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Flophouse Blues - C.J. Smith (2) - Cat Hairs (CD, Album)

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And I wish he hadn't reminded us. Finally, he's even compelled to assure There' 5 a race of men that don't fit in t A race that can't stay still; So they break the hearts of kith and kin, And they roam the world at will.

Vet, so smooth and flavorful, it's unlike any Canadian liquor you've ever tasted. Straight, mixed, or on the rocks, Yukon Jack is truly a spirit unto Itself. The movie as is belongs to kitkler, who reads between the lines.

The Hunter has pace, humor, humanity and rcc! It's the story of a man born to live in a frontier world that no longer exists, so he takes a pig chasing crooks around Chicago.. Then lie flies home exhausted to L. The Hunter 1 s chief plot gimmick is that the hunter is being hunted by one of the homicidal maniacs he sent back to jail. At times there seems to be more going on in this movie than director Buzz Kulik can comfortably handle, though he manages, and McQueen's sta- bilizing presence from episode to episode: helps a lot.

Mc Queen is what you mean when you call a man cool, yet The Hunter lias some charmingly unheroic human touches. Best of the current lot is Philippe de Br oca's lightweight Practice Makes Perfect, With Jean Roche fort starred in a stylish, trifling and spicy fable about a man who has a collection of delightful wom- en to complicate his life.

Annie Girar- dot r Danielle Darrieux, Nicole Garcia and winsome Catherine Alric top the list of past and present wives, mistresses or what have you. They are creatures who'd fill the bill for any man's roman- tic fantasies, which helps make Practice as typically French and savory as a languid afternoon of girl watching in a sidewalk cafe.

YY Nijinsky Dance-crazy. With Alan Bates as the impresario who's mad about boys. A suspense thriller centering on the glamorous world of the New York theater, the lick co-stars Ma ureen Sfo pie- ton, Hector EMzondo and newcomer Michael Biehn as the letter writing fan whose adoration turns to vengeance.

Says Pa varolii about his new career, "If I succeed, I don't think il will change my attitude. John Rocky A vi id sen has been signed to direct the Zanuck-Brown production of Thomas Berger's latest novel, Neighbors, Shooting is ten- tatively scheduled to begin before die end Of the year.

The ensuing developments are the basts of the story, which I'm told is a "comedy with meaningful undertones. Producers of the film are confident they have a major box-office smash in the making, so be prepared, come December, for a big publicity push contrived to make the two newcomer- stars overnight sex sym- bols. Explains producer Walter Cohlenz, a former Oscar nominee: "We're doing this picture straight. Tin's is not high camp or comedy.

R airier, we are making a movie that's a simple story, with old-fashioned values, that's going to make people feel good. But one little detail that has just come to my attention is i he fact that Caveman is practically a silent movie. There arc, apparently, only about 15 words of dialog up to the end of the film, and you won't find any of those words in an English dictionary — they're all Stone Age lingo meant to con- vey various emotions such as fear, love, etc.

Barbara Bach. Carefully engineered cone Exclusive design frequency response Flut Bpiiter provider h] bi- linear extension This driver has more research, technology and engineering behind it than most entire speaker systems. Conventional systems use woofers and tweeters with a crossover network to send lower frequencies to the woofers and high frequencies to the tweeters.

Each driver covers the full range of audible frequencies. There is no crossover coloration, because the crossover network itself is eliminated. The heart of the Bose HVC driver is a low impedance 0. So for maximum efficiency in the Bose coil, rectangular wire is tightly wound on edge to form a netix.

Incredibly thin and durable in- sulation assures ruggedness at I irljcillv wound, al-alu- minum voice ceil extreme power levels. So rugged, that the insulation and bonding can withstand a pulse power test of approximately 4, watts per coil. In- production performance goals for the HVC driver re- quired a degree of dimensional control for the coil never attempted before.

Bose re- sponded by design- ing and building its own highly ad- vanced computer- controlled winding equip- ment to hold coil tolerances to within 0. And Bose developed quality control procedures as remarkable as the driver itself.

To date, more than 30, man-hours have been spent de- veloping the HVC driver and One of nine ceramic mag- nets totalling 53 lbs. Charge your rickets in advance and you're covered on your way to and from the air- port in a taxi, bus or airport limo. Don't leave home without it. It's a pretty good question, and one that has at least a couple of good answers. In part, that is a by-product of the eco- nomics of travel a gen try, where the ongoing deep discounting of air fares and the continually more complex rate structures have meant that agents have to spend more anil more time unravel- ing confusing tariffs to earn less income, It's no wonder that they have increased their concentration on die commercial traveler.

To see for ourselves just what the situation was for an economy-minded international sojourner, we did a little primary research this past summer. They also asked for the least expensive way to get from London to Athens and back on a side trip, all to take place during October.

From the response that we got in virtually every case, you might have thought we had asked lor passage to the moon. I guess the most surprising phenomenon was how little interest die travel agents seemed to have in even trying to satisfy our requests. One agent in West wood even tried to sell us a tour package, though the last departure date lor the proffered tour was September 19, to return September 28, So much for an October trip.

