs sound great in this format. Jack Lukeman-Burn On. This is an entire album of Randy Newman songs.

I don't see Jack L mentioned much on this forum but he is one seriously good singer with a powerful voice. I'm not familiar with much of Newman's catalog but I do know several of these songs. The arrangements on this are enjoyable, though at 18 tracks the attention does wane a little bit towards the end.

Planxty-Live From the reunion shows. Talking of Planxty, my uncle and huge Christy Moore fan was playing Christy's recent effort Lily in the car from Donegal to Dublin and I enjoyed it so picked a copy up for myself. About what you'd expect from a Christy Moore album, which is not meant to sound negative. Tasteful songs and arrangements, sung the way only Christy can. Next our own Jude's lovely, lovely Earth Is Sleeping.

Utterly charming collection of songs and I look forward to listening again, sleeve in front of me reading the notes and lyrics in full this weekend. Very interesting to hear the two cultures side by side and in collaboration on the same recording.

And obviously the more Julie Fowlis singing the better the world is They are playing the whole of the Woodstock Festival in real time. They are currently half way through their set and Pete has just kicked Abbie Hoffman off the stage.

Jefferson Airplane are up next to see in the dawn. Quote from: Andy on August 18, , AM. While waiting for Woodstock to resume Cancel The Sun - The Rails.

First listen. Boy does Kami sound like her mum. Quote from: davidmjs on August 18, , AM. Anyone familiar with a singer-guitarist called Henry Parker? I've just purchased his album 'Silent Spring' through Bandcamp.

Lovely stuff to my old ears. Quote from: quodlibet Ian on August 18, , PM. Yes, mine too. I later spotted them, guitars in backpacks, at Bristol Temple Meads station, heading for I assume the London train Hmm, guitar, station - could be a song there I've been a bit fed up with hearing people singing, so have listened to some instrumental jazz.

Quote from: Alan2 on August 19, , PM. High Romance the new album from Emily Mae Winters. If there is any justice she should break in to the big time. Interesting and impressive. I've just bought the cassette Which is odd. But there you are! Duly rectified - and what a fine album it is! It is indeed. Various bits of Paul Brady.

I have never read O'Connor before but his description of the character's working process of writing the ballad is the single best analysis I have ever read be it fiction or non-fiction.

Eloquent analysis of the structure, the 'hook' and insight involved. Sure, O'Connor had the benefit of knowing the song and working backwards, but someone did start the song off at some point initially, and that is what makes it utterly believable. So after reading it I simply had to play Paul Brady's version, which is my favorite. Raye Zaragoza-Fight For You. I saw Raye open for Dar Williams at the start of the year. I was unfamiliar with her at the time but have set that to right.

Wonderful songwriter with an expressive voice. Just when you think the song is going one way, her voice changes and she takes it someplace else. I love it when that happens. Definitely a name to watch out for. Once he gives up the day job that lad could go places, I reckon. For the first time in a few years, I started playing Hawkwind's Space Ritual album.

I now find it almost unlistenable, especially the spoken word sections, where dear old Bob Calvert's rather hammy accent reminds me too much of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Another destined for my local charity shop Quote from: Alan2 on August 31, , PM. Some connection to Mervyn Peake? I have a vague recollection of an album sleeve Early 70s? Quote from: Alan2 on September 04, , PM. Quote from: davidmjs on September 04, , PM. Quote from: Alan2 on September 05, , AM. Trouble is I've nothing to watch the dvd on" Do you not have any chairs?

Because I've never heard it. Thoroughly enjoying it. I was concerned that the song selections might be a little too obvious but these are wonderful arrangements by Maart. Highly recommended. Quote from: Nick on September 06, , PM.

Quote from: mickf on September 07, , AM. Previously unreleased? M, Fascinating Quote from: mightyglydd on September 14, , AM. Quote from: davidmjs on September 15, , AM. I'm on a real downer with Neil at the moment due to the rubbish he insists on releasing these days, but this post makes me want to listen to the album big time.

Fancied something upbeat so some Herb Alpert. Liking the first, maybe Milky Way will be a grower. The best of Rachel Sweet. I like many others think she is criminally underrated. Great songs. Quote from: Alan2 on September 21, , PM. Quote from: Alan2 on September 22, , PM. Quote from: Alan2 on September 23, , PM. My eyes got misty a few times watching it, and was brought to full tears at the very end with Hearts Of Olden Glory. But a fitting farewell to a terrific band.

Old Desert Island Discs. Amazing to hear the 43 year-old Eric Clapton talk about his mate George he'd already nicked Patti off him and his son Connor. And a 41 year-old Elton talk about his wife!

Crowing Ignites - Bruce Cockburn. It is an entirely acoustic instrumental album whereas I usually prefer my Cockburn electric and vocal but it does show of Bruce's extraordinary and undiminished skills as a guitarist and, actually, this may become my go to, late night, nice glass of wine, chilling out album.

It is all over the place but quite enjoyable. Funnily enough two of my favourite songs of the year have both been about Joe Strummer, one on here and one by Celtic Social Club. Quote from: Andy on September 28, , PM. I listened to the 3 cds of the new Abbey Road over the weekend.

I didnt buy it, i have amazon prime music account. I dont buy many cds anymore. Quote from: Jim on September 30, , PM. Patience is its own reward. I've been shopping for this for over 10 years. That's the one that was released in an edited version as The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood, wasn't it? Brand new 3 disc vinyl release. Listening with all the nervousness that a new slab of vinyl entails.

