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It Dont Matter To Me - Bread - The Best Of Bread (8-Track Cartridge)

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A tool is something that makes your life better or solves problems with less strain than whatever you did before. Having to remember a complex procedure to do something is the sign of a poorly thought-out tool. A gadget is a device whose purpose cannot be defined. You can't figure out what problem it's trying to solve, though it may seem like it might solve some problems In either case, this is not something you should buy.

Smart companies develop good tools, and they feel effortless to use. You do not get fatigued of them. Dumber companies product broken tools and gadgets. So I think the problem is not "people are sick of gadgets" but "most tools on the market are garbage, and companies need to improve this or lose their customers. I did read the article, just to be clear, and it was everything I never wanted.

I would clutch my pearls but they're at the jewellers for cleaning. I can't engage with a perspective that is arguing for nothing at all.

Where is this dude's endgame? We should cut out that technological progress thing, guys. I'm willing to bet he's a mac fan. Personally I can't wait to be in his cantankerous old man shoes when the police can read minds and my kids give me a heart attack by teleporting into my living room from Mars without the simple goddamn old world courtesy of a hologram beforehand. I may have not reached gadget overload but definitely charger overload. Every single drawer in the house is stuffed with a tangle of cables and power bricks for gadgets that we may or may not still own.

Five years ago I carried a phone, an mp3 player and a camera. Now I just carry a phone. I'm careful not to buy things I dont need. I see no gadget overload problem. It kindof makes sense posted by memebake at AM on September 10, [ 4 favorites ]. This was one of the least informative articles I have read.

As someone who still carries an ancient flip-phone and, even then, really only for emergencies , I reached gadget-overload ages ago. To me, it often seems like our culture has slipped into some teenage geek's most fevered wetdream run amok, where heaps and heaps of bright and shiny technology du-jour is thickly slathered over every last aspect of our lives, come hell or high water, and you'll bloody damned-well like it.

I'm not overloaded by gadgets. I am overwhelmed by the few ones I have. I don't have the infinite free time it would require to 'discover' all of the usability enhancements on my android phone that I supposedly should be able to 'intuit'.

Also I am getting seriously pissed off every time an 'upgrade' requires me to invest time figuring out how to do something I had already sussed out in the previous version. I'm starting to want to be able to version lock things so I don't have to pay a time tax every time someone else decides to improve something I think is fine as it is. I'm getting old and my lawn was perfect a couple of years ago. Have We Reached Gadget Fatigue? Baby don't be like that.

Gadget at AM on September 10, [ 25 favorites ]. I'm pretty pro-gadget, and have and use plenty, but I don't think it's this simple.

Part of what gadgets do is make life less convenient and more annoying for people not using them. It wasn't annoying not to have a smartphone in , because nobody expected you to be able to get your e-mail all the time, but now people do expect that, and if you want you can say "well, they shouldn't expect that," but guess what, they still do. There used to be payphones, now there are almost none. There will probably be fewer and fewer publicly posted maps in the future.

Not using the gadget becomes less and less of an option. But you can hold out. My only portable gadget is an mp3 player because I like to listen to music. It doesn't even have a clock display, so I have no idea what the exact time it is until I get around to getting somewhere that has a clock, but how often do you need to know the exact time? I suppose life will eventually force me to get a cell phone, but so far, so good. People are going to use the 'gadgets' that meet a need; either a real one or a perceived one.

If a gadget doesn't do that, it fails. I can still ask for directions from a local and end up getting a great restaurant recommendation, but I no longer HAVE to do that unless I want to. I easily found the graves my grandparents bought 60 years ago but never used and, consequently, got graves for my parents in the very graveyard they wanted to end up in for free while miles from my home in the Oregon countryside I could never have done that without my gadget.