Furthermore, not one agent among the six we queried even mentioned Laker's Sky train service standard service New York to London. Getting us accommodations proved even thornier. Oh, we got lots of sug- gestions about very pr icy Sheratons, Inter Continentals and H ikons Inter- national, but the best bargain suggestion offered was a Holiday Inn. In no case was the price for any room offered to us even close to our requested budget. This was especially odd, since some weeks before, we'd clipped an article from one of die travel trade magazines that announced a new toll-free number for a hotel-rep organization set up to help Americans reserve bargain under per night per person accommoda- tions in London.

As a matter of fact, the article noted one number especially for travel agents and another for con- sumers who wanted to call direct Yet each agent merely flipped open the current edition of the Official Airline Guide and read out the published fare between London and Athens — approximately round trip.

In every case, the agent didn't know one. Well, most Europeans and lots of sav- vy Americans do. They know that intra- European air fares on the scheduled carriers are among the most expensive on [his planet, so no n- expense-account European vacationers routinely make their way around Europe via some form of package tour.

But even if you took the meal vouchers and hotel chits and immediately flipped them into the near- est trash can, just Ehe transportation savings would be sufficient to pay for far better accommodations at a smarter hotel. I've only begun to scratch the surface of the specific information about travel to, in and from London that the travel agents we queried either did not have or were unprepared to provide to our researchers.

Admittedly, the six agencies canvassed hardly represent a majority of the nearly 17,01 0 U. A travel agent is in business to make money, and responds with greatest zeal to that client who provides the greatest portion of his or her livelihood. So the budget traveler is largely left to do research on his own, and how well or how poorly he does depends to a great extent on the individual effort expended.

In fact, each bottle is so important, it bears its own lot number. It's expensive, yes. But it's also exceptional. And isn't that what matters to somebody who appreciates fine Bourbon most of all? I was the best man at his wed- ding and feel that I ought to offer some kind of moral support during the current crisis. One of the guys at work suggested that we get together and throw a horn-again-bachelor party.

What do you think? We have always considered the basic bachelor party a monument to bad taste and bad liming. The groom is forced to con- sume ncar-toxtc quantities of alcohol and for dangerous drugs. When avail- able, films of an adult nature are shown for educational reasons.

A woman of low repute but extraordinary athletic abil- ity is asked to perform certain quaint acts to celebrate the impending toss of freedom. The ritual usually leaves the groom in no shape to face the actual ceremony, let alone the commitment to a mature relationship. However, those same ingredients might make a terrific celebration of a new freedom and keep your friend from feeling isolated. Cama- raderie is a. It I leave it loose, the vest billows in front like a cowcatcher on a locomotive.

If I pull it tight, the material gathers until I look like a sack of potatoes. What's the prop er way to wear it? The proper way is to wear it as an ornament, which it is. A vest should fit snugly with or without the belt The same holds true if it has elastic instead of the belt. Often, a store tailor, in order to avoid work and the cost, will adjust the bell during a fitting rather than tailor the vest. Do not allow that; tell him you want the vest tailored.

Buying a suit is an investment that gets more expen- sive all the time. It could take a couple of fittings before you get your money's worth. We are currently de- bating what form of birth control to use. We've discussed the diaphragm, but all the women she has talked with say that they hate the thing, both be- cause they have to stop sex to insert the rubber cap, and because the use of the spermicidal foam eliminates the at- tractiveness of oral sex.

What do you recommend? ML, Dallas, Texas, The pill spoiled everyone — we could make love and fall asleep.

We didn't have to think about birth control. As a result, we've gotten out of practice. Of thinking, that is. There is no reason I hid a rhythm method der? How do you think Greek Week got its name? As for the dia- phagm's interfering with the momen- tum of the sex act and eliminating cunnilingus — nonsense. The liberated couples we know simply engage in a few preliminary rounds of sex in various attitudes, and then, when everyone final- ly comes up for air, or for a postorgasm cigarette, a few minutes are set aside to prepare for the tide bout.

The point we are trying to make is that you should not let anxiety about your birth-control method interfere with your pie aswe. J making that incredible shot in the N. Is it possible to obtain copies of A. P, and ILP. L pictures? Not a bad idea. A sequence of Mount St, Helens' eruption might look good on the walls of your bedroom. You are in htcL Both A. If you crave an A -P. Larger prints are available for slightly higher costs.

For V. For the best deal on space photographs, deal directly with NASA. Box , Bladensburg, Maryland , for a price list and a condensed index to the most asked for shots. An 8 x 10 color print costs a mere six dollars — easily the best buy in the galaxy.

C an you tell me what fcuille de rose means? J came across the phrase in a short story. At first. I thought it might be a wine, but the French dictionary defines it as "rose leaf," In the story, a guy asks a girl if she has ever enjoyed some feuUte de rose, and she follows him up to his apartment. If it's not wine, it must be a sexual act. Am I on the right track? The phrase refers to lingual stimula- tion of the perineum, making it a brief layover on the sexual act known as "around the world " If it feels good, a Frenchman has a utord for it.

