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AAA It was perhaps significant that the day the government announced its plans to help finance development projects in grbup companies. Nevil Shute died in Australia. Today the world knows Mr. Shute as a novelist, but the aeronautical world knew him as Mr. He established his own aircraft manufacturing company Airspeed; and he predicted the menace of metal fatigue when no one would listen to him. This is the sort of project which takes millions in development and is obviously beyond the scope of the small company.

AAA But whaf of future developments? Will the atomic aero engine he the product of a small compapv like the revolutionary jet which all the big boys sniffed at for years? Is the future of the small company doomed? We can only wait and see. T HE conception that daylight is not only the best but. We must have windows for contact with the outside world, but no longer depend on them for Time Capnule. Good artificial light allows for a bigger building at the same cost and makes all the space useful.

Long may they continue. The Packsack D c tty G. Conservative, was prime ministei ; Hon. Liberal, leader of the opposition.

James L. Manitoba, was elected speaker of the House, succeeding George Black, who had resigned. Reeve R. Bound from San Francisco to the Columbia River and Puget Sound, the rickety 23yearold side wheeler was running before a good breeze with all sails set. The ship was taking water faster than the pumps could throw it out. The engineer sent word that the fires would be out in five minutes.

The disaster happened on January 5, Word of it reached Victoria by the steamer Columbia on January But how entirely reasonable and rational it is, with only 30 minutes in which to pick up two loaves of bread, a quart of milk and some tinned peaches before our guests arrive at the house, when we. Surely this is a different situation from those other Insufferable people, and those arrogant delivery' men.

Sure it ia. With the Classics To one who has been long. As Mrs. Rena Patenaude remarks, it is ridiculous for civil servants to have to emerge from their work every two hours to move the chalk marks on their tires.

By the look of it. The place to put parked cars is underground Don't build two or three or four storey monstrosities to further clutter up the pitiful skylines of most of this continent s cities. Clear the streets so. Get those cars out of sight. And above each underground carpark have an open space: a little park, a few trees, benches, somewhere lo sit. Even Johannesburg is better off than Victoria in this way.

Downtown Victoria is a dump. Downtow n Victoria has no character, no decent buildings, no open spaces; it is a dump. And here is where civil defence can nip in. Shelters: In peace time, carparks; in wartime, a place for atomic- age ostriches to hide their heads in the cement. Stephen's Church I very much enjoyed reading James K. There is just one item that should be corrected, namely that St.

Stephen's Church at Mount Newton was the second church to be built. Luke's holds the first place outside Victoria. Stephen's Church is the original building, which was built three or four years after St.

A piece of land was purchased by Bishop Hills for Mr. King and his family at Cedar Plains, now Cedar Hill district. It was Mr. Ask the time in Jeddah. Saudi Arabia, and you get any of four different answers. Most of the people still use, ,the old Arab system, dating back to the days of the- Arabian Nights. Watches and clocks have to be leset each day. AS It. But as a route for trade and trade is essential to any , war effort—the- big ditch is getting more important by the For eight years in a row, canal traffic has pushed up J.

Quebec was wary In Saudi Arabia, make sure your wife is a good driver. They are kept there until the investigation is completed. United States. Democrais from Ihe uadi This would he only a token tional "Bible Belt" who woui iMssertinn of sovereignty, not vote for a Democrat wjm was also a Catholic. LOD Maurice Ollivier, who sug tries. But with committees ever named hy by the committee as imagin the nomination on the ground I the "coming of" oil wealth, there parliament failed to solve more alive and ingenious.

Nothing religion would grievously I L.. Part of the diffi damage the party. Liberal Hgion. Among the voters, he harems. Minister Louis St. These records are kept hy St. Luke's Church. Pender Street. Vancouver 4. The coffee shoot-; through the arr.

Henr4 Rourassa. Onesime Gag opposition to a change. Brunswick were heard from. If vou don't shake. Quebec was an obvious stumbling block. The French Astonishing other on the southern fron tiers, Saudi Bedouins some times rapture men of the enemy. P in "'controversy nor tional. But It was rejected in the a lage a. Q [ M8 effort. I'm not joking. All these wider applications. A rei'oni inventions and devices years ago the American — instant mashed potatoes, in- scholar George K.

By and large, thle inventions. Father Teilhard's ecclesiasti- of the fact that millions insist tastes better. So what? Road East. He didn't want tn hang around here and miss lunch at. The Accelerated Income Plan of All-Canadian Compound Fund han been creatid for this purpose For cxomple—if you hod invested ten thousand dollars in November ot you could have received one hundred dollars every month since then ond still hove hod o balance of over eleven thousand dollars.

George of George Investments your Future is all the time you have left! Victoria No obligation, of course. M Oswald. Kwwp Filled Service. We automatically refill your tank when your supply is low Trouble-free Meet: With Shell you get Somtor plus a special additive to keep your heating system at peak efficiency. His agument applied to five applications to export 6.

Con- bank. Both are excep like the Morris Oxford and Parted by May 1 and equip windshield washers to auto- tionallv good combinations. It sounds engine speeds. Overdrive Wolseley. All are designed by like a pretty attractive pack brings the ratio to 2. Wolseley 6 99 from England. Standard equipment includes inexplicable touch of light- ,j p a ] rf. The OAD p. The trunk fuel pumps. The front brakes it gains back in rid- easy to load. All j t j, a so very solid-feeling, to get at it. This is a true luxury car..

Doyle tor many years and have the j highest regard for his ability and integrity. Allegations and charges are easily made. He will take up hia new' post In April. ERIC A. Apparently Films also help and.

Forsyth- men can be arranged Smith writes from Hong Kong Privately sponsored trade with a few' tips on how to missions are one of the best break into the mainland means, provided they include market. China's system of state trading presents a special One of the B.

The state trading perts, Charles W. Repavments to suit. Mortgages and Agreements Purchased P. Bunks and 36 inch Stakes.

Spring return on all Stakes. M Spicer Transmissson. Government at Queens , Phone EV. This being so. Marquis at Redwood Park Motel Ltd. I Now I must speak out in hopes of helping my country. As a descendant of Cuban patriots my grand uncle A1 fredo Zayas was president of Cuba from to and another grand uncle.

Juan Bruno Zayas. It was. I believed, a of Commerce for his support glorious day for Cuba, of a Saanich plan to capture When it became more and now light industry.

Councillor Stanley MVphv. Pendray earlier was tary of the Cuban Federation quoted as saying. Saanich was of Labor and a longtime Com- on the right track in planning munist. Castro spoke. He sup discouraged establishment of porled Salvador instead of new' industries.

Castro called Coun. Science apparently has not ter and disintegrate. Birth Control in Report committer after committee in the annual defence briefings. The big question still 2. It would hdve to do all this in less than half an hour. Finley Carter, president of get it established for me.