I sold my parents' house entirely by iPhone and one snail mail document demonstrating my legal right to do so! Pocket translator for my trip to Paris! All this and much, much more in the same space taken up by a deck of cards. I am certain that many people use their gadgets for things that I think are trivial I mean, Candy Crush, really? Also, it isn't that my life is less complicated because of my handy gadget, it is that my life can be much more complicated that ever imagined in without me being overwhelmed.

One last thought I am reminded of those pictures that news broadcasts always run of loads of fat people walking around when they do a diet story Yeah its a terrible article. Its basically "heres some well worn objections to google glass that were first mentioned by everyone six months ago. Some people check their phone an awful lot!

What happened to those bluetooth headsets, not seeing so many of them now where I live. Develop a system for doing that today, in a way that is completely voluntary, and the ecosystem is on its way to repair. I think you are absolutely right, but i must point out that there are different aspects of music value — artistic and media-related. My point was that artistic simplification, widespread minimalism and everybody copying everybody devalues music all of the aforementioned leads to greater reach and appreciation in the short term, i believe.

The market became extremely huge and customer is spoiled for choice, in a bad way, hence the kick-in of the promotion machine. It is one part. Another part, which you correctly pointed out is ownership-related increase of value. I always though that the latter could be solved technically and i still think it will be, in one way or another. You are correct that music was widely available in multiple formats. However, you can take that entire singles catalog that you spoke and find the majority of it on itunes or spotify or rip for free if not available to purchase.

Now add to that an equivalent amount of new music compounded every decade and you have more music than anyone could ever hope to randomly search through. I also believe that since it is much easier to create and distribute music online then there will be much more new music added to the digital cutout bin then ever before. In the golden age of music, you had opportunities to buy music every time you turned around.

And then the record labels made it harder and harder to return unsold product. And the sellers either stopped selling the product or jacked the prices up to compensate. As the labels slowly screwed their retail and wholesale customers, the customers worked on other means. The industry is repaing what it has sown. Only people who have the talent and are willing to put in the hard work of learning how to make music and how to use all that cheap gear can do it.

No matter how inexpensive the hardware is, that sentence is still false. All that hard work, and the fruit of all that hard work, is worth something. Of course! But tell me — is there a difference between crazy guitar solo played by yourself and that cool guitar sample from a pack you bought the other day?

I stumbled across Music Tank by accident. It sounded like someone had added some percussion. I found a version on YouTube, and this sounded much more like the original. If anyone reads this and knows of a similar site in North America, please let me know. I have always paid for my music, but playing records or reel-to-reel tape in a vehicle is not really an option. The tapes I made were for playing in a vehicle. In other words, transferring music from one medium, e.

This is not a recent development. This has been a reality from the beginning. The tracking force was probably close to 5 grams or more, which destroyed the vinyl. The majority of the population did not want manual turntables, e.

They considered them to be too much work, just like cleaning a record before playing. Installing a cartridge with proper stylus, weight and anti-skate adjustment required reading the instructions. I knew individuals who had collected hundreds of records, but did not have the foresight to invest in their sound system, or at minimum, purchase a manual turntable and a cartridge with an elliptical stylus that could track at 2 grams.

The music industry did not lower the quality of the records so they could be played on the lowest common denominator sound system.

The quality of the majority of the systems was so poor that a listener could not hear the difference. The record industry continued to release recordings, especially of classical music, that could not be properly reproduced on the majority of the systems. We do not know the life expectancy of a record that is properly cared for, but it is definitely longer than the life expectancy of the purchaser.

The same cannot be said for digital media. A consumer can purchase a 5. Sound systems are much less expensive today than they were in the seventies. My burning issue is that I am unaware of any technical limitations for digital music, primarily CDs that explain why so many CDs sound so terrible. CDs have better dynamic range than vinyl, so why do so many CDs have little dynamic range. Why does the industry boost the bass and treble on CDs? It sometimes sounds like the bass is boosted at around Hz.

So why has the music industry decided to release CDs that generally sound nowhere as good as vinyl? It is probably because if they released CDs that were as close to vinyl as possible, they would probably sound terrible on the sound systems owned by the majority of the population.