O ver the past few months, I've no- ticed that a lot of my old girlfriends and female co-workers are beginning to date younger men. Another woman said that she is keeping a year-old at her house in die Hamptons, just for the fun of it.

If that keeps up, I'm going to have trouble finding dates my own age. Not 49 W that that's important, I 1 m currently go q ing out with a girl five years my junior. New York. The author points out Unit chronological age is an invisible taboo. IV e are called upon to act our age, to date people ota age — without details on what age really means.

The attraction begins the relationship, but the exchange of needs sustains it. The quality of the mutual gratification depends on the development of the indi- induals involved. Since I was a little girl, I've been violently opposed to rules. Why should J deprive myself of my adventure, which is my life, of going through something for the first time because perhaps I am not 20 anymore? Wiry should I defer to society in that wtry? What's the stoop?

A gusher of rhampagne is great fun for the m oiries but a disaster at home. If you suspect an eruption, wrap the bottle in a towel before opening- I'm 20 years old and love my husband very much, but 1 can't seem to get any kind of sexual satisfaction.

I've never had an orgasm. Instead, 1 put on a good act in bed while we're making love, and ray husband thinks I'm satis- fied. I feel like I'm missing out on something in life.

A couple of friends who are bisex- ual have often invited me over to get better acquainted. I don't want to seem over eager, but they are women and lliey know what women need for sexual satis- faction, I've mentioned the invitations to my husband, and he thinks it's a great idea. It would fulfill his fantasies of being in bed with two women. I kind of like the idea, but not with my Friends. Should I find some other women on my own?

Or, if that fails, should I go out with other men? Does tliis situation jnsi ify an extramarital affair? T- R-. Madison, Wisconsin. Faking orgasm is a felony offense that carries with it its own punishment: You get the sex you deserve.

IV fry do you think a bisexual friend would help? S hungers probably won't do any better. Why don't you try to get 10 know your own body better before letting others attempt to do so f especially since you are uncom- fortable with the idea of being in bed with your friends? They found that when women make love to women t iiiey are gentler, take more time and fie ner filly devote themselves to the other person's pleasure, None of those tactics fire beyond the grasp of heterosexuals.

Do some homework and compare notes with your husband. When you've gotten your act together — then you can think about taking it on the road. EBecause the air around here is often laden with dirt from the nearby steel mills, I have to be extra-cartful in cleaning my records. Despite my care and frequent changes of styluses, I still find deterioration is pretty rapid. Is there anything else f can do? You're doing two of the three things you should do to prolong record life where the needle meets the disc.

The third, stylus cleaning, is just as important. There are several commercial kits available that will do the cleaning job. Basically f they contain a brush with closely spaced fine hairs and a solution to dissolve the dirt and wash it away. Use it often. Do not try to substitute tap water if either that solution or your record-cleaning solution should run out.

Tap waiter usually contains miner tils that translate into boulders once the water evaporates. At the very least, me distilled water for that purpose. A las. Does that mean the end of my sex life? How do I go about telling someone that 1 have this dreaded social disease?

IV e have heard of a lot of ways, One guy in Colorado wanted to manufacture battle ribbons for singles to wear. The color code would impart information such as 14 1 do not have her pes J" or "it's been two years since my last recurrence. They found certain guide lines that seemed to ease the anxiety of tell- ing prospective bed partners. Choosing the right time and place ate high on the list. Don't assume thai your part- ner knows all about herpes, and don't try to disguise the topic in half -truths or complex medical vocabulary.

Do stress that herpes is preventable, if precau- tions are taken. Attitude makes a big difference. Don't tie scribe it as a night- mare or a terrible thing, "The Helper" stresses this point; "Never use the word incurable when explaining herpes to another person. Unfortunately, the virus has the ability to hide out and escape the otherwise lethal effect of your immune system f and f therefore, the po- tential for recurrences exists.

A better way to describe what is going on might be to refer to herpes as an intermittent t self-limiting condition that comes and goes more or less on its own, isn't par- ticularly dangerous and ran be dealt with by the body, unassisted by drugs of any sort.

For six dob! The most provocative, pertinent queries will be presented on these pages each month, Wedding An all tormai wedding is a wedding to remember always Everybody is dressed lor the greal occasion, every guest feels as if he or she is really a pari of the party Remember. And the formal of formals for the groom.

Illustrated: the elegant Tan Ascot with lis notched lapels trimmed with matching braid. Also available in grey. Resistance increases with the square of the vehicle s speed: twice the speed produces 4 times the resistance. The engine power requred to overcome this drag increases with the cube of the vehicles speed twee the speed requires 8 times higher power Thus, even a small reduction in drag can result in a farge increase in fuel economy.

Ferdinand Porsche was among the first to reduce drag through body design The Porsche benefits from 70 years of Porsche aerodynamic development. Its drag coefficient is a low 0. And ft requires only 15 hp to cruise at 55 mph. Air does not impact uniformly on a moving vehicle. In fact, air-flow creates rones of high and lowpressureon a vehicle's surface.