David will be along shortly to tell me there is no such problem with cassettes. Almost a tribute tribute Albion Band - remember !!! They've sold 35 million albums!? RIP Ginger. A little exploring into the history of Tide Lines, who I very much enjoyed at Cropredy this year, has led me to Skipinnish, who had previously passed me by. Quote from: Andy on October 07, , PM. I have also just had to invest pricily though less so than most available copies in Iain Matthews' first two solo albums, hopefully arriving from the Netherlands in the next couple of days.

Soundtracking Clinton Heylin's slightly terse Fairport book which I have finally got around to reading. If I recall, Sandy wasn't officially back in the band at this point.

It was a tour promoting Nine, Sandy went along with Trev, acted as support artist and guested with FC and eventually rejoined by osmosis. Quote from: bassline Mike on October 09, , AM. Quote from: Alan2 on October 09, , AM. Continuing the soundtrack I really like no Roses but appreciate not everyone does. I like Shirley Collins a lot but for some reason I cant get along with the album she made with Davy Graham, and I like his music as well. As for the selection above, I have a real blind spot when it comes to No Roses.

I know it is regarded as a seminal album. I just don't enjoy it, try as I might. Hark the Village Wait by Steeleye Span is a far better record in a similar vein to me and Battle of the Field is damn close to being a masterpiece. I felt the need to hear some new music by somebody under the age of Fender has been hailed as the saviour of Springsteenesque guitar rock.

He is 25 and clearly talented. I need to give it another listen. I suspect it'll take a few listens to get into. Whiskey Myers - self titled album. Old fashioned southern rock. It really is astonishing just how much music the Fairport family recorded in the 70s.

In quality control terms it was probably too much. I have to confess that if I listen to a lot of Sandy's solo material back to back it does get a bit samey. Nevertheless we plough on Having a U2 fest this morning while working at home. Richard Dawson's Spotify link in the article if you want to try before you buy Has he ever written anything as perfect in its summoning up of the atmosphere of a wonderful day as 'Coney Island'?

It's a motley selection of tracks, including one about a footballer and another about the actor Albert Finney. Quote from: Alan2 on October 12, , AM. Quote from: davidmjs on October 11, , PM. I read the review of this in the paper yesterday and almost made an impulse purchase on the spot but I am completely unfamiliar with Richard Dawson so I think I need to audition it first Hopefully it is available somewhere I can hear it. I dont have Spotify.

I saw RD live, as support a couple of years ago and was impressed, but not in a way that made me want to buy his albums. At times he seemed to be channelling Kevin Coyne, and at others he was gently humorous. A powerful imagination. It popped up on Spotify and 'tis a lovely mix of fiddle tunes, songs and novelty numbers like The Teddy Bear's Picnic. Nice rendition of Rosie as well.

And a Happy Birthday to Simon for tomorrow. I have always assumed that this would not be my thing so I am delighted to discover that I enjoyed much of it and none of it was less than interesting. It'll be tomorrow's listening, as my copy of "Love from Planet Gong" arrived today. This is what comes of following bands' recommendations on Bandcamp.

Once again I'm really glad I got a copy of Bright Phoebus 2LP deluxe I bought it on the strength of its reputation and have grown to like it very much. Quote from: davidmjs on October 17, , PM. The new Guided by Voices album, Sweating the Plague.

It's pretty damned proggy! Listening to it on a sneaky download from a mate. Post a Comment. Friday, January 11, Best of Labels: faves , best.

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Monday, May 4, Supermoon Martin. Are you sure ol' Hank done it this way? My original post follows

Stream Un Herd Of Mixtape by MUSA Hosted by DJ faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo Atlantic Records just made a power move for Nipsey.

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    Vários intérpretes - 14 Maiorais - Volume 7 (LP ) - * Sétimo volume, único que faltava, completa a série oferecida pelo blog* Hoje, quarta-feira de cinzas, apresento este raríssimo disco. Trata-se .
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    Gram Parsons - The Complete Reprise Sessions [3CD SET - ] (GP and Grievous Angel, plus alternate takes from those albums and rare radio interview with Gram and Emmylou Harris).
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    Software Sites Software Capsules Compilation Tucows Software Library CD-ROM Images Shareware CD-ROMs ZX Spectrum DOOM Level CD. Featured image All images latest This Just In Flickr Commons Occupy Wall Street Flickr Cover Art USGS Maps. Metropolitan Museum. Top NASA Images Solar System Collection Ames Research Center.
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    The Un-Herd Music Faves of (Vol. 1) - I generally try to keep my political views away from this blog. Obviously, some of it will creep in, usually hidden among the assembled track lists.
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    Listen to UnHerd Audio Documentaries | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 6 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from UnHerd Audio Documentaries on your desktop or mobile device.
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    Endearing 5 piece band featuring the mighty song writing talents of charismatic front man Gerry Colvin. ColvinQuarmby play “refreshingly different acoustic music”. A potent mix of driving rhythm laced with liberal helpings of folk, country and skiffle, with an intelligent use of the pop sensibility.
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    The sun. [volume] (New York [N.Y.]) , February 01, , Page 11, Image 11, brought to you by The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundation, and the .
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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Un-Herd Volume 36 on Discogs.3/5(2).
  9. Melmaran says:
    Brian made an album and a hard-to find soundtrack (Abracadabra) with Belgium’s Dripping Lips, and formed the cleverly named Brian James Gang in He recorded 's acoustic Chateau Brian with Lords Of The New Church’s touring keyboardist Mark Taylor, and found time to play live with Rat Scabies, often utilizing Texas Terri as vocalist. Scabies and James recorded the Pink Fairies' song.

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