This is pandering to the lowest common denominator. Is degrading any product, e. In closing, I am being reminded far too often of what little I remember from my first year economics course.

No, but they lowered the quality of the product for other reasons. RCA Dynaflex, for example. Absolute garbage. Fast-forward to the CD age and you get the labels jacking up the volume on the recordings to the point where the dynamic range is lost.

That was the final straw for me, pushging me to Rhapsody and Spotify. Product quality in the recording industry is usually getting worse. CD was a great improvement, and they even worsened that. When the US auto manufacturers followed this same downward spiral in product quality, their revenues shrank.

As usual, the failures start finger-pointing instead of examining themselves. No one has fucking talent. They do it because they watch too much TV and since the artist are so Garbage and it so easy to get your hands on a weeks pay check even from McDonalds and buy a USB microphone and start recording….

Every body does it. Personality, Image, Sound and everything that makes up the Brand is only a part of it. People need to actually care about their fans… and not just all of them in one lump sum..

You may not be able to talk to ALL of them… but you can sure as hell put down a video game controller and put away the movies and spend more time on the fans. I could talk about this shit all day…. You argue with each other like fucking sheep which most of you are!

False my friend. Stop talking and start doing FFS. If you care enough to sit on here all day and read articles and then comment back in 10 paragraphs you should care enough to help make it better. So what are we going to do? I have an idea. Or not. For once dark holes like Tech Dirt and Lefsetz are scrambling for an argument, a hook, a reason for their existence, when in reality they are merely pawns in the game and only prove that emperor really has no clothes.

There is really no legitmate argument for unauthorized file sharing other than you can. She did admit getting a few tunes in 5th grade through file sharing networks. Most of what she acquired she did by ripping CDs at her college radio station or acquiring recordings of bootleg live concerts from her friends.

Do we really want to have a debate whether ripping promo CDs at the college radio station to your iPod is a morally bad thing or sharing live bootlegs is a criminal offense? How long has this been going on? Ultimately, the NPR intern admitted that she wanted to pay for access to music.

She can, sort of, with Spotify and Rhapsody. Internet royalties are piddly. Remember Spotify has only 3 million users in the US at the time. If it grows it will surely bring more than radio.

I cannot totally endorse your comments because they are aimed at rubbing folks who use illegal content noses in the carpet. I would like you to consider our plan, since you are one of the leaders of those in the digital music community who insist on legal conduct. Will the Digital Content Exchange idea work for you? To our way of thinking it has been the unauthorized file sharing sites that have rubbed the noses of musicians, filmmakers and writers into a financial abyss.

What is libertarian about making choices for someone else? Also, while we do think laws and regulations are necessary; they sure would have helped out before Wall Street decided to pull off the biggest heist in history, our mission is to encourage people to do what we believe is the right thing. The last Cracker album, I loved it but it got almost zero airplay. Good value.

The Palace Guards — again no airplay. I like the title song and bought it, probably played it 30 times at least. The rest of the album… meh. I streamed it on Rhapsody a couple times but probably never in the last 6 months.

Not good value. So My. Frank Zappa suggested the same thing as Emily White in The copy is. We pirates can make our own copies for nothing, however, it takes money to put talented musicians in recording studios along with all the others who work hard to produce recordings. The market for copies has ended. The market for recordings continues. New artists have to promote themselves and their work, and just as for other labourers, may have to provide free samples.

They put out a record and the fan, if they want it, buy it. But you must have some other exchanged work in mind. Do you want the musicians to come over to your house and clean your pool or babysit your kids? What the f are you talking about? Songs are the product. In a market the vendor the artist and customer their fans haggle over the goods the artwork and the price how much is needed from the fans , and WHEN there is agreement, the exchange takes place: art for money, money for art.

