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Paul Bradley - Twenty Hertz (CDr, Album)

15.10.2019 Akinosida 9 Comments

My Family Mr. Griffin Hale and Pace London Cabbie Bottom Mr. Scrubbs Murder Most Horrid Sergeant Titmuss Regained Len Bigwell Boon Clerk The Follower The Manageress 'Star' Photographer Bradley Bradley Read More. We were all pretty exhausted having driven across from England in a freezing cold van with no sleep so it was a surreal experience playing through a mental fog for an audience seeing me for the first time.

A long ago look into the young me slowly finding my voice. Available at. Thank you for visiting us. Paul Brady. April 16th This is done truly amazing in the sixth track Dew, a complete musical slaughter, 4 minutes of the most amusing and most gentle sound-killing I've heard recently as a counter-point of the first 15 seconds at the beginning of the track with the appealing vocal of Angela Manukjan. Kill sound before sound kills you? Kid, take notes. The techno moment is in Zaraza Volume I , a track that could have been done maybe by Motor, and noone else.

Could be because of the national connection. The softly distorted beats make me want to hear Volume II, if there is. The voices are sometimes used to create only noises with them, like in My Voices. Alexei Borisov's music is maybe not the kind of music you'll listen all day every day, but it's sure great to know it exists out there, somewhere, in the outer limit.

Great work! And it's a nice place to be. Often without much gravity. Probably the best non-idm track that should have been released by a devoted idm label, or should have been a part of some killer-idm compilation. I don't know if Ogredung are releasing some specific sound as a label, because this is the first release I've heard from them and they have more than 60!

The compilation is available in 2 formats: mp3s from their site, and CDR with a handcrafted cover which can be ordered , but they still haven't decided about the definitive design, so my copy is a unique prototype. Looks nice. I started listening this compilation from the 8th track, that's Imtech aka Quim, known from his brilliant EP on Skylab Observatory. It's great to know more labels are releasing Imtech's music, and the track here is another proof of it's constant quality. There are many bedroom producers who make idm music today but not too many manage to create distinctly personal sound.

Imtech is good at that, and you should know a compilation is worth checking out when he's there. Iermoc leaves nice impression too, background synth-sounds that develop the melody with the crunchy rhythm.

Many of the tracks are on the crunchy lo-fi side. They all cook different and tasty food in their kitchens, with Imtech probably being the main chief, at least for me. The music is rhythm based and hypnotic sometime when it's repetitive, like in the third track.

In the next track with the percussions it comes close to a blurry jazzy mood, acoustic sounds are added too. It's rather unpolished music. Not very close to some known genre, but also not too impressive. Books On Tape develops his ideas better and certainly in a more amusing way, especially if beat-punk is your thing. I think Todd Drootin is not using computer or laptop to make music, that's why the title of his first album released by Deathbomb Arc is Throw Down Your Laptops.

The music is made with sampler, sequencer, drum machines, keyboards It's trashy and noisy, ok, not too noisy or too harsh. It's in many forms of nice unconventional songs worth to be discovered and consumed. He plays synths, sampler, guitar, effects, drumbox and 'MacOS'. There are seven untitled pieces to be found here and each of them displays Philip's interest in minimalist drone music, but in most of these pieces this is worked out in a rather lo-fi and noisy manner.

Picturesque presses a couple of buttons down and by some cheap technology or maybe that is a plug in on the computer it all sounds a bit dirty. Which is actually fine, I think. These are rough edged pieces which leave not much space for contemplation, or it should be the closing piece, which is almost cosmic in approach. I sort of lost track of them in the late nineties, but now srmeixner returns with a solo album 'Between The Lines'.

The pieces here are inspired by architect Daniel Libeskind's extension to the Jewish Museum in Berlin. The four pieces use field recordings, such as people talking, didgeredoo aswell as a bunch of electronics. Three extensive pieces the fourth one is called 'Silence Is Complicity' and is twelve seconds of silence of drone like synth sounds, in which the field recordings and instruments are mixed in.