The is designed to take advantage of this phenomenon. See diagram below and corresponding numbers on car above. For example, the air that passes beneath a moving vehicle tends to collect, compress, and build a cushion between the vehicle and the ground, contributing to lift. The helps reduce lift with its integral chin spoiler 3 and low nose 10 At mph, lift-forces measured at the s front and rear wheels are only 46 and lbs. Many of the s aerodynamic features are apparent in its clean styling.

At las I lie issue lias been put lo a vote, hi [ oledo. OIMI to muiM. I must a ho assume l fiat the co ml has now made it legal lor men or wome n, lor lliat ma tier to fon- dle any woman's breasts, anywhere, any time, at any ;igev My opinion is ih. I think it's generally called.

Apparently, we were too obvious, lie- cause all the other hamsters who were still up. It's very hard lo laugh and screw at the same lime especially when you're onstage, f tried to he a good sport. That slopped ihe honking but not the laughter. What chance does Django have to rescue Broomhilda now? Then, one month later, the skies over England are filled with flaming rockets as Mars launches the first salvo of an invasion.

Only our stalwart adventurers can save mother England and the Earth itself. And whose side are the flying saucers really on? A new species has been discovered at the bottom of the ocean, and as a result people are dying. Is it the missing link? Or a link to something even bigger? The best chance to avert this crisis is to infiltrate the group using an ex-Special Forces war hero turned conservative media pundit named Ted Akers. Statue measures approximately Superman features all new metallic paints, and an all-new Wonder Woman head sculpt.

All Featuring new paints! Features removable heart and chest! Measures Approximately 7. Measures Approximately 9. The set comes complete with a high-quality wood board with metal trim. Statue measures 8. The epic battle between Batman and his reptilian enemy is captured with this new edition of the stunning statue featuring an alternate paint deco on Batman's costume to match his modern look.

Statue measures Statue measures 6. Be the one true wielder of the Orange Lantern. This is one lantern you don't want to share! The next in an all-new line of power batteries, featuring a brand new finish, this Orange Lantern Power battery lights up when activated by its ring! Measuring approximately Plucky girl reporters!

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Meanwhile, Cliff Secord The Rocketeer consoles his sweetheart Betty… who is traumatized after accidentally discovering the politicians body! Bone c For subscription customers only… enlist up at your local comic shop! A variant cover by the one and only Darywn Cooke, inked by J. Only for loyal subscription box customers!

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Will the New Ghostbusters be able to rescue their predecessors, or will they share the same fate? With pencils by Herb G. JOE Trimpe and paintings by veteran illustrator Earl Norem, the entire story will be released as five comic books, followed by a full graphic novel with all the blood-curdling trimmings. Scott Campbell c Our trio of tales starring the delectable Danger Girls comes to its rip-roaring, action-packed conclusion—it's a thrill a minute as Abbey, Sydney and Sonja finally collide, just when you least expect it… and then all Hell breaks loose!

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But, something much worse is about to arrive. And not just socially. But, hey, at least he's trying! Meanwhile, life in Saturn City's criminal underworld rolls on Never forget: SEX is real! SEX is now! But, most importantly, SEX has infected your local comic book store! Can Jim harness the dark powers within? Or will the suit overwhelm his human soul, making him a true Hellspawn?

United by Tyrannosaurus-X, the creations of Max Maximus are brought together for a single purpose: the destruction of the Dynamo family and Super Dinosaur! The young woman he went searching for on her behalf is dead. And he's not happy about it. Worse still, someone's shaking the foundations of Heaven, in a move putting the spirit of his beloved Laura in jeopardy. Someone's going to pay for it Assassin's Creed has grown to become the fastest-selling new IP of the current console generation.

Initially launched in , the first four Assassin's Creed games have sold more than 38 million units worldwide, and the franchise is now established as one of the best-selling series ever! Call your local retailer for pricing. Solid Case Pack Information: Standard 8-pack case includes 8 solids of the figure. Refer to individual item codes above when ordering. There is also an additional ultra-rare Trent Richardson figure!

Refer to individual item code when ordering. And how will Thunder Woman get her groceries when she runs into Lash Lady at the store?

Their mission brings them into contact with mysterious British Intelligence Officers, deranged ex-Nazi scientists, CIA operatives, Scottish Highland Sheep, and the biggest, most insidious conspiracy the world has ever faced. Intellectual, entertaining, and thought provoking, Cerebus was the longest running independent black-and-white comic to be published! Volume 13, Going Home, collects issue , and Volume 14, Form and Void, collects issues From the preparation for the journey to each leg of the trip, this book shows the specific bad decisions that lead to the party's predicament in the Sierra Nevadas.

Hale focuses on the Reed family all of the children in this family survive , and their father, James Reed, is a central figure in the story. It's hazardous, it's got a lot of funny moments, it's got kids in central roles — and it's America's favorite gruesome horrorhistory story. Nothing makes sense until the final puzzle piece is revealed and everything Rachel knows is turned upside down. Don't miss this very revealing issue of America's most critically acclaimed horror comic!

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But what secrets from her past threaten to destroy everything she holds dear when new D. The new creator-owned series from Jeremy Dale G.