Menlo Park. Eugene have a whole feeling of eat. Woodsworth explains. Second Look an overall study of U. Reports of bad behavior at home from work and attend; jto their own interests? It is the same two offences because of had thing for working and playing associates, but if these chil together. Victoria Police Chief lice officer Lyle. John Blackstock complains.

Cumulative Sick Leave with pay; Insurance Benefits. Liberal Retirement Plan. For those who so desire promotion to high tchnol grades and administrate e posts granted through competitive examination. Starring Lloyd Powell Ptantst of outstanding ability. He's great! Continuous attitude of sarily reflect those of any l resentment, hostility and dis- member. Backache and feel which thov are and act ac- old.

FBI One driver who was attacked director. Later he married her. The lead is one-sixteenth of an inch thick, and is sold with a liner which is removed be- I fore sticking to the window.

Ceilings in the house, convention at Apalachin. W ith the exception of the bod- a lynching or two down south, room wing, follow the slope and the uncovering of labor 0 f the roof.

There Is space in racketeering. That did not square feet and the exter. Working drawings. Roman Robak. Robak was traced to Toronto through a radio ap peal from Haifa, Israel, where records at the Nazi war crimes census centre hack his claim as the sole survivor of the horror camp at Belzec. He claims he saw 1. He was kept alive to build stoves in the buildings of camp person nel. When his guard fell asleep. Somehow the wrong 'he proper lamps for every oc- lamp can totally ruin a room.

Another member of the executive said They said the starts would probably be about There should he low. This can be caused strutted from standard plans from a lighting fixture with used all across Canada, a naked bulb. But it is more The contract is expected to commonly the fault of a lamp be awarded soon, shade that is not deep enough The new post Office will be to cover the bulb sathat. Park EV. Called rondelays loan, j or rondelles. Joubert said eludes nine multicolored, the government "will probablv fused glass disks, a brass tinkles gently as the rondelles enter the picture" if the I chain and inch wall exten touch each other.

Pearlies Hopeful U. Canadian authorities have been reported hesitant about approaching the U. Pearkes said it would be "very nice" If the U. The discs rondelles linked together with The rondelles are In colors are of rose, blue, deep purple, the orange red, green and yellow. I kJ'J J!

I— i Sash, wvtod. Doors of all types Millwork. When Everybody Works! Everybody Benefits! VWtoria Sawmill Division! S raarlrtj lira ting Furnace Mr. Next summer we may not have time for a job like this.

It will pay you to do it now. Issued by authority of tht Af muter of Labour, Canada H. VUU our showroom an J inspect the Mlrarlc klli. Oet our eatinutte! Call EV Pampas Grass is difficult to grow from seed. It is. April is the best time for this. Burn over the old clump first with a quick flash fire to clean It up. Cut inward with a small handsaw or a bread knife with a serrated edge, taking out a chunk like a piece of pie.

All Clematis vines are not pruned in the same way. Your two vines. Nellie Moser and The President, may both be pruned now. Beyond this. Nellie Moser should also have the thin tips of the shoots shortened by about three inches only, while The President should have about two-thirds of last year's extension growth taken off.

The true cacti will stand still, making no growth at all during the winter, and can get along with only one good watering every third week. Nanaimot—Rosa hugonis is a lovely thing, making a big bush about six feet tall and the same width.

It demands a well drained soil, not too rich, and performs best if it is not pruned at all except for the removal of dead or diseased wood. While it will grow in partial shade, it flowers much more profusely in full sun. These are aap-suekers which fasten themselves to the plant like limpcls or barnacles and are very difficult to kill, owing to the protection of their shell-like covering.

The more seriously affected leaves should he taken off and burnt. Other readers should not confuse scale hugs with the harmless fern spore cases, which are also brown or rust-colored dots. These, however, never appear on the stems, hut are always in perfectly regular patterns on the backs of the leaflets. ME DID? Watson of Ottawa, better communications and tigation of space itself. Watson said, of the general staff. Winnipeg through the man in space pro scientific probers, but you branch.

Our instru science the same shove that; Scientists have made new irents have eyes, but they still human conflict gave it in the discoveries in the fields of are very crude eyes. Watson warned. Mama Gabor is Down Under to visit relatives. AAA Boyd, by the way. David Cameron. Hildegnrde says she will fight the accusations.

Womter what happened to her contract with 20tti Century Fox? AAA It's getting faster. David Wayne flew in for a G. F show. Call me ship to shore. Susan, seems to be working The senior Chaplin asked them to bring their baby for a visit. They brought the baby to Chaplin's home in Switzerland and remained. Marlon Brando. Her career is picking up.

I thought that Brando could have used a make up man and a barber for his last appearance in the. Santa Monica court. Switzerland, writes about the marvellous weather and perfect skiing, wish-you were- here sort of thing. Next movie for Jurgens is "The Royal Game.

Canada is. Nor do i you understand Nationalist j China, or the Asian mentality. Rental- lie roar akin Look better fan President Chiang himself its A trade mission in the p, ova i U we were to recog- Phillipines is our only eon. But recogni. Victoria 11 Sunday, Jon. Uttered , end basically untrue? It is here to stay, and it is already having an effect. One is the familiar comic opera ver won of political primitivism and economic fossilization.

PPIt - A taxi ,hat the stufr thp y turn oul this small stuff around. For when the taximan said; tourists are learning howl much to tfp. John and St. I mention only a few- of St. Croix and St. Thomas issued to visitors on presents- those who have done well out each have about ISO miles of tion of Canadian or U. H6 Toronto Arizona's Haasayampa River has to have water pumped in before the residents, of Wickenhurg can hold their annual gold rush days.

So dry is the Harrayampa River bed. The frontier mining town Iof Wickenburg. AS ST. Ha has all the details on.

Your pleasure is your travel agent's business, so see him early and often. The Round-Up Club hauls in gold bearing gravel and even pipes in water for the occasion. At the appointed hour. While in the area, tourists often take in a number of ghost towns, mineral hot springs, rock hunting locales, a copper mine and the Shrine of St. A Holiday l levs. July 3, and regularly thoreoftor to Soutt'Ampton. Lo Hovro and Rotterdam.

Lo Havre and Rotterdam. AtoerMy loA ' o pi By ha popular. Government Inspected for your protection. Whole—Average 2! Lr'onomhDl for soups or stews, lb. Refreshing for breakfast, lunch or dinner. WTHi Bos. Aldridge won two- weeks.

Sinclair AmHl. Flyers, beaten twice in ' Seattle and once in Van streak to six games and their couver and Victoria, were unbeaten streak to seven by held to a 4 4 tie by the Comets knocking off the Stampeders, in Spokane last night.

Warriors, heading nowhere It was hp ifth timp War. Ri-mda 'iviMier. Ri-swlai I trJ them within six points of the Flyers, who have played two extra games.