Paceful, but with a nasty undertone - not easy, accessible ambient music, but rather a dark atmospheric sound. It's a bit hard to relate to the museum, certainly when, like me, one is not familiar with the building, but the intentions are clear, I think.

In a certain way contemplative music for a very dark period in the history of mankind. On the first release of the label he presents two pieces, which takes the sounds of 'Twenty Hertz' further. Long enveloping sounds played, I think, on old fashioned synthesizers although a picture on his website shows a guitar and an e-bow in a rather dark atmospheric background.

Unlike 'Twenty Hertz', the element of loops seem to be gone, and this is altogether even more droney as the previous work. Austere, dark, sombre: music for grey days. Quite enjoyable in this time of the year. Strangely enough when the release is time-wise limited, on a 3" format, he offers three tracks.

The middle track is the longest and is a deep ambient piece, but this time with the addition of field recordings. The opening and closing pieces are quite rhythmical, built around percussive loops and act as an intro and outro. This is a very nice little gem and certainly a welcome addition to the other works by Paul as it shows that he open to using various possibilities of deep ambient music.

Hazard plays around with the notion of field recordings and the effect they have on human beings. Recentely he started to work with Chris Watson, who himself is the genius in the world of untreated field recordings.

On his live concert in Vienna, Hazard adds another recent element of his field recordings to it: church organ sounds. The Bookseller.

Archived from the original on 12 July London: The Guardian. Retrieved 22 May BBC Online comedy guide. Result—no more column from me. Thought about writing it for free, but meh". Pearson Education. Pan Macmillan.

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Paul Bradley (born 28 May ) is an English television faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo is best known for playing Nigel Bates in the BBC1 soap opera EastEnders from to , and also as Elliot Hope in the BBC medical drama series Holby City a role he played for ten years from to .

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    • TWENTY HERTZ is a platform to release music both by myself (Paul Bradley) and by other artists and musicians whose work I admire and enjoy. So far these have included (among others) Colin Potter, Andrew Liles, Monos, Keith Berry, Ubeboet, Maile Colbert and David Wells.
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    View the profiles of people named Bradley Paul. Join Facebook to connect with Bradley Paul and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to.
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    Paul Bradley Carr (born 7 December ) is a British writer, journalist and commentator, based in San Francisco. He has also—as he wrote on his official website—"edited various publications and founded numerous businesses with varying degrees of abysmal failure.".
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    PAUL BRADLEY - ALL THAT WAS (CDR by Twenty Hertz) PAUL BRADLEY - IMMURE (3"CDR by The Locus Of Assemblage) In Vital Weekly I introduced work by Paul Bradley. His first release 'Twenty Hertz' was released by Colin Potter's ICR label and now Paul started his own label, Twenty Hertz. On the first release of the.
  5. Visida says:
    Paul Bradley. UK. • TWENTY HERTZ is a platform to release music both by myself (Paul Bradley) and by other artists and musicians whose work I admire and enjoy. So far these have included (among others) Colin Potter, Andrew Liles, Monos, Keith Berry, Ubeboet, Maile Colbert and David Wells. In addition you will also find releases available here from Paul Bradley that were published on other.
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    Oct 29,  · Paul Bradley is raising funds for Paul Bradley Solo Album on Kickstarter! With a wee bit of help I can buy space and time to do justice to the music I believe I .
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    Paul Bradley - Rave breaks, old skool, jungle, happy hardcore, drum and bass, UK hardcore, gabber, h by Paul Bradley.
  8. Tazil says:
    I think this was an Ibanez build, clear finish on a nice maple top, solid aged mahagony body, maple fretboard on a Les Paul body.
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    Paul T. Bradley May 4, During his tight five on Conan last year, Solomon Georgio joked, “Just to let you know, I am openly gay — most of the time. I took a break for Martin Luther King Day.

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