He and other lost villagers run headfirst into a conflict and world that is much bigger and fantastic than they could possibly imagine. This time she's out to rescue her older sister Angelica, the most beautiful princess in the world. It won't be easy though. Not only does Adrienne have to deal with Angelica's legions of admirers and their sibling rivalry, but the King has hired a band of ruthless mercenaries to track her down.

Can she save Angelica? Does she want to? And how will she deal with these deadly knights who are after her head? Whispers discover the true connection they share with the mysterious Alyona. One step closer to Gabe's father, the three encounter the top-secret super-team known only as G. Craborg is coming! With the government uprooted, the abandoned Capital has become a refuge for bandits, smugglers, hardened criminals, and those who have chosen to stay behind. The first oversized issue in this series shows what happens when FUBAR goes medieval on the walking dead with five brand-new stories of ye olde zombie-stomping madness!

The adventures of Johnny have been remastered and tuned to Vasquez's perfection, making this the ultimate presentation of Johnny and his world! In addition, Sinnott completes 3 art tutorials, including for the first time ever on video, Joe inks a Jack Kirby original from !

Not to be missed. Bram and the Weasel have been separated, and now the sultry thief must suffer behind bars — Catfights! Lecherous wardens! And even more cliches! Air duct pricing valid on single furnace homes only. Minimum order may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Call for details. Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Void where prohibited. Services supplied by Sears franchises. Sears cards are issued by Citibank South Dakota N. A temporary fuel charge may be added. Emergency Repairs available 7 days of the week!

Coupon may not be combined with any other offers. Must be presented at time of service. That was my top temp for last week, but not my all-time record for a Metro ride. That honor goes to Car , where the thermometer hit degrees in July , also near the Vienna station.

And on any given trip, particularly on the hottest days, a rider has no idea what to expect. Gridlock gets to the bottom of it. While the temperature on the platform at Reagan National Airport was 99 degrees at p. As we approached Vienna, the. Metro spokesman Dan Stessel did not specify how many rail cars have failing air conditioning units, though he told WTOP that the figure is a single-digit percentage.

When it was 93 degrees on the Silver Spring platform at p. July 16, Car — one of the newest — felt comfortable at 85 degrees. At p. Of the instances during June in which cars were reported hot, involved cars in the series. Maintenance crews continue to work on the components of the series air-conditioning units, but this has yielded mixed results. Riders waiting on platforms should be especially wary when they see one of those cars in the series roll up.

The oldest cars, the s, are in the middle, for safety reasons, Metro says. Aside from looking at the black numbers on the outside of each car to help gauge the potentially problematic ones, rail cars that are uncrowded. The temperature later plunged to The equipment might have gotten an assist from a mostly underground trip through downtown D. Many riders recognize the symptoms of hot cars and move, but many riders are docile. Your brain will fry, and your legs will melt into the seat.

The time for action is when you first step aboard. Moving just one car often provides relief. And the fare stays the same. Alert Metro. The operator can report the car to controllers. Using Twitter to report hot cars to Metro also seems to be the latest thing.

Car , heading back downtown on the Green Line at p. Its neighbor, Car , felt much cooler. It was 83 degrees at p. Board vice chairman Tom Downs said the overcrowding, unreliable schedules and bus bunching in 16th Street routes are a symptom of increasing demand for bus services systemwide.

He said he has asked Metro to analyze where ridership is increasing and to hold focus groups. For the 16th Street buses, Downs said in addition to increased route monitoring and longer buses, he wants Metro to consider starting some northbound buses at P Street NW.

Red Line: Medical Center and Bethesda will be closed. Free shuttle buses will take passengers between Friendship Heights and Grosvenor-Strathmore stations. To get last train times or information about shuttle bus service, parking, alternate routes or track work on upcoming weekends, please visit MetroForward. Weekend train schedules are adjusted for MetroForward rebuilding efforts.

Please allow extra travel time. For details, go to wmata. Kelley Currin, whose maiden name was Kelley Davies, said Curl had sexual relations with her for four years beginning in , when she was 13 and he Currin said her parents, Gerald and Pamela Davies, learned of the alleged relationship when they read her diary soon before she left for the University of Texas on a swimming scholarship in She said they confronted Curl, but their attorney discouraged them from pursuing criminal action.

Instead, in , the parties. Reached Tuesday night, Curl, 62, declined to comment on the matter. It is one of the largest in the country, with swimmers among its 10 sites in the D.

Shortly after this article was published on washingtonpost. All I can do is all I do today to make a change. She was Police say Vi Ripken was kidnapped between 7 and 8 a. Tuesday by a man who forced her into her silver Lincoln Continental.

She was found about a. Wednesday unharmed in her car near her home. Every year, about ponies are rounded up to be auctioned off by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. Several Men Convicted in SE Shooting Deaths Kurtis Faison of the District was convicted of murder and several other people were convicted of lesser charges for their involvement in deadly gang confrontations in the spring of that left two dead and turned a Southeast Washington public housing complex into a war zone, the U.

Mid-day Lucky Numbers. Five Tues. Mid-day Pick 3. Mega Millions Tues. Left-handed reliever Randy Choate also was dealt to the Dodgers. The deal includes a club vesting option for and a limited no-trade provision, the team announced Wednesday. And so Thursday, when training camp kicks off, will be like Christmas in July for fans across the region, moving them one step closer to the real thing.