Ken Venturi has accused B. Parry O'Brien. World their tempo in the third lead over Gene Littler going shotput record Saturday with series hero larry Sherry period. Leonard had 70 Saturday. Lnng Rrarn. They play off today. Scotland Satur day with victories over Dum bartonshire and Lanarkshire. Victoria's F. Brown in the Dum bartonshire match. He II J. KanrHy Peter held i. Robert Blower of Pol iinam. John breaststroke event. Previous '? W 7 Calfm' IS 01 H. Time was 1.

Greater Vtclori. Skimp William, of Ch-maimis n Hoy. Gordie Wood had two tries ] 10 - they were very much ors shared the S. Satur- saders while George Wilson "day was Ron Reimer who had a convert. Bob Park. Cozier added two converts.

Riser with two goals. Junior men s game. Brodies opened Province Cup play on a winning j note Saturday afternoon by coming from behind to edge Canadian Scottish in overtime at Royal Athletic! Saturday's game was the initial Province Cup game on Vancouver Island and the win gave Brodies a berth in second-round play next weekend. Ab Travis and Ken Hib- bert tied the game for Brodies 15 minutes later.

Hamilton scored on a blistering penalty kick from 20 yards out. Antol Major added an in- ' stirance goal for Brodies with four minutes lemaining in the 30 Yninute overtime period. A pair of Province Cup: games are scheduled today. Detroit, entering the T r Montreal 44 l etr.

Hull 'Hay. Murphy St Laurent. Hanna 10 IS. Free tickets for those 15 and under must lie picked up before Feb. Rill Hay and Murray 4 iv-mii keuv -Hale? I-eeds in English soccer Saturday. United downed Chelsea 3 1 and With playing fields muddy Leicester City defeated -New from heavy rains, all four c as, l p United Smith, a centre forward.

Second place Burnley played Traditional rivals. Aimy and 10 a scoreless draw with West Navy, play in the opening Bromwich Albion game at 7. Only two weeks Among the underdogs. Luton remain in league play. Saturday but only four of 16 matches were postponed. Lndy Olivier. BUI Wheeler.

David Flah ' Total 4 Majeattr A 0. Toiai 3. Britannia Legnai 0. GokHhury Jerry 3 D. Paul Louie. Tom Krlm.

Jerry Horne 2 Hury Kutenbeek. Hav R. Total 7. Preatun N K 1 Blackburn R. Shefiicld Uxlnewlay 2. Oelaca 1. Leeds l niied 3. Fulham 1 Manchester City 1. Sunderland t Cat did City 4. Aston Villa 1. Middlesbrough J. Charlton Athletir 0 Swanaea Town 1. Newport Countv X Bury 2. Port Vale J. Southend United L Wrexham 1. TTanmere Rosers 0. York Uilv 1. Swindon T. Crewe Alexandia 2. Kilmarnock 4 Dunletmluse Athletic u. Rangers X Hibernian 5.

Clvde 5 Part if k Thiatle 1. Motherwell X St Mirren 3. Brechin Cily i. Ratlvmena United 4. Coleraine 1. LinfleW 1. Dtstillen 3 Por'ad'wn 1 Olenioratf 3 Sawchuk s left. Ibiif ird 11 24 2 Boston. Staaiulo Scoring Leaders Horvath. Montreal krpstrong ft. V R H Richard Montreal. Sawchuk ended with 34 stops, two more than Plante. For Cars and Trucks Wa do thaa taal and aconomtca. Second place Maroons were edgt'd by Myers. Midget a. All Star prartire. See his sunglasses. See his sun-tan lotion.

See his sport shirt. See the Chamber of Commerce pamphlet in his hand. The Tourist follows the seagulls to Victoria every summer. The Tourist likes Victoria. We are polishing our new cars. We are proud of our new cars. NHA terms will put the home you want within your reach. Yes, we mean right away. J Sixth Rare - CS.

Sundiv Ou. Green I'm DclD. Time l. Ale- ran Vflrtaugh. Towing: EV 2. When Vickery builds your home you get a better home for less, and you get a hUrher NHA mortgage because your home is appraised higher. Janos was an industrious BoUBCD from the block, and young man preparing for the abound it as it dangles in the ministry of the Reformed air.

T "l High-starch dishes fake the All too frequently, enthusi- place of high-protein foods. And the protein obtained from] to their way of eating, others 1 lentils, legumes- soybeans and j whose health may actually be nuts is neither a complete pro-j endangered by this low-protein tein nor ample enough to' diet, and who have no strong counterbalance all the pure religious convictions to pre starches eaten to satisfy vent their adopting a more hunger.

It is to Actually. The Vancouvcr-born dancer announced Friday she will not rejoin the group next week. It was reported she wanted her mother brought from British C olumbia for the Job. J tria and were intent upon rul- ness. This principle should the intensity of which depends also be applied to your exer- upon the type of course you cise program whenever, for piay. A good one. The walking done is not! Not Sudden really fast enough to be bene- Whenever possible It Is keep fit.

Witt has his church and t,.. Others, were by now being de-; -. Janos, the Agile One. Thp Mme a , walk ly business 1 liked. Now fam table foods, plus milk milk pro- merely non meat eaters. Since lng Ulp a ast. SUrt are climbed and plenty of work those eating nothing except vitamins, in concentrated form. Also on hand. Reproduction: excel- digested protein food and is cereals in your daily meals.

To shun it Using skim milk powder Then. However, it is a plus! When the Russians moved him. It s next to impossible ioi an day.

PTAsto Hear J. Tennis: One of the better ac- versitv of Prague was one of ablv won t be listed in future World War: a period that is if yo u do not touch flesh yet be well npurished. Jerry Bock, words by Sheldon include ample quantiities of quite so young heart. Tuesday in the school cafeteria. Judge J. The Russians were, in -t. Janos reappeared in the midst of the new stability, humbly employed with re sponsihility for radio and w'hat not of that order.

Is Rising Names but all do their work with zest and confidence. Patricia Wilson. Howard da Silva and Nathaniel Frey. Good, clear sound throughout. Jack and Mary Love began a journey that has become one ash blond wife was 23 years The only tip Scotland Yard older. He said a man mums, parliamentarian, ex found. HI -'. II Bur, ud. United States also shivered "The travelogue business has from the Rockies eastward.

Small congenial Private Country Hotel. Excellent catering, terms moderate. W Sow by, M. Toronto 7. Cooocfo Airline Training Division. Atlantic Airline Electronic Schools Ltd. Music Show Wed. I Approximately two dozen entries are expected. Ulni book. Cowtchan High School, Duncan, 8. SI, Feb. Slat and 8. Illustrated Admission 29c members free 3 Thursday. Friday 12 30 — Recorded Concert. In addition to the five my real name is Julius Henry that he was overwhelmed by brothers - Chico, Harpo.

