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Cause Shes My Girl - The Gs - Cause Shes My Girl / Theres A Time (Vinyl)

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Bad selection. Save Cancel. Really delete this comment? Yes No. Angel Eyes. Anger Rising. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes. Breaks My Back. Chemical Tribe. Cold Piece. Cut You In. In winter the bedroom is one large ice cube, And she squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. Her hairs in the sink Have driven me to drink, But she's my girl, she's my girl, she's my girl, And I love her. The piece is considered to be one of the more experimental pieces from The Turtles.

White Whale Records worked with a filming company headed by John Urie , who agreed to produce a 16mm music video for the song featuring the band. Filming for the music video took three days' time. At the time of its release in , some radio stations objected to themes expressed in the song and banned the song from their playlists and refused to play it; lead singer Howard Kaylan surmised this was because of the song's references to morning glories , a flower with hallucinogenic properties.

Until I Met You [ ]. Baby I Need Your Loving. It's the Same Old Song. Something About You. For Once in My Life. Reach Out I'll Be There.

Standing in the Shadows of Love. I'll Turn to Stone. I'll Turn to Stone [Live][ ]. Yankees pitcher Tanaka hit in head by Stanton line drive. Grand Canyon hiker suffers fatal fall while taking photos. Answer Save.

Favorite Answer. Baby will you be my corona and lime. And I will be your main squeeze. And if your brother don't like my style. We could take it to the street. A few weeks later I tried to kiss her again and she smiled and said she takes really really long. So even though we hadn't missed she would hold my hand kiss my cheek and my neck and basically do everything couples do. When I got sick and went to the hospital she ran to me and made sure I was okay. Anyways this went on a few weeks until school started, then her texts were very spread out, after the first week we went out and I got pretty drunk and after we had gone out I texted her asking what was going on.

She said that she just wanted to be friends, I accepted it and let it go. The next day however, she came running back saying she can't not talk to me, she needs me in her life and it's not that she doesn't like me but that's she's just very confused because she's in med school and she doesn't know if she can start anything and still do well.

I accepted to keep in touch but not just as friends. She said she would take time to think about how she feels and when she knows she's tell me. Now im totally confused I don't know what to do with this girl but I fell in love with her, I'm so crazy about her and I literally get anxious waiting for her replies.

What should I do? I have never felt this crazy about a girl I wasn't dating for a long period of time. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

"She's My Girl" is a song and single from the Turtles. It was released on the White Whale record label and reached the top 20 of the Billboard Hot chart during the same year. It was later released as a bonus track on the album, Happy Together by Sundazed Records in The song is considered a more experimental composition for the Turtles, and was also accompanied by a 16mm music faugladtauscinagcirsinglenmaerisdeansti.xyzinfo: 7-inch single.

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  2. Gulkree says:
    When she was my girl When she was my girl When she was my girl There was laughter and loving in my world Yes it was Cause she was my girl Oh what joy she would bring Now I've lost everything She's gone, the big red girl has gone She used to be Everything to me When she was my girl When she was my girl She, she, my girl She's so foxy cant you.
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    Quite like my girl Oh, oh, quite like my girl Her eyes are shining like big blue diamonds It's a cukoo kind of love, ain't no denying When I kiss her lips, I feel like flying Man, she's something else And I've got her all to myself 'cause she's My girl, a walkin' talkin' angel baby My girl, not a minute goes by when she ain't looking pretty My.
  6. Kejinn says:
    She's My Girl Lyrics: Mornin', mornin' glory / If you'd like to know where was I last night / Well, I saw a girl with a boy in her eye / And she's so outta sight / She's my girl / And that's where.
  7. Vum says:
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  8. JoJojora says:
    When She Was My Girl When She Was My Girl When She Was My Girl There Was Laughter And Loving In My World Yes It Was Cause She Was My Girl Oh What Joy She Would Bring Now I've Lost Everything She's Gone, The Big Red Girl Has Gone She Used To Be Everything To Me When She Was My Girl When She Was My Girl She, She, My Girl She's So Foxy Cant You.
  9. Tugal says:
    (Shoop) (My-my-my girl) Well, let me tell you 'bout a girl who's finer than fine She used to be somebody else's, now she's mine All the fellas said, "Spoonie, don't mess with that".

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