Here are five things to watch for when the Redskins get the ball rolling in Ashburn. Is the starting job his to lose? RGIII is the most compelling player the Redskins have had in years, and the team knows it — they are even limiting his media appearances this summer to prevent burnout. And while it appears the team got better on paper with the acquisitions of Pierre Garcon, pictured, and Josh Morgan, neither player has ever had a 1,yard season.

The Redskins have plenty of depth at the running back spot, but each player has the kind of nagging questions that wind up making the position feel unsettled rather than well-stocked. Tim Hightower back from an ACL injury , Roy Helu and Evan Royster all have their strengths and weaknesses, which will make this one of the most interesting position battles throughout camp, where one drop, fumble or missed read could shuffle the depth chart.

You may be compensated for time and travel To see if you qualify contact:. In what may have been his best outing so far this season, Stephen Strasburg notched 11 strikeouts as the Nats beat the Mets Johnson said Strasburg wasted pitches.

He said he needed to trust his stuff. He said, essentially, that Strasburg needed to realize how great he is. We d ne s d a y afternoon, Strasburg climbed the mound at Citi Field and delivered a start beyond reproach. National League East. He allowed one run on four hits. Johnson was glad to see it. He was very pitch eff icient from the get-go. Werth played five innings in center field Tuesday night for Class AAA Syracuse, going 0 for 3 at the plate with two strikeouts.

It was his third games since Saturday. For more information, please visit the web site: www. Abby Wambach used her size and strength to put in a header, Alex Morgan scored t w ice a nd Ca rl i Lloyd added another with a yard rocket to help the two-time defending gold medalists rally for a victory over France on Wednesday.

Soccer starts its Olympics early so it has time to play a. The Koreans won South Korea; Honduras vs. Morocco and Spain vs. The United States next plays Colombia in its second group game on Saturday. France will face North Korea. The com-. Fathom Gallery, 14th St. NW; through Aug. Dupont Circle. Verizon Center, F St. NW; with Rod Stewart; Fri. Gallery Place. Why is there another experimental theater festival held at the exact same time as Capital Fringe?

Bad timing? The show deals with online communities of people contemplating suicide — and treats the subject with compassion and lucidity rather than rubbernecking curiosity. Silver Spring. RSVP Today at www. History as Tapestry Even though in America we have some silly aversion to government-sponsored art, for centuries, it was basically the only kind of art. Sure, the artists may have gone out of their way to make the emperor look awesome one danger of state-funded art , but the works are still amazing examples of craftsmanship.

Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Independence Ave. SW; through Sept. Bill Burr, seen performing at an anniversary show at the DC Improv on July 10, says his first show there was a career milestone. Neon pink lights hang from the ceiling. Bulky old TVs sit on pillars around the room. The stage — which has hosted such comedy luminaries as Dave Chappelle, Louis C. But since the seat club opened in , the Improv has meant much more than that.

As the club celebrates its 20th year this summer with a slate of special performances by comics including Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, Brian and Dennis Regan performing Thursday and Mike Birbiglia closing out the festivities with five shows Aug. Whatever little laughter there is bounces all over the place. In fact, most of the acts on the anniversary bill could and do easily sell out larger D.

For Westfall, the most rewarding aspect of teaching is seeing people come together. The club has long had a rep for supporting local comics. In , manager Jaffe started a proper comedy school at the Improv to give aspiring comics a taste of the craft. Within a few years, she was headlining the main stage. Treat them right at the beginning and they will always be there.

In the decades since the Improv opened, other D. The DC Improv is booked throughout most of , and shows often sell out in advance, so plan ahead.

Right: Mike Birbiglia, who started at the Improv as a doorman in college. The best comedy college, because they book hands-down the best comedy shows in the country. She says working there for the past decade and a half has been a dream job. To see that transformation is so important. It was a loose, raw performance — and, at one point, Burr threw his arm into the air and accidentally knocked out a ceiling tile.

There was huge laugh. NW; see Dcimprov. Farragut North. A month later, he was found dead in a hotel room in Arizona. The cause of death is still unknown, but he had been suffering from paranoia, according to the Washington City Paper.

Pickett St. You score an original nonfiction show that goes on to worldwide fame; then it turns out the show was more than a little bit fictional and everything comes crashing down. At issue: the conditions at the Foxconn factory in China, which manufactures Apple devices. Turns out, Daisey fabricated or exaggerated several incidents featured in the work.

He has since apologized and removed the questionable portions from the show. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will join a special discussion at the 8 p. Could go-go have thrived somewhere other than D. I would say yes. It has some tropes in common with black music all around the world. But it has been hugely influential in the D.

How does that factor in? David Conley Dante Gallo 1 Episode Aya Cash 1 Episode Lonnie Farmer Rep. Gerald Williams 1 Episode Lev Gorn Pravsha Pishenkov 1 Episode Nick Gomez 30 Episodes Henry Bromell 30 Episodes Nicole Yorkin 18 Episodes Karen Hall 2 Episodes Steve Shill 2 Episodes Thomas Carter 1 Episode Tim Hunter 1 Episode Leslie Libman 1 Episode Michael Corrente 1 Episode Jean de Segonzac 1 Episode Brian Kirk 1 Episode Seith Mann 1 Episode Ed Bianchi 30 Episodes Blake Masters 30 Episodes Ace is fully stocked and ready to go with a great selection of soils, plants and pottery to make your garden GLOW!