Gummo and Zeppo. The original reason I was our part and hinted that my In the order of our age there tagged with this name was future a rosy one- was lr- were mv mother and father Pretty logical, but like most revocably linked with his. Two weeks later he moved I?! He had a time went by. Uncle Julius was in the Mr. Boulez is at tne lop or aDDraiM ], wpro ahou. One day, when my birth seemed inevitable, he said. There is quite a bit of flut-' Feb.

Eleanor Duff. Lorraine Brand. There are only two In the cast. Marilyn Armstrong and Gordon Courtenay. Director it Dorothea House. His name was Shean.

Gallagher; Peaker. Ralph KendaU. I wanted to be a Cliff Clarke and Alan Robert-1doctor. Victor Mitchell directs. Feature 1. Sir till 2 p. For example, when my uncle came to visit had long hair down his neCk. The show betw een the public wharf and. Forest Products Ltd. Both are at 8. On Jan. On Feb. What morel could any lad want? DOORS 7. Tu Iwl. Tht stroon has fhriflad you with crut mo- mints in oourtroam dramas. Oiympir sk. Krmy n. New York Herald-Tribane.

Togoland-in April, Madagascar soon after. Italian Somaliland gains independence in July and Nigeria on Oct 1. Tanganyika will be largely self-governing, British Somaliland will have an elected native majority. Sierra Leone and Bechuanaland will be on the threshold of inde pendence or local rule. Seething T urmoil Ail Over Algeria rumbles with talk of open rebellion.

Jacques Massu as commandant of Algiers. A conference in Brussels on the Belgian Congo's future stalls over what It is supposed tc do. Ten othgr African nations already are independent. In some of these. Algeria- like problems could arise in the far future. But the African revolution of means that, for the first time, the majority of Af ricans will control the attack on these problems themselves, and stand or fall on their own.

Before the year is out. France has conceded the principle of independence to the huge Mali Federation. Mauretania is expected to follow next month, Dahomey in March, Dramatic Spring Fashion Accessories Shown are Just a very few from our exciting collection. Thirteen policemen already have been arrested. A CA Pair Z. Three- button dressmaker classic with innovations the back, banded, buttoned and slightly bloused.

Sleeves are lightly tapered to wrist length. The Jewellery Reflecting the sparkle of spring. K, Designed to lift the spirits of any woman who wears it. Second Floor Bracelet, Earrings, Jewellery. Tall and slim with gleaming brass fittings, leather and satin linings. For some reason — still un-.

Bosuns piped, officers and men snapped to, attention and the television cameras whirred. There is a style and size designed especially to suit your figure The Umbrella A crucial accessory for northwest spring weather. Groin p- i a a I length garment with double I J I adjustment at back. He saw no damage where the right-of-way was located, he added. Oak Bay would support such a rink, but has no room for!

Crowded conditions at Memorial Arena have led to a situation in which there are more demands for ice time than there is time to rent, and Esquimalt.

Happy 30th birthday to Eric Dieter on his special day Sept. Happy 70th birthday to John Anthony Habeck Sr. Happy 7th birthday to Jackson Reed on his special day Sept. This project may impact businesses and residents in the service area.

CCU, Public Works and the contractors would like to address any questions that the public in the area may have as the project progresses. A meeting is planned to discuss what the project entails, what to expect as the construction is completed, and also offer an opportunity for individual questions with the experts from CCU, Public Works and OwenAmes-Kimball. The meeting will be held from 4 p. The public is encouraged to attend this informational meeting.

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Heises celebrate 65 years Happy wedding anniversary to our parents, Carl and Eleanor Heise, who celebrated their 65th anniversary Saturday, Sept. They were also blessed with six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. The Organized Mind, by Daniel J.

Resers celebrate 65 years Mr. Leon J. Reser, of Rotonda West, Fla. Leon Lee J. Reser, son of Lee Reser and Lucille K. Reser settled in Bucyrus, Ohio and opened Lees Shoes, which is still in business today. Lee and Ann retired to Florida in after raising seven kids and serving the Bucyrus community and Holy Trinity Catholic Church for 55 years. They are active residents of the Rotonda West area and still serve their community and church families. Countless extended family wish Ann and Lee a most happy anniversary.

Volunteers are needed for this years cleanup on Sept. To register, contact the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center at In the idyllic parks and preserves that connect to Lemon Bay, trash can often be found tucked among the roots of mangrove trees and along the shorelines, says Bobbi Rodgers.

Rodgers, the environmental resources manager of the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center, needs the communitys help to do something about it. The biannual Great American Cleanup, which takes place during the fall and spring of each year, is a way for Englewood to help remove the accumulated debris in these parks.

The event will be held from 9 a. Refreshments and trash bags will be provided. People who register are not obligated to stay for all three hours, Rodgers explained. Rodgers estimated the event has been held for about 10 years. She described it as a real social thing, noting that volunteers often meet like-minded people for the rst time. Rodgers said that both groups and individuals are common, and local families with kids, the Boy Scouts and the Charlotte Harbor Parrotheads Jimmy Buffet devotees often turn out.

Volunteers unfamiliar with some of the trails are given the chance, in her words, to see new environments and explore what the parks have to offer. Rodgers said kayakers use it as a chance to do an outing while cleaning up. Most of the debris that is picked up comes from local waterways, she explained. Rodgers said little of the problem has to do with careless disposal of trash on the inland ground or in wooded areas.

People take pride in their parks, and its the parks that immediately border the waterways that have the problem, like Oyster Creek, she said. Typical items deposited along the shores of creeks and inlets include bottles, foam cups and other items lost by boating parties, like seat cushions. Occasionally, unusually large items are found that have been dumped into the bay, like washing machine components and car bumpers. Rodgers said that she will submit data about the location of trash items to the Ocean Conservancy, a national nonprot agency with an ofce in St.

The agency calculates where the debris originated, such as from boat trafc or water runoff, said Rodgers, and then deter mines what audience needs to be reached to increase awareness. Sometimes, though, the stuff that washes up isnt trash. Rodgers related an incident in the past in which a message-in-a-bottle was recovered by volunteers. The message was from a Dutch girl who was visiting Floridas east coast.

Rodgers said the girl still corresponds with the Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center. The event is part of a national cooperative effort of the same name orchestrated by Keep America Beautiful, a nonprot that engages some 20, communities each year and includes an estimated 4 million volunteers, according to its website, www.

The shelter uses Purina brand dog chow, puppy chow, cat chow and kitten chow, but would be grateful for any brand of dry food.

Some of the cats need Purina brand lamb and rice formula cat food as well. Bring all donations to the shelters adoption building. All donations are tax-deductible, and a receipt may be provided upon request at the front desk. Internal Medicine Bethany L. Walden, Au. High SchoolFootballCheck out ourcoverageevery..