There are so many things I can write about right now. To make a really professional Musial product it takes,time,talent and money. Nobody wants to spend money on a product they will never make any money on. It is a depressing situation. The onlynthing for sure is that a few will make alot of money and the rest will have to figure out if it is possible to have a real career making music in the future. I think its much simpler than all this.

Too many artists are able to record and self release albums. Based on one of the response articles to the Lowery Piece we learned yesterday that 94 percent of all songs were downloaded less than times in There is plenty of consumer spending in the industry, it is simply spread too thin across too many irrelevant, unimportant, or just simply bad albums. We need more music curation. The partnership between retailers and the industry crumbled after the napster years. This had a lot to do with greedy labels and bad business arrangements.

Who loses? The artist. So now what? These people can cry all they want, and quite honestly its very surprising that this is still going on. Are you ready to move forward or do you want to complain a little more about how things are different? Look, its pretty simple. Too much music, not enough spending, and of course you all want to blame consumers… now who sounds like the major labels did 10 years ago? Sad fact is that with 28MM songs on Itunes, I dont really need someone to write another one.

The digital music revolution has given us easy acess to the entire historical archive, not just lady Gag-gag and Bustin Jieber. Okay everybody, we can stop culture now! In whose interest is it to pay the writers and musicians?

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My Old 45s Photographic Print. Nerak said:. It's also an old type of cassette. Mayfly said:. I thought that was 'an 8-track' was that back in the day of reel to reel, or weren't there things called 8-track players??

Hovis Lesley Well-Known Member. I know we digress from Moz, but didn't know of the link; google suggests sampling of 'Peg' that was from the Aja album in Eye Know by DlS. Always loved Steely Dan. We lost Walter Becker sadly a couple of yrs ago.

Post reply Preview. Insert quotes…. June 5 original release date posted by M. Who is Ruth? Who is Jim? Similar threads.

Jun 7, June 1, Jun 1, Ridicule the Panic. May 24,

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9 thought on “It Dont Matter To Me - Bread - The Best Of Bread (8-Track Cartridge)”

  1. Kazrakus says:
    Ok, my idea of classic rock is 60's and 70's you know Hendrix, zepplin, NOT freaking Ratt, Motley Crue, Skid row. That was the first time I felt old, I was so upset I called my mother. She of course laughed at me and says "well it happens to the best of us." Pathetic I know. LOL ;>.
  2. Gogor says:
    Sep 10,  · I kind of agree with the premise that there are too many different gadgets, but the trend over the last 30 years has been convergence. The printer/fax/scanner combo or smartphone/camera are perfect example of there being, in fact, fewer types of gadgets.
  3. Turr says:
    Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.
  4. Toll says:
    Unique Madlib Stickers designed and sold by artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Get up to 50% off. White or transparent.
  5. Gakree says:
    2 Built-in 8-track cartridge iOjjt j gj tape player W 1 high-impact tinted plastic* k j HHI dust cover J O M f irsi It record changer M 5 Deluxe custom-designed kj roll-a bout O dual l-spcaker air suspension II II audio system IfH^jl 7 Complementary stereo record album 8 Complementary 8-track stereo tape cartridge 0 Stereo headphone sH included.
  6. Zulkizahn says:
    8-track cartridge tapes has been issued against Commercial Music Service Slim Chance on Matrix Merger LOS ANG LLES- Despite many ings of in the feel-the industry, there is see. regular matrix is a technological mistake. In the front channels the sepa-only db. which means, for example, that if you record a symration is.
  7. Nekora says:
    warehouse robbery of 30, to 40, 8-track tapes and cassettes at Transcontinental Music Corporation (TMC) in suburban Internation-Records, Inc. has filed a com-plaint against the Ampex Corporation for breach of contract and for conspiracy, and is seeking a .
  8. Tegore says:
    Jun 10, - Explore nnelgualed's board "8 track tapes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about 8 track tapes, Track, Vintage electronics pins.
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    Search metadata Search text contents Search TV news captions Search radio transcripts Search archived web sites Advanced Search.

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