The Dry Facts. I t is a fact that every living thing on Earth needs. It is estimated that. At the three-day limit, most humans will do whatever they have to, to get water. And where do I get it? From my home, and therein lies the following tale. Experts say that we in the greater Southwest re - gion of the 48 states are in a severe drought, if not an extreme drought.

It has been ongoing for the last 12 years now, even though we have had some good moisture in several of those years. Simply put, a drought occurs when we receive less moisture in a year than what we should have for the norm.

Here is what I found. In our case, picture a large swimming pool with a deep end and a shallow end, all of which lies underneath the entire Mimbres Val - ley all the way to Deming. Silver City sits at the shallow end and Deming sits over the deep end. According to the US Geological Survey, the Gila Group Aquifer varies from 46 feet to feet in depth, while Deming sits over a pool vary - ing from feet to 2, feet in depth.

The average depth of water under or near Silver City is feet. In between the Gila and Mimbres aquifers is a connector that is more shallow, with a depth of feet under where the mines are. So the shallow end of the swimming pool is not equal everywhere. That means that as the entire aquifer lessens in overall depth, the shallow end will deplete before the rest. Before doing this research, I always envisioned the aquifer below us as a big, open pool of water, covered over by earth and rock—sort of like a huge underground lake.

So not all of the water in the aquifer from here to Deming is accessible, including that in the Gila Group Aquifer. These aquifers all receive their supply from snowpack in the mountains that melts and goes un - derground via rivers and winter streambeds. When snowpack is deep and heavy and winters cold, the aquifers are replenished. When snowpack is nil, there is an ongoing drop in the water table below us; that is why some domestic wells run dry. Sum - mer monsoons do help, but mostly they affect sur - face areas.

In and , the last years that studies were completed, the drought had barely gotten started; the. But people from Pinos Altos to Deming were using the water at a rate of , acre-feet per year and we were bringing the aquifer level down by 33, acre-feet per year.

And that was during the good times before the pres - ent drought! As per data, the Gila Group Aquifer outputs water to three main sources: 15, acre-feet dump directly into the main Mimbres Basin; 9, acre- feet go to domestic wells, both private homes and municipalities; and a significant amount of 1, acre-feet emerges via the Mangus Spring west of the Continental Divide along Hwy.

From what I gather, the mines do not tap into the Gila Group Aquifer, but get their water farther east. Silver City retrieves its water from four main wells, and in , we used 2, acre-feet; Bayard took acre-feet; Santa Clara took acre-feet; and Deming took an astounding 4, acre-feet but from the deep, main aquifer. These wells penetrate into the aquifer to depths between and feet. They yield , gallons per minute, with an average of gallons per minute.

In , there was a total water storage in the Mimbres Basin Aquifer of 45 million acre-feet of fresh water—but remember, not all of that is available for usage. Also remember that we are constantly debiting that amount by using more than it is taking back in. W ho uses all of this water? Where does it ac -. I was astounded to see that the. Remember, just one acre-foot is , gal - lons! The next in line are all of the domestic wells at 34, acre-fee, and last are the mines that take out 18, acre-feet per year.

In spite of all of this, in we had plenty of wa - ter to go around, and probably still do. In the last two years the Gila basin has not re - ceived any snowpack that is worth mentioning, so the aquifers have received far less input than back 11 years ago. There are no current data available to tell us what the level of the aquifer is at now. What that usage amounts to is not available as far as I can ascertain. If the drought continues, in spite of summer rains, both private and public wells will have to go deeper to sustain output at an unknown cost to all.

Will the Gila Group Aquifer go dry? I doubt that, but only time and the drought will tell. This current drought! By the way, virtually every climatic source that I read has predicted a long-term drought for the Southwest, and maybe we are even on the verge of a mega-drought. Only time will tell. Made in the Shade. Exploring the area around Meadow Creek, north of Silver City. Pull in and park. There are several parking spots there. Hike Description : Walk along the side dirt road for about three-tenths of a mile, where the road ends.

This is a perfect hike for a hot sum - mer day. It is heavily shaded with many large trees. You will enjoy identifying the wide variety of flora along this moist, cool creek. Although the path climbs. Notes : The area around Meadow Creek is interest - ing to explore.

Enjoy checking out the old. Boy Scout camp up the road, and other trails off of the main road. If you want more information about this area, check out. Name : Meadow Creek. Distance : Various. Difficulty : Easy.

Hike 69, 71,. Directions : Starting at the intersection of Hwy. On your right, at the bottom of the hill you just came down, you will see a small. I spent a bunch of time writing about Meadow Creek trails specifically, entries titled:. H e l p f u l Hint : Even though this particular hike has a water source, many local trails do not.