J'Wednesday,Friday, Saturdayand Sunday. Warren Buffett betrays America! Now, todays headline is pretty catchy alright! But the inferences that companies who adopt corporate inversions to reduce their U. Burger King isnt even an American company, having been acquired by a Brazilian conglomerate four years ago. But U. People should know the much-criticized exodus of corporate headquarters in America is the direct result of our government having the highest corporate tax rate on earth, and this departure trend has accelerated signicantly in recent years.

It will continue to do so until our Congress restructures our obscenely inequitable tax structure. Then foreign companies will move to the U. By the way, Buffetts loyalty to America is fully intact.

His Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate of some companies contributes an enormous percentage of U. S tax dollars. And one more point: Buffetts job is not to make money for the U. His job is to create increasing value for Berkshire shareholders.

And hes done a darn good job of it over the past 50 years. Not its chief use, shielding a dress from stains. I remember the one Grandma wore. It was something more: It was a handy pot holder when hot things needed to be moved from the stove. It was a hand warmer when it was cold. It was good for wiping sweat from a brow accustomed to a life of hard work.

It was a basket for garden vegetables when harvesting began. It was an instant bag for carrying eggs from the chicken coop into the house. When unexpected company came to the front door because everyone else used the back one , it was a duster that cleaned up faster than humanly possible. It was a good hiding place for when company came and you felt shy. In a pinch it was a washcloth to clean muddy faces and dirty ears. It was a hanky for drying up your tiny tears.

No microwave or K-Cup or piece of technology can ever replace the feelings of home, comfort and love that the memory of that apron brings. I remember it when I put on my own apron. And when I cook for my little girl. Grandma is long gone but her memory is near when I gaze at my daughter. They look alike, somehow. And now, I have given her a tiny apron her very own. Kathy Y. OBrien Rotonda WestTired of paying for fancy trucks, etc. Editor: Here we go again. The Englewood Fire Department wants another higher tax assessment.

Thats a huge amount of money for a handful of men and equipment. And they want more? Im so sick of seeing fancy re department cars, trucks, equipment and buildings. Especially when I think of the wonderful volunteer reghters that we all loved and respected. Now I see them and I think more overpaid government workers, greedy unions, special retirement and medical programs. Put all government workers on Social Security and Obamacare like we are forced to get.

Better yet, we have plenty of good ol Florida boys in their trucks that would make a great volunteer re department and cut taxes majorly. Why am I so mad? I own a tiny mobile home park with 30 tiny homes and eight tiny efciencies and the re tax part of our taxes are higher than all our ad-valorem taxes combined.

We are charged like large homes with attached garages, etc. Whenever I call for help, the re department tells me to sell my park. What would these poor people do? We are the lowest rent around and they must go to Helping Hand for that. Truth is, we are more likely to lose our homes to taxes than re. Barb Green EnglewoodLocal business gets high marksEditor: With the hurricane season being uppermost in everyones mind, I thought it would be a good time to tell the folks about AADisaster Restoration Inc.

Unfortunately, I have been plagued by water and mold problems. Not knowing who to turn to, I called our local chamber and they gave me several names.

I called AAD and it was the best call I ever made. Owner Kevin Koch and his crew came immediately, found the problem and went to work, along with my plumber Tony. Walls, rugs, clothes, furniture and anything else in the path of destruction was removed and the work began. Clothes went to the Green Cleaners who did a fantastic job, huge fans were in place, what could not be salvaged was taken away. Several weeks later every thing came together, thanks to the expertise of Chris, Bobby and several others.

I cannot say enough about their work ethic. Above reproach! You can call this company with complete condence. Barbara Joseph Port CharlottePresident Barack Obamas first-term foreign policy was epitomized by success in fulfilling his campaign promise to end the U. Special Forces killing of Osama bin Laden. Obamas second term, however, seems increasingly exemplified by last years withdrawn promise to bomb Syria for using chemical weapons and his all-too-public inability to develop and implement a strategy to halt the advance of the transnational Islamic State.

For many critics, Obama had it wrong from the start. By completing the Iraq withdrawal started by former President George W. Bush, extending it to Afghanistan and minimizing any U. But Obamas initial steps met the American peoples expectations and displayed an appropriate purpose: reducing the over-commitments of the Bush years.

The turning point came last year after Syria President Bashar al-Assad, beset by civil war, crossed Obamas red line when he used chemical weapons against his countrys civilians. That action killed nearly 1, people, including more than children. After vowing a strong response, Obama undercut his promise by deciding to seek support from a reluctant, divided Congress backing that never came. Though Americans seemingly accept the presidents innate caution in some areas, such as his response to Russias aggression against Ukraine, his wavering on how to deal with Syria and counter the rise of the Islamic State has damaged public perception of his foreign policy performance.

The problem may well be the sharp contrast between Obamas ability to implement goals on which he campaigned and his difficulty in coping with complex new developments that require U. Complicating his calculus have been the political missteps of Iraqi leaders, whose persistent sectarianism helped spur the rise of the Islamic State, and complex changing events that may prevent him from lowering the U.

Please keep them to less than words. Letters will be edited to length as well as for grammar and spelling. All letters must be signed with full name not initials. An address and telephone number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month.

The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse, and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of the individual writers. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these letters.

Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at letters sun-herald. Not exactly a chamber of commerce sentence, but it is far better to be informed of potential marine misadventures than to pretend theyre not out there. A report this week from the Charlotte County Department of Health about a third case of a waterborne bacterial infection follows Julys fatal infection in Sarasota County, one of two cases reported there that month.

A second victim died earlier this summer in Lee County. The culprit is Vibrio vulnicus, a mouthful of a name for a microscopic organism that thrives in our warm, salty water. While many people are exposed to the bacteria, but dont develop symptoms, it is typically more dangerous for those with compromised immune systems, Ana Scuteri, a Department of Health epidemiologist, told Sun media partner WINK-TV.

Symptoms of a Vibrio vulnicus infection include vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pains. For those with compromised immune systems as a result of liver or kidney disease or diabetes, additional symptoms could include fever and chills, low blood pressure, redness, swelling and blisters on the skin. Typically the virus enters the body through open cuts or scrapes, but it can also be transmitted by eating raw shellsh.

Theres no reason folks shouldnt enjoy our balmy waters this time of year, but everyone should be aware of any cuts that may become infected and get yourself treated if you notice the symptoms associated with Vibrio vulnicus.

Harbour Heights Park project moving forwardWhile the completion of several park projects around the county hinges on the passage of the local option sales tax extension in November, several improvements are already in the pipeline, including at Harbour Heights Park. More than a year ago, county staff held a series of outreach meetings in the community.

Last week, the window closed for potential bidders to perform the work. The outreach effort and investment commitment in Harbour Heights stands in sharp contrast to complaints raised earlier this week that the county wasnt investing enough in the community, prompting some to say they wouldnt support the sales tax extension.

Its important for people in the community to make such decisions based on facts not perception. The fact is Harbour Heights is about to get a major makeover of its signature park.

The park upgrades will include tennis court resurfacing, parking lot expansion and improvements, a recongured storm water system to alleviate ooding and a shufeboard court realignment, according to county parks director Tommy Scott. A separate project to improve and expand the existing boat ramp is also underway, with notices sent to prospective bidders interested in the ramp job, he said. All of the work is currently funded through the countys capital improvements budget.

We commend the county staffers and Harbour Heights civic groups for working together to address issues at the park. The progress serves as a reminder that the best way to get things accomplished in any neighborhood is to participate in ongoing public outreach efforts.

Informed citizens make for vibrant communities. What this means, he hasnt spelled out in great specicity. Presumably fewer beheadings. A slower pace of Western recruiting. Fewer genocidal threats against embattled minorities.

A downgrading of the caliphate to a mini-state, or merely a large swath of territory in Syria and Iraq. Vice President Joe Biden says, We will follow them to the gates of hell. The president himself? He says it will be degraded to the point where it is no longer the kind of factor that weve seen it being over the last several months. Put to the rhythms of Winston Churchills famous call to arms in Parliament in June , the Obama posture is, We shall degrade you, we shall lessen you as a factor, we shall make you manageable, we shall hope that the attention of this great continental nation turns to something else soon.

What we have been witnessing the past few weeks is the intellectual collapse of Obamas foreign policy, accompanied by its rapid political unraveling. The hoary hawkish cliches about the stakes in Iraq repeated over and over again by Sens.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham through the years have proved correct. In , McCain argued that if we failed in Iraq, these people will try to follow us home and the region will erupt to a point where we may have to come back or we will be combating what is now, to a large degree, al-Qaida.

And so it is that seven years later, we are bombing Iraq as we battle an offshoot of al-Qaida amid fears that the terrorists will attack us here at home. It is not that the latest events in Iraq and Syria necessarily vindicate a rigorously McCainite foreign policy. But events have vindicated the surge that devastated the forerunner of ISIS and demonstrated the folly of Obamas total pullout from Iraq. The strife-torn Middle Eastern country for which the dont do stupid stuff doctrine has been most consistently applied is Syria.

Yet, in a country of roughly 22 million people, nearly 10 million are refugees or internally displaced, roughly , have been killed, and ISIS has established a base from which to launch operations in Iraq. This is not only a humanitarian catastrophe but a disaster for our interests, and more and more people are recognizing it as such. The political worm has turned so completely that even Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, the strictest of noninterventionists, now supports war in Iraq and Syria.

The most prominent gure who is out of step with this new zeitgeist is President Obama. The other day, he explained that things arent as bad as they seem because social media is amplifying events. He has gone from blaming Bush to blaming Instagram. Does anyone really believe that if we were reading about a radical terror group of unspeakable savagery sweeping through the Middle East in the print editions of newspapers instead of on Twitter it would seem any less alarming?

The social-media excuse is another evasion by a president who wants to avoid speaking too forthrightly about the threat of ISIS, lest he commit himself to the forceful action necessary to defeat it. When the only tool you have is a hammer, President Obama has said of President Bushs alleged approach to the world, every problem looks like a nail.

By the same token, when the only tool you have is retreat, every problem looks manageable. Rich Lowry is the editor of the National Review. Readers may reach him at comments. The collapse of Obamas foreign policy Rich Lowry What is it that makes a powerful faction in our body politic demand tight money even in a depressed, low-ination economy? On Thursday, the European Central Bank announced a series of new steps it was taking in an effort to boost Europes economy.

There was a whiff of desperation about the announcement, which was reassuring. Europe, which is doing worse than it did in the s, is clearly in the grip of a deationary vortex, and its good to know that the central bank understands that. But its epiphany may have come too late.

Its far from clear that the measures now on the table will be strong enough to reverse the downward spiral. And there but for the grace of Bernanke go we. Things in the United States are far from OK, but we seem at least for now to have steered clear of the kind of trap facing Europe. One answer is that the Federal Reserve started doing the right thing years ago, buying trillions of dollars worth of bonds in order to avoid the situation its European counterpart now faces.

You can argue, and I would, that the Fed should have done even more. But Fed ofcials have faced erce attacks all the way. Pundits, politicians and plutocrats have accused them, over and over again, of debasing the dollar, and warned that soaring ination is just around the corner.

The predicted surge in ination has never arrived, but despite being wrong year after year, hardly any of the critics have admitted being wrong, or even changed their tune. And the question Ive been trying to answer is why. What is it that makes a powerful faction in our body politic call it the deation caucus demand tight money even in a depressed, low-ination economy?

One thing is clear: Like so much else these days, monetary policy has become very much a partisan issue. Its not just that talk of dollar debasement comes pretty much exclusively from the right of the political spectrum; ination paranoia has, to a remarkable extent, become a matter of conservative political correctness, so that even economists who should know better have joined in the chorus.

So we can focus the question fur ther: Why do people on the right hate monetary expansion, even when its desperately needed? One answer is the power of truthiness Stephen Colberts justly famed term for things that arent true but feel true to some people.

The Fed is printing money, printing money leads to ination, and ination is always a bad thing is a triply untrue statement, but it feels true to a lot of people. And, yes, a tendency to prefer truthiness to more complicated truth is and pretty much always has been associated with political conservatism, and this tendency is especially strong in an era when leading politicians get their monetary theory from Ayn Rand novels.

Another answer is class interest. Ination helps debtors and hurts creditors, deation does the reverse. And the wealthy are much more likely than workers and the poor to be creditors, to have money in the bank and bonds in their portfolio rather than mortgages and credit-card balances outstanding. Back in the Gilded Age, the elite mobilized en masse to defeat William Jennings Bryan, who threatened to take the United States off the gold standard; campaign spending as a percentage of GDP was far higher in than in any presidential election before or since.

Are the wealthy similarly mobilized against easy-money policies today? As far as I know, we dont have rigorous evidence to that effect. There are certainly a lot of wealthy investors in the debasing-the-dollar crowd, but we dont know for sure how representative they are and you could argue that big investors should like the Feds expansionary policies, which have been very good for the stock market.

But the wealthy may not trust that connection, in part because the inflationary s were very bad for stocks. And we do know that the very wealthy are much more likely than the general public to consider budget deficits our biggest problem, even though fiscal austerity is probably bad for profits.

So perceived class interest is probably also a key motivation for the defla tion caucus. A side note: Europes wealthy arent as wealthy or inuential as their U.