When hik - ing in a desert environment, water can be very hard to find. If stuck, try digging a hole in an ar - royo, place a collection con - tainer at the bottom, and place a plastic bag over the hole. Secure with rocks. Place a stone in the middle of the plastic bag. Condensation will build in the. Another option is to tie a bag around a leafy tree branch.

Overnight, it may collect condensation. May I suggest that bringing more water than you need is an even more helpful hint. As an exercise, I attempted the two suggestions above for water col - lection. I learned that these collected only a small amount of water and I probably expended more sweat digging the hole than I collected water.

Carrying extra wa - ter is so much easier! Small Color Prints as Greeting Cards. Ben Owen III. Arts Exposure. Arts Scene. The latest area art happenings. Top photo by Adrienne Booth; above photo by Dennis Weller. Then from p.

Finally, Sunday, August 4, events wrap up with the vendor fair, 10 a. For more information and a com -. On Thursday, August 1, daytime ac - tivities include a primitive pottery workshop, ClayPlay and the Wa - terworks Building labyrinth dedi - cation at 10 a. Then the evening brings the Clay Gala, p.

Cooper St. Friday, August 2, the festival continues with a Mimbres site tour at 9 a. Saturday, August 3, is probably the busiest, most jam-packed day of the whole clay festival.

You can enjoy lectures and a panel discussion, demonstra -. Vibrations Gallery W. Lois Duffy Art C N. Artesanos Gallery B N. C opper Quail Gallery A N. Seedboat Gallery W. Texas or www. Yankie Street Artists W.

T he Vibrations Gallery is now open in down - town Silver City. Owner Rebecca Martin, who is also an astrologer, features art and photog -. Yankie St. Bullard, Bullard, , www. In addition to events in downtown for the clay. Luanne Brooten with some of her Hwy. There will also be a tile-making class August 5, p. The Common Thread, Broadway. Lois Duffy Studio will be spotlighting her new paintings of the Catwalk. Texas, , www. The show.

Silver City, New Mexico. Victoria Chick. Barry Namm. Kathyrn Allen. Ann Simonsen. Free, self-guided tour Demonstrations at 19 studios. Download brochure and map. Broadway, Silver City. Our Cover Artists.

During the festival, Blue Dome is also featuring works by Ben Owen, pictured here. Old Hurley Store, 99 Cortez Ave. McMahon has been a photographer for 40 years, concentrating the past decade on developing the skills to produce fine art digital prints on canvas and paper.

Since retiring in Silver City in , she has developed new images for her Southwest New Mexico and Gila Wilderness Galleries, which can be seen on her website at www. A rtist Luanne Brooten will be featured in a.

Call with questions or for ad - ditional information. The Red Barn will also host a beer-tasting, giving visitors the opportunity to sample a vari - ety of beers from local breweries and beyond. Deadline for entry is August 5. O ld ways meet new to ex - press over years of Hispanic New Mexican.

The exhibit will remain on view through March 2, The exhibit is derived from the private collection of Barbe Awalt and Paul Rhetts. The col -. Wells Fargo Bank building, opening with a re -. There will also be a reception on Sept.

The show is the result of a summer project in which Brooten has been driving Hwy. The paintings will all be hung along with a slide show of the photos going to Alma and coming back to Silver City. There will be prints and note cards available for each painting and DVDs of the photo show. A participating artist or photographer who wins first place with an entry from the stretch of landscape along Hwy.

It has been. As guest curators, Awalt and Rhetts are working with the mu -. Themes of the exhibit. Broadway, , silvercitymuseum. Unsettled Gallery features works by Jill Somoza, opening August 4. The show will be featured during the August 2 Ramble, p. Mountain, , www. Also on August 2, p. Campo St. Jill Somoza and Mary Robertson are the featured artists in the exhibit that opens the Unsettled Gal-. Share the Joy! FeVa Fotos. Saturday afternoon, September 28, Class size is limited.

To register: email chair swwordfiesta. Free and open to the public except where indicated on the schedule. Visit www. Solano, A reception is scheduled for Sept. T he Amer -. Challenge cat - egory and will be exhibited during the show. The Calavera Coalition is looking for artists to submit original artwork for the Dia de los Muertos on the Me - silla Plaza official T-shirt and poster design. Artists of all ages and regions are eligible.

Deadline to receive submis - sions is August For details, email calaveracoalition q. Luna County. The vinyl is stretched over a wood framework formed into a multiplicity of angles and curves. Robertson will show small watercolors created in a bright palette with bold con - trast.

Her com - positions, ab - stract in style, are aerial land- scapes. Robert - son recently re - located to Las Cruces from Al - buquerque. Mesquite St. Art Gallery. Featured artists in - clude Joyce Macrorie etchings , Margaret Bernstein paintings , Mildred Grossman lithographs and acrylics , Lois Smith watercolor and Wanda Fuse - lier recycled art.

Mes - quite St.

very best job kamagra kaufen in aachen The bubbly year-old, who can claim the record for herself if favorites United States win Sunday's 4x medley relay, clocked a championship record time of two minutes seconds, with Australia's Belinda Hocking taking silver in and Hilary Caldwell of Canada bronze in Elijah.

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