And the important thing to understand is that the dominance of creditor interests on both sides of the Atlantic, supported by false but viscerally appealing economic doctrines, has had tragic consequences.

Our economies have been dragged down by the woes of debtors, who have been forced to slash spending. To avoid a deep, prolonged slump, we needed policies to offset this drag. What we got instead was an obsession with the evils of budget decits and paranoia over ination and a slump that has gone on and on.

He can be reached via www. An obsession of budget deficits Paul Krugman profile. He lucked out when an inadvertent statement by Secretary of State John Kerry led to an unexpected agreement in which Assad turned over his chemical weapons to international monitors. But Obama gained very little from the low-key way he achieved his goal because, in the face of his not carrying out the attacks he pledged, the brutal Syrian civil war was dominating U.

At several points, Obama has hurt himself with seemingly undisciplined comments that enhanced the perception of a president unwilling or unable to lead. That remark has led to substantial grief for Obama, though for mer Pentagon official Lawrence Korb recently noted in The National Interest that the term could also fit the way President Franklin D.

Roosevelt and President Dwight D. Eisenhower sometimes dealt with international issues. In August , Obama established the red line during a lengthy answer about a possible strategy in Syria, declaring a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. Assad crossed it, but drew no U.

Last week, Obama created further uncer tainty in answering a question about possible congressional approval for air attacks against the Islamic State. I dont want to put the cart before the horse, he said.

We dont have a strategy yet. While the Middle East policy challenges are great and not easily resolved, those six words hardly helped.

Obamas comments Wednesday in Estonia were far more coherent, though he left unclear whether his ultimate goal is to degrade or destroy the Islamic State. His strong rhetoric doesnt always fit his cautious actions. Like other presidents, Obama has encountered difficulty from problems not easily foreseen at the outset.

Historys judgment may depend more on his reaction to the unexpected than his implementation of the expected. Readers may reach him at cleubsdorf dallasnews. PleaC,',L FAn. Midway Boulevard, between U. Charges: driving with a suspended or revoked license and violation of probation original charge: DUI.

Bond: none. Charge: battery. Charge: possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Charge: failure to appear original charges: possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Zachary Allen Knapp, 24, block of Burland St.

Charge: failure to appear original charges: possession of less than 20grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Randy Charles Hunter, 63, block of Lakeview Blvd. Charges: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and burglary of a dwelling or conveyance while armed. Jerome Edward Saxe, 56, block of Countryman Ave. Charge: DUI. Verna Lee Rossi, 42, block of Cochran Blvd. Deshawn Anthony Bond, 20, block of Cabaret St. Charges: three counts of violation of probation.

Chad Allen Ackerman, 30, block of Catherine Ave. Courtney Diana Marx, 18, block of Stillwater Ave. Charge: petty theft. Helen Marie Samuels, 51, block of Harbour Ave. NW, Port Charlotte.

David Oliver Traumann, 41, block of League St. Michael Joseph Lyons, 51, homeless of Port Charlotte. Charge: disorderly intoxication. Jessica Marie Haller, 23, block of Moncrief Ave. Charge: failure to appear original charge: tres passing. Charges: possession of harmful new legend drug without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license third of subsequent offense.

Justin Noah Valdes, 33, block of Mamouth St. Charge: felony battery or battery by strangulation. David William Faccadio, 39, of Bradenton. Charges: two counts of violation of probation original charges: possession of less than 20grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Glenn Allen Stapans, 29, of Venice. Charges: petty theft and resisting an officer or merchant during retail theft.

Melissa Suzanne Stelmack, 30, block of Joplin Ave. Charges: two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Charges: DUI and driving with a suspended or revoked license. Not every arrest leads to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system.

And everywhere they looked were the nest examples of home trends, craftsmanship and bargains available in the area. At Wanless Builders, the all-wood cabinets and countertops had drawn steady crowds all day, exhausting their supply of free pens, mugs and candy. Its been a really good show, Matt Wanless said. For more than 20 years the family business built custom homes up in Michigan, before moving their operation to Port Charlotte ve years ago, where three generations the elder Bruce, Matt and younger Isaac now do complete home remodeling, specializing in kitchens and baths.

And the wife does the bookkeeping, added Bruce, the founder. Matt said customers are interested in all types of wood cabinets, but oak is carrying this day.

The classic is coming back, he said. Eleanor Padilla and her husband, Victor, are looking for a kitchen counter and found a wide selection at Just Counters of Port Charlotte, including a granite countertop and price they can afford. When we walked in here, we had no idea how much it would cost. Now we know, said Eleanor of Englewood.

Its very reasonable. Consumers also found answers to their questions at Friendly Floors, a Port Charlotte landmark for more than a quarter-century.

There was lots to choose from and they were willing to work with you, said Nadine Schmoyer, who was shopping for oor tile for her PGI home.

And while there, she discovered something new: a wood-grain ceramic tile. I dont want it to look like dark wood, though, she said, choosing a lighter shade. Im just unpacking bins, he said. This is perfect timing for me. One job involves new ooring for his lanai and, he too, found the home show a learning experience.

At Sunstate Resurfacing, Greg Carlstrom explained how epoxy oor coatings add protection, durability and a fresh nish to driveways, pool decks and, yes, lanais. Although Reilly is a former housing inspector, and plans to do a lot of the home improvements himself, he wasnt aware of the wonders of epoxy. Its been a very good education, said Reilly, nodding toward Carlstrom. He knows his stuff. Email: groberts sun-herald.

That goal is closer to being realized. Between Sept. That means the center must comply with state-of-the-art, nationally accepted standards in areas such as policy and procedures, administration, training, personnel services, operations and critical incidents.

Between the hours of 2 p. Telephone comments are limited to 10 minutes, and must address the agencys ability to comply with the CALEA standards. For more information regarding the accreditation process, contact Professional Compliance Administrator Christine Goracke by email at accreditation ccso. Fishermens Village to hold fall festivalFishermens Village, W. Family-friendly festivities will include: Metamasque face painting from 10 a.

Salty Paws Wiener Dog Derby at a. Chris G performing live music from 2 p. Exhibitors and vendors throughout the village, featuring unique products and services. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, or to become a vendor, call Kathy Burnam at He is also the founder of the Universal Compassion Foundation, an animal rights activist, a past visiting global scholar in residence at Gonzaga University, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University.

There will be a lighting of remembrance candles, sharing of stories, your pets names read out loud during the ceremony, refreshments and a special gift.

For more information, call or visit www. Thomas Quigley, M. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance pl ans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal. Code: CS00 www.

Applicant must be a resident of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Ackerman Waterway Unit Advisory Committee is seeking six volunteers who must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit. Terms: five regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment.

Terms: two regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Terms: two regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Applicant must be a resident elector of the Unit and must provide a copy of their voter registration or similar proof of residency on the Island and reside in Zone 3 as shown on the district map.

Terms: one regular member to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Term: one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Term: one regular member to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment. Terms: one regular member to serve a threeyear term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment.

Terms: four regular members and one alternate member. The term lengths will be determined at the first regular meeting. Terms: one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. Terms: three regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment.

Terms: four regular members to serve a three-year term from the date of appointment and one alternate member to serve a two-year term from the date of appointment. South Burnt Store Street and Drainage Unit Advisory Committee is seeking one volunteer to serve as an alternate member for a two-year term from the date of appointment. Applicants must be residents of Charlotte County and reside within the Unit.

Enterprise Zone Development Agency is seeking one volunteer to serve a four year term. Volunteer must be employed by a Financial or Insurance entity located within the boundaries of the Enterprise Zone. Both terms are for three-years, they are effective Sept. Please contact Kathy Knee for an application form at or by email at: Kathy. Knee CharlotteFL. Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals is seeking the following volunteers: one general building contractor, one mechanical contractor, one architect, one member to serve as an alternate.

The alternate must be a licensed member of the construction industry. Terms are for three-years. Committee meets first and third Monday of each month at a. For an application call or email Joann. Dillon CharlotteFL. Affordable Housing Advisory Committee is seeking the following volunteers to serve: one residential home builder, one for-profit provider, one real estate professional. Terms are for threeyears.

The committee meets third Wednesday of each quarter. For an application, please call Joann Dillon at or email Joann. Childrens Services Council is seeking two volunteers, who must be a resident of Charlotte County and have maintained residency for 24 months.

The commissioners will nominate six names to the governor, and two will be selected by the governor for appointment. Lewis CharlotteFL. The track is only 10 yards long, so even the smallest dachshunds are encouraged to participate. Groups of 15 or more are eligible for a special rate. Tickets may be purchased at the centers information desk and theater box ofce, or online at www. For more information about The Petty Hearts, visit www. For more information about this event, call Unit 3, Punta Gorda, FL www.

Must present coupon. Not valid on prior purchases. Qi Shao A. C;a ro! Lowe of Port Charlotte, at p. She weighed 6pounds, 1ounce. Hazel Lynn Johnson, to Jamie A. Johnson of Englewood, at p. She weighed 7pounds, 0. He weighed 8pounds, 4ounces. She weighed 7pounds, 11ounces. He weighed 7pounds, 15ounces.

Charles Mac Adamson Donald Deackoff v. Kimberly Deackoff Nelson Gaura v. Laura Gaura Jane M. Hammitt v. Michael Hammitt James A. Lamb v. Leah C. Lamb Rhett C. Magnon v. Gayle M.

Magnon Tonya Grother McCandless v. Mahjong winners Sept. Contract Bridge winners Aug. Wednesday Double Deck Pinochle winners Sept. Friday Evening Bridge winners Aug. Friday Night Euchre winners Aug. Pinochle winners Aug. Isles Yacht Club Scrabble winners Aug. Duplicate Bridge winners Sept. The list has contact information for 32 volunteers, and is available at no cost. There are two ways to use this list: 1. Send an email request for the readers list to pgholmes comcast.

When you receive the list, you may contact the volunteer readers directly and ar range for them to visit your facility and read to the elderly in your care. Send an email request for volunteer readers to pgholmes comcast. Paul Holmes will then contact the volunteers and arrange for them to visit your facility. To use the list, email Paul Holmes at pgholmes comcast. B 1 S North of Kings Hwy. Ask Store Personnel For Details.

Development plans aboundAlso included in the newly acquired Murdock Village was parkland that the county already owned. It is this recreational asset, todays North Charlotte Regional Park, that remains the centerpiece of the property and is where baseball diamonds and soccer elds have taken root. One of the many proposals to develop Murdock Village is a plan to expand the baseball complex into a larger baseball training facility.

Touting the chance of bringing Ripken Baseball to Charlotte County is the basis of Economic Developments online appeal for suitors. But this optimistic outlook depends on making the area a true destination, with an accompanying family-friendly entertainment district, a proposal that repeatedly has been brought up before.

Murdock Village has never wanted for development plans. Bringing those ideas to fruition, however, has proven to be a much greater challenge. From the very beginning, in , developers sought a piece of the action, their project presentations as ambitious as their prot motives.

And there were other strategies set forth, many with detailed site plans. Most called for about 3, residential units and plenty of commercial, including a coveted town center. Another developer offered the county the opportunity to recoup its initial investment in nine years.

Others just opened their wallets and offered cash for the property. The possibilities seemed endless. That is, until the unforeseen souring of the economy derailed all aspirations. Then the market went out from underneath us, said Cummings, who served as commissioner from to Nobody anticipated the bubble would pop as quickly as it did.

Future potentialFast-forward to today, past a recession long and stagnant. Murdock Village continues to be a drain on county coffers. But with the economic turnaround comes new hope. Tom Patton, county Economic Development director, said his ofce is working with Enterprise Florida to nd national site consultants looking for big pieces of land to accommodate big projects.

Currently bound by non-disclosure agreements with different developers, Patton would not reveal specics but said timing, a longtime foe of Murdock Village, may nally work in the countys favor. Were just now getting into market conditions that war rant more interest in Murdock Village, Patton said.

As were coming out of the economic trough, we have a better chance of something happening now, and I expect those discussions to continue. And past proposals may still materialize. Enticing scenarios of a water park, entertainment district and commercial center could, once again, gain traction. Noting that Murdock Village already is located within the Charlotte County Enterprise Zone and the Murdock Community Redevelopment Area, Patton said the county is prepared to offer additional incentives to invite capital investment.

Another catalyst to develop the site is the recent acquisition of an Environmental Resource Permit, which provides preliminary environmental approvals for the area, facilitating future development. Normally, the ERP process can take up to two years for a developer to complete. County Commissioner Stephen R. Deutsch, a chief proponent of actively marketing the property, said the Southwest Florida Water Management District, which issued the permit, also indicated a willingness to be exible and work with the county to develop the site.

Its denitely a big plus that we have the ERP in place, Deutsch said. And its not cast in stone. With an improving economy, Deutsch is optimistic Murdock Village will eventually transition from a scal burden to a nancial boon. I think at some point in the future, Murdock Village can become a positive and one of our major economic engines, he said.

Former commissioner Cummings, who has tracked this issue from the start, is equally hopeful, but offers a note of caution for Deutsch and his commission colleagues. There will come a day when the community will be glad they have that property, if the commission resists the temptation to give it away, Cummings said.

Will they have the patience to wait for a good development, or will they sell out for the rst offer of smoke and mirrors? However, the plan, along with many others, would fall victim to the failing economy. Original bidders for the right to develop Murdock Village lauded the potential for the site.

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  2. Dolabar says:
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